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Mid November 2019


Great Britain 1840 1d Blacks

I have more than 60 1d Blacks, the World’s 1st postage stamp in stock ranging in price from $100 to $895. Every collector ought to have one!

PB3) GB 1840 1d Black plate 5, lettered TE, 4 good margins, and a Ruby Maltese Cross which leaves profile clear.  Cat. 1200 pounds. Price $665

PB6) GB 1840 1d Black plate 6, lettered AH , 4 decent  margins, and a neat Ruby Red cleanly struck Maltese Cross clear of profile. Cat. 1200 pounds. Price $665

PB7) GB 1840 1d Black unplated example lettered AH,  4 margins, showing part of lower stamp, and a neat Ruby Red centrally struck Maltese Cross. Cat 1200 pounds. Price $665

PB69) Great Britain 1840 1d Black SG 2, plate 5, lettered B – E. Nice 4 margin example on entire wrapper Ireland to Sheffield Yorkshire.  Cancelled by bright red Maltese Cross and with cds of Enniscorthy DE 3 1840, and Dublin Diamond arrival handstamp in vermilion of the next day. Cat. £750, for use in England, this is way scarcer. Price $1195

PB65) GREAT BRITAIN 1840 1d black QV, plate 2, block of 4, used, SG # 2. check letters QG, QH, RG, RH, used with indistinct Maltese Cross Cancels. Blocks of 4 of the penny black are very rare and catalogue at £25,000. This is a very nice item without creases, thins or other faults. The two left hand stamps are 3 margin, the right hand pair each have 4 large margins. Price $22,500

PB66) GREAT BRITAIN- 1840 1d black QV, plate 6, horizontal strip of 4 on cover SG # 2. Plate 6, horizontal strip of 4, check letters SF to SI on an entire wrapper. The 4d franking was for a 2oz letter, so presumably contained several pages of correspondence, most likely of a legal nature. Has a partial 22 FEB 1841 reverse cancel. The stamps are all 3 margin, close at bottom, and showing parts of 2 other stamps at top. Each cancelled by a neat black Maltese Cross, with a double cancel to the 4th stamp (contrary to regulations) A block of 4 stamps not on cover is catalogued at £25,000. Price $7750

PB1) GB 1840 1d Black plate 1b, lettered KH, 4 generous margins, showing part of adjoining stamp at top, and a neat Red Maltese Cross.   Price $595

PB4) GB 1840 1d Black plate 2, lettered KE, 4 good margins, and a neat Red Brown cleanly struck Maltese Cross. Price $595

PB5) GB 1840 1d Black plate 8, lettered BH, 4 good margins, and a lightly struck Red Maltese Cross. Price $595

PB8) GB 1840 1d Black unplated example, lettered BF, 3 good margins, just touching  at bottom and a neat central Magenta Maltese  Cross, cat. 3000 pounds.  Price $895

PB10) GB 1840 1d Black plate 8, lettered JB , 4 margins, and a Red  Maltese Cross clear of profile.  Price a very reasonable $395

PB12) GB 1840 1d Black, SG 2 lettered O-F. 4 large margin unplated example, cancelled by nice strike of red Maltese cross. Cat. £375. Price $525

PB15) GB 1d 1840 Black SG2, plate 8, lettered J-G. Fault free 4 margin example with neat red Maltese cross cancel. Cat. £525. Price $425

PB16) GB 1840 1d Black, SG 2 lettered R-C. Nice 4 margin unplated example, cancelled by complete light strike of red Maltese cross. Cat. £525. Price $495

PB18) GB 1840 1d Black SG2.  Lovely  4 margin example from plate 7 with neat Black Maltese Cross cancel. Lettered R – I Cat. £400 price $495

PB19) GB 1840 1d Black SG2.  Great looking   4 margin example from plate 1 with Full centrally struck Bright Red Maltese Cross cancel. Lettered K – F  Cat. £375 price $595

Great Britain other issues

GB190) GB 1841 1d Red Brown with IVORY HEAD, 4 margins mint original gum, lettered N C. Small tone spot at base. Guide line lower left corner SG 8, cat. £600, price $165

GB131) Great Britain 1848 10d brown Embossed Queen Victoria Die 1. Horizontal strip of 3, cut square with generally good margins, plus two horizontal pairs of 1841 imperf. 2d blues, 4 margin  plate 3. from the top left hand row of the same sheet check letters AA-AD. Used on cover, part back is missing. Each with ‘107’ numeral cancel of Bradford, Yorkshire 1 MR 1849 to Frankfurt am Main. Has been endorsed at the top in pen (underneath the stamps) “via Ostend” and “Contains only Patterns.” (In German) Has a German Aus. England per Aachen Franco boxed cancel. The 38d (= 3s/2d) franking was the rate for an item under ¾oz in weight sent to the German States via Belgium. SG Cat. # 14 + 57 (Specialised Cat. Nos. ES11 + H2(1)) Reverse bears an unframed  Bradford cds in Blue of MR 1 1849 plus a red arrival cds dated MR 2 1846! Clearly the year date slug is an error.  1849 A single 10d Embossed is cat. £3200 on cover, however the 1st and 3rd 10d both appear Part Double Impression, cat. £20,000 each off cover. Attractive and rare, price $27,500

GB160) Great Britain 1848 10d Brown Embossed. 3 margin lightly used example. Very presentable example facially, but is thinned. SG 67 Cat. £1500. Budget priced stamp at well under 10% cat. $249

GB2) GB 1847, 1/- Pale Green Embossed. SG 54. Fine 3 good margin example, 4th  just touched at the top. Cancelled by Barred Numeral 41 (2 strikes) Cat.  1000 pounds. Well priced at under 15% cat. $249

GB81) GB 1865 – 73, 4d Vermilion, plate 12 SG 94  Mint unhinged, lettered C – G / G - C. Cat. £575 for hinged. Superb fresh premium quality stamp, price $675

GB83) GB 1867 – 80, 1/- Green plate 5 fresh mint lightly hinged. SG  117, lettered G - E / E - G. Cat. £800. Well centred stamp of fine appearance, just a couple of pulled perfs at top. Price $279

GB53) GB 1880 -83,  2.5d Blue plate 23.  Mint very lightly hinged. SG 157, lettered L – H/H – L. Cat. £450. Very fresh with great colour and full perfs., centred left. Price £229

GB54) GB 1880 – 83, 3d Rose plate 21. Mint lightly hinged. SG 158 lettered K – B / B – K.  Cat. £500. Fresh well centred with full perfs. Price $329

GB60) GB 1880 – 83 3d on 3d & 6d on 6d Overprints. SG 159 & 162, mint hinged, the 3d being extremely fine. Lettered A – N / N – A and D – L /L – D respectively. Both full perfs. With reasonable centring for these. Cat.  £1325. Price $659

GB56) GB 1880 – 8, 2d Pale Rose SG 168, mint lightly hinged. Fresh full perf. example centred right. Cat. £340, price $239

GB65) GB 1883 5/- Rose SG 180, mint  hinged.  Lovely example, well centred with good colour and full perfs. Cat. £1100. Price $595

GB66) GB 1883 10/- Ultramarine, SG 183, mint  hinged.  Lovely example, well centred with good colour and full perfs. Cat. £2250. Price $1475

GB74) GB 1902 – 11 Chalky paper set of 9 to 1/-,  fresh mint lightly hinged, Cat. between SG 223 – 259. Price $315

GB71) 1905 2/6d KEVII Pale Dull Purple SG261. Magnificent lightly hinged example, with fresh white gum, full perfs. and perfect centring. Cat. £350 Price $295

GB70) 1905 2/6d KEVII Dull Purple SG262. Lightly hinged example,  full perfs. and perfect centring.. £350, Price $275

GB78) GB 1915 DLR Seahorses set of 3, fresh mint lightly hinged. Lovely set to 10/-, between SG 408 – 413, the 2/6d being the Seal Brown.  Way above average for these.  Cat.  £4,375. Price $3375

GB13a) GB 1915 5/- Pale Rose Seahorse SG410. DLR printing, fine used cds example, well centred and with full perfs. Cat.  £500. Nice looking example, and hard to find in this condition. Priced at just 30% cat. Price $249

GB79) GB 1918 Bradbury Seahorses set of 3, fresh mint lightly hinged. Lovely set to 10/-, between SG 414 – 417, the 2/6d being the Chocolate shade.  Confirming dot in top margin on all three stamps. Way above average for these.  Cat.  £960. Price $749

GB89) GB 1929 PUC set of 4, mint lightly hinged, SG 434/8. Cat.  £765. The One Pound is particularly nice, once hinged with full perfs, well centred and no gum crackling. Price $859

GB166) GB 1939 2/6d Brown on early 1940 Censored Airmail Cover to Sydney.  Rare solo use on cover. Cancelled by London cds of 17 FE 40m and with Red Censor Tape.  Roughly opened at top left  but still an attractive typewritten address cover. Very scarce, price $149

GB222) Great Britain - 1948 (SG.494) Silver Wedding £1 corner MUH block of 4 with Plate No. '1', and sheet No. excellent centring, together with the 2½d in a corner block of 4. (8). Superb fresh Mint Unhinged. Cat.£160+, price $239

GB136) Great Britain 1948 – 51. You will never see this again! The three KGVI One Pound issues on separate Registered covers, all to USA.  1) 1948 Pound FDC London – Michigan, 2) 1948 Silver Wedding pair FDC London – Michigan, 3) 1951 Pound COMMERCIAL ! REG’D COVER, London – Iowa, with London Oval Reg’d cancel 9 JU 51. All with nice arrival backstamps. These are a must for any cover collector of GB, price $1325

GB167) Great Britain 1951 Festival of Britain low value pair plus 2/6d - £1 on 2 Express Delivery Postcards to Cambridge. All but the 5/- are marginal examples. Very clean and fresh, cat. £925 in 2012 as plain covers. All cancelled by neat central cds’s of Cambridge 3 MY 51. RARE! Well priced at a third of outdated cat. Price. $549

GB174) Great Britain 1953 Small Typewritten Airmail Cover to USA. Bears solo use 2/6d Green 1951 Festival. Minor aging. Scarce solo franking. Price $69

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