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Early June 2024


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Picture Postcards
We have a wide range of Worldwide Postcards, including Australia, here is a small selection.

CEJ1) POSTCARDS - THEMATICS - GREETINGS TYPES: mostly early 1900s British cards (many printed in Europe), in thick album including Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Best/Good Wishes & Religious types, plus others featuring children, flowers or animals; variable condition. Fine and colourful lot. (Approx 250) Priced well under $2 a card. $429
CEJ2) POSTCARDS - THEMATICS - PHILATELY: predominantly two postcard albums, some older cards including 1907 Zieher 'Stamps of Canada', Australia 1954 REDEX Car Trials card, numbered and signed; some 1940s-60s maximum cards incl. Japan 1958 National Stadium & 1959 Red Cross, plus modern cards including stamp exhibition emissions & America's Cup cards; condition variable. (Approx. 80) Price $249

CEJ3) POSTCARDS - THEMATICS - GREETINGS TYPES: mostly early 20th century cards mostly from GB or USA in six postcard albums, two volumes dedicated to 'Birthday' & two to 'Christmas'; also a few vintage Christmas cards; condition is rather mixed. (250+) Priced well at under $1.50 each. $349

CEJ4) POSTCARDS - THEMATICS - VARIOUS: assortment of mostly early 1900s cards in three albums each labelled 'Sundry', one album containing real-photo portraits of family members or groups; the other albums covering various themes including topographical views, stage actresses/personalities, flowers, animals & birds (incl. Neville Cayley image of 'Regent Birds'), plus some modern cards including library promotional types. Mixed condition. Counted 184 cards. Nice lot, price $429

CEJ6) POSTCARDS - WORLD:  Mostly modern cards in 4 shoeboxes, partly sorted by country, with some Australian cards noted; also some postcard books/folders, plus some older cards from Great Britain and Europe. Huge quantity to sort. (2000 plus) Exceedingly cheap at around 50c a card. $495

APC2188) PC Australia, views of Masonic Homes Melbourne, Coppin Hall, used by Victoria 1d red cds Brunswick DE 22 (Year unclear) to F.B. Morris Esq., Gun Maker, Lt. Bourke St. Small undivided back card. Manuscript on face “With Season’s Greetings” Price $30

NOV082) Coloured PC Ceylon, Street Scene, Pettah, Colombo, “The Colombo Apothecaries series, No. 14” used Adelaide to Princes Hill by GB 1d Red KEVII! English Mail machine cancel of NO 10 1908.
Addressed c/o Mr. Morris…same Morris as APC2188 above? Price $30
NOV093) PC RP Electric Studio Theatre 1 Sydney, 4 men driving in a car, unused. Price $25
NOV106) PC 4 boy musicians, Violins, Cello & Flute, used. Price $25

APC2333) PC RP Australia Black Spur Road VIC, View of Cathedral Mount, The Rose Series P2243, unused. Price $25
APC2332) PC RP Australia South Coast NSW, Bulli Pass, The Rose Series P5687, unused. Price $30
APC2330) PC RP Australia Wagga NSW, the Court House, used. Price $25
APC2328) PC RP Australia Marysville VIC, Keppel Falls, The Rose Series P2335, used. Price $26
APC2326) PC RP Australia Kookaburras (laughing jackass), The Rose Series P284 unused. Price $25
APC2324) PC RP Australia Marna Healesville VIC, 1914, Yarra Gables used. Price $35
APC2323) PC RP Australia Olinda Road Olinda VIC, A Footprint of Memory, used. Price $25
MPOL150) PC the Carabinieri of Italy, set of 6, Police uniforms 1814-1989, unused  . Price
MPOL152) PC Ireland, set of 12, the Constabulary of Ireland across the years, unused . Price $60
MPOL153) PC Ireland, set of 6, featuring the Royal Irish Constabulary all from original water colour paintings by William R Younghusband, unused . Price $30

please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

ENDS 15th June 2024
Buy now at the listed price and get discounts up to 30% - or bid your own price – minimum bid is 50% of list price. Bids will be calculated to find the winner on Sunday 16th of June for those lots not already sold.

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