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Discount Sale
Early January 2024


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CO2) Norfolk Is., 1953 - 1975 Complete Mint Unhinged in as new Red Gibbons Tower Springback Album, original cost over $100 plus 50 additional new leaves, worth $65. Stamps retail approx. $550 so replacement cost would be around $715. Great value at under 50%, $349

CO3) Nauru 1953 – 1976 complete mint unhinged on Gibbons simplex leaves. Retail approx. $115. Great starter collection of this popular area. Price $79

CO7) World Letter M on stack of quality album pages containing wide range of early to modern, with emphasis on nice mint & used thematic sets from Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Monaco, Mongolia & Montserrat (many pages). Lovely clean lot of about 80 pages containing 3000 – 3500 stamps appearing all different. Good value at around 20c a stamp. $649

CO10) Australia KGV Heads, mostly bundles of 100. Stated unsorted for postmarks, shades, watermarks, varieties etc. 1d Greens (900), 1½d Browns (100), and 2d Reds (1300). 2300 all up. 400 2d Reds stated to be inverted wmk., minimum cat. of $10 each for these, that’s $4000 alone! Cheap at 40c each, $920 

CO11) Australia KGV period, mostly in bundles with 1931 2d Kingsford Smith (50) 1932 6d Typo. Kookaburra (50) , 1934 1/6d Hermes (50), 1934 2d Vic. Centenary (100), 1934 2d MacArthur Dark Hills and Light Hills (100 of each), 1935 2d Jubilee (50) , 1935 2d Anzac (150), 1936 2½d Cable (700) and 1936 2½d South Australia (100) All stated to be unchecked for varieties, the 2d MacArthur Dark Hills alone cat. $1200! Very cheap at 20c a stamp, 1450 in all. Price $290

CJL1) Australia fine used decimal Definitive High Values, fine used with nice cds cancels, range from $2 to $20. 16 stamps Total face value $87, 1 lot for $29, 3 for $79, 5 for $115

CJL8) USA Collection of Accumulation of MUH issues in folders, packs, year albums plus some booklets & loose pages, 1980s and 1990s. 20 volumes. Heavy lot of about 8kg. Very high face value & retail. Price $549.

CEA1) Channel Islands & Isle of Man, very nice wide ranging mixture on mostly close clipped single paper. Much very modern included noted some 2019 -2022 and some better values. Even saw the odd Alderney in the overall mix. Very high count with approx.. 5000 per kg. Priced from just 4c a stamp. Per 100g $24.50, per 250g $59, per 500g $110, per kg $210.

CEA2) Guernsey & Jersey, plus the odd Isle of Man, 100 different mint unhinged sets, covering a wide range of themes. Great value at under $2.50 a set. Price $249

CEA3) Wide range of World mainly used  off paper in envelopes and packets early to modern, sorted by country. Noted decent quantities of Albania, Algeria, Afghanistan,  Argentina, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Iran, Mongolia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Canada, Germany, India, South Africa and much more. No Australia. Totally unchecked by us. Weighs a bit over kg. Many 1000’s! Price $595

CEA5) Australia FDC Collection, 1953 – 1986 in nice $50 plus quality wood grain effect Bulging Port Philip Album. Noted 1954 2/- Blue Olympics with different Royal Cachets x 3, 1956 Olympics set of 4 with pictorial cancel, 1966 Decimal Navigators set to $4 plus Birds & QEII on very light pencil addressed Royal covers, (could easily be carefully erased) 1970 Royal Visit APO unaddressed souvenir cover, cancelled Hobart, Melbourne Airport opening cover with 30c Cook, Small Cook Cover again with 30c Cook, cancelled 13.5.70 Coolangatta and many, many more. Also a few USA 1940’s FDCs. items in all. Very clean lot and dirt cheap at under $2.50 each. Price $425

CEA6) Australia Territory Annual Packs 2020 & 2021. These are highly popular and sell out FAST each year. Gorgeous material from these Territories - Cocos, Christmas Is, AAT and Norfolk. Includes all of the stamps & minisheets, inc. Chinese New Year issues. All well worth getting. Rarely available on the secondary market so soon after issue date. Price $259

CEA7) NZ 'Health' stamps complete collection 1929-1978 Handy lot, on a set of Gibbons ring 22 pages with interleaves. Condition varies a tad as usual on these - the key 1931 'Smiling Boys' are  fresh mint hinged as most of this collection is, a few scattered used noticed. Huge catalogue/retail. Rarely available as a complete lot. Price $369

CEA8) QV 1880s Victoria NAISH Newspaper Wrappers SPECIMEN set. Possibly UPU Distribution. Rare unsevered SHEETS OF 4 with roulettes between each of this elusive issue overprinted 'SPECIMEN' for BOTH values - seldom seen thus. EIGHT wrappers here. Usual bit of edge wear after 120 years, but fresh and extremely rare in uncut sheets. SINGLE and badly defective Victoria SPECIMEN wrappers seen on eBay at $300 EACH from experienced sellers!  See eBay: These might well be unique really as the UPU countries got 4 of each issue - hence this curious format. Outside that probably not otherwise available in this interesting form. Amazing lot, well under $250 each, price $1925.

CEA10) Stamp News Australasia Magazine. We have back issues going back to 2019. Current cover price $9.95 per issue, subscription price $109.50 for a year. 4 complete years of this great magazine for under $4 a copy. 48 brand new 64 page full colour magazines for $189 (Individual years can be supplied at $55)

GIB1) Gibraltar 1990-1996 14 different sheetlets & M/sheets MUH on album pages. Price $125

GU1) Guernsey 1985-1995 20 Different sheetlets, M/sheets & booklet panes MUH on album pages. Price $150

JE296) Jersey 1986-1989 24 different Booklet panes & sheetlets MUH on album pages. Price $90

IR1) Ireland 1985-1994 14 different sheetlets & booklet panes MUH on album pages. Price $105

PT1) Portugal 33 different sheetlets MUH on album pages. Price $200

CJA6) New Zealand pre-decimal mint & used collection 1880 – 1965 in Green Lighthouse 32 black page stockbook. Noted Queen Victoria to 1/- 2nd sideface, range of 1898 pictorials inc. the following Mint Unhinged 1d, 2½d vertical pair & 4d these alone cat. £57 as hinged. 1900 Boer War 1½d mint with perf toning, cat. £75, 1913 ½d Auckland Exh. Mint cat £25, 1935 Jubilee set Mint Unhinged, cat. £20 hinged and much more. 400 – 450 mostly all different. Nice clean lot for just $295

CJA12) Black Post Style Binder with large collection of Australia Imprint Blocks (70 +) mint with light hinge, also pre-decimal mint & used colln. 1913 – 1965 with others in mint blocks too. Noted near complete collection of KGV to 1/4d used, 71 stamps mostly all different, inc. 4½d Die II cto & OS Ovpts. Then 2d & 3d Harbour Bridge ovpt. OS, commercially used,  Birds blocks of 4 to 2/6d,  Anzac set blocks of 4, also PNG Birds complete to 10/- mint. Some duplication and a few condition issues, but overall a very nice lot. Price $495

CJA20) 2 x Red 32 page Lighthouse made stockbooks near new, with nice collection of earlier sets of thematics covering a wide range of themes. Mostly cto, some mint, 1960’s & ‘70s. A  few condition issues, but well over 1000 different here. Stockbooks alone retail close to $50 each nowadays. Price $119

CO4) Large red “silk” covered stockbook in very nice condition, with World postally used early to modern collection letters D – K. Noted decent Denmark, KUT, Ecuador, Egypt, Italy etc. Nice lot, appears all different. 750 – 850. About 15c a stamp, nice clean lot at $127.50

CO6) China, People’s Republic. 1992 Year of the Monkey, complete year set mint unhinged. 20 stamps and 2 minisheets. 2 available. Price $89

CO15) French Colonies pre-independence on old illustrated pages in black binder mint & used with some better values. Counted approx. 500 with very little duplication. Nice clean and fresh lot. Decent ranges of Morocco, Algeria, Cameroun, Indo-China, Madagascar, Martinique, Mauritania, New Caledonia, Niger, San Pierre & Miquelon, Tunisia, Tchad and others. Price $219

CLJ1) Australia 1978 – 1997. Massive 5 Volume Complete Collection of Mint Postal Stationery Envelopes in as new PW Brown Padded Albums. No’s 1 – 258 Values 20c – 45c. Albums alone cost $250 new. Almost impossible to re-create today. Price $465

CJL6) GB Collection of 100 plus PO Packs 1979-1992 in Albums Retail $900 plus for $449. Lovely looking lot, formed in the UK, in 2 x large special Deluxe Royal Mail PO Packs albums. Those are not often seen out here. 109 packs, plus the 1983 Year folder. SG cat noted on each for your easy checking, and that tallies to £558, Plus the 2 x clean $75 special albums. Totally untouched by us, as received .. all the goodies are here! Some gorgeous sets. And a few free entry tickets to UK Stamp Shows tossed in gratis, as stamp related souvenirs! The FACE alone is very high with 4 sets of Definitive Castles to £5!  included all at only about $4 a pack! Price $449

CJL7) BELGIUM POSTAL HISTORY: 1860-1960s bundle of covers & postcards ncluding 1868 Brussels-Paris with 30c brown (cover faults), 1871 commercial to Holland with 20c blue, 1879 & 1884 with 25c bistre, 1910 Brussels Exhibition postcard with tabbed 10c & Exhibition label, 1914 postcard to Scotland with tabbed 10c, 1948 bank cover to Australia with 3fr15c Textiles, 1940s attractively franked airmail covers to Australia (4); several others registered. (32 items) A fine lot at under $20 each, price $595

CJL8) World Wildlife Fund. 10 VOLUMES All in superb as new condition and well laid out in official WWF black padded binders and matching slipcases. I noted a complete album devoted to each of the following countries —Australia, Norfolk Island, AAT, Christmas Island, Cocos Island, New Zealand & Tokelau more than $100 mint face value from just these areas. Then 3 x mixed Europe and British Commonwealth volumes. There are extra mint and fine used stamps in the front of most albums, gutters and all sorts of extras. It would have cost more than $1,200 to put this collection together bargain lot for just $749

CJL11) Great Britain SPECIALIST COLLECTION of decimal high denomination Machins and Castles £1 & £1.50 values displaying various colour differentiations, or gum/paper types and associated changes in levels of fluorescence; high face value of stamps Fresh MUH. (40) Price $295

CJL15) Arthur Bergen, South Australian Cover Producer. New Zealand 1937-2000s selection of commercial covers all addressed to Arthur Bergen, good range of rates and stamps, some registered. Also war service covers, addressed to him with ranks from Lance Corporal to Flight Lieutenant. (c.40) Under $2.50 per cover. Price $98

GBSELLOUT) MASSIVE Great Britain SELL OUT! Just bought a dealer stock 1971 – 2015 approx. OF MINT UNHINGED AND FINE USED. Includes commemoratives, definitives, booklets, post office packs and First Day Covers. Clearing in all different lots at FACE VALUE! (Our choice of a mixture of items) Lots from $100 to $5000.
Or, your choice of years/types as above at 1.5 x Face value, let us know which.
Great value, but no discounts on these lots. $20,000 face value plus available.

CAP5) Runs of MUH New Issues 2005-2021. A collector was buying new Issues from Max Stern in recent years from Falklands, British Antarctic Territory, South Georgia, British Virgin Islands, Tristan Da Cunha, Ascension and Bahamas etc. This is era that almost no dealers bought stock, and lots of collectors stopped buying New Issues in year 2000, hence most collectors do not have these, and neither do dealers! All still perfect MUH in the original new issue glassines.
No idea if they are 100% complete for the period but we’d guess so. Only FULL sets and mini sheets etc.

CAP5a) Falkland Is. 2005 – 2021, 34 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £430 plus, price $585

CAP5b) South Georgia 2008 – 2021, 33 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £600 approx. price $795

CAP5c) Bahamas 2010 – 2021, 33 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £380 approx. price $510

CAP5d) Br. Virgin Is. 2014 – 2020, 6 sets & 1 large sheetlet Cat. £85 approx. price $115

CAP5e) Br. Antarctic Territory 2014 – 2021, 25 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £525 approx. price $710

CAP5f) Ascension 2008 – 2020, 26 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £365 approx. price $490


CJE8) Jersey, 25 different Mint Unhinged sets $49

CJE9) Great Britain, 25 different decimal Mint Unhinged sets $49

CJE10) South Africa, 25 different decimal Mint Unhinged sets $49

CJE10a) South Africa, 25 different decimal Mint Unhinged minisheets $49

CJE10b) South Africa, 25 different official un-addressed fdcs, $49

CJE11) South Africa Homelands, 25 different Mint Unhinged set $49

CJE11a) South Africa Homelands, 25 different official un-addressed fdcs, $49

CJE16) Scouting & Guiding covers, mostly Australia. Nice range of 25 covers and other bits & pieces covering 50 years 1948 – 1998. Includes Imprint Blocks of 4 of the 2½d x 5 also Yarra Brae & Greystanes hexagonal postmarks. Several other pictorial pmks. & 3 signed covers: Eleanor Manning, who from 1955 to 1962 served as the chief commissioner for Girl Guides in Australia. She was the first Australian elected to the committee of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, a position she held from 1960 to 1969, also Charlotte Renshaw Jones Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides for Australia 1978 and Raymonde Read, N.S.W. Guides Commissioner, 1973. Fascinating lot but with some condition issues on some. Cheaply priced at around $5 each. $135.

CJE18) Witches Brew! Worldwide off paper, good sorting lot, about 2500. Good value at around 3c a stamp. $75
CJE19) Wizard’s Mix, similar to the above, but a hubble bubble toil & trouble, double sized lot! $139

CM8a) 2012 London Gold Medal Winners PNC collection , limited edition of 1000. 7 PNC’s Price $165 (1 available)

CMS1) Australia “Junk” Box. Stamps, albums, stockbooks, Hagner pages, Covers, loose stamps on & off paper. You name it, it may well be included! Must be at least 15 - 20,000 stamps in a 20kg box for $550. Half size 10kg for $279. A great sorting lot.
CMS3) Australia Decimal Official Un-addressed FDC’s 1980 - 1988 just 50c each! Way, way below face value. 100 different for $49
CMS5) United Nations New York Office 1960’s – 1980’s Unaddressed First Day covers, mainly Official or Artcraft cachets. 100 different, less than 50c each, $49
CMS10) Australia decimal 1st Day covers 1967 - 1991. Massive new issue dealer's stock of official mainly unaddressed covers in 4 giant brown padded ring binders on approx. 200 Hagner or similar stockpages, some double sided. Binders and pages alone would have cost around $450 - $500 new. Estimate 750 - 1000 covers, from 1 - 10 of each. Much better spotted like Living Together sets, booklet panes, ATM triangulars x4, $10 Gardens x 4, Minisheets, Se-tenant strips and blocks, some AAT plus just a few Aerogrammes, Maxi-cards and PSE's. Great value for a hoarder or re-sellers at $625 the lot.
CMS12) Australia Carton Lot Decimal FDC's 1974 - 2007 approx. Mostly Official Post Office unaddressed covers. Huge variety, some duplication but very wide variety. Great to soak off for fine used sets or just collect as is. Got to be worth 60c each. Weighs nearly 3kg. Approx 500 for $295, half lot for $150. 3 lots available.
CJL5) Australian Territories and Pacifics fine used collection in Blue Padded Ancol Album, 1940 - 1990. Includes Fiji, Norfolk Is, Pitcairn Is, Nauru & Papua New Guinea. Most are fine used light corner cds, with almost a complete collection from decimals onwards. Must be 350 - 400 complete sets inc. all of the long definitive series. Very cheap at $749 the lot.
CMAP4) Hong Kong 1862 – 1926 on album page & Optima stocksheets, mostly fine used. QV to 30c, KEVII to 30c & KGV to $2. Generally clean lot with some private perfins. Cat. £690 plus. 73 stamps. Price under $6 per stamp, $425
CMAP9) United Nations New York UNO Flags Maximum Cards, each with large coloured flag of the country and relevant stamp with FDI cancel. 16 different comprising Barbados, Brazil, Bulgaria, Byelorus, Canada, China, Great Britain, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Peru, Senegal, Somalia & Sweden. Price $96 (3 available)
CMAP13) Stack of 33 diff. 1960’s/70’s Bulgaria Illustrated unaddressed FDC’s. Don’t see these around much these days. Some good themes inc. Paintings, Madonna & Child, Wrestling, Circus, Knights in Armour, Olympics, 1966 World Cup Soccer, Christmas, Javelin, Running, Ski-ing, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Swimming etc. Priced under 90c each, $29

MN55) World mostly pre-1950 off paper, just arrived from overseas charity. Ex. Deceased estate. Appears mostly foreign with some Br. Empire. Great looking mixture with large & small stamps, and bound to be some good finds I would think. About 1000 for $110, 2500 for $259 few lots only.

MN55a) Similar to above but about 50% Br. Empire, same prices as above.

MN56) Br. Empire mostly pre-1950 off paper, just arrived from overseas charity. Ex. Deceased estate. Bound to be some good finds I would think. Good mixture of large & small. 60 grams or about 1000 for $110, 150 grams, around 2500 for $259 few lots only.

NM2a) Australia High Values off paper, mix of decimal and pre-decimal, all above letter rate at time of issue values to $5 or $10. About 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $195

NM5) World off paper, ever popular. Yours to sort, not soak! Huge variety of large & small, early to recent, and enormous count with 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $27.95, 250g $66.50, 500g $129, 1kg $275, 2.5kg $650, 5kg $1235

PM124) Australian States, new lot just arrived, unchecked for perfs, shades, wmks. etc. 50 different for $59, 100 different for $99. May contain OS Overprints and perfins.

PM126) Germany off paper, mostly West Germany. Mix of small & large, 100g (approx. 1500 stamps) for around 4c a stamp. $59

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