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Discount Sale
Mid-Late July 2022

Great Britain

GB865) Great Britain 1854 1d Pale Red Brown Imperf. SG 9 (Worn plate) UNUSED on remittance entire in response to an appeal by THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPOGATION OF THE GOSPEL IS FOREIGN PARTS. Attractive 3 margin example lettered Q-C. Cat. £675 = approx. $1195 as mint. Price $398  

GB225) Great Britain 1859 entire wrapper London to Burwash, East Sussex. Bears 2d Blue Plate 7, cancelled by clean strike of No. 47 Barred numeral, also with Blue Burwash No. 3 cds on face of JU 25 59. Reverse bears London 20 “thimble” cds in blue dated the previous day. Very fine & clean, the 2nd scarcest plate, and unpriced by Gibbons on cover. Price $269

GB1000) Great Britain 1867-83 10/- Greenish Grey Plate 1 SG128G Maltese Cross wmk. Lettered G – A, A-G.  Superb Stamp just odd perf nibbed at lower left, with central lightly struck London SW cds of FE 4 81. Cat. £3200 plus 75% premium for this quality = approx. $9500. Rarely seen this fine. Price $4750

GB898) Great Britain 1867-83 £1 Brown Lilac Plate 1 SG129, Maltese Cross wmk. Lettered H – H. Superb full perf. Stamp, with central lightly struck London L12 cds of OC 11 78. Cat. £4500 plus 75% premium for this quality = approx. $13,950.  Rarely seen this fine. Price $9350

GB998) Great Britain 1867-83 £1 Brown Lilac Plate 1 SG129, Maltese Cross wmk. Lettered I – F, F-I. Nice full perf. Stamp, with Registered Barred Oval Cancels, centred to lower right. Cat. £4500 = approx. $7,850.  Rare stamp. Price $2600

GB854) Great Britain 1867-83 £5 Orange white paper Plate 1, SG 137 Wmk Large Anchor. Well centred and with good perfs. Lettered C- I. Light ironed out vertical crease at right. Cancelled by centrally struck Glasgow cds of OC 12 94. Light diagonal blue crayon mark to lower right and other small blemishes. Cat. £3500 = approx. $6195. Price $4650

GB1001) Great Britain 1880 2/- Brown SG 121., plate 1. Lettered E-C, C-E. Well centred full perf example with No. 8 duplex cancel. Cat. £4250, = approx. $7450. Price. A very rare stamp especially nice for these. Price $4950

GB248) Great Britain 1917 small censored registered cover bearing ½d & 4d KGV and with Brixton 1 reg’n label No. 74. Cancelled by Streatham cds’s of 16 AP 17. White censor tape at left and official blue label with Royal Coat of Arms & “RETURNED TO SENDER BY THE CENSOR” The SENDER Miss G Killick was the 1st known full time female stamp dealer. Scarce item, price $149

GB166) Great Britain 1939 KGVI 2/6d brown Coat of Arms on 1940 Censored Airmail cover to Sydney. Bears London cds of 17 FE 40. Opened roughly at left. Central filing crease does not detract. A rare solo use. Price $149

GB774) Great Britain 1965 ITU Presentation Folder the Centenary Conference with the Royal Coat of Arms containing ITU issues from that year, mint lightly hinged. Almost as new. This is a Postmaster General presentation item, that is genuinely rare, with possibly as few as 30 produced. Only HM The Queen, Princess Margaret, PMG and ex PMGs, PM and ex PMs plus the stamp advisory committee and 8 overseas PMGs including Aus, Can and NZ would have received this. Price $129

Great Britain Penny Blacks

PB172) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 4, lettered H-L. Very attractive intense black example with full neatly struck RUBY (Aberdeen) Maltese Cross. Cat. £800 = approx. $1400 for the Ruby Cancel. Little in the way of margins, but a lovely stamp and equally nice cancel. Price $349

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