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Collections, Mixtures & Coins
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WE CARRY GOOD STOCKS OF AUSTRALIA, GREAT BRITAIN, BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, MOST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES plus JAPAN to 1960. Also Worldwide postal history, Worldwide Cinderellas, Forgeries and Philatelic Exhibition items, as well as Albums, Catalogues & Accessories.
Coins include Australia Pre-Decimals, RAM and Perth Mint Product and Loose World and Australia coins by weight.
Also buying collections/accumulations, postage lots etc.
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Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.
Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions
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Collections, Lots, Packets & Mixtures

CMJ1) Australia KGV 1d Reds, in small Ilford glass plate box. Ex. deceased estate all clean off paper, did not see any damaged. Good range of shades inc. some nice pinks, dated examples, OS & other perfins. Etc. Better than the average lot, and may be unchecked for varieties etc. Must be 600 – 700 here. $319

CMJ2) Bulk lot of pre-decimal Australia in cartons, ex deceased estate. Commences Kangaroos with values to 5/-, KGV to 1/4d etc., mainly used in albums, stockbooks, loose, a few covers etc. Wide ranging with values to 10/- or One Pound. 5kg lot for $445, 10kg for $845, 20kg for $1595

CMJ3) World in 5 large stockbooks, in better condition than usually seen. Early to modern mainly postally used, with some decent ranges of Greece, Germany, GB, Israel & much more. Plenty of space to add more into these books. About 1500 – 2000 appear all different. Good value at about 7.5c per stamp, the books are free! $149

CMJ4) World in 5 Large Stockbooks, appear mostly all different mainly used. Early to modern with some nice thematics. Noted decent ranges of Canada, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and much more. Mostly well filled, guesstimate 3000 – 3500 here, about 9c a stamp. $295

CMJ5) Australia Near New Burgundy Seven Seas Album with slipcase. Contains decimal collection 1968 – 1988 very near complete, mixture of mint & used to 1976, then unhinged with values to $10. New album cost around $200 and stamps retail $700 plus, so $900. High face value too. Replacement value here for under 50%, $439

CMJ6) GREAT BRITAIN: 1840 - 1984 NICE USED COLLECTION IN TWO AS NEW RED GIBBONS "WINDSOR" ALBUMS; with Queen Victoria to 5/-, KEVII to 2/6d, KGV Seahorses to 10/-, all KGVI High Values, QEII pre-decimals about 50% complete, decimals not far off completion. Great Basis for expansion. Albums alone cost around $360, very good value at $429

CMJ7) Worldwide mainly commercial airmail covers 1980’s – 2000 literally crammed into Ilford Photographic Paper box. A few are FDC’s & Commemorative covers to same recipient in Melbourne. Main interest in Asia/Pacific region with Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. Also some GB, Canada, NZ & USA. Wide variety of usages and Airmail rates plus some Express mail. Many of these would warrant a $5 to $10 each price tag if sold separately. Roughly 200 – 250 covers, weighing well over 1kg. Great buying at around $1 per cover, $195

CMJ8) Australia commercial covers 1980’s – 2000’s in Ilford Photographic Paper box. Most to Melbourne addresses. Wide variety of usages and lots of Registered, Certified or Priority mail here. Many of these would warrant a $5 to $10 each price tag if sold separately. Roughly 150 - 200 covers, weighing over 750g.  Great buying at around 60c per cover, $95

CMJ9) New Zealand, 1970S - 1995 MUH ACCUMULATION IN SETS MINISHEETS, P.O. PACKS, YEARSETS, ETC; VALUES TO $20 AND INCLUDES A AMLL AMOUNT OF ROSS DEPENDENCY. Appears mostly all different. (1000’s). Face is NZ$1150++ (got there and stopped counting!) retail would be at least double. Price $1075 (Much less after our generous discount!)

CMJ10) PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Modern DECIMAL PERIOD COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION, with 1 up to 3 or so of each set to mid 1990’s IN New Blue Padded Binder, ALBUM, PLUS A COLLECTION OF POST OFFICE PACKS IN ACCOMPANYING BOX. (100’s of complete sets & values to 10K) MUH. Huge retail! $429

CMJ11) New Zealand 1967 – 2011 mainly fine to very fine cds used collection on printed leaves in two large ring binders. Stamps would be 90% complete to 1994, inc. $2 Multicoloured Geyser, high values to $10, healths, minisheets, lighthouse insurance stamps etc. Gaps are in minisheets & booklet panes which are not easy to find used. A great lot, worthy of completion. 100’s of complete sets. Quite heavy, weighs over 6 kg. Priced very cheaply at only $10 per year of stamps, $439!

CMJ12) New Zealand 1967 – 1983 Mint Unhinged collection in near new Ka-Be Red Padded Hingeless Album, alone cost $295. Appears 95% complete, with most gaps being in the early definitives, which have not been counted in the value. Includes healths, minisheets etc.. Would be very easy to complete. Stamps retail about $320, so a replacement value here of over $600. Less than half price, for the cost of the album alone stamps come free! Even less after our generous discounts. $295

CMJ13) New Zealand 1984 – 2001 Mint Unhinged Collection in 2 near new Seven Seas Blue Hingeless Albums with slipcase. Albums alone cost nearly $600! 99% complete, and including minisheets, healths & Ross Dependency etc. Just missing Framas and the odd sheetlet. Very easy to complete this lot. Stamps retail about $1250 also, so about $1850 replacement cost. Selling for well under the stamp price only, the albums come free! Even less when discounted. $935

CMJ14) New Zealand mint unhinged on stack of 23 near new Hagners plus few used, 1973 – 2000 in near new Black Ring Binder. many overprinted minisheets, booklets etc., inc. Best of minisheets for 1998 & 2000. A very good & clean lot with high face and retail. 100’s. Great value at $395

CMJ15) New Zealand 1984 & 85 the 1st two Year books, still in plastic protective sleeves as issued. Retail $70, our price $52.50 stamps come free! Even less after our generous discounts. $295

CMJ16) Great Britain used Accumulation, early line engraved to 1980’s in Abria & Gibbons stockbooks. Duplicated ranges of Victoria Jubilees plus KGV onwards, values to 10/- & one pound plus some officials. Also a few mint sets inc. 1953 Coronation. About 1500 - 1600. Very cheap at around 6c a stamp! $89

CMJ17) Canada used collection 1868 – 1981 in sparsely populated “Parliament” illustrated Burgundy & Gold Blocked album. Very attractive! Also, as new Unitrade Green Padded black page stockbook ($35 cost) and a red KEK stockbook, containing mint unhinged 1970’s/1980’s era blocks of 4 & singles and the odd booklet. Values to $5. 900 - 1000 all up, must be worth 30c a stamp, $339

CMJ18) Unisafe and Abria black page (32p & 16p) Both are in near new condition, so about $75 cost right here. These contain a wide range of early to modern World, mint & used with many nice thematics and Cinderellas. Very colourful lot with many items not previously seen by us. 800-900 plus 22 minisheets. Very good value at $149

CMJ19) Southern & East Africa, with a few Queen Victoria, plenty in the Georges, to recent in two Lighthouse Vario Green Leather look Binders with slipcases, as new with about 100 Vario 6 strip black pages. New cost around $350. Stamps are identified by Gibbons numbers, and include very good ranges of mostly postally used, lightly duplicated in places. Countries included are Kenya, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Gold Coast/Ghana, Tanganyika/Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. At a conservative guess there must be 4500 – 5000 stamps here. Strength in post 1980’s, and many are nice thematics, much of which we have never seen before. If we value those only at the base Gibbons 20p price per stamp, (and most will be a lot more than that!) we have a catalogue price of close to 1000 pounds = near $2000 plus the album value of $350 = $2350. Bargain basement price (even less after discount) $995

CMJ20) World Wildlife Fund. Huge collection in as new 8 black albums with slipcases, plus some overspill! Includes mint unhinged stamps and FDC’s all in complete sets, commencing 1993 right up to 2018. The strength is definitely in the 2005 onwards issues. I guess there would easily be 300 to 400 complete sets here. Most retail at $10 - $15 per set, so let’s say about $4500 - $5000 retail! How about 20% retail, and the very lovely albums are free! (even cheaper after discount) $895

CMO1) Hong Kong 1969 – 2004, lovely clean postally used plus a few mint collection all different in large green stockbook. All annotated in pencil in album margin with year & SG Cat. No. Mainly complete sets with values to $50 and would be 75 – 80% complete for the period. 600 – 700 all up, must be worth 50c a stamp. $325

CMO2) Red ring binder with South Africa mainly postally used collection, some mint, 1910 to early 2000’S to on Hagners and album leaves. Includes many good thematics and many complete sets, values to 10/- and 20 Rand. Mostly all different. Also some Mauritius mint & used definitive full and part sets to 10 Rupees.  1650 – 1750 here and would likely yield at last 1500 different. Well worth 20c a stamp, price $425

CMO3) Great Britain dealer stock of used housed in $75 when new Prinz Red 64 page stockbook., mostly 1971- 2000 but with some 1950’s & 60’s Castle High Values to One Pound. Nearly all are large size, Commemoratives and High values with many, many complete sets. Noted 5 pound values x 24, 10 pound Brittania x 3. Maximum duplication seems to be 3 of anything. Also plenty of Millennium issues and better values to 1.28. Must be 2250 – 2750 here, and should easily find 1000 different. Has to be very cheap at about 15c a stamp, price $375

CMO4) Medium size red stockbook of Austria 1970’s – 2007 with a modest collection of used, all large & commems. 350 – 400 all different. Nice clean lot. Good value at about 20c a stamp, $75

CMO5) Arch Lever binder with early to modern USA mint & used collection/accumulation on stockleaves. Fairly minor duplication, some blocks of 4 , values to $5. 3750 – 4250 here, ought to yield 2000 – 2500 different. Nice clean lot, some faults in earlies. Got to be worth 10c a stamp, $395

CMJL1) Netherlands, FDC collection 1956 – 1976 mostly official un-addressed with many Charity/Semi-Postal sets. 85 mainly all different. Nice lot with many good themes. Very cheap at under $1.50 each, $129

CMJL2) 1979 International Year of the Child collection of 33 different official un-addressed FDC’s, very clean lot with many better countries, inc. China, Jersey, Germany, Monaco, Thailand, Liechtenstein, USA, Japan, Malaysia etc. Cat. price around 250 Euros according to Michel, = around AUD $400 at time of writing this. Ultra cheap at under $1.50 each, $49!

CMJL3) Worldwide mainly Europe commercially used covers, wrappers & cards, 40 + 2 fronts different all pre. 1949. Countries inc. Germany, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, France, USA, Trieste, Brazil etc. Some with Nazi Germany Censor Tape. Lovely lot, under $2 each, price $74.50

CMJL4) Whales, Dolphins and other water loving mammals in Blue near new 32 black page stockbook. New price near $50 alone. About 100 different stamps mostly in sets or minisheets. Mix of mostly MUH & some cto. Some good sets here inc. SWA, Cook Is., St. Helena, Falkland Is., Cayman Is. & Tristan da Cunha. Good buying at $94.50

CMJL5) USA mostly used ‘Back of the book’ Collection/accumulation in 64 black page Kabe stockbook (in excellent condition) starting with Airmail 1923 set of 3, duplicated range of later Airmails to approx 1944 including 1926-27 set of 3, 1927 10c Lindbergh, 1930-32 Wing & Globe 5c, 6c & 8c & 1935-37 Trans Pacific set all Mint, also nice range of 1913 Parcel Post issues (approx. 45 in total) with set of 12 to $1, also several values to 50c with a e range of different Pre-cancel types, odd fault but generally in good condition, Scott Cat US $575+, Price $399

CMJL7) Singapore 1948 – 2005 mostly postally used collection in 2 large stockbook. Commences KGVI defins., values to $5. No Silver Wedding, but then appears reasonably complete  in chronological order. Would have to be 1250 – 1350 stamps here, pretty well all different. Cheapest I could find elsewhere for a packet of 1250 different was $900. Got to be good value at $675.

CMJL9) GB off paper mix, Queen Victoria – recent, mostly QEII commems. off paper. Wide ranging mix with some better values. Not many Machin Heads that we could see. About 10,000 to the KG. 100g for $39.50, 250g for $95, 500g for $179, 1kg for $349.

CMJL10) Western Europe off paper, back in stock again. Always a good seller, we cannot get enough of this! No GB or British Europe, all mainland countries. Great mix of large & small all postally used., around 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. Price per 100g $39.50, 250g $95, 500g $179, 1kg $349.

CMJL11) GB Latest & Recent commems. on single close clipped paper. Very hard mixture to find. Mainly 1st class mail, which now costs £1.10 in the UK, over AUD$2 at time of writing. About 3250 – 3500 per kg for these large & some oversize stamps. We only got 600g of this in the past 12 months! Price per 100g $76.50, 250g $179, 500g $345

CMJL12) British Empire off paper, almost entirely pre. 1952, this now enhanced mixture has virtually no Australia (maybe a few States) or GB, and with many better values spotted. About 12,500 to 15,000 to the kg. A real luxury mix with plenty of pickings. About 500 for $110, 1000 for $210, 2500 for $495, 5000 for $950

CMJL13) Australia HV’s and Internationals mostly on close clipped single paper, a few off paper about a 50/50 mix, very wide ranging from early decimals to quite recent both commems. & defins., contains both medium & large size stamps. Values to $10 or $20. About 4750 to 5250 to the kg. Sourced from UK charity who have been hoarding this stuff for years! Price per 100 grams $135, 250g $319, 500g $599, 1kg $1149.

CMJL13a) As above but domestic issues only, 100g $67.50, 250g $159, 500g $299, 1kg $575

CMJL13b) As above but Internationals only, values to around $3, 100g $269, 250g $635. (Limited quantities of this available)

CMA3) Papua New Guinea off paper mix, early to modern mostly QEII but did spot a few earlier Lakatois, Birds of Paradise etc. A rare mix with better values, a bit over 100g here, around 1500 stamps for $119

CMA4) China, People’s Republic- 2016 - 2018. Lovely collection of 14 mint unhinged sheetlets and minisheets. All good thematics inc. Birds, Chinese New Year, Paintings, Fruit, Lighthouses, Children’s cartoons, Military etc, all on full colour presentation cards. 126 stamps in all. Price under $6 each $82.50 (7 lots available)

CMA5) Australia Mission Mix, from a new source. All well trimmed on single paper, high count with about 5000 per kg. A very wide variety from earliest decimals to very recent $1 or $1.10 values. About 50% commems. By weight, very colourful lot. Price per 500g $46.50, 1kg $89, 2.5kg $210, 5kg $395

CMA7) Auld Freddie’s Treasure! Freddie was a canny Scot. Single man, lived to 93, spent time in the Merchant Navy and put all his spare cash into stamps with no rhyme or reason it seems. Stashed into drawers, boxes, tins, secondhand stockbooks etc. We just unloaded almost a pallet load into our premises and have to sell it! Much is loose World off paper, in packets, boxes, tins etc, plus old shop packets, stockbooks, covers both commercial & philatelic, Post Office Packs, Booklets, could be anything. Better than the average I would have to say and a 20kg parcel would probably have 20,000 plus stamps. So breaking into trial lots of 5kg for $475, 19kg lots for $895, 20kg for $1695.  Choose Worldwide, Australia only or a mixture of both.

CMA9) Denmark commems. On single well trimmed paper. Great mixture, well varied mix to about 2011, maybe a few more recent. All European mixtures have been difficult to get since Covid. High count at around 5000 per kg. 100g for $55, 250g $129, 500g $245, 1kg $465

CMA11) Australia KGV period to 2000 crammed into 64 page Green Ka-Be stockbook. Includes a lot of 1936 Cable & 1937 NSW Sesqui 2d values, worth checking for varieties. Heavily duplicated in places, but with many High Values to $20. Must be 4000 or so. 5c a stamp is very cheap, price $195

CMA12) Greece 1911 – 1937 on album pages, between SG213 – 512. Mostly postally used, some mint condition varies a bit. Rarely seen. About 140 -150 stamps mostly all diff. Cat. approx. 300 pounds. Originally priced at $250, now $179

CMJA5) Three 32 page Lighthouse Stockbooks with huge lot of Papua New Guinea inc. earlier with Birds of Paradise to 2/- mint, 1963 £1 QEII, 2 different 10K values etc, going up to about 2013, maybe a few later. Counted 300 plus sets mainly mint unhinged. There are some condition issues here such as gum toning and there but most are salvageable. Very, very cheap at under $1.50 per set, no huge amounts of duplication. Great value at $439

CMJA7) World letter C in black padded Australia Post Binder on 38 Hagners all as new, cost $80 alone. Wide range of mainly postally used, early to modern. Noted very good ranges of Canada, plus decent Czechoslovakia, Chile, Cyprus etc. 750 - 850 stamps, all different, odd condition issue as is usual in this type of lot, but much better than is usually seen. Price $189

CMJA16) Br. Commonwealth mostly postally used collection Queen Victoria to modern set out in catalogue order in 64 black page Lighthouse leather grain black padded stockbook, near new. Cost $90. Very good ranges of Canada, India, Malaysia, Malta, South Africa etc. 1200 – 1300 stamps, all different. Very clean lot, price $225

CMJA18) Americas, mostly USA in near new black Lighthouse $80 64 black page stockbook, 1800’s to Modern , pretty well all postally used. Well set out chronologically and appears all different. Also includes Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uruguay and smatterings of others. 1350 – 1450 here for $229
CMJA20) Europe letters F – P mostly postally used collection early to modern set out in date order in 64 black Lighthouse black page leather grain padded stockbook, near new. Cost $90. Decent ranges of Finland, Greece, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway etc. Very clean lot of about 950 -1000 all different, price $259

CMO2) Very useful World array in older Brown 32 page stockbook, some mint, mainly postally used early to modern. Strength in GB, Touva (Nice!), South Africa, Australia, Spain and lots more. Nice clean lot, not a lot of duplication. 2250 – 2500 all up. Has to be worth 10c a stamp. $239

CMO12) New Zealand Queen Victoria – 1991 used collection in near new 32 page green Importa stockbook. Very good starter lot with 550 – 600 different stamps. Great starter lot for under 20c a stamp $110.

CMO17) USA mostly used plus a few United Nations mostly used 1870 – 1996. Housed in as new superb heavy duty Importa Black leather look post fitting album with slipcase. With spaces for every stamp issued this collection is just ripe for expansion. Noted amongst many others, 1882 4c Red, 1890 4c Brown, 3c, 6c & 10c, 1894 15c Bllue, 1898 10c Trans Mississippi, 1901 Pan American 10c Ship mint, cat. £160 and much, much more. Also coil stamps, private perfimns inc. $5 Coolidge. 1936 – 1986 would be 80% complete. Very clean lot. Must be near 2000 or more, all different. Great buying at around 20c a stamp with a superb album which would cost $200 plus to replace. Price $425

CMO20) Crown Agents 1997 omnibus minisheets fresh mint unhinged for Hong Kong hand back to China in Blue Padded Hagner binder and on 9 Hagner pages all as new (Worth $40 plus) 26 minisheets in all including 1997 Exhibition issues. Total value around $170, for just $110

CMJL2) Australia KGV Heads 2d Brown Perf 'OS/NSW' group used on Hagners. All appear smw perf. 13½ x 12½ cat. $75 each for normal OS!  Great research material. (190) Price $239

CMJL4) New Zealand Revenues Queen Victoria Long Types, mix of postally used and pen cancels. Group on Hagners mainly 1920s use with 2/- blue x 33, 10/- x22 & £1 x 54. (109) Great for research or good re-seller lot. Price $325

CMJL5) Indo-China 1933-39 small group of covers from Saigon to Devakottai, airmail x3, surface x1, registered x1 & registered airmail x1, 2 covers have anti-TB labels sealing them, condition is mixed. Unusual. (6) Price $195

CMJL6) Great Britain - 1d Penny Reds - 1858 - 1879 - Plate71 to 225 - CV £ 1,972.50 =- Approx $3450. Fine used complete set on album pages, neatly set out. Way better quality than usually encountered. Price $1950

CMA1) South Africa and Homelands, 1988 – 1993 Mint Unhinged collection on Lighthouse Hingeless leaves. Lovely lot with a retail in excess of $830. Leaves are as new and cost approx. $480, so more than $1300 replacement value here. About 250 – 3000 sets, great thematic content. Price $749

CMA2) USA 1976/77 Superb Blue & Silver Leather Bound Padded Album containing Cacheted covers bearing stamps honouring the 1st 39 Presidents of the USA from George Washington to Jimmy Carter, each with illustrated text and facsimile signatures for each President. Plus a 2nd matching album for all of the 1st Ladies. Magnificently presented, and as new. Original cost close to $750. Price just 25% of that $187.50

CMA4) The Official Millennium Postal Cover Collection in Silver & Blue Binder, near new. Contains 24 Worldwide covers from 24 time-zones fully illustrated with Gold cachets and each dated 1st January 2000 with special pictorial cancels. Cost $400 when issued. Seen on eBay at $210, our price $169

CMA5) Carton lot of World, in stockbooks, albums, Hagner pages, plus bag of about 3000 World off aper. Some covers. Nice stack of old dealers approval sheets, Early to modern, mostly used. Little if any Australia. Some in mixed condition but mostly fine. Wonderful sorting lot, better than the average junk lot. Weight near 20kg. Price $749.

CMA6) As above but a smaller lot of about 10kg, price $379

CM13) Monaco 1989 – 1994 Complete fresh mint unhinged on near new Lighthouse Hingeless pages. Retail for the stamps is $880 plus, price for pages is $245, so a replacement cost of $1125. Price $545

CMJ1) Australia Official Unaddressed FDC’s by weight! Period covered 1974 – 2000. We have about 20kg of these, unsorted for postmarks. May be a few AAT, Framas, Counter printed stamps etc, may also include some minisheets 500 grams or about 85 covers for $75. Two lots for $139, 5 lots for $329.
CMJ3) Australia Pre-Decimal Postally used blocks of 4, values to 2/- or 2/3d. 50 different. Blocks are becoming popular, and may be listed in the ACSC in coming editions. Price under $3 each, $149. Two lots for $289, Half lot of 25 for $79

CMJ8) Sudan, useful range of covers 1950’s – 1980’s Commercial & FDC. 11 items, inc. 4 registered., used stamps cat. £75 plus. Condition on 3 a bit below par with tone spots. Some addressed locally to Khartoum also Australia, UK & Switzerland. eBay price seems to be $30 to $60 each. Some unable to be found on eBay. Good value at $225.
CMJ15) Worldwide mint & used (cto) in complete sets, large & small blocks and complete sheets. Mostly highly thematic. Selling by weight. 1kg (About 5000 stamps) great value at about 5c per stamp, for just $249

CMM13) Tasmania Pictorials perf. T in black padded Australia Post Ring Binder, sorted by printings. Includes some mint & blocks. Also 2 x 2½d om OHMS piece. Even singles are rare! Also a few Australia both pre and decimal at back. About 700 stamps, values to 5d. Very clean lot. Price $2,650
CMM18) Great Britain KGV era commercial covers 1916 – 1933, bearing nice range of frankings, inc. Downey Heads. Some military, and with original correspondence. Destinations include “School of Musketry, Liverpool”, Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Emmanuel College Cambridge, etc. Values to 2½d.  Fascinating lot, condition a bit mixed. 29 covers, price around $6 each, $179
CMM20) Shipping, a magnificent carton lot of 137 Covers and cards, mostly Europe. Predominantly Germany but also with Belgium, France, GB, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UN & USA. Wide range of frankings, mostly commemorative and pictorial postmarks and cachets, plus a few other markings like Paquebot & Express mail. In addition, there are several sheets of trial cachets. All in all, this could easily become the start of a display. Priced under $1.50 per item, $195
GB771) Great Britain 1965 ITU Presentation Album for the Montreux conference. Red & Gold Embossed Hardbound Album presented to the delegates. Contains current GB issues mint fresh lightly hinged inc. Wildings & Castles to £1, Regionals and Commemorative sets issued complete 1960 GLO - 1965 Arts festival. A little aging to the tops of a few pages but largely fresh, and as issued. Tiny amount of spine damage at base. A very rare book. Price $450

PM132) British Commonwealth off paper large & small, early to modern, as received from UK Charity, 12,500 – 15,000 per kg .decent variety with some Australia, early to modern and noticed a few Internationals. Price per 100g $39.50, 250g $92.50, 500g $179, 1kg $339, 2.5kg $639

PM133) Western Europe off paper large & small, early to modern, as received from UK Charity, 12,500 – 15,000 per kg .decent variety with some Australia, early to modern and noticed a few Internationals. Price per 100g $37.50, 250g $89.50, 500g $169, 1kg $319, 2.5kg $599

MP1) Australian States Hoard. Just bought literally 1000's of States Stamps. Breaking into lots of 100, no more than 2 or 3 of the same face stamp in each lot, but may well include shade, perf. & wmk. varieties. As a mix looks to be about 80% of the larger states & 20% WA & Tasmania. Values to 1/- or 2/-. Breaking into lots of 100, no more than 2 or 3 of the same face stamp in each lot, but may well include shade, perf. & wmk. varieties. As a mix looks to be about 80% of the larger states & 20% WA & Tasmania. Values to 1/- or 2/-. Postmark potential too. Price $99 per 100, 2 lots for $189, 5 lots for $449
PM119) Improved World off paper mixture, now with added British Asia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, & British Commonwealth.  Price $55 per 100 grams, 250 grams for $129, 500 grams for $249, 1kg for $469
PM127) Superlative World on paper mixture just received, on close clipped well-trimmed single paper, early to modern. No Australia. Very high count, about 5000 to the kg. 250g for $62.50, 500g for $119, e $225 per kg.
PM128) Similar to the above but some on heavier paper and with about 5% Australia. 250g for $52.50, 500g for $99, 1kg for $189
NM2) Australia High Values on paper, inc. many Internationals. Mostly on close clipped single paper, maybe a few off paper. Per 100g $105
NM9) World mainly Large & Commems, some on parcel pieces with higher values. Wide variety. Trim varies. About 3000 to the kg.  $39.50 per 100g, $93.50 per 250g, $179 per 500g, $339 per kg.
NM10) Japan Commems, on well clipped single paper. Mixture of earlier & more recent issues. Around 4000 - 4250 per kg. $58.50 per 100g, $137.50 per 250g, $265 per 500g.
CO2) Norfolk Is., 1953 - 1975 Complete Mint Unhinged in as new Red Gibbons Tower Springback Album, original cost over $100 plus 50 additional new leaves, worth $65. Stamps retail approx. $550 so replacement cost would be around $715. Great value at under 50%, $349

CO3) Nauru 1953 – 1976 complete mint unhinged on Gibbons simplex leaves. Retail approx. $115. Great starter collection of this popular area. Price $79

CO7) World Letter M on stack of quality album pages containing wide range of early to modern, with emphasis on nice mint & used thematic sets from Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Monaco, Mongolia & Montserrat (many pages). Lovely clean lot of about 80 pages containing 3000 – 3500 stamps appearing all different. Good value at around 20c a stamp. $649

CO10) Australia KGV Heads, mostly bundles of 100. Stated unsorted for postmarks, shades, watermarks, varieties etc. 1d Greens (900), 1½d Browns (100), and 2d Reds (1300). 2300 all up. 400 2d Reds stated to be inverted wmk., minimum cat. of $10 each for these, that’s $4000 alone! Cheap at 40c each, $920 

CO11) Australia KGV period, mostly in bundles with 1931 2d Kingsford Smith (50) 1932 6d Typo. Kookaburra (50) , 1934 1/6d Hermes (50), 1934 2d Vic. Centenary (100), 1934 2d MacArthur Dark Hills and Light Hills (100 of each), 1935 2d Jubilee (50) , 1935 2d Anzac (150), 1936 2½d Cable (700) and 1936 2½d South Australia (100) All stated to be unchecked for varieties, the 2d MacArthur Dark Hills alone cat. $1200! Very cheap at 20c a stamp, 1450 in all. Price $290

CJL1) Australia fine used decimal Definitive High Values, fine used with nice cds cancels, range from $2 to $20. 16 stamps Total face value $87, 1 lot for $29, 3 for $79, 5 for $115

CJL8) USA Collection of Accumulation of MUH issues in folders, packs, year albums plus some booklets & loose pages, 1980s and 1990s. 20 volumes. Heavy lot of about 8kg. Very high face value & retail. Price $549.

CEA1) Channel Islands & Isle of Man, very nice wide ranging mixture on mostly close clipped single paper. Much very modern included noted some 2019 -2022 and some better values. Even saw the odd Alderney in the overall mix. Very high count with approx.. 5000 per kg. Priced from just 4c a stamp. Per 100g $24.50, per 250g $59, per 500g $110, per kg $210.

CEA2) Guernsey & Jersey, plus the odd Isle of Man, 100 different mint unhinged sets, covering a wide range of themes. Great value at under $2.50 a set. Price $249

CEA3) Wide range of World mainly used  off paper in envelopes and packets early to modern, sorted by country. Noted decent quantities of Albania, Algeria, Afghanistan,  Argentina, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Iran, Mongolia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Canada, Germany, India, South Africa and much more. No Australia. Totally unchecked by us. Weighs a bit over kg. Many 1000’s! Price $595

CEA5) Australia FDC Collection, 1953 – 1986 in nice $50 plus quality wood grain effect Bulging Port Philip Album. Noted 1954 2/- Blue Olympics with different Royal Cachets x 3, 1956 Olympics set of 4 with pictorial cancel, 1966 Decimal Navigators set to $4 plus Birds & QEII on very light pencil addressed Royal covers, (could easily be carefully erased) 1970 Royal Visit APO unaddressed souvenir cover, cancelled Hobart, Melbourne Airport opening cover with 30c Cook, Small Cook Cover again with 30c Cook, cancelled 13.5.70 Coolangatta and many, many more. Also a few USA 1940’s FDCs. items in all. Very clean lot and dirt cheap at under $2.50 each. Price $425

CEA6) Australia Territory Annual Packs 2020 & 2021. These are highly popular and sell out FAST each year. Gorgeous material from these Territories - Cocos, Christmas Is, AAT and Norfolk. Includes all of the stamps & minisheets, inc. Chinese New Year issues. All well worth getting. Rarely available on the secondary market so soon after issue date. Price $259

CEA7) NZ 'Health' stamps complete collection 1929-1978 Handy lot, on a set of Gibbons ring 22 pages with interleaves. Condition varies a tad as usual on these - the key 1931 'Smiling Boys' are  fresh mint hinged as most of this collection is, a few scattered used noticed. Huge catalogue/retail. Rarely available as a complete lot. Price $369

CEA8) QV 1880s Victoria NAISH Newspaper Wrappers SPECIMEN set. Possibly UPU Distribution. Rare unsevered SHEETS OF 4 with roulettes between each of this elusive issue overprinted 'SPECIMEN' for BOTH values - seldom seen thus. EIGHT wrappers here. Usual bit of edge wear after 120 years, but fresh and extremely rare in uncut sheets. SINGLE and badly defective Victoria SPECIMEN wrappers seen on eBay at $300 EACH from experienced sellers!  See eBay: These might well be unique really as the UPU countries got 4 of each issue - hence this curious format. Outside that probably not otherwise available in this interesting form. Amazing lot, well under $250 each, price $1925.

CEA10) Stamp News Australasia Magazine. We have back issues going back to 2019. Current cover price $9.95 per issue, subscription price $109.50 for a year. 4 complete years of this great magazine for under $4 a copy. 48 brand new 64 page full colour magazines for $189 (Individual years can be supplied at $55)

GIB1) Gibraltar 1990-1996 14 different sheetlets & M/sheets MUH on album pages. Price $125

GU1) Guernsey 1985-1995 20 Different sheetlets, M/sheets & booklet panes MUH on album pages. Price $150

JE296) Jersey 1986-1989 24 different Booklet panes & sheetlets MUH on album pages. Price $90

IR1) Ireland 1985-1994 14 different sheetlets & booklet panes MUH on album pages. Price $105

PT1) Portugal 33 different sheetlets MUH on album pages. Price $200

CJA6) New Zealand pre-decimal mint & used collection 1880 – 1965 in Green Lighthouse 32 black page stockbook. Noted Queen Victoria to 1/- 2nd sideface, range of 1898 pictorials inc. the following Mint Unhinged 1d, 2½d vertical pair & 4d these alone cat. £57 as hinged. 1900 Boer War 1½d mint with perf toning, cat. £75, 1913 ½d Auckland Exh. Mint cat £25, 1935 Jubilee set Mint Unhinged, cat. £20 hinged and much more. 400 – 450 mostly all different. Nice clean lot for just $295

CJA12) Black Post Style Binder with large collection of Australia Imprint Blocks (70 +) mint with light hinge, also pre-decimal mint & used colln. 1913 – 1965 with others in mint blocks too. Noted near complete collection of KGV to 1/4d used, 71 stamps mostly all different, inc. 4½d Die II cto & OS Ovpts. Then 2d & 3d Harbour Bridge ovpt. OS, commercially used,  Birds blocks of 4 to 2/6d,  Anzac set blocks of 4, also PNG Birds complete to 10/- mint. Some duplication and a few condition issues, but overall a very nice lot. Price $495

CJA20) 2 x Red 32 page Lighthouse made stockbooks near new, with nice collection of earlier sets of thematics covering a wide range of themes. Mostly cto, some mint, 1960’s & ‘70s. A  few condition issues, but well over 1000 different here. Stockbooks alone retail close to $50 each nowadays. Price $119

CO4) Large red “silk” covered stockbook in very nice condition, with World postally used early to modern collection letters D – K. Noted decent Denmark, KUT, Ecuador, Egypt, Italy etc. Nice lot, appears all different. 750 – 850. About 15c a stamp, nice clean lot at $127.50

CO6) China, People’s Republic. 1992 Year of the Monkey, complete year set mint unhinged. 20 stamps and 2 minisheets. 2 available. Price $89

CO15) French Colonies pre-independence on old illustrated pages in black binder mint & used with some better values. Counted approx. 500 with very little duplication. Nice clean and fresh lot. Decent ranges of Morocco, Algeria, Cameroun, Indo-China, Madagascar, Martinique, Mauritania, New Caledonia, Niger, San Pierre & Miquelon, Tunisia, Tchad and others. Price $219

CLJ1) Australia 1978 – 1997. Massive 5 Volume Complete Collection of Mint Postal Stationery Envelopes in as new PW Brown Padded Albums. No’s 1 – 258 Values 20c – 45c. Albums alone cost $250 new. Almost impossible to re-create today. Price $465

CJL6) GB Collection of 100 plus PO Packs 1979-1992 in Albums Retail $900 plus for $449. Lovely looking lot, formed in the UK, in 2 x large special Deluxe Royal Mail PO Packs albums. Those are not often seen out here. 109 packs, plus the 1983 Year folder. SG cat noted on each for your easy checking, and that tallies to £558, Plus the 2 x clean $75 special albums. Totally untouched by us, as received .. all the goodies are here! Some gorgeous sets. And a few free entry tickets to UK Stamp Shows tossed in gratis, as stamp related souvenirs! The FACE alone is very high with 4 sets of Definitive Castles to £5!  included all at only about $4 a pack! Price $449

CJL7) BELGIUM POSTAL HISTORY: 1860-1960s bundle of covers & postcards ncluding 1868 Brussels-Paris with 30c brown (cover faults), 1871 commercial to Holland with 20c blue, 1879 & 1884 with 25c bistre, 1910 Brussels Exhibition postcard with tabbed 10c & Exhibition label, 1914 postcard to Scotland with tabbed 10c, 1948 bank cover to Australia with 3fr15c Textiles, 1940s attractively franked airmail covers to Australia (4); several others registered. (32 items) A fine lot at under $20 each, price $595

CJL8) World Wildlife Fund. 10 VOLUMES All in superb as new condition and well laid out in official WWF black padded binders and matching slipcases. I noted a complete album devoted to each of the following countries —Australia, Norfolk Island, AAT, Christmas Island, Cocos Island, New Zealand & Tokelau more than $100 mint face value from just these areas. Then 3 x mixed Europe and British Commonwealth volumes. There are extra mint and fine used stamps in the front of most albums, gutters and all sorts of extras. It would have cost more than $1,200 to put this collection together bargain lot for just $749

CJL11) Great Britain SPECIALIST COLLECTION of decimal high denomination Machins and Castles £1 & £1.50 values displaying various colour differentiations, or gum/paper types and associated changes in levels of fluorescence; high face value of stamps Fresh MUH. (40) Price $295

CJL15) Arthur Bergen, South Australian Cover Producer. New Zealand 1937-2000s selection of commercial covers all addressed to Arthur Bergen, good range of rates and stamps, some registered. Also war service covers, addressed to him with ranks from Lance Corporal to Flight Lieutenant. (c.40) Under $2.50 per cover. Price $98

GBSELLOUT) MASSIVE Great Britain SELL OUT! Just bought a dealer stock 1971 – 2015 approx. OF MINT UNHINGED AND FINE USED. Includes commemoratives, definitives, booklets, post office packs and First Day Covers. Clearing in all different lots at FACE VALUE! (Our choice of a mixture of items) Lots from $100 to $5000.
Or, your choice of years/types as above at 1.5 x Face value, let us know which.
Great value, but no discounts on these lots. $20,000 face value plus available.

CAP5) Runs of MUH New Issues 2005-2021. A collector was buying new Issues from Max Stern in recent years from Falklands, British Antarctic Territory, South Georgia, British Virgin Islands, Tristan Da Cunha, Ascension and Bahamas etc. This is era that almost no dealers bought stock, and lots of collectors stopped buying New Issues in year 2000, hence most collectors do not have these, and neither do dealers! All still perfect MUH in the original new issue glassines.
No idea if they are 100% complete for the period but we’d guess so. Only FULL sets and mini sheets etc.

CAP5a) Falkland Is. 2005 – 2021, 34 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £430 plus, price $585

CAP5b) South Georgia 2008 – 2021, 33 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £600 approx. price $795

CAP5c) Bahamas 2010 – 2021, 33 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £380 approx. price $510

CAP5d) Br. Virgin Is. 2014 – 2020, 6 sets & 1 large sheetlet Cat. £85 approx. price $115

CAP5e) Br. Antarctic Territory 2014 – 2021, 25 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £525 approx. price $710

CAP5f) Ascension 2008 – 2020, 26 sets inc. minisheets Cat. £365 approx. price $490


CJE8) Jersey, 25 different Mint Unhinged sets $49

CJE9) Great Britain, 25 different decimal Mint Unhinged sets $49

CJE10) South Africa, 25 different decimal Mint Unhinged sets $49

CJE10a) South Africa, 25 different decimal Mint Unhinged minisheets $49

CJE10b) South Africa, 25 different official un-addressed fdcs, $49

CJE11) South Africa Homelands, 25 different Mint Unhinged set $49

CJE11a) South Africa Homelands, 25 different official un-addressed fdcs, $49

CJE16) Scouting & Guiding covers, mostly Australia. Nice range of 25 covers and other bits & pieces covering 50 years 1948 – 1998. Includes Imprint Blocks of 4 of the 2½d x 5 also Yarra Brae & Greystanes hexagonal postmarks. Several other pictorial pmks. & 3 signed covers: Eleanor Manning, who from 1955 to 1962 served as the chief commissioner for Girl Guides in Australia. She was the first Australian elected to the committee of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, a position she held from 1960 to 1969, also Charlotte Renshaw Jones Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides for Australia 1978 and Raymonde Read, N.S.W. Guides Commissioner, 1973. Fascinating lot but with some condition issues on some. Cheaply priced at around $5 each. $135.

CJE18) Witches Brew! Worldwide off paper, good sorting lot, about 2500. Good value at around 3c a stamp. $75
CJE19) Wizard’s Mix, similar to the above, but a hubble bubble toil & trouble, double sized lot! $139

CM8a) 2012 London Gold Medal Winners PNC collection , limited edition of 1000. 7 PNC’s Price $165 (1 available)

CMS1) Australia “Junk” Box. Stamps, albums, stockbooks, Hagner pages, Covers, loose stamps on & off paper. You name it, it may well be included! Must be at least 15 - 20,000 stamps in a 20kg box for $550. Half size 10kg for $279. A great sorting lot.
CMS3) Australia Decimal Official Un-addressed FDC’s 1980 - 1988 just 50c each! Way, way below face value. 100 different for $49
CMS5) United Nations New York Office 1960’s – 1980’s Unaddressed First Day covers, mainly Official or Artcraft cachets. 100 different, less than 50c each, $49
CMS10) Australia decimal 1st Day covers 1967 - 1991. Massive new issue dealer's stock of official mainly unaddressed covers in 4 giant brown padded ring binders on approx. 200 Hagner or similar stockpages, some double sided. Binders and pages alone would have cost around $450 - $500 new. Estimate 750 - 1000 covers, from 1 - 10 of each. Much better spotted like Living Together sets, booklet panes, ATM triangulars x4, $10 Gardens x 4, Minisheets, Se-tenant strips and blocks, some AAT plus just a few Aerogrammes, Maxi-cards and PSE's. Great value for a hoarder or re-sellers at $625 the lot.
CMS12) Australia Carton Lot Decimal FDC's 1974 - 2007 approx. Mostly Official Post Office unaddressed covers. Huge variety, some duplication but very wide variety. Great to soak off for fine used sets or just collect as is. Got to be worth 60c each. Weighs nearly 3kg. Approx 500 for $295, half lot for $150. 3 lots available.
CJL5) Australian Territories and Pacifics fine used collection in Blue Padded Ancol Album, 1940 - 1990. Includes Fiji, Norfolk Is, Pitcairn Is, Nauru & Papua New Guinea. Most are fine used light corner cds, with almost a complete collection from decimals onwards. Must be 350 - 400 complete sets inc. all of the long definitive series. Very cheap at $749 the lot.
CMAP4) Hong Kong 1862 – 1926 on album page & Optima stocksheets, mostly fine used. QV to 30c, KEVII to 30c & KGV to $2. Generally clean lot with some private perfins. Cat. £690 plus. 73 stamps. Price under $6 per stamp, $425
CMAP9) United Nations New York UNO Flags Maximum Cards, each with large coloured flag of the country and relevant stamp with FDI cancel. 16 different comprising Barbados, Brazil, Bulgaria, Byelorus, Canada, China, Great Britain, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Peru, Senegal, Somalia & Sweden. Price $96 (3 available)
CMAP13) Stack of 33 diff. 1960’s/70’s Bulgaria Illustrated unaddressed FDC’s. Don’t see these around much these days. Some good themes inc. Paintings, Madonna & Child, Wrestling, Circus, Knights in Armour, Olympics, 1966 World Cup Soccer, Christmas, Javelin, Running, Ski-ing, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Swimming etc. Priced under 90c each, $29

MN55) World mostly pre-1950 off paper, just arrived from overseas charity. Ex. Deceased estate. Appears mostly foreign with some Br. Empire. Great looking mixture with large & small stamps, and bound to be some good finds I would think. About 1000 for $110, 2500 for $259 few lots only.

MN55a) Similar to above but about 50% Br. Empire, same prices as above.

MN56) Br. Empire mostly pre-1950 off paper, just arrived from overseas charity. Ex. Deceased estate. Bound to be some good finds I would think. Good mixture of large & small. 60 grams or about 1000 for $110, 150 grams, around 2500 for $259 few lots only.

NM2a) Australia High Values off paper, mix of decimal and pre-decimal, all above letter rate at time of issue values to $5 or $10. About 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $195

NM5) World off paper, ever popular. Yours to sort, not soak! Huge variety of large & small, early to recent, and enormous count with 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $27.95, 250g $66.50, 500g $129, 1kg $275, 2.5kg $650, 5kg $1235

PM124) Australian States, new lot just arrived, unchecked for perfs, shades, wmks. etc. 50 different for $59, 100 different for $99. May contain OS Overprints and perfins.

PM126) Germany off paper, mostly West Germany. Mix of small & large, 100g (approx. 1500 stamps) for around 4c a stamp. $59

CED1) Australia, very latest available all Large & Commemoratives on single close clipped paper. Only includes $1, $1.10 & $1.20 values. Appears unpicked for unfranked. We only have a small amount of this so please be quick. High count, about 5000 to the kg. and good variety. 100g for $29.50, 250g for $69, 500g for $129.
CED2) Japan. Recent Commemorative mix, just arrived. Does include a few definitives where attached to the same piece as commems. Now near impossible to source, we have less than 1kg of this. Very colourful on single close clipped paper, with a high count of around 5000 per kg. Do  bear in mind that Japan is now producing most Commems. in small format. Roughly 10c per stamp. $59 per 100g, $139 per 250g, $259 per 500g.
CED3) Japan Mission mix as traded in by one of our clients, do not think he has taken very much out. Close cut single paper with some off paper. Good range of commems. & defins. Do  bear in mind that Japan is now producing most Commems. in small format. Very high count of about 5500 per kg. Less than 1kg available. Priced well at around 5c a stamp. $29.50 per 100g, $69 per 250g, $129 per 500g.
CED6) Australia pre-decimal on close clipped single paper, must be 6000 to the kg at least. Mostly letter rate, with the odd higher value. Noticed a few KGV heads & Australian States in the overall mix. Less than 500g available. Worth searching for varieties, postmarks etc. Priced under 5c a stamp, per 100g $29, 250g $69 
CS8) Samoa 1920 – 2000 mostly mint collection on leaves, commencing 1920 Victory. Appears mostly complete 1976 – 2000. Very fresh lightly hinged, so if you are not concerned about looking at the reverse of the stamps then this is for you! Huge face value & catalogue. Includes many mini sheets of which the stamps are unhinged. 700 to 750 different here. Very low price of 25c per stamp. $179.

CS15) Magnificent lot of AAT, Christmas Is. & Cocos (Keeling) Is., plus some Norfolk Is, PNG & Nauru. Approx. 500 different, some on album pages, some loose. Inc. mint & minisheets. Covers the period approx. 1958 – 2000 maybe a few more recent. Well worth 50c a stamp. Price $249

CS18) Western Europe off paper, new supplier, mostly large and commemoratives. Superb mixture 19th Century – fairly modern, nearly all postally used plus a few mint. Virtually no Great Britain, but plenty of all the larger nations plus some of the smaller, and islands such as Belgium, Finland Malta etc. Very high count with about 12,500 per kg. Good value from around 4c per stamp. 100g for $59, 250g $139, 500g $269, 1kg $519.

CS18a) As above, but with about 25% Great Britain, 100g $39.50, 250g $95, 500g $179, 1kg $349

CEJ1) Papua New Guinea, pristine MUH Collection 1952 -  1999 in new Burgundy Hagner Binder and on 50 genuine Swedish Made Hagner pages, these cost $135 alone. Virtually complete collection excepting only the expensive $300 Birds Overprints of 1995, all  of the other overprints are there.   Beautifully set out, this collector was very particular. Sydney retail of the stamps alone $2450 plus, and the album at $135 makes a replacement cost of very close to $2600. Save over $1100 at only $1495.

CEJ2) Papua New Guinea, fabulous hoard of commercial airmail covers mostly DL size and to the same family in Switzerland 1976 – 2006 with a wide variety of frankings, many multiples and with values to K5.25. Great condition overall and nearly all neatly slit open at the top. A scare destination to boot! 48 covers in all and at well under $10 each, price $429

CEJ3) Papua New Guinea on paper hoard 1952 – 2010 approx, a fabulous mix, emanating from a family in Switzerland.  About 10% is pre-decimal, this lot is neatly clipped and with a wide variety of issues with higher values to 2/-  or K2.50 spotted. We only have 500g of this. About 350 to the 100g.  100g for $137.50, 250g for $325.

CEJ7) Australia 1966 -2003 Complete Decimals very fine used with extras in 3 as new Seven Seas Green Hingeless Albums with slipcases. Cost of these alone $795. Includes many extras such as booklet panes, tabbed stamps, reprints etc. Also the scarce perf. $1 Navigator. Appear handpicked for quality, with some minisheets mint unhinged as commercially used are virtually unseen. Also Internationals to the very scarce $20. Retail of the basic stamps without the extras is $2900 plus, so $3695 replacement value at the very least. Save a lot of effort trying to fill all those gapes yourself and paying through the nose in the process! Also save over $1000 in the process…price $2650. (Lay-by is of course available)

CMMY1) Cocos Keeling Islands Complete 1963 – 1998 mint unhinged in Green Padded Seven Seas Hingeless Illustrated album. Album new cost $170. Nice clean collection, fresh MUH (Just the 7 pre-decimal stamps are MLH. Includes 1990 $5 Airmail, 1990-1991 provisional overprints set of 7 with the 90c CTO as usual. Sydney retail $1100  +, plus value of the album, replacement cost $1270. Price $895

CMMY6) Christmas Island collection 1958 - 1999 in Seven Seas Hingeless Green padded album new cost $290. fresh MUH lot. (1958 Defins are MLH) missing only  Birdpex '90 ovptd. MS but includes 1993 Taipei & Indopex MS. Sydney retail $1125, plus album value of $290 = a replacement cost of over $1400. Price $975

CMMY14) Western Europe off paper, great mixture of early to modern, large & small. Pretty much all postally used. Very high count approx. 12,500 – 15,000 per kg. Price per kg $369, 500g $195, 250g $99, 100g $43.50

CMMY15) Australia High Values only on paper, mostly close clipped single paper, with a wide range of issues inc. many Internationals. Values to $5. Approx. 4000 per kg. Price per 500g $535, 250g $279, 100g $119, 50g $62.50

CMMY16) Australia Internationals only on paper, mostly close clipped single paper, with a wide range of issues inc. Approx. 4000 per kg. Price per 250g $535, 100g $239, 50g $124.50

CMMY17) Ireland Charity Mix on paper. 1st lot of this we have received since the outbreak of Covid. As usual with Ireland the trim varies, but a higher % this time of close clipped single paper. Wide range of issues with some quite recent. Cheap & cheerful lot with 3000 – 3500 per kg. Price per kg $110, 500g $59, 250g $32.50

CMMY18) South Africa Charity Mix on paper. 1st lot of this we have received since the outbreak of Covid. Wide range of issues with some quite recent. Noted the odd minisheet and complete set on piece. Well trimmed single paper, very high count of around  4500 – 5000 per kg. Very well priced.  Per kg $125, 500g $65, 250g $35

CMMY20) Our own incoming mail, mainly Australian, some from overseas. Always popular with recent & latest issues, registered mail etc. Always popular, 1 lot only, 1 kg for $95

WWF3) New Zealand World Wildlife Fund Collection including 1991 Tuatara, 1993 Birds of NZ, and 2005 Kakapo in a WWF padded black stockbook with matching slipcase.  Each set includes stamps & FDCs. Includes fact sheets for Tuatara and Birds issues. Price $85

WWF7) Jamaica World Wildlife Fund 2006 Black-billed Amazon stamps, FDCs and factsheet. Price $33

CEM1) CHRISTMAS ISLAND: 1958-2008 collection approximately 85% complete in two Seven Seas albums cost $445 (with slipcases), including gutter multiples, M/Sheets, sheetlets & International Stamps; predominantly MUH, with some hinged mint or used issues mostly amongst the earlier issues; generally fine. Stamps retail $1500 plus, so a total replacement value of $1950 or so. Price $1165

CEM2) COCOS (Keeling)  ISLANDS: 1963-2006 collection largely complete in as new Seven Seas Blue album retail $200 plus (with slipcase) vast majority are MUH including 1990-91 Postage Paid Overprints set of 7 (Retail $295+, 43c on 90c Coconut CTO as issued), later issues incl. M/Ss and sheetlets; only stamp that appears to be missing is 1990 70c Map (SG.187a); generally fine/very fine. Stamps retail approx. $1325. A total replacement value here of over $1500. Price $1140

CEM3) NEW ZEALAND: A  valuable collection 1912 – 2014 in Black 32 page Lighthouse Stockbook. album. Noted 1920 Victory set Mint; 1931 Smiling Boys Mint; 1935 Pictorials to 3/- M/MUH; 1935 Jubilee set MUH; KGVI defins to 3/- MUH; 1940 Centennial to 1/- Mint; 1953 QE2 series to 10/- incl. Officials to 3/- MUH; 1967 Pictorials to $2 MUH; plus many other sets, mainly MUH. By no means complete, but huge retail and includes a number of plate blocks. About 500, mostly all different. Price $1275

CEM8) Japan Collection/Accumulation mint & used from earlies to 1970 in large Red Stockbook. Includes many mint unhinged with a lot of complete sets, minisheets, sheetlets & blocks. A fair amount of Expo ’70 items, inc. pre-publicity Cinderella sheets. A very good lot of about 700 – 800 stamps. Must be worth 50c a stamp plus, price $375

CEM15) Papua New Guinea Year Books 1985-1990 in superb condition as issued. Sydney retail  $306, price $229.50

CEM16) Papua New Guinea 1985 Year Book, plus a large stack of 40 Post Office Packs ranging from 1984 – 1990. Just 3 appear to be duplicated. Very cheap at $110.

CEM17) Pitcairn Is. 2003 -2013 Superb Official Unaddressed FDC’s x 65 plus many with minisheets and top values to $6 in as new Blue Padded Lighthouse Album and Slipcase on 24 double sided Vario Pages. These alone cost $125 plus. Beautiful presentation and all good thematics. The covers look to be a complete run of 10 years of what is an impossible period to buy on the secondary market. Retail for this era is huge around $20 to $30 each, totally about $1600…if you can find them! So a total cost to replace of $1725 for just $995

CEM18) Norfolk Is. 2009 – 2013 Superb Official highly thematic FDC’s x 23 inc. minisheets and with top values to $10 in Burgundy Hagner Binder, on 12 double sided Vario pages, cost $50 alone. This is an impossible era to find on the secondary market, and retail for around $15 to $20 each, when you can find them! A total replacement cost of around $450 for just $269

CEM21) Shop packets, from closed down dealership. Worldwide from 1940’s to 1990’s, some mixed, some thematics, some single country. Most professionally made, some made in house. Great variety, mostly all different. Range from 10 different to 200 different. About 1000 for $149, 2000 for $285, 5000 for $675

CEM29) Belgium, very nice on paper mixture to about 2000. Most are 1990’s with some earlier. Very hard mix to source from a country of only around the population of Paris! Many commems. & better values. Maybe also some postmark interest particularly for small towns and villages. 4000 plus per kg. Because of the proximity to France & Germany there may be a few of these countries mixed in. Price per 100g $63.50, 250g $159, 500g $295

CEM30) Ceylon, virtually all pre-QEII off paper mixture. Mostly KEVII – KGVI plus the odd QV. Population up to 1930 was sub 4 million, compared to India of around 280 million! Really scarce mix, we have never had this before and even now only 125 grams. 1250 to 1500 in the 100 grams. Mostly letter post rates but a few higher values to 15c to 25c. Price around 20c per stamp.  per 25g $72.50, 50g $137.50

CEM31) Ceylon/Sri Lanka, mainly on paper mix of stamps, 1950’s to about 2000. Noted many better values inc. the 1998 50R Elephant stamp in the overall mix there are none of these, even mint on eBay Worldwide! Neither is there any kiloware. A fabulous mix. About 500 stamps per 100g. 100g for $55, 250g $129, 500g $249.

CEM32) 4kg Carton of World, ex deceased estate. Early to modern In packets, envelopes, small takeaway containers, Ice Cream Cartons etc. Some on paper, some off, a few mint. Noticed decent quantities of Germany, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Spain, Denmark, Norway etc., plus lots of smaller amounts from smaller areas, all sorted into countries. A lifetime accumulation! Must be 20,000 plus stamps here. Will split evenly into 1kg lots for $349, or take the lot for $1249.

CEM37) Australian States used collections  values to 1/-, all are visually different.  25 different $49, 50 Different $87.50, 100 different on Hagner pages, all States represented. $185

CD2) Australia pre-decimal first day covers, various cachets 1940’s – 1960’s neat hand or type written address. 25 different for $149, 50 different for $329. Unaddressed 25 different for $298, 50 different for $649

CD8) Gilbert & Ellice Is., virtually complete mostly Mint Unhinged 1953 – 1979 on near new Ka-Be hingeless pages. These alone cost $100. Previous owner state she paid $575 for this. Just a very few minor condition issues, but very good value at $345 

CD13) East Germany 1949 – 52, the hard period. Collection on leaves mostly fine used, some mint once lightly hinged. 75% - 80% complete for the period. About 80 stamps, cat. £650 = approx. $1150 currently. Priced previously at $425, very well priced at under 25% cat. at $279

CD15) Lovely New Zealand 1874 - 1966 mint & used Pre-decimal Collection in as new Ka-Be Hingeless pages, worth $180 alone to buy today. Noted 1882 Queen Victoria 2nd Sidefaces 1/- used, 1898 2½d & 5d pictorials unused, 1931 Arms type 10/- & £1 fine used, also the 5/- ovpt. Official, 1935 pictorials complete, mix of mint & used, plus officials to 9d used. 1952 – 1966 near complete inc. many health minisheets plus lots of extras affixed to left hand pages. A great lot that would be fairly easy to complete. Price $375

CD16) Europe 1964 - 83. Black ring binder with themed stamps, covers and mint unhinged sheets for a United Europe. Some stunningly attractive items here with sheets/sheetlets from Cyprus, Berlin, United Nations and Bulgaria and similar on cover from Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man & Gibraltar. Also some 1972 Olympics related covers. Several hundred stamps & covers. Originally priced at $550, now half price $275

CD17) Papua New Guinea 1952 - 1992, plus some earlier New Guinea & Papua mainly mint in near new Blue Padded Seven Seas Album. Commences Lakatois and Birds of Paradise etc, to 5d (24)) Then  near complete mint inc. 10/- Rabaul & £1 QEII Specimens 1958 - 1992, unhinged from 1987 (No 1952 set) A nice clean lot, priced years ago by major dealer at $525. Our more realistic price is under half that, $259

CD19) Mostly pre-Independence French Colonies in Africa mostly mint also some Indo China in 1940’s Junior Globe Album. 500 to 600 appear al different. Great lot, and much cleaner than usually seen. Price $275

CD20) French Colonies, pre-independence great range of 500 different mint & used with brand new Prinz 32 page stockbook. Fast seller, we can never get enough of these! Price $329

CS1) NETHERLANDS 1960-93 mint collection in older Blue Schaubek hingeless album, virtually complete including definitives, Phosphors, M/Ss and sheetlets, fresh mint unhinged, stated Cat £1780+. (Many 100s) Very good value at $885

CS7) Worldwide early to modern 19th century onwards Postally used blocks and pairs inc. many high values. Huge variety and great value at under 25c per stamp. 1000 stamps, every block or pair will be different. (No Australia unless requested) Price $249

CS8) Worldwide early to modern (Mostly 1950s- 1980’s) Mint unhinged Blocks and Minisheets including many complete sets. Huge variety and great value at around 25c per stamp. 500 stamps, every block or pair will be different. (No Australia unless requested) Price $129

CJE3) AUSTRALIA, KGV Heads  1916-21 group of covers with University of Melbourne printed covers with perf. 'OS' issues comprising 1d Red (4), 1½d Brown (3), 1½d Red (2) & 2d Orange; also Dept of Labour front with perf. 'OS' 1½d Red & 1919 use of "THREE/HALFPENCE" on 1d Postal Card to USA uprated with ½d Green with two-line "RECEIVED FROM NEW YORK/DAMAGED" handstamp in red; generally fine. Scarce assembly. 11 items. Price $459

CJE4) AUSTRALIA: KGV Heads. 1924-33 group of 1d Green covers, predominantly single frankings, noting three double-rate covers, also 1925 redirected OHMS cover with Large Mult perf 'OS' and three covers with SMW P13x12½ perf 'OS'. Varieties noted, condition variable. Includes 3 advertising covers for Canada Cycle and Motor Company, Latrobe St. Melbourne, 1 x Dept of Health CSL, Royal Park Melb., and 1 x British Medical Association. East Melb.  19 items. Price $795

CJE4a) Take both lots of covers as above for $1195 (save $59)

CJE39) 1977 QEII Silver Jubilee mint unhinged collection of Commonwealth issues in lovely quality Thick Schaubek Burgundy Padded Springback Album. Appears complete Antigua to Turks & Caicos Is. with sets, minisheet s& sheetlets. Huge original cost. Price $329 

CJE53) Australia, 1944-45. Three amazing covers from Avoca Beach NSW  to Oberlin, Ohio. All addressed to Mrs. Alice Wright Bryson – Wilbur, a former director at the Carnegie Library. 

CM4) Great Britain 1940’s to late 1990’s complete fine used Commem. sets. 25 different for $49, 50 for $110, 100 diff. for $239 (better sets in the larger lots)
CM8) Our own incoming mail, mostly form the last 6 months plus other bits & pieces from here & there. Lots of nice frankings including very recent, registered mails etc. Australia only. 1kg for $95
CM9) China mint unhinged complete sets, very recent from around 2012 up to 2016. This is a new lot just received. And will differ slightly from the last consignment we received.  About 25 sets in each lot, around $2.75 per set. Many nice thematics. 5 lots only $69 each.
CM14) New Caledonia mint unhinged collection 1989 – 1999 complete on as new Lighthouse Hingeless pages. Pages cost $200 alone! Stamps retail $645 plus. Total retail $845, price $565
CM17) Australia Collector’s Duplicates, 1937 – 2005 in 2 Binders of Hagner pages plus near new Blue 32 page Lion Brand Stockbook. These alone would cost $125 plus to replace. Many complete sets & High Values. Mostly used, a few mint. Must be around 4000 stamps. $259 the lot.
CMN4) British Empire Queen Victoria on quality Lighthouse style pages, mostly fine postally used. Comprises Bechuanland, Br. Honduras, Ceylon, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Labuan, St. Lucia, Sierra Leone & Trinidad. Catalogue some years ago at £2545. Checked a few, most have gone up in price by around 10% or more, the odd one has gone down, and a few SG numbers have changed. A very clean lot. Stand out items are Ceylon SG 18 £180, sg 193, £160, Cyprus SG 16 £500, Gibraltar SG 5 & 6 £325, SG 25 £100, SG 33 5 Pesetas, top value £120, etc, etc. Well above the condition usually seen. 104 stamps, price under 40% $1795 
CMY3) Europa, wonderful lot of unaddressed FDC’s dating from 1958 – 1964. A very clean lot of illustrated covers, which sell at $5 to $15 each.  All countries appear present.  Could well be some complete year sets, no time to check, some minor duplication, but usually different cachets. Around 200 here, cheap at around $2 each, price $395.

CMY5) Vietnam collection mint & used on stock pages, earlies to 1988 said to cat. £300. Looks to be about 300 different. Also, a page of Sri Lanka, not counted in value. Good clean lot, price $269

CMY10) Norfolk Island, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119
CMY15) Papua New Guinea, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY16) Nauru, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119
CMY19) Samoa, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119
CMY21) Wholesale parcels of Australia pre-decimals, made up to order at approx. half current retail. 1913 – 1965. These lots will contain some duplication. State whether you require mint unhinged, mint hinged or used or a mixture of all three. Lots from $50 to $5000
CMF10) Australia or Worldwide, your choice. Mishmash of stamps, covers, post office packs, recent incoming mail from overseas etc, booklets, complete mint unhinged sets, minisheets etc. You name it, it may well be here! 1kg lot for $95, 2kg for $179, 5kg for $425, 10kg for $795. Massive 20kg lot for $1495
CMN6) Burgundy Australia Post Padded Binder with Africa &Omnibus issues on Hagners & Vario sheets. Noted Katanga ovpts on Belgian Congo MUH Some adhered to page. (29), Silver Jubilee used sets (6 plus odds), 1937 Coronation used (c50 sets MLH/used) & 1949 UPU (c24 sets MLH/used) plus odd later Omnibus to 1981. Zanzibar 1957 set of 15 MLH, useful Ethiopia, Basutoland surcharges to 1R (2 different), Somaliland KGVI surcharges to 5/- & QEII to 10/- MLH, S. Nigeria KEVII to 2/6d MLH & Northern Rhodesia KGVI 3/- used plus Rhodesia 1905 2/6d Falls used plus others in mixed cond. (many 100s) Some very good pickings in this lot. Price $1495
CMN8) Worldwide Forgeries & Facsimiles plus a few Cinderellas, exhibition labels etc. and a page of Stamps on Stamps (some forgeries may be genuine) Mainly 19th Century, in red 32 black page stockbook and on album pages etc. Plus, forgeries catalogue of 237 pages by Dorn of Haymarket London. Strength in German States, but also good ranges of British Guiana (inc. The World’s rarest stamp) British West Indies, Cape Triangulars, Newfoundland (inc. Bisect on cover), Mauritius, Italian & Papal States, Tibet and much, much more. Counted 950 plus items. Many of these sells between $10 - $25 each or more. Great reference lot! Around $3.75 each, price $3600
CMAU4) Great Britain, mini collection of 25 different mint unhinged complete sets. Nice mixture of Decimal and Pre-decimal sets. Price $49
CMAU5) As above but all decimal, price $59

CMAU6) San Marino lovely mini collection of 25 different complete mint unhinged sets, some great thematics here. Price $49
CMAU7) Italy, mini collection of 25 complete mint unhinged sets, price $49
CMAU8) Vatican, mini collection of 25 complete mint unhinged sets, price $49
CMAU8a) San Marino, Italy & Vatican, 75 complete mint unhinged sets, great selection. Price $139
CMAU9) British Commonwealth, 50 different mint unhinged minisheets, fine lot. Price $98
CJE8) British Commonwealth minisheets 1974 - 2000. A very nice collection of 50 different mint unhinged from around the Commonwealth. Very colourful thematic lot with emphasis on Pacifics. Noted Christmas Is., Norfolk Is., Pitcairn Is., Samoa, Solomon Is., Falkland Is. etc. (2 lots available) Price $98
CJE11) Australian States, starter collection of 50 all face different, includes Imperfs, Perf OS, State Perfins, OS Overprints etc. May include shade varieties, but unchecked for perforations or watermarks. Very good lot with no heavy cancels, thins tears or creases. Under $2 each, price $98
CJE12) Australian States, large starter collection of 100 all different, includes Imperfs, Perf OS, State Perfins, OS Overprints etc. May include shade varieties, but unchecked for perforations or watermarks. Very good lot with no heavy cancels, thins tears or creases. Under $2 each, price $195

NO59) Massive Worldwide Postcards Collection 19th Century to quite recent, apparently all different (approx. 1200 items), many postally Used to Australia, may include inc. Cook Islands, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Vatican & Vietnam. Wide range of views & scenes inc. many Tourist Attractions.  Mixed Unused /Used. Good overall condition. (1200+ available) Suit collector, hoarder, re-seller or Ebayer!  Just see what this stuff sells for online! Under $1 each! 100 for $89, 250 for $210, 500 for $399, 1000 for $759, the lot of 1200 for $869
CMN4) Christmas Island First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1970 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CMN8) Papua New Guinea First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1967 – 2000. 50 different for $89
CNO18) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1981 – 1988, Inc. Coconut Minisheet. Great value and huge retail value. Price $99
CNO20) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1996 – 2010, Inc. Chinese New Year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $125
CNO21) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1983 – 2006, Inc. Chinese New Year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $119
CNO41) France. 1946 – 1960 Complete fresh mint unhinged. On as new Safe Dual pages. (Excludes the 1960 “back of book item” Council of Europe set). Cat. £3000 plus. Pages cost $250. Priced very cheaply at under 40% cat. $2195
CMS24) GREAT BRITAIN: 1968-2015 COLLECTION NEATLY PRESENTED in 16 mostly 16-to-64-page Lighthouse or Ka-Be Black page STOCKBOOKS WITH DECIMALS LARGELY COMPLETE FOR THE PERIOD MUH INCLUDING M/Sheets & SOME BOOKLETS, PLUS REGIONALS, IN ADDITION MANY SETS ARE DUPLICATED in very fine used to 2003 TOTAL Retail Value well exceeds $6,000 (1000’s) Amazing lot for the avid collector or re-seller. Price $3995
MJL8) San Marino 1967 – 1989. 103 x large Registered airmail covers to Melbourne from the San Marino Philatelic Bureau bearing multiple frankings of nice complete sets. Similar covers have been seen on eBay for as much as $60 each! Commences 1967 Flowers to 1989 Architecture block of 4. Lovely lot! Price just $15 each, $1545
MJL11) Luscious leftovers! Stuff we do not know what to do with. May contain any or all of the following: Small collections not large enough to offer individually, packets and loose both on and off paper, complete sets and minisheets mint unhinged, covers both philatelic and commercial, some from our own incoming mail, Post Office Packs, stockbooks of stamps early to modern. Ask for Australia only or all World. 5kg for $139, 10kg for $259, 20kg for $495
FE78) Australia & Victoria Postal Stationery collection, 104 items, mainly postally used in album. Highlight is 1d Red octagonal envelope uprated to Celebes, Dutch Indies, (addressees name deleted. Nevertheless very scarce) Most of this is KGV, with some nice uprates to Holland. Terrific value at under $20 per item, $1950.
NM65) Amazing off paper hoard of Asia, many early up to quite modern large and small. As received from deceased estate and unchecked by us. Includes Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan plus smaller amounts of China & Vietnam. About 500 stamps for $65 (Around 13c per stamp) Double lot for $119.

NM66) Superb off paper sorting mix, mostly pre-WWII Australia with Australian States, Kangaroos, KGV Heads etc, plus a smattering of foreign and the odd more recent. Great for postmarks, varieties etc. Never know what you might find in this, roughly 30c a stamp, around 250 for $79, 500 for $149

PM109) Australian Antarctic Territory off paper mixture. Pre-decimal to mid-1990’s, maybe a few later 100g, approx 1500 stamps for $59 (3 lots available)

MN34) Wide ranging Australia off paper, with Australian States, Kangaroos, KGV heads, High values, Decimals and Pre-decimals. Approx 12,500 per kg, and a guarantee of 1500 – 2000 different in the mix. There are values to $10 in the decimal and 5/- in pre-decimal, possibly even some $20 and 10/- stamps.  This mix is the best we have seen in a while. % wise reckon on roughly 1% each of States, KGV and Kangaroos, 10% pre-decimal, 5% high values, the remainder will be a very good mix of lower and letter rate values. A great sorting lots! Roughly 2000, under 15c per stamp for $295.
MN34a) As above but decimals only, at half the above price, Approx 2000 for $147.50

MN47) PNCs (stamp & coin covers) Recently acquired stock, with most at issue price of $19.95, let us know your needs. We can also offer all different lots at under issue price a) 10 Different for $140 b) 25 Different $395

OCT6) Large brown paper carrier bag, with world accumulation on paper, early to modern. Who knows what lurks in here! We have had several of these from the same source a few months ago, and all sold very quickly. This looks to be a better than average mix. Weighs 2.2kg. $265 the lot.
MJL3) Foreign & Commonwealth countries, vast accumulation of complete sets and minisheets, in complete sheets, blocks of 4 etc. Mostly mint unhinged, with a few cto, mainly 1980’s period, some later. Must be 1000 - 1250 sets or so here, good variety, great for the re-seller at under 25c per set! Weighs around 1kg $249 the lot.
JL16) Australia Mission Mix, an older lot, to the 45c period with good variety, most on single well-trimmed paper. As much as we can cram into an Australia Post 3kg satchel! Very Cheap Price $59, 5kg Satchell for $95
MAP19) Large shoebox with very nice World off paper mixture old and new, small and large. As donated to leading charity. Weighs 2.15kg inc. the box, must be 25,000 stamps with a great variety here.  Has to be worth 2 cents a stamp, price $495
MF6) 1500 different Australia, back in stock again, only 5 available. New content, price $109
FE69) Bulk lot of mainly Australian stamps, covers, albums etc, decimal and pre-decimal as cleared ex deceased house recently. Nothing spectacular noted but heaps of fun especially if you love stuff in bulk to sort! This is quite an amazing varied lot. We are parcelling out in 3 sizes: a) 5kg lot $129, b) 10kg lot $237.50, c) 20kg lot $449
FE70) A similar lot to the above, but all World: a) 5kg lot $129, b) 10kg lot $237.50, c) 20kg lot $449
FE74) Old tyme dealer’s packet stock, mostly single sets in Glassines priced to sell at up to $1.50 each some 30 odd years ago. These are Worldwide mainly thematic sets, in cto condition. A chance to buy at a HUGE DISCOUNT, there will be some duplication in these lots. 100 packets mixed, $150 retail for $49, Triple sized lot, $450 retail for $99.

PM30) Older Australia off paper lot sold as received. This is an all-new lot, sold as received by us, and totally unchecked for watermarks, perforations, shades, varieties etc.
Pack A) 50 Kangaroos, 75 KGV Heads, 75 Australian States, values to 5/- Price under $1 per stamp $195
Pack B) 200 Kangaroos values to 10/-, under $2 per stamp price $395
Pack C) 200 KGV Heads, values to 1/4d, well under $1 per stamp, price $179
Pack D) 200 Australian States, values to 9d or 1/-, well under $1 per stamp, price $179
Pack E) One of each of packs B, C & D, special price $675

MN2) Spain & a few colonies in large black stockbook. Most postally used, some mint and mainly large pictorials, with a lot of Engraved issues. 750 – 850 with only minor duplication. Well worth 12c a stamp, $96
CMN5) Yugoslavia, early to modern, mainly postally used or cto, few mint. Light duplication here & there, a nice clean lot. Plenty of complete sets. 950 – 1000 plus here. Really has to be worth 10c a stamp, $98
CMN9) Liberia, mint & cto used in large green stockbook. Early to modern with many complete sets. Rich in nice thematics. 250 to 300 all large, all different. Very colourful, and well worth 15c a stamp, $45
CMAU2) Two Hagners of GB 1880’s on piece, with full duplex postmarks. Mostly 6d Grey-Brown with large coloured corner letters. Also 6d on 6d overprint x 2 one with the ”Slanting dots” variety cat. from £450! and some 3d Rose in pairs. Mainly London NW, SW different types, also Brighton & Brixton. Huge catalogue of £3400 plus as simply used stamps. Great research material, 36 pieces, 39 stamps in all. Priced at around 10% of catalogue for the stamps alone. Price $675

CMMY10) Papua New Guinea FDC collection 1958 – 76, mostly  official un-addressed, plus some Pope John Paul II covers. Housed in 2 bulging red Gibbons Pioneer Cover Albums. Spotted many better inc. 1961 Legislative Council, 1964 Birds Defins. to 10/-  plus 1966 Butterflies Defins., Shells & Panorama Defins. Looks compete for the period. Very clean and attractive lot. 114 items all up, has to be worth well over $2 each, price $225

CMMY12) Australis Post’s fabulous collections of die proofs, posthumously reproduced from the original plates and presented in lavishly illustrated albums with interleaving, brass corners and slipcases. This is the first lot for these we have handled as a complete group for a decade or more! About 80 in all, these are each fully listed in the Specialist Catalogues for $20 to $30 each and often sell for more than this for the more popular stamps. So around $2000 catalogue value here not including the lavish albums. As a group we can offer these at well under a half,  $875

WWF1) Australia World Wildlife Fund Collection including 1998 Birds, 2006 Whales, 2009 Dolphins and 2011 Mammals in a WWF padded black stockbook with matching slipcase. Each set includes stamps, m/sheets, FDCs and fact sheets. Price $200

WWF2) Australian Antarctic Territory World Wildlife Fund Collection including 2001 Leopard Seals & 2007 Royal Penguins in a WWF padded black stockbook with matching slipcase. Each set includes stamps, m/sheets, FDCs and fact sheets. Price $150

CMF1) Germany 2000 – 2014 FDC collection mainly official un- addresssed, very clean and almost impossible to source era. 60 different, many of these sell individually at $5 - $8 each. Price under $3 each, $179

CMF3) Canada 1976 Montreal Olympics, set of official un-addressed covers, each for a different event, stored in heavy duty cover pages. 24 in all, each with own envelope. Cheap lot for an Olympics fan. $69

CMF6) Australia 1988 Expo, official collection of Pavilion Postmark Covers in near new black folder on 14 double sided Hagners, alone cost $65. 31 covers, 1 aerogramme  & 6 postcards. Seldom seen. Price $115

CMF7) Australia 1966 – 87 in dark blue “Royal” springback album on leaves, near complete mostly fine used, some mint. Includes 1970 Cook Minisheet & 1971 Xmas block of 7 both mint & used, plus 100’s more. Previous well known dealer had price at $130. Very cheap at $97.50
CMF14) BMA 1947/48 ovpt. on Straits Settlements small covers from 31st Company Royal Engineers Captain to his parents in Sussex. Various frankings inc. multiples of 2c 3c, 6c, & 10c. Also one unstamped sent from Kirkee, India. These are not easy to find nowadays, and this group could certainly make the start of a collection or display. 9 covers, price $135

CMF19) Germany earlier on paper mix, late 1940’s – about 1970 with a few later. Includes Allied occupation issues & West Germany. Many better noted inc. Posthorns to 90pf, Pres. Heuss to 2dm, Mona Lisa marginal block of 4 etc, etc. 1500 to 2000 here, weighing 400g. Total unpicked, from retired school teacher. Around 15c a stamp, price $259

CMF20) Germany, West. Off paper mixture mostly large commems, values to 3DM, mostly 1960’s to 2000. Very wide ranging colourful lot. About 10,000 to the kg. Around 6c per stamp. Price per 100g $69, 250g $159, 500g $295

CMF22) Germany mostly West & a few Berlin off paper 1950’s to around 2007 Mixture of large & small. About 15,000 per kg. Around 2c per stamp! 100g for $29.50, 250g $69, 500g $129

CMN5) Australia Decimals used, 1983 – 1986 duplicated dealer stock in bulging near new European Black 48 black page stockbook, alone worth $80 new. Many better inc. booklet stamps, Framas etc. 2000 plus stamps, all appear clean many with light cancels. Under 10c each plus the very nice stockbook is free! Many complete sets here.  $179 the lot.

CMN11) Papua New Guinea dealer stock of complete sets mint unhinged 1966 – 1983 mostly 5 of each in date order contained in Burgundy “Alligator” Leatherbound 64 page stockbook weighing in at near 2kg. Includes many definitive sets like Shells, Panorama, Head Dresses etc. Probably 300 plus sets here, retail would be huge! Originally priced at $675, our knockdown price $435

CMN13) Worldwide Balloon flown covers & cards. Amazing collection of 130 flown covers & cards, 1965 -1995. Most of these sell for $5 to $10 each maybe more. Some are pilot signed. Very clean lot, some minor duplication of a few items, no more than 3of each. Countries include New Zealand, France, Czechoslovakia, Aitutaki, GB, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Jersey and Vietnam. Wide variety of cachets & frankings. Very cheap at under $3.75 per item. Take what you want and sell off the rest!  $485

CMN16) Channel Islands and Isle of Man, 75 different mint unhinged sets for $159, or choose 25 different sets of Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of man for $49.

CMN17) Australia 25 different complete mint unhinged issues, all pre-decimal. Includes values to 2/3d. Great starter lot, Price $49

CMN20) Brisbane Lions Club Christmas Seals, 8 different mint sheets of 20 or 25 issued 1984 – 1991. Very colourful, and even good to use today on parcels and presents. We sell these individually at $10 each, but as a lot under half price $39, 5 lots for $175.

CMAU1) AUSTRALIA, AAT, COCOS, XMAS IS  a rather large 6 volume collection of FDC’s covering the period—AAT 1979-2013, Xmas Island 1996-2013, Cocos 2011-2013—some base cancels AAT, the lot contains Mini sheets, sheetlets. Australia covers the period 1994 -2013 plus some earlier issues starting 1971 Xmas. Housed beautifully mostly on very expensive Vario pages and in ring binders—includes peel and stick issues, miniature sheets, Internationals—looks most comprehensive if not complete for the periods mentioned.  The face value alone for the 6 large folders is almost $1,950 and for anyone who is prepared to even soak the stamps off the covers (which are in fact perfect!) still a bargain lot and also brilliant for a reseller. 600 + + covers for just $1625

CMY14) CANADA: PRIVATE COURIER STAMPS & LOCAL: 1960s-1990s in mostly unused assortment in Lighthouse Vario Pages inc. many Juan De Fuca Despatch 1965-1987 issues, all with specialised catalogue references, many issues in sheetlets or strips, also 1981-89 'British Columbia/Private Courier' issues, plus Canada Strike post, Kaulbach Island and Winnipeg-Pembina Courier emissions etc. etc. Suit specialist or re-seller. 750 or so. Very cheap at around $1 per stamp. $749

CMF3) French Polynesia, 1954 – 2000 Complete Mint Unhinged on as new Lighthouse hingeless pages in Burgundy Album & slipcase. (1st two pages are lightly hinged) Album alone cost $500 plus! Retail of stamps approx. $3400. $3900 replacement value here for just $2575.

CMF5) British Commonwealth Minisheets, mint unhinged. All different inc. some better countries like Australia, Great Britain, Channel islands, Malaysia, Pitcairn Is., Norfolk Is., Papua New Guinea, South Africa, South West Africa etc. 25 different for $49, 50 different with great variety for $119.

CEN1) French Colonies pre-independence issues. Collection of 500 different mint & postally used with a brand new $52 Prinz Dark Blue 32 black page stockbook. Very hard to fine nowadays. Price $325

CMJ12) Australia Yearbook: 1987/88 Bicentennial edition with grey cover (Sydney retail listed price $325) Not in stock anywhere. We rarely see these, maybe 1 every 5 years. Price $375.
CMJL18) Worldwide Junk lots, anything could be tossed in here, schoolboy collections, album leaves, Hagners of stamps, stamps on and off paper, odd packets, first day covers, modern new issues, accessories, outdated catalogues, our own incoming mail etc. any or all of this could be in there. Really do not know what you might get!  Not really that bad, but too small to list as individual lots. 1kg for $95, 2 kg for $179, 5kg for $395.

CMJL20) India FDC's as above, smaller lot of 40 going to 1977 for $29.
CMAP4) Australia High Values, both commems. & defins. Build your collection for under 50c per stamp. Fine used most with cds cancels. Pre-Decimal to £2, Decimal to $10 or $20. All above letter rate at time of issue. 100 different for $49

CMAP5) Australia High Values, both commems. & defins. Decimals only. Fine used most with cds cancels. Values to $10 or $20. All above letter rate at time of issue. Only values $1 and above. $400 face value for $49, expect duplication 2 to 5 of each.
CEJ1) World cover accumulation predominantly 1970s-2000s some earlier including 1930’s flight cover, Ross Dependency 1959 Scott Base illustrated and 1963 regal visit covers, Christmas is 1959 set on FDC; Also, Australia pre-decimal FDCS (foxing), special event covers, and other FDCS from AAT, NZ and PNG; few stamps seen incl. MUH NZ Health M/S. Great lot for re-seller/eBayer etc. All housed in 13 as new/near new quality FDC albums Inc. Lighthouse, Gibbons, Lindner. Cost of albums alone to buy now around $325 (many 100s of covers) Price $449
CEJ2) Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S- early 2000S FDCS array in kiwi fruit carton, ALL appear unaddressed, many of the 1990s-2000s covers still in their Australia Post display packs, a few internationals also a few PSES; generally, very fine. (FEW 100s) Great re-seller lot. Price $285
CEJ3) Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S-2000S decimal array with earlies including 1971 Christmas 7c BLOCK OF 7, plus many others early sets on non-generic APO covers; noughties era with M/S to $10, sheetlets etc, all in very fine unaddressed condition. Huge retail potential! (About 1250) very cheap at around 50 cents each. Price $645
CEJ4) Australia. Deceased New Issue Dealer’s FDC new issue stock. 1971 – 2007 all unaddressed Post Office covers. Quantities vary from 1 to 5 or more of each. Very clean re-saleable stock. Around 3000 covers. Price under 60c each, $1795
MOC22) Germany WW1 Feldpost Postcards, inc. Real Photographic, many groups of soldiers, cavalryman with horse and sweetheart etc. Many clear date readable cds postmarks and various Feldpost markings. As usual for these, no stamps, as not available in the field. 92 items in way better than usual condition for these. $1150 the lot.
CF6) Papua New Guinea Big lot of 1000 mint unhinged, 1952 - 2000 values to 5K. Includes blocks, minisheets etc. Many, many complete sets. Price $495
CF6a) As above, but lot of 500. Price $259
CJL9) KGV Heads C of A wmk. Extensive collection mint & used on Hagner Pages inc. plate blocks, imprint pairs and blocks, large positional blocks, annotated varieties etc. 2093 stamps inc. well over 100 x 1/4d value. Price $9895
CMA4) Great Britain Mint Unhinged Collection 1989 -1999 in near new Red Lighthouse 48 Page Stockbook. Includes Definitives, Commemoratives, Regionals and Booklet panes. Retail approx. $1150. Also includes a fair bit of used in blocks which has not been valued. Around 1200 stamps. Price $595
CS29) France. Substantial 99% complete used collection to 2001 in 3 Lighthouse Illustrated Hingeless Albums, with slipcases. Huge catalogue/resale value, persons interested in a purchase into 5 figures which could be split into several payments should contact us. Price is negotiable.
MJL5) Mystery or Clearance boxes, seems every dealer has these, we are no exception! Stamps, Covers, Collections, Packets, huge variety & value. Better than the average clearance lot. Ask for Australia, Worldwide or Mixed. 2kg lot for $169, 5kg for $395, Best value lot 10kg for $695

MJL9) Olympics and Sports, 1924 – Modern Collection in Brown Leather-look 32 page stockbook. Includes both mint & used sets, and is a bit disorganised, but I managed to count at least 175 complete sets. Most are Olympics but there are other sports issues and some bits and pieces of other countries/topics which are not counted in the value. Has to be easily worth $1.50 a set across the board. Price $259
MJL24) Papua New Guinea mint unhinged stock 1952 – 2002 in 2 x Brown Davo 64 page stockbooks. Massive lot ideal re-seller, Ebayer or hoarder! Pre-decimals are sparse, but then later sets up to 20 of each. I guestimate there would be 2500 sets total her if not more, with the average retail per set around $5. So that is around $12,500 retail. This is a real steal for someone at ONLY 20% OF RETAIL $2495 FOR THE LOT!
CO10) Australia Post 2006 Commonwealth Games folder, containing 17 sheetlets and 5 stamps released for the Commonwealth Games. The stamps are selling fine commercially used for around $2.50 each, which gives you a vast retail of $325, and these are mint unhinged. My price for the lot of 130 plus stamps is $195

NM60) Japan modern mission mix, about 50% Commems by weight. Very well trimmed single   paper and around 6000 per kg. Around 7c per stamp. $44.50 per 100g, $105 per 250g

NM62) Australia off paper, widest possible range. Mostly decimal with recent, up to 2000 different this mix mostly large and with many better values. So cheap at about 2c per stamp! Around 12,500 to 15,000 per kg, 250g for $82.50, 500g for $155, 1kg for $295

MN49) Japan Commems. on paper. Large modern mix, in high demand. Modern mix on very well trimmed single paper, we only get about 1kg of this every 2 to 3 months. About 3750 – 4000 per kg. $59 Per 100g, $145 per 250g.

MN50) World & Australia on & off paper, wide ranging ex deceased estate. Last time we had some of this about 3 – 4 years ago we were inundated with repeat orders. We only have about 3kg currently, and believe me it will sell fast. Wide range or early to modern, large and small. Count would be around 4500 per kg.  Price $119 per kg, 500g for $62.50
PM105) Australia High Values, both Commems. & Defins. (No internationals) We have just a small amount of this. About 4000 stamps on single well-trimmed paper. Values to $10, $325 per kg, 500g for $169, 250g for $89, 100g for $37.50
PM106) Australia Mostly International High Values on paper. Nice range. 500g for $375, 250g for $195, 100g for $82.50
PM81) Papua New Guinea, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM82) Norfolk Is., 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM83) Samoa, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM84) Nauru, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49

CN01) USA mainly used collection 1922 – 1996 in Green Davo 64 black page stockbook. Included are some mint unhinged including blocks of 4, minisheets & booklet panes. 75 – 80% complete for the period. About 1500 here, organised chronologically. Very cheap at around 10c a stamp. $149

CNO2) Unified Germany. Post 1990 with a few earlier in large blue stockbook. Postally used collection, mostly large to about 2002. Needs organising. 400 – 450 with only very minor duplication. Fair number of semi-postals noted. Good value at about 20c each. $85

CNO4) Australia Mission mix, from new source, on close clipped single paper so high count. Good ranges of definitives and commemoratives mainly 45c – 70c letter rate period. Good value at about 2c a stamp, $89 per kg, 2.5kg for $219, 5kg for $419, 10kg for $749

CNO5) Singapore. Nice clean and with many recent mix on close clipped single paper…very hard to obtain. Mainly commemoratives, includes some complete sets. Very colourful lot. 100g for $69, 250g for $169

CNO6) Singapore, KGVI to recent off paper mix. Lovely lot of about 1100 – 1200 stamps, very colourful mostly large. Price $49

CNO7) Papua New Guinea 1988, 1898 & 1990 year books, lovely condition as issued in original plastic sleeves. Cheap at less than $40 each, $119.50

CNO8) Poland, modern mint unhinged sets 1994 – 1999 on Hagner page. Very colourful lots appears all complete sets & minisheets. 100 plus stamps & 5 minisheets. $59

CNO10) Zimbabwe postally used collection in large green stockbook. Issues from 1980 – 2014 with some areas of near completeness. Some hyper-inflation issues to $30,000 seen. 550 – 650 here and appear all different. Scarce assembly, cheapest we could find elsewhere for 500 different is $260. Price $235

CNO15) Belgium on & off paper, as traded to us. Wide range of issues to about 2000. Nice close clipped single paper. Likely some postmark potential here too. Price per 100g, $29, 250g $69

CNO16) Nauru 1937 – 2002 mostly mint lightly hinged on quality album pages. A few are cto. 1954 definitives are present both mint & cto. Mostly complete sets & minisheets and must be virtually complete from 1975 on. 400 to 450 all different. Very cheap at about 30c a stamp, great if you are not fussed about them being unhinged. $125

CAU1) NZ Health mini-sheets 1957 to 1983 x 52 MUH housed in large blue stockbook. Retail value $NZ777. Condition a little mixed but most of the key items very fresh MUH. Some faults, most minor,  so expect varied condition. Each priced with retail in neat pencil on stock page. Very cheap at just AUD$269

CAU3) World Wildlife Fund 1976/79 Official unaddressed FDC’s collection on 144 covers. Very clean lot. With certificate of authenticity. Original Issue price 4.95 per cover = around $700! Cheap at under $1 per cover, $135.

CAU4) Great Britain 1902 – 1999 used collection in large blue ring binder. KEVII – 1/-, KGV to 10/- with Re-engraved Seahorses set. KGVI complete with all High Values inc. Silver Wedding £1. QEII virtually complete commems., plus many Wildings and Machins to £5, plus the different printings of the Castles series to £1. Low value Wildings are simplified. Includes all of the Millennium series, 12 sets, 48 stamps to the end of 1999. 100’s of sets, al in nice clean condition. Has to be worth $10 per year of stamps from 1937 -1999. Plus heaps of extras as back. Price $625

CAU5) Canada Collection 1870’s to 1999 mostly postally used, some MUH in 3 large stockbooks. Earlies are sparse but very high degree of completion 1930 onwards., with dates and SG No’s pencilled in margins of the books. Guessing 2500 – 2750  stamps mostly all different and in complete sets. Very clean lot with values to $8 Polar Bear. Has to be worth 25c per stamp average, price $649

CAU6) New Zealand mostly mint 2 volume collection 1920 – 1980 in good condition Gibbons Green Simplex Springback album. Stamps are nicely displayed in black mounts on pages and annotated with year of issue and cat. Nos. Commences 1920 Victory set, then mostly complete with all health & airmail issues inc. 1931 Smiling Boys., Dunedin 1925 Ex. set is very fresh lightly hinged. From 1960 much appears fresh mint unhinged, but excluding minisheets. Mostly a very clean lot with much potential for continuance. Many 100’s. Very high catalogue/retail value. Albums alone would cost $1250 new. Price $745.

CMY1) GB gummed barcode Machin window booklet collection 1987 to 1990 , 93 different. GB QE2 booklets collection latter 1980s - SG Cat £1,100 plus = over $2000 at current exchange rates. All on Lighthouse 'Vario' pages. Some reprints and different printers – all identified by SG numbers and cat val. Mostly Machin series, plus the popular Teddy Bear Greetings Booklet. Retail around $1350, price $795

CMY9) British Empire, pre-QEII off paper mix, new lot just received, very varied with little Australia but a good mix of most other areas. Noted a few mint, blocks of 4 etc. Values to 10/- noted in the overall mix. Good value at around 15c a stamp. Priced per 65 grams, about 1000 for $165, 2500 for $389

CMY10) GB 100 Complete used mainly Commemorative sets, 1940 – quite recent. Organised into  individual acetate packets. Noted 1940 Centenary, 1953 Coronation up to quite recent £1.22 values. Would sell individually from $2 to $12 a set. Very cheap at $199

CMY11) AAT packet of 100 different postally used pre-decimal – very recent. Includes complete sets and better values to $1.50 or $2. 5 available. Price $69

CMY16) Fiji in 3 Seven Seas Hingeless albums 1954 -2017, Mint collection, mostly fresh MUH but some lightly hinged and some with gum tropicalised (Those are not counted in the retail value) The collection has many gaps to 2000, high level of completion through the 2000's, but no stamps after 2014. Fresh and clean. Pages and binders alone cost $700+ to buy new. Sydney retail for the stamps $2085, plus $700 for the albums = $2785 effective replacement cost. Save $1000. Price $1785

CM18) New Zealand 1989 – 2001 Seven Seas Hingeless Brown Padded album,  pages bulging!  Mint Unhinged, near complete collection (No Framas), Only very few gaps, mostly booklet stamps. We estimate 95% complete. Fresh and clean. Album alone cost $325 to buy new. Also includes Lighthouse issues from 1947 & Ross Dependency most issues. Advertised retail of the stamps is $3670. Total replacement cost $3995. Priced very cheaply at well under 50%, price $1895

CF1) Europe in $85 64 Black Page Lion Brand Black stockbook as new. Contains very nice clean collection of Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary & Poland, most used postally or cto. Good range of thematics, all appear different and most are large pictorials. 1000 to 1100 all up. Price $269

CF6) Australia 1928 – 1936 KGV Commems.  Bulk lot as received recently in packets. Quantities are approximate, comprises 3d Kookaburra x 100, 3d Kingsford Smith x 25, 3d Victoria Centenary x 100, 3d Jubilee x 200, 3d Cable x 350, 3d Sth. Aust. x 200, 1/- Sth. Aust. X 100. Min. SG Cat. £5485, approx. AUD$9650 at time of listing. Unchecked by us for shades, varieties, postmarks, perforations or watermarks. About 1075 stamps for around 80c each. Price $849

CF7) Worldwide and Australia Clearance Lots. We now have 3 standards for these, Standard, Superior and Super. As with anything you get what you pay for. You can expect complete or part collections, Hagner pages, covers, stamps on or off paper, packets, individual stock cards containing single or part sets, literature including magazines or catalogues. Each lot tailor made. Ask for Australia or World, or a mixture of both. The all World lots will necessarily contain a small % of Australia in most cases.
CF7a) Standard 20kg $595, 10kg $315, 5kg $165
CF7b) Superior 20kg $895, 10kg $475, 5kg $245
CF7c) Super 20kg $1395, 10kg $729, 5kg $385

CF8) Superb “Oxford” Blue padded FDC album, as new, cost $50. Contains 39 Unaddressed British Commonwealth First Day Covers with descriptive text for 1981 & 1982. No Australia, but most are  better countries like Falkland Is, Ascension, Gibraltar, St. Helena, Singapore etc. Just $89 the lot!

CF13) Australia 1970 Captain Cook themed collection in blue album with Australian Coat of Arms inc. Post Office small FDC with 30c stamp cancelled Ballarat (Rare!) Then 3 other small plain FDCs cancelled Chadstone Vic, & Bedgerebong NSW. Plus 4  different Royal FDC’s with full sets or minisheets asl 2 x Sigma FDC’s. Various sets and minisheets mint & used, inc. Anpex x 5 some with special cancels, 1 x Rouletted, 3 x Melbourne Airport Ovpt., 2 x Royal Visit Ovpt., Eucharistic Conference Ovpt., Holey Dollar Ovpt. Set of 12 commemorative covers with different dates and towns around Australia and the same on Minisheets used with gum inc. Thursday Island etc. 60 items, plus a number of sets mint & used and 2 PO Packs not included in this count. Would be almost impossible to assemble today! Priced around $15 per item plus the nice album comers free. $895 the lot.

CF15) New Zealand & Ross Dependency FDC collection 1990 – 1997 in near new Blue 4 Ring Binder on quality pages. Commences 1990 Heritage Ships – 1997 Cattle, plus Ross Dep. 1990 & 1992 sets all on Official Unaddressed covers. Noted many booklet panes of 10 different, plus $20 definitive. All in all 29 covers which retail at anything up to $40 each! Fabulous lot, not many seen from this period. Retail easily $450  if sold individually. Price $249

CF17) Worldwide Minisheets by weight! A long time since we had any of these. A mix of mint unhinged and cto used from a wide range of countries, spanning several decades. 75 to 100 sheets per 100g. Expect duplication in the larger lots above 250g, the 100g will be all different. Vrtually all good thematics. 100g for $69, 250g for $159, 500g $295, 1kg for $575

CF18) 1972 Munich Olympics, plus 1 for 1964 Tokyo. Wide range of First Day & Event Covers plus a few Maximum cards mostly from Germany but also Austria, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Romania, Turkey & Yugoslavia. All clean unaddressed Illustrated Covers. Most of these sell between $5 - $12.50 each, so priced very cheaply at $189

CF19) Air NZ 1965 set of 10 Official First Flight Covers for the DC8 service, inc. Sydney/Christchurch and return, plus American Samoa (8)  with flights from  Fiji, USA & NZ. All official with printed addresses. Many have pictorial cancels. Scarce assembly, cheap lot for $98

CF20) Winter Olympics 1924 – 1972 on Borek Hingeless pages with complete mint unhinged stamp & minisheet issues commemorating each year from the host countries etc. Just missing 1 low value stamp from Turkey. 29 issues & minisheets. Highly attractive & clean lot. Cheap at $92.50

CN1) Australia stamp replica cards 1984 – 1987 (No’s 1 – 37 ex. No. 36) in superb near new Seven Seas Blue Padded Album (Cost $130) These are official reprinted proofs/colour trials from the original dies which if contemporary are worth $1000’s each! Price $195 the lot.

CN4) Great Britain 1997 – 2000 Royal Mint & Royal Mail Sumptuous Royalty cover album in padded Royal Blue and Gold with slipcase. Contains Royalty Covers, PNC Coin Covers and a 3/4 ounce Silver Ingot Cover replicating the 1951 Ten Shilling Festival of Britain St. George & Dragon Stamp. 19 items in all, with many of the coin covers selling at around $30 each. Several of the covers are signed by the designer too. $329 the lot.

CN10) Holland 1993 – 1998 mint & used well organised collection in near new Blue & Gold Leather Bound Importa “Victoria” album (Cost $150 plus) Includes booklets & sheetlets as well as about 95% completion in stamps for the period. Plenty of spare pages for continuation. Original seller’s price, $220. So cheap now at our realistic price of $110

CN12) Christmas stamps from around the World mint & used housed in large brown stockbook. Many complete sets and minisheets, mostly all different. 1950’s to late 1990’s. Around 500 stamps plus 20 minisheets. Most of the mint is fresh unhinged. Great value at 25c per stamp & $2 each for the minisheets. Price $165

CN13) Latin America (Central & South) plus Caribbean & Atlantic mint & used  collection in Black & Gold leather bound Importa “Victoria” album with slipcase. Includes Aruba, Curacao (cat. £600 alone), British West Indies, Falklands Is. & Dep. BAT, early French Guiana & Venezuela.  Nice lot, worthy of expansion, 100s. Original dealer’s price $825, we reckon at  $595it’s very good value.

CN15) Austria 1925 – late 1980’s mint & used nicely written up on pages and divided into themes Black Spiral Binder. Noted 1950 Birds Airmail set & 1925 Postage Dues set of 27. Near 200 stamps,  all up cat. Around £750. Price $375

CN16) Australia Ausipex 1984, 2 as new luxury padded albums containing what appears an exhaustive collection of these popular issues. Fresh mint unhinged organised alphabetically, plus a few covers and maximum cards. Has the official labels sheet of 20 Counted plus the 2 Tonga minisheet black prints.   44 minisheets, 40 complete sets/issues, 11 cards and 3 covers. Got to be worth $3 apiece, and the very expensive albums are free! Price $295

CN17) THE DROSS BOX! I think every dealer has one or more of these, anything we cannot find an immediate use for goes in here. Loose stamps we cannot find time to sort, covers, complete sets, minisheets, Hagner pages of stamps, collection remainder, juvenile collections, you name it, it may be here! Choose Australia, Worldwide or a mixture of both. 1kg parcel for $98, 3kg for $275, 5kg for $395, 10kg for $775.

CN19) THE GROT BOX! Empty albums, stockbooks, stock sheets, stamp catalogues, auction catalogues, handbooks etc. (No stamps) Very cheap at just $195 for a $20 parcel. (NO DISCOUNTS ON THESE AND POSTAGE IS ALWAYS EXTRA)

3R1) Germany 3rd Reich, 1933 – 1945 Brand New Hingeless Album, German made, in Black  Blue & Gold. Spaces for all 3rd Reich stamps with illustrations and  Michel catalogue numbers. Superb! Price $295

CAU1) Australia, International Stamps used on 50 covers and postcards to Switzerland. Wide variety of stamps and frankings used 2000 to 2012. Noted issues with tabs, gutter pairs, Christmas Is. issues etc. Denominations from 50c to $2.60, with rates up to $4.00. All from a single family correspondence. A bit over $5 each, price $269

CAU5) New Zealand Post Office Blue Leather with Coat of Arms embossed in gold on the cover. Stockbook presented to delegates to the 16th U.P.U. Congress held in Tokyo. Contains NZ & Territories Mint Unhinged. Noted pre-decimal issues 1975 – 1967, 1st decimal definitives to $2 multicoloured Geyser, Arms High Values $4 to $10 (4), 1969 Capt. Cook Set etc. Also Niue decimal ovpt. To $2 Arms, plus Ross Dep. 1st decimal set. Total 2022 ACS catalogue (retail) value of the contents alone for this rare item is NZ$270 = A$245. We have never ever had one of these before, let alone 2! Binding is a little detached in last couple of pages. Price $199 (2 available)

CAU8) Retired Australia Post Executives 1970’s & ‘80’s accumulation of UPU related items etc. Includes Barbados Passport Style 1979 blue folder with coat of arms in gold, UN 1974 folder, plus items from Australia, Nauru, NZ, Jersey, Malaysia, Norway etc. Includes special Australia Post Office Pack for opening of New Parliament House by HM The Queen. 20 -plus items, price $149

CMY3) Massive lot of German covers, 19th Century to quite modern (about 2014) You will find Registered mail, Express delivery, FDC’s, commercial mail, etc, etc. to a wide range of destinations. Most are West Germany but also some Berlin, inc. Occupation Issues, and East Germany. Around 425 covers for under $1 each, price $395 

CFE2) Malaysia 1963-96 collection in 4 albums, mainly mint unhinged but some of the earlier issues used and later issues are both mint unhinged and used, plus many extra sets and part-sets of the 1965 Birds, 1970 Butterflies, 1979 Flowers & Animals, and 1986 Fruits. (Qty 1000s) Very good value at $1350

CFE4) New Zealand commercial mails, small and medium envelopes, mainly pre-decimal KGVI & QEII to Australia. Good variety of postmarks plus some higher values. Price $95 per kg (5kg available)
CFE5) New South Wales plus a few ACT 1980’s – 1990’s commercial mails, mainly stamped small envelopes with a wide variety of cds cancels, many smaller towns noted. Pretty well all clear strikes. Could be some rarer items here. We just do not have time to check. Price $95 per kg. (8kg available)

CFE9) Australia plain FDC’s 1951 – 1972, appears mostly complete for the period, all nice clean typewritten covers. Weighs nearly 1kg. Duplication up to 5 of each. Great source for fine used sets, with values to 2/3d or 25c in decimals. Priced well under $1 each. About 300 for $249

CFE20) Solomon Is. 1977 – 1996 Complete fresh Mint Unhinged in as new Brown Ka-Be leather grain Illustrated Hingeless Album, new price $319. Stamps retail $960 plus. Total retail $1279. Price $849, save $430 on replacement cost! 

CFE21) Samoa 1969 – 1996 Complete fresh Mint Unhinged in as new Brown Ka-Be leather grain Illustrated Hingeless Album, new price $395. Stamps retail $1000 plus. Total retail $1395. Price $945, save $450 on replacement cost! 

CFE25) FRANCE: 1849-2007 mint or used collection in six hingeless Lighthouse albums (retail $1000+) with imperfs to 1fr in very mixed condition, 1863 5f used (creasing, filled thin), 1876-1900 Peace & Commerce to 5r, 1917 Orphans 35c+25c used, 1922 Surcharged Orphans set incl. 5fr + 1fr mint, 1927 5fr + 1fr mint, pre-stamp 'POSTES/PARIS' 1921 5c green mint and 1922 5c orange unused, 1927 2f & 5fr Air overprints mint, 1927-31 Sinking Fund overprint sets complete mint or used, late 1920s-40s era reasonably complete inc. 1928 Sinking Fund 1Fr & 8.5Fr used, 1931 1.5Fr & 3.5Fr mint, 1937 PEXIP m/sheet with exhibition h/stamp, with full gum, 1950’s – 2007 largely complete with many MUH sets & m/sheets plus back of book with dues, officials, pre-stamp covers etc. Some of the earlies are mixed condition, 1930s onward generally fine. Huge cat./retail. Many 1000s. Price $7495
CMO4) To complement the above, a luxury blue padded official 1980 US Olympic Committee cover album with 12 covers commemorating Olympics from 1932 to 1980, with mint stamps from each year attached with a stamp mount to the cover. Superb lot for the Olympics Afficionado. Just $39
HK587) Hong Kong 1912-1962 duplicated remainder collection, mainly used with KGV Mult Crown CA wmk 6c (4), 20c & 30c (2 each), 50c various papers/backs (5), $1, 1921-37 Script wmk 8c perfin, 12c (2), 25c (3), 50c & $1 (3 each) all used, 20c, 25c & 30c Mint, 1935 20c Jubilee Used, 1937 Coronation set (2) Mint, 1938-52 KGVI definitives values to $1 Mint & $5 Green & violet Used, 1941 Centenary $1 (2), 1949 UPU set Used, few 1954-62 QE II definitives to $2 (2), condition a little mixed, still an attractive lot with plenty of pickings, Cat £570+, Price $449

CMJ11) Omnibus issues, 1972 Silver Wedding & 1973 Royal Wedding mint unhinged plus some Halley’s Comet 1986 all mint unhinged sets/minisheets in an as new Lighthouse Blue 32 page stockbook $35 retail. Plus some used GB Machins values to £5. 1972 SW & RW appears Crown Agents complete with some extras. 100 plus complete sets/minisheets. Selling at cost price (Was a trade in from a customer) $250
CMY10) United Nations, New York & Geneva 1961 - 76 mint unhinged in as new Gibbons $100 plus "Philatelic" Burgundy Springback Album, complete with as new Gibbons United Nations Catalogue, retail $60.  Comprises single sets & corner blocks of 4, plus a few FDC's & Souvenir Cards.  Appears complete 1967 - 1976. Around 325 sets, 3 minisheets, 5 fdc's & 9 souvenir cards. Very cheap at about $1.30 per set, and the very useful Album & Catalogue are free!  $429
CMY15) Australia 1956 Olympics, complete set of 52 "Royal" covers with pictorial cancellation for each event. Each bears either a 4d Green Koala, or 4d Olympics stamp, as some handstamps were authorised for use before the stamps were! Also 1 cover with the full set of stamps. Many different events pictured on the different coloured and varied cachets. Rarely seen these days, a few are a bit aged. All neat typewritten address. A very scarce assembly, price $795
CMY19) Australia 1947 - 52 range of KGVI era. Illustrated FDC's plus 3 x 1950 National Philatelic Exhibition covers, 1 with large exhibition label in red-brown attached. Priced up to sell at over $350 based on Rod Perry's website price list. includes 3 registered items, two of which are from the exhibition. Issues included at Scouts, Stamp Centenary, UPU, Federation 50th anniv. etc. 14 covers. Price under a half, $149
CMY27) Scouting 1938 - 1968 approx. mostly complete Mint Unhinged sets in near new Maroon Springback Album. Noted several imperf. sets and minisheets from places like Togo, Burundi & Bhutan. Other countries represented include Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Great Britain, Belgium, Taiwan etc. 55 complete issues, Cat. £325 plus. Album alone to buy today would be around $100. Price for the lot just $5 per issue $275
MF2) Worldwide picture postcards, some used, unused, earlies moderns and in betweens. Mostly street scenes & architecture. 100 different for $89
AP17) Nice little starter collection of 50 different Australian States. On our list at $56, special price $49

PM115) Australia magnificent OFF PAPER MIXTURE. Just arrived and simply brimming with better values. Starts 1930’s to about 2005. Huge variety. About 1000 for $59. 2500 for $139, 5000 for $265.
PM115a) As above but Decimals only 1966 – 2005. Same prices as above.
PM102) World off paper…huge variety mostly postally used gathered from 3 different sources and mixed to together to give you the best early to modern mix we can muster! About 15- 20,000 per kg. Buy from as little as 1½c per stamp! 100g for $35, 250g for $79, 500g for $149, 1kg for $285, 5kg for $1275.
PM104) Christmas Is. & Cocos (Keeling) Is. off paper mixture, many high values and recent to about 2016. Many very fine used with circular cancels. 50 different for $49, 100 mixed no more than 3 the same for $98

Catalogues & Accessories
Renniks Australian Coin & Banknote Values 31st Ed. Softcover, Price $45

Coin Accessories
VST Coin Collection Album with six VST coin refill pages and backing sheet Padded front cover with gold embossing and 4x12mm interscrews. Choice of 5 colours: Blue, black, green, brown & burgundy. Price, $46.75
VST Pre-Decimal Coin Collection Album: Padded front cover with gold embossing with 4 Brass interscrews. The Pre-Decimal album has spaces for Pre-Decimal coins from 1910 to 1965 Includes information sheet relating to each mintage. Choice of 5 colours: Blue, black, green, brown & burgundy. Price, $67.75
VST Circulating Halfpenny Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 4 colours: Black, blue, green & burgundy. Price, $27.60
VST Circulating Penny Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 4 colours: Black, blue, green & burgundy. Price, $27.60
VST Circulating Threepence & Sixpence Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 4 colours: Black, blue, green & burgundy. Price, $27.60
VST Circulating Shilling Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 4 colours: Black, blue, green & burgundy. Price, $27.60

VST Circulating Florin Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 4 colours: Black, blue, green & burgundy. Price, $27.60
VST Australian Decimal Coin Collection Album - Volume 1 & 2 1966-2019. Choice of 5 colours: Black, blue, green, brown & burgundy, Price $165.00
VST Circulating Small Values Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 5 colours: Black, blue, brown, green & burgundy. Price, $27.95
VST Circulating 20c Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 5 colours: Black, blue, brown, green & burgundy. Price, $27.95
VST Circulating 50c Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 5 colours: Black, blue, brown, green & burgundy. Price, $27.95
VST Circulating $1 Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 5 colours: Black, blue, brown, green & burgundy. Price, $27.95
VST Circulating $2 Coin Collection Album. An A5 sized Album for Coins with Backing Sheets. Choice of 5 colours: Black, blue, brown, green & burgundy. Price, $27.95
VST Coin Album Refill 12 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages. Price, $33.15
VST Coin Album Refill 20 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages. Price, $33.15
VST Coin Album Refill 30 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages. Price, $33.15
VST Coin Album Refill 42 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages. Price, $33.15
VST Coin Album Refill 56 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages. Price, $33.15
VST Coin Album Refill 63 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages. Price, $33.15
VST Coin Album Refill 72 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages. Price, $33.15

Banknote Accessories
VST Banknote Collection Album. Padded front cover with gold embossing and 4 interscrews. Each album includes 6x 3 Division banknote page with White interleave pages. Choice of 5 colours: Blue, black, green, brown & burgundy. Price, $46.75
VST Banknote Album Refill 2 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages, Price $33.15
VST Banknote Album Refill 3 Pocket Pages with Backing Pages - 10 Pages, Price $33.15

Coins & Banknotes

Order with confidence, we pride ourselves on accurate grading for coins. If for any reason you are unhappy, return within 7 days of receipt for a full refund. We will also refund in full within 12 months to the original purchaser if an Australian PCGS grading seriously contradicts our own.

Bulk Lots & Collections

CPM1) Treasure Trove! From retired treasure hunter who used to go out to Beaches & Fields with his metal Detector picking up whatever came into his hands. Mainly Australia Pennies & Halfpennies, but maybe a few silver coins, decimal, foreign, tokens…you never know what might be in this. Some is corroded, heavily so in some cases, some he has made an attempt to clean, others are in quite a good state. It really is a mixed bag. We have simply weighed it out into great value bags, adding extra bits and pieces here and there that we find along the way in the many lots which we buy each month. Only a few kg available each month as he supplies us to supplement his income. 1kg for $39
CB2486) Australia 1963 Melbourne proof set of 4 coins 3d – 2/-. With original Downie’s description slip. Cat. $835, price $725
CB1327) BULK AUSTRALIA COPPER, FROM HOARD. Generally in the mixed reign lots, around 10% will be KGV. 1kg will yield approx. 100 pennies or 200 halfpennies
CB16) Australia Halfpennies, starter collection 20 different dates price $39
Mixed Pennies and Halfpennies, all reigns 450g for $39.50, 1kg for $68.50
Pennies KGV only 450g for $84.50, 1kg for $179
Pennies all reigns 450g for $39.50, 1kg for $68.50
Halfpennies KGV only 450g for $84.50, 1kg for $179
Halfpennies all reigns 450g for $39.50, 1kg for $68.50
CB261) Australia Pre- decimal Shilling Bulk Silver Coins 10 different dates mixed condition, none really bad. No KGV. Price $59
CB259) Australia Pre- decimal Bulk Florin Coins 10 diff mixed condition, none really bad. No KGV. Price $119

CB3520) Australia Bulk 1c & 2c coins, 1kg – Approx. 250 coins per kg. Many appear uncirculated! Price $28.50

Australia Decimal Sets 1c-50c, choice uncirculated, many are ex. mint rolls. These can be supplies in lighthouse slabs, which are openable, or 2X2 card mounts, your choice.
1966 $165
1967 $120
1968 $365
1969 $159
1970 $98
1971 $185
1972 $225
1973 $170
1974 $130
1975 $45
1976 $45
1977 $30
1978 $30
1979 $27
1980 $27
1981 $27
1982 $27
1983 $60
1984 $65

Complete collection as above, normally $2000, price $1695

Australia Pre-Decimal

Bulk Pennies & Halfpennies
CB508d) minted 1911 – 1964 Wholesale bulk lot, unpicked for dates or condition selling by weight Pennies, 450g for $34, 1kg for $68
CB508e) As above but Halfpennies, prices per Pennies
CB508f) As above but Pennies and Halfpennies mixed, 450g for $34, 1kg for $68

CB3219) Australia 1919 Halfpenny PCGS MS64+RB, Gem Unc. Cat. $1350, Price $1013

CB2857) Australia 1926 Halfpenny nice EF coin, chocolate colour. 8 pearls & full centre diamond. Price $59

CB3513) Australia 1926 Halfpenny, EF. Cat $80, Price $60

CB1418) Australia 1927 Halfpenny. Nice uncirculated coin with even chocolate toning.  Traces of lustre. Price $325

CB2867) Australia 1927 Halfpenny Good VF, 6 pearls & centre diamond, 7th & 8th nearly there. Lovely chocolate toned coin, price $30

CB2482) Australia 1929 Halfpenny, lovely dark chocolate tone. AUNC with 8 pearls & full centre diamond. Very minor edge knock only visible from reverse. Price $149
CB3218) Australia 1929 Halfpenny, Nice chocolate colour. Unc. Cat $550, Price $412

CB3244) Australia 1929 Halfpenny, gVF. $37.50

CB3303) Australia 1929 Halfpenny, aUnc. Cat. $250 Price $187.50

CB2849) Australia 1929 Halfpenny EF with full centre diamond and 8 pearls visible, 6 are full. Lovely chocolate coloured coin. Cat. $80, price $59
CB2837) Australia 1929 ½d EF, lovely deep chocolate tone. Cat. $60, price $45

CB3218) Australia 1929 ½d, Nice chocolate colour. Unc. Cat $550. Price $412

CB3705) Australia 1930 Halfpenny, aEF. Price $47

CB3705) Australia 1930 Halfpenny, aEF. Price $47

CB3306) Australia 1930 Halfpenny, EF. Cat $100 Price $75

CB2344) Australia 1930 ½d Good EF 8 pearls visible. Price: $249

CB3596) Australia 1931 Halfpenny, gEF. Price $279

CB3301) Australia 1931 Halfpenny, gVF. Price $56

CB204) Australia 1933 Halfpenny, choice uncirculated lustred coin. Hard to better. Cat. $675, price $495
Australia 1933 Halfpenny, Fault free, nice original lustre. Unc. Cat $300, Price $225
CB3217) Australia 1933 ½d, Fault free, nice original lustre. Unc. Cat $300. Price $225

CB292) Australia 1934 Halfpenny lovely Good EF Coin. 6 pearls and centre diamond easily visible other 2 pearls nearly there. Lovely chocolate coloured coin, AUNC cat. $120, price $75

CB3514) Australia 1934 Halfpenny, aUnc. Cat $100, Price $75
CB202) Australia 1936 Halfpenny, choice uncirculated. Nice fault free original lustre with some nice chocolate tones. Cat. $475, price $395
CB3305) Australia 1938 Halfpenny, Unc. Cat $120 Price $90 (2 available)
CB3684) Australia 1939 Halfpenny, Kangaroo Reverse. gVF. Price $90

CB3604) Australia 1939 Halfpenny (Kangaroo Reverse). EF. Cat $190, Price $140

CB3611) Australia 1939 Halfpenny (Kangaroo Reverse). aEF. Price $90

CB345) Australia 1940 Halfpenny, GEM uncirculated. Superb coin with nice original lustre Cat. $1250, price $935
CB347) Australia 1943M Melbourne Halfpenny, Choice Uncirculated. Superb Red Lustre & Bloom, cat $120, price $89
CB346) Australia 1944 Halfpenny, uncirculated full lustre. Terrific coin, scarce date. Cat. $425, price $319
CB300) Australia 1959 Halfpenny GEM uncirculated. Magnificent lustred coin, some nice toning just starting to develop. Cat. $175, price $129
CB2483) Australia 1961 Halfpenny Choice UNC., lovely bronze toning. Price $29
CB301) Australia 1961 Halfpenny, GEM uncirculated. Superb coin with stunning “Rainbow” toning. Cat. $75, price $66
CB302) Australia 1962 Halfpenny, choice uncirculated. Lovely lustred coin with some nice toning beginning to develop. Cat $30, Price $24

CB3497) Australia 1911 – 1964 Penny Collection, most are in better than average condition in Southern Cross Maroon & Gold Album. Missing only the 3 rare dates, 1925, 1930 and 1946.  75 coins. Price $295

CB517) Australia 1911 Penny, GEM uncirculated. Brilliant original lustre coin, cat. $2250, price $1195
CB114) Australia 1912 1d A/UNC. Lovely deep chocolate coin with small amount of lustre on reverse. Cat. $300, price $249

CB2605) Australia 1914 1d GEF Part Lustre. Price: $525
CB2833) Australia 1918 1d GF Nice chocolate coloured coin. Price $27.50

CB3308) Australia 1918 Penny, gF. Price $28

CB3511) Australia 1918 Penny, aVF. Price $28

CB2447) Australia 1920 NO DOTS 1d F. Price: $95

CB2448) Australia 1920 NO DOTS 1d GF. Price: $225

CB2450) Australia 1920 NO DOTS 1d F. Price: $95

CB2854) Australia 1920 Penny, no dots. Good fine with 6 pearls. Cat $125 for fine. Price $59

CB3397) Australia 1920 Penny, NO DOTS, Fine. Cat. $125, Price $94.

CB3398) Australia 1920 Penny, NO DOTS, Almost Fine. Price $60

CB3669) Australia 1922 Penny, aVF. Price $27
CB3671) Australia 1922 Penny, gEF. Price $325

CB3399) Australia 1923 Penny, VF. Cat. $50 Price $37.50

CB1448) Australia 1925 Penny, good VF, showing 6 pearls and part centre diamond. Great fault free coin, price $625

CB1435) Australia 1925 Penny. About EF, 8 pearls & centre diamond visible. Price $625

CB2693) Australia 1925 Penny, lovely chocolate coloured vf coin, 6 pearls and near complete centre diamond. Small planchette flaw to tight of King’s neck. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (coin easily removeable if required) Price $450

CB2694) Australia 1925 Penny, lovely coffee coloured vf coin, 6 pearls and near complete centre diamond. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (coin easily removeable if required) Price $450

CB3244) Australia 1929 1d, gVF. Price $37.50

CB3690) Australia 1931 Penny, aEF. Price $95
CB2346) Australia 1931 1d Good EF 8 pearls visible. Price: $279

CB3325) Australia 1932 Penny, gVF. Price $43.50

CB75) Australia 1932 Penny, choice uncirculated, with full original lustre. Cat. $1500, price $1295
CB3667) Australia 1933 Penny, gEF. Price $60

CB3516) Australia 1934 Penny, aUnc. Cat $120, Price $90

CB250) Australia 1934 1d “GEM” Superb fault free full original lustre coin. As close to perfection as you will find. Cat. $1450, price $1195

CB2832) Australia 1935 1d AEF, 6 full pearls, other two just visible and full centre diamond. Lovely light chocolate coloured coin. Price $ 27.50
CB3672) Australia 1935 Penny, aUnc. Cat $100, Price $75

CB3578) Australia 1935 Penny, EF. Cat $45, Price $33.75

KCB8) Australia 1936 Penny, good EF, nice chocolate colour, some lustre remaining. Price $35

CB294) Australia 1948M Melbourne Penny 1d Gem Uncirculated. Full lustre Coin cat. $250, Price $195

CB2352) Australia 1949 Penny VF with HUGE Planchette flaw across neck and into FIDEI at right. Striking error. Price $475

CB150) Australia 1949 Penny, nice uncirculated with lustre.  Cat. $55 price $39

CB2352) Australia 1949 1d Planchette Flaw. Price: $475

CB1399) Australia 1952 Melbourne Penny, Choice Uncirculated with lovely Red Lustre. Price $95

CB3319) Australia 1955 Penny, UNC/aUnc. Price $41.25

CB3295) Australia 1955Y. Mule Penny, VF. $150

CB1474) Australia 1959 Melbourne Penny, choice uncirculated. Nice lustred coin with light deep rose-coloured toning, price $249

CB3298) Australia 1964M Penny, GEM Uncirculated. Cat $150 Price $125


CB3540) Australia 1910 Threepence, aUnc. Cat $75, Price $56.99

CB2193) Australia 1912 3d VG. Price: $112.50

B3203) Australia 1917 3d, GVF. Price $49

CB3190) Australia 1917 3d, aEF. Price $49

CB2467) Australia 1926 3d, uncirculated with original lustre. Lovely coin. Price $295

CB3225) Australia 1927 3d, Unc. Cat. $350. Price $262.50

CB92) Australia 1936 3d brilliant uncirculated, cat. $165, Price $115

CB349) Australia 1936 3d Super quality uncirculated. Renniks Catalogue is out of whack on this coin, with a catalogue of only $165 for unc. Full lustre and bloom, not quite choice. Price $185

CB2251) Australia 1936 3d GEF. Price: $42.25
CB2263) Australia 1939 3d GEF. Price: $26.25

CB3229) Australia 1940 3d, gEF. Price $40

CB576) Australia 1942 Melbourne 3d, almost uncirculated. Rare coin with lustre. Cat $1250, price $995

CB2285) Australia 1942S 3d CHUNC. Price: $75

CB309) Australia 1944S San Francisco USA Mint 3d GEM uncirculated. Superb original full lustre & bloom coin ex mint roll. Cat $150, price $115

CB312) Australia 1944S San Francisco USA Mint 3d GEM uncirculated. Superb original full lustre & bloom coin ex mint roll. Cat $150, Price $115
CB310) Australia 1944S San Francisco USA Mint 3d GEM uncirculated. Superb original full lustre & bloom coin ex mint roll. Cat $150, Price $115
CB311) Australia 1944S San Francisco USA Mint 3d GEM uncirculated. Superb original full lustre & bloom coin ex mint roll. Cat $150, price $115

CB313) Australia 1948M Melbourne 3d GEM uncirculated. Beautiful lustred Coin ex mint roll, cat. $150, RARE con in this condition and catalogue is too low. Price $169
CB314) Australia 1948M Melbourne 3d GEM uncirculated. Beautiful lustred Coin ex mint roll, cat. $150, RARE con in this condition and catalogue is too low. Price $169
CB296) Australia 1948M Melbourne 3d GEM uncirculated. Beautiful lustred Coin ex mint roll, cat. $150, RARE con in this condition and catalogue is too low. Slightly better, price $189
CB315) Australia 1951 PL 3d, Superb Gem Uncirculated. Lovely coin with full lustre and bloom, cat$125, price $95

CB3227) Australia 1954 3d, Unc. Die Crack adjacent to Beth. Price $188

CB3230) Australia 1955 3d, ChUnc. Cat. $65 Price $49

CB322) Australia 1960 3d GEM uncirculated. Brilliant coin with full lustre and bloom. Cat. $70, price $49

CB321) Another as above, $24

CB317) Australia 1964 3d, GEM Uncirculated. Brilliant full lustre and bloom, impossible to improve on. Cat. $50, price $35

CB19) Australia 1912 6d in almost extremely fine condition. Cat $550 as EF, this one $379

CB2704) Australia 1919 6d. full & bloom choice uncirculated. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (Coin easily removeable) Price $2150

CB1916) Australia 1926 6d AUNC. Price: $150

CB3176) Australia 1928 6d, VF. Cat. $100. Price $75

CB288) Australia 1934 6d, superb Choice Unc. With great original lustre and mint bloom. Hard to fault this one. Cat. $2000, price $1495

CB285) Australia 1954 6d, “Gem” Uncirculated. Top coin with original lustre & bloom, price $125
CB3174) Australia 1955 6d, aUnc. Cat $35. Price $26.25
CB2042) Australia 1956 6d AUNC. Price: $33.75

CB2054) Australia 1959 6d UNC. Price: $26.25
CB3175) Australia 1959 6d, Unc. Cat. $50. Price $37.50
CB323) Australia 1963 6d, “Gem” Uncirculated. Top coin with original lustre & bloom, price $125
CB324) Another as above, price $125
CB326) Another as above, price $125

CB327) Australia 1963 6d, choice uncirculated. Lovely coin with original lustre & bloom, Cat. $50, price $29

CB2500) Australia 1912 1/- GEF. Price: $1150
CB2501) Australia 1913 1/- GEF. Price: $965
CB2503) Australia 1915 1/- AUNC. Price: $2250

CB1373) Australia 1915 London 1/- nice original toning, good VF. 8 pearls and centre diamond visible. Price $695

CB20) Australia 1920 1/- in Extremely Fine condition. Cat. $475, price $410

CB2509) Australia 1920 1/- GEF. Price: $625
CB2510) Australia 1921 1/- Star GEF. Price: $1400
CB3703) Australia 1922 Shilling, aEF. Price $130

CB2512) Australia 1924 1/- EF. Price: $375
CB2513) Australia 1925 1/- GVF. Price: $70

CB1451) Australia 1925 Shilling uncirculated, with superb original lustre. Price $485

CB2547) Australia 1928 1/- GEF. Price: $685
CB2516) Australia 1931 1/- GEF. Price: $160
CB2517) Australia 1933 1/- GEF. Price: $2475

CB454) Australia 1933 Shilling, fine condition. 4 pearls visible, cat. $175, price $119

CB2519) Australia 1935 1/- AUNC. Price: $220

CB1374) Australia 1935 1/-, nice lustrous AUNC coin. Price $375
CB2701) Australia 1935 1/-. lovely fully lustred choice uncirculated coin. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (Coin easily removeable) Price $675
CB2527) Australia 1943 1/- GVF. Price: $35

CB1774) Australia 1952 1/- CHUNC Condition. Price: $80
CB2546) Australia 1953 1/- EF. Price: $45

CB2538) Australia 1958 1/- CHUNC. Price: $40
CB365) Australia 1960 Shilling, GEM uncirculated. Full original lustred coin ex. mint roll, cat. $150, price $110
CB333) Australia 1960 Shilling, choice uncirculated. Lovely lustred coin, cat. $70, price $59
CB332) Australia 1962 Shilling, choice uncirculated, lovely example. Cat. $50, price $35

KCB4) Australia 1962 Melbourne Proof Shilling, about FDC, fully lustred coin, cat $160, price $79
CB2502) Australia 1963 Melbourne Proof Shilling, about FDC, fully lustred coin, cat $200, price $99

CB3691) Australia 1914H Florin (Birmingham Mint), Almost EF. Full Centre Diamond & All 8 Pearls are visible. Price $1220

CB634) Australia 1927 Canberra Florin. Nice uncirculated with lustre. Cat. $225, price $119

CB2470) Australia 1932 Florin, nice Fine obverse VF reverse. Price $735

CB1403) Australia, 1934/5 Vic. Cent. Florin, Gem! original lustre. Superb coin, price $2250

CB253) 1934/5 Victoria Centenary Florin with full original lustre, GOOD UNC. price $725

CB37) Australia 1934 Florin Almost Uncirculated, very lightly toned with original lustre. Price $395

CB37) Australia 1934 Florin in Uncirculated condition. Nicely toned and with original lustre. Lovely coin. Cat. $1250. Price $995

CB1470) Australia 1936 Florin, Choice Uncirculated. Superb coin with original lustre. Price $625
CB3692) Australia 1936 Florin, aEF. Price $32

CB2689) Australia 1939 Florin Lustrous GOOD EF Coin. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (coin easily removeable if required) Price $495

CB141) Australia 1943S Florin UNC. Cat. $150, price $110

CB498) Australia 1943S Florin. Lovely fully lustred almost uncirculated coin. Price $45
CB2477) Australia 1963 Florin PROOF. Superb fully lustred coin, price $195
CB159) Australia 1963 Florin CHOICE Uncirculated with full lustre and bloom. Cat. $110, price $85

CB160) As above, uncirculated, cat. $35, price $25

Australian Decimal
CB3520) Australia Bulk 1c & 2c coins, 1kg – Approx. 250 coins per kg. Many appear uncirculated! Price $28.50

CB673) Australia 1976 RAM unc. coin year set. In original red display wallet. Price: $57.50

CB3093) Australia BU 1977 Silver Jubilee Commemorative Medallion. Price $90.00

CB1336) Australia 1979 RAM unc. coin year set. In original Red Wallet. Price: $43.50
CB571) Australia 1982 XII Commonwealth Games Brisbane 1982 Royal Australian Mint Unc. in original wallet. Price: $21.50

CB694) Australia 1988 RAM Proof $2 Coin. In original packaging with certificate. Price: $34

CB1280) Australia 1994 RAM Commemorative One Dollar Decade Uncirculated $1 Royal Melbourne Mintmark coin. In original display wallet. Price: $25
CB3494) Australia 1995 $1 Waltzing Matilda, Mintmark ‘C’ uncirculated in RAM folder. Cat $35 Price $26.25

CB361) Australia BU 1995 $1 Mintmark ‘M’ Waltzing Matilda in wallet as issued. Price $30

CB650) Australia BU 1995 $1 Mintmark ‘S’ Waltzing Matilda in wallet as issued. Price $30

CB654) Australia 1995 4 x $1 “Waltzing Matilda” set of all four mintmarks: ‘B’ ‘C’ ‘M’ ‘S’. Cat. $155 for the set. Price $115

CB362) Australia 1996 Parkes $1 mintmark “M” in presentation card as issued. Melbourne Mintmark is the scarcest. Price $39

CB213) Australia 2001 Australia the silver millennium coin 1oz. In original packaging with Certificate. Price: $77.50

CB3004) Australia BU 2003 $1 Vietnam War in wallet as issued. Price $30
CB2331) Australia 2005 Sherwood End of World War II 60th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Pack. In Original Packaging. Price: $65

CB1482) Australia 2006 XVIII Commonwealth Games set of 16 UNC 50c coins in presentation cards as issued. Price: $445
CB1488) Australia 2006 XVIII Commonwealth Games set of 4 UNC 50c coins in presentation booklet insert as issued. Includes: Cycling, Hockey, Athletics and Aquatics. Price: $95
CB1497) Australia 2006 DCPL Australian Square Pattern Collection set of 24 Square Pattern Proof coins. Price: $1375
CB743) Australia 2006 RAM Commonwealth Games set of 3 Stamp Ingots. Gold Plated, Silver Plated and Bronze Plated). In original packaging. Price: $88.50
CB3523) Australia 2008 $1 Mary Mackillop UNC  coin in card as issued. Cat. $85 Price $63.75
CB818) Australia 2018 RAM XXI Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Three Proof set of 3 Coins ($1 Copper, $5 Fine Silver and $10 Gold Plated Fine Silver). In original packaging. With Certificate. Price: $343.50

Coins other than Australia
CB3696) Bahamas 1974 Proof Set in case as issued w/ COA - $5 & $2 Coins are .925 Silver and $1 & 50c Coins are .800 Silver. Price $225

CB3419) Bahamas 1974 Proof Set. Coins in case as issued but no longer heat wrapped in plastic. $94

CB3695) Barbados 1973 Proof Set in case as issued w/ COA - $5 & $10 coins are .800 & .925 Silver Respectively. Price $170

CB3422) British Virgin Islands 1974 Proof Set in Case as Issued w/ COA. Price $62.50

CB3423) Canada 1976 Montreal Olympics set of four uncirculated silver PROOF coins in case as issued. $270

CB3424) Canada 1976 Montreal Olympics set of four uncirculated silver coins in case as issued. $225

CB3446) Cook Islands 1975 “Coins of the Cook Islands” Proof set of 7 coins in case as issued w/ COA. Price $75

CB2845) Cook Is. 1976 Proof set in case of issue and outer cardboard sleeve, with certificate. Includes $5 Kingfisher .500 silver 1oz coin. Price $62.50
CB3218) Cook Islands BU 2004 50c Ned Kelly Collector Coin in Card. Price $37.50

CB3425) Ethiopia 1977 “National Coinage of Ethiopia” Five Coin Proof Set in case as issued w/ COA. Price $125

CB3675) Great Britain 1862 – 1956 Collection of 10 farthings. Dates Included: 1862, 1905, 1910, 1916, 1929, 1932, 1935, 1939, 1946, 1956. Price $59

CB3736) Great Britain 1888 Farthing, very nice condition for its age. Price $40

CB587) GB 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Copper medallion. Length: 55mm Weight: 74.5g. Price: $69

CB588) GB 1902 Edward VII Crowned 9 August, Coronation Brass Medallion. Length: 54mm Weight: 77.5g. Price: $98

CB3737) Great Britain 1907 Threepence, pretty good condition. Price $25

CB3632) Great Britain 1936 – 1937 Farthings – Last year of George V & First year of George VI. Price $30

CB1094) GB 2015 Royal Mint Britannia's Renaissance 12g Brilliant Uncirculated £2 coin. In original packaging. Price: $95

CB3426) Guyana 1976 Proof Set in Case as issued by the Franklin Mint w/ COA. $75

CB3427) Guyana 1977 “Coinage of Guyana” Six Coin Proof Set in case as issued w/ COA. Price $110

CB3428) Liberia 1978 “Proof Coinage of Liberia” Eight Coin Proof Set in case as issued w/ COA. Price $160 (2 available)

CB3429) Malta 1976 Decimal Proof Set in Case as issued by the Franklin Mint w/ COA. $80

CB3436) Morocco 1287 (1870 AD) 4 Falus Coin. EF+, Price $449

CB3633) New Zealand 1933 Shilling. gEF. Cat. $110USD for aUnc. Price $70

CB3725) New Zealand 1934 Shilling, EF. Price $27

CB3726) New Zealand 1936 Sixpence, EF. Price $37.50

CB2170) New Zealand 1974 New Zealand Day Proof $1 Coin. Price: $25

CB1599) New Zealand 1984 $1 Chatham Island Black Robin, Uncirculated in clear case. Price $40

CB1575) New Zealand 1985 Royal Mint Uncirculated Year Set. In original Brown Wallet. Price: $58.50

CB1601) New Zealand 1986 $1 Kakapo, Uncirculated in clear case. Price $40

CB1602) New Zealand 1987 $1 ‘National Parks Centennial’, Uncirculated in clear case. Price $40

CB1005a) Niue 2017 Sydney Harbour Bridge 2oz High Relief Fine Silver Proof $5 coin. In original packaging. With Certificate. Front of packaging torn. Price: $250

CB3432) Republic of Panama 1978 20 Balboas Huge 61mm .925 Silver Proof Coin with box & COA. $435

CB3442) Papua New Guinea 1975 Set of Proof Coin Covers up to 1 Kina (Missing 5 & 10 Kina). Price $195

CB3406) Singapore 1968 Uncirculated Coin set in folder. $119

CB3407) Singapore 1972 Year of the Rat Uncirculated Coin set in folder as issued. $275

CB3482) Southern Rhodesia 1953 Crown. Nice condition. Price $149

CB3698) St. Helena 1973 25p Sterling Silver Proof in case as issued. Price $110

CB3435) Trinidad & Tobago 1977 Eight Coin Proof Set in Case with .925 Sterling Silver $5 & $10 coins with COA. $187

CB3438) USA 1941-1965 Lincoln Head cent collection, ungraded. 64 Coins in total (missing 1965 Denver). Price $159

CB3722) USA 1942 Silver Half Dollar. Price $28.95

CB3391) USA 2006 BU Mint Set & BU State Quarter Set, Mintmark ‘P’. $26

CB3392) USA 2006 BU State Quarter Set x 2, Mintmarks ‘P’ & ‘D’. $26 (2 available)

PNC Covers

MAFD636) Australia 2010 Australian Commonwealth Coinage PNC / FDC Price $24 (10 available)

MAFD615) Australia 2012 International Year of the Cooperatives PNC / FDC Price $26.25 (4 available)

MAFD614) Australia 2012 AFL Premiers Sydney Swans PNC / FDC Price $33.75 (4 available)

MAFD623) Australia 2013 AFL Premiers Hawthorn Hawks PNC / FDC Price $31.50 (4 available)

MAFD630) Australia 2017 Bananas in Pyjamas PNC / FDC Price $41.25 (3 available)

MAFD629) Australia 2017 Trans-Australian Railway PNC / FDC Price $26.25 (4 available)

MAFD634) Australia 2018 Porky Pig PNC / FDC Price $33.75 (4 available)

MAFD633) Australia 2018 John Monash PNC / FDC Price $30 (4 available)

MAFD632) Australia 2018 Diwali PNC / FDC Price $24.75 (4 available)

MAFD631) Australia 2018 Christmas Looney Tunes PNC / FDC Price $33.75 (4 available)

MAFD635) Australia 2019 Eureka Stockade PNC / FDC Price $25.50 (4 available)

PNC73) Bhutan 1982 Coins of All Nations Limited Edition Coin & Stamp PNC/FDC. Price $29.95
PNC81) Dominican Republic 1980 Coins of All Nations Limited Coin & Stamp PNC/FDC. Price $29.95
PNC117) South Korea 1979 Coins of All Nations Limited Coin & Stamp PNC/FDC. Price $39.95
SPNC1) Australia/Tuvalu Perth Mint 2013 Australian Songbirds – Green Catbird PNC / FDC. Price $18.75 (5 available)

SPNC2) Australia/Tuvalu Perth Mint 2013 Australian Shelduck PNC / FDC. Price $18.75 (5 available)

SPNC6) Australia 2018 The Magic Pudding PNC / FDC. Price $25.95 (5 available)

SPNC7) Australia 2018 Convict Past PNC / FDC. Price $27.95 (4 available)

SPNC8) Australia 2018 Invictus Games PNC / FDC. Price $35.95 (4 available)

SPNC10) Australia 2018 – 19 Set of 3 Ford PNCs: 2018 Ford 1976 ZH Fairlane Marquis, 2019 Ford 1989 Sierra RS500, 2019 Ford 1981 XD Falcon ‘Tru-Blu’. Price $84.95

SPNC12) Australia 2018-19 Set of 2 Holden’s Motorsport Legends PNCs: 2018 Holden 1972 LJ Torana XU-1, 2019 Holden 1984 VK Commodore. Price $75.95

SPNC3) Australia/Tuvalu Perth Mint 2019 Native Bees PNC / FDC. Price $29.95 (5 available)

SPNC9) Australia 2020 Afghan Cameleers PNC / FDC. Price $16.95 (4 available)

SPNC11) Australia 2020 – 21 Set of 5 Supercars PNCs: 2020 Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R, 2021 Ford XE Falcon, 2021 Holden VS Commodore, 2021 Holden VT Commodore, 2021 Ford BF Falcon. Price $149.99

SPNC4) Australia/Tuvalu Perth Mint 2021 Doves & Pigeons – Superb Fruit-Dove PNC / FDC. Price $18.75

SPNC15) Australia 2023 Poppies of Remembrance limited release PNC 1219/3000. Price $49


BN15) Botswana 1979 set of 5 Uncirculated SPECIMEN Banknotes 1 – 20Pula, all star notes, numbered alike, complete with certificate. Price $349

BN129) Australia 1998 Macfarlane-Evans $100, Last Year Prefix CF98 (R618aL), VF. Cat. $650 Price $487.50

BN170b) Australia 1953 £1 Note, Coombs/Wilson, R33, VF. Price $65.99
BN173b) Australia 1942 £1 Note, Armitage/McFarlane, Light Green R30b, aVF. Price $119
BN176a) Australia 1942 £1 Note, Armitage/McFarlane, Dark Green R30a, VF. Price $109
BN177b) Australia 1942 £1 Note, Armitage/McFarlane, Dark Green R30a, aVF. Price $85
BN171) Australia 1942 £1 Note, Armitage/McFarlane, Light Green R30b, aEF. Price $225

BN172) Australia 1942 £1 Note, Armitage/McFarlane, Light Green R30b, VF. Price $179

BN175) Australia 1942 £1 Note, Armitage/McFarlane, Dark Green R30a, gVF. Price $189

BN184) Australia 1979 4 x $20 Notes, Consecutive Serial Numbers VDY 442838 – VDY 442841. Knight/Stone OCRB serial, R407b. Unc. Price $1300

BN185) Australia 1979 10 x $1 Notes, Consecutive Serial Numbers DEP 089315 – DEP 089324. Knight/Stone, R77. Unc. Price $200

BN191) USA/Iraq Safe Conduct Pass on Fake 25 Dinars Saddam Hussein Note. Unc. Price $39 (2 available)

Medals & Other Collectables

CB3566) 1972 Winter Olympics Commemorative Medal – Speed Skating. Price $40

CB3526) Macquarie Mint “We Will Remember Them” Silver Commemorative Coin & Commemorative Collection Folder. Price $35

CB3527) 1893 Token Celebrating the Marriage of HRH The Duke of York & Princess May of Teck. Decent condition. Price $30

CB3681) Australia 1970 State Savings Bank of Victoria Commemorative Medallion. 34 Grams Sterling Silver. Price $70 (3 available)
CB3683) Australia 1974 Shire of South Barwon Centenary Medallion. 36 Grams Sterling Silver. Price $69 (2 available)
CB3682) Australia 1980 “Melbourne International Centenary Exhibition” Token/Medal. Price $30 (4 available)
CB3686) Canada 1978 “Klondike Mike Salutes” Edmonton Trade Dollar. Price $30
CB3620) Brazil 1979 29 Grams 0.925 Gilted Silver Medallion, for the Universal Postal Union. Price $69

CB3629) 1902 Edward VII Coronation, British-Boer War “Peace with Honor” Cross Shaped Medallion. Price $50

CB3630) Brazil 1979 40mm, 35 Grams 0.900 Gilted Silver Medallion, for the Universal Postal Union – In Box as issued. Price $80

CB3635) Sydney 2000 Olympics – 20 Assorted Coins – Gold Medallists & Olympic Heroes. Price $40

please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

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