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SAPS1) South Australia 1908 US Fleet Visit, superbly illustrated on 1d Commonwealth of Australia stationery card. Very rare in this as issued mint condition. We have three of these available!

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G676) Australia 1927 SM watermark perf 14 KGV 4d Olive plate 4 Ash imprint pair with variety ‘Diagonal white line on King’s neck’ BW 115(4)z(pair), centred low, lightly hinged Mint

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G724) Australia 1924 Single watermark KGV 1½d Scarlet Electro 23 No imprint (Mullett) block of 4 with variety ‘White scratch through left wattles’ BW 89(23)za, some light gum tone spots, Mint with some hinge remains, Cat $400

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G671) Australia 1915 Single watermark KGV ½d Emerald Electro 7 Harrison one line imprint block of 4 BW 63(7)z, hinge re-enforcing Mint, Cat $950

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G731) Australia 1928 SM watermark perf 13½ x 12½ KGV surcharge TWO PENCE on 1½d Golden scarlet N over A Ash imprint block of 4 BW 101(1)za, Mint, Cat $60

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AFD3094A) Australia FDC 1963, WCS, Commemorating the Royal Visit, brown, blue & navy cachet, unaddressed

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AFD3093A) Australia FDC 1965, WCS, Commemorating the centenary of the birth of Sir John Monash 1865-1931, coloured cachet, unaddressed

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AFD3080A) Australia FDC 1963, Opening of the Commonwealth Pacific Cable, blue, brown & green cachet, unaddressed

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AFD3078A) Australia FDC 1957, Commemorating 100 Years of Self Government in South Australia, brown & blue cachet, unaddressed

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GB709) Great Britain 1855/7 Queen Victoria 1/- Azure Paper, SG 73a. Nice fine used example of a rare stamp cat. £2000

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GB711) Great Britain 1862 Queen Victoria 9d Bistre, SG 86. Lettered J-T, T-J Fine lightly used example with full perfs, well centred. Cancelled by Duplex 28. Cat. £575, rare so fine

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GB725) Great Britain 1876 Queen Victoria 4d Vermilion plate 15, lettered J-E, E-J. Fine used full perf example cancelled by numeral 131. Cat. £525

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GB733) Great Britain 1883 Queen Victoria 1/- Dull Green SG 196. Fine used example lettered C-A, A-C., correct colour. Well centred with full perfs. Cat. £325

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ROW275) Netherlands 1954 Cultural Relief Fund set SG 796-800, CTO, Cat £26

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ROW278) Netherlands 1953 Cultural Relief Fund set SG 764-768, the 6c+4c with small gum scuff, MUH, Cat £35