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Discount Sale
Mid-Late July 2022

Rest of the World 
FIN120) Finland 1963, Airmail 3.00, blue, top marginal example, SG 679, MLH. Price $45
ICE055) Iceland 1937, M/S, 25th Anniversary of Christian X reign, MH with diagonal crease RH corner & some gum toning. Price $49
ICE065) Iceland 1954, set of 3, Hannes Hafstein’s Commemorative set, MUH. Price $62
ITL046) Italy 1910 set of 2, Giuseppe Garibaldi, MUH aged gum, red (15¢) & green (5¢) Price $75
ITL053) Italy 1925, 25th Year of the Reign of Victor Emmanuel III, set of 3 MLH aged gum. Price $117
ITL060) Italy 1930, set of 9, 2000th Anniversary birth of Virgil, MLH aged gum. Price $122
ITL069) Italy 1936, set of 8, 2000th Anniversary birth of Horace, MLH. Price $99
ITL075) Italy 1945 set of 23, Democracy, MLH. Price $1250.00
ITL076) Italy 1948, set of 6, 100th Anniversary of the 1848 Uprisings, MLH. Price $560
ITL079) Italy 1948, 35L purple, Express Stamp 100th Anniversary of the 1848 Uprisings MUH. Price $145
ITL004) Italy 1949, 100th Anniversary of the Roman Republic, brown L.100, fine used cds. Price $147
ITL005) Italy 1949, set of 2, 5 & 15 Lire, dark green & violet, ERP - Help, fine used cds.  Price $29.50
ITL093) Italy 1949, 20L green, Reconstruction of the Holy Trinity Bridge - Florence, MLH. Price $29
ITL091) Italy 1949, 150th Anniversary of the Invention of the Voltaic Pile, MLH. Price $186
ITL088) Italy 1949, 20L blue, 2nd World Health Congress - Rome, MLH. Price $70
ITL084) Italy 1949, set of 3, European Reconstruction Programme, MLH. Price $219
ITL083) Italy 1949, 50L blue, 75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union, MLH. Price $117
ITL081) Italy 1949, set of 4, Biennial Art Exhibition of Venice, MLH. Price $114
ITL105) Italy 1950, set of 7, Italy Working 40L – 200L, MUH. Price $128
ITL104) Italy 1950, set of 12, Italy Working 1L – 50L, MUH. Price $47
ITL100) Italy 1950, green, 900th Anniversary death of Arezzo, MLH. Price $35
ITL097) Italy 1950, set of 2. International Shortwave Radio Conference - Florence, MLH. Price $378
ITL096) Italy 1950, 20L green, 400th Anniversary death of Ferrari, MLH. Price $29
ITL095) Italy 1950, set of 2. 5th General Conference of UNESCO, MUH. Price $105
ITL119) Italy 1951, set of 3, 50th Anniversary death of Verdi, MUH. Price $53
ITL117) Italy 1951, set of 3, 100th Anniversary Sardinia’s first Postage Stamp, MUH. Price $33
ITL112) Italy 1951, set of 2, Triennial Art Exhibition Milan, MLH. Price $81
ITL111) Italy 1951, set of 3, International Gymnastics Competition, MLH. Price $140
ITL110) Italy 1951, 20L green, 500th Anniversary birth of Columbus, MUH. Price $35
ITL109) Italy 1951, 20L blue, International Textile Exhibition - Turin, MUH. Price $35
ITL108) Italy 1951, set of 2, 29th Milan Trade Fair, MLH. Price $134
ITL107) Italy 1951, green, 33rd International Automobile Exhibition - Turin, MUH. Price $30
ITL106) Italy 1951, set of 2, 100th Anniversary of Tuscany’s first stamps, MLH. Price $62
ITL037) Italy set of 3, 1961 Visit of President Gronchi to South America, fine used cds. Price $31
JP306) JAPAN 1919 Trial AIRMAIL FLIGHT 1½ + 3sen SG 196/7, cat. £1050 ( Sk# C22-23, Sc C1-C2) mint lightly hinged. RARE! Price $1450
JP304) JAPAN 1921 50th Anniversary of POSTAL SERVICE set SG 202/5 Scott # 163-166 mint hinged, cat. £360. Some minor toning. Price $329
JP291) Japan 1939 National Parks set, SG 340/3, Fresh Mint Unhinged Blocks of 12. Cat. £240, minor faults affecting only a few, price $399
JP294) Japan 1939 National Parks set, SG 350/3, Mint Lightly Hinged. Cat. £60, price $59
JP299) Japan 1950 5th National Athletic Meeting complete sheet of 5 sets, SG 589/92 hinged at bottom selvedge only. Minor toning affects a few stamps, and some perf separation at base. Scarce! Cat. £640 as single sets. Price $1100
JP298) Japan 1951 Post office Anniv. Minisheet SG 610. Fresh Mint Unhinged, cat £25, price $29 (9 available)
JP300) Japan 1951 6th National Athletic Meeting complete sheet of 10 sets, SG 645/6 hinged at selvedge only. Minor gum wrinkles. Scarce! Cat. £90 as single sets. Price $125 (4 available)
JP301) Japan 1952 Tokyo University SG 687. Complete sheet of 20 Mint Unhinged. Hinged in selvedge only. Minor gum wrinkles. Cat. £420 as singles. Price $615
US99) USA 1897-1903 with triangles colour changes 4c Rose brown, 5c Dark blue & 6c Lake Scott 280-82, mixed centreing, Mint with some hinge remains, Scott Cat US $107.50, Price $69
US100) USA 1897-1903 with triangles colour changes 10c Orange-brown Scott 283, nicely centred, very lightly hinged Mint, Scott Cat US $150, Price $139
US101) USA 1897-1903 with triangles colour changes 15c Olive-green Scott 284, centred a little to the right, lightly hinged Mint, Scott Cat US $150, Price $129


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