Early August 2021


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British Empire and Commonwealth


BC81) Aitutaki 1903-11 Overprints on NZ pictorials SG1-7 MH. CV £110, price $129
BC610a) Bechuanaland Protectorate 1925-7 Overprints on GB KHV Block Cypher MH (remnant on the cheap 2d) part set SG93-4 (two shades) SG96-8, catalogue £105, price $139
DB463) Brunei 1916 3c Scarlet Die II, SG 38. Mint lightly hinged example, centred right. Cat. £130, price $72
BC208) Cape of Good Hope 1853 1d Pale brick-red triangle SG1 used, faults, CV £450, price $150
BC214) Cape of Good Hope 1853 4d Blue triangle SG2 3 Margins VFU, CV £275, price $325
BC213) Cape of Good Hope 1853 1d Brick-red triangle SG3 blunt left corner used CV £350, price $250
BC207) Cape of Good Hope 1853 4d Blue triangle SG4 mint, small thin, some toning and a pressed out crease, CV £1,900, good spacefiller price $695
BC571) Cape of Good Hope 1863 1/- Bright Emerald Green triangle SG21 blunt right corner used CV £700, price $550
BC570) Cape of Good Hope 1863 1/- Bright Emerald Green SG21 2 excellent margins, short left corner used CV £700, price $650
BC180) Ceylon 1857 6d Brown Imperf. SG 6, 4 margins fine used with Barred Cancel. 4 margins are a premium stamp, and hard to find. Cat. £140. Price $259
BC606a) Ceylon 1885 5c on 64c red brown surcharge, SG158 MNG, attractive wing margin example with expertiser’s mark on reverse. Catalogue £140, price $105
BC607a) Ceylon 1885 5c on 48c rose surcharge SG157 used, catalogue £75, price $95
BC128) Ceylon 1935 definitives, SG 368/78. Fresh mint, very lightly hinged, cat. £60, price $60
ML592) Another set as above, $60
ML591) Ceylon 1935-36 KGV 50c Wild Elephants fresh MUH, price $25
BC141) Dominica 1938 Definitives to 5/-, SG 99/108. All mint unhinged, except 3 of the lower values are lightly hinged. Cat. £65. Cheap price $49
BC604a) East India 1867 6a.8p slate MNG SG72, catalogue £100, price $79
BC240) Fiji 1877 6d Carmine-Rose on laid paper SG33a, pen-cancelled block of 4 (hinge reinforcements) CV £168, price $85
BC241) Fiji 1877 6d Rose on laid paper SG33, pen-cancelled block of 4, one unit damaged. CV £152, price $65
BC243) Fiji 1897 1d Rosy mauve SG103c, block of 6, (hinge reinforcements) a couple of shortish perfs, price $39
BC99) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1911 Ovpts. on Fiji, SG 1/7, very fine used. Exceptionally nice set, all with neat Protectorate ds cancels. Cat. £325, price $425
BC93) India 1854 Half Anna Blue Imperfs. Dies 1 & 2, SG Nos. 2 & 6 fine used. The latter with huge margins. Cat. £170. Price $210
JE51) Jersey 2014 New Hersey Landmarks set of 6 & M/S MUH. Price: $27
JE40) Jersey 2015 Island Games set of 14 MUH. Price: $27
JE38) Jersey 2015 WWI Centenary Part 2 Change set of 6 and Sheetlet MUH. Price: $33
JE33) Jersey 2015 Jersey Definitives set of 10 & Christmas set of 8 MUH. Price: $42
JE30) Jersey 2016 RAF Search & Rescue set of 6 & M/S MUH. Price: $33
JE23) Jersey 2016 Popular Culture 1950's set of 6 & M/S MUH. Price: $30
JE14) Jersey 2017 Castle & Forts set of 4 & M/S & Coat of Arms Part 2  MUH. Price: $25
JE12) Jersey 2017 KGVI Royal Legacy Queen Victoria set of 6 & M/S MUH. Price: $35

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