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Early February 2020


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British Empire/Commonwealth

BC603) Antigua 1867 QV 1d Vermilion SG7 MNG, with a small thin in the right margin. CV £250, price $180

BC591) Bahrain 1942 KGVI 3a Bright Violet overprint on India SG45 in a MUH block of 4, three stamps affected by a crease, and minor toning. Cat £88 as MH, price $55

BC590) As above, two stamps affected by a crease, minor toning, $65

BC235) Bermuda 1865-1903 QV wmk Crown CC 2d Bright blue SG4, fresh lightly hinged Mint, a lovely example of this scarce stamp, Cat £475, Price $599

BC236) Bermuda 1865-1903 QV wmk Crown CC 6d Dull purple & 6d Dull mauve, SG 6 & 7, Nice used, Cat £87, Price $79

BC237) British Honduras 1865 QV no wmk 1d Pale blue SG 1, some minor paper adhesions, Mint Cat £70, Price $59

BC594) Burma 1946 KGVI 2r and 5r SG62-63 MLH, Cat £37, price $45

BC654) Burma 1940 KGVI 1a on 2a6p Postage Centenary MH, showing the “birds over tree” variety, SG34a. CV £90, priced at $125

BC593) Burma Interim Government 1947 KGVI 1r and 10r overprinted SG79 & SG82, MUH, Cat £19.50, price $26

BC232) Canada 1897 Jubilee 2c, 3c, 5c & 8c, the 3c has a gum spot and the 5c has paper adhesions, others fresh Mint, mixed centring as usual, Cat £148, Price $79

BC624) Canada 1897 QV Definitives SG141-9 VFU, the 8c has a diagonal crease and isn’t included in the price. Typical centring for these. CV £ַ89, price $119

BC656) Canada 1950 KGVI “G” Overprints SGO191-2 MH with some disturbed gum from page adhesion and priced accordingly. CV £84, price $54

BC657) Canada 1950-52 KGVI “G” Overprints SGO178-90 (ex SGO188) MH with faults and priced accordingly (minor toning, adhesion disturbance, and the 20c is thinned). CV £222, price $97

BC658) Canada 1951 KGVI $1 Ultramarine Fisherman SG433 MH with a small gum disturbance. CV £35, price $25

BC156) Cape of Good Hope 1855 Triangle 4d blue SG 6a two large and one close margins used. Price $99

BC155) Cape of Good Hope 1858 Triangle 1d rose SG 5a two good margins, bottom margin touching to just cut into used. Price $179

BC154) Cape of Good Hope 1863-64 Triangle 1d deep carmine-red variety wmk sideways SG18a, cat £600, three margins but damaged at base, used. Price $129

BC178) Ceylon 1857-59 1d blue on blued paper SG 2b, Cat £225, 4 margins, close at lower left, Fine used, Price $179

BC162) British Guiana 1875-76 24c deep green perf 15 SG 115 FU. Price $129

BC48) Ceylon 1857 6d Purple Brown on Blued paper, SG 1. Nice lightly used 4 margin example, cat. £450. Very rare stamp, under-catalogued. Price $569

BC42) Ceylon 1857 1d Blue Imperf. SG 2a. Nice 3 margin lightly used example, cat. £80. Budget priced, $25

BC611) Dominica 1908 KEVII 2/- Roseau SG44 VFU. CV £32, price $39

BC101) Falkland Island Dependencies 1944-45 overprint sets (South Orkneys 6d has a short perf) + 1946 thick maps set Mint, cat £109. Price $74.50

BC239) Fiji 1891-98 ½d Slate-grey perf 12 SG76 block of 4, multiple cds cancels, odd minor perf fault. Cat £44 as singles, Price $59

BC238) Fiji 1891-98 1d Black perf 11 SG87 block of 4, r/h units have a light vertical bend, lower units MUH, Cat £92 as Mint singles, Price $69

BC613) Gambia 1927 KGV 4d Elephant SG129 MH, with tropicalised gum. CV £29, price $27

BC614) Gambia 1927 KGV 7½d Elephant SG132 MH. CV £26, price $35

BC612) Gibraltar 1889 QV 5p SG33 good used. The key value of the set, this has one nibbed perf, CV £100, price $126

BC623) Gibraltar 1940 KGVI 2d Grey perf 13½ block of 4 MUH. CV for MH £36, so should be double, price $75

BC622) Gilbert & Ellice Islands 1911 KGV Overprints on Fiji set to 6d SG1-6, MNG. CV for MH £187, price $125

BC597) Hong Kong 1885 QV 20c on 30c Orange-red MNG, with possible finger mark, Cat £200, price $98

BC631) India 1855 QV ½a Pale Blue Die III FU, two large margins, two close. CV £95, price $129

BC615) India 1895 QV 3r Brown and green SG108 MH with an indistinct blue stain on the gum, apparently under the hinge. CV £80, price $97

BC619) India 1913 KGV 10r and 15r high values SG189-90 FU. CV £58, price $75

BC602) India 1922 KGV 3p Slate SG154 pair MUH/MH with aged gum. The left unit (MUH) is SG154a showing the “Rs” or “Rupee” flaw. CV £41 (should be double for the flaw), price $79

BC592) India 1937 KGVI 10r Purple and claret SG262 MUH, mildly suntanned gum, Cat £35 as MH, price $89

BC616) Jamaica 1919 KGV 2/- Purple and bright blue on blue SG66 MH. A lovely fresh example, CV £27, price $36

BC653) KUT 1954 QEII Definitive High Values, SG178-80 MH. The £1 has some toning on reverse. CV £112, a bargain at $69

BD859) Nauru 1980 Air Nauru set in imperf pairs without denominations in composite proof sheet without gum as issued. Rare. Price $1995

BC618) Nauru 1923 KGV 2d Orange Overprint at bottom SG5 MLH. CV £70, price $95

BC514) New Hebrides 1910 Edw VII DLR overprints ½d Green SG 10, FU, Cat £32, Price $39

BC507) New Hebrides 1911 set to 5/- SG18-28, the ½d & 1d Mint, others fresh unhinged Mint, Cat £110 as mint hinged, Price $179

BC517) New Hebrides set of 9 to 5/- SG 43-51, the 1d, 2d, 5d & 1/- with part imprints, the ½d is hinged, others MUH, some with usual gum tropicalisation, Price $39

BC515) New Hebrides 1925 5/- Green/yellow SG 51, centred to upper left, FU, Price $29

BC508) New Hebrides 1938 Postage Dues overprint set of 5 to 1f SG D6-D10, small paper adhesion on 1f, fresh Mint, Cat £190, Price $229

BC503) New Hebrides 1913 no wmk/RF sheet wmk 50c to 5f SG F28-F32, some hinge remains Mint, Cat £82, Price $99

DB754) New Hebrides 1911 Definitives SG 18/28 complete mint lightly hinged. Some minor gum toning. Cat. £110, Price $119

DB512) New Hebrides 1921 5c on 40c red on yellow SGF34 marginal MH, tropicalised gum, Cat £27 price $24

BC516) New Hebrides 1925 set to 5f SG F42-F52, with duplicates of all values (ex 20c) showing distinctly different shades (or printings?), Mint with several MUH (also a 50c used), odd minor fault, interesting and attractive group, Cat £45, Price $59

BC633) New Hebrides 1925 KGV ½d and 6d values, SG43 and SG48 FU. CV £39, price $52

BC504) New Hebrides 1938 Gold currency set to 2f Mint, the 40c with horizontal crease SG F53-F62, also 10f Mint no gum, Price $129

BC505) New Hebrides 1941 ‘France Libre’ overprint set of 12 to 10f SG F65-F76, all CTO with unhinged gum, couple of values with some gum tropicalisation, Cat £375 as used, Price $399

BC506) New Hebrides 1941 Postage Dues ‘France Libre’ set of 5 to 1f, SG FD77-FD81, the 40c Mint, others CTO with gum, Price $229

DB691) New Zealand KEVII 1910 Officials. 3d, 6d & 1/- mint lightly hinged. SG 074/77. Cat. £88. Cheap at $69

NZ2) New Zealand 1954 QEII set of 14 to 10/- (ex 1/9d which was issued later) Official FDC. Neat hand addressed. Cancelled by cds’s of Wellington 1MR54. Three small tone spots at top not affecting stamps. Price $125

NZ3) New Zealand 1957 1/3d Black & Orange plus 2/6d Brown Queen on Horseback small plain fdc. Typed address to C.A. McFarlane Esq., Director-General, General Post Office, Wellington, C.1. Cancelled by single Wellington cds of 1.JL.57. Few minor age spots, otherwise fine. Price $35

NZ20) New Zealand 1960 Pictorials ½d, 1d & 3d sets of numbered (1 to 6) stitched booklet panes for each denomination plus a single stapled pane for each, hinged onto album pages, CPW8a/c (Y/W/ U) Cat approx NZ $240 for MUH, Price $149

NZ26) New Zealand 1960 Pictorials 3/- Tongariro SG799 in value block of 4 MUH, with “retouch in sky” variety, CP Cat NZ$50, price $36

NZ27) 1960 Pictorials 8d Rata SG789, two MUH blocks of 4 showing the “white flaws in green leaves” variety and the subsequent retouch. CP Cat NZ$54 price $42

NZ21) New Zealand 1967 3c Puarangi complete sheet of 200 plate 2B1B1B1B, appears to include all of the CP plate 2B (blue) listed varieties except for R20/6, cat NZ $180+ as variety singles, couple of minor marginal bends, fresh MUH, Price $119

NZ22) New Zealand 1967 3c Puarangi, another complete sheet with the same plate numbers but with several of the varieties retouched, excellent companion sheet to the previous lot, Price $89

NZ23) New Zealand 1970 5c Scarlet Parrot Fish complete sheet of 200, plate 1A1A1A1A, with sheet value error ‘$12’, See CP P7a, cat value NZ $600 for $12 value block, also another sheet same plate # with the sheet value corrected to $10 for comparison, fresh MUH, scarce and attractive sheets, Price $399

BC661) Nigeria 1953 QEII £1 Lagos SG80 VFU. CV £20, price $25

PNG158) Papua 1935 cover posted ship-side in Papua to Melbourne with Papua 1932 pictorials ½d & 1½d and 50th Anniv 2d affixed, endorsed ‘via Rabaul/Late Fee’ stamps cancelled in Rabaul, interesting cover, Price $85

BC559) Rhodesia 1892/3 6d Blue SG2 fine cds used. Cat. £26, price $32.50

BC544) Rhodesia 1892/3 £1 - £5 SG 10 – 12. £1 & £5 fiscally used, £2 is mint no gum, perfined. Neat trio, price $110

BC558) Rhodesia 1892/3 £10 Brown Arms SG13 part original gum. Perfin. 12 2 01. Cat. £2750 for mint. Price $195

BC149) Rhodesia 1898/1908 £5 Deep Blue Arms, SG 92, perf. “Specimen” vertically. Attractive and fresh unused, most probably had been stuck down on UPU presentation card. Normal mint is cat. £3250. Price $495

BC547) Rhodesia 1909 SG 116/117 7½d & 10d Surcharges, fine cds used. Cat. £29, price $36

BC562) Rhodesia 1910/13 ½d green Double Head SG 119 mint part OG. Cat. £16, price $20

BC563) Rhodesia 1910/13 1/- Double head SG 152 fine cds used, very minor aging. Cat. £24, price $29

BC567) Rhodesia 1913/19 3d Black & Yellow Admiral Die 1, P14, SG 210. Cat. £25, price $31.50

BC565) Rhodesia 1913/19 8d Violet & Green Admiral Die II fine mint OG, SG 213a, Cat. £5500, price $6,775.00

BC566) Rhodesia 1913/19 1/- Black & Turquoise Blue Admiral Die II SG 233, fine mint. Centred to lower left, cat. £22, price $20

BC564) Rhodesia 1919 5d Black & Pale Green Admiral Die III SG 263 fine mint. Cat. £14 price $20

BC600) Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1959-62 Definitives set of 15 SG18-31 MLH, price $75

BC626) St Lucia 1938 KGVI 2/-, 5/- and 10/ high values, SG136-8 MH. CV £56, price $79

BC41) St. Vincent 1861 1d Rose Red SG 1 Double Perfs. at top! Mint with small part original gum. Price $149

BC598) Samoa 1886 1/- Bisect on piece, SG25a, correctly cancelled in blue with May 19 95 Apia CDS. Price $175

BC629) Sierra Leone 1885 QV 6d Dull Violet SG35 used. CV £26, price $29

BC595) Singapore 1948 $5 KGVI Green and brown SG15 VFU commercially used block of 4, price $75

BC596) As above, another block of 4, price $75

BC251) South Africa – Orange Free State 1909-04 Edw VII wmk Crown CA 1/- Scarlet & bistre and 5/- blue & brown SG 146 – 147, both are fresh Mint with light hinge remainders, Cat £210, Price $249

BC908) South Africa 1936 Jipex miniature sheets with different advertisement arrangements: ½d x 1, 1d x 2, used, one of each value with Exhibition cancel (3 mini sheets) Price $39

BC907) South Africa selection of 1936 Jipex covers including mini sheet set of 2 on one registered Official cover (some creasing), additional ½d mini sheet on Official cover, two covers with Exhibition Cinderellas, one in red, blue & green, the other red, green & gold, all with exhibition postmarks, attractive group (5 covers), Price $49

BC909) South Africa 1936-37 Jipex special Airmail post card to Sydney with ½d Springbok tied by Exhibition cancel, during the Exhibition a special worldwide Airmail rate of ½d applied, with 'LAST DAY CANCEL' stamp applied in red, attractive and unusual, Price $79

BC910) South Africa 1936-37 Jipex special Airmail 'Boomerang' post card to WA with ½d Springbok tied by Exhibition cancel, then re-directed to South Africa with 2d Cable affixed to pay the return surface postage. During the Exhibition a special worldwide Airmail rate of ½d applied, attractive and unusual, Price $99

BC627) South Africa 1949 KGVI 5/- Ox-wagon SG122 block of 4 used. A few minor surface rubs, but a scarce block. CV £160, priced at $179

BC47) Sudan 1897 SG 1a Inverted Overprint. Fine used example, only priced as mint in SG at £225. Price $249

BC655) Tristan da Cunha 1952 KGVI Overprints on St Helena part set to 1/-, SG1-9 MH. CV £30, price $32

BC659) Tristan da Cunha 1954 QEII Definitives SG14-27 VFU. CV £42, price $55

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