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Discount Sale
Mid - Late June 2024


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Collections, Lots, Packets & Mixtures

IMPORTANT! When buying collections and lots you are buying at a fraction of retail for the individual stamps. There are times when some stamps may not be perfect; we simply do not have time to check every item. We regret that we are not able to accept individual stamps or sets for return from these lots. Our 14 day guarantee covers return of complete lots for credit only against future purchases, not for a refund.
Important: Packets and mixtures are not returnable for any reason. Our mixtures are sold as received and unchecked by us. Expect duplication, unless stated as all different.

CMM1) Amazing AAT Collection 1988 - 2001 housed in 4 top quality Gibbons Red Springback Albums. 2 x Senator and 2 x Philatelic. Comprises mint unhinged sets, minisheets and sheetlets, plus sets of Base FD Covers, Postcards  and Maxicards. Appears complete for the period with se items in blocks of 4. Also Mawson's Hut souvenir items, signed cards & cover to stamp designer etc.  360 plus distinct items, with very high original cost, face value and retail. Beautiful! Less than $5 per item. $1795
CMM6) New Zealand 1953 - 1966 in Red Padded Seven seas Hingeless Album pages 1953 to 1986, cost new near $300 alone! Stamps are near complete mint unhinged, inc. Healths, some of the minisheets and a few other are lightly hinged.  No Queen on Horseback but plus a few decimals not counted. Retail of stamps is $325. Offering at $249, the album comes free!

CMM8) Bundle of 5 near new Lighthouse 32 black page stockbooks, retail $50 each. 3 black, 1 green 1 red. These contain  modest collections of mostly different used Jamaica, Monaco, Myanmar, Nepal, Slovenia & Sri Lanka, plus a few others. Asking the new price of the albums only, all of the stamps (Around 500) come free. $249.

CMM10) Nauru, 1914 - 1988 mint & used, most unhinged in near new $295 Green Padded Ka-Be Hingeless Album. Many extra too, inc. used stamps to 1998. Noted KGV to 9d, Freighters to 2/6d etc, very god degree of completeness. Just pay for the album, the lovely collection is free! $295
CMM13) Straits Settlements, Malaysia huge mainly usedcollection on leaves in Black Arch Lever folder. Commences 1892 with Straits x about 100, values to $1,  then a whole page of tigers to 50c, 35 to 40 here. Good degree of completion in Malaysia then to about 2005, then lots of States with much earlier, values to $1, and a few Japanese Occupation issues. 2400 - 2500 here, mostly all different. Has to be worth 20c a stamp. $489 CMD2) Australia 1913 – 2008 on Seven Seas Hingeless Pages and on Hagners plus some homemade,  in 5 ring binders. Kangaroos & KGV Heads are sparse, with values to 2/- & 1/4d respectively. Noted 1914 6d Claret Kookaburrra cto. Later includes most KGVI values to £1 Robes & £2 Arms mint unhinged or used, then QEII Pre-decimal mint unhinged, near complete to £1 1953 - 1965. (Navigators are used, with 10/- & £1 White Papers) Decimals are near complete fine used, some unused 1966 - 2008, with some minor duplication (no more than 2 of anything) Noted a full set of 2006 Commonwealth Games fine used. Also many Internationals. A fine lot, with 1000’s of stamps neatly organised. Very good value at $1195
CMD3) 1977 Royal Commonwealth Society, collection QE2 Silver Jubilee FDC's. Every time we get one of these it sells almost immediately. Very nicely designed covers from the Crown Agents Omnibus. Originally priced at $6.95 each plus $50 for the very nice Silver & Red Album = over $400 45 plus years ago! Many good complete sets and values to £1. Retail I have seen elsewhere is DOUBLE this. All are UNADDRESSED and with full page write-ups as you can see. 54 different covers, all in Mylar protective sleeves. Around a THIRD of the issued price. $149
CMD4) Bulk lot of Hong Kong used in Large Blue Stockbook. 1980’s/90’s x many sets/part sets of Wilding Machin & Annigoni portraits of HM QEII to $50 X 16 example. Also pages of KGV – QEII small definitives with values to $1 and some 1930’s to 1960’s commems. at the back. Guestimate of around 1400 – 1500 stamps all up. Great for the postmark/variety hunter! A steal at about 10c a stamp. Price $149
CMJN6) APO 88 Australian World Exhibition Issue of The Collection of 1987 Australian Stamps. Only sold at the Australian Pavilion in Brisbane. Includes all MUH stamps as issued. Seen elsewhere on eBay at $350. Price $295. (2 available)

CMJN7) Br. Solomon Is., decent clean collection, mint & used in large green stockbook. Organised chronologically. A few KGV era, then probably around 75% complete QEII 1953 – 2006 with many complete sets, much is postally used. A few minor condition issues but most are fine. Postally used is rarely seen. Must be around 600 all different. Got to be worth $295

CMJN8) Malta. Very nice mint & used collection 1902 – 2009 in two large stockbooks. Organised chronologically. Noted 1949 UPU MUH, but most nice postally used and appears 75% – 85% complete with many, many complete sets. A lovely clean lot. 1350 -1450 all different. Well worth $695

CMM1) World pre-1952 off paper mix, a very good mixture of Empire & Foreign, very high count with approx. 15,000 per kg. Great for searching perfs, varieties, shades, postmarks etc.  Approx 500 $59, per 1000 $110

CMM2) Tasmania Pictorials, 1d Rose Red Mount Ellington Pictorial bulk unchecked by us but appear to be all Electrotype 1905 – 1911 printing. Could be postmark interest, variety & perforation variances. Did notice the odd perf. T.  100 for $29, 250 for $69, 500 for $129

CMM3) Tasmania Pictorials, 2d Plum Hobart Pictorial bulk unchecked by us but appear to be all Electrotype or Litho.  1905 – 1912 printings. Could be postmark interest, variety & perforation variances. 100 for $29, 250 for $69, 500 for $129

CMM5) West Germany 1956- 1969 in as new Safe Black Hingeless Album retail $350 plus. 1956/7 a bit sparse, but 99% complete from 1958. Has come in from Germany, so we know how fussy they are over condition, and this is superb! Retail of the stamps is $680, plus the album = a replacement value of over $1000.  Price under 60% of that, even less after our generous discount scheme! $595

CMM6) West Berlin 1949 – 1976 fine postally used cds examples in Burgundy Safe Hingeless Album, retail $350 plus and near new. Postally used is of course much harder to locate than mint or cto. Would be about 90% complete for the period. Has come in from Germany, so we know how fussy they are over condition, and this is almost all superb! Retail of the stamps is $850 plus and with the album we have a replacement cost of around $1200. Very good value at $659

CMM7) Denmark 1852 – 1979 fine postally used plus a few mint in Burgundy Lighthouse Classic Album & Slipcase, near new, cost $300 plus. Also 2 x 2004 Royal Wedding packs. Listed retail of the stamps is $3000 plus and would be 75% complete. A total replacement value here then of $3300 +. Price less than a half $1595

CMS4) China, People’s Republic. Brand new collection 2016 – 2021. 200 Different Mint Unhinged  in complete sets & minisheets. We previously had similar 100 different 2012 – 2015, these sold put very quickly. Roughly 50 different sets, Priced around $3.30 a set, $165 (5 available)  Save $15 and pay only $150 if purchased with a new 32 or 64 page stockbook!

CMS19) Southern Africa 1980 – 1984 FDC coll. in 3 large FDC albums in 3 x near new padded FDC albums – 2 x Gibbons and retail $50 each new. Superb attractive collection of 120 different FDC inc Mini Sheets and gorgeous sets of stamps, the great albums are 'Free'! An almost NEVER seen offered area out here, and the early issues are REALLY scarce. Bought well in an Estate of Southern Africa. Comprises South Africa x 52, SWA x 16, Ciskei x 10, Venda x 11, Transkei x 19, Bophuthatswana x 13. Includes a few 1st Flight Covers. 123 in all, mostly official unaddressed covers. We also have a good stock from the same source of later issues, if you wanted to carry on the collections. Priced a tad over $2 a cover, with 3 very nice albums thrown in. $269

CMJE3) World Mish-mash, on & off paper, in packets, odd cover etc. Most postally used, few mint & cto. Exactly as received from Nationwide Charity Appeal. About 1kg, could be anything. Probably 10,000 stamps. Has to be worth 2.5c a stamp. About 1kg for $249

CMM5) Channel Islands Guernsey, Jersey & and maybe a few Isle of Man, great selection of 25 different unhinged complete sets. Price $49. 50 different sets for $125, 100 different sets for $295. (The 50 and 100 different sets will include better, and minisheets)

CMD8) Terrific World mainly postally used collection in Red, Green Gold Rapkin “Triumph” album with 10 full page maps. Many thousands of mostly all different stamps here from early imperfs to about the mid. 1960’s. Little, if anything removed, a few may have fallen out and are loose between pages. Very good Austria, Belgium, Canada with some nice mint imprints and blocks, Czechoslovakia, France & Colonies, Germany, Great Britain with Seahorses to 5/-, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia Airs & red Cross, Romania with 1931 Scouts set mint lightly hinged, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Tuva & USA. 350 plus pages. Must be 3000 to 3500 stamps at a guess. Still, plenty of spaces to fill. Good value at around 35c a stamp. $1175

CMD9) Santa Tin, very colourful! Contains Worldwide booklets, with emphasis on Switzerland Charity issues. Also, Finland, Denmark, USA, Germany, Gibraltar, IOM etc. 67 booklets from about 1960’s to 1996.  Good value lot with some high denominations. Great as a starter lot for World booklets. Price $449

CSE7) Australia Territories & Pacific Aerogrammes, by the Kilogram! Wide range of mint and FDC used decimal, some higher face values here. Great value at about 25c each. Some duplication. Start a new collection at bargain basement prices. Roughly 250 in 1kg for $62.50.
CSE8) Worldwide complete sheets, mostly good thematics. By the Kilogram. Wide range of mint unhinged and cto used. Some in complete sets. Sheet sizes from 15 to 50 of a stamp. Mostly 1970’s – 1990’s. All large and colourful. No Arab States. Paper the Den or spare room! Under 5c a stamp. Good value at $249 per kg.
CSE9) Australian Territories and Pacifics, 100 different postally used. May include AAT, Christmas Is., Cocos (Keeling) Is., Norfolk Is., Nauru, Samoa, Pitcairn, Cook Is., Fiji.  Very hard to find postally used. Price $49
CSE15) Norfolk Is. Commercial mail. All small envelopes mostly Airmail to Sydney, 1970’s and ‘80s. Includes a range of better values. Hard to source. Some a bit aged. Mostly to Doubleday Book club, plus councils, insurance companies and individuals. 28 pieces in total, cheap at under $3 each. $75.
CSE18) Australia Pre-stamped envelopes, mint. Wide range of issues with values to 45c. Cheap lot, 100 different for $39
CJU17) Norfolk Is. Decimals 1966-2002 compete mint unhinged, housed in as new Seven Seas Hingeless Album, with pages 1947 – 2002. Album new cost approx. $425. Stamps retail at $1695. Total value $2120. Price $1275

CAP10) Philatelic Literature, old reference books, magazines, catalogues & auction catalogues. 4.5kg lot for $45
CMAP2) Papua New Guinea, 25 different complete mint unhinged sets just $49
CMAP4) Nauru, 25 different complete mint unhinged sets & minisheets, price $49
CMAP5) Norfolk Is. 25 different complete mint unhinged sets & minisheets, price $49
CMAP6) 125 different complete mint unhinged sets as above only $225, save $20
CMAP7) 250 different complete mint unhinged sets from the countries above, also including some Pitcairn Island. Normally $99, now save $50, Price $449
CMAP17) Commercial Mails from all over the World. Most if not all Airmailed Covers. All Very nice range of covers 1980’s to recent that sell for up to $3 each. Price per lot of 100 all different covers $98
CMAP18) Worldwide First Day Covers, all in nice clean condition. Many of these sells for up to $4 each. Price for lot of 100 all different $98
COCT1) Amazing carton lot of mainly Australia Slogans on piece, 1929-1967, plus some Meter marks. Frankings range from 1d Green KGV – 5c Blue QEII. Also, some USA and a few GB Metermarks/Slogans. Must be 4000 – 5000 total with a huge variety of slogans and postmarks. Has to be worth 10c and item. Price $449

COCT4) United States Forces in New Guinea, 1943 – 45. 15 covers & 1 front, most bear Australia 3d Brown KGVI postmarked Townsville Qld, but emanating from New Guinea. Most have boxed US Army Examiner censor marking, and with name & number of servicemen. Included are 2 x American Red Cross covers. Deployments include Milne Bay, Port Moresby, Admiralty Is., Goodenough Is., Finschhafen, Nadzab, Oro Bay, Dreyer Harbour & Dobodura. The Battle of Finschhafen was part of the Huon Peninsula campaign during World War II and was fought between Australian and Japanese forces. The fighting took place between 22 September and 24 October 1943 following the landing at Scarlet Beach, which was followed by a two-pronged advance on Finschhafen as the Australian 20th Infantry Brigade advanced on the town from the north, while the 22nd Infantry Battalion drove from the south, having advanced from the landing beaches east of Lae. After the capture of Finschhafen, the Japanese forces in the area withdrew towards Sattelberg where they sought to hold the Australians before launching a counteroffensive, which subsequently threatened the landing beach. This attack was repelled by American and Australian forces, with heavy casualties being inflicted on the Japanese. In the aftermath, the Australians went on the offensive, capturing Sattelberg, and then advancing towards the Wareo plateau. Dreger Harbour was used by Allied forces after the capture of Finschhafen in October 1943. Very good lot at $479

CMA1) Vast lot of World and Australia! From Deceased Estates and other sources such as charities and auctions, also private purchases. We have 12 big shipping cartons which we are breaking down into smaller lots of 10 kg. Each will contain 15 – 20,000 stamps unchecked off paper plus albums, stocksheets, stockbooks, covers, minisheets etc. Virtually all is postally used with some mint, early to modern. There really is no telling what you might find in these lots. Price per 10kg lot, inc. Post and Insurance Australia Wide, around 3c per stamp $695. Supersized double lot for $1295 (post-paid) Half lot for $375 (post extra) Remember to choose World or Australia, or a mixture of both.
CJL5) Papua New Guinea 1990 - 1998 50 different Official First Day Covers, all clean unaddressed. Very cheap at $99
CJL6) As above, but 1990 – 2001, price $110
CMMY12 A similar lot to the above, these all on Artcraft Cacheted covers, mostly light penciled address to Brooklyn, USA. Included GB Set of 4, plus the sets of 4 for Kuwait, Bahrein, Muscat and Tangier. Includes re-addressed and registered items. 36 covers in all again at less than $6 per cover, price $198
AI1) Australia Internationals, new packets just arrived. 50 different with many better values to $2.75 or above. Under $1 each, price $49

AI2) Australia Internationals, new packets just arrived. 100 mixed with many better values to $2.75 or above. No more than 3 of the same stamp in each packet. Price $69.

USPC2) USA pre-cancels, 100 mixed for $22, 250 for $52, 500 for $98
PM90) Australian Antarctic Territory off paper mix pre-decimal to 1990’s mostly postally used, maybe some cto. Inevitably a fair bit of duplication. About 12,500 to 15,000 to the kg. Around 4c per stamp, 100g for $59 (Only 2 lots available)
PM77) World Minisheets by Weight! Many years since we first offered these. Approx 1100 sheets per kg. Great mixture of mint unhinged and cto from both British Commonwealth and Foreign Countries. We keep duplication here to a minimum, depending upon our stocks at the time of ordering. High catalogue/retail value. 100g for $33, 250g for $79.
PM69) Australia decimals, cto with gum, mid 1990’s – 2011. Nice clean lot all with corner Melbourne cto cancels. Includes high values, Internationals, a few territories, se-tenant strips and blocks etc. Good variety, but expect duplication. Under 10c a stamp, pprox. 1000 for $98, 500 for $55 (3 lots available)

PM25) Australia, off paper. Contents of a shoebox ex deceased estate. Must be close to 15,000 stamps here dating from 1913 with a few Kangaroos and KGV to quite recent with many higher values, Internationals etc. noted. Huge variety here and at about 2c per stamp. Price $295.
PM26) Similar lot to the above, but worldwide, same price $295

Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101 - $250 deduct 10%, $251 - $500 deduct 15%, $501 - $1000 deduct 20%
Orders over $1000 deduct 25%
Orders over $2500 deduct 30%
All discounts can be applied to items from previous lists in order to achieve a higher discount level.

No discounts apply to items purchased on Layby terms. 
Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.

All of our items carry our guarantee that if significantly mis-described, they may be returned to us within 7 days of your receipt.

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