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Silly September 2023


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Collections, Lots, Packets & Mixtures

This month we are breaking down a huge dealer Worldwide stock, some in complete albums, others organised by country or region etc. Many are way under the original seller’s prices!

CS1) British Empire A to M, Queen Victoria - KGVI nearly all postally used plus a few mint on leaves in Maroon Padded 22 Ring Album. Neatly organised alphabetically with decent ranges of Aden, Australia with Kangaroos to 2/-, Barbados, Bermuda, Br. Guiana, Burma, in. Japanese Occupation, Canada, Ceylon, Cyprus, Fiji, Gold Coast, Great Britain with Queen Victoria to 1883 Ten Shillings, sound used, cat. £525, Grenada, Hong Hong, Exceptional India & States, with values to 10 Rupees, Jamaica, KUT, Exceptional Malaya inc. Straits & States inc. Japanese Occupation & nice selection of Tigers (30 +), Malta, Mauritius & much, much more. Much better condition than is usually found in collections of this period. Would have to be 2750 to 3250 mostly all different. Original seller had this priced at $930, must be worth 25c a stamp average. Our price before discount $749

CS2) World in Old Rapkin Triumph Burgundy hard bound album inc. 10 full page maps. 1800’s to 1920’s mainly postally used. Good ranges of Austria, Belgium & Congo, Canada, China, with some better overprints, France, Germany, G.B. with Seahorses to 5/-, India, Japan, USA & more. Some staining at base of pages, stamps unaffected. 200 plus pages, would have to be 1500 – 2000 stamps. Usual condition for collections of this era. Must be good value at 15c a stamp average, Price $262.50

CS3) World R – Z on nice quality  leaves in Dark Blue post style album, mint & used. 1800’s to 1960’s. Noted very good ranges of Romania, Russia, San Marino, Spain, Exceptional Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey & Yugoslavia plus others. (No USA). Condition way better than in most collections seen from this era. 100 pages, with approx. 2500 – 3000 stamps. Original seller had a wholesale price of $500 on this. Our price less than half and around 10c per stamp. $249.

CS4) Germany, mint & MUH collection of all periods and areas in Dark Blue 32 page stockbook. A few minor condition issues and some without gum. Commences Germania issue overprinted “Bayern”, then inflation period, 3rd Reich, Allied Occupation, West Germany, Berlin & DDR. Appears all different, with many sets and better items. 650 plus, sellers original price $230. Our price around 25c per stamp, $159

CS5) Range of British Empire mint in Red Lighthouse 16 page stockbook, Queen Victoria – KGVI. Some better items, with Turks Is. QV to 1/- Brown, Virgin Is also to 1/-, others to 6d. Also a nice range of Zanzibar, rarely seen. Neat little lot with some unhinged. A bit over $1 per stamp plus the stockbook comes free of course. Price $97.50

CS6) Germany, all periods & areas mint & used including States 1870’s – 1980’s, on leaves in beige 4 ring binder. Commences arms types and Germanias followed by inflations and 3rd Reich issues. Then German WWII occupations of Bohemia & Moravia, Poland etc, Allied occupations issues of Germany, Weet Germany, West Berlin and German States. No East Germany. 1000 pus mostly all different. Many better pickings here. Good value at about 12c a stamp. Previous seller had priced this at $250. Our price less than 50% at $119

CS7) British Empire letters N to Z  mainly postally used 1800’s – 1952 on leaves in beige 4 ring binder. Noted decent ranges of Newfoundland, New Zealand, North Borneo, Papua, Rhodesia, St. Vincent, South & South West Africa, Sudan,  Transvaal, Trinidad & Tobago, Zanzibar & more. Better than average condition for this period. Heaps of pickings. About 1250 mostly all different with values to 10/-. Sellers original price $550, our opinion is that it is worth around 25c a stamp average. Price $310.

CS8) Samoa 1920 – 2000 mostly mint collection on leaves, commencing 1920 Victory. Appears mostly complete 1976 – 2000. Very fresh lightly hinged, so if you are not concerned about looking at the reverse of the stamps then this is for you! Huge face value & catalogue. Includes many mini sheets of which the stamps are unhinged. 700 to 750 different here. Very low price of 25c per stamp. $179.

CS9) Solomon Is. 1937 – 2000 mostly mint collection on leaves, commencing 1937 Coronation. Appears mostly complete from decimals onwards . Very fresh lightly hinged, so if you are not concerned about looking at the reverse of the stamps then this is for you! Huge face value & catalogue. Includes many mini sheets of which the stamps are unhinged. 900 to 950 different here and priced very cheaply at around 25c per stamp. $229

CS10) Seychelles mainly QEII to 1990 but with some earlier. Mostly mint, few used. Noted 1983 Birds Definitives to 15 Rupees.  Appears mostly complete from 1981 onwards . Very fresh lightly hinged, so if you are not concerned about looking at the reverse of the stamps then this is for you! Huge face value & catalogue. 450 - 500 different here and priced very cheaply at around 25c per stamp. $119
CS11) New Zealand used collection/accumulation in two large blue stockbooks. Commences Queen Victoria to 1980’s. Noted several  1935 1/- Green Bird,  Fair number of 1d Dominions too. Decimals to $5. There is a lot of duplication in the flowers & other small definitives series and these are not included in the count of around 1600 – 1700. Postmark & variety potential here. Cheap at about 15c a stamp. $247.50

CS12) Massive old bulging home made looking album with 250 interleaved pages of pre-1925 Mint & used Foreign countries, mostly Europe, Asia and Latin America. Weighs near 2.4kg. Noted very good ranges of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, & Colonies, Germany with Fresh Mint Lightly Hinged Blocks of 4 Germanias & High Values, Lozenges watermark to 5 Mark (in a block of 6!), Hungary, Italy, Yugoslavia, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Netherlands Indies, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador plus some USA Revenues etc.,  heaps more, too many to mention. Around 7500 – 8000 mostly all different. Magnificent opportunity to buy this totally unpicked collection at around 25c per stamp. Price $1995

CS13) Thematics, Ajman & Albania. Pretty pictures for those who like them, mainly cto, some mint. 1960’s – 1980’s. Nice clean lot of all different on leaves. About 500 Ajman & 250 Albania. Mainly complete sets, appear all different. Cheap around 10c per stamp. $74.50.

CS14) Australia 1913- 1984 on leaves, useful mostly used collection. Noted KGV to 1/4d, Kangaroos to 5/- , Navigators 10/- etc. QEII would be pretty near complete for the period. 600 – 650 mostly all different. Very good value at about 25c a stamp. Price $159.50

CS15) Magnificent lot of AAT, Christmas Is. & Cocos (Keeling) Is., plus some Norfolk Is, PNG & Nauru. Approx. 500 different, some on album pages, some loose. Inc. mint & minisheets. Covers the period approx. 1958 – 2000 maybe a few more recent. Well worth 50c a stamp. Price $249

CS16) Latin America: Chile, Colombia, Cost Rica & Cuba, neat mainly used collection appears all different on pages, earlies to 1992. 900 – 950 all up. Good value at about 12c a stamp. $110

CS17) Czechoslovakia, mostly used on leaves, earlies to about 1970. Includes 1940’s German Hitler Head Occupation issues. 650 – 700 appears all different. Cheap at $79

CS18) Western Europe off paper, new supplier, mostly large and commemoratives. Superb mixture 19th Century – fairly modern, nearly all postally used plus a few mint. Virtually no Great Britain, but plenty of all the larger nations plus some of the smaller, and islands such as Belgium, Finland Malta etc. Very high count with about 12,500 per kg. Good value from around 4c per stamp. 100g for $59, 250g $139, 500g $269, 1kg $519.

CS18a) As above, but with about 25% Great Britain, 100g $39.50, 250g $95, 500g $179, 1kg $349

CEJ1) Papua New Guinea, pristine MUH Collection 1952 -  1999 in new Burgundy Hagner Binder and on 50 genuine Swedish Made Hagner pages, these cost $135 alone. Virtually complete collection excepting only the expensive $300 Birds Overprints of 1995, all  of the other overprints are there.   Beautifully set out, this collector was very particular. Sydney retail of the stamps alone $2450 plus, and the album at $135 makes a replacement cost of very close to $2600. Save over $1100 at only $1495.

CEJ2) Papua New Guinea, fabulous hoard of commercial airmail covers mostly DL size and to the same family in Switzerland 1976 – 2006 with a wide variety of frankings, many multiples and with values to K5.25. Great condition overall and nearly all neatly slit open at the top. A scare destination to boot! 48 covers in all and at well under $10 each, price $429

CEJ3) Papua New Guinea on paper hoard 1952 – 2010 approx, a fabulous mix, emanating from a family in Switzerland.  About 10% is pre-decimal, this lot is neatly clipped and with a wide variety of issues with higher values to 2/-  or K2.50 spotted. We only have 500g of this. About 350 to the 100g.  100g for $137.50, 250g for $325.

CEJ7) Australia 1966 -2003 Complete Decimals very fine used with extras in 3 as new Seven Seas Green Hingeless Albums with slipcases. Cost of these alone $795. Includes many extras such as booklet panes, tabbed stamps, reprints etc. Also the scarce perf. $1 Navigator. Appear handpicked for quality, with some minisheets mint unhinged as commercially used are virtually unseen. Also Internationals to the very scarce $20. Retail of the basic stamps without the extras is $2900 plus, so $3695 replacement value at the very least. Save a lot of effort trying to fill all those gapes yourself and paying through the nose in the process! Also save over $1000 in the process…price $2650. (Lay-by is of course available)

CMMY1) Cocos Keeling Islands Complete 1963 – 1998 mint unhinged in Green Padded Seven Seas Hingeless Illustrated album. Album new cost $170. Nice clean collection, fresh MUH (Just the 7 pre-decimal stamps are MLH. Includes 1990 $5 Airmail, 1990-1991 provisional overprints set of 7 with the 90c CTO as usual. Sydney retail $1100  +, plus value of the album, replacement cost $1270. Price $895

CMMY2) Australia & AAT, used collector’s duplicates 1970 – 1990 approx. Housed in near new $75 Ka-Be Brown 32 black page leather stockbook. Some nice high value commems. & defins. $5 noted. 1100 – 1200 stamps. Very cheap at $89

CMMY6) Christmas Island collection 1958 - 1999 in Seven Seas Hingeless Green padded album new cost $290. fresh MUH lot. (1958 Defins are MLH) missing only  Birdpex '90 ovptd. MS but includes 1993 Taipei & Indopex MS. Sydney retail $1125, plus album value of $290 = a replacement cost of over $1400. Price $975

CMMY14) Western Europe off paper, great mixture of early to modern, large & small. Pretty much all postally used. Very high count approx. 12,500 – 15,000 per kg. Price per kg $369, 500g $195, 250g $99, 100g $43.50

CMMY15) Australia High Values only on paper, mostly close clipped single paper, with a wide range of issues inc. many Internationals. Values to $5. Approx. 4000 per kg. Price per 500g $535, 250g $279, 100g $119, 50g $62.50

CMMY16) Australia Internationals only on paper, mostly close clipped single paper, with a wide range of issues inc. Approx. 4000 per kg. Price per 250g $535, 100g $239, 50g $124.50

CMMY17) Ireland Charity Mix on paper. 1st lot of this we have received since the outbreak of Covid. As usual with Ireland the trim varies, but a higher % this time of close clipped single paper. Wide range of issues with some quite recent. Cheap & cheerful lot with 3000 – 3500 per kg. Price per kg $110, 500g $59, 250g $32.50

CMMY18) South Africa Charity Mix on paper. 1st lot of this we have received since the outbreak of Covid. Wide range of issues with some quite recent. Noted the odd minisheet and complete set on piece. Well trimmed single paper, very high count of around  4500 – 5000 per kg. Very well priced.  Per kg $125, 500g $65, 250g $35

CMMY19) Great Britain recent Commemoratives on paper, mainly large size. 1st lot received from this source since 2019! Very well trimmed on single paper. Pretty much all 1st class domestic mail. About 4000 per kg. 1st class postage rate in the UK is now £1.10 = AUD$2.00 approx, so $8000 face value per kg! We only have 200g of this very  scarce mixture. Price per 100g $134.50, 50g  $69.50  

CMMY20) Our own incoming mail, mainly Australian, some from overseas. Always popular with recent & latest issues, registered mail etc. Always popular, 1 lot only, 1 kg for $95 

WWF3) New Zealand World Wildlife Fund Collection including 1991 Tuatara, 1993 Birds of NZ, and 2005 Kakapo in a WWF padded black stockbook with matching slipcase.  Each set includes stamps & FDCs. Includes fact sheets for Tuatara and Birds issues. Price $85
WWF7) Jamaica World Wildlife Fund 2006 Black-billed Amazon stamps, FDCs and factsheet. Price $33
CEM1) CHRISTMAS ISLAND: 1958-2008 collection approximately 85% complete in two Seven Seas albums cost $445 (with slipcases), including gutter multiples, M/Sheets, sheetlets & International Stamps; predominantly MUH, with some hinged mint or used issues mostly amongst the earlier issues; generally fine. Stamps retail $1500 plus, so a total replacement value of $1950 or so. Price $1165

CEM2) COCOS (Keeling)  ISLANDS: 1963-2006 collection largely complete in as new Seven Seas Blue album retail $200 plus (with slipcase) vast majority are MUH including 1990-91 Postage Paid Overprints set of 7 (Retail $295+, 43c on 90c Coconut CTO as issued), later issues incl. M/Ss and sheetlets; only stamp that appears to be missing is 1990 70c Map (SG.187a); generally fine/very fine. Stamps retail approx. $1325. A total replacement value here of over $1500. Price $1140

CEM3) NEW ZEALAND: A  valuable collection 1912 – 2014 in Black 32 page Lighthouse Stockbook. album. Noted 1920 Victory set Mint; 1931 Smiling Boys Mint; 1935 Pictorials to 3/- M/MUH; 1935 Jubilee set MUH; KGVI defins to 3/- MUH; 1940 Centennial to 1/- Mint; 1953 QE2 series to 10/- incl. Officials to 3/- MUH; 1967 Pictorials to $2 MUH; plus many other sets, mainly MUH. By no means complete, but huge retail and includes a number of plate blocks. About 500, mostly all different. Price $1275

CEM5) South Africa 1938 Hardbound Lavish Cigarette Card Album, with Green & Gold Cover. Contains a complete set of 200 full colour large cigarette cards produced by The United Tobacco Co. The individual cards can be found on eBay at $5 to $8 each, full sets are scarce. The book contains an extensive history of South Africa with accompanying maps. Potential retail if sold individually up to $1600! Price just $325.

CEM8) Japan Collection/Accumulation mint & used from earlies to 1970 in large Red Stockbook. Includes many mint unhinged with a lot of complete sets, minisheets, sheetlets & blocks. A fair amount of Expo ’70 items, inc. pre-publicity Cinderella sheets. A very good lot of about 700 – 800 stamps. Must be worth 50c a stamp plus, price $375

CEM12) Small Rapkin Red Springback Album with modest collection of Canada, KEVII – KGVI. 100 – 120 all different mostly postally used, a few mint. Values to $1. Good starter lot for $39

CEM15) Papua New Guinea Year Books 1985-1990 in superb condition as issued. Sydney retail  $306, price $229.50

CEM16) Papua New Guinea 1985 Year Book, plus a large stack of 40 Post Office Packs ranging from 1984 – 1990. Just 3 appear to be duplicated. Very cheap at $110.

CEM17) Pitcairn Is. 2003 -2013 Superb Official Unaddressed FDC’s x 65 plus many with minisheets and top values to $6 in as new Blue Padded Lighthouse Album and Slipcase on 24 double sided Vario Pages. These alone cost $125 plus. Beautiful presentation and all good thematics. The covers look to be a complete run of 10 years of what is an impossible period to buy on the secondary market. Retail for this era is huge around $20 to $30 each, totally about $1600…if you can find them! So a total cost to replace of $1725 for just $995

CEM18) Norfolk Is. 2009 – 2013 Superb Official highly thematic FDC’s x 23 inc. minisheets and with top values to $10 in Burgundy Hagner Binder, on 12 double sided Vario pages, cost $50 alone. This is an impossible era to find on the secondary market, and retail for around $15 to $20 each, when you can find them! A total replacement cost of around $450 for just $269

CEM21) Shop packets, from closed down dealership. Worldwide from 1940’s to 1990’s, some mixed, some thematics, some single country. Most professionally made, some made in house. Great variety, mostly all different. Range from 10 different to 200 different. About 1000 for $149, 2000 for $285, 5000 for $675

CEM29) Belgium, very nice on paper mixture to about 2000. Most are 1990’s with some earlier. Very hard mix to source from a country of only around the population of Paris! Many commems. & better values. Maybe also some postmark interest particularly for small towns and villages. 4000 plus per kg. Because of the proximity to France & Germany there may be a few of these countries mixed in. Price per 100g $63.50, 250g $159, 500g $295

CEM30) Ceylon, virtually all pre-QEII off paper mixture. Mostly KEVII – KGVI plus the odd QV. Population up to 1930 was sub 4 million, compared to India of around 280 million! Really scarce mix, we have never had this before and even now only 125 grams. 1250 to 1500 in the 100 grams. Mostly letter post rates but a few higher values to 15c to 25c. Price around 20c per stamp.  per 25g $72.50, 50g $137.50

CEM31) Ceylon/Sri Lanka, mainly on paper mix of stamps, 1950’s to about 2000. Noted many better values inc. the 1998 50R Elephant stamp in the overall mix there are none of these, even mint on eBay Worldwide! Neither is there any kiloware. A fabulous mix. About 500 stamps per 100g. 100g for $55, 250g $129, 500g $249.

CEM32) 4kg Carton of World, ex deceased estate. Early to modern In packets, envelopes, small takeaway containers, Ice Cream Cartons etc. Some on paper, some off, a few mint. Noticed decent quantities of Germany, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Spain, Denmark, Norway etc., plus lots of smaller amounts from smaller areas, all sorted into countries. A lifetime accumulation! Must be 20,000 plus stamps here. Will split evenly into 1kg lots for $349, or take the lot for $1249.

CEM33) Taiwan, super recent mix on single well trimmed paper to about 2015. Very colourful lot. Plenty of Birds, Flowers, Insects, Animals and much more. Rarely seen here in Australia. Checked eBay and there is nothing on there Worldwide! We only have 400g. 4000 plus to the kg. Price per 50g $32.50, per 100g $62.50

CEM37) Australian States used collections  values to 1/-, all are visually different.  25 different $49, 50 Different $87.50, 100 different on Hagner pages, all States represented. $185

CD1) China, People’s Republic. 1997 Mint unhinged year set complete. 23 sets + 5 M/Sheets. One lot only, be quick! $115

CD2) Australia pre-decimal first day covers, various cachets 1940’s – 1960’s neat hand or type written address. 25 different for $149, 50 different for $329. Unaddressed 25 different for $298, 50 different for $649

CD8) Gilbert & Ellice Is., virtually complete mostly Mint Unhinged 1953 – 1979 on near new Ka-Be hingeless pages. These alone cost $100. Previous owner state she paid $575 for this. Just a very few minor condition issues, but very good value at $345  

CD13) East Germany 1949 – 52, the hard period. Collection on leaves mostly fine used, some mint once lightly hinged. 75% - 80% complete for the period. About 80 stamps, cat. £650 = approx. $1150 currently. Priced previously at $425, very well priced at under 25% cat. at $279 

CD15) Lovely New Zealand 1874 - 1966 mint & used Pre-decimal Collection in as new Ka-Be Hingeless pages, worth $180 alone to buy today. Noted 1882 Queen Victoria 2nd Sidefaces 1/- used, 1898 2½d & 5d pictorials unused, 1931 Arms type 10/- & £1 fine used, also the 5/- ovpt. Official, 1935 pictorials complete, mix of mint & used, plus officials to 9d used. 1952 – 1966 near complete inc. many health minisheets plus lots of extras affixed to left hand pages. A great lot that would be fairly easy to complete. Price $375

CD16) Europe 1964 - 83. Black ring binder with themed stamps, covers and mint unhinged sheets for a United Europe. Some stunningly attractive items here with sheets/sheetlets from Cyprus, Berlin, United Nations and Bulgaria and similar on cover from Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man & Gibraltar. Also some 1972 Olympics related covers. Several hundred stamps & covers. Originally priced at $550, now half price $275

CD17) Papua New Guinea 1952 - 1992, plus some earlier New Guinea & Papua mainly mint in near new Blue Padded Seven Seas Album. Commences Lakatois and Birds of Paradise etc, to 5d (24)) Then  near complete mint inc. 10/- Rabaul & £1 QEII Specimens 1958 - 1992, unhinged from 1987 (No 1952 set) A nice clean lot, priced years ago by major dealer at $525. Our more realistic price is under half that, $259

CD19) Mostly pre-Independence French Colonies in Africa mostly mint also some Indo China in 1940’s Junior Globe Album. 500 to 600 appear al different. Great lot, and much cleaner than usually seen. Price $275

CD20) French Colonies, pre-independence great range of 500 different mint & used with brand new Prinz 32 page stockbook. Fast seller, we can never get enough of these! Price $329

CS1) NETHERLANDS 1960-93 mint collection in older Blue Schaubek hingeless album, virtually complete including definitives, Phosphors, M/Ss and sheetlets, fresh mint unhinged, stated Cat £1780+. (Many 100s) Very good value at $885

CS7) Worldwide early to modern 19th century onwards Postally used blocks and pairs inc. many high values. Huge variety and great value at under 25c per stamp. 1000 stamps, every block or pair will be different. (No Australia unless requested) Price $249

CS8) Worldwide early to modern (Mostly 1950s- 1980’s) Mint unhinged Blocks and Minisheets including many complete sets. Huge variety and great value at around 25c per stamp. 500 stamps, every block or pair will be different. (No Australia unless requested) Price $129

CJE3) AUSTRALIA, KGV Heads  1916-21 group of covers with University of Melbourne printed covers with perf. 'OS' issues comprising 1d Red (4), 1½d Brown (3), 1½d Red (2) & 2d Orange; also Dept of Labour front with perf. 'OS' 1½d Red & 1919 use of "THREE/HALFPENCE" on 1d Postal Card to USA uprated with ½d Green with two-line "RECEIVED FROM NEW YORK/DAMAGED" handstamp in red; generally fine. Scarce assembly. 11 items. Price $459

CJE4) AUSTRALIA: KGV Heads. 1924-33 group of 1d Green covers, predominantly single frankings, noting three double-rate covers, also 1925 redirected OHMS cover with Large Mult perf 'OS' and three covers with SMW P13x12½ perf 'OS'. Varieties noted, condition variable. Includes 3 advertising covers for Canada Cycle and Motor Company, Latrobe St. Melbourne, 1 x Dept of Health CSL, Royal Park Melb., and 1 x British Medical Association. East Melb.  19 items. Price $795

CJE4a) Take both lots of covers as above for $1195 (save $59) 

CJE39) 1977 QEII Silver Jubilee mint unhinged collection of Commonwealth issues in lovely quality Thick Schaubek Burgundy Padded Springback Album. Appears complete Antigua to Turks & Caicos Is. with sets, minisheet s& sheetlets. Huge original cost. Price $329  

CJE53) Australia, 1944-45. Three amazing covers from Avoca Beach NSW  to Oberlin, Ohio. All addressed to Mrs. Alice Wright Bryson – Wilbur, a former director at the Carnegie Library.  

CM4) Great Britain 1940’s to late 1990’s complete fine used Commem. sets. 25 different for $49, 50 for $110, 100 diff. for $239 (better sets in the larger lots)

CM8) Our own incoming mail, mostly form the last 6 months plus other bits & pieces from here & there. Lots of nice frankings including very recent, registered mails etc. Australia only. 1kg for $95

CM9) China mint unhinged complete sets, very recent from around 2012 up to 2016. This is a new lot just received. And will differ slightly from the last consignment we received.  About 25 sets in each lot, around $2.75 per set. Many nice thematics. 5 lots only $69 each.

CM14) New Caledonia mint unhinged collection 1989 – 1999 complete on as new Lighthouse Hingeless pages. Pages cost $200 alone! Stamps retail $645 plus. Total retail $845, price $565

CM17) Australia Collector’s Duplicates, 1937 – 2005 in 2 Binders of Hagner pages plus near new Blue 32 page Lion Brand Stockbook. These alone would cost $125 plus to replace. Many complete sets & High Values. Mostly used, a few mint. Must be around 4000 stamps. $259 the lot. 

CMN4) British Empire Queen Victoria on quality Lighthouse style pages, mostly fine postally used. Comprises Bechuanland, Br. Honduras, Ceylon, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Labuan, St. Lucia, Sierra Leone & Trinidad. Catalogue some years ago at £2545. Checked a few, most have gone up in price by around 10% or more, the odd one has gone down, and a few SG numbers have changed. A very clean lot. Stand out items are Ceylon SG 18 £180, sg 193, £160, Cyprus SG 16 £500, Gibraltar SG 5 & 6 £325, SG 25 £100, SG 33 5 Pesetas, top value £120, etc, etc. Well above the condition usually seen. 104 stamps, price under 40% $1795  

CMY3) Europa, wonderful lot of unaddressed FDC’s dating from 1958 – 1964. A very clean lot of illustrated covers, which sell at $5 to $15 each.  All countries appear present.  Could well be some complete year sets, no time to check, some minor duplication, but usually different cachets. Around 200 here, cheap at around $2 each, price $395.

CMY5) Vietnam collection mint & used on stock pages, earlies to 1988 said to cat. £300. Looks to be about 300 different. Also, a page of Sri Lanka, not counted in value. Good clean lot, price $269

CMY10) Norfolk Island, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY15) Papua New Guinea, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY16) Nauru, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY19) Samoa, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY21) Wholesale parcels of Australia pre-decimals, made up to order at approx. half current retail. 1913 – 1965. These lots will contain some duplication. State whether you require mint unhinged, mint hinged or used or a mixture of all three. Lots from $50 to $5000

CMF10) Australia or Worldwide, your choice. Mishmash of stamps, covers, post office packs, recent incoming mail from overseas etc, booklets, complete mint unhinged sets, minisheets etc. You name it, it may well be here! 1kg lot for $95, 2kg for $179, 5kg for $425, 10kg for $795. Massive 20kg lot for $1495

CMN4) Shipping covers and postcards, all from Europe inc. GB & Ireland. Would make a nice display Naval / Nautical / Ship Mail / Paquebot, etc. Many Germany plus Poland, UK, France, Netherlands and Scandinavia, most with Special cachets & Postmarks. Very attractive lot from the mid. 1980’s. Cheap at under $2 an item, price $269

CMN6) Burgundy Australia Post Padded Binder with Africa &Omnibus issues on Hagners & Vario sheets. Noted Katanga ovpts on Belgian Congo MUH Some adhered to page. (29), Silver Jubilee used sets (6 plus odds), 1937 Coronation used (c50 sets MLH/used) & 1949 UPU (c24 sets MLH/used) plus odd later Omnibus to 1981. Zanzibar 1957 set of 15 MLH, useful Ethiopia, Basutoland surcharges to 1R (2 different), Somaliland KGVI surcharges to 5/- & QEII to 10/- MLH, S. Nigeria KEVII to 2/6d MLH & Northern Rhodesia KGVI 3/- used plus Rhodesia 1905 2/6d Falls used plus others in mixed cond. (many 100s) Some very good pickings in this lot. Price $1495

CMN8) Worldwide Forgeries & Facsimiles plus a few Cinderellas, exhibition labels etc. and a page of Stamps on Stamps (some forgeries may be genuine) Mainly 19th Century, in red 32 black page stockbook and on album pages etc. Plus, forgeries catalogue of 237 pages by Dorn of Haymarket London. Strength in German States, but also good ranges of British Guiana (inc. The World’s rarest stamp) British West Indies, Cape Triangulars, Newfoundland (inc. Bisect on cover), Mauritius, Italian & Papal States, Tibet and much, much more. Counted 950 plus items. Many of these sells between $10 - $25 each or more. Great reference lot! Around $3.75 each, price $3600

CMAU4) Great Britain, mini collection of 25 different mint unhinged complete sets. Nice mixture of Decimal and Pre-decimal sets. Price $49

CMAU5) As above but all decimal, price $59

CMAU6) San Marino lovely mini collection of 25 different complete mint unhinged sets, some great thematics here. Price $49

CMAU7) Italy, mini collection of 25 complete mint unhinged sets, price $49

CMAU8) Vatican, mini collection of 25 complete mint unhinged sets, price $49

CMAU8a) San Marino, Italy & Vatican, 75 complete mint unhinged sets, great selection. Price $139

CMAU9) British Commonwealth, 50 different mint unhinged minisheets, fine lot. Price $98

CMAU18) World weird lot in 4 ring binder on stack of about 80 as new 5 to 7 strip Hagner pages, new price $1.75 each = $140. Good ranges of United Nations mint unhinged sets & Sheetlets, Mint unhinged sets of Sharjah, Solomon Is. Decimal Overprints to $2 mint unhinged, useful used Hong Kong about 100 different postally used QEII, France used with some nice Art stamps plus various other odds and ends. Probably 1500 or so, mostly all different. $365 the lot.

CJE8) British Commonwealth minisheets 1974 - 2000. A very nice collection of 50 different mint unhinged from around the Commonwealth. Very colourful thematic lot with emphasis on Pacifics. Noted Christmas Is., Norfolk Is., Pitcairn Is., Samoa, Solomon Is., Falkland Is. etc. (2 lots available) Price $98

CJE11) Australian States, starter collection of 50 all face different, includes Imperfs, Perf OS, State Perfins, OS Overprints etc. May include shade varieties, but unchecked for perforations or watermarks. Very good lot with no heavy cancels, thins tears or creases. Under $2 each, price $98

CJE12) Australian States, large starter collection of 100 all different, includes Imperfs, Perf OS, State Perfins, OS Overprints etc. May include shade varieties, but unchecked for perforations or watermarks. Very good lot with no heavy cancels, thins tears or creases. Under $2 each, price $195

CMM1) Worldwide carton lot, with Albums, Covers, Post Office Packs etc. Literally could be anything here, weighs 16kg. Contains 100s of Worldwide covers, commercial & first day, old fast bound Illustrated albums, Seven Seas Albums etc. etc plus some loose stamps. A REAL SORTERS PARADISE! Price $749

NO59) Massive Worldwide Postcards Collection 19th Century to quite recent, apparently all different (approx. 1200 items), many postally Used to Australia, may include inc. Cook Islands, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Vatican & Vietnam. Wide range of views & scenes inc. many Tourist Attractions.  Mixed Unused /Used. Good overall condition. (1200+ available) Suit collector, hoarder, re-seller or Ebayer!  Just see what this stuff sells for online! Under $1 each! 100 for $89, 250 for $210, 500 for $399, 1000 for $759, the lot of 1200 for $869

CMN4) Christmas Island First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1970 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CMN8) Papua New Guinea First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1967 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CNO18) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1981 – 1988, Inc. Coconut Minisheet. Great value and huge retail value. Price $99

CNO20) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1996 – 2010, Inc. Chinese New Year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $125

CNO21) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1983 – 2006, Inc. Chinese New Year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $119

CNO41) France. 1946 – 1960 Complete fresh mint unhinged. On as new Safe Dual pages. (Excludes the 1960 “back of book item” Council of Europe set). Cat. £3000 plus. Pages cost $250. Priced very cheaply at under 40% cat. $2195

CMS24) GREAT BRITAIN: 1968-2015 COLLECTION NEATLY PRESENTED in 16 mostly 16-to-64-page Lighthouse or Ka-Be Black page STOCKBOOKS WITH DECIMALS LARGELY COMPLETE FOR THE PERIOD MUH INCLUDING M/Sheets & SOME BOOKLETS, PLUS REGIONALS, IN ADDITION MANY SETS ARE DUPLICATED in very fine used to 2003 TOTAL Retail Value well exceeds $6,000 (1000’s) Amazing lot for the avid collector or re-seller. Price $3995

MJL8) San Marino 1967 – 1989. 103 x large Registered airmail covers to Melbourne from the San Marino Philatelic Bureau bearing multiple frankings of nice complete sets. Similar covers have been seen on eBay for as much as $60 each! Commences 1967 Flowers to 1989 Architecture block of 4. Lovely lot! Price just $15 each, $1545

MJL11) Luscious leftovers! Stuff we do not know what to do with. May contain any or all of the following: Small collections not large enough to offer individually, packets and loose both on and off paper, complete sets and minisheets mint unhinged, covers both philatelic and commercial, some from our own incoming mail, Post Office Packs, stockbooks of stamps early to modern. Ask for Australia only or all World. 5kg for $139, 10kg for $259, 20kg for $495

FE78) Australia & Victoria Postal Stationery collection, 104 items, mainly postally used in album. Highlight is 1d Red octagonal envelope uprated to Celebes, Dutch Indies, (addressees name deleted. Nevertheless very scarce) Most of this is KGV, with some nice uprates to Holland. Terrific value at under $20 per item, $1950.

NM65) Amazing off paper hoard of Asia, many early up to quite modern large and small. As received from deceased estate and unchecked by us. Includes Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan plus smaller amounts of China & Vietnam. About 500 stamps for $65 (Around 13c per stamp) Double lot for $119.

NM66) Superb off paper sorting mix, mostly pre-WWII Australia with Australian States, Kangaroos, KGV Heads etc, plus a smattering of foreign and the odd more recent. Great for postmarks, varieties etc. Never know what you might find in this, roughly 30c a stamp, around 250 for $79, 500 for $149

PM109) Australian Antarctic Territory off paper mixture. Pre-decimal to mid-1990’s, maybe a few later 100g, approx 1500 stamps for $59 (3 lots available)

MN34) Wide ranging Australia off paper, with Australian States, Kangaroos, KGV heads, High values, Decimals and Pre-decimals. Approx 12,500 per kg, and a guarantee of 1500 – 2000 different in the mix. There are values to $10 in the decimal and 5/- in pre-decimal, possibly even some $20 and 10/- stamps.  This mix is the best we have seen in a while. % wise reckon on roughly 1% each of States, KGV and Kangaroos, 10% pre-decimal, 5% high values, the remainder will be a very good mix of lower and letter rate values. A great sorting lots! Roughly 2000, under 15c per stamp for $295.

MN34a) As above but decimals only, at half the above price, Approx 2000 for $147.50

MN47) PNCs (stamp & coin covers) Recently acquired stock, with most at issue price of $19.95, let us know your needs. We can also offer all different lots at under issue price a) 10 Different for $140 b) 25 Different $395 

OCT6) Large brown paper carrier bag, with world accumulation on paper, early to modern. Who knows what lurks in here! We have had several of these from the same source a few months ago, and all sold very quickly. This looks to be a better than average mix. Weighs 2.2kg. $265 the lot.

MJL3) Foreign & Commonwealth countries, vast accumulation of complete sets and minisheets, in complete sheets, blocks of 4 etc. Mostly mint unhinged, with a few cto, mainly 1980’s period, some later. Must be 1000 - 1250 sets or so here, good variety, great for the re-seller at under 25c per set! Weighs around 1kg $249 the lot.

JL16) Australia Mission Mix, an older lot, to the 45c period with good variety, most on single well-trimmed paper. As much as we can cram into an Australia Post 3kg satchel! Very Cheap Price $59, 5kg Satchell for $95

MAP19) Large shoebox with very nice World off paper mixture old and new, small and large. As donated to leading charity. Weighs 2.15kg inc. the box, must be 25,000 stamps with a great variety here.  Has to be worth 2 cents a stamp, price $495

MF6) 1500 different Australia, back in stock again, only 5 available. New content, price $109

FE69) Bulk lot of mainly Australian stamps, covers, albums etc, decimal and pre-decimal as cleared ex deceased house recently. Nothing spectacular noted but heaps of fun especially if you love stuff in bulk to sort! This is quite an amazing varied lot. We are parcelling out in 3 sizes: a) 5kg lot $129, b) 10kg lot $237.50, c) 20kg lot $449

FE70) A similar lot to the above, but all World: a) 5kg lot $129, b) 10kg lot $237.50, c) 20kg lot $449

FE74) Old tyme dealer’s packet stock, mostly single sets in Glassines priced to sell at up to $1.50 each some 30 odd years ago. These are Worldwide mainly thematic sets, in cto condition. A chance to buy at a HUGE DISCOUNT, there will be some duplication in these lots. 100 packets mixed, $150 retail for $49, Triple sized lot, $450 retail for $99.

PM30) Older Australia off paper lot sold as received. This is an all-new lot, sold as received by us, and totally unchecked for watermarks, perforations, shades, varieties etc.
Pack A) 50 Kangaroos, 75 KGV Heads, 75 Australian States, values to 5/- Price under $1 per stamp $195
Pack B) 200 Kangaroos values to 10/-, under $2 per stamp price $395
Pack C) 200 KGV Heads, values to 1/4d, well under $1 per stamp, price $179
Pack D) 200 Australian States, values to 9d or 1/-, well under $1 per stamp, price $179
Pack E) One of each of packs B, C & D, special price $675



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