Early February 2022


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Great Britain

M41) GB 1840 2d Blue SG 5a, with variety, double corner letters, 4 margins, close in places lettered O A . Cat $2300. Very scarce stamp, under 20% catalogue, $495
AP31) GB 1840 2d Blue,SG5  nice 4 margin (close at left) with clean strike of black Maltese Cross cancel. Lettered BL. Min. Catalogue $1800, price $649
GB147) Great Britain 1841 1d Orange Brown SG12 mint original gum, letter HB, 2nd alphabet with heavier broader letters. Very nice looking just 4 margin example. Cat. £2000, priced to sell at $550
SE30) GB 1859, small neat entire, bearing 6d deep lilac, no corner letters, SG 69, tied by neat London EC duplex of DE 21 59 to Andalucia, Spain. Arrival cds on reverse of Cadiz. Fascinating contents re the purchase of 20 butts of Cod Liver Oil @ 45 pounds per butt., to be shipped to Gibraltar. The butt was a measure of liquid volume equalling two hogsheads. This equated to 108 imperial gallons (490 l) for ale or 126 imperial gallons (570 litres) In today’s terms around 15 cents a litre. The stamp cat. 225 pounds on cover. Price $149
MAP25) GB 1883 1/- Dull Green. SG 196, vfu in correct colour. Cat 300 pounds, nice socked on nose cds, price $149
NO49) GB 1883 5/- Rose Pink QV, SG 180, lovely well centred mint light hinge example with fresh white gum. Cat $2350, my price just $795
MF39) GB 1925 Wembley 1d used on front of picture postcard “A typical bungalow in the colony Sierra Leone” posted at the exhibition with special Wembley slogan to Onehunga, New Zealand. Rare usage. $96
FE11) Great Britain 1939 – 48 Square High Values set of 6. Both 2/6d values are mint unhinged, also the 10/- light blue and one pound. 5/- & 10/- dark blue are lightly hinged. Retail $450, price $329
FE12) Great Britain 1951 Festival High Values, set of 4. 2/6d & 5/- are light hinge, 10/- & One Pound mint unhinged. Retail $90 Price $69
FE77) GB 1951 Festival HVs set of 4, SG 509/12 MLH, cat 100 pounds, price $57.50
FE13) GB 1959 One Pound Windsor Castle. 2nd DLR printing. Mint lightly hinged. Retail $80, price $59
PB40) Great Britain 1840 1d Black, plate 6 lettered K B, neat 4 even margin example with Vermilion Maltese Cross cancel. Price $2495
GB313) Great Britain 1984 Story of our Christian Heritage Prestige Booklet MUH, price $49
GB314) Great Britain 1984 Christian Heritage Prestige Booklet Ausipex OVPT MUH, price $56
GB315) Great Britain 1985 Story of The Times Prestige Booklet MUH, price $34
GB316) Great Britain 1986 Story of British Rail Prestige Booklet MUH, price $34
GB318) Great Britain 1987 Story of P&O Prestige Booklet MUH, price $28.50
GB319) Great Britain 1987 Story of P&O Prestige Booklet CAPEX OVERPRINT MUH, price $41.50
GB321) Great Britain 1988 Story of the Financial Times Prestige Booklet MUH, price $43.50
GB322) Great Britain 1989 The Scots Connection Prestige Booklet MUH, price $37.50
GB323) Great Britain 1990 London Life Royal Mail Prestige Booklet MUH, price $37.50
GB324) Great Britain 2009 British Design Classics Prestige Booklet MUH, price $30

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