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Australia Decimal

AD134) Australia 1966 3c QEII Coil strip of 3, variety. Mint unhinged strip with major offset on reverse. Minor thinning to face of upper stamp at right margin. Spectacular! Price $99

AD16) Australia 1966 Decimal Specimens Pack, 1c - $4. Values to 50c being cto with unhinged gum plus Navigators 75c - $4 Ovpt. “Specimen” mint unhinged. The 75c & $1 being the rarer 15mm overprint. These two cat. Cat. $330 alone. Supplied in APO Folder as issued. Superb quality Price $295

AD83) Australia 1969 5c Prime Minister Reid, variety. Fine cds used example with strong offset on reverse. Uncatalogued, and not seen by us before. The 5c Barton from the same set is catalogued at $800 for offset as mint unhinged. Price $675

AD5) Australia 1970 7c Coil, Sturt’s Desert Pea strip of 4 mint unhinged with Missing Buff colour. SG 468b, bb. Cat.  £900 (£225 each) ACSC  535 ce, cat $300 each in 2002. Rare multiple, ex Simon Dunkerley, supplied with RSPS Victoria Certificate, signed Geoff Kellow. Price $1100

AD1) Australia 1971 7c Purple QEII Spectacular Misperf Block of 40, from sheet D, left of sheet, with selvedges. Nicely written up on album page. Perfs misplaced dramatically to top left  so that it appears imperf. horizontally and almost so  vertically. Each stamp, apart from the bottom 4  showing part of the  stamp below.  Lightly hinged in selvedge only.  Has 5 varieties, annotated on the album page, all of which appear unrecorded. Details on request. misperfs of this magnitude are rare, and usually catalogue in the order of $150 per stamp, as per. The 1956 4d No Wmk Koala. Would easily break down for re-sale into 10 blocks of 4 and could sell for $400 a block, possibly more for those with varieties. Estimated catalogue value $6000, price $1995

AD8) Australia 1973 7c Sydney Harbour Bridge. Lower left block of 25 mint unhinged. Has numerous background flaws with varying degrees of registration shift and areas of missing colour. This results in a colour shift of the light blue to the right and doubling of lettering at base on all stamps. Listed as misplaced light blue as ACSC  653cb. Could be broken down into smaller blocks for re-sale. Supplied with normal for comparison. Cat. $100 per stamp in 2002 = $2500, price $1495

AD71) Australia 1978 15c Christmas variety “Misplaced Perfs.” 3mm upwards shift of perfs. Mint lightly hinged. ACSC 825ba (2) Cat. $50 as mint unhinged. Price $29

AD129) 1981 24c Thylacine imperforate proof ACSC 902PP(1) marginal block of 4, Price $749

AD128) 1981 24c Thylacine, intersheet vertical block of 8 (providing two intersheet vertical pairs) ACSC 902c, fold through intersheet gutter, MUH, Price $749

AD131) 1981 24c Thylacine, intersheet vertical imperforate pair, ACSC 902b, MUH, Price $395

AD126) Australia 1992 Olympics, $1.20 Weightlifting Variety. Ovpt. Specimen with the overprint misplaced upwards by 3mm, and into the margin above design. Uncatalogued and the first we have seen.  Misplaced Specimens are very rare, and we recently sold a 1949 £2 Arms misplaced Specimen for $900. Price $675

AD85) Australia 2014 Banjo Paterson, Bush Ballads special Imperf. booklet with 6 different imperf. blocks/minisheets. No. 250 of 250 overprinted in Gold “2014 National Exhibitions”. The Imperfs. were only issued thus, so only 250 of each can exist. Price $200

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Orders and Bids accepted by phone, mail or email.

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