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Mid - Late March 2024


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Coins & Banknotes


CB2485) Australia 1863 Sydney Type II Sovereign. Lovely uncirculated lustred coin, would go very close to choice. Reverse Inverted. Cat. $13,000. Price $9250
Copper & Silver
Order with confidence, we pride ourselves on accurate grading for coins. If for any reason you are unhappy, return within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. We will also refund in full within 12 months to the original purchaser if an Australian PCGS grading seriously contradicts our own.
Bulk Lots & Collections
CB2486) Australia 1963 Melbourne proof set of 4 coins 3d – 2/-. With original Downie’s description slip. Cat. $835, price $725
CB1327) BULK AUSTRALIA COPPER, FROM HOARD. Generally, in the mixed reign lots, around 10% will be KGV. 1kg will yield approx. 100 pennies or 200 halfpennies
Mixed Pennies and Halfpennies, all reigns 450g for $39.50, 1kg for $68.50
Pennies KGV only 450g for $84.50, 1kg for $179
Pennies all reigns 450g for $39.50, 1kg for $68.50
Halfpennies KGV only 450g for $84.50, 1kg for $179
Halfpennies all reigns 450g for $39.50, 1kg for $68.50
CB3219) Australia 1919 Halfpenny PCGS MS64+RB, Gem Unc. Cat. $1350, Price $1013

CB2857) Australia 1926 Halfpenny nice EF coin, chocolate colour. 8 pearls & full centre diamond. Price $59
CB1418) Australia 1927 Halfpenny. Nice uncirculated coin with even chocolate toning.  Traces of lustre. Price $325
CB2482) Australia 1929 Halfpenny, lovely dark chocolate tone. AUNC with 8 pearls & full centre diamond. Very minor edge knock only visible from reverse. Price $149
CB3218) Australia 1929 Halfpenny, Nice chocolate colour. Unc. Cat $550, Price $412

CB3244) Australia 1929 Halfpenny, gVF. $37.50

CB204) Australia 1933 Halfpenny, choice uncirculated lustred coin. Hard to better. Cat. $675, price $495
Australia 1933 Halfpenny, Fault free, nice original lustre. Unc. Cat $300, Price $225

CB292) Australia 1934 Halfpenny lovely Good EF Coin. 6 pearls and centre diamond easily visible other 2 pearls nearly there. Lovely chocolate coloured coin, AUNC cat. $120, price $75
CB202) Australia 1936 Halfpenny, choice uncirculated. Nice fault free original lustre with some nice chocolate tones. Cat. $475, price $395
CB345) Australia 1940 Halfpenny, GEM uncirculated. Superb coin with nice original lustre Cat. $1250, price $935
CB347) Australia 1943M Melbourne Halfpenny, Choice Uncirculated. Superb Red Lustre & Bloom, cat $120, price $89
CB346) Australia 1944 Halfpenny, uncirculated full lustre. Terrific coin, scarce date. Cat. $425, price $319
CB300) Australia 1959 Halfpenny GEM uncirculated. Magnificent lustred coin, some nice toning just starting to develop. Cat. $175, price $129
CB2483) Australia 1961 Halfpenny Choice UNC., lovely bronze toning. Price $29
CB2854) Australia 1920 Penny, no dots. Good fine with 6 pearls. Cat $125 for fine. Price $59

CB294) Australia 1948M Melbourne Penny 1d Gem Uncirculated. Full lustre Coin cat. $250, Price $195

CB2467) Australia 1926 3d, uncirculated with original lustre. Lovely coin. Price $295
CB349) Australia 1936 3d Super quality uncirculated. Renniks Catalogue is out of whack on this coin, with a catalogue of only $165 for unc. Full lustre and bloom, not quite choice. Price $185
CB576) Australia 1942 Melbourne 3d, almost uncirculated. Rare coin with lustre. Cat $1250, price $995

CB309) Australia 1944S San Francisco USA Mint 3d GEM uncirculated. Superb original full lustre & bloom coin ex mint roll. Cat $150, price $115
CB313) Australia 1948M Melbourne 3d GEM uncirculated. Beautiful lustred Coin ex mint roll, cat. $150, RARE con in this condition and catalogue is too low. Price $169
CB314) Australia 1948M Melbourne 3d GEM uncirculated. Beautiful lustred Coin ex mint roll, cat. $150, RARE con in this condition and catalogue is too low. Price $169
CB296) Australia 1948M Melbourne 3d GEM uncirculated. Beautiful lustred Coin ex mint roll, cat. $150, RARE con in this condition and catalogue is too low. Slightly better, price $189
CB2704) Australia 1919 6d. full & bloom choice uncirculated. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (Coin easily removeable) Price $2150
CB288) Australia 1934 6d, superb Choice Unc. With great original lustre and mint bloom. Hard to fault this one. Cat. $2000, price $1495
CB1373) Australia 1915 London 1/- nice original toning, good VF. 8 pearls and centre diamond visible. Price $695
CB1451) Australia 1925 Shilling uncirculated, with superb original lustre. Price $485

CB1374) Australia 1935 1/-, nice lustrous AUNC coin. Price $375
CB2701) Australia 1935 1/-. lovely fully lustred choice uncirculated coin. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (Coin easily removeable) Price $675


CB2470) Australia 1932 Florin, nice Fine obverse VF reverse. Price $735

CB1403) Australia, 1934/5 Vic. Cent. Florin, Gem! original lustre. Superb coin, price $2250

CB2477) Australia 1963 Florin PROOF. Superb fully lustred coin, price $195
Australia Decimal Coins
CB673) Australia 1976 RAM unc. coin year set. In original red display wallet. Price: $57.50

CB694) Australia 1988 RAM Proof $2 Coin. In original packaging with certificate. Price: $34

CB213) Australia 2001 Australia the silver millennium coin 1oz. In original packaging with Certificate. Price: $77.50
CB1482) Australia 2006 XVIII Commonwealth Games set of 16 UNC 50c coins in presentation cards as issued. Price: $445
CB1488) Australia 2006 XVIII Commonwealth Games set of 4 UNC 50c coins in presentation booklet insert as issued. Includes: Cycling, Hockey, Athletics and Aquatics. Price: $95
CB1497) Australia 2006 DCPL Australian Square Pattern Collection set of 24 Square Pattern Proof coins. Price: $1375
Coins other than Australia
CB1094) GB 2015 Royal Mint Britannia's Renaissance 12g Brilliant Uncirculated £2 coin. In original packaging. Price: $95
CB2170) New Zealand 1974 New Zealand Day Proof $1 Coin. Price: $25
CB3698) St. Helena 1973 25p Sterling Silver Proof in case as issued. Price $110
BN173b) Australia 1942 £1 Note, Armitage/McFarlane, Light Green R30b, aVF. Price $119
BN176a) Australia 1942 £1 Note, Armitage/McFarlane, Dark Green R30a, VF. Price $109
BN2) Ghana 1978 set of 4 Uncirculated SPECIMEN Banknotes 1 Cedi – 20 Cedis, all star notes, numbered alike, complete with certificate Price $89.50
BN15) Botswana 1979 set of 5 Uncirculated SPECIMEN Banknotes 1 – 20Pula, all star notes, numbered alike, complete with certificate. Price $349

please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Silly September Sale 2023 - Part 2
Take 25% off everything, regardless of what you spend - no exceptions!
Spend $1000 and take off 30%!

Spend $2500 and take off 35%!

Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.

Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions

Postage and insurance extra, Free Within Australia above $500. We accept all cards and PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9am – 4.30 Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours.

All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee, EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures, these may not be returned for any reason unless grossly mis-described.

EXCEPTIONS: There are no discounts on brand new catalogues or accessories.

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