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Australian States

New South Wales

NSW5) New South Wales 1859 small cover Sydney – Auckland. Bears 4 margin 6d Grey Brown Diadem, error of watermark (8 instead of 6) SG 96a (cat. £110 off cover) Stamp has been removed and re-affixed with a hinge to easily display the wmk. Variety. Exceedingly scarce on cover. Cancelled by Sydney cds of OC 13 59, and with Auckland arrival cds on face of OC 28 1859. Neat clean cover, minor tear centre top has been neatly repaired internally with a hinge.  Price $525

NSW23) NSW 1880 1d Salmon perf. 10, SG 208a. Mint Original Gum with massive diagonal plate scratch and two white voids either side of the Queen’s Crown. Striking error. Cat. £250 as normal. Price $395

NSW126) NSW 1885-86 5/- Lilac & green overprinted 'POSTAGE' in black perf 12 x 10 SG 238b, very slight gum wrinkling, few nibbled perfs at left, fresh Mint, Cat £800, Price $749

NSW146) 1888-90 NSW Centennial 1d Mauve perf 12 overprinted 'OS' SG O39ba complete sheet of 120, selvedge missing from 4 stamps at lower right, right pane has two stamps hinged and three with thins, otherwise a fresh MUH sheet with marginal inscriptions etc, Price $995

NSW24) NSW 1891 12½d on 1/- red, Listed by SG as perf 12 x 11½, but mostly 11½ with error in perf 12 at top right corner in 2 directions.  SG 268d. Used by indistinct cancel. Price $149

APC681) PC Farm Cove, Sydney, British Man of War, Australia, used to Toulon, France, Bears 3 x ½d Green NSW Cancelled by Sydney Duplexes No.10 of JA 26 04 GC, Price $89

NSW10) NSW 1094 3d Postal Stationary Registered letter uprated by marginal vertical pair of 2d Cobalt Blue SG 315, to Hobart. Cancelled by clear strikes of Booligal NSW cds’s of AU 3 1904. Reverse bears transit 245 duplex of Hay NSW AU 5 1904 and Melbourne Registered cds 8.8.04 plus Hobart arrival cds of A 11 1904. Rare cancellations. Price $149 


Q19) Queensland 1907 Crown over A wmk. Horizontal pairs.  4d Grey pair, line perf. mint, 1 unhinged. 6d Green pair, mint, 1 unhinged. 1/- Violet pair, MUH, irregular line perf. 12½/13, these were produced when comb perf. machines were under repair. Price $250.

Q32) Queensland 1866-68 Postal Fiscals no watermark 1d Blue SG F1, two distinct shades, with fiscal cancels, usual uneven perfs, Price $24.99

Q38) Queensland 1866-68 Postal Fiscals no watermark 20/- Rose SG F8, with crisp corner cds type fiscal cancel, slightly uneven perfs, a lovely stamp, SG Cat £1200 for postal use, Price $199

Q39) Queensland 1871-72 Postal Fiscals watermark large crown & Q 1/- Green SG F18 with fiscal cancel partially cleaned and subsequently used postally with an almost full strike of 'BRISBANE/L/FE 2/86/QUEENSLAND' cds, Price $69

South Australia

SA28) South Australia 1876-85 4d Deep mauve wmk broad star perf 10 x 11½-12½ overprinted ‘OS’, SG O17, few trimmed perfs, full fresh OG, Price $119

SA40) South Australia 1894-1906 QV 2½d Violet-blue & 5d Brown-purple perf 15 overprinted 'SPECIMEN' SG 234s/35s, Mint Cat £70, Price $79

APC680) Real Photographic Sepia Postcard. Captain Henry John "Harry" Butlers flight around Moores, Aug 1919, possibly dropping Peace Loan Flyers from the plane, unused. “Charles Moore and Co. was a company based in Adelaide, South Australia which owned a number of department stores in three Australian states. It was founded by Irish-born businessman, Charles Moore (ca. 1858 – 30 September 1916). Its best-known assets were the department store known to two generations of Adelaideans as "Moore's on the Square", Charles Moore's on Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia and Read's in Prahran, Victoria. Butler was known as the 'Peace Loan flyer' and performed many acrobatic displays over Adelaide to raise money for the Peace Loan and repatriation causes following World War I. He dropped Peace Loan flyers from his plane to promote the loan. He also partook in the first aerial race over the City of Adelaide to raise money for the Peace Loan.” - source Wikipedia. Nice clean condition, price $60


T93) Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 1d Brick-red SG 27, margins close to touching, Mint no gum, Cat £475, Price $179

T95) Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 2d Deep green SG 33, two close margins, just cut into at left, Mint no gum, Cat £950 as Mint, Price $399

T91) Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 2d Deep green SG 33 (a deeper shade than the one above) , two close margins, two touching, Mint no gum, Cat £950 as Mint, Price $349

T104) Tasmania c1890's 5/- QV side face in a pale reddish mauve shade, complete sheet of 120 on thin gummed card overprinted 'REPRINT' with stops, unfortunately the top right hand stamp has been removed, odd minor gum spot, fresh MUH, a scarce survivor, Price $2499

T103) Tasmania 1912 One Penny on 2d surcharge perf 11 SG 260a, complete sheet of 60 with JBC and CA monograms, some minor perf separation, still a fresh and scarce survivor, Price $449


V157) Victoria 1850 Half-length second state of the dies 1d Pale dull red-brown SG 5a, three good margins, cut into at right, indistinct barred numeral cancel, Cat £450, Price $299

V234) Victoria 1851 Half-length third state of the dies 1d Brownish-red SG 9b horizontal pair, margins close to touching, stated to be positions 5 & 6, two strikes of the ‘11’ Barred oval cancel, Cat £360, Price $249

V23) Victoria 1854 1d Rose Half Length SG 23a. Superb 4 margin example of this scarce Melbourne printing, cancelled by light duplex. Expertised twice on reverse. Cat. £750, price $995

V232) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 1d Brick-red SG 26a, four good to large margins, indistinct oval cancel, Cat £120, Price $119

V96) Victoria 1854-55 Woodblocks imperf 2/- dull bluish green SG 35, three large margins, just touching at base, used on small piece. Advertised retail $375. Price $249

V103) Victoria 1854 1/- Registered stamp SG34, Cat £200, attractive example with 4 large margins, very light surface rub at lower left, indistinct barred numeral cancel, fine used. Price $199

LM13) Victoria 1854 6d Dull Orange Imperf Woodblock on cover, SG 32a. Neat small cover Melbourne to Dublin via ship Colombia. Nice 4 margin stamp affixed inverted, possibly to warn of bad news.  Cancelled by barred numeral 1, and with arrival stamp MR 16 1858. Price $395

V97) Victoria 1855 6d Too Late stamp, SG 33. Magnificent Huge 4 margin example, neatly cancelled by Barred Numeral 1 of Melbourne. Nicest I have seen in 55 years. Cat. £250. Price $425

V268) Victoria 1856 “Australian Packet Paid Liverpool JU 9 56” cds in red, clear full strike on small cover “per Mermaid” to Plymouth UK with large 5d also in red, presumably tax for underpaid item. Bears 6d Orange woodblock with some evidence of rouletting at left and top, cancelled by Melbourne barred numeral cancel No. 1 of Melbourne type A1. Reverse bears Melbourne oval cancel of MA 11 1856 and Plymouth arrival cds in Green of JU 11 1856. Fine scarce cover, price $240 

BD515) Victoria 1857 small cover bearing 6d Dull Orange Woodblock 4 margin example, tied by barred Numeral 4 of SANDHURST (renamed BENDIGO) and Red cds “Paid 5 SP 1857” to Essex, UK. Fine and attractive, flap torn on opening. Price $195


DB56) Victoria 1864 2d Violet SG 109 Imperforate! Not listed in SG, definitely big enough margins to be imperf. Nicely used with barred Numeral cancel. Imperf between vertical pair of the 1/- from this issue is Cat. at £6500. Price $495

V270) Victoria 1870. Small registered cover, Malmsbury – Melbourne. Bears 2d Dull Violet Laureates Perf. 13 SG 109ad, cancelled by Malmsbury Duplex No. 98 Type 2, rated SS. 1 adhesive removed. Has rectangular boxed “registered” in black and oval registered in Red. Melbourne small transit cds of AP 19 70 on face and arrival cds of Carlton on the following day. Price $98 

V265) Victoria 1883 small cover to Torquay UK. Bears 6d Blue SG 

V72) Victoria 1884/5 £10 Stamp Duty, SG 279/279a. A fine example with neat Pen Cancel, No Pinholes! Cat. £250 as postally used. Price $125.

V298) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 2/6d Orange & 2/6d Yellow, both with light fiscal cancels, Cat £675 for postally used, Price $149

V299) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 6d Blue, 1/- Blue on blue, 2/- Blue on green, 2/6d Orange & 5/- Blue on yellow, all with neat fiscal cancels, minimum cat £650+ for postally used, Price $249

V302) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue perf 12 SG 224a Mint with some minor gum wrinkling, Cat £250, Price $329

V321) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue perf 12 SG 224a, with unframed ‘KYNETON/OC28/92/VICTORIA’ postal cds, few nibbled perfs, Price $49

V303) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue, three distinct shades, light fiscal cancels, Price $79

V304) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 2/- Blue on green, three distinct shades, light fiscal cancels, minimum cat £330 for postally used, Price $119

V305) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 5/- Blue on yellow, wmk upright, perf 12, SG 227ba, lovely deep shade, appears unused, very faint trace of cleaned MS cancel, attractive stamp, unpriced postally used in SG, Price $99

V306) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 10/- Brown on pink, light fiscal cancel, Cat £450 for postally used, Price $129

V300) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 10/- Brown on pink, very faint fiscal cancel, Cat £450 for postally used, Price $129

V301) Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute £1 Slate-violet on yellow, light fiscal cancel, Cat £450 for postally used, Price $129

V307) Victoria 1884-92 Stamp Duty 2/6d Yellow orange with unframed ‘MARYBOROUGH/B/AP12/85VICTORIA’ cds, Price $69

V313) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1d Bistre, two distinct shades, both with postal cancels, Price $69

V312) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 6d Ultramarine perf 12½ SG 266 with light, indistinct barred numeral cancel, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $49

V311) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/- Blue on blue & 1/- Blue on yellow, both with bold postal cancels, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $69

V310) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/- Blue on yellow, simplified selection of three different shades all with postal cancels, one with some minor toning, Price $129

V315) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 3/- Purple on blue perf 12 SG 237a, with light, indistinct postal cds, Cat £100, Price $129

V316) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 4/- Orange-red perf 12 SG 238a, Mint with some hinge remains, Cat £180, Price $199

V308) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 6/- Apple green perf 12 wmk upright SG 271a, with central, indistinct postal cds, Price $49

V309) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty £1 Yellow-orange wmk sideways, perf 12½ with ‘R’ Registered cancel, nice used, Cat £85, Price $119

V318) Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty £2 Blue perf 12½ SG 276a with crisp, almost full ‘ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O./OCT18/90’ cds, attractive stamp, Price $249

V317) Victoria 1896-99 Stamp Duty 4/- Orange perf 12½, SG 346, Mint with tiny central thin spot, Cat £170, Price $129

V31) Victoria 1895 Halfpenny Yellow/Orange wrapper used to London. Cancelled by Duplex 327 Tarnagulla JE 28 95. Fine and scarce, price $69

V67) Victoria 1895 ½d Yellow-Orange newspaper wrapper simply addressed to “Punch Melbourne” Cancelled by clean strike of Nagambie second 712 Duplex of AP 5 95. Clean and attractive, small tear at left does not detract. Price $59

V84) Victoria 1896 ½d Emerald SG 331 fresh mint lightly hinged with full double row of perfs at top. Well centred with full perfs. Spectacular! Price $169

V41) Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee 2/6d Red Brown Hospital Charity stamp, cto Melbourne OC 25 97, 3 days after issue. Clean stamp with gum full perfs. And expertisation mark on reverse. Price $195

V42) Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee 2/6d Red Brown Hospital Charity stamp, cto Melbourne AU 24 06, late usage. Clean well centred stamp without gum and full perfs. Price $210

V90) Victoria 1901-13 QV 'Postage' 1/- orange or yellow x 10 unchecked for perfs etc, great range of shades, advertised retail $200+. Price $99

V85) Victoria 1905 1d Rose red SG 417, Double Perfs. Used by Melbourne machine cancel is well centred with full perfs. Complete row of double perfs. at top and also double perfs. along right side. Spectacular! Price $169

V18) Victoria Revenues 1934 1/8d Yellow & Black Tax Instalment Rouletted stamp with gum in unhinged horizontal pair.  Wmk V over Crown. Cancelled by Fountain Pen manuscript 26-1-40 and 2-2-40 respectively. Fine and scarce, price $95

Western Australia

WA130) Western Australia 1885 1d on 3d surcharge, both the Pale brown and Cinnamon shades, SG 91 & 91a, Cat £70, fine Used, Price $79

WA78) Western Australia 1895 ½d surcharge in red & green on 3d Cinnamon, SG 111a, Mint, some hinge remains, Price $199

WA57) 1910 usage of 1d Blue Postal Stationary Postcard, Mount Magnet to Perth. Cancelled by cds of Perth 14 NO 10. H & G 17, cat. $400. Very fine with 2 staple holes and bend to upper left corner. Price $195

WA34) Western Australia 1911 real photographic postcard “Greetings from Fremantle” to St. Louis, USA. Bears Halfpenny Green and 1d Rose Pink SG 138/9. Cat £12.25 and from x 12 on cover. Neat & clean, price $175

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