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Silly September 2023


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Maximum Cards

MXC541) Maximum card set of 5, Outback Services - telecommunication, road train, school of the air, mailbox, flying doctor, unused. Price $25
MXC546) Maximum card set of 5, Landcare landscapes, unused. Price $25
MXC555) Maximum card set of 5, Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, Wheelchair tennis & basketball, Athletics, Cycling & Shot Put, unused. Price $25
MXC517) Maximum card set of 7 Australia Post, America’s Cup Yachts 1983 & 1987, unused. Price $35
MXC562) Maximum card set of 5, Australia WWII Battles, Darwin Bombing, Milne Bay, Kokoda Trail, Coral Sea Battle, El Alamein, unused. Price $25



Spring into Action with our Silly September Sale!

Take 25% off everything, regardless of your spend – no exceptions!

Spend $1000 and take off 30%!

Spend $2500 and take of 35%!


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