Early February 2022


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Australia Pre-Decimal

APD527) Australia 1927-30 selection perf OS, fresh mint unhinged. Comprises 1½d Canberra, 3d Kookaburra, 3d Airmail both types A & B, 2d & 3d Sturt & 1½d Swan. Price $259
APD755) Australia 1930 Sturt 2d Red, complete set of plate blocks Nos. 1 – 8. Mix of mint unhinged and mint lightly hinged. Odd minor fault, min. cat. $165, price $120
APD723) Australia 1934 1/6d Hermes Airmail Ash Gutter Imprint Block of 4. Mint hinged block, looks good from the front. Gum has tone spots. Cat. $325, price $125
FE63) Australia 1934 MacArthur, mint unhinged set of 3 (no dark hills 2d) usually $120, now just $89, or the set of 4 with dark hills usually $145 for $109
APD757) Australia 1935 2d Red KGV Jubilee Plate No. 3. All four corner plate blocks. mint lightly hinged, odd minor fault. Cat. $80, price $455
APD530) Australia 1941 5½d on 5d Ram, MISPLACED OVERPRINT in horiz. Pair. MUH. Rarely seen in multiples. Surcharge is low, descending into the margin at base by 3mm.Cat. $375 each, supplied with normal for comparison. Price $559
APD782) Australia 1948 1½d Green no wmk. QE. Gutter plate 19 block of 8 mint unhinged. ACSC 227za, cat. $4000, as usual only a small part of the plate No. Is visible. price $2695.
APD605) 1948--56 (SG.224) Wmk Multiple Crown/CofA 2/- Crocodile THIN PAPER "No Imprint left corner block of 4", fresh MUH, BW: 263a,ze, extrapolated Cat. $1500+. Rare! Centred to lower right. Price $895
D3) Australia 1954 Red Cross 3.5d, commercially used with light slogan cancel, showing clear double print of the cross. Not recorded in ACSC. Supplied with normal for comparison. Double prints such as this frequently catalogue around $5000. Price $1950
FE88) Australia 1960 Girl Guides 5d, with offset, ACSC 377c, from a possibly unique block of 48 mint unhinged. Cat. $75 per stamp. I have seen a block of 4 on eBay recently offered by a well-known Sydney firm for $175. Blocks of 4 at $149 or singles at $39

please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Early February 2022 Discount Sale

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