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Early February 2020


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Australia Pre-Decimal

APD326) Australia 1929 3d Airmail Type B, normal and perf. OS. Fresh mint unhinged. Price $149

APD497) Australia 1930 Sturt 1½d red complete set of plate blocks. Plates 1 – 8 all “Post Office Fresh” mint unhinged, excepting No. 2 which is once lightly hinged in the top margin. Price $179

BD872) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d Overprinted OS, mint lightly hinged. 3d is a marginal example. Cat. $575. Price elsewhere, $475, my price $359

APD249a) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d Ovpt. OS, fresh Mint Unhinged, With Certificate which will be dated and signed upon purchase. Cat. $1125, price $925.

APD79) Australia 1931 3d Blue Kingsford Smith, plate 3 block of 6 (2 x 3) Mint unhinged, full perfs. Shows variety "Plane dropping mailbag" Some thinning in selvedge, ACSC 142d, price $175

APD367) Australia 1932 Harbour Bridge both 2d red printings & 3d blue, each in Melbourne cto block of 4, without gum. Rare in multiples. Price $179

APD14) Australia 1935 1/- Black Anzac, cto without gum. Well centred with good perfs. Top left corner cds. Cat. $60, scarcer than the catalogue would suggest, so well-priced at $42

APD238) Australia 1937 KGVI 3d blue die I ‘White wattles’, ACSC 190 Cat $400, centred to lower right, fresh MUH. Price $299

APD413) Australia 1937 KGVI 3d blue die I ‘White wattles’, ACSC 190 Cat $75, centred to right, fine cds used. Price $55

APD180) Australia 1937 KGVI 3d Blue Die II thick paper. Ash Imprint Block of 4 very fresh mint unhinged, cat $375, price $279

M30) Australia 1937 1/- Lyrebird, perf 13.5 x 14 in imprint block of 4, centre of sheet. Mint hinged, cat $400, price $275

APD263) Australia 1938 - 41 2d Red KGVI Die II plus 2d Mauve both with Medallion Flaw Nicely used with normal 2d red for comparison. ACSC Cat. $280, price $210

APD349/350) Australia 1938 1/4d Magenta KGVI Imprint Block of 4 with cigar flaw re-touched, mint unhinged. Normal imprint block supplied for comparison. Price $79 (2 available)

APD415) Australia 1938 1/4d Magenta KGVI Imprint Block mint unhinged. Price $25 (24 available)

APD181) Australia 1940 3d Blue KGVI Die III block of 4 fresh mint unhinged cat. $240, price $149

APD71) Australia 1940 3d Deep Blue KGVI Die III imprint block, commercially used. Very rare used piece, albeit missing its left hand selvedge. Well centred with good perfs, cancelled by 3 indistinct cds. ACSC 195z, cat. $300 as unhinged mint. Top right hand stamp has diagonal crease not visible from front. Price $69

APD199) Australia 1948 1½d Green QE, no wmk. Top gutter block of 8 showing part plate number 19, and 2 x perf. pips. Post Office Fresh Mint Unhinged. ACSC 227Aza. Cat. $4000 for hinged. Unhinged ought to be double! Price very reasonably at $2700

APD242) Australia 1949 Arms 5/- variety ‘Thin paper’ ACSC 268a, marginal block of 4, Cat $900 MUH. Price $499

APD241) Australia 1949 Arms 5/- variety ‘Thin paper’ ACSC 268a, upper left corner block of 4, Cat $900 MUH. Price $499

APD84) Australia 1949 Arms £2 with Roller Flaw early state, light impression, fine used cds example. ACSC 271d, cat. $325. Price $239

APD110) Australia 1949 Arms £2 with Roller Flaw late state, heavy impression, fine used cds example. ACSC 271d, cat. $325. Price $239

APD76) Australia 1954 Red Cross Misplaced bottom right corner block of 4. Fresh mint unhinged showing cross misplaced down and to the left and into the blue area. ACSC 312c, cat $150 each. Total cat. $600, price $390

APD133) Australia 1964 Navigators set of 8, inc. white papers fresh mint unhinged. All with good perfs. centring a bit variable. Price $198

Australia Pre-Decimal complete sheets.

AFS9) Australia 1950 1d Slate Purple Princess Elizabeth, complete coil perf sheet of 160 perf. through side margin. cat. $530 adding up the coil blocks of 4 and imprint blocks, price for this $300

AFS10) Australia 1951 2d Green Sideface Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) complete coil perf. sheet of 160 Cat. $1000 adding up the coil blocks of 4 and 2 x Imprint Blocks Price for this $575

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