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Mid - Late June 2024


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Australia Pre-DecimalAPD8611) Australia 1913 6d Claret Kookaburra in mint block of 4, the lower left unit being unhinged. Very fresh looking. The lower two with perf. separation. A rare survivor, few blocks are seen these days. Retail $585 as 4 singles. Price $529

APD8595) Australia 1913 6d Claret Kookaburra, used with rubber cds, and private perfin. “KL” inverted. Only one other ever handled by us, another seen on eBay a couple of years ago at $139. Well centred with good perfs. Price $98

APD8531) Australia 1914 KGV 1d Engraved, 1927 1½d Canberra, 1928 3d Kookaburra, 1929 1½d WA Centy, 3d Airmail, 1930 Sturt set, 1931 Kingsford Smith set & 6d Air, 1932 Bridge 2d (both) & 3d, all CTO BW 59w, 132w, 133w, 134w, 138w, 139-40w, 141-43w, 144w, 146-47w & 149w, Cat $175, Price $149

APD8589) Australia 1927 – 1930 issues cto. Comprises 1½d Canberra, 3d Blue Kookaburra, 3d Green Airmail types A & B, 1½d W.A. Swan & 2 value Sturt set. Cat. $95 plus, price $72

BD872) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d Overprinted OS, mint lightly hinged. 3d is a marginal example. Cat. $575. Price elsewhere, $475, my price $359
APD249a) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d Ovpt. OS, fresh Mint Unhinged, With Certificate which will be dated and signed upon purchase. Cat. $1125, price $925.

APD8605) Australia 1931 3d Kingsford Smith Overprinted OS, fresh mint unhinged well centred and good perfs. Guaranteed genuine by us, and from a deceased estate collection which well pre-dates the known forged overprints of these. ACSC Cat. $875, price $725
APD8591) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith & 6d Airmails cto. Comprises 4 value set and OS ovpt. set of 3 to 6d. Nice lot, cat. $200 plus, price $149.

APD536) Australia 1931 6d Kingsford Smith “Extra Islands” variety mint unhinged, marginal single. ACSC 158e, cat. $150, price $110

APD8569) Australia 1932 1/- Green Large Lyrebird, perfin G NSW, mint lightly hinged. Uncommon. Price $37.50

APD8506) Australia 1932 1/- Lyrebird overprinted ‘OS’ BW 145(OS), well centred, Fine used with cds cancel, Cat $40, Price $35
K4233) Australia 1932 £2 Grey-black & rose-crimson Kangaroo C of A watermark overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ BW 58x, centred slightly low lightly hinged Mint, Cat $150, Price $129
APD8515) Australia 1934 Vic Centenary perf 11½ set BW 154-56, the 1/- centred to upper right, all with neat cds cancels, Fine used, Cat $49, Price $35

APD8592) Australia 1934 Vic. Cent. set of 3 perf. 11½ cto with gum, well centred. 3d has 2 short perfs. at left. Cat. $95, price $65

APD8522) Australia 1935 ANZAC 1/- Black BW 165, gutter pair postally used with central indistinct cds, left unit with one nibbled perf at base, most unusual & attractive, Cat $80 as singles, Price $69

APD8511) Australia 1935 Jubilee set BW 166-68, all with cds cancels, the 2/- with bold cds, Nice-fine used. Cat $53, Price $39

APD8570) Australia 1935 Anzac Pair, cto used with good perfs. Ct. $65, price $49

APD8578) Australia 1935 Jubilee set of 3 vfu cds, lower values are cto. Cat. $100 plus. Price $79

APD8599) Australia 1937 3d Blue KGVI White Wattles Die 1 with TA joined, fresh mint lightly hinged with full perfs. Cat. $175, price $129

APD8614) Australia 1938 Coil Trial in Green with C of A wmk, mint unhinged strip of 4. Sydney retail $20 for a pair, price $29

APD601) Australia 1938-41 1d Green QM Coil strip of 3, Die II mint unhinged. Melbourne retail for a pair $225, price $179
APD263) Australia 1938 - 41 2d Red KGVI Die II plus 2d Mauve both with Medallion Flaw Nicely used with normal 2d red for comparison. ACSC Cat. $280, price $210

APD8599) Australia 1938 2d Mauve, wmk. Inverted. Fresh mint unhinged with full perfs centred to upper right. These are from coil perf. sheets and often off centre.   ACSC 189a, cat. $275, price $210
APD8786) Australia 1942 C of A wmk perf 14.75 x 14 ½d Orange kangaroo BW 179 vertical strip of 6 punctured ‘VG’ sideways, all with variety ‘VG doubled’ 4 units MUH, Price $59
APD8787) Australia 1942 C of A wmk perf 14.75 x 14 ½d Orange kangaroo BW 179 vertical strip of 4 punctured ‘VG’ sideways, all with variety ‘VG doubled’ centre units MUH, Price $39
APD8784) Australia 1942 C of A wmk perf 14.75 x 14 ½d Orange kangaroo BW 179 block of 6 punctured ‘VG’ sideways, the central vertical pair variety ‘VG doubled’ upper units hinged, others MUH, Price $49
APD8788) Australia 1942 C of A wmk 1d Green Queen Elizabeth BW 226 vertical strip of 10 punctured ‘VG’ sideways, all with variety ‘VG doubled’ 8 units MUH, Price $99
APD8785) Australia 1942 C of A wmk perf 14.75 x 14 6d Brown kookaburra BW 203 vertical strip of 4 punctured ‘VG’ sideways, all with variety ‘VG doubled’ couple of minor gum bends, Mint, Price $49

APD199) Australia 1948 1½d Green QE, no wmk. Top gutter block of 8 showing part plate number 19, and 2 x perf. pips. Post Office Fresh Mint Unhinged. ACSC 227Aza. Cat. $4000 for hinged. Unhinged ought to be double! Price very reasonably at $2700
APD242) Australia 1949 Arms 5/- variety ‘Thin paper’ ACSC 268a, marginal block of 4, Cat $900 MUH. Price $499

APD8597) Australia 1949 5/- Arms Thin Paper fresh mint unhinged, with the distinctive deeper shade for this printing. Will be supplied with a normal for comparison. Well centred with good perfs. ACSC 268a, cat. $250, price $190

APD8782) Australia range of 11 1950’s pieces with high face value frankings including Arms 5/- & 10/- x 7 each, both including a pair & £1 x 2, attractive & unusual group, Cat $66+ as stamps & scarcer on mixed franking pieces, Price $69
APD8789) Australia 1950 Stamp Centenary corner Authority imprint block BW 279zf in very pale shade which appears to be a ‘Dry ink’ variety as the imprint text is very patchy & incomplete, unlisted in BW, with normal imprint block for comparison, most unusual MUH, Price $69

APD8612) Australia 1952 2/- Aboriginal Art (Crocodile) Thin Paper mint block of 4, the lower pair unhinged. ACSC 261a, cat. $400 as singles. Well centred with good perfs. Supplied with normal for comparison. Price $295

APD8608) Australia 1952 2/- Aboriginal Art (Crocodile) Thin Paper mint unhinged. ACSC 261a, cat. $125. Fresh well centred with just one nibbed perf at left and some gum creasing. Supplied with normal for comparison. Price $62.50

APD76) Australia 1954 Red Cross Misplaced bottom right corner block of 4. Fresh mint unhinged showing cross misplaced down and to the left and into the blue area. ACSC 312c, cat $150 each. Total cat. $600, price $390

APD133) Australia 1964 Navigators set of 8, inc. white papers fresh mint unhinged. All with good perfs. centring a bit variable. Retail $275, price $198
APD8613) Australia 1965 P.M.G. Dept. coil trial strip of 3 mint unhinged in black, in preparation for decimal issues. No wmk. Perf. x imperf. Price $25

APD8521) Australia 1965 8d Gallipoli BW 427, an unusually pale example, possibly a result of ink stripping or ‘Dry’ ink, with normal for comparison, unlisted in BW, Price $69
Australia Pre-Decimal complete sheets.
AFS38) Australia 1967 4c YMCA in complete sheet of 100, fresh mint unhinged. Stunning bleed through of Magenta to reverse on all stamps. Price $59

Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101 - $250 deduct 10%, $251 - $500 deduct 15%, $501 - $1000 deduct 20%
Orders over $1000 deduct 25%
Orders over $2500 deduct 30%
All discounts can be applied to items from previous lists in order to achieve a higher discount level.

No discounts apply to items purchased on Layby terms. 
Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.

All of our items carry our guarantee that if significantly mis-described, they may be returned to us within 7 days of your receipt.

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