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Australian Territories


BCOF20) Australia 1946 BCOF 5/- thin paper, mint unhinged, full perfs. and well centred. Minor perf toning at base and to right on about ten perfs. not visible from front. Cat. $225, price $110
BCOF22) Australia 1946 BCOF 1d mint unhinged, bluish ovpt. Cat. $100, price $75
MAAT47) Australian Antarctic Territory 1966 / 68 Definitives (11) Stamp Pack MUH, choose from Australia or Japanese version, price each $56, both for $100
CI19) Christmas Island 1992 Shells Defins. complete  MUH defins. to $5. Retail $45, price $34
ML442) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 1963 definitive set of 6 Mint/MUH (2/3d is MUH) Price $25
MCK99) Cocos Keeling Islands 1981 Aircraft PHILATOKYO Stamp Pack MUH **RARE** Price $130
PNG912) New Guinea NWPI overprints KGV 1d Red x 13, noted at least one type B opt, includes both opt types, SG 67-67c & 103, nice range of shades, fine used, Price $59
PNG914) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints kangaroos first watermark 2d Grey & 2½d Indigo SG 73 & 74, reasonable centring fresh Mint, Price $49
PNG922) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints kangaroos second watermark 6d Ultramarine & 1/- Emerald SG 88-89, both overprint type B, fresh Mint with some hinge remains, both centred a little to the upper right, Price $49
PNG936a) Papua 1932 Pictorials 2d Red SG 133, Ash imprint pair, very faint gum bend, fresh MUH, Price $39
PNG937a) Papua 1907-08 Lakatoi Small Papua watermark upright perf 11 1/- Black & orange SG 54, usual faint gum ‘suntanning’ MUH, Price $79
PNG940a) Papua 1910-11 Lakatoi large Papua 2/6d type C SG 83, odd nibbled perf, Fine used, Price $89
PNG943a) Papua 1917 Lakatois surcharges ‘ONE PENNY’ on 6d Orange- brown, SG 110, Fine used, key value of the set, Price $35
PNG947a) Papua 1935 Jubilee set SG 150-53, fresh MUH, Price $59
PNG951a) Papua 1931-32 Lakatois 2/6d Maroon & bright pink overprinted ‘OS’ SG O56, light gum ‘suntanning’ Mint, Price $69
PNG953a) Papua 1931 Lakatois surcharges set of 6 including both printings of the 2d on 1½d & 9d on 2/6d SG 121-26 Mint, Price $49
PNG592 New Guinea 1915 censored cover to The Netherlands with 1st wmk 2½d Kangaroo SG 74 type B tied by Madang cds and red boxed ‘PASSED BY CENSOR’ marking, endorsed ‘Letter for enemy country enclosed’, with 2020 RPSV certificate stating ‘it is genuine in all respects’, scarce & attractive, Price $750
PNG900) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints KGV 4d Orange SG 70 type A, B & C overprints Mint, Price $39
PNG906) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints kangaroos 2nd watermark 6d Ultramarine & 9d Violet SG 88 & 89, both overprint type C, average centring, Fine used, Price $69
PNG564) New Guinea 1921-22 NWPI overprints 2d Rose-scarlet SG 122, block of 6, centred low, fresh MUH, Price $99
PNG894a) New Guinea 1921-22 NWPI overprints colour changes 1d Violet SG 120, two distinct shades Fine used, Price $25
PNG553) New Guinea 1925-27 Huts ½d Orange & 1½d Orange-vermillion SG 125 & 126a, each with a good strike (½d – 90%, 1½d -70%) of the scarce ‘CANCELLATION KAVIENG’ cds, with different dates, Price $49
PNG556) New Guinea 1925-31 Huts Officials 2/- Brown-lake overprinted ‘OS’SG O30, a fresh part imprint unhinged Mint example, Cat £42 as hinged, Price $69
PNG560) 1925 Huts £1 Panelli forgery in olive, fresh unhinged Mint, Price $149
PNG360) New Guinea 1931 small registered airmail cover to Bristol UK. Bears 3d & 6d Huts ovpt. Air Mail SG 141/43 cancelled cds's of Rabaul 8SE31, and with h/s and m/s Reg'd No. 3645. Neat & clean hand addressed cover . Price $59
PNG353) 1939 Registered surface mail cover to Ramsey, Hunts. UK. Bears 9d Violet  Airmail SG 220 solo usage cancelled by Rabaul cds of 16.MAY39  and oval registered Huntingdon h/s on reverse of 25 JU 39. Also Rabaul reg'n h/s No. 1456. Neat attractive cover with just a little aging. Price $89
PNG357) New Guinea 1934 Undated birds 3½d Aniline carmine SG 180a x 2 and 1932-34 Undated birds 2d overprinted ‘Airmail’ SG 193 on 1936 Airmail cover Bulolo to Sydney with typed ‘New Guinea – Australia/Air mail’ with original shorthand written letter, Price $109
PNG317) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds overprinted ‘Airmail’ 1½d horizontal pair and 5d SG 192 & 196 on 1938 registered Airmail cover to the UK endorsed ‘First Official Air Mail/Rabaul to Sydney’ some hinge remains on back, Price $59
PNG840) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds overprinted ‘Airmail’ 4d Olive-green SG 195 block of 4, multiple light strikes of an indistinct cds, Cat £40 as singles, Price $49
PNG337) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds 1d Green, 1½d Claret & 2d Vermilion SG 177-179, a block of 4 of each value on 1932 large cover Kavieng to Sydney, central horizontal filing fold (not affecting the adhesives) and some mounting remains on the reverse, attractive cover, Price $119
PNG550) New Guinea 1935 Airmail £2 Bright violet & £5 Emerald-green SG 204 & 205, lightly hinged Mint, the £5 with a faint vertical gum bend at base, Cat £1100, Price $1099
PNG549) New Guinea 1935 Airmail £5 Emerald-green SG 205, Fine used, Cat £450, Price $649
PNG532) Papua 1916-31 Bicolour Lakatois 1½d Bright blue & bright brown SG 95c, a very fine used block of 4, the upper left unit with variety ‘Postace’ SG 95d, and upper right unit with ‘Rift in clouds’ very attractive multiple, Price $59
PNG410) Papua/New Guinea 1916 Bicolour Lakatois, SG 93/105 very fresh mint lightly hinged to 1/- then 2/6d & 5/- fine cds used. Price $359
PNG411) Papua/New Guinea 1916 Bicolour Lakatoi 5/- SG 104, horiz. pair mint fresh very lightly  hinged. Price $135
PNG723) Papua 1916-33 Bicolour Lakatois 3d Black & deep greenish Prussian blue (error) SG 98a + 1d & 2d on 1928 commercial cover Bwagaoia to the UK, a rare colour error, Cat £7800 on cover, most likely unique, Price $9950
PNG534) Papua 1931 Two Pence on 1½d Cobalt & light brown, Mullett printing, upper left corner block, upper left unit variety ‘Postace’  SG 121a, upper right unit variety ‘Rift in clouds’, hinged on lower units, fresh Mint, Cat £186+, Price $279
PNG517) Papua 1931 Two Pence on 1½d Cobalt & light brown, Mullett printing, CTO upper left corner block, upper left unit variety ‘Postace’  SG 121a, upper right unit variety ‘Rift in clouds’, several tone spots on gum which could probably be easily removed by removing the gum, Cat £297+, Price $299
PNG722) Papua 1931 5d on 1/- SG 125 on small 1932 registered cover Daru to the UK, with red Daru registration label, transit and arrival backstamps, attractive cover, Price $59
PNG716) Papua 1931 5d on 1/-, 9d on 2/6d & 1/3d on 5/- on registered cover Samariaed to the UK, with red & black registration label, transit and arrival backstamps, Price $109
PNG891a) Papua 1931 TWO PENCE on 1½d surcharge Mullett printing SG 121, block of 10 with margins at each side, MUH, Cat £120 as hinged singles, Price $159
PNG895a) Papua 1932 Pictorials ½d to 6d + 1/- SG 130-37 & 139, Fine used, Cat £45+, Price $59
PNG543) Papua 1934 Declaration set SG 146-49 in Ash imprint blocks of 6, lightly hinged on upper units & lower margins, fresh Mint, Price $229
PNG737) Papua 1911-12 Lakatois punctured  ‘OS’ ½d Yellow-green SG O38 vertical pair (lower unit damaged) on OHMS parcel label from The Government Printing Office Port Moresby to the UK, interesting & unusual, Price $159
PNG738) Papua 1930 Lakatois punctured  ‘OS’ 1d Intense black & red SG O47 on  OHMS cover which has unfortunately had the address removed, along with another adhesive, oval ‘THE TREASURY PAPUA’ cachet in green, Royal cypher on flap, Price $99
PNG734) Papua 1930 Lakatois punctured  ‘OS’ 2d Deep brown purple & lake SG O49 on 1935 OHMS cover to the UK, tied by Port Moresby cds cancels, some minor perf toning, a scarce cover, cat £550 on cover, Price $379
PNG736) Papua 1930 Lakatois punctured  ‘OS’ 3d Black & blue-green SG O50 on 1934 OHMS cover to the USA, tied by Port Moresby cds cancels, ‘TREASURY/TERRITORY OF PAPUA’ 2 line cachet in blue on front. Some minor creasing & staining which affects the stamp, still a scarce cover, SG cat on cover £1500, Price $995
PNG731) Papua 1931-32 Lakatois optd ‘OS’ ½d & 1½d on 1934 OHMS cover to the UK, tied by Port Moresby cds cancels, Price $179
PNG732) Papua 1931-32 Lakatois optd ‘OS’ 6d on 1934 OHMS registered cover to the UK, tied by Port Moresby cds cancels, various transit & arrival markings on reverse, Price $169.
PNG511) Papua 1931 9d on 2/6d surcharge SG 124, Harrison imprint strip of 3, CTO with full unhinged gum, Cat £81 (as used singles), Price $99
PNG629) Papua New Guinea 1955 reg'd cover to David Jones Sydney on DJ pre-printed envelope. Bears 9d & 6½d 1952 Definitives cancelled by Port Moresby cds of 7 DE 55 and with Sydney arrival cds on reverse of 11DE55. All 1952 defins. on cover are scarce. Price $89
PNG138) Papua New Guinea 1995 21t Thick Overprint on 90t (small t) 1 Kapul reprint in 4 corner blocks of 4 from each corner of the sheet. July 1993 Imprint. Very rare! Price $2650
PNG139) Papua New Guinea 1995 21t Thin Overprint on 90t (small t) 1 Kapul reprint in 4 corner blocks of 4 from each corner of the sheet. July 1993 Imprint. Scarce! Price $450

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