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Australian Territories

AAT/Nauru/NWPI/New Guinea/Papua/PNG/BCOF/Christmas Is./Norfolk Is./Cocos (Keeling) Is.

662.    PNG973) Australian Territories Specimen Pack circa 1960. Includes PNG 10/- Bird, 10/- Rabaul, £1 QEII plus Norfolk Is. 10/- Bird all ovpt. Specimen. Also cto sets of Christmas Is., Nauru, Norfolk Is. & PNG. Still in sealed packets. Overprint on Norfolk Is. Is to bottom centre, PNG Rabaul is 15.5mm ovpt., QEII is 13.5mm ovpt. Minor soiling to front cover. Very Scarce. Price $279

663.    APH468) AAT 1954 Commercial Surface Mail cover to Denmark. Bears late usage of 7½d Blue KGVI Sideface cancelled by Mawson cds of 15FE54. Airmail Envelope has Par Avion plane cachet top left scribbled out in pencil. Rare commercial cover. Price $79

664.    CK22) Cocos Keeling Island 1963 Definitives MUH set of 6, price $41.25

665.    CK23) Cocos Keeling Island 1989 World Stamp Expo '89 Washington USA $2 imperf minisheet MUH. Price $86.25

666.    CK24) Cocos Keeling Island 1989 World Stamp Expo '89 Melbourne $2 imperf Minisheet MUH. Price $67.50

667.    N18) Nauru KGV ½d – 2d Central overprints set of 4 mint, the 1½d being unhinged. Price $95

668.    LM68) Nauru 1923 2d orange Die II Central Ovpt. On KGV SG 5. Well centred vfu cds example with full perfs. Cat. £80, price $79

669.    BC952) New Guinea 1914-15 GRI overprints on German New Guinea, 6mm spacing, 1d on 3pf Brown SG 1, small hinge thin, hinge remains Mint, a scarce stamp, Cat £750, Price $599

670.    BC954) New Guinea 1914-15 GRI overprints on German New Guinea, 6mm spacing, 3d on 25pf Black & red/yellow SG 7, pin head size thin at lower right, expertising mark on reverse, Mint, Cat £375, Price $329

671.    BC956) New Guinea 1914-15 GRI overprints on German New Guinea, 5mm spacing, 3d on 25pf Black & red/yellow SG 22, pin head size thin at upper left, slight corner bend, expertising mark on reverse, Mint, Cat £190, Price $169

672.    GRI49) New Guinea GRI opts 1914-15 5mm setting 8d on 80pf Black & carmine/rose SG 26 with 2006 RPSV certificate stating ‘is genuine, has been regummed’ Cat £425, Price $499

673.    BC957) New Guinea 1914 GRI overprints on Marshall Islands, 5mm spacing, 1d on 5pf Green, SG 51, Mint, Cat £80, Price $109

674.    GRI55) New Guinea GRI opts on Marshall Is. 1914 5mm setting 8d on 80pf SG 58, small thin at left, fresh LHM, Cat £475, Price $429

675.    PNG981a) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints KGV 5d Brown SG 72, ABC vertical strip of 3, hinged on top unit (Type A) only, Mint, Price $69

676.    PNG982a) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints KGV 5d Brown SG 72, ABC vertical strip of 3, centred slightly to the left, hinged on top unit (Type A) only, Mint, Price $69

677.    PNG987) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints KGV 5d Brown SG 72, ABC vertical strip of 3, centred a little low, hinged on top unit (Type A) only, Mint, Price $69

678.    PNG984) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints Kangaroos 2nd watermark 6d Ultramarine SG 88, slightly nibbled perf at top, centred a little to upper right, crisp corner cds, Price $35

679.    PNG985) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints Kangaroos 2nd watermark 1/- Emerald SG 90, well centred with light centrally struck RABAUL cds, Price $49

680.    PNG974a) New Guinea 1918-23 NWPI overprints Kangaroos 3rd watermark 5/- Grey & yellow SG 116, centred a little high, fresh MUH, Price $149

681.    PNG983) New Guinea 1918 NWPI overprints Kangaroos ‘One Penny’ on 1/- Green surcharge SG 101, nicely centred fresh Mint, Price $179

682.    PNG818) New Guinea NWPI 1918–23 KGV 1d Carmine-red Die II, SG103b, centred slightly high, fresh MUH, Price $229

683.    PNG275) New Guinea NWPI 1918–23 Kangaroos 3rd wmk 2/- Brown & 5/- Grey & yellow SG 115-116, both well centred very fine used, the 5/- has one slightly nibbled perf at base, Price $179

684.    PNG170) New Guinea 1925-27 Huts set to 5/-, latter with trimmed/uneven perfs at base, additional shades of the 6d & 9d, some paper adhesions on mainly lower values, Mint, Cat £170, Price $139

685.    PNG975a) Papua 1931 Surcharges 2d on 1½d to 1/3d on 5/- SG 121-126 range, simplified set of 4 fresh MUH, Price $59

686.    PNG986a) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated Birds overprinted Airmail £1 Olive-grey SG 203, lightly hinged Mint, Cat £85, Price $119

687.    PNG335) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds 1d to 6d SG 177-183 including 2½d & 3½d on long 1938 registered Airmail cover Rabaul to the UK, couple of toned perfs but fine overall, Price $129

688.    PNG322) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds overprinted ‘Air Mail’ 2½d horizontal pair & 3½d on 1935 registered Airmail cover Wau to the UK, endorsed ‘ Per Air Mail/Lau – Salamaua’ , fresh attractive cover, Price $129

689.    PNG345) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds 1d, 2½ & 3½d SG 177, 179a & 180a on 1935 registered cover to Rabaul NSW with arrival backstamp ‘T.P.O.1 WEST/?? 8AP 35/ NSW’ Attractive & unusual cover, Price $109


691.    PNG381) New Guinea 1937 Coronation set on registered FDC, Wau to Adelaide, the 5d showing the 'Re-entry' SG 210a, cover also with straight line 'GUINEA AIRWAYS LIMITED' rubber stamp in black, attractive cover, variety cat £130, Price $149

692.    PNG355) New Guinea 1939 Airmail 1/- Blue Green SG 221 on registered Airmail cover to the UK, cancelled incorrectly endorsed “1st Day of Issue” as these stamps were issued 1/3/39 and the cds though faint appears to be 13/3/39. Couple of toned perf. Tips. Otherwise fine. Price $59

693.    PNG374) New Guinea 1939 Airmails 1/- SG 221 horizontal pair on 1940 registered cover Kavieng to Auckland NZ with boxed 'Passed by Censor/T.N.G. No 8' censor marking in violet, some light soiling, Price $119

694.    PNG248) Papua 1901-05 Lakatois wmk horizontal 6d Black & myrtle green SG 6, Fresh Mint Price $39

695.    PNG242) Papua 1906 Lakatoi Large ‘Papua’ overprint wmk horizontal 1/- Black & orange SG 19, crisp ‘socked on the nose’ Port Moresby cds, FU Price $79

696.    PNG230) Papua 1907 Lakatoi Small ‘Papua’ overprint, wmk vertical thin paper (comb perf) 1/- Black & orange, SG 44b, tiny thin at top, Fine used, Price $39

697.    PNG225) Papua 1907 Lakatoi Small ‘Papua’ overprint, wmk vertical thin paper 2/6d Black & brown SG 45a, centred to upper left, Fine used, Cat £90, Price $119

698.    PNG757) Papua New Guinea 1958 1/7d Cattle on 1959 registered cover Rabaul to Victoria with an almost full strike of 'RELIEF No 6 PAPUA N.G./1 MY 59' 'RABAUL S.P.C.' straight line marking in black directly under the stamp and Rabaul registration label with 'SPC' handstamp in violet, REGISTERED MELBOURNE cds on reverse, scarce and attractive cover, Price $179

699.    PNG759) Papua New Guinea 1959 Ship Mail cover Rabaul to Auckland with 1952 ½d & 3d definitives, straight line 'MASTER OF MS SEIYOMARU' marking in blue and red 'chop'. The 3½d rate applied for printed matter up to 4oz until 30th September 1959, this cover was posted in early October but was passed without postage due being raised, lovely cover, Price $39

700.    PNG762) Papua New Guinea - Australia used in PNG, two registered 1951/1952 covers to Tattersalls in Hobart the 1951 cover posted in October and bearing a 1/- Lyrebird paying the old rate of 6d Air mail & 6d registration which had increased in July, but passed untaxed, the 1952 with KGVI 6½d Green and 9d Platypus paying the new rate of 6½d for Airmail and 9d for Registration, attractive pair of covers, Price $59

701.    PNG978a) Papua New Guinea 1960 Postal Charges overprint set of 5 1d to 3/- SG D2-D6 Mint, Price $79

702.    PNG972) Papua New Guinea 1963 10/- Rabaul & £1 QEII overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ SG 44s & 45s, both 15½mm overprints, lightly hinged Mint, Price $60

703.    PNG995) Papua New Guinea 1963 £1 QEII overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ 13½ mm opt & 1964 10/- Bird overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ SG 45s & 71s, fresh MUH, Price $169

704.    PNG972) PNG 1963 10/- Rabaul & £1 QEII Ovpt. 15.5mm Specimen. Mint lightly hinged examples, price $69

705.    PNG596) PNG postage Dues 3 x 1d in strip & 1/- on Authorisation card. I have never seen one of the before, so may have underpriced it, but there is currently one only elsewhere on eBay worldwide for AU$240, my price for this one AUD$225.

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