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Australia KGV Heads


We currently have a wide range of KGV Shades, Varieties and Imprint Blocks. Please let us know your interests


G23) Australia 1913 KGV 1d Engraved with nice Kiss Print. Not catalogued as used, priced at $1000 for mint and we recently achieved full catalogue for an unhinged one. Cancelled by cds of NSW 1 AP 14, Town unclear. ACSC 59ca Price $795


G521) Australia 1918 KGV 1d Carmine red Die III, variety Inverted watermark ACSC 75a, centred to right, bold MELBOURNE cds, Cat $150, Price $119


G135) Australia 1915 KGV 4d Buff Orange, wmk. inv. Horiz. Pair. One stamp lightly hinged, the other unhinged. Fresh gum, with a few wrinkles on the unhinged stamp. Full perfs. Centred high. ACSC 110Fa. Indicative cat. price is $560, Price $279


G522) Australia 1916 KGV 4d Lemon-yellow watermark inverted ACSC 110Ca 'BACCHUS MARSH MY 13/16' cds, centred to right & small nick at right, a scarce stamp, Cat $1500, Price $399


G502) Australia 1923 ½d orange single wmk block of 8 from lower left pane with variety “flaws on kangaroos’ shoulder and ears” (ACSC 66(8)m). MUH with suntanning stripes on gum, price $125


G512) Australia 1923 ½d orange single wmk block of 24 from right pane (units 25-48) showing 4 examples of the “Die 1a” flaw (ACSC 66(8d), along with “eight wattles at right” (ACSC 66(8)u). MUH with suntanning stripes on gum, a magnificent display item, price $405


G478) Australia 1927 ½d orange small multi wmk perf 14 vertical pair, perf “OS” used SGO88, ACSC 67ba, price $429


G492) Australia 1922 KGV 1d Violet punctured 'OS' ACSC 76bb, very light gum 'suntanning', MUH, Cat $175, Price $129


G284) Australia 1916 1d carmine-red, Smooth paper Substituted cliché die I ACSC 71(2)ka Cat $150. Centred to the right, Fine used. Price $89


G394) Australia 1916 1d carmine-red, Smooth paper die II punctured ‘OS’ centred to left, Mint no gum, Price $325


G50) Australia 1918 KGV Halfpenny Yellowish Green, ACSC 65E (5)zd. Large Multiple Wmk. From Electro 5. CA Monogram substituted for JBC right hand corner strip of 3. Fresh mint unhinged well centred and full perfs, except has right hand selvedge reinforced with hinge. Cat $900 as hinged. Price $895


G386) Australia 1919 KGV Large Mult Wmk 1½d chocolate lower left corner block of 6 with variety ‘Watermark inverted’, ACSC 85Ca, centred to left, Cat $1200 MUH. Price $895


G383) Australia 1915 4d orange KGV showing variety ‘Line through Fourpence’ ACSC 110(2)r, Cat $250, centred a little to right, FU with partial cds, Price $110


G297) Australia 1924 4d olive Harrison imprint pair ACSC 114z, Cat minimum of $600 for a hinged imprint block, some suntanning stripes on gum, MUH. Price $199


G96) Australia 1920 1/4d Greenish Blue, ASCS 128Bn, with variety. Mint light hinge and centred to left, good perfs. Thick 1 at right, cat. $400, price $199



G97) Australia 1920 1/4d Greenish Blue, ASCS 130n, with variety thick 1 at right, cat. $600,. Mint light hinge and centred to left, good perfs. Price $189


G95) Australia 1921 KGV 4d Violet perf. OS Fine Used “retouched thin 4d” Nice clean example of this variety, with partial Ship Mail Room cds. Cat. $400 plus 50% for OS. Good perfs and well centred for this. ACSC 111 (2) ra Price $449


G68/69) Australia 1924 1d Green Single wmk. 2 x blocks of 4, mint hinged lightly only top pairs of stamps. Shades Pale green and Green, ACSC 77A/77B. Each showing the varieties Ferns and RA joined, positions VII, 54 and 60. Minimum cat. $400, price $200


G371) Australia 1924 KGV 1d green Single wmk Mullett imprint pair from plate 3 with variety ‘White flaw in right frame opposite emu’s feet’ ACSC 77(3)zb (pair), the stamps exhibit a ‘dry ink’ appearance which is particularly noticeable in the side shading. Hinge remains, Mint, Price $69


G557) Australia 1924 KGV 1d green No wmk variety 'Flaw under neck' ACSC 79(4)h MLH, Cat $60, Price $39


G481) Australia 1920 KGV 2d Orange Single wmk ACSC 95, centred slightly to the right, fresh MUH, Price $29


G93) Australia 1924 4.5d Violet Single wmk. Mint unhinged horizontal pair positions 1R1 & 1R2, with gutter & top margins. LH Stamp with variety 118o, Broken SE Corner. RH stamp showing varieties “Damaged upper frame, top to crown and white line under E of Postage. ACSC 118p. Scarce pair, indicative cat. $450 as single stamps hinged. Centred to top left, corner gum bend to RH stamp. Price $275


G181) Australia 1924 4.5d Violet Single wmk. Fresh block of 4, top two mint lightly hinged, lower two are unhinged. Stamp 2 has variety “White Flaw in right value tablet” ACSC 118g. Cat. $330, price $229


G182) Australia 1924 KGV 4½d violet Single wmk variety 'Retouched left value tablet and numerals' BW 118s centred to upper right MLH Price $60


G307) Australia 1924 KGV 1d green & 1 ½d red no wmk, both punctured ‘OS’ ACSC 79ba & 90ba, unusually well centred for this issue, scarce fine used Cat $275. Price $199


G121) Australia 1917 5d Yellow Brown Single wmk ACSC 123B.  Nice fine used example of this scarce shade cancelled by cds of Geelong, Vic. Centred left and with full perfs. Cat. $150, price $115


G396) Australia 1920 KGV 1/4d Turquoise-blue Single wmk ACSC 128A, centred to left, lightly hinged Mint, Cat $300, Price $169


G494) Australia 1919 KGV 1d Carmine-rose Large Mult watermark punctured 'OS' ACSC 74b, centred to lower left, LH Mint, Cat $375, Price $329


G89) Australia 1926 KGV 1d Green sml. multi. wmk. perf. 13.5 x 12.5. Lightly hinged vertical pair showing varieties ACSC 81 (4) ia and 81 (4) ja Ferns, and Ferns retouched. Positions VII 54 and VII 60. Well centred and with good perfs, cat. $325 plus 50% well centred premium. A very scarce pair, especially so well centred. Price $365


G73) Australia 1926 3d Blue Die 1a KGV Single wmk. ACSC 105C in mint lower left block of 4, 3 unhinged. All with spectacular Dry Ink and with blind perf between each pair at the same point. Cat. $250 each mint unhinged, $200 hinged. Price $765


G162) Australia 1926 3d Blue Die 1 KGV Single wmk block of 4, with variety. Top left stamp with “Broken Leg of Emu” position 2L 19. Mint lightly hinged with full perfs, centred a little left. Has some gum loss  and light toning. ACSC 104A(l) Cat. $285. Cheap at well under half $125


G538) Australia 1927 KGV 1d Green small multiple wmk perf 14 variety 'Dot before 1' ACSC 80(3)m,  Nice Used, Cat $50, Price $29



G132) Australia 1927 KGV 1.5d Red sml. multi. wmk perf 14. Fresh mint unhinged corner plate dot singles Nos. 1 -4 . Shades vary. Price $149


G82) As above, plate 4 plate dot block of 4, hinged in selvedge only. ACSC91(4) z.  Price $149


G134) As above, plate 2, ACSC91(2)z, price $125


G524) Australia 1927 KGV 2d Red-brown sml. multi. wmk perf 14 punctured 'OS' ACSC 98ba, centred low, Nice used, Cat $100, Price $65


G485) Australia 1927 KGV 3d Dull blue Small mult wmk perf 13½ x 12½ Die I type A ACSC 107A, centred to right, fresh MUH, Cat $225, Price $169


G486) Australia 1929 KGV 3d Dull blue Small mult wmk perf 13½ x 12½ Die II, centred to lower right, fresh MUH, Price $45


G359) Australia 1927 KGV 2d Golden scarlet Die II sml. multi. wmk perf 13½ x 12½, N over N Ash imprint block ACSC 100(2)z, quite well centred, stamps are MUH, Cat $150, Price $89



G94) Australia 1927 4.5d Violet sml. multi. wmk. Perf. 14, Ash gutter imprint pair. Fresh mint unhinged (mounted on central selvedge) Part ACSC 119za showing Deformed left bottom frame & white flaw from left wattles to oval, state II broken left frame. Position 1R55. Indicative cat. Value for MUH Block of 4 is $1200. Price $449


G98) Australia 1927 4.5d Pale Violet sml. multi. wmk. Perf. 14, Semi- surfaced paper, also appears dry ink. ACSC119Aa fine used with PARTIAL cds of ….KWOOD TASMANIA MR 13 28. Not priced as used in ACSC, cat. $275 for mint unhinged, $175 for hinged. Centred to left with full perfs. Nice shade. Price $165


ML429) Australia 1927 KGV Small multiple watermark P13½ 1½d Red N over A Ash imprint pair MUH stamp, hinged in selvedge, price $39


G517) Australia 1932 KGV Small multiple wmk 2d Golden scarlet overprinted 'OS', centred to left, fresh MUH, Price $34.50


G168) Australia 1928 KGV 3d smw perf. 13.5 x 12.5 Type B- A Pair. Fresh Mint Unhinged top marginal pair. Type B has white flaw back of King’s head ACSC 107g. Cat. $175 for hinged. Normal A – B Pair cat. $575 as ACSC 107c. Price $425


G291) Australia 1928 SM wmk P13½ x 12½ 3d dull blue die I plate 4 Ash imprint pair ACSC 107(4)z (pair), the r/h unit being type B and showing variety ‘White flaw over IA of Australia’ the l/h unit is very lightly hinged, the type B is MUH, Cat $825 as an imprint block of 4. Note: The 2018 edition of the ACSC shows 107(4)z as being a Mullett imprint in error. Price $299


G166) Australia 1929 KGV 3d blue SM wmk P13½ x 12½ Die II var 'Retouched ST of AUSTRALIA' BW 108g two faintly toned perfs at top, light HR, Mint Price $60


G310) Australia 1929 KGV 3d blue SM wmk P13½ x 12½ Die II Ash imprint block of 4 ACSC 108z Cat $275. Hinged in gutter Price $199


G286) Australia 1929 KGV 4d olive SM wmk,P13½ x 12½ Ash imprint strip of 4, fresh Mint, the imprint pair being hinged only in the gutter margin. Price $195



G487) Australia 1928 KGV 4½d Violet SM wmk P13½ x 12½ ACSC 120, centred to upper right, fresh MUH, Cat $200, price $149


G198) Australia 1930 5d Orange Brown sml. Multi. Wmk. Perf. 13.5 x 12.5, fresh mint unhinged. Centred high with full perfs. ACSC 126 cat $125, price $82.50


G303) Australia 1930 5d Orange- Brown SM. wmk. Perf. 13.5 x 12.5, punctured ‘OS’ centred to left, fresh mint unhinged corner example ACSC 126b Cat $375, Price $279


G53) Australia 1927 KGV 1/4d Pale Turquoise Blue Sml. Multi. Wmk. Perf. 13.5 x 12.5, in Gutter Imprint Pair. Fresh mint very light hinge with variety “Dry Ink” and with very faint printing to imprint text. Not listed as such in ACSC. Imp. Block of 4 cat. $3000. Price $1195


G147) Australia 1932 Halfpenny Orange KGV C of A wmk. Ovpt. OS. Top right block of 6, 2 x 3 Mint unhinged. Centred to left with full perfs. Has the variety “Hollow S” lower left stamp, also double perfs through top margin. Some minor toning does not detract from the attractiveness of this piece. ACSC 69A (OS) 8r. Cat. $75 for the variety as hinged. Price $160


G520) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Green overprinted 'OS' variety 'Hollow S' ACSC 82(OS)h, centred slightly to the left, FU, Cat $75, Price $59


G518) Australia 1931 2d golden scarlet KGV C of A wmk overprinted 'OS' variety 'Hollow S' CTO ACSC 103(OS) short corner perf, Price $24.50


G648) Australia 1931 2d golden scarlet KGV C of A wmk overprinted 'OS' variety THIN PAPER, fine used part cds. Not price for used in ACSC, price $125


G476) Australia 1932 5d Brown C of A wmk ACSC 127, over inking resulting in the kangaroo and emu with ill-defined shading and appearing rather 'blob' like, unusual, MUH, Price $49


G498) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise ACSC 131, well centred MLH, Cat $150, Price $129

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