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Coins (All of our Australian Decimal coins are from The Royal Australian Mint, unless otherwise stated)
CB2695) Australia Halfpenny Collection 1911 - 1964 complete ex. 1923 in Brand New Dansco Album, with original interleaving. Very clean better than average collection, many VF or better. 1924 would be AVF, 1930 is Good VF, 31 is VF & 1939 Roo is particularly nice.  61 coins, price $450
CB2847) Australia 1922 Halfpenny EF, with "rainbow" tones. 6 full pearls, others visible & full centre diamond. Cat. $50, price $37.50
CB2849) Australia 1929 Halfpenny EF with full centre diamond and 8 pearls visible, 6 are full. Lovely chocolate coloured coin. Cat. $80, price $59
CB2837) Australia 1929 ½d EF, lovely deep chocolate tone. Cat. $60, price $45

CB2605) Australia 1914 1d GEF Part Lustre. Price: $525
CB2833) Australia 1918 1d GF Nice chocolate coloured coin. Price $27.50

CB2834) Australia 1918 1d VF, 6 clear pearls. Nice chocolate coloured coin. Cat. $60. Price $45

CB1448) Australia 1925 Penny, good VF, showing 6 pearls and part centre diamond. Great fault free coin, price $625
CB2693) Australia 1925 Penny, lovely chocolate coloured vf coin, 6 pearls and near complete centre diamond. Small planchette flaw to tight of King’s neck. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (coin easily removeable if required) Price $450
CB2694) Australia 1925 Penny, lovely coffee coloured vf coin, 6 pearls and near complete centre diamond. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (coin easily removeable if required) Price $450
CB250) Australia 1934 1d “GEM” Superb fault free full original lustre coin. As close to perfection as you will find. Cat. $1450, price $1195
CB2832) Australia 1935 1d AEF, 6 full pearls, other two just visible and full centre diamond. Lovely light chocolate coloured coin. Price $ 27.50
CB2851) Australia 1938 Penny, about UNC. Fully lustred coin. Great looking coin. Cat. $65, price $49
CB2852) Australia 1939 Penny, good EF. Some lustre remaining. Light chocolate colour. Price $39
CB1449) Australia 1946 Penny, EF/AUNC lovely coin, stunning deep brown in colour. Price $675
CB150) Australia 1949 Penny, nice uncirculated with lustre.  Cat. $55 price $39
CB1474) Australia 1959 Melbourne Penny, choice uncirculated. Nice lustred coin with light deep rose-coloured toning, price $249


CB260) Australia Pre-decimal 6d Bulk Silver Coins Xmas Pud. No KGV, 10 pieces for $39.00
CB2006) Australia 1951 6d UNC. Price: $52.50
CB2022) Australia 1953 6d AUNC. Price: $131.25
CB2042) Australia 1956 6d AUNC. Price: $33.75
CB2054) Australia 1959 6d UNC. Price: $26.25
CB2076) Australia 1963 6d CHUNC. Price: $30
CB261) Australia Pre- decimal Shilling Bulk Silver Coins 10 pieces mixed condition, none really bad. No KGV. Price $59
CB2831) Australia 1928 Shilling, AEF with some remaining lustre, 6 full pearls and part centre diamond. Price $315

CB454) Australia 1933 Shilling, fine condition. 4 pearls visible, cat. $175, price $119
CB259) Australia Pre- decimal Bulk Florin Coins 10 pieces mixed condition, none really bad. No KGV. Price $119
CB2689) Australia 1925 Florin Lustrous AUNC Coin. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (Coin easily removeable if required) Price $695
CB1469) Australia 1927 Florin, good EF. Original uncleaned coin with natural toning. 8 pearls and centre diamond. Price $279
CB37) Australia 1934 Florin in Uncirculated condition. Nicely toned and with original lustre. Lovely coin. Cat. $1250. Price $995
CB1470) Australia 1936 Florin, Choice Uncirculated. Superb coin with original lustre. Price $625
CB130) Australia 1936 Florin, UNC. Lovely lustred coin, no faults. Cat. $450, price $319
CB2689) Australia 1939 Florin Lustrous GOOD EF Coin. Supplied in Lighthouse Quickslab. (coin easily removeable if required) Price $495
CB497) Australia 1942S San Francisco Mint Florin. Choice lustred uncirculated coin cat $300, price $185
CB141) Australia 1943S Florin UNC. Cat. $150, price $110
CB143) As above, another price $157.50
CB156) Australia 1960 Florin choice uncirculated with full lustre and bloom. Gorgeous! Cat. $110, price $79
CB159) Australia 1963 Florin CHOICE Uncirculated with full lustre and bloom. Cat. $110, price $85
CB160) As above, uncirculated, cat. $35, price $25
Australia Decimal Coins
CB2079) Australia 1970 Victorian Local Government James Cook Bicentennial Endeavour off Point Hicks Token. Price: $28.50
CB1040) Australia 1985 RAM $10 Uncirculated Coin State Series Victoria 20g Sterling Silver Uncirculated $10 coin. In original packaging. Price: $20
CB361) Australia BU 1995 $1 Mintmark M Waltzing Matilda in wallet as issued. Price $30
CB650) Australia BU 1995 $1 Mintmark S Waltzing Matilda in wallet as issued. Price $30
CB3004) Australia BU 2003 $1 Vietnam War in wallet as issued. Price $30
CB3161) Australia 2006 UNC 50c QEII Royal Visit in coin mount. Price $30
CB3025) Australia BU 2008 $1 Year of the Rat in card as issued. Price $30
CB2745) Australia BU 2014 $1 Terra Australis in card as issued. Price $30
CB2844A) Cook Is. 1975 Proof set in case of issue with certificate. Price $82.50
CB2845) Cook Is. 1976 Proof set in case of issue and outer cardboard sleeve, with certificate. Includes $5 Kingfisher .500 silver 1oz coin. Price $62.50
CB587) GB 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Copper medallion. Length: 55mm Weight: 74.5g. Price: $69
CB588) GB 1902 Edward VII Crowned 9 August, Coronation Brass Medallion. Length: 54mm Weight: 77.5g. Price: $98
CB2095) Laos 2013 Macquarie Mint Panthera Tigris 0.5g .585 Gold Proof 500 Kip coin. In original capsule with Certificate. Price: $99
CB2083) New Zealand 1974 Proof $1 coin. In original display case. Price: $75
CB2738) Australia 1930's/40's Superb Coloured Enamel RAAF Emblem Brooch in Gold, Blue & Red. Superb! The nicest we have seen. Measures 55mm x 45mm. Price $149
BN72) Australia 1966 $10 Coombs, Wilson UNC R301 $95
BN88) Australia 1979 $20 Knight, Stone Gothic UNC R407a $165
BN89) Australia 1979 $20 Knight, Stone OCRB UNC R407a $245
BN96) Australia 1983 Johnston, Stone $100 UNC R608 $240

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