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Mid - Late November 2019


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Australia KGV Heads

For Queensland Provisional Registration Label Covers, see Queensland under Australian States

PM30J) 100 mixed KGV Heads, unpicked for watermarks, postmarks,  varieties or shades. Values to 5d, great value at under $1 per stamp. Not all are perfect but you will find some nice stamps. Price $95

PM30K) As above but 200 stamps, values to 1/4d-, price $195

PM30L) As above but 400 stamps values to 1/4d, price $389

G414) Australia 1915 ½d Pale green line perf punctured ‘OS’ ACSC 64Bb, centred to upper left, upper right corner perf is slightly short, indistinct machine cancel. A scarce stamp with the ACSC noting that only four have been recorded, used, with normal comb perf example for comparison, Cat $7500, Price $5950

G398) Australia 1915 ½d Cyprus green KGV Single wmk, ACSC 63H, centred to upper left, fresh MUH, Cat $125, Price $69

G191) Australia 1914 1d Bright Red Die II KGV. Fine used light slogan cancel. Well centred and good perfs. ACSC 71B (G11) Cat. $100, price $72

G35) Australia 1914 1d Carmine Red KGV, ACSC 71A, smooth paper in horizontal Die I, Die II pair, perf OS mint lightly hinged. Centred left. Cat. $1250, price $595

G271) Australia 1915 KGV 1d deep scarlet rough paper block of 4 punctured 'OS' var inverted wmk, ACSC 72Aa/bb centred to top MUH. Price $425

G197) Australia 1917 KGV 1d carmine-pink LM wmk Cooke printing ACSC 73A centred to left, Good Used. Price $169

G282) Australia 1917 KGV rough paper 1d carmine G62 block of 4, ACSC 72C, centred to right, HR Mint. Price $149

G227) Australia 1918 1d KGV Carmine Red KGV Die 1 &  2 Pair Fresh Mint Unhinged. Stunning looking, full perfs centred to tope left.  ACSC  71Y(1)ia, G31. Supplied with2017 Drury certificate. Cat. $1500 Price $1195

DB792) Australia 1916 4d KGV Pale Orange Yellow, ACSC 110E, fine mint lightly hinged, full perfs, centred left. Cat. $350. Hard shade to find. Price $195

G108) Australia 1916 KGV 4d pale orange-yellow Single wmk ACSC 110E, cat $350, most attractive shade MLH. Price $179

G417) Australia 1922 4d Bright ultramarine Harrison printing, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 113Aaa, centred to right, barest hinge trace, fine Mint, Price $179

G418) Australia 1922 4d Bright ultramarine (paler shade) Harrison printing, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 113Aaa, centred to top,, fine Mint, Price $169

G419) Australia 1915 5d Chestnut Single wmk line perf. smooth paper, punctured ‘OS’ ACSC 122Aba, centred to right, Fine used, Price $29

G230) Australia 1919 KGV 1d carmine-rose LM wmk punctured 'OS' ACSC 74Ab, cat $175, unusually well centred FU

G270) Australia 1919 KGV 1d carmine-rose LM wmk block of 4, some gum suntanning stripes, ACSC 74A MUH. Price $129

G177) Australia 1919 1.5d Brown Die I KGV, Cracked Electro Bottom right corner Block of 6. ACSC 85U unlocated. evident on 4 stamps in right value tablet, plus large solid brown area to right of crown stamp 6. Some perf separation, and natural inclusion on one stamp. Fresh mint unhinged, (hinged in selvedge) Price $1995

G408) Australia 1924 3d Blue Single wmk ACSC 104A, centred to right, Mint, Price $29

G207) Australia 1920 5d KGV Deep Bright Chestnut. Is a 5d Brown, Single watermark, line perforated on rough paper, perforated OS with the variety 'damaged NW corner [state III]', used has a corner bend. ACSC 124qb. Supplied with 2015 Starling certificate. Cat. $750. Price: $565

G219) Australia 1920 1/4d Turquoise Blue Single watermark, perf OS “DRY INK” Mint unhinged, full perfs, centred low, with Watermark misplaced. Cat. $600. Price $449

G337)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ horizontal pair, the right hand unit showing variety ‘Ferns’ ACSC 77(4)Ba/ia, a scarce combination, centred to the right, very lightly hinged Mint. Price $149

G340)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk N over MP Harrison imprint pair with variety ‘RA joined’ ACSC 77(4)z, some vertical perf separation, small green ink mark on the gum of the variety stamp, Mint. Price $49

G341)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk marginal block of 4 with part two line Harrison imprint with plate 4 varieties ‘RA joined’ and ‘Ferns’, ACSC (4)ia/j both of which have been partly corrected by ‘make-ready’ (see note 1 after 77(4) listing in the ACSC), the ‘Ferns’ unit being MLH and the ‘RA joined’ MUH, an attractive and scarce positional piece. Price $199

G67)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d Pale Green Single wmk.  mint block of 4. Lightly hinged on top 2 only. Very fresh showing "Dry Ink" ACSC 77Ac,  and undocumented variety "Emu Laying Egg"  on top left stamp. Spectacular! Cat. $500 as single stamps without the variety. Price $399

G422) Australia 1918 1d Carmine-pink Large multiple wmk Cooke printing ACSC 73A with proving ‘BRUNSWICK/26 FE (1)8’ cds, centred to right, Cat $275, Price $219

G423) Australia 1918 1d Carmine-pink (paler shade) Large multiple wmk Cooke printing ACSC 73A, partial indistinct machine cancel at left, slightly nibbled perf at upper left, Nice used, Price $149

G420) Australia 1919 KGV 1½d Black-brown variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 84Ba marginal block of 4, hinged in margin only, centred to left, Cat $700, Price $499

G415) Australia 1919 KGV 1d Deep carmine-rose Large multiple wmk variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 74a, centred to lower right as usual (see ACSC note 3 at page 4/97), A lovely fresh marginal MUH example of this scarce stamp, Cat $4500, Price $3950

G139) Australia 1924 KGV 1d Green No Wmk, Top marginal mint block of 4 lightly hinged. Showing  Spectacular  double  and misperfs in margin! Double perfs. Listed only as used for this, ACSC 79b  Cat. $250 for a single stamp, this stretches across the whole top margin over 2 stamps.  $500 as single stamps used, Price $399

G233) Australia 1924 KGV 1d green no wmk punctured 'OS' ACSC 79ba, quite well centred FU. Price $79

G77) Australia KGV 1924 3d blue Single wmk corner block of 4, lower left unit variety 'Retouched SE corner' BW104q, lower units including the variety are MUH. Price: $295

G413) Australia KGV 1927 ½d Orange SM wmk P14 punctured ‘OS’ ACSC 67Aba, nicely centred, Fine used Cat $325, Price $229

G336) Australia 1927 1d green KGV SM wmk P 14 Mullett imprint strip of 4 with varieties ‘RA of AUSTRALIA retouched’ and ‘Kangaroos tongue out’ ACSC 80(4)ja/u, slight gum bend on far left unit and tiny spot in gutter, centred a little high, all stamps fresh MUH. Price $ 149

G328) Australia 1927 1d Deep green KGV SM wmk P 14 N over N Ash imprint block of 4 with varieties ‘RA of AUSTRALIA joined’ and ‘Ferns’ retouched ACSC 80(4)zb Cat $175 for the ‘green’ shades, this block is definitely a much deeper shade than usual, centred low, HR on upper units, lower units MUH, Price $149

G329) Australia 1927 1d Deep green KGV SM wmk P 14 N over N Ash imprint block of 6 with varieties ‘RA of AUSTRALIA joined’ retouched, ‘Ferns’ and ‘Kangaroos tongue out’ ACSC 80(4)zb + u, faint overall ‘suntanning’, lower units MUH. Price $129

G234) Australia 1926 1d green KGV SM wmk P13½ x 12½ vertical pair variety 'Inverted wmk' ACSC 81a, advertised retail $200, Good used. Price $129

G235) Australia 1926 KGV 1d green die II SM wmk P13½ ACSC 81(1)i commercially FU. Price $49

ML455) Australia 1926 1.5d Rose Red KGV SMW Perf 14 ACSC 91, 4 top right singles (One missing R/H selvedge) showing plates dots 1,2,3 7 4. Fresh mint unhinged. ACSC 91. Price $100

ML466) Australia 1926 Small multiple wmk P14 1½d red plate 2 dots block of 4, ACSC  91(2)z, upper units MUH, side selvedge re-attached with hinges, price $60

ML444) Australia 1927 Small multiple wmk Perf 14 1d green part Mullett imprint block of 4 with varieties 'RA joined' & 'Ferns' ACSC 80A (4) ia & j, the two r/h units with two small faint gum tone spots, otherwise fresh MUH. Catalogued $200+ for hinged, double this for MUH. Well centred with good perfs, price $149

G71) Australia 1926 3d KGV Blue, sml. Multi wmk. Perf 14, Die 1a. ACSC 106A. Top right mint lightly hinged marginal block of 4, horiz. pairs are types B – A , A – A. Centred high with good perfs. Cat. $325, price $225

G264) Australia 1927 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw. SG 93 Perf. 14 Mullett Imprint Pair. Stamps are fresh mint unhinged, with light hinge mark in selvedge only. Very fresh with full perfs. Imprint block of 4 cat. $4000 for hinged, unhinged stamps cat. $1250 each. Price $2350

G119) Australia 1927 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw. SG 93 Perf. 14 cto. Full perf. example without gum, centred left. Cat. $300. Price $145

G395) Australia 1926 KGV 3d blue SM wmk perf 14, type B, punctured  ’OS’, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 106ab, unusually well centred, FU, Cat $175. Price $129

G416) Australia 1928 KGV 3d Dull blue SM wmk P13½ x 12½ die II type A variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 107Aa, centred to upper left, Fresh MUH, Cat $475, Price $329

G45) Australia 1930 KGV 2d golden scarlet die III SM P13.5 x 12.5 imprint strip of 4, hinged in gutter only Price: $75

G265) Australia 1928 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw. Perf. 13.5 x 12.5 Ash Imprint Pair. Stamps are fresh mint unhinged, with light hinge mark in selvedge only. Selvedge gum is toned, stamps only mildly affected. Facially attractive with full perfs. Imprint block of 4 cat. $3250 for hinged, unhinged stamps cat. $875 each. Priced cheaply at $595.

G221) Australia 1928 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw cto. Nice full perf example without gum, centred right. Cat. $100, price $59

G146) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Green C of A Wmk, mint unhinged block of 12 (3 x 4) with varieties “Dents in Bottom Frame” stamps 1/22, 28, 24 & 30. (Centre row of this block) ACSC82(1)  da, db, dc & dd. Cat. $50 each as hinged, indicative pricing as unhinged block with these varieties is $600. Price $449

G335) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Pale green C of A Ash imprint block of 8 with varieties ‘RA joined’ and ‘Ferns’ retouched and ‘White spot on L of AUSTRALIA’ ACSC 82A(4)z, the Ferns retouched unit has a slightly rounded corner and there is some faint toning on the RA joined retouched unit, Mint, Price $129

G332) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Green C of A overprinted ‘OS’ plate 4 Ash imprint block of 4 with varieties ‘RA joined’ and ‘Ferns’ retouched and ‘White spot on L of AUSTRALIA’ ACSC 82(4)(OS)z, Cat $225 for Mint hinged, this is a fresh mint unhinged block, centred to the left. Price $299

G333) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Pale green C of A overprinted ‘OS’ ACSC 82(OS) lower left corner block of 4, centred high, fresh MUH Price $44.50

G401) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Green C of A wmk with a most unusual broken/jagged colour line, possibly a plate crack between vertical cliches, above the top frame across approximately 70% of the width of the stamp, most unusual, Mint no gum, Price $79

G252) Australia 1931 KGV 2d Red, overprinted OS. Fine used cds example with unrecorded variety “Overprint misplaced to left” the O being well outside the frame at left. Similar misplacements on the 1d cat.  $250 for mint hinged. This is thus far the only one found. Price $495

G220) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise Blue, defective top frame and cross. Fresh mint unhinged, centred left. ACSC 131Bd. Indicative cat $1200. ($600 for the shade, and double for the variety) Very scarce stamp. Price $899

G208) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise KGV C of A wmk. Mint Unhinged. Post Office Fresh example with full perfs, centred right. ACSC 131A, cat. $375. Price $249

G410) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise KGV C of A wmk ACSC 131A, centred slightly high, Mint Lightly Hinged, Price $129

G131) Australia 1933 4d olive pair, left unit with var 'Roos tongue out' BW117(4)e variety is MUH, Cat $90 as hinged, centred to left. Price: $100


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