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Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101-$250 deduct 10%, $251-$500 deduct 15%, $501-1000 deduct 20%

Orders over $1000 deduct 25%

Orders over $2500 deduct 30%

Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual items are available on request.

Many smaller items, including many that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions

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All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee. EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures, these may not be returned for any reason unless grossly misdescribed.

Collections and lots


1. Guernsey 1969 – 1976 FDC Collection. Noted 1969 Definitives to £1 plus 1d & 1/6d latitude changes & booklet panes, then appears complete with all commemoratives and definitives. All but 1 un-addressed and mainly official covers. A bit of minor duplication where 2 different cachets are extant. 47 covers. Very good value at under $3 each. $139 (CNO11)

2. A follow on lot from the above, 1977 – 1983. Values to £5. Noted coin s definitives, inc. booklet panes, birds, planes, Royalty etc. 44 different covers here. Very cheap at under $2 each. Price $85 (CNO12) 

3. Jersey 1969 – 73 FDC Collection. Nice clean lot commencing 1969 Definitives to £1 then looks complete to end of 1973. 31 different covers, mostly official & all un-addressed. Very clean lot, under $4 each, price $119 (CNO13) 

4. As above, follow on collection 1974 -79. 43 covers, mostly official and all un-addressed. Price $3 each, $129 (CNO14) 

5. As above, 1980-84. Another follow on lot, these on unaddressed Mercury covers. Noted values to £5. 33 covers here, priced well at under $3 each. $95 (CNO15)

6. Isle of Man FDC Collection 1974 – 83. Mostly Mercury covers, all unaddressed, or small peelable label. Values to £2. Colourful and thematic lot, noting Motorcycle TT Races, Scouts, Royalty, Birds Definitives to £1 etc. 26 different covers, under $4 each, price $98 (CNO16)

7. Jersey & Guernsey Postal Stationery collection 1969 – 1980’s, fresh mint in as new Cumberland Album, worth $50 new. Noted uprated Aerogrammes, International Reply Coupons perfined JE, and uprated, plus registered envelopes in various sizes. Also Scouts and Rotary related items. 51 pieces in total, very cheap at under $3 each, $149 the lot. (CNO17)

8. Germany WW1 Feldpost Postcards, inc. Real Photographic, many groups of soldiers, cavalryman with horse and sweetheart  etc. Many clear date readable cds postmarks and various Feldpost markings. As usual for these, no stamps, as not available in the field. 92 items in way better than usual condition for these. $1150 the lot. (MOC22) 

9. Norfolk Is. 1960 Christmas – end 1987 complete in as new $250 Brown Seven Seas Padded Hingeless Album with Slipcase. Retail of stamps approx. $500 so $750 retail value here for $449 (1947 – 1959 could be provided for an additional $295) (MOC28)

10. Great Britain Decimal Collection 1971 – 1992 in as new $300 Lighthouse Red Padded Hingeless Album and Slipcase. Commemoratives are complete with minisheets & Smilers booklet panes etc. Mix of mint unhinged & used to 1979, then all fresh mint unhinged. Definitives and regionals are used and have a good degree of completion. Valuable lot with a retail of around $900 for the stamps, plus $300 for the very nice album. $1200 value here for just $595 (CAU1)

11. Sudan in 16 page Burgundy Stockbook. Appears to be 150 all different mostly postally used with a few mint. Price $89 (CAU2) 

12. Surinam 1873 – 1975 advanced collection in Davo Hingeless Album, SG cat. approx. £6,600. Noted 1873 – 1888 definitives complete mint light hinge (1g is vf cds used) 1911 overprints complete mng then virtually complete mint light hinge to 1960. From 1961 is fresh mint unhinged. A very clean collection with some present in both mint & used. Priced under 30% cat. at $3,795 (Lay by available) (CAU3) 

13. Amazing collection of Australia & Territories 1974 – 2012 very fine used. Looks to be very near if not totally complete inc. Australia, AAT, Cocos (Keeling) Is. & Christmas Is. All Australia postally valid issues including sets both domestic and international, minisheets & sheetlets. Housed in 7 large stockbooks and a thick stack of pages. All cancelled cto or by favour in either Melbourne or Cranbourne Vic. Most still with gum. Retail is HUGE! Very nearly $7000. A great opportunity to buy at well under a half…price $3250 (Lay by available) (CAU4)

14. Papua New Guinea 1973 – 1992 complete mint unhinged collection in Brown Padded Seven Seas Hingeless Album & Slipcase.  Retail of stamps is $540 + and the cost of the album new is approx. $595. Total value here of $1135 for under 40% just $449 (CMMY1)

15. Papua New Guinea 1993 Year Album, stamps in place. Sydney retail $70, price $52.50 (CMMY5) 

16. A similar lot to the above, this one with very good Switzerland and Taiwan, plus a big bag of mostly USA off paper. Same price as above. $449 (CMMY6a)

17. 1981 Royal Wedding mint unhinged collection in almost as new Blue Wessex padded binder on 32 as new Hagners. Comprises British Commonwealth letters C – S. Counted 32 compete sets, 61 sheetlets/minisheets. Binder & Hagners alone cost around $80. Priced around $1.75 per set & minisheet. The very nice album and Hagners come free. $162.50 (CMMY9)

18. Australian Territories & Pacifics. 500 different Mint Unhinged mostly in complete sets. Will include Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Norfolk Is., Pitcairn Is, Samoa, AAT, plus possibly some Cocos (Keeling) Is.,  and Christmas Is. Very nice lot, mainly good thematics. Price $249 (CMMY10)

19. As above 125 different blocks of 4, same price $249 (CMMY10A)

20. Victoria 1901 – 1902 cto collection of 30 different ½d to 45/-, most from Official Presentation Set. Includes 6d Green SG 380 Inverted Wmk. Price $2695 (CMMY13)

21. Germany all areas & periods from early Arms & Germania types to 1983. Plenty in Inflation Period & 3rd Reich Mint & used, with much fresh unhinged. Then WWII Allied Occupation issues plus decent array of West Germany & Berlin with many Charity sets mint unhinged or used. A small section of East Germany completes the picture, all housed neatly in chronological order in a $70 Black Prinz 64 Black Page Stockbook, as new. Must be close to 2000 all different stamps in generally way better than average condition. Price $495 (CMMY18) 

22. Great Britain mostly used collection, Stanley Gibbons set of 3 Dark Blue padded Hingeless albums and slipcases 1840 – 1999 almost as new, cost to replace is $1001.00 I kid you not! Starts with 1854 1d plates, a complete set to No. 224, these alone worth $500 plus.  Then the 2d plates 7,8,9,12, 13 & 14. Good range of surface printed values to 1/- about 50 stamps plus the 2/6d & 5/- 1883 issue. KEVII is complete simplified to 5/- and KGV with both Wembley sets and 2/6d – 10/- Seahorses, again simplified. KGVI has all 11 high values inc. The £1 Silver Wedding. QEII pre-decimal is near complete, some of the Wilding Definitives mint unhinged, but in the wrong places. Assume all of these are the cheapest printings. A few better phosphor sets are also mint unhinged, inc. Geographical Congress. Near complete regionals complete the picture for volume 1. Vol. 2, 1971 – 1992 is very near complete with Mint Unhinged sets and Smiler booklet panes where used unavailable, many of the Machin Heads are also mint unhinged. Vol. 3, 1993 – 1999 is more sparse, and only about one third complete. Great lot, some in mixed condition but replacement cost stamp by stamp could easily be $3500 - $4000. Price $1950 (CMMY19) 

23. United Nations New York 1951 – 1967 in 4 large near new black page stockbooks. These alone would cost at least $100 to replace. Most except a few very early are mint unhinged, appears complete with a single and a corner block of 4 of each, inc. scarce imperf minisheets. Comes complete with current Gibbons UN Catalogue priced at $59.50. SG Cat. £740 = close to $1500. Very cheap at $495 The lot. (CMMY23) 

24. South Africa Homelands, Bophuthatswana. 1977-89  Official Un-addressed first days cover in plastic cover pages. Wide range of themes inc. Flags, Birds, Coats of Arms, Religion, Disabled, Telephones, Scouting, Plants, Trees, Animals, Reptiles, Sports, Aircraft etc. 41 covers, very cheap at under $1.50 each, $59 the lot. (CMMY24) 

25. Australia local and Trans-Australia railway covers, 1967 – 1969. Nice range on Hagner pages. Includes Coal Creek Vic., Zig Zag NSW, Pichi Richi SA, and Port Pirie to Kalgoorlie 50th Anniv. Most have pictorial cancels. 9 covers, price $89 (CMMY25)

26. Greenland, 200 different mint unhinged. Nice lot at under 60c per stamp. $119 (CF4) 

27. Iceland, 300 different mint unhinged. Attractive lot, inc. imperfs. Cheap at $99 (CF5)

28. Papua New Guinea Big lot of 1000 mint unhinged, 1952 - 2000 values to 5K. Includes blocks, minisheets etc. Many, many complete sets. Price $495 (CF6) 

29. As above, but lot of 500. Price $259 (CF6a) 

30. Kev’s Junky box lots. Choose from World or Australia or a mixture of both. Do not expect the earth these are remnant collections/accumulations mostly in stockbooks or cover albums and will contain duplication. Never know what you might get, but great value, we just need more space on our bookshelves. 5kg lot for $139, 10kg for $249, 20kg for $449. (CF14) 

31. World cover accumulation predominantly 1970s-2000s some earlier including 1930’s flight cover, Ross Dependency 1959 Scott Base illustrated and 1963 regal visit covers, Christmas is 1959 set on FDC; Also Australia pre-decimal FDCS (foxing), special event covers, and other FDCS from AAT, NZ and PNG; few stamps seen incl. MUH NZ Health M/S. Great lot for re-seller/eBayer etc. All housed in 13 as new/near new quality FDC albums Inc. Lighthouse, Gibbons, Lindner. Cost of albums alone to buy now around $325 (many 100s of covers) Price $449 (CEJ1)

32. Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S- early 2000S FDCS array in kiwi fruit carton, ALL appear unaddressed, many of the 1990s-2000s covers still in their Australia Post display packs, a few internationals also a few PSES; generally very fine. (FEW 100s) Great re-seller lot. Price $285 (CEJ2)

33. Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S-2000S decimal array with earlies including 1971 Christmas 7c BLOCK OF 7, plus many others early sets on non-generic APO covers; noughties era with M/S to $10, sheetlets etc, all in very fine unaddressed condition. Huge retail potential! (about 1250) very cheap at around 50 cents each. Price $645 (CEJ3)

34. Australia. Deceased New Issue Dealer’s FDC new issue stock. 1971 – 2007 all unaddressed Post Office covers. Quantities vary from 1 to 5 or more of each. Very clean re-saleable stock. Around 3000 covers. Price under 60c each, $1795 (CEJ4)


CJL 1 – 9, KGV Heads Collection in Hagner Pages. All housed in Australia Post Padded Black Binders. Condition generally above average, there are some stamps with aging, but this would be less than 1% of the total stamps.

Ask about a special price for the lot! Details below:


35. 4d Single wmk, Orange, Lemon shades etc. Mint & Used on Hagner pages, organised by shades. Inc. many perf OS, annotated varieties inc. Line Through Fourpence, inverted wmks etc. A very nice lot many with dated postmarks. 326 stamps, price $4650 (CJL1)

36. 4d Violet single wmk. A very good lot with many mint inc. a block of 10 mint unhinged! All on Hagner pages with annotated varieties Thin Fourpence etc. 121 stamps total. Price $4650 (CJL2)

37. 1/4d Single wmk. Collection on Hagner pages, mint & used. Includes annotated varieties inc. Thick 1 at right mint. Also perf. OS. 127 stamps total, Price $3300 (CJL4)

38. C of A wmk. Extensive collection mint & used on Hagner Pages inc. plate blocks, imprint pairs and blocks, large positional blocks, annotated varieties etc. 2093 stamps inc. well over 100 x 1/4d value. Price $9895 (CJL9)



39. Papua New Guinea Mint Unhinged Collection 1952 – 1990, 99.99% complete, missing only the scarce Postage Due SG D1a, and the few Specimen Overprint Stamps. Housed in an absolutely as new Red Padded Ka-Be Hingeless Album and slipcase, retail value $599! The Sydney Retail of the stamps is approx. $1150 so a total value here of $1749. Priced under half retail at $859 (CJL10) 

40. West Germany 1975 – 1990 Complete Mint Unhinged In Brown Padded Lighthouse Hingeless Album, absolutely as new. Album cost alone $485! Stamps retail approx. $375, a total value here of $860 for less than a third $285 the lot! (CJL11)

41. Worldwide Christmas Stamps collection 1981-1982 in Lindner Green Hingeless Album. Comprises 68 complete issues plus 10 minisheets/sheetlets mint unhinged, also a number of FDC’s Maximum Cards and Aerogrammes. A few album leaves are a little aged, but contents are fine. Christmas is one of the most popular themes. Great value at $159 (CJL13) 

42. Hungary substantial collection 1881 - 1967 in 4 dark blue post style albums. Very good degree of completeness with most being fresh mint lightly hinged, or unhinged from 1965. A great opportunity to obtain a fine lot in way better than average condition. Price $895 (CJL21)

43. Tuva, 1926 – 1936 fresh mint lightly hinged and cto used on album leaves.  73 stamps cat. £190, inc. the 1934 set imperf. Rarely seen in such a grouping. Price $165 (CJL22) 

44. Great Britain Mint Unhinged Collection 1989 -1999 in near new Red Lighthouse 48 Page Stockbook. Includes Definitives, Commemoratives, Regionals and Booklet panes. Retail approx. $1150. Also includes a fair bit of used in blocks which has not been valued. Around 1200 stamps. Price $595 (CMA4)

45. Cyprus. Lovely Mint Unhinged Colln. Accumulation on stockcards Queen Victoria to KGVI. Mostly Very fresh unhinged lot odd minor fault as usual with these lots. Highlights include  inc. SG 75, 17 x 4, 19, 46 x 4, 22 x 4, 92 x 2,  130 x 2 and 163. Some plate No. singles, SG 60, 74, 87  plus a good number of blocks of 4, some with sheet Nos. Total SG 2017 Catalogue value, and remember prices for pre. 1937 are for hinged, which are worth at least double, is 2827.50 pounds. Nice lot for research or resale. Current AUD$4800 plus at 10/4/17. Priced at under a third $1595. (CMAP3)

46. Nauru from 1954 complete to beginning of 2000, plus a couple of later 2000 sets Mint Unhinged in Seven Seas Dark Blue Album and Slipcase as new. Stamp retail $825 plus Album is around $375 new. Total value here of $1200 for just $675 (CD3)

47. The above 2 lots, CD2 & CD3 for $1775, a further saving of  $95 (CD4) 

48. France. Substantial 99% complete used collection to 2001 in 3 Lighthouse Illustrated Hingeless Albums, with slipcases. Huge catalogue/resale value, persons interested in a purchase into 5 figures which could be split into several payments should contact us. Price is negotiable. (CS29)

49. Mystery or Clearance boxes, seems every dealer has these, we are no exception! Stamps, Covers, Collections, Packets, huge variety & value. Better than the average clearance lot. Ask for Australia, Worldwide or Mixed. 2kg lot for $169, 5kg for  $395, Best value lot 10kg for $695 (MJL5)

50. Olympics and Sports, 1924 – Modern Collection in Brown Leather-look 32 page stockbook. Includes both mint & used sets, and is a bit disorganised, but I managed to count at least 175 complete sets. Most are Olympics but there are other sports issues and some bits and pieces of other countries/topics which are not counted in the value. Has to be easily worth $1.50 a set across the board. Price $259 (MJL9)

51. Ireland mini collection. All fresh mint unhinged, and mainly complete sets from the mid. 1980’s 50 different stamps. Price $49 (MJL12)

52. Papua New Guinea mint unhinged stock 1952 – 2002 in 2 x Brown Davo 64 page stockbooks. Massive lot ideal re-seller, Ebayer or hoarder! Pre-decimals are sparse, but then later sets up to 20 of each. I guestimate there would be 2500 sets total her if not more, with the average retail per set around $5. So that is around $12,500 retail. This is a real steal for someone at ONLY 20% OF RETAIL $2495 FOR THE LOT! (MJL24) 

53. Pitcairn Island. Mint unhinged collection 1967 – 1986, housed in near new Seven Seas Hingeless Green Padded Album. Cost $165 new. Sydney retail of the stamps is approx. $385. A total value here of $550 for just $389 (CJE2)

54. Australia Territories and Pacifics, mint unhinged sets. Countries include Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Nauru, Samoa, Papua New Guinea plus maybe some from Fiji, Cocos and Pitcairn etc. Please let us know if you wish to have any country omitted.   Very high catalogue/retail. Wide range with plenty of thematic interest here. 25 different sets $49, 50 different sets $110, 100 different sets $225, 250 different sets $589 (CJE6) 

56. Australia Post 2006 Commonwealth Games folder, containing 17 sheetlets and 5 stamps released for the Commonwealth Games. The stamps are selling fine commercially used for around $2.50 each, which gives you a vast retail of $325, and these are mint unhinged.  My price for the lot of 130 plus stamps is $195 (CO10)

Packets and Mixtures


57. Thailand mostly large, with many recent on single close clipped paper. Price per 100g $55 (PM102) 

58. Philippines many large, with many recent on single close clipped paper. Price per 100g $42 (PM103)

59. Indonesia mission mix on single well-trimmed paper. 1 lot of 100g only. Price $35 (PM104) 

60. Australia High Values, both Commems. & Defins. (No internationals) We have just a small amount of this. About 4000 stamps on single well-trimmed paper. Values to $10, $325 per kg, 500g for $169, 250g for $89, 100g for $37.50 (PM105)

61. Australia Mostly International High Values on paper. Nice range. 500g for  $375, 250g for $195, 100g for $82.50 (PM106)

62. Ireland charity mix on paper, new lot just arrived. Mixture of mostly single trimmed and torn paper. Always very popular. 1kg for $95, 500g $49.50, 250g $26.50. (PM107) 

63. South Africa Mission mix, very colourful. Mostly single trimmed paper with perhaps a few homelands. 1kg for $79, 500g $41.50, 250g $21.50 (PM108) 

64. Malaya/Malaysia plus some Sarawak, North Borneo & Brunei magnificent off paper mixture 1953 – 1980’s. Contains many complete sets and top values. Best mixture from this region we have seen in many years, mostly large.  Approx 600 for $89 (PM95)

65. Singapore off paper mixture 1953 – 1980’s. Mostly large. 1st time we have ever been able to offer a Singapore Mix. Includes better and top values, mostly large. About 600 for $89 (PM96)

66. World on paper, from a brand new supplier. Very well trimmed so high count of around 5000 per kg. (25% great than from our current source) Wide range early – modern, large & small. Price under 4c per stamp. $195 per. kg, 500g for  $99, 250g for $52. 100g trial lot for $22.50 (PM93) 

67. Papua New Guinea, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49 (PM81) 

68. Norfolk Is., 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49 (PM82)

69. Samoa, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49 (PM83)

70. Nauru, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49 (PM84)

71. Pitcairn Is., 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $59 (PM85)

72. Australia just received off paper mixture. Very wide ranging from 1930’s to right up to date with recent $1 values, plus other high values to $10 and the odd International spotted. Must be near 20,000 to the Kilogram. Got to be worth 1.5c a stamp! Absolutely unpicked by us. 1kg for $295, 500g for $219, 250g for $115, 100g for $49 (PM72) 

73. South Africa plus a few Homelands off paper mix, 1940’s – 1990’s. Good mix with wide range of issues, values to 10/-, good for searching postmarks, perfs, varieties etc. About 750 stamps (50g) for $29, 1500 (100g) for $55. (PM52) 

74. World Mostly Large, on single well-trimmed paper, just in from UK Charity. Super quality lot, great variety with lots of recent. $289 per kg, 500g for $149 (PM55) 

75. As above, but with bigger % of small & medium, price $149 per kg, 500g for $79 (PM56)

76. World off paper, great variety, early to modern most postally used. About 15 – 20,000 per kg. Price $295 per kg, 500g for $154 (PM57) 

77. Carton lots of World on paper mixture. This is a good mix with roughly 50% large. Earlies to modern, wide range of countries mostly on well-trimmed paper. We can offer 5 sizes:

Shoebox size lot of around 500 grams $74.50

Double lot as above for $139

Envelope carton of about 2.5 kg $349

Printers box of about 5kg $649

Shipping carton of about 10kg Price $1249 (PM21)

78. Iceland 200 diff. $39, 500 diff. $185 (SC3)

79. Norway 600 diff. $33.50, 800 diff. $85 (SC4)

80. Sweden 600 diff. $85 (SC5)

Great Britain 1840 1d Blacks

We have more than 60 1d Blacks, the World’s 1st postage stamp in stock ranging in Every collector ought to have one!


81. Great Britain 1840 1d Black SG 2, plate 5, lettered B – E. Nice 4 margin example on entire wrapper Ireland to Sheffield Yorkshire.  Cancelled by bright red Maltese Cross and with cds of Enniscorthy DE 3 1840, and Dublin Diamond arrival handstamp in vermilion of the next day. Cat. £750, for use in England, this is way scarcer. Price $1195 (PB69)

82. Great Britain 1840 1d black QV, plate 2, block of 4, used, SG # 2. check letters QG, QH, RG, RH, used with indistinct Maltese Cross Cancels. Blocks of 4 of the penny black are very rare and catalogue at £25,000. This is a very nice item without creases, thins or other faults. The two left hand stamps are 3 margin, the right hand pair each have 4 large margins. Price $22,500 (PB65)

83. Great Britain- 1840 1d black QV, plate 6, horizontal strip of 4 on cover SG # 2. Plate 6, horizontal strip of 4, check letters SF to SI on an entire wrapper. The 4d franking was for a 2oz letter, so presumably contained several pages of correspondence, most likely of a legal nature. Has a partial 22 FEB 1841 reverse cancel. The stamps are all 3 margin, close at bottom, and showing parts of 2 other stamps at top. Each cancelled by a neat black Maltese Cross, with a double cancel to the 4th stamp (contrary to regulations) A block of 4 stamps not on cover is catalogued at £25,000. Price $7750 (PB66) 


Great Britain Other Issues


84. Great Britain 1840 2d Blue Mulready Lettersheet SG ME3, Fine used to Berkeley Sq. London with neat Black Maltese Cross cancel, reverse cds of Gosport MY 24 1842 in black also “A 25 MY 25 1842” cds in red. Some opening damage at rear and a little aged. Cat. £2400, price $1850 (GB259)

85. Great Britain 1856-58 1d Red-Brown Imperforate, SG 37-41. Complete reconstructed sheet of 240 stamps on Lighthouse pages. Very rare assembly. Cat. Minimum £2880 as single stamps, price $2150 (GB253)

86. GB 1841 1d Red Brown with IVORY HEAD, 4 margins mint original gum, lettered N C. Small tone spot at base. Guideline lower left corner SG 8, cat. £600, price $165 (GB190)

87. Great Britain 1848 10d brown Embossed Queen Victoria Die 1. Horizontal strip of 3, cut square with generally good margins, plus two horizontal pairs of 1841 imperf. 2d blues, 4 margin  plate 3. from the top left hand row of the same sheet check letters AA-AD. Used on cover, part back is missing. Each with ‘107’ numeral cancel of Bradford, Yorkshire 1 MR 1849 to Frankfurt am Main. Has been endorsed at the top in pen (underneath the stamps) “via Ostend” and “Contains only Patterns.” (In German) Has a German Aus. England per Aachen Franco boxed cancel. The 38d (= 3s/2d) franking was the rate for an item under ¾oz in weight sent to the German States via Belgium. SG Cat. # 14 + 57 (Specialised Cat. Nos. ES11 + H2(1)) Reverse bears an unframed  Bradford cds in Blue of MR 1 1849 plus a red arrival cds dated MR 2 1846! Clearly the year date slug is an error.  1849 A single 10d Embossed is cat. £3200 on cover, however the 1st and 3rd 10d both appear Part Double Impression, cat. £20,000 each off cover. Attractive and rare, price $27,500 (GB131)

88. Great Britain 1848 10d Brown Embossed. 3 margin lightly used example. Very presentable example facially, but is thinned. SG 67 Cat. £1500. Budget priced stamp at well under 10% cat. $249 (GB160)

89. GB 1847, 1/- Pale Green Embossed. SG 54. Fine 3 good margin example, 4th  just touched at the top. Cancelled by Barred Numeral 41 (2 strikes) Cat.  1000 pounds. Well-priced at under 15% cat. $249 (GB2)

90. GB 1865 – 73, 4d Vermilion, plate 12 SG 94  Mint unhinged, lettered C – G / G - C. Cat. £575 for hinged. Superb fresh premium quality stamp, price $675 (GB81)

91. GB659) GB 1867 – 83 5/- Rose, plate 1 SG 126, wmk. Maltese Cross. Attractive used example with London Hooded Cancel. Lettered AC – AD. As usual stamps from the A row (top of the sheet) are a little shorter than from other rows. Well centred and full perfs with London Hooded cancel. Deep rich colour for this stamp. Has horizontal crease 6mm from base hardly visible from front. Cat. £675, price $169

92. GB 1880 -83, 2.5d Blue plate 23. Mint very lightly hinged. SG 157, lettered L – H/H – L. Cat. £450. Very fresh with great colour and full perfs., centred left. Price £229 (GB53)

93. GB 1880 – 83 3d on 3d & 6d on 6d Overprints. SG 159 & 162, mint hinged, the 3d being extremely fine. Lettered A – N / N – A and D – L /L – D respectively. Both full perfs. With reasonable centring for these. Cat.  £1325. Price $659 (GB60)

94. Great Britain 1882 5/- Plate 4 BLUED PAPER lettered E B – B E. Nicely centred used example with 1884 Lombard St. London L.S. 2 Duplex cancel. Plate number clear of the postmark. Cat. £4800. Price $1250 (GB267)

95. Great Britain 1883/4 2/6d, 5/- & 10/-  all used and with private perfins. “BNZ” (Bank of New Zealand) These perfins may be seen on various high and low value GB QV and KE VII etc., stamps on mail from their Threadneedle Street branch in London.  Scarce group, price $249 (GB656) 

96. Great Britain 1883/4 2/6d, 5/- & 10/- all blued papers, SG 175-177, Cat. £13,750. Reasonable used set, 2/6d & 5/- expertised on reverse. Price $2295 (GB266) 

97. GB QV 1883-84 SG180s 5s Rose lettered H N – N H Specimen Ovpt. Type 9, fresh mint hinged. Centred to upper right and with one short perf. at top. Cat. £450, price $275 (GB263)

98. GB 1883 5/- Crimson, SG 181. A superb used example with Bridport M.O. & S.B. (Money Order & Savings Bank) steel cds. Well centred with full perfs. Cat. £250, price $349 (GB660)

99. Great Britain 1883 – 84 10/- Cobalt Blue, SG 182. Very rare shade, cat £8250. Bright colour, well centred used example with heavyish London Rubber cds of 21 JUN 90. A few nibbled perfs top left, otherwise a very nice sound stamp. Price $1230 (GB265)

100. Great Britain 1884 £1 Brown- Lilac SG 185 lettered A O – O A, fine used. Cancelled by Lombard St.? London duplex, largely leaving Queen’s profile clear. Well centred and with good perfs. Cat. £3000, price $1125 (GB262) 

101. GB 1902 – 11 Chalky paper set of 9 to 1/-,  fresh mint lightly hinged, Cat. between SG 223 – 259. Price $315 (GB74)

102. Great Britain 1902 2/6d & 5/- KEVII used and with private perfins. “BNZ” (Bank of New Zealand) These perfins may be seen on various high and low value GB QV and KE VII etc., stamps on mail from their Threadneedle Street branch in London.  Scarce pair, $165 (GB657) 

103. Great Britain 1912 5/- Posthumous issue for KEVII.  Somerset House printing, fine well centred cds example with good perfs. SG 318 Cat. $200. Hard stamp to find in nice condition, and seriously under catalogued by Gibbons. Only in use for One Year  before the introduction of the Seahorse Issues of KGV. The DLR printing is catalogued at more, yet was in use for 10 years.  Try to find another as nice. Price $375 (GB655) 

104. GB 1915 DLR Seahorses set of 3, fresh mint lightly hinged. Lovely set to 10/-, between SG 408 – 413, the 2/6d being the Seal Brown.  Way above average for these.  Cat.  £4,375. Price $3375 (GB78)

105. GB 1915 5/- Pale Rose Seahorse SG410. DLR printing, fine used cds example, well centred and with full perfs. Cat.  £500. Nice looking example, and hard to find in this condition. Priced at just 30% cat. Price $249 (GB13a) 

106. GB 1939 2/6d Brown on early 1940 Censored Airmail Cover to Sydney.  Rare solo use on cover. Cancelled by London cds of 17 FE 40m and with Red Censor Tape.  Roughly opened at top left  but still an attractive typewritten address cover. Very scarce, price $149 (GB166) 

107. Great Britain - 1948 (SG.494) Silver Wedding £1 corner MUH block of 4 with Plate No. ‘1’, and sheet No. excellent centring, together with the 2½d in a corner block of 4. (8). Superb fresh Mint Unhinged. Cat.£160+, price $239 (GB222)

108. Great Britain 1948 – 51. You will never see this again! The three KGVI One Pound issues on separate Registered covers, all to USA.  1) 1948 Pound FDC London – Michigan, 2) 1948 Silver Wedding pair FDC London – Michigan, 3) 1951 Pound COMMERCIAL ! REG’D COVER, London – Iowa, with London Oval Reg’d cancel 9 JU 51. All with nice arrival backstamps. These are a must for any cover collector of GB, price $1325 (GB136)

109. Great Britain 1953 Small Typewritten Airmail Cover to USA. Bears solo use 2/6d Green 1951 Festival. Minor aging. Scarce solo franking. Price $69 (GB174)

Australian States


New South Wales


110. New South Wales 1859 small cover Sydney – Auckland. Bears 4 margin 6d Grey Brown Diadem, error of watermark (8 instead of 6) SG 96a (cat. £110 off cover) Stamp has been removed and re-affixed with a hinge to easily display the wmk. Variety. Exceedingly scarce on cover. Cancelled by Sydney cds of OC 13 59, and with Auckland arrival cds on face of OC 28 1859. Neat clean cover, minor tear centre top has been neatly repaired internally with a hinge.  Price $525 (NSW5)

111. NSW 1880 1d Salmon perf. 10, SG 208a. Mint Original Gum with massive diagonal plate scratch and two white voids either side of the Queen’s Crown. Striking error. Cat. £250 as normal. Price $395 (NSW23) 

112. NSW 1885-86 5/- Lilac & green overprinted ‘POSTAGE’ in black perf 12 x 10 SG 238b, very slight gum wrinkling, few nibbled perfs at left, fresh Mint, Cat £800, Price $749 (NSW126) 

113. 1888-90 NSW Centennial 1d Mauve perf 12 overprinted ‘OS’ SG O39ba complete sheet of 120, selvedge missing from 4 stamps at lower right, right pane has two stamps hinged and three with thins, otherwise a fresh MUH sheet with marginal inscriptions etc, Price $995 (NSW146) 

114. NSW 1891 12½d on 1/- red, Listed by SG as perf 12 x 11½, but mostly 11½ with error in perf 12 at top right corner in 2 directions.  SG 268d. Used by indistinct cancel. Price $149 (NSW24) 

115. NSW 1895 OHMS in Manuscript with HM Gaol Mudgee H/stamp in Red on small unstamped cover to Mrs. W. Tattersall at Gulgong. Bears duplex cancel No. 18 of Mudgee NO 14 95. Reverse with Queen Victoria Royal Cypher  on flap. The Tattersall family founded Tattersall’s Hotel Gulgong. Interesting article included regarding the Gaol. Price $199 (APF144)

116. PC Farm Cove, Sydney, British Man of War, Australia, used to Toulon, France, Bears 3 x ½d Green NSW Cancelled by Sydney Duplexes No.10 of JA 26 04 GC, Price $89 (APC681)

117. NSW 1904 3d Postal Stationary Registered letter uprated by marginal vertical pair of 2d Cobalt Blue SG 315, to Hobart. Cancelled by clear strikes of Booligal NSW cds’s of AU 3 1904. Reverse bears transit 245 duplex of Hay NSW AU 5 1904 and Melbourne Registered cds 8.8.04 plus Hobart arrival cds of A 11 1904. Rare cancellations. Price $149 (NSW10) 




118. Queensland 1871-72 small Postal fiscal watermark large crown & Q 1/- Green SG F18, very faint indistinct cds cancel, Price $29 (Q162)

119. Queensland 1871-72 small Postal fiscal watermark large crown & Q 10/- Brown SG F22, indistinct cds which appears to be postal, missing perfs at upper right, Cat £500, Price $299 (Q161)

120. Queensland 1897-1905 QV figures in 4 corners simplified selection 3d, 4d Black, 6d, 1/- & 2/-, odd minor fault, mainly Fine used, Price $89 (Q163)

121. Australia, Queensland 1899. Long OHMS Letter from The Inspector of Police Charleville to the Commissioner of Police Brisbane. Bears vertical pair of 6d Green & 2d Blue Queensland cancelled by Charleville duplex No. 54 of OC 29 99. Has Inspector of Police Charleville oval cachet in Green on face and reverse with Queen Victoria Royal Cypher in Black on flap. Price $49 (APF146)

122. Australia, Queensland 1899. Long OHMS Letter from The Inspector of Police Cairns to the Commissioner of Police Brisbane. Bears 2 x 3d Brown Queenland cancelled by Cairns duplex of JU 20 99. Has Inspector of Police Cairns oval cachet in Violet on face and reverse with Queen Victoria Royal Cypher in Red on flap. Price $49. (APF145)

123. Queensland 1907 Crown over A wmk. Horizontal pairs.  4d Grey pair, line perf. mint, 1 unhinged. 6d Green pair, mint, 1 unhinged. 1/- Violet pair, MUH, irregular line perf. 12½/13, these were produced when comb perf. machines were under repair. Price $250. (Q19)

124. Queensland 1866-68 Postal Fiscals no watermark 1d Blue SG F1, two distinct shades, with fiscal cancels, usual uneven perfs, Price $24.99 (Q32) 

125. Queensland 1866-68 Postal Fiscals no watermark 20/- Rose SG F8, with crisp corner cds type fiscal cancel, slightly uneven perfs, a lovely stamp, SG Cat £1200 for postal use, Price $199 (Q38)

126. Queensland 1871-72 Postal Fiscals watermark large crown & Q 1/- Green SG F18 with fiscal cancel partially cleaned and subsequently used postally with an almost full strike of ‘BRISBANE/L/FE 2/86/QUEENSLAND’ cds, Price $69 (Q39)


South Australia


127. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, with small part original gum, Cat £150 as Mint, Price $179 (SA191)

128. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, with almost full original gum Mint, Cat £150, Price $229 (SA192)

129. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, MNG, Cat £150 as Mint, Price $99 (SA193)

130. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Dull blue-green SG20, Fine used, Price $69 (SA195)

131. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Sage-green SG21, Fine used with light Adelaide cds, Price $69 (SA194)

132. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 4d Dull violet SG 27, lovely deep, rich shade, Price $79 (SA198)

133. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue surcharges ‘TEN PENCE’ on 9d Yellow in black & blue, and on 9d Orange-red, SG 35-37 (3), mostly fine used, Advertised retail $450, Price $379 (SA199) 

134. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue surcharges ‘TEN PENCE’ in black on 9d Yellow SG 37, Nice used, Price $179 (SA201)

135. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1/- Lake-brown SG 42, fresh Mint with full original lightly hinged gum, Cat £250, Price $349 (SA202) 

136. South Australia 1868-79 perf 11½-12½ 1d Dark green SG 64, lightly aged hinged original gum Mint, paper adhesion at upper left, Cat £190, Price $149 (SA203) 

137. South Australia 1868-79 perf 11½-12½ 3d on 4d surcharge in black SG 68, fresh Mint, Cat £180, Price $249 (SA204)

138. South Australia 1876-85 4d Deep mauve wmk broad star perf 10 x 11½-12½ overprinted ‘OS’, SG O17, few trimmed perfs, full fresh OG, Price $119 (SA28) 

139. Australia, SA 1892 small OHMS cover front bearing 2d Orange Queen Victoria cancelled by cds of Stockade, OC 20 92 to Lawyers in Adelaide. Also bears oval cachet in Violet “DOCUMENTS. O.S. /WITHOUT LETTER/LABOR CAMP”Also  with interesting article re. The Stockade. Price $99 (APF147) 

140. South Australia 1908 PPC Botanic Park Adelaide, sent Dutton to Ballarat, cancelled by Dutton CDS 4/3/08 rated 3R Price $195 (SAPC08)




141. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral cancels, 15 different higher range numbers from ‘100’ to ‘322’, reasonably clear strikes on 1d or 2d Sidefaces, with some pairs & some on piece, Price $79 (T246)

142. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 1d Brick-red SG 27, margins close to touching, Mint no gum, Cat £475, Price $179 (T93)

143. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 2d Deep green SG 33, two close margins, just cut into at left, Mint no gum, Cat £950 as Mint, Price $399 (T95) 

144. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 2d Deep green SG 33 (a deeper shade than the one above) , two close margins, two touching, Mint no gum, Cat £950 as Mint, Price $349 (T91) 

145. Tasmania 1857-67 1d Vermilion/carmine shades imperf Chalons x 7, SG 25-29, mostly 2 to 3 margin examples, each with different second allocation barred numeral cancels, most are reasonable quality strikes, nice group, Price $159 (T243)

146. Tasmania 1860-67 6d Slate-violet Chalon SG 48, indistinct second allocation BN cancel, 2 close margins, 2 just touching, Price $89 (T241) 

147. Tasmania 1863-71 1d Vermilion perf 12 SG 69, light indistinct second allocation BN cancel, Price $39 (T242)

148. Tasmania 1863-71 Chalons perf 12, 1d shades x 3, identified as Brick-red, Orange-red & Carmine, latter with perfs trimmed at base, all with second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, odd fault, Price $49 (T245) 

149. Tasmania 1863-80 St George & dragon perf issues 3d Green, 2/6d Carmine, 5/- Brown & 10/- Orange on thick paper/thin card, overprinted ‘REPRINT’, no gum, attractive group, Price $129 (T250)

150. Tasmania 1880 Postal fiscals 1/- Rose-pink platypus SG F29, Fresh mint with some hinge remains Cat £160, Price $199 (T251)

151. Tasmania c1890’s 5/- QV side face in a pale reddish mauve shade, complete sheet of 120 on thin gummed card overprinted ‘REPRINT’ with stops, unfortunately the top right hand stamp has been removed, odd minor gum spot, fresh MUH, a scarce survivor, Price $2499 (T104)

152. Tasmania 1899-1912 Pictorials 4d Orange & 5d Bright blue, both punctured ‘T’, cds cancels, Price $39 (T248) 

153. Tasmania perf Chalons 2d Green, 4d Blue, 6d Violet & 1/- Vermilion on thick paper/thin card, overprinted ‘REPRINT’, the 4d with trimmed perfs at top, no gum, Price $89 (T249) 




154. Victoria 1850 Half-length second state of the dies 1d Pale dull red-brown SG 5a, three good margins, cut into at right, indistinct barred numeral cancel, Cat £450, Price $299 (V157)

155. Victoria 1854 1d Rose Half Length SG 23a. Superb 4 margin example of this scarce Melbourne printing, cancelled by light duplex. Expertised twice on reverse. Cat. £750, price $995 (V23)

156. Victoria 1854-55 Woodblocks imperf 2/- dull bluish green SG 35, three large margins, just touching at base, used on small piece. Advertised retail $375. Price $249 (V96)

157. Victoria 1854 1/- Registered stamp SG34, Cat £200, attractive example with 4 large margins, very light surface rub at lower left, indistinct barred numeral cancel, fine used. Price $199 (V103)

158. Victoria 1854 6d Dull Orange Imperf Woodblock on cover, SG 32a. Neat small cover Melbourne to Dublin via ship Colombia. Nice 4 margin stamp affixed inverted, possibly to warn of bad news.  Cancelled by barred numeral 1, and with arrival stamp MR 16 1858. Price $395 (LM13) 

159. Victoria 1857 small cover bearing 6d Dull Orange Woodblock 4 margin example, tied by barred Numeral 4 of SANDHURST (renamed BENDIGO) and Red cds “Paid 5 SP 1857” to Essex, UK. Fine and attractive, flap torn on opening. Price $195 (BD515)


161. Victoria 1864 2d Violet SG 109 Imperforate! Not listed in SG, definitely big enough margins to be imperf. Nicely used with barred Numeral cancel. Imperf between vertical pair of the 1/- from this issue is Cat. at £6500. Price $495 (DB56) 

162. Victoria 1870. Small registered cover, Malmsbury – Melbourne. Bears 2d Dull Violet Laureates Perf. 13 SG 109ad, cancelled by Malmsbury Duplex No. 98 Type 2, rated SS. 1 adhesive removed. Has rectangular boxed “registered” in black and oval registered in Red. Melbourne small transit cds of AP 19 70 on face and arrival cds of Carlton on the following day. Price $98 (V270) 

163. Victoria 1883 small cover to Torquay UK. Bears 6d Blue SG (V265)

164. Victoria 1884/5 £10 Stamp Duty, SG 279/279a. A fine example with neat Pen Cancel, No Pinholes! Cat. £250 as postally used. Price $125. (V72)

165. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 2/6d Orange & 2/6d Yellow, both with light fiscal cancels, Cat £675 for postally used, Price $149 (V298)

166.  Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue perf 12 SG 224a Mint with some minor gum wrinkling, Cat £250, Price $329 (V302) 

167. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue perf 12 SG 224a, with unframed ‘KYNETON/OC28/92/VICTORIA’ postal cds, few nibbled perfs, Price $49 (V321) 

168.  Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue, three distinct shades, light fiscal cancels, Price $79 (V303)

169. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 10/- Brown on pink, light fiscal cancel, Cat £450 for postally used, Price $129 (V306)

170. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 10/- Brown on pink, very faint fiscal cancel, Cat £450 for postally used, Price $129 (V300)

171. Victoria 1884-92 Stamp Duty 2/6d Yellow orange with unframed ‘MARYBOROUGH/B/AP12/85VICTORIA’ cds, Price $69 (V307)

172. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1d Bistre, two distinct shades, both with postal cancels, Price $69 (V313)

173. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 6d Ultramarine perf 12½ SG 266 with light, indistinct barred numeral cancel, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $49 (V312) 

174. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/- Blue on blue & 1/- Blue on yellow, both with bold postal cancels, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $69 (V311) 

175. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/- Blue on yellow, simplified selection of three different shades all with postal cancels, one with some minor toning, Price $129 (V310)

176. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 3/- Purple on blue perf 12 SG 237a, with light, indistinct postal cds, Cat £100, Price $129 (V315)

177. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 4/- Orange-red perf 12 SG 238a, Mint with some hinge remains, Cat £180, Price $199 (V316)

178. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty £1 Yellow-orange wmk sideways, perf 12½ with ‘R’ Registered cancel, nice used, Cat £85, Price $119 (V309)

179. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty £2 Blue perf 12½ SG 276a with crisp, almost full ‘ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O./OCT18/90’ cds, attractive stamp, Price $249 (V318) 

180. Victoria 1896-99 Stamp Duty 4/- Orange perf 12½, SG 346, Mint with tiny central thin spot, Cat £170, Price $129 (V317) 

181. Victoria 1895 Halfpenny Yellow/Orange wrapper used to London. Cancelled by Duplex 327 Tarnagulla JE 28 95. Fine and scarce, price $69 (V31) 

182. Victoria 1895 ½d Yellow-Orange newspaper wrapper simply addressed to “Punch Melbourne” Cancelled by clean strike of Nagambie second 712 Duplex of AP 5 95. Clean and attractive, small tear at left does not detract. Price $59 (V67) 

183. Victoria 1896 ½d Emerald SG 331 fresh mint lightly hinged with full double row of perfs at top. Well centred with full perfs. Spectacular! Price $169 (V84)

184. Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee 2/6d Red Brown Hospital Charity stamp, cto Melbourne OC 25 97, 3 days after issue. Clean stamp with gum full perfs. And expertisation mark on reverse. Price $195 (V41) 

185. Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee 2/6d Red Brown Hospital Charity stamp, cto Melbourne AU 24 06, late usage. Clean well centred stamp without gum and full perfs. Price $210 (V42) 

186. Victoria 1901-13 QV ‘Postage’ 1/- orange or yellow x 10 unchecked for perfs etc, great range of shades, advertised retail $200+. Price $99 (V90)

187. Victoria 1905 1d Rose red SG 417, Double Perfs. Used by Melbourne machine cancel is well centred with full perfs. Complete row of double perfs. at top and also double perfs. along right side. Spectacular! Price $169 (V85)

188. Victoria Revenues 1934 1/8d Yellow & Black Tax Instalment Rouletted stamp with gum in unhinged horizontal pair.  Wmk V over Crown. Cancelled by Fountain Pen manuscript 26-1-40 and 2-2-40 respectively. Fine and scarce, price $95 (V18) 


Western Australia

189. Western Australia 1854 1d Black swan imperf SG 1, with three good margins, close at upper right, fine used, attractive classic! Cat £300, Price $399 (WA171)

190. Western Australia 1854-55 4d Blue swan imperf, SG 3a, three good margins, just touching at right, Fine used, Cat £250, Price $279 (WA173)

191. Western Australia 1855 1/-  Pale brown swan imperf SG 4c, just cut into at top, close at left, Fine used, Cat £325, Price $399 (WA172)

192. Western Australia 1855 1/-  Pale brown swan rouletted, SG 6a, small thin at upper right and 1mm tear at left, Cat £1100, Price $699 (WA174) 

193. Western Australia 1860-64 2d Orange-vermilion swan imperf, SG 25, four good to just touching margins, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $119 (WA176)

194. Western Australia 1860-64 2d Orange-vermilion swan imperf, SG 25, three good to close margins, just touching at right, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $119 (WA177)

195. Western Australia 1860-64 6d Sage-green swan imperf, SG 28, two good margins, others close to just touching, nice used, Cat £400, Price $499 (WA178) 

196. Western Australia 1861 perf 14 1d Rose swan SG 38, Nice used, Cat £65, Price $79 (WA180)

197. Western Australia 1861 perf 14 4d Vermilion swan SG 40, couple of nibbled perfs, Fine used, Cat £180, Price $249 (WA179) 

198. Western Australia 1861 perf 14-16 2d Blue, 6d Purple-brown & 1/- Yellow-green SG 41-43, odd nibbled perf, Nice-fine used, Cat £154, Price $149 (WA181)

199. WA 1861-90 2d Yellow swan x 6, each with Commissariat puncture, appears to be 3 different puncture sizes, used,  Price $119 (WA162)

200. WA 1861-90 1d Carmine, 2d Yellow, 2d Blue & 1/- Swans, Good to fine used, each with Commissariat puncture, the 2d Blue being the 3.2mm puncture, the others 4mm, nice group. Price $149 (WA163)

201. Western Australia 1863-64 No watermark 1d & 6d, the two SG listed shades of each SG 49-51a, usual uneven perfs, mainly Fine used, Cat £114, Price $99 (WA182)

202. Western Australia 1863-64 No watermark 6d Deep lilac SG 51, usual uneven perfs, Fine used, Cat £50, Price $49 (WA183) 

203. Western Australia 1863-64 No watermark 6d Dull violet SG 51a, l uneven perfs but above average for this issue, Fine used, Cat £55, Price $59 (WA184)

204. Western Australia 1864-79 watermark Crown CC perf 12½, SG 55-62 range, selection of 10, 1d to 1/-,  including most of the SG listed colours/shades, Nice-fine used, attractive group, Cat £145+, Price $169 (WA185) 

205. Western Australia 1864-79 watermark Crown CC perf 12½, 1/- Bright green & 1/- Sage green SG 61 & 62, Fine used, Cat £55, Price $69 (WA186) 

206. WA 1872-1912 mounted used collection of Swans, all punctured ‘OS’ sideways, with 1d Red/pink (11), 2d Yellow (10), 3d  Brown (17), 4d Brown (3), 6d Violet (2) & 1/- Green (faults), various perfs, watermarks etc, condition mostly fine, a fantastic basis for expansion, Price $299 (WA165)

207. WA 1872-1912 Swans 3d Brown, 4d Brown & 5d Olive-bistre (2 each) & 2/- Red on yellow, all punctured ‘WA’, mainly Fine used, attractive group, Price $69 (WA164)

208. WA 1872-1912 used selection of 10 different Swans/QV, all punctured ‘OS’ sideways, values ½d to 2/- including 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 8d & 1/-, Fine used, Price $109 (WA167)

209. Western Australia 1882-85 watermark Crown CA perf 12, 4d Carmine SG 84, Fine used, Cat £60, Price $75 (WA188) 

210. Western Australia 1884 surcharges 1d on 3d Pale brown, thin ‘1’ with straight top SG 92, Fine used, Cat £75, Price $89 (WA187) 

211. Western Australia 1885 1d on 3d surcharge, both the Pale brown and Cinnamon shades, SG 91 & 91a, Cat £70, fine Used, Price $79 (WA130)

212. Western Australia 1888 watermark Crown CA perf 14, 1d Carmine-pink, 2d Grey & 4d Red-brown SG 103-105, two different shades of each value, mostly Fine used, Cat £73+, Price $79 (WA189)

213. WA 1893 Postal fiscal 2d Purple long swan SG F12, very lightly cancelled, Price $149 (WA166)

214. Western Australia 1895 ½d surcharge in red & green on 3d Cinnamon, SG 111a, Mint, some hinge remains, Price $199 (WA78) 

215. Western Australia 1902-11 watermark V over Crown 5/- Emerald-green SG 126, watermark inverted, bold Perth cds, Cat £50, Price $59 (WA190)

216. WA 1902-12 QV 2/6d Deep blue/rose punctured ‘OS’, Fine used, Price $39 (WA168) 

217. WA 1902-12 QV 10/- Deep mauve, punctured ‘OS’ BW (2004) W65Ab, trimmed perf at lower left, fine used Cat $250, Price $1490 (WA170) 

218. WA 1907 QV watermark Crown over double lined A 5/- Pale emerald-green Die I punctured ‘OS’ BW (2004) W64Ab, fine used Cat $350, Price $299 (WA169)

219. 1910 usage of 1d Blue Postal Stationary Postcard, Mount Magnet to Perth. Cancelled by cds of Perth 14 NO 10. H & G 17, cat. $400. Very fine with 2 staple holes and bend to upper left corner. Price $195 (WA57) 

220. Western Australia 1911 real photographic postcard “Greetings from Fremantle” to St. Louis, USA. Bears Halfpenny Green and 1d Rose Pink SG 138/9. Cat £12.25 and from x 12 on cover. Neat & clean, price $175 (WA34)

Australia Kangaroos

All of our Kangaroo stamps are accurately described and fairly priced according to condition, you may order with confidence that there are no hidden faults.


221. Bulk 2/- Maroon, C of A wmk. used Kangaroos ex. Retired dealer. Unchecked by us for shades, varieties etc. 100 for $125 (10 for $15) (K652a)

222. Australia 1913 Penny Red Kangaroo used x 36 on annotated album pages. Noted “Rostage” x 2, Coil / Booklet Stamps x 2, + varieties not listed for this value, inc. “Missing Inner Frame Top Left” and “Shading Line Over One Penny Missing”. Condition generally good to fine used. Minimum Cat. $847. Price: $539 (K343)

223. Australia 1913 1st wmk. 1d Red die II variety ‘Watermark sideways’ (crown pointing to right when viewed from the back) ACSC 3aa, very light machine cancel, excellent perfs, centred slightly to upper right, Cat $500, Price $425 (K1070)

224. Australia 1913 1st wmk. 1d Red die I variety ‘Watermark sideways’ (crown pointing to left when viewed from the back) ACSC 2ab, centred to upper left, couple of nibbled perfs, light cds cancel, Cat $450, Price $229 (K1074)