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Australia Postal History
LM123) Australia 1915 Prisoner of War mail. Small envelope addressed to Red Cross Geneva Bearing 1d Red KGV, SG 21 tied by Melbourne cds of 23 MR 15 and with Red Censor tape at top and left. Underpaid by 1.5d and with Hexagonal T10c on face. Has arrival datestamp of Geneva on reverse of 27 IV 15. Scarce item in great condition, price $355
APS31) Australia 1915 1d KGV. ACSC LC25 (M8A) Officers and Crew with King George V on board HMAS Australia. Used by cds of Leichhardt NSW to Five Dock NSW. 18.NOV.15 Scarce and attractive, selvedge removed, correspondence inside. Cat. $120, price $95
APH1149) Australia 1916 (Mar 22) cover to France with 2½d Indigo 2nd wmk. Kangaroo tied by MELBOURNE machine cancel, 'Passed' (censor), and 'Voir au dos' ('see on the back') handstamps in violet, cover returned to Australia, on reverse DIEPPE transit and Sydney & Melbourne DEAD LETTER OFFICE datestamps in red. Cat. $180 on cover. Opened 3 sides. Price. $135
APH1150) Kangaroos - 2nd Wmk: Jan.1916 usage of 2½d Bluish Indigo 2nd. Wmk Kangaroo on censored cover from Sydney to Basel, Switzerland, re-addressed to Aarau, via America per "S.S.Sonoma" with purple censorship resealing label and backstamps. Reverse bears very clear San Francisco May 8 1916 Panama California Int. Exposition San Diego 1916 Slogan. Also Aarau arrival cds of 29.V.16. Scarcer shad of the Kangaroo, cat. $250 on cover. Highly attractive piece. Price $179
APH577) Australia 1917 KGV 1d Red Embossed Octagonal Stationery Envelope Die 5 to UK cancelled by Queanbeyan NSW cds (date illegible) with boxed “MORE TO PAY” 2d Black Postage affixed and cancelled by London cds of 10 SP 17. Roughly opened at top and stained. Scarce Due Cover, price $159
APH608) Australia 1927 Commonwealth Bank advertising cover, registered Collins St.  – Town Clerk Richmond Vic. Bears 4½d Pale Violet smw Perf. 14 ACSC 119A.  Cancelled by Collins St.  cds of 5DE27 plus reverse cds’s of Melbourne Registered No. 5 and Richmond of the same date. Also Red Reg’d Label, Collins St. No. 5139 and CBA Unbroken wax seal on reverse. Scarce survivor price $179
APH607) Australia 1928 Commonwealth Bank advertising cover, registered Collins St. – Town Clerk Richmond Vic. Bears 4½d Pale Violet smw Perf. 14 ACSC 119A. Cancelled by Collins St.  cds of 20DE28 plus reverse cds’s of Melbourne Registered No. 6 and Richmond of the same date. Also Red Reg’d Label, Collins St. No. 490 and CBA Unbroken wax seal on reverse. Scarce survivor price $179
TS215) Australia 1928 OHMS Registered Cover from “Office of Registrar of Joint Stock Companies” to “The Commonwealth Trust Corporation” Bears solo use 1927 KGV Head SM Wmk Perf 14, 4½d Violet Solo Use. Stamp damaged at lower right corner. Also bears Brisbane Red Reg’n. Label No. 3741 and with Brisbane registered cds of 27NO28 both front and reverse. Cat. $100 minimum as solo use on cover. Price $49
APH715) Australia 1929 long advertising cover for Rosenfelds Oregon, timber merchants Brisbane. Sent surface mail to San Francisco. Bears vertical pair of 1½d Red KGV sml. multi. wmk. Perf 13½ x 12½ cancelled by Brisbane Slogan of 8 JAN 1929 “MINIMUM LETTER RATE/TO USA 3D ADDRESSEE/PAYS DOUBLE DEFICIENCY” This large cover certainly ought to have been double rate, but has gotten through un-taxed. Just two years after this cover was sent the following event happened: AN INFERNO. New Farm Timber Yard Burnt. TWO ACRES OF FLAME. Firemen Battle Against Great Odds. In a devastating fire which swept through the timber yard of Rosenfeld and Co. (Q'land), Ltd., Moray-street, New Farm, yesterday afternoon and evening, several million feet of Oregon timber, as well as a valuable milling plant, were totally destroyed. The damage covered two acres, and is estimated at £25,000. The fire was the most spectacular in Brisbane for years, and the leaping flames, which burst 100 feet in the air, were seen by thousands of people in almost every quarter of the city. Cover has been opened on 3 sides. Impressive item of historical significance, maybe the only one remaining! Price $110
APH2063) Australia 1930 small registered cover to Germany. Sent Blanchetown SA to Hanover via Adelaide, Perth, Karachi & London. Bears vertical strip of 3 x 3d Green Airmail type A, plus horiz. Pair of 1½d Sturt and 3d Sturt, 1/3d all up. Cancelled by Blanche Town cds’s of 2DE30 and with Blanchetown (1 word) R6 red reg’n. label No. 172. Reverse bears Blanche Town cds of 1DE30, Registered Aedlaid cds of the following day, Perth registered cds of 8DEC.30 and Hannover arrival; cds of 2.1.31 Attractive cover, price $165
APH651) Australia 1930 long cover sent surface mail to USA. Bears 3d Blue sml. multi. wmk. Perf. 13½ x 12½ Die 1a, perforated OS. Cancelled by Sydney Pictorial Slogan of 31 JAN 1930 “AIR MAIL/SAVES TIME” Neat typewritten cover, price $110
APH733) Australia 1931 small advertising cover for W. J. Moylan, Indent Agent & Broker, Sydney. Sent surface mail to Milan, Italy. Bears solo use 3d Blue KGV sml. multi. wmk. Perf. 13½ x 12½ cancelled by machine cancel of Sydney 16 SEP 1931. Reverse bears arrival cds of Milan, 23 X 31 Neat typewritten cover. Price $75
APH606) Australia 1932 Advertising Newspaper Wrapper for NSW Bookstall Co. Ltd. To Scotland. Bears 2d & 3d Recess Printed Sydney Harbour Bridge and cancelled by Sydney Harbour Bridge cds of 21MR32. One week after the issue of the stamps and 2 days after the opening of the bridge. Correct printed matter rate of 5d. This is a rare survivor. Price $225

APH1221) Australia 1936 small airmail cover to Java. Bears 9d Violet C of A cancelled by cds of Lane Cove NSW 28JY36. Opened a little roughly and minor aging, still scarce. Price $59

APH1540) Australia 1938 Sydney 1938 Philatelic Exhibition Souvenir Cover with Cachet in Red, to Egypt. Bears 3d NSW Sesqui. Cent. Cancelled by Hexagonal cancel of 4 AP 38. Reverse bears Exhibition Cinderella Label of HMS Sirius. Backstamped with Port Taufiq arrival cds of 1MA38 and Cook’s Post Office Cairo of the following day. Scarce destination, price $39
APH290) Australia 1938 KGVI P13½ X 14 3d Blue DIE II thick paper in combination with 2d Scarlet KGV on small airmail advertising cover for Hotel Fitzpatrick, Kuranda North Queensland to Rose Bay NSW. Cancelled by cds’s of Cairns, Qld. Of 6JE38 and with Brisbane 2 line slogan on reverse “AIR MAIL/SAVES TIME” of the following day. Nice dual reign cover. Price $42
APH1151) Australia 1941 usage of 5/- Robes + 4d Koala & 6d Kookaburra on airmail advertising cover for Austral Engineering Supplies Pty. Ltd. from Sydney to London; with "CALIFORNIA CLIPPER" two line cachet in red and with typed instructions "VIA NEW ZEALAND AND AMERICA". Underpays the quadruple rate franking by 2d., price $89
APH1078) Australia Rare 1944 CINDERELLAS on Censored cover to the BPA ( British Philatelic Assoc.) Bears 3 x 1½d Green Queen Elizabeth (pair and single) cancelled x cds’s of Bowral NSW 21JA44. Carries oval Customs & Excise Handstamp in Black also violet diamond shape cachet “Passed/by/Censor/1366” and “OPENED BY CENSOR” red tape at left. Reverse bears the Lady Gowrie 1d Red Cross Appeal and Rouletted corner marginal “RED CROSS BABY COMPETITION” label. Rare survivor, a little fragile. Price $125 .
APH1539) Australia 1952 small airmail cover Darwin to Maine USA. Bears vertical strip of 3 x 6½d Green KGVI = 1/7½d cancelled by machine canceller of Darwin 31 AUG 1952. Additionally Violet Rectangular tax collection instruction for 27 centimes and 9/6 in pencil. Underpaid by 4½d as the rate increased to 2/- a mint earlier, otherwise would have been 1½d overpaid. Neat & clean, price $39
APH1495) Australia 1954 small airmail Dual Reign cover to Co-operative Insurance Co. Manchester UK. One for the rates collector this! Bears 3 x 3d Green QEII plus 6 x 2½d Brown KGVI sidefaces (block of 4 & a vert. pair) to make correct 2/- rate. The 3d’s cancelled by a double pass of Melbourne machine canceller, the KGVI cancelled by Air Mail Section Melbourne cds’s dated 1 MR 1954. A little aged, opened 3 sides. Price $29
APH1542) Australia 1954small surface mail cover to New York. Bears 1/0½d KGVI cancelled by Brisbane slogan of 6 JNE 1954 “AIR MAIL/SAVES TIME” The rate was 7½d at this time, so 5d overpaid. (The 1/0½d QEII was not issued until 1955, so this was a current stamp at the time of posting, the 1954 7½d Royal Visit was supposed to be the available stamp at the time, but was sold out by this time to collectors and souvenir hunters) Price $39
APH1180) Australia 1956 small airmail cover to Douglas Aircraft Company, USA. Bears solo use of 2/- Crocodile no wmk, cancelled by scarce Sydney Pictorial Slogan with Torch & Olympic Rings of 10 AUG 1956 “OLYMPIC GAMES 1956/22 NOVEMBER – 8 DECEMBER/MELBOURNE” Neat hand addressed cover. Price $39
APH1547) Australia 1956 2/- Melbourne Olympics Solo use on airmail cover from ELSTERNWICK 15 NOV 1956 to Lauterbad uber Rosenheim, Germany. The cover has been neatly opened at the top, the stamp is fine, cancelled by slogan "PLEASE POST EARLY | BEFORE LUNCH | OR BEFORE FOUR O'CLOCK". BW(ACSC) 335. Price: $29
APH1182) Australia 1957 small typed address surface mail cover to Washington State Advertising Commission USA. Bears solo use of 7½d 1956 Olympics cancelled by Melbourne slogan 9 MAY 1957 “KEEP AUSTRALIA/CLEAN/PLANT QUARANTINE” Scarce solo usage, price $29
APH1001) Australia 1957 long Airmail reg’d Commercial cover to Anglo Egyptian Resettlement board. Bears 5/- Arms & 3d Green QEII cancelled by Elizabeth St. Melbourne Registered cds of 15NO57 and with oval Egyptian Resettlement Board receiving h/stamp in Purple of 19 NOV 1957. A little aged, but rare survivor. Price $37.50
TS357) Australia 1959 small Taxed cover to Marcus Clarks Hit Parade, Radio Station 2KO, Newcastle NSW. Bears 4d Lake QEII cancelled by cds of Terara NSW 6 OC 59. Also horiz. Pair of 1d No wmk postage dues cancelled by Newcastle cds of 7 OC 59 and T2d in red manuscript. The postage rate had increased to 5d on 1 OCT 59.
APH1160) Australia 1963 small greetings card envelope to UK. Bears 1/2d Thylacine Solo Usage cancelled by Sydney slogan of 23 DEC 1963 “CHRISTMAS GREETINGS/FROM THE/AUSTRALIAN/POST OFFICE” (I d0oubt it arrived on time!) Cat. $60 on cover, price $42
APH659APH573) Australia 1969 5c Edgeworth David Booklet Pane on small Airmail Cover to Germany. Together with 5c Ports & Harbours to make 30c rate. Cancelled by Darwin cds’s of 4MAR69. Booklet panes on commercial cover are rare. Price $69
APH709) APH710) Australia 1971 A5 size OHMS Airmailed Military cover to Singapore. Bears 20c Australia Asia & 25c Cooktown Orchid, cancelled by Naval P.O. Balmoral NSW cds of 7AP71, and with Naval P.O. Balmoral Reg’n label. Reverse bears Singapore arrival cds of the following day. Addressed to” R.A.N. Communication Detachment, Royal Airforce , Seletar, Singapore 28. Scarce survivor! Price $95
APH1546) Australia 1973 35c National Development on a CSIRO, Int. Astronomic Union Advertising airmail cover from DARLINGTON 21 AU 1973 to Denmark. The envelope has been nearly opened at the top and has a small tear, the stamp is fine used. Cat $45 on cover in 2002. BW(ACSC) 634. Price: $42
APH1548) Australia 1973 30c Christmas Solo use on airmail cover from COLLAROY NSW 14 DEC 1973 to Denmark. The envelope has been neatly opened at the top, the stamp is fine. BW(ACSC) 652. Price: $29
APS33) Australia 1977 18c Red QEII Lettercard used 15MR77 to Hunters Hill NSW, with cds of Lord Howe Island. Scarce. Price $39
APH657) Australia 1988 37c Leadbeaters Possum PSE uprated for Priority Paid by 2c, 25c & $1 Living Together. Sent Bentleigh East to Melbourne SEC and cancelled by single cds of 25OC88. Correct rate of $1.64. Priority paid label to top left. Reverse has violet time date stamps. Rare combination of stamps. Small coffee? stain to front of envelope. Price $39
APH655) Australia 1989 Priority Paid cover Zillmere Qld to Diners Club Melbourne.  Bears $1, 39c & 25c Living together to make correct $1.64 rate. Cancelled by Zillmere cds of 3JAN89 and with Zillmere time/date stamp in black on front in black and received time/date stamps in violet on reverse of Brisbane 3/1 and Melbourne 4/1. Nice tri-value franking. Price $35
APH478) Australia 1989 Long airmail cover to Finland. Bears 32c Christmas and 90c Living Together. Cancelled by slogan of Fremantle WA 10 MAR 1989 "ADDRESS MAIL TO PRIVATE BOX NO. EXPEDITES DELIVERY". Price: $29
APH483) Australia 1989 Small airmail cover to Finland. Bears 35c Blue Tiger Butterfly X 2, 1c Living Together and 39c Merino. Cancelled by slogan of NSW 16 MAR 1989 "AUSTRALIA POST HAS THE SPEED YOU NEED". Price: $29
APH482) Australia 1989 Small airmail cover to Finland. Bears $1 Corriedale Sheep and 10c Living Together. Machine cancel of Footscray Mail Centre VIC 21 MAR 1989. Price: $29
APH476) Australia 1990 Large airmail cover to Finland. Bears 15c Living Together and $1 Fun Run. Cancelled by slogan of Perth WA 10 JUL 1990 "COLLECT AUSTRALIAN STAMPS". 5c overpaid. Price: $39
APH584) Australia 1991 Long Airmail Security Post cover to Auckland NZ. Bears $1 Sulphur Crested Cockatoo overpaying by 30c the airmail rate to NZ, & $10 gardens for Security Post Fee. Cancelled by counter h/stamp of Crows Nest NSW 12 SEP 1991. Rare! Price $79
APH470) Australia 1994 airmail cover to Denmark. Bears 60c Living Together and 65c Rock-Climbing. Cancelled by CDS of Glen Waverley VIC 4 MR 94. 5c underpaid. Price: $39

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