Early March 2020


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Cape Triangulars

BC165) Cape of Good Hope triangle 1853 4d deep blue on slightly blued paper SG4, Cat £170, 1½ margins, others close to touching, FU. Price $129

DB270) Cape of Good Hope 1855/63 4d Blue Triangular, SG 4a. Fine used example with three full margins. Cat. £200, price $149

DB271) Another similar, price $149

BC163) Cape of Good Hope triangle 1853 1d brick red on slightly blued paper SG 5, cat £350, margins close to touching, Used. Price $199

BC164) Cape of Good Hope triangle 1853 1d brick red SG 5 (pale shade), margins touching all around, used. Price $129

DB267) As above, but SG 6a, attractive 3 margin mint example, with traces of original gum. Cat. £1800, price $775

DB274) Cape of Good Hope 1855/63  1/- Deep Dark Green Triangular, SG 8b. Nice looking 2.5 margin example, two of which are huge. Commercially used with indistinct cancel. Cat. £550, price $295

DB266) Cape of Good Hope 1863/4 1d Deep Brown - Red Triangular, SG 18b. Mint with traces of gum, scarce shade. 2.5 margins, two of which are huge. Good colour. Some surface wear or maybe just a weak impression. Cat. £650, price to sell at just 20% cat. $219

DB269) Cape of Good Hope 1863/4 4d Deep Blue Triangular, SG 19. Nice3 full margin example with indistinct cancel. Cat. £130, price $89

DB273) Cape of Good Hope 1863/4 1/- Bright Emerald Green Triangular, SG 21. Nice 2.5 margin example with indistinct cancel. Cat. £700, price $345


DB277) Natal 1869 1d Bright Red wmk. reversed, SG 33c, nice used slightly example with indistinct lightish barred cancel. Cat. £90, price $59


BC103) Transvaal 1870 6d Dull Ultramarine Roulette. SG 11 fine used, cancelled by Neat Bullseye No. 6. Cat £130. Price $125


DB284) South Africa 1927  2d Grey & Maroon, SG 24. Mint unhinged Imprint Block of 4, attractive full perfs, centred left Cat. £32 as hinged stamps. Scarce piece, price $49

DB285) South Africa 1927  4d Brown Pair, SG 35bc. mint unhinged pair perf. 14 x 13.5, cat. £60 for hinged. Nice Ink flaw in margin of left stamp. Price $98

DB286) South Africa 1932 2/6d Green & Brown Pair, SG 49. Lovely mint unhinged top left corner marginal pair (light hinge in selvedge) Cat. £120 for hinged. Price $195

DB287) South Africa 1938 2d Blue & Purple Pair SG 58. Mint unhinged top marginal pair, fresh well centred and with full perfs. cat. £75, price $69

DB289) South Africa 1954 5/- Black & Deep Yellow Green, SG 122a. Lower right corner plate block of 4, showing plate 8 in pale grey and  the sheet No. 75 in pale green. Light hinge on top pair only, and very fresh mint unhinged lower pair. Well centred and with full perfs, cat.  £100 for the stamps alone. My price is full catalogue, very reasonable for an item of this scarcity. Price $169

DB294) Sudan 1897 10p Mauve, ovpt. on Egypt, SG 9. Nice full perf. postally used example. Cat.  £50, price $42

DB295) Swaziland 1938 KGVI 5/- Grey SG 37. Mint lightly hinged example, full perfs. Centred left and gum slightly aged. Cat. £70, price $35

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