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Early January 2022


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NZD1) New Zealand 1994 Official Fish & Game Council block of 6 Imperf. $10 stamps, ovpt. Hong Kong '94 Stamp Exhibition, mint unhinged. Under 25% face! Price $14.95
Great new mint unhinged lot just arrived:
HR1) 1974 Hutt River 4th Anniv. of Cessation Prince Leonard minisheet Imperf., $4
HR2) 1977 Hutt River Birds set of 4, $6
HR2a) As above, blocks of 4, $24
HR3) Hutt River 1979 Wildflowers, set of 6, $7.50
HR3a) As above, blocks of 4, $30
HR4) Hutt River 1982 Reef Fish se-tenant set of 6, $7.50
HR5) Hutt River 1982 Christmas set of 4, $6
HR5a) As above, gutter strip of 8 (2 sets), $12
HR6) Hutt River 1983 Native Wildlife set of 4, Red Kangaroo Emu, Brushtail Possum & Echidna, $6
HR6a) As above, blocks of 4, $24
HR6b) 27c Emu, Imperf between vertical pair error, $50
HR6c) 45c Kangaroo, Imperf between vertical pair error, $50
HR7) Hutt River 1984 Auspiex/AFL Football Minisheet $11
HR8) Hutt River 1984 Winter Olympics se-tenant set of 5, $4.50
HR8a) As above, gutter strips of 10, $9.50
HR8b) As above Sheetlet of 4 sets with central gutter $15
HR9) Hutt River 1986 Easter se-tenant set of 5, $4.00
HR9a) As above, gutter strips of 10, $8.50
HR9b) As above Sheetlet of 4 sets with central gutter, $15

Lord Howe Island Courier Post
We believe that we have the only remaining stocks of these popular items.
LH1) Provisional Stamp – 31/12/98. Complete sheet 36 stamps. $495.00
LH4) Emergency Booklet – 10/6/99 withdrawn 10/6/01. $21.50
LH4a) Emergency Stamp First Day Cover, unaddressed $16.50
LH5) Marine Series – 1/10/99 Fish, C toplus ballinae. $4.75
LH6) Marine Series – 1/10/99 Fish, A Maccullochi. $4.75
LH7) Marine Series – 1/10/99 Fish, C bulbifrons. $4.75
LH8) Marine Series – 1/10/99 Seabird, Sula dactylatra. $4.75
LH9) Marine Series – all above. Se-tenant block of 4. $15
LH10) Marine Series – full sheet of 40. $175
LH11) Marine Series – Stamp booklet se-tenant block of 4. $16.50
LH12) Marine Series – 11/10/99 Cacheted First Day Cover 4 values se-tenant block. $15
LH12a) Museum Overprint Issue 31/5/00 Marine Park Issue. $21.50
LH13) $12 Museum Commemorative booklet BUFF COVER with block of 6 overprinted stamps – stapled RHS. $16.50
LH13A) As above, RED COVER (rare) $46.50
LH14) $12 Commemorative booklet BUFF COVER with block of 6 overprinted stamps – stapled LHS. $16.50
LH14A) As above, RED COVER (rare) $46.50
LH17) Museum Overprint First Day Cover. $11.50
LH18) Millennial First Day Cover (Block of 4 Marine Park stamps cancelled on 1/1/00. . Cover signed by artist and postmaster). $100
LH18a) LHI Postmaster Prov. O/P 70 years. Anniversary Marine Park Issue 6/10/00. $21.50
LH18b) First Day Cover. O/P 70 years. Anniversary Marine Park Issue 6/10/00. $21.50
LH18c) First Day Cover Millennium Pilot Signed. O/P 70 years Anniversary Marine Park. Issue 6/10/00. $100
LH19) Marine Park Commemorative Booklet with block of 6 stamps. Stapled RHS. $100
LH20) Marine Park Commemorative Booklet with block of 6 stamps. Stapled LHS. $100
LH20a) Marine Park Proof Booklet with block of 6 stamps. Stapled RHS. Slight cover damage. $125
LH23) Marine Park Specimens Mini sheet. $30
LH24) As above Full sheet of 40 stamps. $325
LH32) Special Cover with block of 4 Museum Overprint Marine Park Stamps and special. Horned Turtle design and canceller, for dedication and official opening of the Lord Howe Island Museum and visitor Centre – 17/2/01. Limited Issue (1000) signed by artist Margaret Murray. All numbered. $125
LH33) Palms sheetlet of 4 sets MUH $69
LH33A) As above block of 4, $15
LH34) First Day Cover $8 Palms Block 4. $21.50
LH35) Palms Block 4 Booklet. $21.50
LH36) HMS. Nottingham departure under tow postmark on cover with Palms block 4 dated AUG 6'02, one only $495 (Exceedingly rare!)
LH37) Palms block of 4 on uncancelled cover addressed to Secretary L.H.I. Philatelic Study Group $7.50
MCR25) Independent State of Rainbow Creek 1979 Secession. Thomas Barnes minisheet MUH, $17.50
We just took delivery of some very large Australia packets and can supply as follows:
Stamps supplied are all different by Stanley Gibbons Catalogue. May contain watermark & perforation differences, plus sheet and self-adhesive formats of the same design.
BAP1) 1400 Different, $249
BAP2) 1500 Different, $275
BAP3) 1600 Different, $325
BAP4) 1650 Different, $249
BAP5) 1700 Different, $375
BAP6) 1750 Different, $399
BAP7) 1800 Different, $439
BAP8) 2000 Different, $549


please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Early January 2022
Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101 - $250 deduct 10%, $251 - $500 deduct 15%, $501 - $1000 deduct 20%
Orders over $1000 deduct 25%
Orders over $2500 deduct 30%
All discounts can be applied to items from previous lists in order to achieve a higher discount level.
Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.
Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions
Postage and insurance extra, Free Within Australia above $500. We accept all cards and PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9am – 4.30 Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours.
All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee, EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures, these may not be returned for any reason unless grossly mis-described.
EXCEPTIONS: There are no discounts on brand new catalogues or accessories.