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Mid - Late October 2019


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ROW59) Argentina 1943 Censored Three Times Airmail cover to Switzerland. Bears 50c Brown Hermes Airmail, plus 1 Peso Map in horizontal pair & 20c Cattle. All cancelled by Buenos Aires Postal Agency cds of 11.MAY.43. Clear censor tape at left “Examined by 2845” at right white censor tape “Opened by examiner 673” and “Geofnet” & Eagle with Swastika in Violet on tape on flap, additionally 2 x Eagle & Swastika handstamps in red over said tape. 50c & 20c partially covered by censor tape. Scarce survivor, price $36      

ROW166) Belgian Congo 1938 Greetings card size envelope with unsealed flap re-addressed Robin Hoods Bay to Sheffield, Yorkshire. Bears 20c Red Stanley SG 147 and vertical pair 15c Grey Kraals SG 182 cancelled by cds’s of Elisabethville of 21-2-38. Scarce survivor, price $45

ROW168) Egypt 1948? long advertising cover to UK for “British Trade in the Middle East” Bears 4 mills Green cancelled by indistinct Alexandria cds. Looks like 21 MAR or May 1948. Highly illustrated in full colour with flags of 15 Middle East Nations, including Palestine and with Union Jack at the top middle. Reverse bears printed in black: The Middle East is one of the most important consuming centres of the World. Did you capitalise on its pent up Buying Power?” Addressed to Chadwick Machine Co. Ltd., Cleckheaton, Yorks. Highly attractive, price $36

GNG29) German New Guinea usage of German Reichspost 10pf red Eagle on 1897 picture postcard to Germany with ‘HERBERTSHOH/22 9/97’ cds and arrival cds, shows vignettes of Island life, including one scene of the Solomon Islands, abrasion at left on the address side, Price $179

GNG28) German New Guinea 1897-99 Eagle overprinted ‘Deutsch Neu-Guinea’ 10pf Red horizontal pair on part cover to Germany, with two indistinct strikes of ‘HERBERTSHOHE’ cds in blue, Price $99

GNG12) German New Guinea 10pf red Yacht horizontal pair with ‘RABAUL’ cds on 1912 ‘J. O. Mouton/Kinigunan B.A. cover front to Sydney, Price $99

GNG21) German New Guinea 10pf Red Yacht on full colour Christmas picture post card featuring Santa Claus and an angel, to Sydney with indistinct cds some fairly light soiling, still a most attractive card, Price $199

GNG22) German New Guinea 5pf Green Yacht on 1902 Netherlands Indies picture postcard showing Groet Uit Banda, with ‘BERLINHAFEN’ cds to Germany with arrival cds, light corner crease and some surface abrasion due to part of the addressee’s name being removed, still attractive and unusual, Price $149

GNG20) German New Guinea 5pf Green Yacht on 1902 Naval/Military themed picture postcard (illustration in black & red, some surface damage), to Germany, with ‘MATUPI’ cds and ‘DARGUN’ arrival cds, Price $149

GNG23) German New Guinea 5pf Green Yacht on 1904 picture postcard showing Salzburg, with ‘HERBERTSHOE’ cds and ‘SALZBURG 2’ arrival cds, light corner bend, Price $179

GNG17) German New Guinea c1900 ‘Deutsch/New-Guinea’ overprint on 10pf red Eagle intact reply card (mit Antwort/Antwort), post card section with ‘MATUPI’ 1901 cds to Germany with ‘SPANDAU’ arrival cds, reply card unused, most attractive and scarce, Price $299

GNG7) German New Guinea c1901 5pf Green Yacht postcard with ‘STEP(HANSORT)’ 1901 cds to Germany with Frankfurt arrival cds, Price $129

GNG2) German New Guinea c1901 5pf Green Yacht postcard with ‘HERBERTSHOE’ cds, dated 1910 to Germany with message on reverse. Price: $129

GNG11) German New Guinea c1901 10pf red Yacht reply (Antwort) card with ‘MATU(RA)? 1904 Cds to Germany, attractive use of reply portion, Price $129

MY17) Holland. Unaddressed FDCs, all with full sets nice lot, goes to around 1980, 35 different covers for $39

ROW174) Indochina 1938 small airmail re-addressed cover to Java. Bears 30c Brown Airmail plus 10c Blue Rice Worker, cancelled by Saigon Central cds of 29 – 11 38 and with Bandoeng arrival double ring cds of 1.12.38. Very fast delivery for the time. Price $29

ROW177) Jordan 1957 Airmail Advertising cover for Azzahra Hotel, Jerusalem to USA. (The Jordanian annexation of the West Bank was the occupation and consequent annexation of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) by Jordan (formerly Transjordan) in the aftermath of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. ... At the end of hostilities, Jordan was in complete control of the West Bank until 1967) Bears illustration of the hotel in blue with address POB 26, Herod’s Gate, Jerusalem, H.K. of Jordan. Bears 20 fils Mosque plus 25 & 35 fils airmails cancelled by Jerusalem cds of 8 APR 57. Very scarce survivor in nice condition, small tear at top excepted. Price $149 

SE44) Netherlands 1940 Queen Wilhelmina Imperfs. Printed (but not perforated) just before the Germans invaded in 1940. In 1946 the issue was brought out of the vaults, perforated and placed on sale. Sometime between 1940 and 1946 a small quantity of the imperf sheets were "leaked" (i.e. stolen) from the State Printing Works. These imperfs are now quite scarce. Set of 4 in horizontal pairs Mint Unhinged $29, blocks of 4, $59, corner blocks of 4 $69

ROW175) Netherlands 1942 Nazi SS/Legion Blue M/S blocks of 4 unused and FDI 1942 Legion .. fresh FLAT unused and FU sheets, in 2 different sizes, the used with crisp The Hague cds of FDI, November 1, 1942. Very few sold as in the middle of WW2, and the surcharge on these was a fortune – 12.5c post franking per stamp and MASSIVE 87.5c surcharge so each sheet cost 4 Guilders. 8 GUILDERS was a fortune back then, hence their great scarcity today. SG Cat £310 = approx. $A600, 30% cat. Price $159

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