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Rest of the World

CH93) China 1912 $2 Brown, SG 264. Fine mint without gum. cat. £200, price $150

CH91) China 1929 Airmails, SG 384 - 88. Complete mint lightly hinged set. Minor thins to 3rd & 4th values, not visible from the front. Cat. £100, price $60

ROW104) Denmark 1851 1 Skilling Blue. 3 margin attractive used example on piece, cancelled by light concentric rings. Cat. £2000, price $399

FIN032) Finland 1972 & 3, set of 2 strips of 5, National Costumes, MUH, price $40

ROW320A) German East Africa 1893 25pf on 50pf Brown. SG 6 Cat. £49 Fine cds used. Price $59 

GNG27) German New Guinea 1900 small cover to “Postmaster General, General Post Office, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Bears 20pfg blue Mi. 4 Germany Arms type ovpt.  “Deutsch – Neu – Guinea” cancelled by cds of Herbertshohe, and Sydney arrival duplex on reverse of MY 2 00. Some tone spotting, which may have pre-existed on the envelope before posting, otherwise very fine. Ultra-scarce early cover. Price $995

GNG25) German New Guinea 1901 small cover re-addressed from Rhiune to Westereappiln, Germany. Bears 10pfg Red Yacht type Mi. 9 cancelled by cds of Friedrich-Wilhelmshafen (Now Madang) of 15/10 01, and with arrival cds on reverse of a) Rhiune? 18.12.01 and Westereappiln of the same date.  Fine 7 scarce, price $245

GNG3) German New Guinea 1910 clean “Bantam” cover to Weimar. Bears 3pfg brown Yacht type Mi. 7 cancelled by cds of Herbertshohe 3 6 10 Lovely little cover. Price $225

GNG19) German New Guinea 1910 clean small cover to USA via Hong Kong. Bears 20pfg blue Yacht type Mi. 10 cancelled by cds of Rabaul 27 6 10 and with Hong Kong transit cds on reverse dated 26 JY 10. Rare scarce survivor. Price $575

GNG1) German New Guinea 1913 clean “Bantam” cover to Hien, Netherlands bearing 2 x 3pfg brown Yacht Type Mi. 7 cancelled by cds of Herbertshohe 4.11.13. Price $275

CH95) German Post Offices in China 1901 3pf Brown ovpt. China SG 15. Cancelled by cds of Shanghai dated 10 5 01. Well centred lightly cancelled. Very scarce stamp, cat. £1500, price $1875

GLD013) Greenland 1945, set of 9, American Edition MUH Price $264.00

GLD015) Greenland 1945, set of 9 with certificate, Liberation of Denmark overprints  MUH Price $1,650.00

GLD014) Greenland 1946, set of 2 New Values, 20 & 40 ore MUH. Price $37

GLD016)  1950-9, set of 7 King Frederick IX MUH. Price $34

GLD017) Greenland 1950-8 set of 4, The Arctic Vessel Gustav Holm, MUH. Price $93

GLD018) Greenland 1956, set of 2 Provisional Overprints, MUH. Price $80 

ROW48) Indochina 1915 small commercial Cover to India, via Ceylon. Bears 5c & 2 x 10c Definitives cancelled by Saigon Central cds’s of 18 – 1 15 and reverse arrival cds of Tirupatur 30JAN15. Opening tear at left damages 1 x 10c stamp, otherwise fine. Scarce survivor! Price $59

ROW47) Indonesia 1989 WWF Orangutans 100R & 500R values each postally used on piece. Rare thus, cat. £30, price $35

JP315) Japan 1921 Crown Prince return from Europe SG 206/9 Mint hinged, some gum toning. Low value has a horiz. crease. Cat.£125, price $110

JP316) Japan 1922 Mt. Fuji SG 266/305 fresh mint, mainly light hinge. Cat. £210, price $259

JP317) Japan 1923 Crown Prince visit to Taiwan SG 213/4 mint light hinge. Low value has a horiz. crease. Cat. £45. Price $49

JP218) Japan 1923 Imperfs. SG 215/23. Mint light hinge with some minor reverse toning. Cat. £265, price $275 

JP319) Japan 1925 Imperial Silver Wedding SG 226/9. Some gum toning, particularly on top value. 2nd value is thinned. Cat. £100 plus, price $75

JP320) 1927 UPU SG 244/7 lightly hinged mint set, with toning to top 2 values. Cat. £225, price $159

JP321) Japan 1929 Airs, SG 257/61 fresh lightly hinged set. Cat. £175, price $219

JP322) Japan 1934 Red Cross SG 272/5. Fresh mint lightly hinged set, cat. £35, price $47.50

JP323) Japan 1935 visit of Emperor of Manchukuo (Puyi, the last Emperor of China as the eleventh and final Qing dynasty ruler). SG 276/79. Mint lightly hinged, nor gum toning on top two values. Cat. £28. Price $25

JP324) Japan 1936 National Parks SG 281/4, minor gum toning to top value otherwise fresh mint lightly hinged. Cat. £45. Price $39

JP325) Japan 1936 30 years of occupation of Kwantung, SG 285/7. Fresh mint lightly hinged, minor gum toning to top two values. Cat. £240, price $295  
JP309) Japanese Post Offices in China 1919 30s Chestnut, SG45. Fine fresh mint lightly hinged example, cat. £225. Price $279 

JP312) Japanese Post Offices in China 1919 50s Chocolate, SG46. Fine fresh mint lightly hinged example, centred right. Cat. £325. Price $395 

JP313) Japanese Post Offices in Korea 1900. 5c – 1 Yen between SG 1 – 14. 1s & 2s are mint the 1S without gum, otherwise used. Missing 1½s, 4s, 8s & 25s. Nevertheless a scarce group. Cat. £179. Price $195

JP314) Japanese Post Offices in Korea 1900 3s Red, Wedding of Prince Imperial. Fine cds used example, SG 15. Cat. £55. Price $55   

KA2) Korea 1894 5m & 10m SG 1 & 2, fine mint & mint without gum respectively. Cat.£139. Price $149 

KA3) Korea 1895 Sg 7 – 10a. The top value being mint with some paper adherance, the others used. Cat. $89, price$95

KA4) Korea 1897 SG 12A – 16A. The 10p is mint, the others used. Cat. £228. Scarce set. Cat. £228, price $285

KA6) Korea 1900 SG 22Aa – 32B. Mix of mint & used, cat. £233. Price $249 

KA5) Korea 1902 Surcharges. 3ch on 50p SG 46B mint without gum. Cat. £27, price $29
KA1) Korea 1903 complete set of 13. Mixture of mint lightly hinged, without gum, postally used and cto. Very hard set to find in any condition. Odd minor fault but great looking set. SG 50/62 cat. £1215, price $1495

CH90) Manchuria 1928 set of 4, SG 21/4. Fresh mint lightly hinged, minor gum thin to lowest value. Cat. £80, price $95

Manchukuo officially the State of Manchuria prior to 1934 and the Empire of Manchuria after 1934, was a puppet state of the Empire of Japan in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia from 1932 until 1945. It was founded in 1932 after the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, and in 1934 it became a constitutional monarchy. Under the de facto control of Japan, it had limited international recognition. The area was the homeland of the Manchus, including the emperors of the Qing dynasty. In 1931, the region was seized by Japan following the Mukden Incident. A pro-Japanese government was installed one year later with Puyi, the last Qing emperor, as the nominal regent and later emperor. Manchukuo's government was dissolved in 1945 after the surrender of Imperial Japan at the end of World War II. The territories claimed by Manchukuo were first seized in the Soviet invasion of Manchuria in August 1945, and then formally transferred to Chinese administration in the following year. Manchus formed a minority in Manchukuo, whose largest ethnic group was Han Chinese. The population of Koreans increased during the Manchukuo period, and there were also Japanese, Mongols, White Russians, and other minorities. The Mongol regions of western Manchukuo were ruled under a slightly different system in acknowledgment of the Mongolian traditions there. The southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula (present-day Dalian) continued to be directly ruled by Japan as the Kwantung Leased Territory until the end of World War II.

MAN1) Manchukuo 1932 Definitives, between SG 1/31, less 3f & 4f SG 24 & 28 (issued later) . mint lightly hinged. Cat. £250, price $310

MAN2) Manchukuo 1st Anniv. of Republic, SG 19/22. Mint light hinge, minor gum toning. Cat. £68. Price $72

MAN3) Manchukuo 1934 Enthronement of the Emperor, SG 32/5. Mint lightly hinged, minor gum toing to top value. Cat. £49, price $52

MAN4) Manchukuo 1935 Emperor’s visit to Japan, SG 71/74, fresh mint lightly hinged. Cat. £25, price $29 

MAN5) Manchukuo 1936 postal agreement with Japan, SG 75/8, mint lightly hinged, but toned gum. Cat. $49, price $35

TW8) Taiwan 1952 Land Tax Reduction set, SG 133/8A. Scarce set, mint without gum. Cat. £475, price $495

TW9) Taiwan 1952 2nd Anniv. Pres. Chiang Kai-shek, SG139/43A. Scarce set, mint without gum. Cat.£275, price $295
San Marino

We have a big stock, just a couple of items shown here. We have Mint unhinged sets, FDC’s and some complete sets in full sheets. Let us know your interests

SM30) San Marino 1963 Contemporary Aircraft 9 blocks of 4 MUH PLUS 2 sheetlets. Very minor fault to one corner of sheetlet. Price $79

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Mid – Late February 2021

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