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Mid - Late June 2022


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PDA171) Australia Postage Dues collection 1919-63 with 3rd watermark ½d to 6d (4d is perf 11), 1931-37 C of A ½d to 1/-, ex the 6d but with both perfs of the 1d & 2d, 1938 new frame plates set ½d to 1/-, 1946-57 Re-drawn value plates set ½d to 1/- with shades of the 1d, 3d & 6d, also 5d var ‘Circular white flaw above D’ BW D134d, 1953-59 1/- to 5/- set + shade of the 5/- & 1958-63 No watermark set ½d to 2/- including both dies of the 4d & 5d, odd minor fault, mostly FU with no pen cancels, great starter collection, high Cat, Price $449

APD354) Australia 1902-04 Design completed, watermark Crown over NSW (inverted) 5/- Emerald perf 11 ACSC D43, with indistinct cds cancels, scarce stamp, Cat $375, Price $349
APD353) Australia 1908-09 Stroke after value 1/- ACSC D61 horizontal pair with ‘POST RESTANTE PERTH’ cds. Some light perf toning on reverse which would almost certainly wash off, Scarce multiple, Price $49
PDA4) Australia 1925 1.5d Carmine & Bright Yellow Green Postage Due. Third wmk. Single line perf. 14. Ash Gutter Imprint Block of 4. Fresh mint unhinged with good perfs, a bit fluffy and with variable centering as is usual for this issue. ACSC D107C, cat $275 as hinged. Price $219

PDA134) Australia Postage Dues 1925 third watermark 1½d Carmine & yellow-green BW D107, block of 4, fresh MUH, Cat $48, Price $39
PDA140) Australia Postage Dues 1934 C of A watermark 1/- Carmine & yellow-green BW D121, block of 4 Fine used with multiple light strikes of SYDNEY cds, Cat $100 as singles, Price $79

PDA6) Australia 1938 6d Carmine & Yellow Green C of A wmk. Comb Perf. Ash Imprint Gutter Block of 4 no dot, fresh mint unhinged. Well centred and good perfs. Natural perf. fault to top left stamp. ACSC D127Bz, cat. $800, price $595

PDA167) Australia Postage Dues 1938 C of A watermark new frame plates shades collection BW D122 – D128 range, with ½d & 2d (3 ea), 1d, 3d & 1/- (2 ea), 4d (4) & 6d all Mint with a few MUH including 4d x 2, also an additional 1/- FU, an attractive group and an excellent basis for expansion, Cat $450+, Price $379

PDA168) Australia Postage Dues 1946-57 Redrawn value plates plates shades collection BW D129 – D138 range, with the majority of BW listed shades represented: ½d, 1d & 2d (5 ea), 3d, 5d, 7d, 8d & 1/- (3 ea), 4d & 6d (4 ea) all Mint with many MUH, also a few values to 5d FU, an attractive group and an excellent basis for expansion, minimum Cat $430, Price $349
PDA125) Australia Postage Dues 1953 Redrawn value plates plates 7d Carmine & yellow-green BW D136 block of 4 centred to lower left, fresh MUH, Cat $48, Price $39

PDA169) Australia Postage Dues 1953-59 C of A watermark new shilling designs BW D139-D142 range, shades group: 1/- (3, 2 MUH), 2/- Carmine & yellow-green (2 MUH), 5/- Die I (5, 4 MUH) & 5/- Die II, fresh, attractive group, minimum Cat $256, Price $199
PDA123) Australia Postage Dues 1953-59 C of A watermark new shilling designs 2/- Carmine & deep green BW 140C, a scarce shade, with 2/-carmine & yellow-green for comparison, Fine used, Cat $285, Price $229

PDA170) Australia Postage Dues 1958-63 No watermark BW D143-D158 mostly Mint range, with many shades, most unlisted by BW, with ½d Die I & Die II (1 ea MUH), 1d Die I & Die II (3 ea, 2 ea MUH), 3d (2, 1 MUH), 4d Die I (3 MUH), 4d Die II (2. 1 MUH), 5d Die 1 & Die II (2 ea, 1 ea MUH), 6d (3, 2 MUH), 8d Die I (2, 1 MUH), 8d Die II (1, MUH), 10d, 1/- Die I (2, MUH), 1/- Die II (2, 1 MUH), 2/-, also a few CTO including 10d & 2/-, lovely group, Cat $380 for MUH & FU only as BW doesn’t price hinged for this issue, Price $349

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Discount Sale Mid-Late June 2022

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