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Silly September No. 2


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PDA171) Australia Postage Dues collection 1919-63 with 3rd watermark ½d to 6d (4d is perf 11), 1931-37 C of A ½d to 1/-, ex the 6d but with both perfs of the 1d & 2d, 1938 new frame plates set ½d to 1/-, 1946-57 Re-drawn value plates set ½d to 1/- with shades of the 1d, 3d & 6d, also 5d var ‘Circular white flaw above D’ BW D134d, 1953-59 1/- to 5/- set + shade of the 5/- & 1958-63 No watermark set ½d to 2/- including both dies of the 4d & 5d, odd minor fault, mostly FU with no pen cancels, great starter collection, high Cat, Price $449

APD354) Australia 1902-04 Design completed, watermark Crown over NSW (inverted) 5/- Emerald perf 11 ACSC D43, with indistinct cds cancels, scarce stamp, Cat $375, Price $349
APD353) Australia 1908-09 Stroke after value 1/- ACSC D61 horizontal pair with ‘POST RESTANTE PERTH’ cds. Some light perf toning on reverse which would almost certainly wash off, Scarce multiple, Price $49
PDA4) Australia 1925 1.5d Carmine & Bright Yellow Green Postage Due. Third wmk. Single line perf. 14. Ash Gutter Imprint Block of 4. Fresh mint unhinged with good perfs, a bit fluffy and with variable centering as is usual for this issue. ACSC D107C, cat $275 as hinged. Price $219

PDA140) Australia Postage Dues 1934 C of A watermark 1/- Carmine & yellow-green BW D121, block of 4 Fine used with multiple light strikes of SYDNEY cds, Cat $100 as singles, Price $79
PDA6) Australia 1938 6d Carmine & Yellow Green C of A wmk. Comb Perf. Ash Imprint Gutter Block of 4 no dot, fresh mint unhinged. Well centred and good perfs. Natural perf. fault to top left stamp. ACSC D127Bz, cat. $800, price $595

PDA167) Australia Postage Dues 1938 C of A watermark new frame plates shades collection BW D122 – D128 range, with ½d & 2d (3 ea), 1d, 3d & 1/- (2 ea), 4d (4) & 6d all Mint with a few MUH including 4d x 2, also an additional 1/- FU, an attractive group and an excellent basis for expansion, Cat $450+, Price $379

PDA168) Australia Postage Dues 1946-57 Redrawn value plates plates shades collection BW D129 – D138 range, with the majority of BW listed shades represented: ½d, 1d & 2d (5 ea), 3d, 5d, 7d, 8d & 1/- (3 ea), 4d & 6d (4 ea) all Mint with many MUH, also a few values to 5d FU, an attractive group and an excellent basis for expansion, minimum Cat $430, Price $349

PDA169) Australia Postage Dues 1953-59 C of A watermark new shilling designs BW D139-D142 range, shades group: 1/- (3, 2 MUH), 2/- Carmine & yellow-green (2 MUH), 5/- Die I (5, 4 MUH) & 5/- Die II, fresh, attractive group, minimum Cat $256, Price $199
PDA123) Australia Postage Dues 1953-59 C of A watermark new shilling designs 2/- Carmine & deep green BW 140C, a scarce shade, with 2/-carmine & yellow-green for comparison, Fine used, Cat $285, Price $229

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Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Silly September Sale 2023 - Part 2
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Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.

Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions

Postage and insurance extra, Free Within Australia above $500. We accept all cards and PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9am – 4.30 Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours.

All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee, EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures, these may not be returned for any reason unless grossly mis-described.

EXCEPTIONS: There are no discounts on brand new catalogues or accessories.

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