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Silly September No. 2


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Picture Postcards
We have a wide range o
f Worldwide Postcards, including Australia, here is a small selection.
Mauritius Postcards

MRI 1) Mauritius, Port Louis. Mono view of Palais de Justice. Fine unused card, price $49
MR1 2) Mauritius, Port Louis. Mono view of Bras de mer du Caudan. Fine used card to Australia August 1918. Stamps removed, crease to top left corner. Price $42.50
MR5) Mauritius 1913 real photographic postcard of Vacoas Station Road. Used to UK and with Mauritius cds of JU 20 13. Stamp removed. Rare card, price $125
MR7) Mauritius mono postcard of Albion Dock Port Louis. Fine unused condition, price $49
MR8) Mauritius mono postcard of Labourdonnais’ Statue. Fine unused condition, Price $29
Other Postcards
EPC1142) PC RP England, King Edward VIII, Four Generations, Queen Victoria, KIng Edward VII, King George V, HRH Edward, Prince of Wales, Ex Keith Harrison, unused, Price $75

EPC1174) PC RP England, Cross Square Wakefield, unused. Price $25

EPC1196) PC England, set of 6 multiview, Littlehampton Pier & Sand Dunes, River Arun, Childrens Lake, Lido Water Splash, unused. Price $130

EPC1199) PC England, Henley, March Loch, Oxfordshire, 659 unused. Price $25rev4

NZPC2003) PC RP New Zealand Winter Gardens, Dunedin, used. Price $25

NOV107) PC WWII, Australian’s with Mules in Syria (small card 8cm x 5.5cm approx) unused. Price $25

NOV108) PC WWII, Ready for Enemy Aircraft (small card 8cm x 5.5cm approx) unused. Price $25

NOV109) PC WWII Free French Soldier’s Funeral in Damascus (small card 8cm x 5.5cm approx) unused. Price $25

NOV110) PC WWII Ready to go into Action in Syria (small card 8cm x 5.5cm approx) unused. Price $25

NOV111) PC WWII General Catroux Entering Damascus (small card 8cm x 5.5cm approx) unused. Price $25

NOV112) PC WWII Barricaded Road on Syrian Frontier (small card 8cm x 5.5cm approx) unused. Price $25

PC13) GB “Blackpool’s Aviators” set of 4 mono cards unused. Publisher “Blackpool Times” -Aviation Series. Includes Hubert Latham, Henri Farman, Alfred Leblanc and Louis Paulhan. One soiled on face otherwise Fine condition, price $35
PC12) GB Early Aviators set of 6, mono undivided back cards, unused. Publisher unknown. Includes Santos Dumont, Wright Bros, Samuel Cody, Hubert Latham, Leon Delagrange and Henri Farman. Each is a photo. of Aeroplane in flight, with inset photo. of the aviator. Fine condition, price $59
PC11) Europe mostly early cards, mainly Italy plus some France, Spain & and the odd Holland. Some nice street scenes, some real photographic also 7 x Bullfighting cards. Interesting lot all unused. 174 all different cards, under $1.50 each. Price $259
APC2284) PC Australia set of 5, Australians Under Fire, Darwin, Coral Sea, Milne Bay El Alamein, Kokoda, unused, Price $25

Maximum Cards
MXC506) Maximum Card Monaco RP, Prince Rainier & Princess Grace Wedding 19 April 1956, unused, Price $25

MXC593) Maximum card set of 5, Australia - Sea Creatures, Tiger Shark, Black Marlin, Flatback Turtle, Flame Angelfish, Potato Cod, unused. Price $25

MXC591) Maximum card set of 5, Australia - 50 Years of Television - Neighbours, Kath & Kim, Homicide, In Melbourne Tonight, unused. Price $25 

MXC589) Maximum card set of 5, Australia, 150th Anniversary of the First Postage Stamp - Colonial Stamps of Australia, unused. Price $25

MXC586) Maximum card set of 5, Australia - Angels, Sports, Paul Kelly, Goanna, Rolling Stones Tour 1973, Apollo Bay Music Festival, Sunbury Rock Festival, unused. Price $25

MXC585) Maximum card set of 5, Australia - Big Day out, Magic Dirt, Mental as Anything, Midnight Oil, Masters Apprentices, unused. Price $25

MXC580) Maximum card set of 16, Australian Football League Centenary, unused. Price $80

please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Silly September Sale 2023 - Part 2
Take 25% off everything, regardless of what you spend - no exceptions!
Spend $1000 and take off 30%!

Spend $2500 and take off 35%!

Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.

Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions

Postage and insurance extra, Free Within Australia above $500. We accept all cards and PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9am – 4.30 Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours.

All of our items carry our guarantee that if significantly mis-described, they may be returned to us within 7 days of your receipt.

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