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Early December 2021


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Packets and mixtures
Important: Packets and mixtures are not returnable for any reason. Our mixtures are sold as received and unchecked by us. Expect duplication, unless stated as all different.

PM109) Australian Antarctic Territory off paper mixture. Pre-decimal to mid-1990’s, maybe a few later 100g, approx 1500 stamps for $59 (3 lots available)
PM97) Australia recent and latest Commemorative mix on single trimmed paper. About 5000 per kg. Only 70c & $1 values here, totally unchecked. About 3c per stamp. Price per kg, $149, 500g for $79
PM98) As above, but $1 values only, under 5c per stamp. 500g for $115
MN17) British Empire King George VI collection of 1000 all different, just the thing to start you on a collection of this vibrant area of collecting! Under 70c a stamp, priced keenly at $695
MN18) As above, but 1000 different Queen Victoria to KGVI, same price $695 (larger collections of British Empire, pre QEII up to 5000 different available, please ask for pricing)
MN25) Cardboard Envelope Box, full of mostly complete sets of stamps, mint and cto used, from a worldwide variety of countries mainly 1980’s period. Wealth of thematics, suite eBay trader hoarder or dealer. Weighs 2.5kg, must be close to 15,000 stamps here. This really must be seen to be believed, refund if not delighted. Very colourful lot Price $395. Super double sized lot $749
MN26) Box of World on paper, amazing variety, mostly well clipped, and appears all large with much recent. Must be about 4000 here, under 5c a stamp, $195.
MN30) Neat packet of 1000 different British Commonwealth, mint and used included. Very cheap at under 5c per stamp, price $49
MN30a) As above but 2000 different $119
MN31) As above, but 1000 Western Europe. Price $69
MN33) Australia High Values, off paper, new mix just arrived, great variety from late 1960’s to quite recent. Many with nice cds cancels. Approx 1250 by weight, less than 10c per stamp 100g for $120.
MN33a) As above but selected copies, 100 mixed for $29, Commems. only, 100 for $39, Definitives only 100 for $19.
MN34) Wide ranging Australia off paper, with Australian States, Kangaroos, KGV heads, High values, Decimals and Pre-decimals. Approx 12,500 per kg, and a guarantee of 1500 – 2000 different in the mix. There are values to $10 in the decimal and 5/- in pre-decimal, possibly even some $20 and 10/- stamps.  This mix is the best we have seen in a while. % wise reckon on roughly 1% each of States, KGV and Kangaroos, 10% pre-decimal, 5% high values, the remainder will be a very good mix of lower and letter rate values. A great sorting lots! Roughly 2000, under 15c per stamp for $295.
MN34a) As above but decimals only, at half the above price, Approx 2000 for $147.50
MN47) PNCs (stamp & coin covers) Recently acquired stock, with most at issue price of $14.95, let us know your needs. We can also offer all different lots at under issue price a) 10 Different for $110 b) 25 Different $259 c) 50 Different for $495
OCT6) Large brown paper carrier bag, with world accumulation on paper, early to modern. Who knows what lurks in here! We have had several of these from the same source a few months ago, and all sold very quickly. This looks to be a better than average mix. Weighs 2.2kg. $265 the lot.
SE48) British Empire off paper mixture, Queen Victoria to KGVI, includes many mints unhinged as well as postally used, plus some blocks of 4 etc. Little in Australia or GB, there are some Australian States here and there, plus noted British West Indies, Gilbert & Ellice Is. Palestine. Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus, Fiji, Ascension, Canada, Burma, etc. We have one lot only of around 2500 stamps, selling per 500 at $110, per 1000 $195.
MJL3) Foreign & Commonwealth countries, vast accumulation of complete sets and minisheets, in complete sheets, blocks of 4 etc. Mostly mint unhinged, with a few cto, mainly 1980’s period, some later. Must be 1000 - 1250 sets or so here, good variety, great for the re-seller at under 25c per set! Weighs around 1kg $249 the lot.
JL16) Australia Mission Mix, an older lot, to the 45c period with good variety, most on single well-trimmed paper. As much as we can cram into an Australia Post 3kg satchel! Very Cheap Price $59, 5kg Satchell for $95
MAP19) Large shoebox with very nice World off paper mixture old and new, small and large. As donated to leading charity. Weighs 2.15kg inc. the box, must be 25,000 stamps with a great variety here.  Has to be worth 2 cents a stamp, price $495
MM11) Denmark, 700 different, back in stock again, price $79 (1 only available)
MM12) Ireland, 500 all different, lovely new collection just arrived, very hard to find, price $245 (under 50c per stamp)
MF6) 1500 different Australia, back in stock again, only 5 available. New content, price $109
FE61) Really superb and guaranteed unpicked off paper mixtures just received, you will be extremely pleased you purchased these, from under 2c per stamp. Supplies are very limited. Worldwide.  Approx 1000 for $24.95, 2500 for $59.50, 5000 for $110, 10,000 for $199, 15,000 for $295
FE69) Bulk lot of mainly Australian stamps, covers, albums etc, decimal and pre-decimal as cleared ex deceased house recently. Nothing spectacular noted but heaps of fun especially if you love stuff in bulk to sort! This is quite an amazing varied lot. We are parcelling out in 3 sizes: a) 5kg lot $129, b) 10kg lot $237.50, c) 20kg lot $449
FE70) A similar lot to the above, but all World: a) 5kg lot $129, b) 10kg lot $237.50, c) 20kg lot $449
FE74) Old tyme dealer’s packet stock, mostly single sets in Glassines priced to sell at up to $1.50 each some 30 odd years ago. These are Worldwide mainly thematic sets, in cto condition. A chance to buy at a HUGE DISCOUNT, there will be some duplication in these lots. 100 packets mixed, $150 retail for $49, Triple sized lot, $450 retail for $99.
FE78) Australia & Victoria Postal Stationery collection, 104 items, mainly postally used in album. Highlight is 1d Red octagonal envelope uprated to Celebes, Dutch Indies, (addressees name deleted. Nevertheless very scarce) Most of this is KGV, with some nice uprates to Holland. Terrific value at under $20 per item, $1950.
CF16) South Africa Mission Mix on single well-trimmed paper. Latest shipment from our suppliers overseas. Very cheap as mixes go these days, 500g for $49, 1kg for $89, and 2kg for $15

NM11) Denmark, 500 different postally used, normally $60, special price $45
NM11a) As above but 550 different fopr $54
NM11b) As above but 650 different for $63
NM12) CHINA very modern collection of complete sets, all large issued 2015 - 2020. In high demand, we only have a very few of these. 100 different stamps with themes like Lighthouses, Cartoon Characters. Paintings, Fruit, Geese, Military, Dogs, Transport, Olympics etc. A fabulous lot of 25 complete sets at less than $2.50 a set. Price $60
NM13) Australia very recent peel & stick Commemoratives 60c - $1 period off paper. Very high count and wide variety. About 12,500 to the kilogram. These are very hard to soak off without damaging as many of you will know. These have been expertly done, with no damaged seen, and mostly with light cancellations. Price per 100g (about 1250 stamps) $75, less than 10% of face value! (only a few lots available)
PM107) Australia genuine Mission/Charity mix just arrived, mainly on close clipped single paper. Very wide range, from early decimals to 60c/70c period, with maybe a few recent $1 values. Only a few lots available, 1kg for $49, 2.5kg for $119, 5kg for $229
PM105) Australia High Values, both Commems. & Defins. (No internationals) We have just a small amount of this. About 4000 stamps on single well-trimmed paper. Values to $10, $325 per kg, 500g for $169, 250g for $89, 100g for $37.50
PM106) Australia Mostly International High Values on paper. Nice range. 500g for $375, 250g for $195, 100g for $82.50

PM123) Australia International Stamps, wide range good to fine used. 100 mixed for $55. 200 for $98
PM81) Papua New Guinea, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49

PM82) Norfolk Is., 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM83) Samoa, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM84) Nauru, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49
PM85) Pitcairn Is., 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $59
PM72) Australia just received off paper mixture. Very wide ranging from 1930’s to right up to date with recent $1 values, plus other high values to $10 and the odd International spotted. Must be near 20,000 to the Kilogram. Got to be worth 1.5c a stamp! Absolutely unpicked by us. 1kg for $295, 500g for $219, 250g for $115, 100g for $49
PM57) World off paper, great variety, early to modern most postally used. About 15 – 20,000 per kg. Price $295 per kg, 500g for $154
PM117) New Zealand Pre-Decimals off paper, from 1937 Coronation to end of the pre-decimals. Values to 3/- & 5/- noted. Not enormous variety, but unpicked and ideal for variety & postmark hunters. About 15000 to the kg. Good value at $59 per 100 grams, 250g for $139
PM115) Ireland Mission. Another lot just arrived from the Emerald Isle. Mostly on well-trimmed single paper, might contain a few GB & Channel Islands etc. as is donated by members of the public to charities & missions, all of whom would not know the difference if it hit them with the Blarney Stone! Per kg, $95, 500g for $49.50
PM114) Australian States, new lot just arrived. Values to One Shilling. All States represented. A very good range unchecked for postmarks, perforations, varieties or watermarks. No more than 2 or 3 of the same stamp in the 100 pack. Price $99 per 100, 200 for $189, 300 for $269, 400 for $339, 500 for $399, 1000 for $765
PM115) Australia magnificent OFF PAPER MIXTURE. Just arrived and simply brimming with better values. Starts 1930’s to about 2005. Huge variety. About 1000 for $59. 2500 for $139, 5000 for $265.
PM115a) As above but Decimals only 1966 – 2005. Same prices as above.
PM100) Latest Australian and World Mission Mix, well-trimmed with some very modern as received. Contains around 40 to 50% Australia plus nice rang of Worldwide, over 50% large. Roughly 4500 stamps to the kg. 100g trial lot for $15, 250g for $35, 500g for $67.50, 1kg for $127.50.
PM101) Good quality Worldwide Mission Mix most on single trimmed paper, high count. weighed out into 250g Bags. 5000-6000 per kg. Buy from 3c per stamp. 1 for $45, 3 for $125
PM102) World off paper…huge variety mostly postally used gathered from 3 different sources and mixed to together to give you the best early to modern mix we can muster! About 15- 20,000 per kg. Buy from as little as 1½c per stamp! 100g for $35, 250g for $79, 500g for $149, 1kg for $285, 5kg for $1275.
PM104) Christmas Is. & Cocos (Keeling) Is. off paper mixture, many high values and recent to about 2016. Many very fine used with circular cancels. 50 different for $49, 100 mixed no more than 3 the same for $98
MP1) Australian States Hoard. Just bought literally 1000's of States Stamps. Breaking into lots of 100, no more than 2 or 3 of the same face stamp in each lot, but may well include shade, perf. & wmk. varieties. As a mix looks to be about 80% of the larger states & 20% WA & Tasmania. Values to 1/- or 2/-. Breaking into lots of 100, no more than 2 or 3 of the same face stamp in each lot, but may well include shade, perf. & wmk. varieties. As a mix looks to be about 80% of the larger states & 20% WA & Tasmania. Values to 1/- or 2/-. Postmark potential too. Price $99 per 100, 2 lots for $189, 5 lots for $449
MP2) World off paper mixture. Just purchased lifetime hoard, this chap used to put on club sheets at 10c & 20c each, pretty much funded his and his wife's annual trip to Queensland from Victoria for the Winter each year. Absolutely unsorted, could be anything. Mostly postally used, with some cto & a few mint. About 15,000 to the kg. This sort of mix sells for anything up to $50 for 100 grams on eBay. 100g for $30, 2 lots for $55, 5 lots for $135, 10 lots for $250
MP3) British Empire, pre 1953 off paper. One of our most popular mixes, back in stock again. This mix is constantly changing, every batch we get is different. Little or no Australia, maybe some Australian States. Mostly postally used with maybe some mint. Queen Victoria to KGVI. Mostly low values to 5d or 10c, a few higher values may be present. Good value at $175 for 100g, about 1500 stamps. (Half lot for $89) (two lots only)
PM119) Improved World off paper mixture, now with added British Asia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, & British Commonwealth. Price $55 per 100 grams, 250 grams for $129, 500 grams for $249, 1kg for $469
PM127) Superlative World on paper mixture ust received, on close clipped well-trimmed single paper, early to modern. No Australia. Very high count, about 5000 to the kg. 250g for $62.50, 500g for $119, e $225 per kg.
PM128) Similar to the above but some on heavier paper and with about 5% Australia. 250g for $52.50, 500g for $99, 1kg for $189
NM2) Australia High Values on paper, inc. many Internationals. Mostly on close clipped single paper, maybe a few off paper. Per 100g $105
NM8) British Empire off paper, all pre-QEII, 70 to 140 years old! About 15,000 to the kg. Includes some mint and blocks of 4. 50g for $99.50, 100g for $195 (300g only available)
NM9) World mainly Large & Commems, some on parcel pieces with higher values. Wide variety. Trim varies. About 3000 to the kg. $39.50 per 100g, $93.50 per 250g, $179 per 500g, $339 per kg.
NM10) Japan Commems, on well clipped single paper. Mixture of earlier & more recent issues. Around 4000 - 4250 per kg. $58.50 per 100g, $137.50 per 250g, $265 per 500g. Hard to source, price $113.50
NM2a) Australia High Values off paper, mix of decimal and pre-decimal, all above letter rate at time of issue values to $5 or $10. About 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $195
NM3) Ireland Charity Mix, always popular. On single paper, torn rather than clipped and mostly on heavier aper, limited variety. 250g for $28, 500g for $53, 1kg for $102.50
NM4) World Charity on Paper, nice variety and well-trimmed single paper. Wide range of early to modern, large & small. As donated to major UK charity appeal. 250g for $49.50, 500g $95, 1kg $185, 2.5kg $429, 5kg $835. (10kg available)
NM5) World off paper, ever popular. Yours to sort, not soak! Huge variety of large & small, early to recent, and enormous count with 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $27.95, 250g $66.50, 500g $129, 1kg $239, 2.5kg $567.50, 5kg $1079
NM6) As above, but British Commonwealth only, inc. some old Empire and modern issues. 100g for $44.50, 250g $105, 500g $198, 1kg $365, 2.5kg $895
NM7) As above but Western Europe only. Good blend of most of the major countries and some of the smaller ones. 100g for $42.50, 250g $99.50, 500g $189, 1kg $345, 2.5kg $850
PM112) Great Britain off paper mixture, early to modern, mostly KGV to QEII but maybe a few earlier. A very good mix, with a fair number of high values.100 grams, about 1500 stamps for around 3c a stamp. Price $45 250 grams for $99, 500grams for $189, 1kg for $359
PM124) Australian States, new lot just arrived, unchecked for perfs, shades, wmks. etc 50 different for $59, 100 different for $99. May contain OS Overprints and perfins.
PM125) Australian States Mixtures, unpicked as received but on a rough count will be 90% NSW, SA, Qld & Vic, 10% WA and Tas. Values to 1/- or 2/-. 100 mixed for $89, 200 for $159
PM126) Germany off paper, mostly West Germany. Mix of small & large, 100g (approx. 1500 stamps) for around 4c a stamp. $59
PM121) Ireland Mission on paper. Around 4000 to the kg, so around 3c per stamp. Mostly Euro currency, with a few earlier. Trim varies. Price per 250g $31.50, per 500g $59, per kg $115
PM122) South Africa Mission on paper from a new source. Very wide ranging with stamps from the 1940’s to quite recent. Very high count as is on well-trimmed single paper, around 5500 to the kg, so around 2c per stamp. Price per 250g $34.50, per 500g $65, per kg $125
PM91) Australian International Stamps, selected used examples off paper. Some nice high values included and maybe some blocks of 4 or 6. Hard to source, 100 mixed for $49
PM90) Australian Antarctic Territory off paper mix pre-decimal to 1990’s mostly postally used, maybe some cto. Inevitably a fair bit of duplication. About 12,500 to 15,000 to the kg. Around 4c per stamp, 100g for $59 (Only 2 lots available)
PM77) World Minisheets by Weight! Many years since we first offered these. Approx 1100 sheets per kg. Great mixture of mint unhinged and cto from both British Commonwealth and Foreign Countries. We keep duplication here to a minimum, depending upon our stocks at the time of ordering. High catalogue/retail value. 100g for $33, 250g for $79.
PM76) New lower price! Was $295 per kg. World off paper, latest arrivals gathered together from various sources and simply mixed into the very best available mixture. Completely unchecked by us and representing well over a century of stamps here. Roughly 12,500 stamps to the kg, cheapest way to build your World collection at around 2c per stamp. Price per kg $249, 500g for $129, 250g for $69, 100g for $35
PM71) Australia & Territories decimal mint lots, as pulled from collections, stockbooks etc. Mostly mint unhinged, and will include Singles & Blocks of 4 (The odd few may be hinged as we do not have time to check all of this) You may also find complete sets and minisheets etc, whatever we have to hand. Will cover the period 1966 – 1986 Approx. Will include Australia, AAT, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Is.. We can also add some Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island & Nauru if required. Price per lot of 1000 mixed $110, half lot of 500 for $60.
PM69) Australia decimals, cto with gum, mid 1990’s – 2011. Nice clean lot all with corner Melbourne cto cancels. Includes high values, Internationals, a few territories, se-tenant strips and blocks etc. Good variety, but expect duplication. Under 10c a stamp, approx 1000 for $98, 500 for $55 (4 lots available)
PM25) Australia, off paper. Contents of a shoebox ex deceased estate. Must be close to 15,000 stamps here dating from 1913 with a few Kangaroos and KGV to quite recent with many higher values, Internationals etc. noted. Huge variety here and at about 2c per stamp. Price $295.
PM26) Similar lot to the above, but Worldwide, same price $295

Mystery Packages: Not to be confused with Mystery Parcels, these are better value lots with stamps on stockcards, including sets, minisheets etc, mint & used, complete sets in Glassine envelopes, covers, post office packs, year packs, booklets, album pages of stamps, club sheets etc, any or all of the above may be included. All at about a half of our original price to clear
MP1) Australia only small lot $49, medium lot $95, large lot $189, extra-large lot $359
MP3) Australia Kangaroos only, values ½d to 2/- used on stockcards. Prices as above.
MP4) Australia KGV Heads used, values ½d to 1/4d used. Prices as above.
MP5) Australia Pre-Decimal only, prices as above.
MP6) British Commonwealth/Empire, no Australia, prices as above.
MP7) Western Europe, prices as above.
MP9) Worldwide, prices as above.
Australian States packets
AS2) 25 different New South Wales $45
AS3) 10 Different Queensland $20
AS4) 25 Different South Australia $72
AS5) 10 Different Tasmania $29
AS6) 50 different Victoria $179
AS7) 10 Different Western Australia $30
Latest World on paper and off mixes to arrive in our office. Mostly on close clipped single paper, with wide variety early to modern, and with very high count.
PM23) 1000 Different Austria, covering all periods. Lovely collection of pretty well all postally used. 500 different is on my packets list at $130, so this lot which has many more higher values and variety is good value at $259
PM24) Australia, with recent and latest, values to $1 Commems/Large on single close clipped paper. Very held around 5000 to the kg. Price $17.50 per 100g, $41.50 per 250g, $79 per 500g, $149 per kg, and 2kg for $289
PM30) Older Australia off paper lot sold as received. This is an all new lot, sold as received by us, and totally unchecked for watermarks, perforations, shades, varieties etc.
Pack A) 50 Kangaroos, 75 KGV Heads, 75 Australian States, values  to 5/- Price under $1 per stamp $195
Pack B) 200 Kangaroos values to 10/-, under $2 per stamp price $395
Pack C) 200 KGV Heads, values to 1/4d, well under $1 per stamp, price $179
Pack D) 200 Australian States, values to 9d or 1/-, well under $1 per stamp, price $179
Pack E) One of each of packs B, C & D, special price $675
PM31) Australia magnificent off paper mixture, all periods included with some very modern, but mainly decimal. 1500 – 2000 different represented in this entire mixture. There may be a few Kangaroos, KGV Heads and States stamps here too. Guaranteed 10% are better values and High Value Commemoratives, denominations up to $10 or $20. Priced at around only 2c per stamp, roughly 12,500 – 15,000 to the kilogram. 100g for $29.50, 250g for $69, 500g for $129, 1kg for $249
PM32) Similar to the above, but High Values Only, mainly decimal, Commems. And Defins. All above letter rate at time of issue. Very good value at around 10c each. 100g for $149, 250g for $349. Very limited supply.
PM40) Just arrived from retired collector/hoarder. Mass of World off paper, better than usual mixture. This man belonged to several clubs and used to produce circuit sheets. This is his remaining material which he had not gotten around to putting on sheets. Really could be anything in here, early to modern, just about every country represented. We have just 5kg of this mix, and there would be 15 – 20,000 stamps per kg. Sample lot of 100g for $39, 250g for $89, 500g for $169, 1kg for $295.

please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Early December 2021 Discount Sale

Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101 - $250 deduct 10%, $251 - $500 deduct 15%, $501 - $1000 deduct 20%

Orders over $1000 deduct 25%

Orders over $2500 deduct 30%

All discounts can be applied to items from previous lists in order to achieve a higher discount level.
No discounts apply to layby items.

Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.

Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions

Postage and insurance extra, Free Within Australia above $500. We accept all cards and PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9am – 4.30 Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours.

All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee, EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures, these may not be returned for any reason unless grossly mis-described.

EXCEPTIONS: There are no discounts on brand new catalogues or accessories.

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