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Early July 2022


Packets & Mixtures

MN52) Norway newly arrived packet of 600 different. Lovely quality as always from our supplier right there in Oslo. Great value at under 10c per stamp, $58.50 (4 available)

MN53) Iceland Commems, on well-trimmed single paper. A very rare mixture! High count of about 4000 per kg. Good range. Price per 50 grams (about 200) $69, 100g $129, 250g $315, 500g $595, 1kg $1139

MN54) Sweden Commems, on well-trimmed single paper. A scarcer rare mixture! High count of about 4000 per kg. Price per 50 grams (about 200) $49, 100g $92.50, 250g $219, 500g $415.

MN55) World mostly pre-1950 off paper, just arrived from overseas charity. Ex. Deceased estate. Appears mostly foreign with some Br. Empire. Great looking mixture with large & small stamps, and bound to be some good finds I would think. About 1000 for $110, 2500 for $259 few lots only.

MN55a) Similar to above but about 50% Br. Empire, same prices as above.

MN56) Br. Empire mostly pre-1950 off paper, just arrived from overseas charity. Ex. Deceased estate. Bound to be some good finds I would think. Good mixture of large & small. 60 grams or about 1000 for $110, 150 grams, around 2500 for $259 few lots only.

MN57) World mainly large off paper, new lot just received, mostly nice thematics. Mix of Mint & cto used. About 5000 to the kg. 250g or approx 1250 stamps for $75. Few lots only.

MN58) Great Britain off paper mixture. Mainly KGVI & QEII with plenty of High Values to £1 in the pre-decimals, also noted some KGV Seahorses and KGVI £1 values in the overall mix. Goes fairly recent, but emphasis to about 1980. A very good lot with good variety of large & small types. 12,500 to 15,000 to the kg. Very good value at about 2c per stamp. 250g for $69, 500g for $129, 1kg for $249

NM2a) Australia High Values off paper, mix of decimal and pre-decimal, all above letter rate at time of issue values to $5 or $10. About 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $195

NM4) World Charity on Paper, nice variety and well-trimmed single paper. Wide range of early to modern, large & small. As donated to major UK charity appeal. 250g for $49.50, 500g $95, 1kg $185, 2.5kg $429, 5kg $835. (10kg available)

NM5) World off paper, ever popular. Yours to sort, not soak! Huge variety of large & small, early to recent, and enormous count with 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $27.95, 250g $66.50, 500g $129, 1kg $275, 2.5kg $650, 5kg $1235

NM6) As above, but British Commonwealth only, inc. some old Empire and modern issues. 100g for $44.50, 250g $105, 500g $198, 1kg $365, 2.5kg $895

NM7) As above but Western Europe only. Good blend of most of the major countries and some of the smaller ones.  100g for $42.50, 250g $99.50, 500g $189, 1kg $345, 2.5kg $850

PM124) Australian States, new lot just arrived, unchecked for perfs, shades, wmks. etc. 50 different for $59, 100 different for $99. May contain OS Overprints and perfins.
PM125) Australian States Mixtures, unpicked as received but on a rough count will be 90% NSW, SA, Qld & Vic, 10% WA and Tas. Values to 1/- or 2/-. 100 mixed for $89, 200 for $159
PM126) Germany off paper, mostly West Germany. Mix of small & large, 100g (approx. 1500 stamps) for around 4c a stamp. $59
Stop press! No further discount on this item:
APO2020) Spectacular ERROR. The 2020 APO Stamp Yearbooks all have a very spectacular printing error inside - the entire word AUSTRALIA was MISSING, as well as year of issue on one $1.10 stamp. A huge error in this modern era of computer-controlled error checking. NORMALLY the APO would simply swap them over for the corrected version, before placing them on sale - but this year, for the first time ever, all the 2020 annual books did not have stamps as usual in a cello. bag or Hagner, that you then had to placed inside yourself. There are now for each set, a complete a page of gummed paper, with design all around them, and perforated within that sheet. Each page is like a huge A4 size mini sheetlet essentially! So to correct this. The APO, would need to destroy all of the books! and print up new ones, WEEKS of work!  As the error was not noticed until almost the on sale date, it was too late for all that, as books are bought heavily each year as annual gifts, and in recent years, sell out very fast. They are never re-printed. The CORRECT stamp wording was on course on stamps in all the PO packs, on FDC, and in usual mint form etc. This error block is on front cover of best-selling Magazine “Stamp News” Such a “Country Name Missing” printing error will get into catalogues globally (such things in the past are many $100s, or even $1000s each) as many with this error were sold before Year Books ran out of stock. Where the price will finally settle on these albums, we have absolutely no idea - they are advertised at $450 already elsewhere, but when our stock is gone it is gone forever! MASSES of books will be broken up just to secure this error stamp block, the ONLY way to source it, and the rest used up for postage etc. making complete books scarcer than ever. Only 6,500 hand numbered copies were ever printed of the Executive Album. Every 2020 book, we sell has included extra, the CORRECT MUH version of this stamp added in for free. The complete 2020 Year Album, with $123 face of MUH stamps, including this error block 4, and all kinds of new formats of stamps inside, is just $375. We were only allowed to buy a few before stocks were virtually sold out! Price $375, one per customer please. LAST FEW, NOW $295!

Early July  2022
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