Mid - Late July 2020


Australian States


NSW88) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 10 20/- Cobalt-blue SG 264, some gum creasing, Mint, Cat £500, Price $349

NSW115) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 10, 5/- Mauve SG 263d (s) , ovpt. Specimen. Mint original gum. Lovely deep shade. Price $179 

NSW86) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 11 20/- Cobalt-blue SG350, fresh, well centred Mint, Cat £375, Price $399


Q62) Queensland 1868-78 4d Yellow perf 12 SG 102, fresh MNG, usual uneven perfs, Cat £1700 as Mint, very scarce and is POR on most dealers’ price lists. Cheap at a third cat. $1100

Q52) Queensland 1879-81 4d Orange-yellow SG 141, perfs trimmed at base, small area of very faint gum toning, Mint  Cat £450, Price $229

Q58) Queensland 1880 Lithographed 20/- Rose SG 127 with light ‘sunburst’ numeral 63 cancel, some uneven perfs as usual, scarce commercial postal usage, Cat £275, Price $379

Q74) Queensland 1882-1908 2d blues selection of 8 including a pair, each with minor plate varieties, retouches etc as listed on reverse of card, some faults, Used, unusual, Price $39

Q54) Queensland 1882-91 no figures of value 1d Vermillion-red, 2d Blue & 1/- Pale mauve, some very minor toning Mint, Price $39

Q64) Queensland 1882-91 no figures of value 1d and 2/- both with plate variety ‘LA of Queensland joined’ also 3d with ‘Broken lower right corner’, unlisted in SG, some perf faults, Used, unusual group, Price $49

Q60) Queensland 1882-95 thick paper 10/- Brown SG 160, fresh Mint with some hinge remains, Cat £130, Price $149

Q23) Queensland 1882-95 thick paper 5/- Rose  SG 159, VFU with crisp corner cds, Cat £42, Price $39

Q30) Queensland 1882-95 thin paper 5/- Rose SG 163, pulled perf at right, fresh Mint, Cat £95, Price $69

Q27) Queensland 1903 perf 12½, 13 2/6d Vermilion SG 270, indistinct postal cancel, Fine used, Cat £60, Price $59

Q72) Queensland 1895-1902 1d (SG 229) & 5d (2 ea), 2d & 2½d Rose, Fine used, Price $69

Q73) Queensland 1897-1908 figures in all corners simplified selection: 1d corner pair, 2½d Rose, 2½d Purple/blue, 4d Yellow (2 shades, one with tone spot) & 6d, Mint, Price $79

Q75) Queensland 1897-1908 figures in all corners duplicated range with 1d (17), 2d (16 including 1 punctured OS), 2½d purple/blue 3d (5, 2 punctured OS) 4d Yellow (4, 1 punctured OS), 4d Grey-black (3), 5d (4), 6d & 1/- (2 ea), also 1899-1906 ½d, 9d Commonwealth (2), also a few earlier 1d & 2d side faces, completely unchecked for postmarks, varieties etc. Great opportunity! Price $139

Q65) Queensland 1897-1911 figures in all corners simplified selection ½d, 2d, 3d, 4d Grey-black (7, with a nice range of shades) & 6d (2), mostly Fine used, Price $129

Q68) Queensland 1897-1911 figures in all corners simplified selection all punctured ‘OS’: 3d, 4d Yellow & 6d (3 ea), 4d Grey-black & 1/- (2 ea) nice range of shades etc, mostly Fine used, Price $109

Q53) Queensland 1897-1908 6d Green SG 249 block of 4, some minor toning, 3 units MUH, 1 VLH,  Price $49

Q59) Queensland 1871-72 Postal Fiscals wmk Large Crown & Q 2/6d Brick-red SG F20 with full original toned gum, Mint, scarce thus, Cat £400, Price $279

South Australia

SA56) South Australia 1883-99 ½d Brown x 5 including a MUH pair, range of shades and some different perfs, all Mint or MUH, Price $59

SA57) South Australia 1883-99 ½d Brown, 4d Violet & 6d Blue, perfs unchecked, minor gum mark on 4d, Mint, Price $49


T98) Tasmania 1857-67 1d Dull vermillion wmk double lined numerals SG 28, good margin at right, others close to touching, full hinged original gum, Cat £400, Price $249

D13) Tasmania 1858 1/- Vermilion Imperf. SG41 mng, with 4 clear margins. Cat 800 pounds. Price $649

D17) Tasmania 1871 1d Rose used IMPERF single with 4 WIDE MARGINS. Cat as SG 144a for an Imperf Pair at 1300 pounds. Priced at only 15% of the pair price at $325

T100) Tasmania 1899-1912 Pictorials simplified set of 8 plus ONE PENNY on 2d surch, all with cds cancels, attractive set, Price $89

MM25) TASMANIA 1900 Set of 6 MINT LETTERCARDS, 2d Pictorial on pale blue stock with a different view on the reverse of each.  Believed less than 300 sets produced, this is a nice clean set in fine condition, just a little toning around edges in places, all that I have ever seen have this. These are on eBay as single cards at $125 each, sets normally get a lot more. My price, as I bought them quite well just $595 the set!

D25) New Zealand/Tasmania. Horizontal pair of 1d Universals each cancelled by cds of Hobart, Tasmania JE 18 1903. Unusual and striking! Price $195


V283) Victoria 1884/96 £7 Violet on Blue Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 250. Pen cancelled, unusually has no pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive example, centred left with full perfs. Price $395

V278) Victoria 1884/96 £7 Violet on Blue Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 250 price $325 each stamp. Pen cancelled, as usual with pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive examples, centring varies, good perfs. Price $325 each (7 available)

V277) Victoria 1884/96 £8 Red on Yellow Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 251 price $325 each stamp. Pen cancelled, as usual with pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive examples, centring varies, good perfs. Price $325 each (7 available)

V282) Victoria 1884/96 £8 Red on Yellow Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 251. Pen cancelled, unusually no visible pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive example, centred right, good perfs. Thinned at top left corner. Price $149

V106) Victoria 1906 small advertising cover for Austral Publishing Company Melbourne to Milton, New Zealand. Bears horiz. Pr. ½d green bantams cancelled by Melbourne double ring cds of 17.5.06. Reverse bears Milton arrival cds of 26 MY 06. Neat cover, minor aging. Price $67.50

V105) Victoria 1897 1d Orange PS Card advertising PTPO for auction by Denny’s, Lascelles, Austin & Co., Wool Brokers, Geelong. Noted “GEELONG WOOLBROKERS SPECIAL TRAIN LEAVES MELBOURNE AT 6.18 AM” Cancelled by Geelong duplex No. 2 of NO 4 97 and with Melbourne receiving cds of the same date. Very fine condition. Price $98

V237 -263) Victoria range of picture postcards all with Up-Train Victoria cds’s 1906-1907. Picture sides range from views to music hall stars to humour. 11 cards. Price $165

V196) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 1d Brown SG 26, ample margins but just touching at upper left & lower right, indistinct barred oval cancel, Cat £140, Price $119

V273) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Bright blue & Greenish-blue SG 29/29a, both with variety ‘Wear in the NE corner and N & C of PENCE joined’ Accompanying annotation states this variety is found at ‘Position 19 in the transfer block of 24’ margins range from none to good, SG 29a has a corner nick, interesting pair from different printings showing matching varieties, Price $109

V209) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Milky blue, SG 30a, close to just cut into margins on three sides, large margin at right, indistinct cancel, Cat £160, Price $99

V210) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Steel blue SG 31, good, even margins all round, indistinct barred oval cancel, Cat £70, Price $79

MY34) Victoria 1854 6d Orange- Yellow Woodblock, Rouletted all four sides, SG 57, lovely example with No. 1 Barred Numeral. Cat. 95 pounds. Price $139

MM41) Victoria 1854 Woodblock, 1/- Red & Blue registered stamp,  4 margins used, with clean strike of V oval handstamp. Budget priced at $149

MN15) Victoria 6d Dull Orange Woodblock, 2 margin example SG32a on small entire to London, with clear 1V oval cancel, and Melbourne oval SE 2 1855 on reverse with Red London received marking NO28 1855. Neat little item, and very cheap at $119

MF21) Victoria 1857 small cover to London, bearing 2d & 6d Woodblocks, with 3rd adhesive sadly removed. “Per Colombian” V1 cancel of Melbourne, and oval JY 22 on reverse, vermillion arrival paid cds on face 25 SEP 1857. Attractive and rare early cover. Price $169

AP38) Victoria 1858 6d Orange Woodblock on cover to Ireland. Nice clean 2 margin example franked by barred numeral 1 of Melbourne to Mallow, Co. Cork, via Dublin with arrival cds of  AU 16 1858. Scarce and attractive, price $195

FE75) Victoria 6d Woodblock, 4 margins on 1858 small neat cover Melbourne to Dublin, tied by Barred Numeral 1. Melbourne oval departure cds Jan 6 1858 and Dublin arrival cds MR 16 1858 on reverse. Sent “Per Colombian” Stamp has been affixed inverted, which would probably be to alert the addressee of bad news. We had a similar cover recently which we could have sold 3 times over, this one is nicer, as is to a way scarcer destination. $395

J24) Victoria 1880’s Stamp Duties, postally used, comprising 6d Blue, 3/- Grey, 5/- Purple, 5/- Red, Two Pounds Blue. Lovely group. Retail $325, my price $289

MM44) Victoria 1884 – 1901 1/- Stamp Duty, pale blue on pale yellow, fine mint lightly hinged. Retail $200, my price $149

Western Australia

WA147) Western Australia 1d Black Swan, superb used vertical pair. 4 big margins, lightly cancelled, no faults, you wil not better this! Price $1495

MM10) Western Australia 1854 Sg 1, Sc# 1; 1d Black Swan Superb VFU 4 margins with neat numeral cancel 1 of Perth cv $500++ Nicest you will find! $350

WA148) Western Australia 1854 4d Pale Blue Swan, imperf SG 3 VARIETY. THICK RIGHT LIMB TO A OF POSTAGE, not catalogued by Gibbons. Good just 4 margin example. Thin right limb cat. as SG 4w at £1500. Price $2950  

WA149) Western Australia 1855 1/- Pale Brown Swan, SG 6a VARIETY. fine 4 margin example. Has unlisted variety "Broke A of Postage"  Cancelled by neat numeral. Hard to find in this condition. Price $2895

WA150) Western Australia 1859 6d Grey Black Swan SG 19  "Hillman" imperf, superb 4 margin example cancelled by clear Barred Numeral 8 of Fremantle. Price $1495

SE39) Western Australia 1860 -64, 6d Sage Green Imperf, SG28, Local Printing, 3 margins, postally used. Cat. $800, rare stamp, but with repaired tear at top where hinge has been carelessly removed. Nice looker. My price $159

J22) Western Australia 1860 6d sage green, Rouletted. Very fine used with small part blue duplex cancel, clear roulettes on 3 sides, imperf at top. SG32, cat $1350, one of the nicest examples I have seen. Very minor faults do not detract. Price $1125

MY20) Western Australia 1860-64 6d sage green, rouletted. Lovely used example with light barred cancel in blue. SG32 cat 650 pounds. SG is way too cheap on these rouletted stamps. This is in a lighter shade and a bigger stamp than our item J22 which is priced at $1125.This one is better….price $1249

MN27) WESTERN AUSTRALIA 1861 4d VERMILION SWAN, SG40, PERF 14 very fine used, MISPERFED so that the word Postage appears beneath Fourpence! Usually misperfs of this order are never seen on Western Australia Stamps. A few years ago I sold a similar misperf on a South Australia long type 8d blue at a Prestige Auction for $1000 plus the buyers’ premium.  Cat. as normal is 180 pounds. Price for this rarity $795


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