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APH1174) Australia 1913 1d Red Kangaroo Die I on taxed cover to London, with original contents. Cancelled by Coominya Qld. Cds of 5 NOV 13 (confirmed by enclosure) 3 page correspondence clearly exceeds ½ ounce rate. H/stamped 20/CTMS/T & 2d F.B. Price $96

APH1294) Australia 1918 Fox Film Corp. (Australasia) Ltd Small Advertising cover to the USA. Bears 2d Die 1 Grey 3rd wmk Kangaroo & ½d Green Lge. Multi Wmk. KGV Head. Cancelled by Sydney machine canceller of MY 11 1918. Neat typewritten cover, slightly aged and opened a little roughly at top. A scarce historic cover from the days of the silent movies! Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (Australia) Pty. Limited was founded in 1916. The company's line of business today includes providing auxiliary services for motion picture distribution. Price $189

MM18) Australia 1927 small registered cover, bearing 6d Chestnut 3rd wmk. Kangaroo to Coogee to San Diego USA, cancelled by full clear strike of Coogee cds, 24 AUG 27. Arrival cds of Sep 19 1927. Fine and attractive with red Reg. label No. 2495. Cat $150. Price $97.50

APH1034) Australia 1928 Interesting postal history item for Australian and US postage due collectors and for movie star mail buffs. Australia KGV I I/2d red, looks like SG 87, sent from Albury, New South Wales, on Feb. 24 1928. Addressed to USA, so it was underpaid by 1 I/2d. A New South Wales "T" marking was added on the front, and a large boxed notice was added on the reverse by the Australia Postal Department, telling the recipient to return the envelope to the sender and advise them of the proper postage rate to "your country." Upon arrival in US a 5c precanceled postage due was added, probably Scott #J64. The cover was sent to Miss Dolores Costello. Miss Costello at that time was a well-known silent movie star. She first appeared in a movie with her then well-known father, Maurice Costello, in 1911 at age 7. While in New York, she met Lou Cristillo, who, after meeting her, took her last name for his stage name and later became well known as part of the Abbott and Costello team. In 1924,after appearing in the New York Production of "George White Scandals," she signed with Warner Brothers Studio in California. This cover must have been sent to her shortly after she signed with that studio. In 1928 she married John Barrymore. They later divorced, after having 2 children, DeDe and John Drew. Her last movie was "This is the Army" in 1943. She died in 1979. Great little cover for whoever grabs it. Price $79

MF27) Australia 31 JAN 1930 cover Sydney – Chicago, bearing 3d Blue KGV SMW perf 13.5 x 12.5, perf OS, Type A. Cat $150 on cover. Price $110

APH1275) Australia 1930 small cover to Kansas. Bears solo use 3d Sturt cancelled by Exchange NSW cds of 12JE30. Small repaired tear top left and large part flap missing, however both stamp & postmark hard to find on cover. Price $39

APH1041) Australia 1931 long registered cover to Italy. Bears  6d Kingsford Smith & 2d Golden Scarlet KGV sml. multi. wmk. perf. 13½ x 12½. Cancelled by cds's of Narromine NSW of 25 JY 31. Scarce 8d surface mail registered rate. Narromine blue R6 Reg'n label No. 4247 on front. Reverse has Genova Reg'd transit cds of 30.8.31 and Brozik arrival cds of the following day. Some aging but a scarcer destination and to a Catholic Brother at the College of St. Bonaventura in Firenze, who was a   Franciscan theologian; known as the Seraphic Doctor. Appointed minister general of his order in 1257, he was made cardinal bishop of Albano in 1273 and died the following year. The 6d Kingsford Smith is cat. $150 on cover. Price $79

MD40) AUSTRALIA 1932 5/- GREY & YELLOW KANGAROO C of A wmk, used on small COMMERCIAL AIRMAIL ADVERTISING COVER TO HAMBURG, GERMANY via GREECE, with clear Sydney Airmail cds 25 JE 1935, with Additional 1/- Large Lyre and 2d KGV Jubilee. Neat typewritten cover, with usual toning around stamps. Very attractive! Recently sold a similar, but large cover for $1150, this one just $950

APH1168) Australia 1933 small advertising cover for Hartford Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. to head office of the same company  in Connecticut. Cachet in brown pictures a mature Antlered Hart. Bears 1d & 2d KGV C of A wmk. cancelled by Melbourne slogan of 5 DEC 1933 "POST XMAS/MAIL EARLY" Neat typewritten cover, price $35

FE45) Australia 1934 MacArthur set of 3 on Registered Illustrated 1934 Victorian Centenary Philatelic  fdc to Timaru NZ, with registered Public Offices Victoria C2 Label No. 264. Also Public Offices cds 1st Nov. 1934. Scarce and attractive. Cat $550. Price $395

APH1224) Australia 1936 small airmail cover to Java. Bears 9d Violet C of A wmk. Kangaroo cancelled by Sydney No. 3 Air Mail cds of 25 FE 36. Reverse bears Batavia 29.2.36 arrival cds. Neat little cover and stamp is unusually well centred for this issue. Price $69 

APH1212) Australia 1936 small airmail advertising cover for Robert Bryce & Co. Melbourne. Bears 9d solo use (affixed upside down) of C of A wmk violet Kangaroo. Neat typed address to Batavia, Java. Cancelled by Melbourne slogan of 3 MAR 36 “USE POSTAL DISTRICT/ NUMBER IN MELBOURNE/SUBURBAN ADDRESSES” Reverse bears Batavia arrival cds of 7.3.36. Rare survivor! Price $89

APH1288) Australia 1937 small Airmail cover Sydney – Monaco. Sent from Union Bank of Australia on bank advertising envelope to Barclays Bank (France) at Monte Carlo. Bears 2 x 9d Violet C of A Kangaroos plus 3d KGV & 1d Green Die 1 Queen Elizabeth. All cancelled by Sydney Airmail Late Fee cds’s of 4JE37. Reverse bears transit cds of Marseille 15 VI 37 & arrival  slogan of Monte Carlo of the following day “MONTE – CARLO/CLIMATE IDEAL/TOUS LES SPORTS”  Slight aging and roughly opened at back. Flap bears the embossed seal of the bank. Neat collectable cover with nice tri-colour franking. Rare destination, price $149

APH1302) Australia 1937 small cover to Norwood SA. Bears horiz. pr. 1d Green KGV C of A wmk cancelled by clear complete strike of Orroroo SA cds dated 11.JE.37. Neat little cover, price $29 

APH819) Australia 1940 Small airmail cover to UK. Bears 3 x 6d Brown Airmails placed vertically. 1st time I have seen this make up for the 1/6d Airmail rate. Cancelled by Melbourne slogan of 24 FEB 1940 “USE POSTAL/CODE NUMBER/IN MELBOURNE/AND SUBURBAN/ADDRESSES” Opened a little roughly at top. Lower stamp is uncancelled due to placement. Neat hand addressed cover, the 6d Airmail is cat. At $100 on cover. Price $66

J18) Australia, Mutual Life and Citizens Assurance Company Limited advertising covers, 1940’s to 60s vintage, Seven long covers, all overweight and taxed with various postage dues, all tied by cds cancels. Values to 1/-. Rare assembly! $239 the lot

MY7) Australia 1947 local advertising cover for Jack & Jill florists, Railway Station Adelaide, bearing 1.5d green Queen Elizabeth, tied by Adelaide slogan “Send money by postal note or money order” with cds of 3 DEC 1947. Price $22

APH1231) Australia 1949 variety on airmail advertising cover to Sydney.  Port Huon Fruit growers’ Co-operative Assn. Printed cover Bears 5½d Emu cancelled by AIRCRAFT PICTORIAL Hobart slogan of 13 SEP 1949 “JOIN THE R.A.A.F. /THE SERVICE WITH A FUTURE” Light central fold does not detract. Stamp has variety “Retouched clouds above emu” type II ACSC 232na. Cat. $60 as a used stamp off cover. Price $225

BD759) Australia 1951 small surface mail cover to Natural History Museum Switzerland. Bears solo use 5½d Emu cancelled by Melbourne slogan of 9 APR 1951 “COM’LTH ELECTIONS/VOTING/COMPULSORY” This stamp was only valid for the foreign letter rate from 1st December 1950 – 8th July 1951. Scarce survivor & Neat typed address, price $29

TS313) Australia 1952 small registered cover Dooen – Toorak Vic. Bears horiz pr. 3½d & single 5½d Gloucester to make correct 1/0½d registered letter rate. Cancelled by Dooen cds & with Dooen R6 reg’n label No. 486. Reverse bears Melbourne registered cds & Toorak 12 FE 52 arrival cds. Nice make up rate cover. Price $29

MM33) Australia 1952 small neat typed address surface mail cover bearing 5d on 4.5d Violet KGV, plus 3d Red sideface KGVI to make 8d rate to USA.  Has been neatly opened at top. Scarce dual reign commercial cover cancelled by a clean single GPO Sydney cds of 27 FE 52 the 5d alone being cat at $200 on cover. Price $149

APH80) Australia 1954 A6 size manilla envelope to USA. Bears 5/- Arms plus 1/- perf 14.75 x 14 Lyrebird to make triple Airmail rate. No airmail etiquette has been attached, however. Cancelled by Melbourne machine canceler of 6 OCT 1954. Neat typewritten cover with some wrinkling at top. 5/- cat. $40 on cover. Price $29

NS606) Australia 1956 small airmail cover to UK. Bears solo usage 2/- Green Olympics cancelled by WARRAMBOO SA cds of 31JA56. Neat typed address to King Edward VII School, King’s Lynn. Cat. $40 on cover. Price $29

MF36) Australia 1958 Memorial Pair, lower marginal block of 4 (2 pairs) together with 2d Green Queen Elizabeth (QM) to make 2/- Airmail rate to UK, on small Airmail cover to Portswood, Southampton UK, with Melbourne Boxed machine cancel of 18 MAR 1958. A pair is rare on cover, this is almost certainly a unique combination usage. Price $249

APH803) Australia 1958 small re-addressed & taxed airmail cover to UK with 1959 Anpex label. Bears 1/0½d KGVI plus 4d Olympics & 4d Responsible Govt. underpaying the 2/- airmail rate by 3½d. Re-addressed London W.1. to Surbiton, Surrey. Boxed violet Tax handstamp applied ties the Anpex label. Cancelled by GPO Sydney cds’s of 8AP58 and with London W1 machine cancel of 14 APR 1958 on face. Slit open at top. Nice dual reign cover. Price $29

APH242) Australia 1958 small surface mail cover to UK. Bears 3½d & 4d 1958 Christmas to make correct 7½d surface rate. Cancelled by machine canceler of Fremantle WA of 13 NOV 1958. Rare to see complete set on commercial cover. Price $33

APH824) Australia 1958 long airmail cover to Yorkshire Imperial Metals Ltd. Bears 5/- Arms, 2/- no wmk. Crocodile, 7d RFDS & 2d green sideface Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Totally 7/9d, underpaying the quadruple rate by 3d. Nice commercial dual reign cover. Neat typewritten address, opened roughly at right stamps undamaged. Price $36

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