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Mid - Late February 2020


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FE73) Gibbons 2020 Part One catalogue, British Empire & Commonwealth 1840 – 1970. Now re-designed cover and with many, many price increases. If you are working from an older edition you may be missing out on some important updates. Priced at the same as last year, this is excellent value at $185.

FE72) Spink/Maury 2018 France specialised catalogue fully illustrated in colour. 2  Volumes. Vol. 1 is hardbound, vol. 2 soft bound. All stamps & booklets etc. to end of 2016. This is a superb catalogue! Published at 29.90 Euros per volume = approx. $97. Price $75 (3 available)

FE72a) La Collection La Fayette, Timbres mythiques de France, Pub. Spink London 2003. A superb handbook on the rarities of France by Michele Chauvet. Hardbound. An excellent companion to the above catalogue. Published at 75 Euros = $122 approx. Price $79

FE72b) Buy both French catalogues, plus the handbook above and save $15, $139 the 2. 

FE71) Bulk Prinz mounts, buy at big discounts. Each pack contains a variety of sizes at around ONE THIRD of what it would cost to buy individual packs. Please note that this offer is for CLEAR MOUNTS. A 500 Gram Pack contains around the same number of mounts as in 15 regular packs of strips. Elsewhere these are selling at up to $89, my price 500 grams just $69, 250 grams $39, 1kg for $135. (We do carry a full range of Prinz Mounts both clear and black so just let us know what sizes you want if you prefer to buy in individual packs)

SS1) Seven Seas Australia gold blocked Red Padded Binder & Slipcase, as new. Retail $49. Half price $24.50 each 5 for $119 (7 available)

VST1) New Coin albums, post style to fit coins as follows: Halfpennies, Pennies, 3d & 6d, 1/-, Florin, 1c to 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 or $2. Available in Burgundy, Brown, Green, Blue or Black. Each has a space and printed backing sheets for each date/type of coin issued. Price $24.50 each.

VST2) New Decimal coin album, A4 size with spaces for all Decimal Coins, 1c - $2 1966 -2018 in 2 volumes. Available in Burgundy, Brown, Green, Blue or Black. Each has a space and printed backing sheets for each date/type of coin issued. Price $126.50 per 2 volume set

VST3) New standard coin album with spaces for different sizes of coin. Available in Burgundy, Brown, Green, Blue or Black. Each has a space and printed backing sheets for each page. 6 page album price $32.50, 12 page album, price $47.50. (Binder only available at $17.50, extra leaves and backing sheets $24.50 per 10, available in 72, 56, 42, 30 or 20 spaces)

VST4) New standard banknote album, each page with 3 divisions and white backing sheet.  Available in Burgundy, Brown, Green, Blue or Black. 6 page album price $32.50, 12 page album, price $47.50. (Binder only available at $17.50, extra leaves and backing sheets $24.50 per 10, available in 2 or 3 divisions)

FE19) Two x Royal Mail super quality padded postcard albums, in Olive Green, as new, each with 50 brand new 2 division double sided  Hagner style sheets. Space for up to 400 Postcards or Covers. Retail value for new albums, plus the Hagners would be $315, price under a half $149

FE72) Tweezers, famous Solingen German Manufacture, the one dealers prefer, 150mm pointed ends supplied in protective sheath. RRP $16.50 per pair, my price NEAR HALF at $8.50, or two pairs for $15. (Dealer special 10 pairs for $62.50)


CMF1) Worldwide collection in William Ackland Red and gold embossed Hardbound Universal album dated 1931, with 10 Maps. Pretty good condition, and with 1000’s of stamps! We have seen these maps offered for $20 each! Good ranges of Australia with Kangaroos to 2/- Brown, KGV with 4d Lemon. Decent Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, Great Britain with 1841 1d Imperfs, Seahorses to 5/- etc., Hungary, India & States, Japan, New Zealand with good ranges of Official ovpts, Healths inc. Lifebuoy, Hygea & Keyhole plus 2/- Admiral, Poland, USA etc. Little after 1950in this lot. 204 pages, estimate 2000 plus, plus most different, mainly postally used. Good value at around 20c per stamp. Seems virtually unpicked. Price $395

CMF2) Worldwide picture postcards, some used, unused, earlies moderns and in betweens. Mostly street scenes & architecture. 100 different for $89

CMF3) Worldwide in Premier Globe album in Dark green and gold embossing. Published by Stationers Philatelic Agency Melbourne. Literally bulging with stamps. I guesstimate 7500 – 8000 mainly postally used and little after about 1956. Noted good ranges of Australia 1934 Vic. Cent set, 1936 SA Cent. Set, Robes High values to £1, Belgium & Cols., China, Malaya, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, USA and much, much more. Price $745

CMF4) Carton lot of 14 medium and small size stockbooks plus a new older type springback album in dark green and an unused Collecta Trans-World hardbound album. These contain approx. 2000 stamps of  which 75% would be early to recent Australian. Mainly postally used. Expect duplication. Weighs near 9kg. Must be cheap at $79, for the books alone, that is under $5 per book.

CMF5) “ The Myer” Peg fitting album in black with older World collection. Appears mostly unpicked, mainly postally used. Noted Australia with KGV to 1/4d, Kangaroos to 2/-, a few Australian States, decent NZ, GB with QV 6d on 6d, KGVI 2/6d & 5/- mint, 5/- Seahorse etc., USA 3 pages, Germany 3 pages, loads more. Nothing after about 1950. Better than average condition, heaps of pickings. 750 plus stamps in my estimation. Well worth 20c each, price $149.    

CMF6) Two volume World Collection in Blue Rapkin Favourite Springback Albums, almost as new retail $100 + each. These are like the Gibbons Senator Album, but come with more pages, 100 instead of 75, and better quality. These contain an A-Z collection without Australia. Noted decent ranges of Belgium, China (7 pages) France, Germany (8 pages), Greece (5 plus pages),  Hungary, Italy (8 pages), Romania, Russia, Spain, Thailand (4 pages) USA (6 pages) Guessing around 4000 stamps. Mostly postally used and with little after 1960. A very good clean lot, priced under 15c a stamp and with $200 worth of albums free. $595

CMF7) Br. Commonwealth Aden - Zimbabwe in Green Gibbons “Philatelic” Springback Album (Over $100 new) Good ranges of Australia to 1987 inc. KGV Heads to 4½d & Roos to 2/- , GB 9 pages, NZ 8 pages QV – QEII, Strength is in the Australia. Guessing about 2000 – 2500 stamps. At about 7½c per stamp with the $100 album thrown in for free this is very god buying. Price $169.

FE34) Great Britain Commemoratives 1953 – 65 appears complete mint lightly hinged. (3d Nature week is fine used) Retail approx $70, price $49

CMD1) NZ huge accumulation early – modern in 2 stockbooks, Seven Seas Album, Tasman Album and Hagner Binder. Mint & used inc. many minisheets. Noted 1960 Pictorials used to £1, horizontal pair, $2 Multicoloured Geyser etc. Bits and pieces of Australia & other World stamps not counted. 1000’s! Will well repay sorting. Weighs around 6.5kg $495 the lot. 

CMD3) Nauru. 50 different First Day Covers. Nice clean mostly un-addressed lot 1970 – 1995. Very cheap at under $1 each, great source of fine used sets if you do not collect covers. Price $49 

CMD4) Similar to the above, but 40 covers 1972 -1995. Price $39


CMO1) Europe 2, mainly Bulgaria early to modern, plus some Cyprus plus a few other bits & pieces. Stated to be 533 stamps, under 10c each, price $49

CMO3) Europe 4, France to Greenland. Strength in France & Greece, stated to be 1558 stamps, price under 15c per stamp, $229

CMO4) Europe 5, Iceland to Monaco. Really nice lot early to modern with strength in Luxembourg & Malta. Stated to be 1723 stamps. Under 15c per stamp, price $249

CMO6) Europe 7, Portugal & Romania. Very nice clean lot of 1119 stamps early to modern. The more modern Romania is cto. Under 14c per stamp, price $149

CMO7) Europe 8, Russia. Early to Modern, nothing after 1990. 542 stamps, under 10c a stamp. Price $49

CMO8) Europe 9, San Marino to Sweden. Strength in Spain & Sweden, early to modern, mainly used. Stated to be 1152 stamps. Under 15c per stamp, price $165

CMO9) Europe 10, Switzerland to Yugoslavia. Nice lot of early to modern, strength in Switzerland. Stated to be 983 stamps. Under 15c each, price $139

CMO10) Asia 1, Aden to Ceylon. Stated to be 753 stamps. Decent Aden, Burma & Ceylon, some Arab States. Less than 15c per stamp, $110

CMO12) Asia 3, India & Indonesia. Early India Queen Victoria with some States to about 2010, then Indonesia to 2006. 1783 stamps for around 14c a stamp, $249

CMO13) Asia 4, Iraq – Macau. Emphasis on Japan, which is quite extensive, early – modern. Also some nice Israel. Stated 1476 stamps. Very good value at under 20c per stamp, $279

CMO14) Asia 5, Malay States – Iran. Good lot of mostly postally used. Good Malaysia, North Borneo & Persia. Stated 1494 stamps. Cheap at under 20c each. Price $295

CMO15) Asia 6, Philippines. Lovely early to modern postally used collection to 1997. Stated to be 1410 stamps. Under 15c each, price $195

CMO16) Asia 7, Portuguese India to Tannu Tuva. Queen Victoria to modern. Strength in Straits Settlements, Singapore, Ceylon/Sri Lanka, Sth. Korea & Syria. Stated to be 1245 stamps. Very good value at 20c per stamp. $249

CMO17) Asia 8, Thailand to Yemen. Strength in Thailand, Turkey & Vietnam. A very good lot of 1437 stamps. Under 20c each, price $275

CMO18) Africa 1, Algeria to French West Africa. Early to modern, strength in Egypt/UAR. Stated 1224 stamps. Well priced at under 20c each, $239

CMO19) Africa 2, Gabon to Mozambique. Nice ranges of most countries with nice Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar & Mauritius. Early to modern, mot postally used. Stated 1381 stamps. Good value at under 20c per stamp. $259

CM020) Africa 3, Namibia to Tanganyika. Stated to be 1378 stamps. Good range of French and British former colonies, early to modern. Strength in Southern Africa. Also some nice Sudan. Priced under 15c per stamp, $189 the lot

CMO21) Africa 4, Tanzania to Zimbabwe. Early to modern, mostly postally used. Nice Tanzania, Transvaal & UAR. Stated 1129 stamps for under 15c a stamp. $159

CMO22) Great Britain, mostly modern but did notice KGV Seahorses to 10/-. Many commem. Sets plus Machins, Regionals & Channel Is. & Isle of Man. Very clean lot, stated to be 2642 stamps. Under 15c a stamp, price $375

CMO23) Ireland, mostly modern postally used, many complete commem. Sets. Stated to be 1936 stamps. Under 20c a stamp, price $359

CMO24) Germany, all areas & periods inc. States & Occupation issues. Most postally used, some better singles and sets. Stated to be 2450 stamps. Under 15c a stamp, price $349

CMO26) Italy, early to modern mostly postally used. Stated to be 2027 stamps. Very nice lot. Under 15c a stamp, $289

CMO28) Oceania 2, Fiji to Ross Dependency. A very good lot of mostly postally used early to modern. Very good Fiji, New Hebrides & Norfolk Is. Stated 1246 stamps. Well worth 25c per stamp, priced under that, price $295

CMO29) Oceania 3, Samoa to Wallis & Futuna Is. Noted GRI Ovpts. Om German Samoa. SG 101/103 used cat. £80. Lovely clean lot of mainly modern large. Strength in Samoa, Solomon Is. & Tonga. Stated to be 806 stamps, under 20c per stamp, price $159

CMO30) Papua & New Guinea. Commences Lakatois & Birds of Paradise, German New Guinea Yacht types 5pfg – 80pfg, less 10pfg, all nice cds used, cat. £160, PNG £1 Fisherman & 1/7d Cattle used, Birds to 10/- mint, then mostly complete mint lightly hinged to 2017, inc. many minisheets. Stated to be 2089 stamps. Has to be worth 50c per stamp. Huge retail & face value. Priced well below that at $940

CMO31) Vatican, in 2 volumes. Volume 1 starts with some nicer earlies and is quite complete to about 2010. Volume 2 is a white Ace Album 1929 – 1980 and sparsely filled. Stated to be 1428 stamps, under 15c each. $195

CMO35) New Zealand, Queen Victoria – 2005 approx. Very nice mainly postally used lot with Queen Victoria long type Stamp Duties to 15/- fiscally used, 5/- Mount Cook fiscally used, KGV 2/- & 3/- Admirals, QEII on horseback 2/6d Brown,  £1 Geyser, $2 Multicoloured Geyser. Many, many complete commem. sets. A lovely lot. Stated 1914 stamps. Well worth 20c per stamp. $379

CMO36) North & Central America with West Indies, plus United Nations. Very wide ranging from Queen Victoria onwards. Most postally used. Stated to be 1502 stamps. Very good value at around 15c per stamp. Price $225

CMO37) South America, most postally used early to modern. With good Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru etc. Stated 1789 stamps. Good value at around 15c each $265

CM038) Austria, early to modern mostly postally used. Very colourful lot with a high degree of completeness to about 2005. Good value at about 20c per stamp, stated to be 1443. Price $285

CMO38a) As above, all lots CMO1 – CMO38 priced to sell at $9250 for $8975, terms available…BE QUICK!

CMO39) World Collection in Old Universal Album, fastbound, Burgundy colour with gold blocking. 7th edition, published by Wm. Ackland Melbourne. Virtually nothing removed. 340 pages, including 10 full page maps! Very good condition and nothing after 1937 it seems, most postally used, some mint. Condition a bit mixed, but a lot of good pickings. Noted Australia Kangaroos to 2/- Brown, KGV 4d Lemon, good Europe, South America, Japan, New Hebrides & USA. Am guessing roughly 2500 stamps. At 15c per stamp this is a steal. Price $375

CMO41) World Collection letters F - Z in old Red Gibbons Strand Hardback Album, 364 pages. Dated inside 1938, and appears noting after about 1960. A lot of pickings mint & used. Must be about 2500 - 3000 here with good Germany, GB, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain, USA & much more. A good lot at 15c per stamp. Price $375

CMO43) Switzerland 1968 – 72, nice run of official unaddressed full set FDC’s inc. Pro Patria, Pro Juventute, Birds, Flora, Fauna, Europa, Planes, Pope Paul VI Visit etc. Plus a 1980 5fr overprinted green definitive booklet, cat. $45 in 2009. 30 covers in all plus 1 booklet, clean fresh lot for $110. Less than $3.50 per item!

CMA2) Three large stockbooks of World, early to modern, all different, mostly postally used. Neatly organised by country. Many pickings here. Roughly 3500 – 4000 stamps here. Price $179

CAU6) Fiji Collection from 1953-2000 on Seven Seas hingeless pages, MUH, in 2 Green padded slipcases & binder. Albums alone new cost approx. $650! Missing only 8 stamps form the 1986-90 Definitive reprints. Sydney retail $2375 plus $650 for the albums = $3025 Price well under 45% $1275

CAU10) Cocos Keeling Islands. 1963-2001 complete MUH on Seven Seas hingeless pages, in Blue padded slipcase & binder.  completion. Album alone new cost $185. Includes the $5 overprinted Airmail & full set of 1990-1 Postage paid provisional overprints. Sydney retail $1295 plus, so a retail value here of $1480, priced well at 65%, $975

CAU11) Samoa: 1962-Feb 2000 complete MUH on Seven Seas hingeless, in 2 Blue padded slipcases & binders. Albums alone new cost $550! Sydney retail for stamps = $1635 plus so a total retail here of $2185, priced very cheaply at around 50%, $1125

CAU12) Pitcairn Islands 1940-2000 Complete MUH on Seven Seas hingeless pages, in Brown padded slipcase & binder. Album alone new cost $560! Sydney retail of stamps = $2070 so a total value here of $2630. Includes 1940 Definitives, 1948 Silver Wedding & 1949 UPU. Priced very well at under 60%, price $1575

CAU13) Christmas Island 1958-2001 complete MUH, in Seven Seas hingeless pages and Brown padded binder & slipcase. Album alone new cost $320. Sydney retail of stamps = $1240 plus so a total retail here of $1560. Well priced at under 65%, $995

CMJ11) Omnibus issues, 1972 Silver Wedding & 1973 Royal Wedding mint unhinged plus some Halley’s Comet 1986 all mint unhinged sets/minisheets in an as new Lighthouse Blue 32 page stockbook $35 retail. Plus some used GB Machins values to £5. 1972 SW & RW appears Crown Agents complete with some extras. 100 plus complete sets/minisheets. Selling at cost price (Was a trade in from a customer) $250

CMJ13) Australasia Oddments in Blue Binder on Hagner pages. Noted Norfolk Is. 30c Rose Apple in complete mint unhinged sheet of 50, mixed Australian States  about 90,  various covers inc. $20 Tax Pack, plus 1/6d Double Globe Hermes both wmk and no wmk x 126 many with good readable postmarks.  Cheap lot to clear $79

CMJ16) Worldwide mostly postally used and mainly pre-QEII in heavy duty 2½ inch thick post style album. About 175 pages plus 50 spare pages for continuation. Noted AUSTRALIA  with Kangaroos to 5/- (3rd wmk) 1934 Victoria & 1936 SA sets, 1937 Robes set to £1, many mint and imprint blocks to 2/6d in KGVI period. 1953 Produce food lower left marginal mint blocks of 6. Nice Belgium with Railway stamps on 3 pages, good Egypt on 5 pages, GB with 5/- KEVII,  2/6d & 5/- Seahorses, decent Greece on 3 pages, Hong Kong 1946 Victory pair  & 80c UPU fine used, Italy, 5 pages, Straits Setts. KGVI to $5 fine used, Monaco 1956 Royal Wedding compete mint light hinge to 500 francs, Very good NZ on  15 pages inc. 1907 Christchurch 1d, Health Keyhole & Lifebuoy issues etc. Overall 1400 to 1500 stamps, way better than average lot. Price $539

SE10) Sweden, collection of 1500 different, most if not all nice postally used. Price on my packets list for 500 is $70, and 1500 would normally be around $275. Just two to offer here at half price: $137.50 each

AU40) Australia Kangaroos. 170+ mixed kangaroos.  Mostly 3rd & C of A  watermarks, some others mixed in. Mixed Condition, some with faults, most not. Values to 5/-, incredible value at under $2 per stamp! Price $329

AP17) Nice little starter collection of 50 different Australian States. On our list at $56, special price $49

Packets & Mixtures

PM10) Australia 1930’s – 1966 99.99% pre-decimals on well-trimmed single paper. Values to 2/5d spotted also a few KGV Heads in the overall mix. Very high count would be 5000 plus per kg. Very good for postmarks & varieties. 500g for $62.50 (3 lots available)

PM111) USA early – modern on & off paper (mostly off) Very high count, 12,500 – 15,000 per kg. 1 lot only of 500g, price $149

PM100) Latest Australian and World Mission Mix, well-trimmed with some very modern as received. Contains around 40 to 50% Australia plus nice rang of Worldwide, over 50% large. Roughly 4500 stamps to the kg. 100g trial lot for $15, 250g for $35, 500g for $67.50, 1kg for $127.50.

PM101) Good quality Worldwide Mission Mix most on single trimmed paper, high count. weighed out into 250g Bags. 5000-6000 per kg. Buy from 3c per stamp. 1 for $45, 3 for $125

PM102) World off paper…huge variety mostly postally used gathered from 3 different sources and mixed to together to give you the best early to modern mix we can muster! About 15- 20,000 per kg. Buy from as little as 1½c per stamp! 100g for $35, 250g for $79, 500g for $149, 1kg for $285, 5kg for $1275.

PM103) World Large & Commems. on paper, with much modern. Mostly well-trimmed single paper. About 4000 - 5000 per kg. Very good variety and value at 5c – 6c per stamp. 100g for $35, 250g for $79, 500g for $149, 1kg for $285, 5 kg for $1275.

PM104) Christmas Is. & Cocos (Keeling) Is. off paper mixture, many high values and recent to about 2016. Many very fine used with circular cancels. 50 different for $49, 100 mixed no more than 3 the same for $98


MAP16) 1913 Halfpenny Green Kangaroo in mint block of 6, (3 x 2) with 4 stamps unhinged. Some gum bends but a scarce and attractive block, looks very nice from the front. Price $119

D46) Australia 1913 Kangaroos 1st wmk, Halfpenny to Fourpence, (no 3d) all mint perf small OS, SG Cat. is 1050 pounds. These are all rust affected but look mainly ok from the front.   Priced very cheaply at under 15% of catalogue, $259

Oct22) Australia 1913 Kangaroo 3d Olive Die 1 1st wmk, perf Small OS, mint lightly hinged,  cat $400, my price $225

MMY42) Australia 1913 1st wmk 2/- Brown Kangaroo, decent used example with cds cancel, Cat $250, under half at $119

K960) Australia 1913 5/- Grey & Yellow 1st wmk. Kangaroo cto with gum. Centred a little low and with a couple of shortish perfs. at base. Attractive stamp. Price $249

K1013) Australia 1913 1/- Green 1st wmk. Kangaroo, inverted wmk. Commercially very fine used with near complete strike of Abbotsford Vic. Cds and with clear date 14 JA 14. Great colour and full perfs, centred left. As good as we have ever seen! ACSC 30Aa, cat. $500, price $425

K864)  Australia 1913 Kangaroos 1st wmk 1d Red die IIAACSC 4, block of 4, centred a little low, upper units VLH and with small faint tone, lower units MUH, Cat $350, Price $249

K696) Australia 1913 Kangaroos 1st wmk 2d Grey variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 5a, well centred, couple of nibbled perfs, Mint, Cat $250, Price $149

K775) Australia 1913 Kangaroos 1st wmk 2½d Indigo ACSC 9, centred a little to the right, Fresh MUH, Price $189

K978) Australia 1913 Kangaroos 1st wmk punctured Small OS set of 10 ½d to 2/- (ex 2½d), above average centring, odd minor perf fault, Price $449

NO34) Australia 1915 2/- Brown 2nd wmk Kangaroo, horizontal pair perf OS-ACSC-36ba-SG-O36-fine used  and very well centred. Each with registered cds of 12 Jan 22 (Late usage) Very, very scarce in multiples. Cat $700 as singles. Price $649

D24) Australia 1915 5/- Grey Black and Chrome yellow Kangaroo, 3rd wmk, with socked on nose George St. West, NSW cds, 2 DE 18. Cat $225, my price $149

NO40) Australia 1915 5/- Grey & Yellow, 2nd wmk Kangaroo, perf OS, good/fine used with circular cancel and well centred. Really hard to find in nice condition. Cat $700, this one just $449

MN21) Australia 1915 One Pound Grey Kangaroo, 3rd wmk, ovpt. Specimen type C, mint hinged. Cat $375, two nibbed perfs at right. Price $195

K894) Australia 1915 Kangaroos 2nd wmk 2½d Indigo ACSC 10, centred a little to the left, Fresh MUH, Cat $400, Price $329

K968) Australia 1915 Kangaroos 2nd wmk set of 5 2d to 1/-, all with cds cancels, and most with reasonable centring, Price $119

K1016) Australia 1915 Kangaroos 2nd wmk 6d Ultramarine ACSC 18, centred slightly high, one lightly toned perf at base not visible from the front, Mint, Cat $400, Price $279

K816) Australia 1916 2/- Brown 3rd wmk punctured ‘OS’ variety ‘Vertical hairline in Bight’ ACSC 37ba/(U)f, light crisp cds cancel and unusually well centred, Cat $600, Price $449

JL66) Australia 1916 5/- 2nd wmk Grey & Yellow Kangaroo, inverted wmk, with repaired Telegraph Puncture, also pre-printing horizontal paper crease. Cat at $750 for Inv. Wmk, cheap at $279

MM47) Australia 1918 3rd wmk 3d Yellow Olive Kangaroo, Die II, mint unhinged, cat $800. Light overall gum toning. Nice budget price stamp at $259

NO12) Australia 1918 5/- Roo ACSC 43Ab, SG037 2nd Wmk DEEP GREY & YELLOW *PUNCTURED OS* WELL CENTRED VFU with indistinct cds cancel. CURRENT 2013 BW ROO CV $700. THIS STAMP COMES WITH CERTIFICATE. NICE AND FRESH. Price $469

K835) Australia 1918 VARIETY on 5/- Grey & Pale Yellow 3rd wmk Kangaroo, fresh mint lightly hinged. Well centred with good perfs. Has variety ("White flaw across top of tail” ACSC 44(D)d Cat. $950, price $725

K984) Australia 1918 Kangaroos 3rd wmk 3d Pale olive-green die II ACSC 13J, well centred Mint, Cat $600, Price $449

K537) Australia 1919 £2 black & rose 3rd wmk optd Specimen type C ACSC 56Axb, Cat $1250, centred to upper right MUH. Price $650

K538) Australia 1919 £2 black & rose 3rd wmk optd Specimen type B ACSC 56Ax Cat $1250, centred to lower left MUH. Price $650

AU16) Australia 1920 3rd Wmk 1/- Blue-Green, SIDEWAYS WATERMARK, lovely block of 4, top row very lightly hinged, lower two are unhinged. Centred a little high, as is usual for this stamp. Cat. $200 each for hinged, and unpriced for unhinged, but other items in this periods are normally near 3 times the price, so around $1600. Never seen a block so nice before! Price $975

J32) Australia 1924 2/- Maroon 3rd wmk Kangaroo, perfect Mint Unhinged, fresh with full perfs. and perfectly centred. Melbourne retail for premium centring $850. My price $649

MD46) Australia 1929, 9d Violet Kangaroo, small multi wmk, Mint Unhinged, perf OS. Minor gum toning, Cat $450, this one $249

K539) Australia 1929 10/- grey & pink SM  wmk optd Specimen type C ACSC 49x Cat $1250, centred to lower left, MUH Price $650

MN60) Australia 1929 Small Multiple Watermark Kangaroos, full set of 7 values to Two Pounds, nice fine used with cds cancels. The Two Pound has a few shortish perfs at base, but this does not detract from the fine appearance of this group. The 10/- is really nice. Retail as a group would be around $1750, my price just $1295

MN60a) As above, the 5/- value, light corner cto cancel. Retail up to $225 in this condition. My price  $169

MAP2) Australia 1932 10/- C of A wmk 10/- Grey & Pink, postally used with two partial  STEEL cds CANCELS of 22 DE 36. Well centred and good perfs, cat $300, price $229

MAP6) Australia 1932 10/- C of A wmk 10/- Grey & Pink, postally used with two partial Sydney cds cancels of 1937. Good well centred example with bright colour, cat $300, price $259

King George V

G424) Australia 1920 KGV 1/4d Turquoise ACSC 128, some hinge remains, centred high, Mint, Cat $300, Price $169

G528) Australia  KGV 1921 ½d Emerald gutter corner block of 4 single wmk, lower left unit variety ‘White spot before 2 in right value tablet’ ACSC 63(4)v, lower units, including the variety, are MUH, centred high, variety cat $75 as hinged, Price $129

G526) Australia KGV 1921 4d Violet single wmk variety ‘White scratch behind emu’ ACSC 111(2)v, centred to right, light gum bend, fresh MUH, cat $175 as hinged, Price $149

G431) Australia 1921 KGV 4d Violet single wmk ACSC 111A, centred to left, fresh MUH, Cat $75, Price $49

G426) Australia 1922 KGV 4d Ultramarine single wmk ACSC 112A, centred high, fresh MUH, Cat $175, Price $129

EJ4) Australia 1923 Halfpenny Orange Single wmk marginal block of 8, mint unhinged with Inverted wmk. One stamp with minor toning. Cat $200, price $115

G482) Australia KGV 1923 4d Dull ultramarine single wmk Harrison printing variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 113Baa, centred to right, Fresh MUH, Cat $325, Price $259

G523) Australia KGV 1923 4d Bright ultramarine single wmk Harrison printing variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 113Aaa, centred to right Mint, Price $179

G432)  Australia 1924 KGV  1½d Scarlet single wmk, vertical pair upper unit variety ‘HALEPENCE’ lower unit ‘Thin RAL’ ACSC 89(22)I & j, centred to right, faint vertical gum bend, MUH, attractive positional piece, Cat $100 as hinged singles, Price $79

MN14) Australia 1924 KGV 4d Olive single wmk in Mint Unhinged, Post Office fresh  horizontal full perf lower marginal pair. As is often seen for this stamp centred to lower left. Cat. $100 each as singles, under a half at $95

G483) Australia KGV 1924 4½d Dull violet single wmk ACSC 118C, centred to right, Fresh MUH, Cat $125, Price $79

EJ12) Australia 1926 1.5d Red Small multi wmk perf 14, lower right corner mint unhinged horizontal pair from plate 1A, on translucent paper,  cat $300. Price $225

G480) Australia KGV 1927 1/4d Turquoise-blue SM wmk perf 14 ACSC 129B, a marginal example centred to lower left, Fresh MUH, Cat $1250, Price $899

G484) Australia KGV 1927 4d Greenish olive SM wmk perf 14 ACSC 115, centred to left, Fresh MUH, Cat $350, Price $269

G505) Australia KGV 1930 1½d Red brown SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ Ash imprint block of 4 ACSC 93za, hinge remain mainly in central gutter, Cat $150, Price $119

G530) Australia KGV 1930 2d Golden scarlet die III SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ vertical right hand corner strip of 3 with both ‘White flaw on bridge of nose’ varieties (positions 3R48 & 3R54+3R60) ACSC 102hI, some diagonal gum bends, hinged on top unit only, attractive positional piece, Price $79

G533) Australia KGV 1930 2d Golden scarlet die III SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½  Ash imprint block of 4, ACSC 102Az, Mint with some hinge remains, Price $79

G534) Australia KGV 1930 2d Golden scarlet die III SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ ACSC 102 top marginal example with additional horizontal row of perforations through margin, Mint hinged in margin only, unusual, Price $69

G499) Australia KGV 1931-32 C of A wmk set of 8 ½d to 1/4d, most with good centring, all fresh MUH, attractive set, Price $499

G535) Australia KGV 1931 2d Golden scarlet C of A wmk ACSC 103, lower marginal example with two additional horizontal rows of perforations through margin, Mint, quite striking, Price $69

G509) Australia KGV 1932 2d Golden scarlet C of A wmk overprinted ‘OS’, Ash imprint block of 4 ACSC 103(OS)z, some gum ‘suntanning’ bands, Mint, Cat $175, Price $99

Australian States


NSW133) New South Wales 1888-90 Centenary 5/- Deep purple SG 261 some creasing and small thin at top, also a small surface mark at top, Mint, Cat £425, Price $229

NSW107) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 10 5/- Lilac SG 263, central NSW in concentric circles cancel, Price $49

NSW88) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 10 20/- Cobalt-blue SG 264, some gum creasing, Mint, Cat £500, Price $349

NSW86) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 11 20/- Cobalt-blue SG350, fresh, well centred Mint, Cat £375, Price $399

NSW90) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 11 20/- Cobalt-blue SG350, slightly smudged central Sydney cds, Price $159

NSW96) New South Wales 1890 Centenary perf 10 20/- Cobalt-blue optd 'OS' and 'Specimen' SG O50s, Mint, Price $169

NSW68) New South Wales 1902-03 10d Violet SG 323, horizontal pair with two bold strikes of the Stock Exchange cds, Cat £54 as singles, Price $59

J27) NSW Government Tramways 6d Packet stamp on pre-printed Sydney Morning Herald cover to Circular Quay cancelled/tied by Newtown newsagent hand stamp. These 'URGENT' envelopes were used for sending advertising copy for inclusion in the SMH, roughly opened at base, a rare cover. Price $210


Q62) Queensland 1868-78 4d Yellow perf 12 SG 102, fresh MNG, usual uneven perfs, Cat £1700 as Mint, very scarce and is POR on most dealers’ price lists. Cheap at a third cat. $1100

Q52) Queensland 1879-81 4d Orange-yellow SG 141, perfs trimmed at base, small area of very faint gum toning, Mint  Cat £450, Price $229

Q70) Queensland 1879-81 1d Brown/orange, 1d red (3 ea), 2d (2), 4d & 1/- Good to fine used, Price $99

Q58) Queensland 1880 Lithographed 20/- Rose SG 127 with light ‘sunburst’ numeral 63 cancel, some uneven perfs as usual, scarce commercial postal usage, Cat £275, Price $379

Q74) Queensland 1882-1908 2d blues selection of 8 including a pair, each with minor plate varieties, retouches etc as listed on reverse of card, some faults, Used, unusual, Price $39

Q54) Queensland 1882-91 no figures of value 1d Vermillion-red, 2d Blue & 1/- Pale mauve, some very minor toning Mint, Price $39

Q64) Queensland 1882-91 no figures of value 1d and 2/- both with plate variety ‘LA of Queensland joined’ also 3d with ‘Broken lower right corner’, unlisted in SG, some perf faults, Used, unusual group, Price $49

Q69) Queensland 1882-91 no figures of value range: 1d, 2d, 4d Yellow, 6d & 1/- (2 ea), nice range of shades, mainly Fine used, Price $59

Q28) Queensland 1882-95 thin paper 10/- Brown SG 155, fresh MNG, Cat £250 as Mint, Price $79

Q60) Queensland 1882-95 thick paper 10/- Brown SG 160, fresh Mint with some hinge remains, Cat £130, Price $149

Q23) Queensland 1882-95 thick paper 5/- Rose  SG 159, VFU with crisp corner cds, Cat £42, Price $39

Q30) Queensland 1882-95 thin paper 5/- Rose SG 163, pulled perf at right, fresh Mint, Cat £95, Price $69

Q27) Queensland 1903 perf 12½, 13 2/6d Vermilion SG 270, indistinct postal cancel, Fine used, Cat £60, Price $59

Q72) Queensland 1895-1902 1d (SG 229) & 5d (2 ea), 2d & 2½d Rose, Fine used, Price $69

Q55) Queensland 1897-1908 figures in all corners simplified selection: ½d, 1d, 2d, 2½d Rose, 2½d Purple/blue, 4d Black & 1/- all Mint with some minor gum faults, attractive group, Price $79

Q73) Queensland 1897-1908 figures in all corners simplified selection: 1d corner pair, 2½d Rose, 2½d Purple/blue, 4d Yellow (2 shades, one with tone spot) & 6d, Mint, Price $79

Q75) Queensland 1897-1908 figures in all corners duplicated range with 1d (17), 2d (16 including 1 punctured OS), 2½d purple/blue 3d (5, 2 punctured OS) 4d Yellow (4, 1 punctured OS), 4d Grey-black (3), 5d (4), 6d & 1/- (2 ea), also 1899-1906 ½d, 9d Commonwealth (2), also a few earlier 1d & 2d side faces, completely unchecked for postmarks, varieties etc. Great opportunity! Price $139

Q65) Queensland 1897-1911 figures in all corners simplified selection ½d, 2d, 3d, 4d Grey-black (7, with a nice range of shades) & 6d (2), mostly Fine used, Price $129

Q66) Queensland 1897-1911 figures in all corners simplified selection ½d, 1d, 2d (3), 3d (2), 4d Grey-black, 5d (2) & 1/-, attractive range of shades, mainly Fine used, Price $69

Q68) Queensland 1897-1911 figures in all corners simplified selection all punctured ‘OS’: 3d, 4d Yellow & 6d (3 ea), 4d Grey-black & 1/- (2 ea) nice range of shades etc, mostly Fine used, Price $109

Q53) Queensland 1897-1908 6d Green SG 249 block of 4, some minor toning, 3 units MUH, 1 VLH,  Price $49

Q59) Queensland 1871-72 Postal Fiscals wmk Large Crown & Q 2/6d Brick-red SG F20 with full original toned gum, Mint, scarce thus, Cat £400, Price $279

FE68) Queensland, attractive collection of postal stationery comprising Postcards (14) Lettercards (9) Reply Cards (2)  and the scarce 4 corners reply card, H & G 6a (unpriced in the catalogue) Clean and fresh original lot all mint, 26 items. $795, now reduced to $635

South Australia

SA55) South Australia 1856-58 Adelaide printing wmk Large Crown 2d Red SG 8, quite a Vermillion-red shade with four margins, large at right and base, close ay left, lightly cancelled, Price $79

MAU17) South Australia 1860 – 69 4d (Gibbons type 3) Imperf plate proof pair, on ungummed, unwatermarked paper in the rose-carmine colour of the 2/-. A pair in black and a block of 4 as per this example was estimated $300 and sold for $650 at a Prestige auction. Horizontal crease, but still an attractive pair. Price $195

SA56) South Australia 1883-99 ½d Brown x 5 including a MUH pair, range of shades and some different perfs, all Mint or MUH, Price $59

SA57) South Australia 1883-99 ½d Brown, 4d Violet & 6d Blue, perfs unchecked, minor gum mark on 4d, Mint, Price $49

SA60) South Australia 1883-99 QV 6d Blue, the three different types of 'OS' overprints, Good - Fine used, Price $29 

SA58) South Australia 1902-04 'Long Toms' with thin Postage 3d Olive-green, 4d Orange, 9d Rosy-lake & 10d Dull yellow, some mostly minor gum issues mainly affecting the 3d, Mint, Price $69


D12) Tasmania 1853 4d Bright Red Orange Imperf Courier, SG 5 cat. 1000 pounds. Brilliant 4 margin example with vivid colour. Cancelled by light barred numeral No. 53. Price $995

T98) Tasmania 1857-67 1d Dull vermillion wmk double lined numerals SG 28, good margin at right, others close to touching, full hinged original gum, Cat £400, Price $249

D13) Tasmania 1858 1/- Vermilion Imperf. SG41 mng, with 4 clear margins. Cat 800 pounds. Price $649

D14) Tasmania, 1867 1d dull vermilion SG 67, pin perf 13.5 – 14.5, fine used with slightly heavy barred cancel. Hard stamp to find. Cat. 700 pounds, price under a third at $389

D17) Tasmania 1871 1d Rose used IMPERF single with 4 WIDE MARGINS. Cat as SG 144a for an Imperf Pair at 1300 pounds. Priced at only 15% of the pair price at $325

T17) Tasmania c1889 1d Chalon on thick gummed card P11½ overprinted 'REPRINT', Mint, Price $39

T100) Tasmania 1899-1912 Pictorials simplified set of 8 plus ONE PENNY on 2d surch, all with cds cancels, attractive set, Price $89

T31) Tasmania 1899-1900 Pictorials 4d Deep orange-buff perf 14, punctured 'T', very lightly cancelled, Price $29

MM25) TASMANIA 1900 Set of 6 MINT LETTERCARDS, 2d Pictorial on pale blue stock with a different view on the reverse of each.  Believed less than 300 sets produced, this is a nice clean set in fine condition, just a little toning around edges in places, all that I have ever seen have this. These are on eBay as single cards at $125 each, sets normally get a lot more. My price, as I bought them quite well just $595 the set!

D25) New Zealand/Tasmania. Horizontal pair of 1d Universals each cancelled by cds of Hobart, Tasmania JE 18 1903. Unusual and striking! Price $195


V284) Victoria 1884/96 £5 Rose Pink Stamp Duty perf 12, SG 278. Pen cancelled, unusually has no pinholes. Cat. £1600 for cto. Unknown postally used. Very attractive bright colour example, well centred with good perfs. Price $195

V285) Victoria 1884/96 £5 Pink Stamp Duty perf 12½, SG 278a. Pen cancelled, unusually has no pinholes. Cat. £1700 for cto. Unknown postally used. Attractive example, centred left with full perfs. Light stain upper left. Price $175

V280) Victoria 1884/96 £7 Violet on Blue Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 250. Pen cancelled, unusually has no pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive example, centred right with full perfs. Price $395

V283) Victoria 1884/96 £7 Violet on Blue Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 250. Pen cancelled, unusually has no pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive example, centred left with full perfs. Price $395

V278) Victoria 1884/96 £7 Violet on Blue Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 250 price $325 each stamp. Pen cancelled, as usual with pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive examples, centring varies, good perfs. Price $325 each (7 available)

V277) Victoria 1884/96 £8 Red on Yellow Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 251 price $325 each stamp. Pen cancelled, as usual with pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive examples, centring varies, good perfs. Price $325 each (7 available)

V282) Victoria 1884/96 £8 Red on Yellow Stamp Duty perf 13, SG 251. Pen cancelled, unusually no visible pinholes. Cat. £200. Unknown postally used. Attractive example, centred right, good perfs. Thinned at top left corner. Price $149

V106) Victoria 1906 small advertising cover for Austral Publishing Company Melbourne to Milton, New Zealand. Bears horiz. Pr. ½d green bantams cancelled by Melbourne double ring cds of 17.5.06. Reverse bears Milton arrival cds of 26 MY 06. Neat cover, minor aging. Price $67.50

V105) Victoria 1897 1d Orange PS Card advertising PTPO for auction by Denny’s, Lascelles, Austin & Co., Wool Brokers, Geelong. Noted “GEELONG WOOLBROKERS SPECIAL TRAIN LEAVES MELBOURNE AT 6.18 AM” Cancelled by Geelong duplex No. 2 of NO 4 97 and with Melbourne receiving cds of the same date. Very fine condition. Price $98

V237 -263) Victoria range of picture postcards all with Up-Train Victoria cds’s 1906-1907. Picture sides range from views to music hall stars to humour. 11 cards. Price $165

V196) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 1d Brown SG 26, ample margins but just touching at upper left & lower right, indistinct barred oval cancel, Cat £140, Price $119

V206) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Bright blue SG 29, two good margins, close to touching at top and right, indistinct barred oval cancels, Cat £75, Price $69

V273) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Bright blue & Greenish-blue SG 29/29a, both with variety ‘Wear in the NE corner and N & C of PENCE joined’ Accompanying annotation states this variety is found at ‘Position 19 in the transfer block of 24’ margins range from none to good, SG 29a has a corner nick, interesting pair from different printings showing matching varieties, Price $109

V208) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Prussian blue, SG 30, three large margins, close at base, indistinct barred oval cancel, Cat £110, Price $109

V209) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Milky blue, SG 30a, close to just cut into margins on three sides, large margin at right, indistinct cancel, Cat £160, Price $99

V210) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Steel blue SG 31, good, even margins all round, indistinct barred oval cancel, Cat £70, Price $79

V212) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Blue SG 31b, three good margins, just touching at base, indistinct cancel, Cat £50, Price $49

V274) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Deep blue SG 31c with variety ‘White diagonal line from sceptre to the N of PENCE’ no margins. Still quite a striking variety, Price $49

V271) Victoria 1854-57 QV Half-length Campbell & Fergusson printing on poorer quality paper 3d Blue, four examples with a range of shades, SG 29-31 mostly close to no margins, some minor faults, min Cat £200, Price $129

MY34) Victoria 1854 6d Orange- Yellow Woodblock, Rouletted all four sides, SG 57, lovely example with No. 1 Barred Numeral. Cat. 95 pounds. Price $139

MM41) Victoria 1854 Woodblock, 1/- Red & Blue registered stamp,  4 margins used, with clean strike of V oval handstamp. Budget priced at $149

MN15) Victoria 6d Dull Orange Woodblock, 2 margin example SG32a on small entire to London, with clear 1V oval cancel, and Melbourne oval SE 2 1855 on reverse with Red London received marking NO28 1855. Neat little item, and very cheap at $119

MF21) Victoria 1857 small cover to London, bearing 2d & 6d Woodblocks, with 3rd adhesive sadly removed. “Per Colombian” V1 cancel of Melbourne, and oval JY 22 on reverse, vermillion arrival paid cds on face 25 SEP 1857. Attractive and rare early cover. Price $169

AP38) Victoria 1858 6d Orange Woodblock on cover to Ireland. Nice clean 2 margin example franked by barred numeral 1 of Melbourne to Mallow, Co. Cork, via Dublin with arrival cds of  AU 16 1858. Scarce and attractive, price $195

FE75) Victoria 6d Woodblock, 4 margins on 1858 small neat cover Melbourne to Dublin, tied by Barred Numeral 1. Melbourne oval departure cds Jan 6 1858 and Dublin arrival cds MR 16 1858 on reverse. Sent “Per Colombian” Stamp has been affixed inverted, which would probably be to alert the addressee of bad news. We had a similar cover on last month’s list which I could have sold 3 times over, this one is nicer, as is to a way scarcer destination. $395, now reduced, just $295

J24) Victoria 1880’s Stamp Duties, postally used, comprising 6d Blue, 3/- Grey, 5/- Purple, 5/- Red, Two Pounds Blue. Lovely group. Retail $325, my price $289

MM44) Victoria 1884 – 1901 1/- Stamp Duty, pale blue on pale yellow, fine mint lightly hinged. Retail $200, my price $149

Western Australia

MM10) Western Australia 1854 Sg 1, Sc# 1; 1d Black Swan Superb VFU 4 margins with neat numeral cancel 1 of Perth cv $500++ Nicest you will find! $350

J8) Western Australia 1860-64 2d Orange Swan Imperf, SG 25, lovely mint (no gum)  Block of 4 with 4 margins. Blocks are very rare. Cat $1100, price $749

SE39) Western Australia 1860 -64, 6d Sage Green Imperf, SG28, Local Printing, 3 margins, postally used. Cat. $800, rare stamp, but with repaired tear at top where hinge has been carelessly removed. Nice looker. My price $159

J22) Western Australia 1860 6d sage green, Rouletted. Very fine used with small part blue duplex cancel, clear roulettes on 3 sides, imperf at top. SG32, cat $1350, one of the nicest examples I have seen. Very minor faults do not detract. Price $1125

MY20) Western Australia 1860-64 6d sage green, rouletted. Lovely used example with light barred cancel in blue. SG32 cat 650 pounds. SG is way too cheap on these rouletted stamps. This is in a lighter shade and a bigger stamp than our item J22 which is priced at $1125.This one is better….price $1249

MN27) WESTERN AUSTRALIA 1861 4D VERMILION SWAN, SG40, PERF 14 very fine used, MISPERFED so that the word Postage appears beneath Fourpence! Usually misperfs of this order are never seen on Western Australia Stamps. A few years ago I sold a similar misperf on a South Australia long type 8d blue at a Prestige Auction for $1000 plus the buyers’ premium.  Cat. as normal is 180 pounds. Price for this rarity $795

FE93) Western Australia 1861 4d Vermilion, cds dated SP 27 1867. SG40, retail $350. My price $198

J9) Western Australia 1882-85 2d Yellow Swan, SG 77. Mint unhinged top right corner marginal block of 4, very fresh. Cat $350 as hinged. Unhinged are worth 3 x the price! Price $449


APD532) Australia 1914 6d Claret Engraved Kookaburra, well centred postally used example, unusually with Late Fee cancel. Price $75

APD527) Australia 1927-30 selection perf OS, fresh mint unhinged. Comprises 1½d Canberra, 3d Kookaburra, 3d Airmail both types A & B, 2d 3d Sturt & 1½d Swan. Price $259 

APD529) Australia 1928 3d Kookaburra minisheet, light hinge in selvedge. Lower right marginal corner crease. Cheap at $125

MJN38) Australia 1932 1/- Large Lyre, scarcer yellow green shade in imprint block of 4. hinged on top two stamps. Gum a little aged. Retail $525, price $395

APD440) Australia 1932 1/- Large Lyre ovpt. OS, scarcer yellow green shade mint unhinged. Overprint misplaced to left. Price $140

APD531) Australia 1932 5/- Harbour bridge, cto with gum. Well centred with just one nibbed perf at top centre. Price $225

FE63) Australia 1934 MacArthur, mint unhinged set of 3 (no dark hills 2d) usually $120, now just $89, or the set of 4 with dark hills usually $145 for $109

APD517) Australia 1934 2d MacArthur DARK HILLS gutter imprint block. Lightly hinged on upper two stamps only. Cat. $200 & in our opinion way under-priced. $225 

APD418) Australia, 1934. Airmail Stamp Hermes No Watermark. MUH. Price: $67.50

MJN33) Australia 1937 1/- Lyrebird, perf 13.5 x 14, Imprint block of 4, with the longer 42.5mm imprint. Hinged on top two stamps only. Retail $450, price $335

APD395A) Australia, 1937, King George VI, First Series Die 1a (Shaved I of Australia) MUH. Price $225

APD426) Australia 1938 1d Green Queen Elizabeth coil strip of 4, mint unhinged. Cat. $250 for a pair. Price $375

APD530) Australia 1941 5½d on 5d Ram, MISPLACED OVERPRINT in horiz. Pair. MUH. Rarely seen in multiples. Surcharge is low, descending into the margin at base by 3mm.Cat. $375 each, supplied with normal for comparison. Price $559 

APD420) Australia 1949 Arms High Values 10/- to £2, fresh mint unhinged. Price $165 (3 available)

D3) Australia 1954 Red Cross 3.5d, commercially used with light slogan cancel, showing clear double print of the cross. Not recorded in ACSC. Supplied with normal for comparison. Double prints such as this frequently catalogue around $5000. Price $1950

APD528) Australia 1959/64 Flowers set of 5 in mint unhinged blocks of 4. Price $62.50

FE88) Australia 1960 Girl Guides 5d, with offset, ACSC 377c, From a possibly unique block of 48 mint unhinged. Cat. $75 per stamp. I have seen a block of 4 on eBay recently offered by a well-known Sydney firm for $175. Blocks of 4 at $149 or singles at $39

APD525) Australia 1961 – 65 Helicon issues set of 12 Mint Unhinged, price $45

APD526) Australia 1963 Pre-decimal Navigators set of 6 to £2, fine used. Price $95 

APD524) Australia 1963/4 Birds set of 8  in MUH blocks of 4, inc. 2/5d Wren Cream Paper, price 

Australia Decimal

MD24) Australia 1973 7c Metric Conversion, ACSC 623c, missing pink, with normal for comparison, postally used. Vary attractive and scarce rarity, cat. $1500 as mint unhinged. (see note 1 in ACSC)
Price $695

MY42) Australia 1988 80c Living Together, Missing Orange (Sand and Juggling Balls) postally used. Uncatalogued and believed unique. Supplied with certificate of authenticity and normal for comparison. Price $1450

Australian Postage Dues

PDA37) Australia 1922-30 3rd watermark 1½d Carmine & yellow-green ACSC D107C, a corner block of 48 from the top left of the sheet, with the ACSC listed varieties at LP1 & LP22, and value plate variety ‘e’, an amazingly fresh and fine large multiple, completely unhinged Mint, Cat minimum $660 as single stamps, Price $799

PDA38) Australia 1922-30 3rd watermark perf 11 4d Carmine & yellow-green ACSC D111, corner block of 28 from the lower right of the sheet, approx.. ten units are affected by tiny gum tone spots, others are fresh MUH, catalogue $1400 as singles, Price $799

Australian First Day Covers

AFD1269) Australia 1936 3d Cable on commercial FDC to the US, Sydney pictorial machine cancel with clear ‘1 APR/1936’ date, some faint discolouration around the stamp and at left, the ACSC has a catalogue value of $175 for the set on philatelic FDC, commercial first day use is much scarcer, Price $199

FE46) Australia 1937, 3d Blue KGVI Die I, 6d Kookaburra & 1/- Lyrebird on small plain registered FDC, Enmore NSW to Christchurch NZ. No toning as usually seen on these covers! Retail in this condition $200 plus. My price just $125

AFD1631) Australia 1942 1½d Green Queen Elizabeth small plain accidental fdc. Cancelled by Melbourne machine cancel of 1 DEC 1942. Neat and clean hand addressed cover. Cat. $600. Price $449

AFD1140) Australia 1946 Mitchell set on ‘Set Makers’ FDC with ‘Officially altered to 14th Oct 1946’ typed above cachet, neat typed address, Price $39

AFD1141) Australia 1946 Mitchell set on ‘Smyth’ FDC (issue date corrected by over typing), neat typed address, Price $29

AFD1268) Australia 1948 2½d Von Mueller on ‘Smyth’ FDC’s in blue and green (the two recorded colours), both with neat typed address, Price $34.50

AFD1270) Australia 1951 KGVI definitives 3d red, 3½d (pairs) & 7½d on three matching ‘Royal’ generic FDC’s, all addressed, Price $49

AFD1271) Australia 1951 KGVI definitives 3d Green pair & 3½d Brown on two matching ‘Haslem’ ‘Pastoral scene’ FDC’s, addressed, Price $34.50

AFD1142) Australia 1952 4½d & 6½d Brown horizontal pairs on registered ‘Stewarts’ FDC, typed address (post code altered in manuscript), Price $25

AFD1145) Australia 1956 Olympics set on PO ‘Hermes’ FDC, with five different pictorial Games postmarks, all dated 2nd November, 3 days after the day of issue, unaddressed, unusual, Price $29


APH1174) Australia 1913 1d Red Kangaroo Die I on taxed cover to London, with original contents. Cancelled by Coominya Qld. Cds of 5 NOV 13 (confirmed by enclosure) 3 page correspondence clearly exceeds ½ ounce rate. H/stamped 20/CTMS/T & 2d F.B. Price $96

APH1294) Australia 1918 Fox Film Corp. (Australasia) Ltd Small Advertising cover to the USA. Bears 2d Die 1 Grey 3rd wmk Kangaroo & ½d Green Lge. Multi Wmk. KGV Head. Cancelled by Sydney machine canceller of MY 11 1918. Neat typewritten cover, slightly aged and opened a little roughly at top. A scarce historic cover from the days of the silent movies! Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (Australia) Pty. Limited was founded in 1916. The company's line of business today includes providing auxiliary services for motion picture distribution. Price $189

MM18) Australia 1927 small registered cover, bearing 6d Chestnut 3rd wmk. Kangaroo to Coogee to San Diego USA, cancelled by full clear strike of Coogee cds, 24 AUG 27. Arrival cds of Sep 19 1927. Fine and attractive with red Reg. label No. 2495. Cat $150. Price $97.50

APH1034) Australia 1928 Interesting postal history item for Australian and US postage due collectors and for movie star mail buffs. Australia KGV I I/2d red, looks like SG 87, sent from Albury, New South Wales, on Feb. 24 1928. Addressed to USA, so it was underpaid by 1 I/2d. A New South Wales "T" marking was added on the front, and a large boxed notice was added on the reverse by the Australia Postal Department, telling the recipient to return the envelope to the sender and advise them of the proper postage rate to "your country." Upon arrival in US a 5c precanceled postage due was added, probably Scott #J64. The cover was sent to Miss Dolores Costello. Miss Costello at that time was a well-known silent movie star. She first appeared in a movie with her then well-known father, Maurice Costello, in 1911 at age 7. While in New York, she met Lou Cristillo, who, after meeting her, took her last name for his stage name and later became well known as part of the Abbott and Costello team. In 1924,after appearing in the New York Production of "George White Scandals," she signed with Warner Brothers Studio in California. This cover must have been sent to her shortly after she signed with that studio. In 1928 she married John Barrymore. They later divorced, after having 2 children, DeDe and John Drew. Her last movie was "This is the Army" in 1943. She died in 1979. Great little cover for whoever grabs it. Price $79

MF27) Australia 31 JAN 1930 cover Sydney – Chicago, bearing 3d Blue KGV SMW perf 13.5 x 12.5, perf OS, Type A. Cat $150 on cover. Price $110

MD40) AUSTRALIA 1932 5/- GREY & YELLOW KANGAROO C of A wmk, used on small COMMERCIAL AIRMAIL ADVERTISING COVER TO HAMBURG, GERMANY via GREECE, with clear Sydney Airmail cds 25 JE 1935, with Additional 1/- Large Lyre and 2d KGV Jubilee. Neat typewritten cover, with usual toning around stamps. Very attractive! Recently sold a similar, but large cover for $1150, this one just $950

FE45) Australia 1934 MacArthur set of 3 on Registered Illustrated 1934 Victorian Centenary Philatelic  fdc to Timaru NZ, with registered Public Offices Victoria C2 Label No. 264. Also Public Offices cds 1st Nov. 1934. Scarce and attractive. Cat $550. Price $395

APH1212) Australia 1936 small airmail advertising cover for Robert Bryce & Co. Melbourne. Bears 9d solo use (affixed upside down) of C of A wmk violet Kangaroo. Neat typed address to Batavia, Java. Cancelled by Melbourne slogan of 3 MAR 36 “USE POSTAL DISTRICT/ NUMBER IN MELBOURNE/SUBURBAN ADDRESSES” Reverse bears Batavia arrival cds of 7.3.36. Rare survivor! Price $89

APH1290) Australia 1936 Small OHMS cover to USA. PMG’s dept. cover with PO Communications (Hermes) logo on face. Bears 3d Cable, cancelled by Sydney Slogan of 24 SEP 1936 “SOUTH AUSTRALIA/CENTENARY/CELEBRATIONS/1936” Also with Oval Records NSW h/stamp in violet of the same date. Neat typewritten cover. Flap bears the slogan “THE PARCELS POST/REACHES EVERYWHERE/TO EVERY HOME IN/AUSTRALIA,/TO EVERY HOME/ABROAD” Sensational little cover! Price $98  

APH1288) Australia 1937 small Airmail cover Sydney – Monaco. Sent from Union Bank of Australia on bank advertising envelope to Barclays Bank (France) at Monte Carlo. Bears 2 x 9d Violet C of A Kangaroos plus 3d KGV & 1d Green Die 1 Queen Elizabeth. All cancelled by Sydney Airmail Late Fee cds’s of 4JE37. Reverse bears transit cds of Marseille 15 VI 37 & arrival  slogan of Monte Carlo of the following day “MONTE – CARLO/CLIMATE IDEAL/TOUS LES SPORTS”  Slight aging and roughly opened at back. Flap bears the embossed seal of the bank. Neat collectable cover with nice tri-colour franking. Rare destination, price $149

APH1032) Australia 1938. Unusual official use of 1/4d KGV Turquoise stamp on cover: To Army Headquarters in Delhi India - re-directed to SIMLA India, paying the seldom seen 2/7d Airmail rate from here. Crest of envelope flap has a blue Commonwealth of Australia Coat of Arms so Perforated OS stamps SHOULD have been used, as clearly an Official OHMS sending, on official purposes. Late use of the KGV 1/4d - the 1/4d Magenta KGVI was not issued for another few months in 1938. It is also a very late use of the 1/- Large Lyre as the small 1/- Lyre version was issued in 1937. That and the 1/4d KGV stamps are in very fine condition. Stamps cancelled with "REGISTERED - 4 MY - ELIZABETH STREET - MELBOURNE" and also back-stamped thus. Also has the normal ''REGISTERED MELBOURNE 3 - 4 MY 38'' cds backstamp. Addressed to Lt. Colonel H.S. Browne, D.S.O., M.C., Army Headquarters, Delhi India. and has "DELHI GPO - 13 MY 38" backstamp. And arrival cds of re-direction "SECRETARIAT - 11.45 AM - 14 MY 38 - SIMLA", and part on reverse of the paper "R.P.-31" - India Registered label denoting collection as per India Post rules -  ''Each item should bear a label signed by the head postmaster and treasurer - in Form RP-31 or RP-1 in respect of each registered (including insured) article'' Price $449

APH819) Australia 1940 Small airmail cover to UK. Bears 3 x 6d Brown Airmails placed vertically. 1st time I have seen this make up for the 1/6d Airmail rate. Cancelled by Melbourne slogan of 24 FEB 1940 “USE POSTAL/CODE NUMBER/IN MELBOURNE/AND SUBURBAN/ADDRESSES” Opened a little roughly at top. Lower stamp is uncancelled due to placement. Neat hand addressed cover, the 6d Airmail is cat. At $100 on cover. Price $66

APH854) Australia 1946 long airmail commercial cover to USA. Bears 10/- Robes thick paper & 2/- C of A Kangaroo cancelled by Sydney slogan of 13 Jun 1946 “CHECK ADDRESS/IF INCORRECT/ADVISE SENDER” Neat and clean typed address cover Price $325

J18) Australia, Mutual Life and Citizens Assurance Company Limited advertising covers, 1940’s to 60s vintage, Seven long covers, all overweight and taxed with various postage dues, all tied by cds cancels. Values to 1/-. Rare assembly! $239 the lot

MY7) Australia 1947 local advertising cover for Jack & Jill florists, Railway Station Adelaide, bearing 1.5d green Queen Elizabeth, tied by Adelaide slogan “Send money by postal note or money order” with cds of 3 DEC 1947. Price $22

APH1231) Australia 1949 variety on airmail advertising cover to Sydney.  Port Huon Fruit growers’ Co-operative Assn. Printed cover Bears 5½d Emu cancelled by AIRCRAFT PICTORIAL Hobart slogan of 13 SEP 1949 “JOIN THE R.A.A.F. /THE SERVICE WITH A FUTURE” Light central fold does not detract. Stamp has variety “Retouched clouds above emu” type II ACSC 232na. Cat. $60 as a used stamp off cover. Price $225

BD759) Australia 1951 small surface mail cover to Natural History Museum Switzerland. Bears solo use 5½d Emu cancelled by Melbourne slogan of 9 APR 1951 “COM’LTH ELECTIONS/VOTING/COMPULSORY” This stamp was only valid for the foreign letter rate from 1st December 1950 – 8th July 1951. Scarce survivor & Neat typed address, price $29

TS313) Australia 1952 small registered cover Dooen – Toorak Vic. Bears horiz pr. 3½d & single 5½d Gloucester to make correct 1/0½d registered letter rate. Cancelled by Dooen cds & with Dooen R6 reg’n label No. 486. Reverse bears Melbourne registered cds & Toorak 12 FE 52 arrival cds. Nice make up rate cover. Price $29

MM33) Australia 1952 small neat typed address surface mail cover bearing 5d on 4.5d Violet KGV, plus 3d Red sideface KGVI to make 8d rate to USA.  Has been neatly opened at top. Scarce dual reign commercial cover cancelled by a clean single GPO Sydney cds of 27 FE 52 the 5d alone being cat at $200 on cover. Price $149

APH80) Australia 1954 A6 size manilla envelope to USA. Bears 5/- Arms plus 1/- perf 14.75 x 14 Lyrebird to make triple Airmail rate. No airmail etiquette has been attached however. Cancelled by Melbourne machine canceler of 6 OCT 1954. Neat typewritten cover with some wrinkling at top. 5/- cat. $40 on cover. Price $29

NS606) Australia 1956 small airmail cover to UK. Bears solo usage 2/- Green Olympics cancelled by WARRAMBOO SA cds of 31JA56. Neat typed address to King Edward VII School, King’s Lynn. Cat. $40 on cover. Price $29

MF36) Australia 1958 Memorial Pair, lower marginal block of 4 (2 pairs) together with 2d Green Queen Elizabeth (QM) to make 2/- Airmail rate to UK, on small Airmail cover to Portswood, Southampton UK, with Melbourne Boxed machine cancel of 18 MAR 1958. A pair is rare on cover, this is almost certainly a unique combination usage. Price $249

APH803) Australia 1958 small re-addressed & taxed airmail cover to UK with 1959 Anpex label. Bears 1/0½d KGVI plus 4d Olympics & 4d Responsible Govt. underpaying the 2/- airmail rate by 3½d. Re-addressed London W.1. to Surbiton, Surrey. Boxed violet Tax handstamp applied ties the Anpex label. Cancelled by GPO Sydney cds’s of 8AP58 and with London W1 machine cancel of 14 APR 1958 on face. Slit open at top. Nice dual reign cover. Price $29

APH242) Australia 1958 small surface mail cover to UK. Bears 3½d & 4d 1958 Christmas to make correct 7½d surface rate. Cancelled by machine canceler of Fremantle WA of 13 NOV 1958. Rare to see complete set on commercial cover. Price $33

APH824) Australia 1958 long airmail cover to Yorkshire Imperial Metals Ltd. Bears 5/- Arms, 2/- no wmk. Crocodile, 7d RFDS & 2d green sideface Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Totally 7/9d, underpaying the quadruple rate by 3d. Nice commercial dual reign cover. Neat typewritten address, opened roughly at right stamps undamaged. Price $36


APH1159) Australia 1940 censored re-addressed airmail envelope to Sydney. Bears solo use 9d Violet C of A wmk. Kangaroo cancelled by clear Field Post Office 122 cds of 9 DE 40, (Palestine), also with boxed violet passes by censor No. 1996. Stamp has retouched lower right corner, not listed in ACSC. Rare survivor, price $539 

NS623) Australia 1958 small cover to Glen Iris Vic. cancelled MIL. P.O. PUCKAPUNYAL machine cancel of 19 MAR 1958. Bears 1953 1d QEII Violet and circular violet “DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY/CONCESSION/441/POSTAGE PAID” h/stamp. Neat clean cover. Price $29

NS616) Australia 1958 small OHMS Education Dept. Vic. cover to Bendigo Vic. cancelled MIL. P.O. PUCKAPUNYAL machine cancel of 19 MAR 1958. Bears 4d Claret QEII booklet stamp. Also clear offset of the postmark on reverse. Booklet pane on cover cat. $250, and even singles are scarce. Neat clean cover. Price $39

APH1292) Australia 1958 Registered air Greetings size cover to Germany. Bears 3d Green 1953  QEII & 10/- Arms in the Bright Violet shade. Cancelled by Pott’s Point NSW cds of 15DE58 and Pott’s  Point R6 reg’n label No. 5006. Rate is 5 x the 2/- Airmail letter rate, plus 3d registration fee. A tad aged, and 10/- has blunt top right corner, nevertheless a scarce rates cover. The 10/- Cat $150 on cover, price $110 
APH821) Australia 1959 small registered airmail advertising cover Australian National Airlines to American Airlines Inc. Bears 5/- Arms & 3d 1959 Green Blue QEII. Total 5/3d… rates experts work it out please, maybe includes insurance. Cancelled by Collins St. Melbourne cds of 14JY59 and with reverse Registered Melbourne cds of the same day. Tulsa double ring arrival h/stamp in purple of JUL 17 1959. Also Collins St. R6 Reg’n label No. 6332. Price $59

APH822) Australia 1959 small registered airmail advertising cover for Ansett-A.N.A. to American Airlines Inc. Bears 5/- Arms 2/- Flannel Flower & 3d 1959 Green Blue QEII. Total 7/3d It was mailed 29 September 1959 beating the registration fee increase that came in on 1 October, so the reg’n fee was 1/3d. Triple weight at 2/- per half ounce would explain the other 6/-.   Cancelled by Melbourne GPO cds of 29SEP59 and with reverse Registered Melbourne cds of the next day. Tulsa double ring arrival h/stamp in purple of OCT 2 1959. Also GPO Spencer St. R6 Reg’n label No. 3197. Price $59

APH1287) Australia 1964 A5 sized airmail cover from the Royal Commonwealth Society to their Sec. General, Col. D. K. Daniels, CBE at their headquarters in London. Presumably contained a newsletter, or similar. Bears 10/- Arms in the Dull Purple shade along with 5/- Stockman Cream Paper and 9d Magpie. Cancelled by Brisbane cds’s of 24 MR 64 . The rate being 7 x the 2/3d Airmail letter rate. A great rates cover with rare franking. The 10/- Navigator had been issued 26 days earlier, however residual  stocks of the 10/- Arms would doubtless have been still on sale, since it was not a greatly used value. Neat typewritten cover. Price $225


APH548) Argentina 1904. 3 x undivided back picture postcards to Launceston, Tasmania. All with views of and cancelled Buenos Aires between January & December 1904 and used with either a single 6c or 3 x 2c definitives. One dated Christmas Day. Neat and clean, scarce survivors. Nice Trio, price $72

GB210) Great Britain 1949 BPA/PTS airmail registered FDC to Sydney. Full set cancelled by Rosendale Road, Dulwich, London S.E.21 cds of 10 OC 49, and with Dulwich 1 blue reg’n label No. 3255. Reverse bears Sydney 106 transit cds of 17OC49 and Burwood NSW arrival cds of the following day. Neat handwritten cover, a little foxing around adhesives and labels. Price $55

S1382) Great Britain 1951 Festival of Britain FDC to Springvale, Vic. Cancelled by Battersea, London machine cancel of 3 MAY 1951. Neat handwritten cover, slit open at right. Price $35

First Flight Covers

PNG367) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds overprinted ‘Airmail’ 3½d Aniline carmine with ‘Post Office/16AP36/WAU’ cds also with Australian 2d Cable with ‘HAY/3AP36/N.S.W.’ cds on Flight cover addressed to Hay which appears to have been carried on the Adelaide to Wau via Hay (NSW) flight by N. Brearley and E.J.Stephens, AAMC P98, with typed ‘PER FAVOUR OF/MAJOR BREARLEY/HAY – WAU’. The Wau arrival stamps on front and back are dated ‘16AP36’ whereas the AAMC indicates the covers carried on this flight were cancelled on arrival in Wau on the 17th of April 36, interesting and unusual cover, Cat $450 for the Adelaide – Wau flight, however this appears to be a Hay – Wau – Hay Boomerang cover which is unlisted in the AAMC, Price $499

PNG368) New Guinea 1931 Huts overprinted ‘Airmail’ 3d Blue SG 141 on 1932 First Flight cover Lae to Salamaua with boxed red stamped/typed cachet AAMC P41, light central vertical filing fold, Cat $225, Price $169

PNG389) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds overprinted ‘Airmail’ 1/- Pale blue-green SG 199 on 1936 Flight cover with typed ‘Per ‘Lockheed’ plane/Wau-Brisbane Flight/23..11..1936’ with Wau 23 November cds and ‘AIR MAIL/9-A26NO36/SYDNEY N.S.W’ AAMC P108a, some minor faults due to careless opening, Cat $425, Price $349

AFC140) Australia 1939 Brisbane to Gladstone Qantas first flight. 2d red and 3d Air both tied crisp ''BRISBANE AIR MAIL - 12 SP 38 – QLD'', and crisp back stamp of Gladstone. AAMC says a ''small mail'' was carried. This collector had a page note that only FIFTY were carried, and that would not surprise me. Never seen one before. AAMC 827 - $100 – 11 years back. SUPERB fresh condition for 81 years old. The NEW AAMC is out end year. Prices LIKELY will be WAY UP on these scarcer pieces. Addressed to very well-known collector Saville Sheard in his very distinctive handwriting. This is so nice we are asking 10% above catalogue for this. $110

AFC65) TEAL 2 May 1940 First regular airmail flight between Australia and New Zealand, from Paterson NSW to Christchurch (AAMC900). Plain cover franked with 5d Ram. CV $100, price $65

AFC114) As above, attractive cover from Norwood, South Australia to Dannevirke. Censored cacheted cover, franked with 1d Queen Die II and 4d Koala. CV $100, price $79

AFC115) First official airmail cover Australia – New Zealand 10 April 1934 from Sydney to Wellington (AAMC369) franked with a pair of 3d Airmail and 1d Green KGV. Has both horizontal and vertical ironed creases, affecting the left 3d. CV $60, price $35

AFC117) As above, similar franking to Timaru, without creases! CV $60, price $49

AFC116) As above, similar franking again to Timaru. CV $60, price $49

AFC118) Southern Cross Trans-Tasman Airmail 29 March 1934 from Newton NZ to Sydney (AAMC367). Franked with 7d brown-orange airmail, the cover has a frontal stain. CV $50, price $35

AFC121) First official airmail cover Australia – New Zealand 10 April 1934 from Sydney to Timaru (AAMC369) franked with a pair of 3d Airmail and 1d Green KGV. CV $60, price $49

AFC123) As above, similar franking to Timaru, somewhat stained. CV $60, price $35

AFC122) First official Trans-Tasman Airmail NZ-Australia 17 February 1934 (AAMC360), franked with 7d Blue overprinted airmail, addressed to Orlo-Smith, Melbourne. CV $75, price $59

AFC130) Trans-Tasman flight 10 April 1934, “boomerang” uprated uncacheted 2d pre-printed KGV cover (AAMC371), franked with 3d Airmail and 4d Olive KGV, with 7d Brown-orange NZ airmail for return flight. Some staining. CV $50, price $39

AFC132) Trans-Tasman flight 10 April 1934 from Sydney to Christchurch (AAMC369), franked with 6d Sepia and 1d KGV. CV $60, price $45

AFC133) Southern Cross Trans-Tasman Airmail 29 March 1934 from Kaitaia NZ to Sydney (AAMC367). Franked with 7d brown-orange airmail. CV $50, price $42

AFC134) As above, “boomerang” cover from Dunedin, franked with 7d Brown-orange (damaged) and a pair of 1d Green KGV for the return journey. CV $50, price $42

AFC57) Qantas first Round the World Service 14 January 1958 (AAMC1386), Sydney to Sydney, franked with 2 x 2/- Qantas. CV $15, price $12

AFC55) TEAL 30th Anniversary of first Trans-Tasman flight “boomerang” WCS cachet cover (AAMC1395a), franked with 2 x 8d Anniversary. CV $20, price $16

AFC19) Trans-Tasman flight 10 April 1934, “boomerang” cover from Sydney (AAMC371), franked with 3d Airmail, 3d KGV and 1d KGV with 7d Brown-orange NZ airmail for return flight. CV $50, price $42

AFC64) Round Australia Commonwealth Jubilee commemoration 7 December 1951 (AAMC1286), with a very attractive hand-drawn cachet of an aircraft over Australia enclosed in a compass in red, blue and yellow. Unusual, priced at $35

AFC111) Trans-Tasman flight 14 April 1934, Timaru to Sandringham, Melbourne (AAMC370), franked with 7d Brown-orange NZ airmail. CV $60, price $49

AFC113) TEAL first flight regular airmail between Australia and New Zealand 30 April 1940 (AAMC899) illustrated cover from Auckland to Sydney, franked with NZ 5d Centennial. CV $100, price $79

AFC125) As above, NZ 1d KGVI pre-printed cover (not illustrated) from Gore to Ascot, Queensland, uprated with 1d and 5d Centennials. CV $100, price $79

AFC127) As above, illustrated cover from Wellington to Cremorne, NSW, franked with a pair of NZ 2½d Centennials. CV $100, price $79

AFC128) As above, cacheted cover from Rozelle, NSW to Hawkes Bay (AAMC900), franked with 2d Red KGVI and 3d Blue KGVI. CV $100, price $79

AFC129) As above, cacheted cover from Wellington to East Malvern, Victoria (AAMC899), franked with ½d, 1d, 1½d and 2d Centennials. CV $100, price $79

AFC81) First Official Airmail Australia – New Guinea and Papua 24 July 1934, intermediate cover from Melbourne to Townsville, no cachet (AAMC395a). Franked with 2d Red and 2 x 3d Blue Victoria Centenary. CV “from” $50, price $42


NO10) AAT  decimal definitive mint unhinged, SG 8 – 18, advertised retail $65, my price under a third $21

AT4) Christmas Island, 2004 Year of the Monkey minisheet overprinted Hong Kong Stamp Expo. Cancelled at the exhibition with AP Koala Pictorial Cancellation. Price $57.50

PNG373) New Guinea 1925-27 Huts 2d to 9d SG 127 to 131 on 1929 large Registered cover Salamua to the UK, edge faults mainly at top and base, adhesives are unaffected, also with two ‘Globus’ red, white & blue star stickers used as seals on reverse, attractive cover, Price $219

PNG362) New Guinea 1925-27 Huts 6d Yellow-brown SG 130b + 1931 Dated birds 5d SG 155 on 1932 Registered cover to Zurich, some faint perf toning, Price $119

PNG366 New Guinea 1931 Huts overprinted ‘Airmail’ 9d Violet SG 144 on 1931 Registered Airmail cover Rabaul to the UK, backstamped Rabaul, Sydney & Perth, fresh & attractive, Price $59

PNG365) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds & undated birds overprinted ‘Airmail’ 3½d Aniline –carmine SG 180a & 194a, a pair of each on 1934 Registered cover to NSW, Price $79

NI245) Norfolk Is. 1960 10/- Tropic Bird Specimen Ovpt. Bottom Right. Fresh mint unhinged, centred high. Sydney retail $110, price $65

NI242) Norfolk Is. 1968 3c Queen Coil STRONG OFFSET. Mint unhinged strip of 3. Stunning variety, price $149. (2 available)

NI243) Norfolk Is. 1968 5c Queen Coil STRONG OFFSET. Mint unhinged single. Stunning variety, price $49. (3 available)


M41) GB 1840 2d Blue SG 5a, with variety, double corner letters, 4 margins, close in places lettered O A . Cat $2300. Very scarce stamp, under 20% catalogue, $495

AP31) GB 1840 2d Blue,SG5  nice 4 margin (close at left) with clean strike of black Maltese Cross cancel. Lettered BL. Min. Catalogue $1800, price $649

NO35) GB 1841 1d Red Brown with lovely clear strike of No. 4 in Maltese Cross. This is the scarcest of all the numbers in cross and catalogued at 600 pounds = approx.  $960. This example has 3.5 very big margins. Priced at 40% cat, only $385 this is indeed a bargain!

SE30) GB 1859, small neat entire, bearing 6d deep lilac, no corner letters, SG 69, tied by neat London EC duplex of DE 21 59 to Andalucia, Spain. Arrival cds on reverse of Cadiz. Fascinating contents re the purchase of 20 butts of Cod Liver Oil @ 45 pounds per butt., to be shipped to Gibraltar. The butt was a measure of liquid volume equalling two hogsheads. This equated to 108 imperial gallons (490 l) for ale or 126 imperial gallons (570 litres) In today’s terms around 15 cents a litre. The stamp cat. 225 pounds on cover. Price $149

MAP25) GB 1883 1/- Dull Green. SG 196, vfu in correct colour. Cat 300 pounds, nice socked on nose cds, price $149

NO49) GB 1883 5/- Rose Pink QV, SG 180, lovely well centred mint light hinge example with fresh white gum. Cat $2350, my price just $795

MF39) GB 1925 Wembley 1d used on front of picture postcard “A typical bungalow in the colony Sierra Leone” posted at the exhibition with special Wembley slogan to Onehunga, New Zealand. Rare usage. $96

FE11) Great Britain 1939 – 48 Square High Values set of 6. Both 2/6d values are mint unhinged, also the 10/- light blue and one pound. 5/- & 10/- dark blue are lightly hinged. Retail $450, price $329

FE12) Great Britain 1951 Festival High Values, set of 4. 2/6d & 5/- are light hinge, 10/- & One Pound mint unhinged. Retail $90 Price $69

FE77) GB 1951 Festival HVs set of 4, SG 509/12 MLH, cat 100 pounds, price $57.50

GB222) Great Britain 1955 Waterlow High Value Castles 2/6d - £1 SG 536 – 9. Fresh well centred mint unhinged. Cat. £285. Price $249

GB184) Great Britain 1959 2nd De la Rue High Value Castles 2/6d - £1 SG 595 – 8. Fresh well centred mint lightly hinged. Cat. £280. Price $149

FE13) GB 1959 One Pound Windsor Castle. 2nd DLR printing. Mint lightly hinged. Retail $80, price $59

GB207) Great Britain 1964 Botanical Congress FDC , Philatelic Bureau London FDI cancel, typewritten to Darlington Co. Durham. Neat & clean cover. Price $35


BC844) Antigua 1862 QV 6d Blue-Green SG1, MNG with expertiser’s marks on reverse. Very attractive. CV £800, price $650

BC846) Ascension 1922 KGV 1/- Black on Green of St Helena overprinted, SG9 MH with excellent gum. CV £28, price $39

BC866) British Occupation of Italian Colonies 1943 KGVI EAF set SGS1-9 MH. CV £55, price $74

BC281) British Solomon Islands 1939-51 KGVI Pictorials 2/- & 2/6d SG 69 & 70, Mint, Price $29

BC861) Canada 1942-3 KGVI Special Delivery Stamps perf OHMS SGS14-16 MUH. CV £63, price $85

D6) Cape of Good Hope 1853 4d deep blue Triangular, SG2, nice  example lightly cancelled, no faults with 2.5 good margins. Cat 275 pounds, price under a half $219

D8) Cape of Good Hope 1863 1d red brown Triangular, SG18b, medium cancel, no faults, lovely rich colour, 3 big margins. Cat 350 pounds, price $345

D9) Cape of Good Hope 1863 1/- Bright Emerald Green Triangular, SG21. 3 good margins, medium cancel, cat. 700 pounds. Lovely stamp, missing from most collections. Price $749

BC857) Cayman Islands 1900 QV ½d Deep Green & Pale Green, one MH, one used SG1 and SG1a. CV £43, price $55

BC847) Cayman Islands 1900 QV 1d Rose-carmine SG2 MH, gorgeous colour, but a small hinge tone on reverse. CV £17, price $22

BC610) Dominica 1921 KGV 1½d Orange SG64 VFU. CV £22, price $29

MN5) Falkland Is. Dependencies 1956 2.5d & 3d Definitives SG G42/43 on neat small commercial seamail cover to Germany, cancelled by a single clean Port Lockroy, Grahamland cds dated 1 DE 59. Port Lockroy is a natural harbour on the north-western shore of Wiencke Island in Palmer Archipelago in front of Antarctic Peninsula. It was discovered in 1904 and named after Edouard Lockroy, a French politician and Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, who assisted Jean-Baptiste Charcot in obtaining government support for his French Antarctic Expedition. The harbour was used for whaling between 1911 and 1931. During World War II, the British military Operation Tabarin established the Port Lockroy base (Station A) on tiny Goudier Island in the bay, which continued to operate as a British research station until 1962. This is the first commercial mail I have ever handled or seen from Grahamland  and must be very rare. Price $149

BC851) Fiji 1903 KEVII 1d Dull purple & Black on Red SG105 MH. CV £20, price $27

BC850) Fiji 1903 KEVII 2½d Dull purple & Blue on Blue SG107 MH. CV £14, price $22

BC293) Fiji 1938-55 1½d Canoe die II perf 14, SG 252b De La Rue imprint block of 4, hinged on upper units & margin only, fresh, Cat £128 as singles, Price $169

BC294) Fiji 1938-55 2½d Map perf 13½ part imprint/plate # corner block of 6, lower centre unit with variety ‘Extra Island’ SG 256ba, fresh MUH, Cat £155+ as singles, Price $229

BC289) Fiji 1938-55 5d Blue & scarlet cane SG 258, fresh Mint with light hinge remains, Cat £42, Price $35

BC292) Fiji 1938-55 6d Map both die I & II, SG 260 & 261, fresh Mint with some hinge remainders, Cat £70, Price $59

BC858) Gibraltar 1887 QV ½d Dull Green overprint on Bermuda SG1 MH and Used. CV £45

BC863) Gilbert & Ellice Islands 1911 KGV Pandanus Pine Set SG8-11 MH. CV £18, price $25

BC849) Gilbert & Ellice Islands 1916 KGV 2d Greyish Slate SG14, MLH. CV £15, price $22

BC607) Hong Kong 1866 QV 18c Lilac SG13 Used. Has a blunt lower right corner. CV £300, price $189

JL29) Hong Kong KEVII Ovpt. Specimen group, 1c, 2c, 4c & 8c 1903, plus 4c & 10c 1907., all mint lightly hinged, cat 150 pounds each, $1800. My price just under 25% of cat. $449

BC615) Hong Kong 1947 small airmail cover to Broken Hill Pty Co. Ltd. Melbourne. Bears solo use of $1 KGVI Orange & Green cancelled with HK double ring cds of 31 JA 47. Stamp has early stage of the short leg to “R” supplied with regular used stamp for comparison. The listed variety is Cat. £95 used off cover. Price $36

BC859) India 1855 QV 4a Black and 8a Carmine on blue glazed paper SG35/36 used CV £43, price $59

BC576) India 1865 QV ½a Pale blue SG 55, Mint with some paper adhesions, Price $29

BC630) India 1876 QV 12a Venetian Red SG82 used. A few short perfs and a tiny tear at bas. CV £42, price $25

BC578) India 1912-23 KGV 5r Ultramarine & violet overprinted ‘SERVICE’ SG O93, some hinge remains Mint, Price $55

BC59) India, Bahawalpur Stamp Set Presentation Booklet. Green and Gold ties. Price: $132.50

BC61) India, Bahawalpur Stamp Set Presentation Booklet. Red and Gold ties. Price: $132.50

BC855) KUT British East Africa Company 1890 QV ½a on GB 1d Lilac, SG1. MLH and signed on reverse. CV £275, price $369

DB318) Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika 1938-54 KGVI range of lower values to 1/- , some faults, plus 10/- perf 13.25 (tiny gum thin) SG 149b & £1 perf 14 SG 150a, Cat for the 10/- & £1 only is £97, Price $79

BC843) Malta 1863 QV ½d Pale Buff SG3a, MNG with perf issues at top and left side. MNG, good spacefiller. CV £850, price $175

BC553) Natal 1902-03 Edw VII 2/6d Purple SG 138, slight corner bend, Mint, Cat £50, Price $49

BC848) Natal 1902 KEVII £1.10/- Green & Violet SG143, with a tiny surface rub near the T of SMITH of postmark. A lovely stamp. CV £130, price $169

BC853) New Hebrides 1908 KEVII 1/- Green & Carmine overprint on Fiji SG9. A MH corner marginal inter-panneau stamp, unfortunately with toned gum. It may benefit from a bath to become fresh MNG? CV £140, price $129

FE101) New Zealand 1925 Dunedin set, MUH, Retail $135, my price just $98

PN71) Pitcairn Is. 1940 Definitives set of 10, fresh mint unhinged, SG 1/8 inc. the “a” numbers 4d & 8d issued 1951. Cat £75 = about $140, price $110

PN72) Pitcairn Is. 1940 Definitives original set of 8, fresh mint unhinged marginal examples, SG 1/8 cat £38.50 = about $70, price $38.50

PN77) Pitcairn Is. 1949 Silver Wedding pair, SG 11/12 Fresh Mint Unhinged. The £1 is a top marginal example. Gibbons cat. of £41.50 is way out of whack with local advertised price of $110. Price $82.50

PN74) Pitcairn Is. 1949 UPU set, fresh mint unhinged SG 13/16. Gibbons is entirely out of whack here at £14.50 with local advertised price of $75. Price $56.50

PN73) Pitcairn Is. 1953 QEII Definitives fresh mint unhinged set of 12 SG 18/28, inc. the shade variety of the ½d but without the 4d variety SG 23a. Cat. £47 = approx. $87, price $56.50

MAU46) Pitcairn Is. 1949 UPU, the set of plate/imprint blocks in strips of 10 from the bottom of sheets, hinged/unhinged, includes both plates of the 3d and 4 plates of the 6d, one of these only being in a block of 6. Possibly Unique. Cat $675 as single stamps. Price $395

PN78) Pitcairn Is. 1963 2/6d Freedom From Hunger. SG 32. Local advertised price is $33, forget Gibbons stupid £2.75. Price $25

AU4) Pitcairn Is. Commercial Mails. We have acquired a nice lot of genuine Pitcairn Is. Commercial covers (NOT Tourist Mail) Mostly small envelopes, some registered, and some wrappers, plus parcel pieces with values to $10! A total of  35 items, which would make a nice single frame exhibition. Island families represented among the senders are Christian, Brown, Warren, Warren – Peu, Young and McCoy. Price required is $2400, plus I will throw in for free 8 Tourist Covers, including a solo use of the 2/6d KGVI to NZ. Average retail for a very ordinary Pitcairn commercial cover is $75, this lot works out at around $68 per item and includes some very interesting and scarce usages, and the period covered is from the 1940’s to 2008. As I said an immediate display for you. Contact me for further details. Price $2400

BC249) Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1954-56 QEII set to £1 + the ½d & 1d coils SG1-15, fresh Mint, the three high values with only the barest hinge traces, Cat £120, Price $109

BC65) Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1959-62 pictorial set to £1 + the ½d & 1d coils, SG 18-31, fresh Mint, Cat £117, Price $99

BC539) South Africa 1925 Airmail set of 4 fresh MUH, the 6d and 9d have some very faint gum toning, Price $49

BC568) South Africa 1927-30 5/- Wagon SG 38 single inscribed ‘SUIDAFRIKA’ centred to the right, fresh MLH, Cat £300 as pair, Price $39

MF43) South West Africa, 1937 Coronation set of 16 in Bi-lingual pairs, on illustrated registered FDC Windhoek – Johannesburg.  AS FRESH AS THE DAY IT WAS PRODUCED! Magnificent addition to any Royalty Collection.  A less attractive similar cover with damaged corner appears on eBay at $51, my price $49. (5 available)

MJL14) St. Helena 1991 Royal Birthdays Booklet, containing Gutter Block of 4 of the stamps commemorating the 65th Birthday of HM The Queen and the 70th  Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh. Cover is cancelled by OC  7  91 cds of St. Helena, presumably to prove sale over the counter and prevent pilfering, much as Australia Post cancel stationery items today. Stamps are mint. Neat Royalty item which I have not seen before. Cheap price $10, I have a few so $19 for 2, $39 for 5, might suit re-seller

BC864) South Africa 1954 QEII Animal Definitives SG151-164 MUH. Six stamps are marginal examples, and the 4d has the minor variety “broken A in Afrika”. CV £32, price $44

BC852) Straits Settlements 1938 KGVI $2 Green & Scarlet SG291 FU. CV £17, price $23

BC520) Tonga 1886-88 George I 2d Violet perf 12½ SG 2, Mint Cat £50, Price $69

BC521) Tonga 1886-88 George I 6d Blue perf 12 x 11½, SG3a, MNG, Price $39

BC518) Tonga 1891 George I overprinted with stars 2d violet SG 8, centred to upper left, MNG, Cat £80 as Mint, Price $49

BC523) Tonga 1891 George I 4d and 8d surcharges SG 5-6, MNG, Cat £48 as Mint, Price $35

BC522) Tonga 1892 George I 8d Yellow-orange SG 9, MNG and Fine used examples in slightly different shades, Price $49

BC534) Tonga 1892 George I & Arms set 1d to 1/- SG 10-14, MNG, Cat £225 as Mint, Price $159

BC525) Tonga 1893 7½d on 8d Carmine surcharge in carmine, two distinct shades Mint, Cat £70, Price $89

BC526) Tonga 1893 ½d on 1d Dull blue surcharge in Black SG 19, Mint with heavy hinge remains, Cat £42, Price $39

BC533) Tonga 1894 Surcharge set of 4, the ½d on 4d and 2½d on 1/- are Mint with hinge remains, the latter thinned, others MNG, Price $49

BC529) Tonga 1895 ½d on 2d surcharge SG 30 Fine used, Cat £50, Price $59

BC530) Tonga 1895 7½d on 2½d Vermillion, SG 31, MNG, Mint Cat £60, Price $39

BC532) Tonga 1895 George II set of 4 1d to 7½d SG 32-35, the 2½d and 7½d are Mint, others MNG, Price $129

BC527) Tonga 1895 George II 5d perf 12 SG 34, centred to right, Fine used Cat £70, Price $89

BC842) Zululand 1888 QV 2d Grey-Green & Carmine SG3 VFU. Cat £50, price $60


ROW166) Belgian Congo 1938 Greetings card size envelope with unsealed flap re-addressed Robin Hoods Bay to Sheffield, Yorkshire. Bears 20c Red Stanley SG 147 and vertical pair 15c Grey Kraals SG 182 cancelled by cds’s of Elisabethville of 21-2-38. Scarce survivor, price $45

GNG29) German New Guinea usage of German Reichspost 10pf red Eagle on 1897 picture postcard to Germany with ‘HERBERTSHOH/22 9/97’ cds and arrival cds, shows vignettes of Island life, including one scene of the Solomon Islands, abrasion at left on the address side, Price $179

GNG21) German New Guinea 10pf Red Yacht on full colour Christmas picture post card featuring Santa Claus and an angel, to Sydney with indistinct cds some fairly light soiling, still a most attractive card, Price $199

GNG22) German New Guinea 5pf Green Yacht on 1902 Netherlands Indies picture postcard showing Groet Uit Banda, with ‘BERLINHAFEN’ cds to Germany with arrival cds, light corner crease and some surface abrasion due to part of the addressee’s name being removed, still attractive and unusual, Price $149

GNG20) German New Guinea 5pf Green Yacht on 1902 Naval/Military themed picture postcard (illustration in black & red, some surface damage), to Germany, with ‘MATUPI’ cds and ‘DARGUN’ arrival cds, Price $149

GNG23) German New Guinea 5pf Green Yacht on 1904 picture postcard showing Salzburg, with ‘HERBERTSHOE’ cds and ‘SALZBURG 2’ arrival cds, light corner bend, Price $179

GNG17) German New Guinea c1900 ‘Deutsch/New-Guinea’ overprint on 10pf red Eagle intact reply card (mit Antwort/Antwort), post card section with ‘MATUPI’ 1901 cds to Germany with ‘SPANDAU’ arrival cds, reply card unused, most attractive and scarce, Price $299

GNG2) German New Guinea c1901 5pf Green Yacht postcard with ‘HERBERTSHOE’ cds, dated 1910 to Germany with message on reverse. Price: $129

GNG11) German New Guinea c1901 10pf red Yacht reply (Antwort) card with ‘MATU(RA)? 1904 Cds to Germany, attractive use of reply portion, Price $129

MY17) Holland. Unaddressed FDCs, all with full sets nice lot, goes to around 1980, 35 different covers for $39

ROW174) Indochina 1938 small airmail re-addressed cover to Java. Bears 30c Brown Airmail plus 10c Blue Rice Worker, cancelled by Saigon Central cds of 29 – 11 38 and with Bandoeng arrival double ring cds of 1.12.38. Very fast delivery for the time. Price $29

SE44) Netherlands 1940 Queen Wilhelmina Imperfs. Printed (but not perforated) just before the Germans invaded in 1940. In 1946 the issue was brought out of the vaults, perforated and placed on sale. Sometime between 1940 and 1946 a small quantity of the imperf sheets were "leaked" (i.e. stolen) from the State Printing Works. These imperfs are now quite scarce. Set of 4 in horizontal pairs Mint Unhinged $29, blocks of 4, $59, corner blocks of 4 $69

Coins and Banknotes

CB1429) Australia 1911 Sydney Sovereign. Choice uncirculated, lustrous coin. Price $659

CB16) Australia Halfpennies, starter collection 20 different dates price $39

CB4) Australia 1912 Penny, great coin in EF (Extremely fine) condition, 8 pearls and centre diamond with some original lustre. Cat $125, price $98

CB1349) Australia 1914 Birmingham Florin, H under date VG condition, nice fault free coin, price $37.50

CB1351) Australia 1915  Birmingham Florin, H under date, VG condition, nice fault free coin, price $37.50

CB1391) Australia 1925 Penny, nice problem free AVF coin, 6 pearls visible. Price $195

CB1392) Australia 1925 Penny, nice problem free AVF coin, 6 pearls & part centre diamond visible. Price $225

CB1393) Australia 1925 Penny, nice problem free VF coin, 6 pearls & part centre diamond visible. Traces of original lustre Price $265

CB1394) Australia 1925 Penny, nice problem free Good VF coin, 6 pearls & part centre diamond visible. Price $425

CB1395) Australia 1930 Halfpenny, EF problem free Lustred Coin, 8 pearls & centre diamond visible. Price $75

CB1365) Australia 1932 Florin, VG condition, nice fault free coin, price $220

CB1396) Australia 1932 Florin, KEY DATE, fine problem free coin, 4 pearls visible. Price $280

CB253) 1934/5 Victoria Centenary Florin with full original lustre, GOOD UNC. price $725

CB1397) Australia 1935 Penny, near uncirculated. Price $75

CB1398) Australia 1935 Penny, EF, nice Lustred coin,  Price $35

CB1399) Australia 1952 Melbourne Penny, Choice Uncirculated with lovely Red Lustre. Price $95

CB1381) Australia 1978 RAM unc. coin year set. In original Red Wallet. Price: $35

CB1383) Australia 1989 RAM Queensland unc. $10 coin in capsule. Price: $28.50

CB1386) Australia 1993 RAM Australian Capital Territory unc. $10 coin. In original packaging. Price: $25

CB966) Australia 1993 The Australian Kookaburra First Proof Issue 1oz Fine Silver Proof $1 coin. In original packaging. With Certificate. Price: $63.50

CB371) Australia 1994-1996 RAM Australia's Olympic Heritage Series 6 x  $10 silver coin set, in box and case of issue with certificate. Cat. $245, price $145

CB1379) Australia 1998 RAM Proof coin year set. In original packaging. Price: $83.50

CB1280) Australia 1994 RAM Commemorative One Dollar Decade Uncirculated $1 Royal Melbourne Mintmark coin. In original display wallet. Price: $25

CB1326a) CB1276) Australia 2013 RAM Slim Dusty Inspirational Australians Uncirculated $1 coin as issued in original packaging. Price: $95

CB1308) Australia 2013 RAM 40th Anniversary of Sydney Opera House Uncirculated $1 coin as issued in original packaging. Price: $44.50

CB1249) Australia 2016 RAM Australian Olympic Team (Cycling and Volleyball) 2 x Set of 5 Coloured Reverse Uncirculated $2 coins as issued in original packaging. Price: $45

CB1427) Panama 1975 nine coin proof set, in case of issue with certificate. 5.65 ounces of silver. Price $229

CB1428) Papua New Guinea 1975 1st coinage proof set in case of issue with certificate. 1.67 ounces of silver Price $98 


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