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Mid - Late December 2018


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Cigarette Cards

CC1) Wills Cricketers series of 1926, scarce lot of 15 plain back real photograph sepia cards, inc. Both English and Australian County, State and test cricketers. Complete set of 50 cat. at 495 pounds BACKIN THE 1990S! Much better than average condition, well priced at $15 a card. $225 the lot

CC2a) Wills Cricketers series of 1928/29, Australian & English test and State/County Cricketers inc. Don Bradman, Real Photographic 23 diff.  from a series of 48, cat. 195 pounds back in the 1990s pounds the set. Much better than average condition. Price $189

CC2b) As above, but 37 cards without Don Bradman, price $279

CC2c) Another lot of 23 different cards also with Don Bradman, price $189


SB1) Ka-Be German Made super quality 64 black page padded stockbooks. Back in stock again. Colour choices are Black, Green Blue or Maroon/Burgundy. Mixed colour orders ok. Retail $60, my price $55 each, 3 for $157.50, carton of 5 for $249.

ALB15) As new padded binders, Hagner/ Seven Seas/Australia Post brands, range of colours available complete with 50 stocksheets Hagner/Prinz etc. Various size strips, our choice of sizes but will be a good mix. New price $112.50. Under Half Price $59 each, 3 for $169, 5 for $275

C1) Australia ACSC Booklets  2003 edition $105
C2) Australia ACSC Postage Dues 2014 edition, $125

C3) SG Collect British Stamps 2018, $42.50

C4) SG Brunei Malaysia Singapore 5th Ed. 2017, $57.50

C5) SG Falkland Is. 7th Ed. 2016, $36 

C7) SG Leeward Is. 3rd Ed. 2017, $65

C8) SG West Africa 2nd Ed. 2012 $57.50

C9) SG Windward Is. & Barbados 3rd Ed. 2015, $72

C11) SG USA 8th Ed. 2015 $99.50

C12) SG Western Europe Simplified 2nd Ed. 2012 $92.50

C13) SG Aircraft 2nd Ed. 2009 $87.50  

ALB14) Brand new  Seven Seas Australia Pre-Decimal Green Hingeless Padded Album and slipcase at Wholesale Price. Spaces for all Australian stamps inc. Kangaroos and KGV Heads 1913 – 1965. Retail $165, special at the usual Dealers only price. $110  (1 only)

ALB15) Lighthouse German Made Stockbooks, economy range. These are unbranded as supplied to dealers Worldwide for own branding to be added. 5 x Brown 16 Black Page Stockbooks, brand new but 1 or 2 may have minor shop soiling. Usually $25 each, the 5 for $75

ALB15a) As above, 2 only in blue, price $30

ALB16) As above, but 32 page, 1 only, usual retail $30, price $20

ALB17) Lighthouse Branded 32 white page stockbooks, way under retail. Brand new but may have minor shop soiling. 3 here normal retail $30,  1 each of red, blue & green. The red still has original Cellophane wrapping! Price $59 the lot.   

ALB7) Single cover albums as new, PW Brand, each with 40 – 50 clear pockets. Padded binders in a variety of colours: Red, Brown, Blue, Green. New price around $39 each, price for this lot of 7, $110

ALB8) Brand New Heavy Duty Double Cover Pages, suit 3 or 4 ring binders, x 37 with Black backing sheets. Normal price $24 per 10. Half price offer the lot for $44

ALB9) Davo Australia Albums, 2 vols. Hingeless with slipcases, almost as new 1966 -1996.  New price $529. Plus free an additional binder & slipcase with a  pack of 20 new blank pages. Very cheap at  under a third retail, $175

ALB10) Hagner blue padded binder and slipcase, new price $50. This is new, but old shop stock. Priced to clear $29

ALB11) Lindner T Black Album and slipcase, with approx. 20 hingeless pages. Album as new, slipcase showing a little wear. Retail new $95. Cheap at $49    


Important: Collections and lots are returnable for credit only if significantly mis-described. No cash refunds on these.

CMD1) NZ14) New Zealand Extensive study in a small red ‘Viking’ springback binder of the 1971 4c on 2½c Butterfly surcharge, more than 500 with the majority being in Plate no./imprint or Sheet value blocks of 10 with a comprehensive range of plate numbers, overprint types, retouches and flaws, all fresh MUH, also a few other values in blocks etc to 30c. A great opportunity to secure a specialised collection of this fascinating issue that is ‘well on the way’ and with a 2007 Campbell Patterson catalogue value of well over $500, Price $300

CMD2) Better than average mostly postally used world Collection in old Grenfell green peg fitting album. Good pickings in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, France, Liberia, Netherlands, Spain etc. Not much after about 1945.  200 pages, and around 2500- 3000 stamps. Good value at around 10c per stamp, price $275

CMD3) Nice old Worldwide Collection in 2 black springback albums. Mostly postally used earlies. Not much after about 1956. Some very good pickings throughout in these virtually unpicked albums. About 4000 stamps, has to be worth 6c a stamp, price $239   

CMD4) World Mish-Mash in large green stockbook. Early to modern, mint & used, randomly stuffed into bulging book. Must be around 1500 stamps, mostly all different. Some good pickings throughout.  Cheap at under 5c a stamp, price $69

CMD5) Great Britain haphazardly disorganised in large blue stockbook. KEVII to quite modern. Noted 10/- 1934 Seahorse and KGVI to £1, few mint unhinged but most used. Plenty of decent pickings and quite a few private perfins in KGV. looks like 1250 – 1500 stamps. Under 5c a stamp, price $59

CMD6) Papua New Guinea 100 plus Official FDCs 1964 – 1994. Typed address to 1975, then unaddressed. Appears pretty well complete for the period. Housed in near new $40 Cream Padded FDC album. Very cheap at under $1 per cover, price $98

CMD7) Australia duplicated array plus some World in as new Hagner red padded binder. Housed in 44 as new 6 – 8 strip Hagners. New price of album and Hagners alone over $100. Cheap at  just $79

CMD8) Duplicated ranges of West Germany plus some GB, Canada, USA & Australia early – modern used, in near new $75 Prinz Deluxe brown leather look black page stockbook with brass corners. A couple of pages have come loose from the linen hinging. Lots of pickings here, about 2500 stamps for under the price of the album alone. $69

CMD9) Netherlands mostly mint unhinged plus other bits and pieces of World in 3 x 16 page stockbooks, 1960’s – 2002. Counted 78 sets, 52 minisheets plus some odds. Also some Antilles & Indonesia. Some duplication. Nice clean lot, price $135 

CMD10) Year of the Scout 1982. Official collection of 105 First Day cards, each with a different coloured cachet depicting Scout Activities around the World and relevant stamp attached with First Day Cancel. Housed in Brown Leatherette case.   Minor aging to the case and a small number of cards. Less than 50c each, $49 the lot.

CMD11) World Cup Soccer 1982 Official First Day Cover collection housed in 2 blue Rexine boxes of issue with Gold Logo & Text. 70 covers, each with colour cachet of the country’s flag together with descriptive text on insert card. Each bears relevant stamp with First Day Cancel. Virtually as issued. Price under $1 each, $69 the lot.

CMD12) Australia Expo ’88 collection of cards and covers each with a cancel from different Pavilions. Appears complete with 63 cards and 40 covers. All superb as issued in Official Binder. With 30 as new 2 strip stock pages. Pages and binder alone worth around $100 new. Very cheap at just $85 the lot.

CMD13) Worldwide Collection/Accumulation carton lot early – modern most postally used in 8 near new European Quality stockbooks. Must be 7500 – 8000 stamps in better than average condition, pickings throughout. Some duplication mainly in USA, GB & Germany.   Weighs nearly 9.5kg. Good value at around 5c per stamp, the stockbooks alone are worth half of this price. $425 the lot. 

CMD14) Papua New Guinea modernish mint unhinged lot 1988 – 1996 in new Black Padded Australia Post in horizontal pairs on 20 new 6 strip pages. These alone worth $60 to buy today. Counted 60 compete sets, inc. long birds definitive sets and with values to 10K, plus 11 minisheets. Must be worth $3 per set/minisheet and the Binder with Hagners comes free. Superb lot.  Price $210

CMD15) Australia 1927-1953 Stamp Collection nearly complete for $A225. An “instant” collection for someone, and in far SUPERIOR shape than usually found. Only a few stamps missing, which you can add at your leisure. Absolutely nothing removed by us, sold  EXACTLY as received. Nice used, indeed may are corner CTO from the PO Specimen packs retail and Cat of these is MANY times normal used.  Melbourne retail $300 for average grade, and these are WAY superior. The 1938 “Robes” Defins are nicer than you will see elsewhere and many others are top grade. Noted 1/- Anzac, MacArthur complete to 9d, Robes to £1 complete, AIF set complete to 6d Brown, Arms set Complete to £2 and many, many others. Priced 25% below our competitors. $225 the lot. (5/- Harbour Bridge cto can be added for $195 extra….$100 below normal retail!)

CMD16) 1949 UPU Omnibus collection most MUH SG value £339 = $A600. Clean looking lot in large blue stockbook- near all appear Mint Unhinged plus a few fine used sets and  some 1947 Royal Visits. 75 complete sets plus a couple of nice used Selangor and Singapore on Parcel Pieces, block of 4 etc. Would be easy to complete.  Very good value at under a third catalogue. Price $195 

CMD17) Carton lot of World Collections in 10 x 16 page near new good quality stockbooks. 5 with black pages. Good pickings throughout mint & used. Noted decent lots of Egypt, France, GB (with duplication), Greece, Netherlands (has a fair amount of duplication) New Zealand (also with duplication) and Spain. Must be 7000 plus stamps here, weighs close to 7kg. Stockbooks cost new $200 plus. Under 5c a stamp. Price $315.

CMD18) 3 very old peg fitting albums, with World array, mostly postally used. Noted decent NZ with 1/- Orange KGV x 2 blocks of 4, each with nice central cds, 1/- Orange Victory parcel used, £5 Blue Queen Victoria long Stamp Duty cds used Auckland plus lots of officials inc. KGV mint. Rest is very mixed but did note Australia Kangaroos to 2/- & KGV Heads to 1/4d, a fair few Australian States. GB KGVI to 10/-, etc. Nothing after 1950 it seems. Around 500 – 600 stamps, must be some decent pickings here. $119 the lot. 

CMD19) Two near new superb quality Dutch made leather look stockbooks, one in brown the other dark green. Each has 32 black pages with clear interleaving and with brass corner protectors. These house collections of mainly USA and Great Britain plus South Africa, Hungary Poland mostly postally used with smatterings of other countries. Some duplication here and there. Nothing after about  1980. About 1250 stamps. Definitely t a few nice pickings here. Price Albums alone cost $45 each new. Price $110 

CMD20) USA used collection appears complete 1930 – 2005. 75 years of stamps here, plus extras. Supplied in glassine packets per decade, or 5 years for later issues. Great lot! Nearly 2000 different here. About 7½c each. Price $149.

CMD21) Falkland Is. & Dependencies. About 90 complete fine used (cto) sets 1935 – 1990’s on a stack of near new Hagner pages. Commences 1935 Jubilee, then 1949 UPU plus most sets complete with several long definitive sets. Huge retail/catalogue value. Priced to clear at under $4 a set. $359 the lot.

CMD22) China and Taiwan stamp collection, 1898 to 1972 on 26 album pages and 2 Hagners - SG value £312 Nice old collection back to the 19th Century. Inc a nice mint CHINA o/p on Hong Kong etc - worth $A60 alone. Handy old hoard on vintage pages. Price $495

MN52) New Zealand Specialised collection of 1935 Pictorials Official Overprints on leaves mint and used. Includes Eleven Plate Blocks to 2/-  plus other blocks of 4,  all identified with Campbell Paterson numbers. Total catalogue is around NZ$7000, with more than half of the value in plate blocks. A lovely lot! 147 stamps. Price $1950 
NO1) Papua New Guinea Mint Unhinged Collection in Blue padded Seven Seas Hingeless Illustrated album. 1986-2001 Virtually complete - no 1994 Provisional Overprints or Queen Mother 100th birthday.  Very minor toning  on a few  earlier pages but stamps are all fine.  Retail of stamps $780 plus and album is worth $265 new. A total of $1045, my price is under a half at $519

NO38) FANTASTIC COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION OF WELL OVER 3,000 AUSTRALIA USED. THIS LOT HAS KANGAROOS SIMPLIFIED SET TO 10/-, PLUS A COMPLETE SET OF 1932 HARBOUR BRIDGES TO 5/-  there are at least 1500 different, so only light duplication. Price for the lot $749. (Under 25c per stamp!)

NO55) NEWFOUNDLAND.  Magnificent collection on Scott illustrated album pages covering the period 1857-1943. One of the finest and freshest lots I have had the pleasure to offer. More than £4,200 SG Cat. Value  (Aus. $6,720) includes a stunning SG 11, 3 margins example 3d Green mint lightly hinged £110, SG 13 £140, SG 15 mint £350, SG 25 mint £170, SG 40-43 Roulette mixed mint  1c others fine used £115, 1897 SG 66-69 Discovery and QV Diamond Jubilee, a stunning mint set £325, SG 83-90 mint £150, 1911 SG 117-27 mint £250, no rust or toning, more than 155 different stamps, various listed shades etc. A bargain as most of the early material normally sells well at half catalogue due to its rarity, as a collection this is available for just under 40% of cat. $2685

NO59) Massive Worldwide Postcards Collection 19th Century to  quite recent, apparently all different  (approx.. 1200 items), many postally Used to Australia inc. Cook Islands, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Vatican & Vietnam. Wide range of views & scenes inc. many Tourist Attractions.  Also group of 100 GB/Ireland 1950s cards, mixed Unused /Used. Good overall condition. (1200+) Suit collector, hoarder, re-seller or Ebayer!  Just see what this stuff sells for online! Under $1 each! Price $1175

CNO1) Monaco 1978-84 collection of 300+ stamps & 21 miniature sheets on Hagner sheets, fairly complete for the period with most Europa mini sheets including 1978 & 1979, catalogue value is £740+, lovely fresh MUH lot with much thematic appeal! Price $675

CNO6) Gambia. Fresh Mint Unhinged collection 1979 - 1989 in an as new luxury $40 Green Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Appears pretty well complete for the period with 295 stamps & 38 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $245

CNO8) Dark Blue, Gold Embossed Stanley Gibbons 19th Century “Improved “ album. Virtually un-added to since about 1910, with masses of 19th century Worldwide. A few pages have been raided, but 1000s of mainly postally used with good pickings in Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Egypt, USA etc.  Good value at $695 

CNO9) Brazil 1977 – 1984 mint unhinged, plus a few earlier used in an as new luxury $40 Blue Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Appears pretty well complete for the period with 270 stamps & 13 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $98

CNO10) Romania 1977 – 1982 mint unhinged collection, in as new luxury $40 Black Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Good degree of completion with 213 stamps & 27 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $98

CNO13) Worldwide early to modern neatly organised by country by country in 4 large stockbooks, mint & used. Approx. 5000 all different. Great value at under 6c per stamp. $295  

CNO14) Great Britain. Two Red Ka-Be Hingeless albums, 1 peg fitting, one springback 1953 – 1998 almost as new, except previous owner has stupidly used black Texta to write “GREAT BRITAIN” neatly on the spines. (Easily fixed with a label over the top if desired) Contains a near complete collection, mixed mint and used to end of 1974, less the phosphors.  Then a modest range of later used. Great for expansion. The albums new would be over $500! Priced way under the album cost alone, so the stamps are pretty much free. Price $425

CNO16) Venda. 1979 – 1986 mint unhinged collection, in as new luxury $40 Black Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Good degree of completion with 207 stamps & 6 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $79 

CMN4) Christmas Island First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1970 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CMN6) Nauru First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1970 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CMN8) Papua New Guinea First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1967 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CNO17) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1989 – 2011, commencing Sydney/Emden Gutter strip and minisheet. Great value and huge retail value. Price $125

CNO18) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1981 – 1988, Inc. Coconut Minisheet. Great value and huge retail value. Price $99

CNO20) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1996 – 2010, Inc. Chinese new year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $125

CNO21) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1983 – 2006, Inc. Chinese new year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $119

CNO22) Norfolk Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1982 – 1994, Inc. Battle of Midway. Huge retail value. Price $99

CNO23) Norfolk Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1967 – 1994, huge retail value. Price $89

CNO24) Ghana 1957 – 1988 in as new $40 Black Ka-Be luxury 32 black page stockbook. Mostly mint unhinged, with a few used and hinged in a few earlier items. 1977 onwards is unhinged and appears complete to 1988. 315 stamps & 38 minisheets. High retail/catalogue value and many good thematic sets here. Priced cheaply at $136.50

CNO26) Uganda appears complete 1978 – 1985 mint unhinged collection plus a few earlier used not counted. Housed in as new $40 Black Ka-Be luxury 32 black page stockbook. 236 stamps & 30 minisheets. High retail/catalogue value and many good thematic sets here. Priced cheaply at $110

CNO29) St. Lucia appears complete 1976 – 1989  mint unhinged collection plus a few used. Housed in as new $40 Green Ka-Be luxury 32 black page stockbook. 372 stamps & 27 minisheets. High retail/catalogue value and many good thematic sets here. Priced cheaply at $139

CNO30) Philippines appears complete 1987 – 1989  mint unhinged collection. Housed in as new $40 Blue Ka-Be luxury 32 black page stockbook. 128 stamps & 1 minisheets. High retail/catalogue value and many good thematic sets here. Priced cheaply at $55

CNO33) Canada Jan. 2009 – Mar. 2014 Mint unhinged, complete except for a very few booklet stamps. Housed in 94 brand new Lighthouse Illustrated pages retail $500 plus! (Binders and slipcases (2 required) could be supplied at additional cost)  Also some extra stamps in 5 Hagner pages. Stamps retail approx $1500, so a total $2000 value here for just $1150. 

CNO37) Papua New Guinea, fresh mint unhinged collection 1978 – 1984 in large green stockbook. Approx 60 complete sets, inc. Butterflies, Shells, Panorama, Headdresses and Corals long definitive sets. Great value at under $2.50 per set. Price $145

CNO40) Transport through the ages, worldwide collection in 3 volumes. Volume 1 is Shipping, then Balloons and Aircraft, volume 3 contains land vehicles including Coach & Horses, Bicycles, Motor Cycles, Cars, Trains, Trucks, Buses & Trams. A mixture of mint, postally used and cto, all different. Just under 1400 stamps total. Very good value at $135   

CNO41) France. 1946 – 1960 Complete fresh mint unhinged. On as new Safe Dual pages. (Excludes the 1960 “back of book item” Council of Europe set). Cat. £3000 plus. Pages cost $250. Priced very cheaply at under 40% cat. $2195

MF18) Australia Collection in Green Binder on Seven Seas Pages, contain lovely used collection, with many cto from Official folder. Noted, simplified Kangaroos to 5/-,  3d & 6d Kookaburras cto, KGV 4.5d Die II cto, Kingsford Smith pair ovpt. OS and nearly  all KGV Commem period cto (No 5/- Bridge) Robes sets both thick and thin paper, Navigators set of 8 inc. white papers, then virtually complete to end 1975, all cto or very fine used. A great lot. Price $1425

Mystery Packages: Not to be confused with Mystery Parcels, these are better value lots with stamps on stockcards, including sets, minisheets etc, mint & used, complete sets in Glassine envelopes, covers, post office packs, year packs, booklets, album pages of stamps, club sheets etc, any or all of the above may be included. All at about a half of our original price to clear

MP1) Australia only small lot $49, medium lot $95, large lot $189, extra-large lot $359

MP3) Australia Kangaroos only, values ½d to 2/- used on stockcards. Prices as above. 

MP4) Australia KGV Heads used, values ½d to 1/4d used. Prices as above.

MP5) Australia Pre-Decimal only, prices as above.

MP6) British Commonwealth/Empire, no Australia, prices as above.

MP7) Western Europe, prices as above.

MP9) Worldwide, prices as above.   

CMS4) British Commonwealth 1983 Commonwealth Day set of FDC’s in as new large blue padded album. 53 covers each with the full set of stamps, country coats of arms and coloured drawings of each parliament Building. Very clean impressive lot that cost the original purchaser about $500. Price just $69

CMS5) North Korea in as new Blue Padded Seven Seas Binder, cost today $25. Contains 33 complete thematic sets cto used issued 1964 – 1976 on album pages. Some slight aging to the 1st page, otherwise a nice clean lot. Priced very cheaply at under $1.50 per set, the binder is free! $49  

CMS6) Two Brown Padded Seven Seas binder containing 100 complete cto thematic sets issued 1961 – 1979 from various countries inc. Many of these sets have 8 or 9 values and there is a long birds set of 24 from Burundi. Priced very reasonably at well under $2 a set, the binders are free. A few stamps have come loose from the pages and so we have included at no charge a packet of 500 Stanley Gibbons Hinges, Price $149

CMS7) 1978/79 United Nations 25th Anniv. FDC collection in light blue padded album with Silver UN Logo. 62 covers from a range of countries. Nice clean lot, as new. Album cost $40, and covers $6.95 each, so a new cost of around $470. Selling at under $1 per cover, the album is free. Price $59  

CMS13) South Africa earlies to 1994, mainly mint unhinged in large green stockbook. Odd stamp with some toning, but 99.5% are fresh mint unhinged. About 75 mint unhinged sets inc. Framas and several long definitive sets, plus 22 minisheets and 4 booklets. A lovely lot. Priced very reasonably at $195

CMS15) Hungary, mint unhinged collection 1977 – 1982 in large green stockbook. 40 complete sets and 34 minisheet, mostly good thematics. Very cheap at under $1.50 per set/minisheet. Price $110        

CMS16) Great Britain 1981 – 1984 Benham Silk covers in huge Dark Blue Ring Binder, alone worth $75 new. 160 different covers plus some extras. These sell at $4 - $5 each on Ebay. A huge Ebay value here of $700 plus the album…nice lot, possibly suitable for re-sellers.  My price under a half, $349

CMS18) Thailand, lovely early to modern collection in large green stockbook.  Most are postally used, with the minisheets being mint unhinged. Roughly 800 pretty well all different with many complete sets and minisheets. Hard to find nice Thai. collections like this, price $295. 

CMS19) Fiji 1970 – 1999 mint unhinged collection in as new Lighthouse brown padded hingeless album. 130 complete sets/minisheets with a retail value of $895, plus a few extras, plus the album which cost approx $300. $1195 value here for way under half price….$549 the lot.

CA1) Great Britain 1841 – 1964. Blue Posthorn stockbook, dealer type with divided leaves. Part-time dealer’s stock commencing 1841 1d Red Brown. Earlies are sparse, but a few better surface printed noted. Queen Victoria 10/- Ultramarine spacefiller grade. KEVII to 1/- with some mint   and KGV similar with Seahorses to 5/-. 1935 Jubilees x 4 sets mint. KGV 1937 dark colour definitives mixed mint unhinged/mint x 3 compete sets  and 1939 – 48 square high values with some mint and inc. 10/- Dark Blue x 3. KGVI 1948 Silver Wedding £1 x 2 Mint Unhinged and Festival £1 x 7 used. QEII Wildings 1st issue Tudor Crown complete mint/mint unhinged to 1/6d x 2 plus extras and 1st De la Rue Castles to 10/- Mint lightly hinge.  1957 1st graphites x 6 sets MUH, 1958 Graphites mint set plus extras and phosphor graphites to 4d also mint. Most QEII Commems are present both mint and used  with duplication. Too many others to mention. All are identified by SG No. in central stockbook margin. Great value at $449

CA2) Gibraltar mint unhinged (some of the earlier are light hinged) priced up stock 1965 – 2001 on Hagner sheets in black binder.  Has been priced to sell by recently deceased part-time dealer at $1100 plus. A little duplication, no more than 2 of anything. Very clean. Suit collector/dealer/re-seller. Bargain at under a third of the priced up value, $359

CA5a) British Commonwealth Dealer Stock in 3 x 64 page good brand stockbooks. 2 x Lighthouse, 1 x Ka-Be. Wide range with little duplication. At an educated guess must price up to between $5500 - $6000 possibly more. A good clean lot all ready for re-sale, with little duplication. Mostly mint unhinged QEII, but with some used and earlier. Date range approx 1936 – 2006.  1000 eBay lots right here! Very good value at under a third of the marked prices $1895

CA10) Australia 1914 – 1965 Complete Mint Unhinged Pre-Decimal Collection (No KGV Heads of Kangaroos) excepting the 5/- Harbour Bridge which is lightly hinged. (Unhinged could be supplied at an additional cost) Housed in as new Seven Seas Deep Red Padded Hingeless Album, with pages also for the KGV and Kangaroos, value $165. Retail value of the stamps is $4835, plus the value of the album, a total of $5000. Includes 3d Kookaburra Minisheet, all high value definitives Robes thick and thin paper, 5/- Cattle White Paper, Navigators set of 8, etc, etc. Excellent value at $2995 the lot. 

CA11) Singapore. Excellent collection mint and used KGVI – 2009 with a very high degree of completeness. KGVI has SG 1-15 and 16 -30 mint and used, 1948 Wedding pair mint, 1949 UPU mint & used etc., from QEII appears mint unhinged plus used of each in most cases. A great lot housed in around 75 as new Hagners and Black Padded Binder with Slipcase. Retail of these alone is $175! Just the better items have been catalogued, and these come to £1520, plus there are heaps not added into the total. Retail would be very high, in the order of $1650 - $1750. These lots rarely come along…great value at $995 the lot. 

CA12) Norway 1855 – 1995 Used Collection in Davo Illustrated Album. Good range of Officials, Dues etc. SG Cat. in 2014 was  £3500 plus. Includes a passable SG1 and is near complete 1938 – 1993. Norway collections are rarely available here in Australia. Album cost would be around $300 new. Very well priced at below 25% cat. Price $1549 

CMJ10) China, Peoples Republic. 500 different, inc. many complete mint unhinged sets. Very reasonably priced at $245

CMJ11) USA 1851 – 2000. Massive Semi-Specialised Collection in 3 as new Lion Brand 64 black page stockbooks, alone worth $60 each new. All annotated and organised by Scott Number. Noted 1892 Columbus to 50c, Trans – Mississippi to 50c. Mostly complete after that except for the High value Zeppelins. Mainly Used to 1920 then mint/mint unhinged with some extras in used. Also a 4th Volume of mainly used commemoratives. Massive lot, hard to count, but I would think easily 3000 stamps. Very high retail/face value. Price $1895

CMJ16) France 1849 – 1989 Collection in 2 x Davo Hingeless Albums in very good condition. Albums alone cost $600 new. Used from 1849 – 1935, then mostly mint unhinged from 1950. Best stamp is SG 4, 15c Ceres, near 4 margins cat. £1,200. Very clean lot. Collection is around 95% complete and Gibbons Cat. Around £7800. This is a steal for someone at 25%. $3450 

CMJ17) Great Britain 1841 – 2000 collection in 2 as new Lion Brand 64 Black page stockbooks, cost $60 each. Commences 1841 1d Imperfs. (25 plus inc. 2 nice Ivory heads) Then a quantity of 1854 1d Stars, all with different check letters in order (about 50) Queen Victoria Surface printed to 5/- nice fine used, plus some extras on leaves and stockcards. KGV with Seahorses to 10/- (11 total) KGVI £1 1948 Silver Wedding mint lightly hinged. A run of QEII pre-decimal commemorative sets mint unhinged, less phosphor banded issues, appears complete to 1970. Pre-decimal Machin heads in mint unhinged blocks of 4, decimal Machins inc. the scarce halfpenny Side Band Phosphor from the £1 Wedgwood Booklet appear complete to 1982. Decimal Commemoratives complete 1971 – 2000 either mint unhinged or used. A very good lot! Price $749

CMJ18) Australia Collection of 1500 different used, plus 125 different pre-decimal used, plus pair of quality tweezers and perf. gauge, and a brand new 64 black page padded Ka-Be stockbook. All for $189!

CMJ19) 1940 – 1995 Jersey, Guernsey & Isle of Man collections plus some Ireland in 2 as new Lion Brand 64 black page stockbooks, cost $60 each.  Collections are a mix of mint unhinged and used, but with many complete sets, and it is on the basis of these alone that we have priced this lot. Values to £5 noted. The used oddments are free bonuses. This is a very good buy at $295 

CMJ22) Luscious leftovers! Stuff we do not know what to do with. May contain any or all of the following: Small collections not large enough to offer individually, packets and loose both on and off paper, complete sets and minisheets mint unhinged, covers both philatelic and commercial, some from our own incoming mail, Post Office Packs, stockbooks of stamps early to modern. Ask for Australia only or all World. 5kg for $139, 10kg for $259, 20kg for $495

CMY6) Churchill 1966 Omnibus, complete mint unhinged Crown Agents sets x 22  inc. many scarcer and better countries like Falklands, Hong Kong, Pitcairn, plus UK, USA Canada, NZ etc. then around 10 Kennedy sets MUH or CTO, plus 4 pages of UNO mint & used. All housed in old black stockbook. Very high retail. Price $229 

CMY10) Norfolk Island, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY13) Worldwide carton with stuff from several sources, mostly estate lots. Stamps in packets, envelopes, loose on and off paper. About 50% of this is Australia. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! Many hours, days, weeks, months even of sorting here, depending how bored you are!  I reckon about 40,000 stamps in this lot. Clearly there is duplication and the price reflects that, but it is truly unsorted. Weight including the carton is close to 9kg. Less than 1.5c a stamp! Price $599 

CMY15) Papua New Guinea, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY16) Nauru, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY18) Australia First day Covers, Maximum Cards and PSE’s mint & used. Huge lot of about 500 items housed in 5 as new PW Brand double padded cover albums retail $49 each. Amazing lot of all different it seems with FDC’s to $20 Painting. Also some signed items. Price for the lot less than $1 per cover and the albums come free! $425

CMY18a) New Zealand 1981 – 1998 in 2 x 22 padded ring albums, a stack of Album Pages, and in a blue ring binder plus Lighthouse 48 page green stockbook. Mostly a mint unhinged and used set of each. Many Hundreds of sets! Huge retail/Catalogue value. Price $779.

CMY19) Samoa, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY21) Wholesale parcels of Australia pre-decimals, made up to order at approx. half current retail. 1913 – 1965. These lots will contain some duplication. State whether you require mint unhinged, mint hinged or used or a mixture of all three. Lots from $50 to $5000

MM1) Worldwide carton lot, with Albums, Covers, Post Office Packs etc. Literally could be anything here, weighs 16kg. Contains 100s of Worldwide covers, commercial & first day, old fast bound Illustrated albums, Seven Seas Albums etc. etc plus some loose stamps. A REAL SORTERS PARADISE! Price $749

CMM2) Worldwide collection accumulation, mint & used in 425 plus near new Hagner Pages contained in 5 Lever Arch Files. Cost of Hagners alone $1.75 each = over $740. Noted very good Great Britain with nice lot of Line Engraved, inc. 1841 Imperf 1d Red Brown x 26, 2d Blue x 2, later perforated 1d & 2d with another 11 x 2d Blue.  KGV Seahorses to 5/- etc. Also a nice Jersey Mint & used collection. Also good ranges of Ireland, Malta, Hong Kong mint & used with KGV to $1, KGVI to $10, QEII to $20, Malaya & Malaysia, Brunei, Labuan, North Borneo & Singapore. Next comes Spain & Colonies, then very good New Zealand, Canada & Sth. Africa.  Final book is B.W.I. with nice Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Br. Guiana, Br. Honduras, Virgin Is., Cayman Is. & Dominica. Reckoning about 10,000 stamps here with many full sets, and way better than the average World Collection. Weighs over 14kg. Remember the Hagners alone cost near $750. $1749 the lot.    

CMM3) Another Worldwide carton lot, this one weighing in at 11.5kg. Albums, stockbooks etc. Some well filled, others sparse. Noted some very good areas inc. Australian States, Australia pre-Decimal First Day covers, Czechoslovakia in 2 large stockbooks, France & Netherlands in binders on album leaves, plus some nice Fiji. Would have to be 3000 – 4000 stamps here. Price $495  

CMM4) France 1949 – 1959 near complete Mint Unhinged on as new Safe “Dual” hingeless pages.  All appear “Post Office Fresh” Has all of the expensive Airs to 1000 francs, etc. Current Gibbons catalogue £3035. Missing only 6 cheap stamps to complete. This is a quality lot! Price $2725 

CMM5) Germany massive lot on 32 as new Hagners and on album page, in large 3 ring binder. Early to modern with all areas/periods to quite modern. Noted States, Germanias, Inflation period, 3rd Reich, Occupation issues, Frama types, etc. Must be 1500 – 2000 stamps easily, with much better here. Price $375

CMM13) Persia Collection on stockcards and leaves, mint and used 1879 – 1920. Many good sets and singles noted inc 1881 25c SG 61a mint cat £200, plus 1912 Officials set fine used cat. £145. The better items alone cat. total £885 plus reminders on album leaves not counted. Lovely lot, 150 to 200 stamps. Price $475 

CF10) Australia or Worldwide, your choice. Mishmash of stamps, covers, post office packs, recent incoming mail from overseas etc, booklets, complete mint unhinged sets, minisheets etc. You name it, it may well be here! 1kg lot for $95, 2kg for $179, 5kg for $425, 10kg for $795. Massive 20kg lot for $1495

Packets and mixtures

Important: Packets and mixtures are not returnable for any reason. Our mixtures are sold as received and unchecked by us. Expect Duplication, unless stated as all different.

MN17) British Empire King George VI collection of 1000 all different, just the thing to start you on a collection of this vibrant area of collecting! Under 70c a stamp, priced keenly at $695

MN18) As above, but 1000 different Queen Victoria to KGVI, same price $695 (larger collections of British Empire, pre QEII up to 5000 different available, please ask for pricing)

MN25) Cardboard Envelope Box, full of mostly complete sets of stamps, mint and cto used, from a worldwide variety of countries mainly 1980’s period. Wealth of thematics, suite eBay trader hoarder or dealer. Weighs 2.5kg, must be close to 15,000 stamps here. This really must be seen to be believed, refund if not delighted. Very colourful lot Price $395. Super double sized lot $749

MN26) Box of World on paper, amazing variety, mostly well clipped, and appears all large with much recent. Must be about 4000 here, under 5c a stamp, $195. 

MN30) Neat packet of 1000 different British Commonwealth, mint and used included. Very cheap at under 5c per stamp, price $49

MN30a) As above but 2000 different $119

MN31) As above, but 1000 Western Europe. Price $69

MN33) Australia High Values, off paper, new mix just arrived, great variety from late 1960’s to quite recent. Many with nice cds cancels. Approx 1250 by weight, less than 10c per stamp 100g for $120.
MN33a) As above but selected copies, 100 mixed for $29, Commems. only, 100 for $39, Definitives only 100 for $19.

MN34) Wide ranging Australia off paper, with Australian States, Kangaroos, KGV heads, High values, Decimals and Pre-decimals. Approx 12,500 per kg, and a guarantee of 1500 – 2000 different in the mix. There are values to $10 in the decimal and 5/- in pre-decimal, possibly even some $20 and 10/- stamps.  This mix is the best we have seen in a while. % wise reckon on roughly 1% each of States, KGV and Kangaroos, 10% pre-decimal, 5% high values, the remainder will be a very good mix of lower and letter rate values. A great sorting lot! Roughly 2000, under 15c per stamp for $295.

MN34a) As above but decimals only, at half the above price, Approx 2000 for $147.50        

MN47) PNCs (stamp & coin covers) Recently acquired stock, with most at issue price of $14.95, let us know your needs. We can also offer all different lots at under issue price a) 10 Different for $110 b) 25 Different $259 c) 50 Different for $495
MN50) Australia 1929 5/- grey and yellow Kangaroo, perf OS, postally used. Normal price $160, we have four grades to offer: a) Fine used circular date stamp, with clear usage date $129, b) As above but date not clear. $99, c) Light parcel cancel $79, d) Slight seconds with heavier cancels/and or perf faults $39

MN53) Iceland, lovely collection of 400 different postally used. 100 different is on our packets list at $60, so this which includes a fair number of better/scarcer stamps is excellent value at $179
MN54) Norway, from the same supplier as our Iceland collections a very fine lot of 500 different. On our packets list at $80, but we have a few surplus so out they go at $59
MN56) Finland, lovely lot of 500 different, all large, includes Red Cross and Anti TB charity issues. Regular large and small is on our packets list at $140, this one just $98!
Oct6) Large brown paper carrier bag, with world accumulation on paper, early to modern. Who knows what lurks in here! We have had several of these from the same source, and all sold very quickly. Weighs 2.2kg. $165 the lot.

SE43) Denmark, 700 different, lovely lot, 300 different is on our packets list at $20, 700 is way more difficult to assemble. Very cheap price for this at $39

SE48) British Empire off paper mixture, Queen Victoria to KGVI, includes many mint unhinged as well as postally used, plus some blocks of 4 etc. Little in or GB, there are some Australian States here and there, plus noted British West Indies, Gilbert & Ellice Is. Palestine. Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus, Fiji, Ascension, Canada, Burma, etc. We have one lot only of around 2500 stamps, selling per 500 at $110, per 1000 $195.
MJL3) Foreign countries, vast accumulation of complete sets and minisheets, in complete  sheets, blocks of 4 etc. Mostly mint unhinged, with a few cto,  1980’s period. Must be 1000 - 1250 sets or so here, good variety, great for the re-seller at under 25c per set! Weighs around 1kg $249 the lot.

JL16) Australia Mission Mix, an older lot, to the 45c period with good variety, most on single well trimmed paper. As much as we can cram into an Australia Post 3kg satchel! Very Cheap Price $59,
5kg Satchell for $95

MAP10) As new Box File crammed, yes I mean crammed! With approx. 1.5kg of World on paper quality charity mix, just received, all on close clipped single paper, early to recent,  totally unpicked as received and with great variety. I estimate 6000 + + stamps per kg, so anything up to 10,000 stamps in this lot. Magnificent value at under 2 cents per stamp, price $179

MAP19) Large shoebox with very nice World off paper mixture old and new, small and large. As donated to leading charity. Weighs 2.15kg inc. the box, must be 25,000 stamps with a great variety here.  Has to be worth 2 cents a stamp, price $495   

MM11) Denmark, 700 different, back in stock again, price $79 (1 only available)

MM12) Ireland, 500 all different , lovely new collection just arrived, very hard to find, price $245 (under 50c per stamp)
MF6) 1500 different Australia, back in stock again, only 5 available. New content, price $109

FE61) Really superb and guaranteed unpicked off paper mixtures just received, you will be extremely pleased you purchased these, from under 2c  per stamp. Supplies are very limited. Worldwide.  Approx 1000 for $24.95, 2500 for $59.50, 5000 for $110, 10,000 for $199, 15,000 for $295.
FE69) Bulk lot of mainly Australian stamps, covers, albums etc, decimal and pre-decimal as cleared ex deceased house recently. Nothing spectacular noted but heaps of fun especially if you love stuff in bulk to sort! This is quite an amazing varied lot. We are parcelling out in 3 sizes: a) 5kg lot $129, b) 10kg lot $237.50, c) 20kg lot $449  
FE70) A similar lot to the above, but all World: a) 5kg lot $129, b) 10kg lot $237.50, c) 20kg lot $449
FE74) Old tyme dealer’s packet stock, mostly single sets in Glassines priced to sell at up to $1.50 each some 30 odd years ago. These are Worldwide mainly thematic sets, in cto condition. A chance to buy at a HUGE DISCOUNT, there will be some duplication in these lots. 100 packets mixed, $150 retail for $49, Triple sized lot, $450 retail for $99.

FE78) Australia & Victoria Postal Stationery collection, 104 items, mainly postally used in album. Highlight is 1d Red octagonal envelope uprated to Celebes, Dutch Indies,  (addressees name deleted. Nevertheless very scarce) Most of this is KGV, with some nice uprates to Holland. Terrific value at under $20 per item, $1950.

CF16) South Africa Mission Mix on single well-trimmed paper. Latest shipment from our suppliers overseas. Very cheap as mixes go these days, 500g for $49, 1kg for $89, and 2kg for $159

CF17) Latest World on paper mixes to arrive in our office. Mostly on close clipped single paper, with wide variety early to modern, and with very high count.

a) Mission Mix, as donated to a UK TV Appeal 500g for $89, 1kg for $159, 2kg for $295, 5kg for $729

b) Super Mission, with 50% of the regular stuff and 50% large only. 500g for $98, 1kg for $195, 2kg for $369, 5kg for  $879

c) Virtually all Large, great mix from near & far, you will love this! We do not get much of this mix. 500g for $144, 1kg for $274, 2kg for $519

PM16) Turkey, massive lot of 1000 Different with many scarcer and higher values, price $189

PM21) Ireland, latest mission mix on paper to arrive here in Australia. 500g $49, 1kg $89.

PM23) 1000 Different Austria, covering all periods. Lovely collection of pretty well all postally used. 500 different is on my packets list at $130, so this lot which has many more higher values and variety is good value at $259

PM24) Australia, with recent and latest, values to $1 Commems/Large on single close clipped paper. Very held around 5000 to the kg. Price $17.50 per 100g, $41.50 per 250g, $79 per 500g, $149 per kg, and 2kg for $289

PM30) Older Australia off paper lot sold as received. This is an all new lot, sold as received by us, and totally unchecked for watermarks, perforations, shades, varieties etc.

Pack A) 50 Kangaroos, 75 KGV Heads, 75 Australian States, values  to 5/- Price under $1 per stamp $195

Pack B) 200 Kangaroos values to 10/-, under $2 per stamp price $395

Pack C) 200 KGV Heads, values to 1/4d, well under $1 per stamp, price $179

Pack D) 200 Australian States, values to 9d or 1/-, well under $1 per stamp, price $179

Pack E) One of each of packs B, C & D, special price $675

PM31) Australia magnificent off paper mixture, all periods included with some very modern, but mainly decimal. 1500 – 2000 different represented in this entire mixture. There may be a few Kangaroos, KGV Heads and States stamps here too. Guaranteed 10% are better values and High Value Commemoratives, denominations up to $10 or $20. Priced at around only 2c per stamp, roughly 12,500 – 15,000 to the kilogram. 100g for $29.50, 250g for $69, 500g for $129, 1kg for $249

PM32) Similar to the above, but High Values Only, mainly decimal, Commems. And Defins. All above letter rate at time of issue. Very good value at around 10c each. 100g for $149, 250g for $349. Very limited supply.

PM40) Just arrived from retired collector/hoarder. Mass of World off paper, better than usual mixture. This man belonged to several clubs and used to produce circuit sheets. This is his remaining material which he had not gotten around to putting on sheets. Really could be anything in here, early to modern, just about every country represented. We have just 5kg of this mix, and there would be 15 – 20,000 stamps per kg. Sample lot of 100g for $39, 250g for $89, 500g for $169, 1kg for $295.

PM41) Spain off paper mix, mostly Franco & King Carlos definitives going back to the 1930s. Nice lot for the postmark or variety seeker, and very cheap. 15 – 20,000 to the kg. 100g for $19.95, 250g for $44, 500g for $79, 1kg for $149.

Australia Kangaroos

K565) Australia 1913 – 48 Kangaroos perf. OS NSW. Mixed set of 1st & 3rd wmks.  13 stamps, ½d – 2/- inc. both colours of 6d & 2/-. Selected examples from our stock, mostly circular cancels, scarce assembly. Price $459   

K490) Australia 1913 1st wmk Kangaroos set to 1/- nice fine used all circular cancels and several dated examples, inc. 3d Die II. Melbourne retail $440 +, 11 stamps, price $310

K492) Australia 1913 1st wmk Kangaroos set to 1/- nice fine used all circular cancels and some are dated examples, Melbourne retail $195, 10 stamps, price $135

K493) Another as above, same price $135  

K425) Australia 1913 2d 1st wmk grey Kangaroo used on Thursday Island. Marginal example from centre of sheet showing part gutter at left. Well centred stamp cancelled by full cds of Thursday Is. 1913, full date unclear. Also 1932 9d C of A wmk, similarly cancelled dated 6 JE 38. Price for the 2, $200 

PM30F) 100 mixed Kangaroos, unpicked for watermarks, postmarks, varieties or shades. Values to 2/-, great value at under $2 per stamp. Not all are perfect but you will find some nice stamps. Price $195

PM30G) As above but 200 stamps, values to 5/-, price $395

PM30H) As above but 400 stamps values to 10/-, price $895

AU12) Australia 1913 1d Red Kangaroo, Die IIA, fresh used example, with large part original gum, and Strong Offset on reverse under the gum. Cat $600 for mint, unpriced used. Lovely item. $495

K248) Australia 1913 1d Red Kangaroo Die II, Prominent KISSPRINT. Fine used perf OS with light machine cancel. Supplied with normal for comparison for. The Double print (Kissprint) is only listed as Die IIA at $6500 for used in ACSC. Price $2950

K86) Australia 1913 2d Grey 1st wmk Kangaroo Fresh Mint Unhinged, Centred to right, good perfs. Cat. $300, price. $119

K571) Australia 1913 2d Grey 1st wmk. Kangaroo, DOUBLE PERFS. Used parcel cancelled example with double perfs. at left and right. ACSC 5b, cat. $400. Has horizontal crease, not visible from front. Price $100

DB826) Australia 1913 3d Olive Kangaroo, Die I. Nice mint lightly hinged example with good perfs. Has light gum bend not visible from front. Cat. $250, price $119

K369) Australia 1913 3d olive die II Kangaroo ACSC 12B, cat $400 blue Brisbane cds, FU. Price $199

ML533) Australia 1913 First watermark 3d pale olive green die I, CTO with gum, indistinct corner CDS centred top right, one slightly nibbed perf at top. ACSC  12E, Cat. Min. $50, price $29

MOC46) Australia 1913 3d Olive 1st wmk Kangaroo, Die II, cto, cat $500. Attractive nicely centred stamp, very scarce. $329

AP49) Australia 1913 1st wmk 3d Yellow Olive Kangaroo, Die I, perf small OS, neat cds cancel. Cat. $100, my price $75

D34) Australia 1913 3d Olive Kangaroo, perf small OS DIE II, with Perth reg. cancel. Full perfs and centered right. Cat. $350, this one just $115

K88) Australia 1913 4d Analine Orange Kangaroo, mint very fresh light hinge, almost imperceptible. Centred to top right with good perfs. ACSC 15B, cat $2000 excellent price $595

AU29) Australia 1913 KGV 4d Orange, Inverted wmk, MLH, Cat $80, cheap at $45

K380) Australia 1913 5d Chestnut 1st wmk Kangaroo. Superb Post Office fresh Unhinged left marginal block of 4. Perfect centring and perfs, fresh white gum. Has “AUSTRA” in margin at left. SG8, ACSC16A. Premium Exhibition Piece. There was no Mint Unhinged block of 4 in the Arthur Gray Collection! Price  $3250  

K14) Australia 1913 5d Chestnut Kangaroo, superb mint unhinged. Well centred and good perfs. Brilliant stamp hard to better! From top of sheet and showing borderline above watermark. Cat. $650. Price $595

LM12) Australia 1913 5d Chestnut Kangaroo, “Kissprint”. Nice well centred example with full perfs, fresh mint very lightly hinged. Coastline appears doubled almost all around. Cat $250 as normal. Price $495

K90) Australia 1913 6d Ultramarine Kangaroo 1st Wmk. Superb fault free well centred full perf. example. Cat. $875, price $549

ML538) Australia 1913 6d ultramarine CTO with indistinct corner cds, the letter 'S' is just visible, indicating it may be a Brisbane CTO, attractive stamp! $99

K16) Australia 1913 6d Ultramarine Kangaroo 1st Wmk. Inverted. PERF SMALL OS. Superb fault free cds example well centred. Cat. $1500, price $1250

K352) Australia 1913 9d Deep Violet Kangaroo 1st wmk.  Post Office Fresh MUH. Superb shade, lovely stamp nicely centred with good perf. ACSC 24C. Supplied with Drury 2017 Cert. Cat. $1500, price $1195.

Oct14) Australia 1913 Kangaroo 9d Violet 1st wmk, mint lightly hinged. Retail $140, my price $110

K320) Australia 1913 9d Pale Violet  Kangaroo 1st Wmk. PERF SMALL OS. Superb fault free MINT UNHINGED example well centred and good perfs., with  doubling  of perfin on one hole between 1 & 2 o’clock on the O of OS.  ACSC 24Bbb, Cat. $1500 as the cheaper Violet shade, price $1250

Oct25) Australia 1913 Kangaroo 1/- Emerald 1st wmk, perf Small OS, mint lightly hinged,  cat $600, my price $345

K356) Australia 1913 2/- Dark Brown 1st wmk Kangaroo.  Attractive postally used  example with good perfs. Centred to top left. Better shade, ACSC 35B cat. $300. Price $129

D47) Australia 1913 2/- Brown Kangaroo 1st wmk, good average used, with oval registered cancel. Cat 85 pounds, price just $79

DB777) Australia 1913 2/- Brown Kangaroo 1st wmk  SG 12. Nice used example with corner cds. Good perfs centred a little to lower left.  ACSC 35A Cat $250. Keenly priced at $119

NO14) Australia 1913 2/- Brown Kangaroo, 1st wmk  with “socked on nose” Parkville Victoria cds of SE 22 14. Lovely cancel, stamp has full perfs, brilliant colour. Centered to lower left. Cat. $250. Price $149

SE29) Australia 1913 2/- Brown 1st wmk. Kangaroo superb postally used, with centrally struck “Socked on nose” Perth cds, 5 FEB 15, well centered and with full perfs, a premium stamp. Cat. $300, price $249

MY43) Australia 1913 1st wmk  2/- Brown Kangaroo, perf small OS postally used with 28 MY 15 cds of Melbourne. Well centered and with good perfs. Cat
$500. Price $345

K656) Australia 1913 Grey & Yellow 1st wmk. Kangaroo, postally used. Cancelled by machine parcel type dated 23.JAN 13. This type of cancel rarely seen. Centred low with one short perf to right, there is a very small almost unperceivable thin to the centre of the map. Cheap at just $165

K335) Australia 1913 5/- Grey & Yellow 1st wmk. Kangaroo cto. Nice example with gum, cancelled Melbourne cto 3 DE 13. Full perfs. Centred lower right. Cat. $300, price $225

K18) Australia 1913 10/- Grey & Pink Kangaroo 1st wmk. Handstamped Specimen. Nice looking stamp. Couple of perf faults at lower left side, and gum a little aged. Cat. $750. Well priced at $465

K570) Australia 1915 2nd wmk. Kangaroos, complete set 2d – 5/- all perf OS,  good to fine used. Advertised retail for fine used $1000 plus. Well priced at  $495

ML534) Australia 1915 2d grey Kangaroo 2nd wmk centred high Mint, light HR, advertised retail  $175 for well centred, price $89

ML418) Australia 1915 Second watermark 1/- Emerald well centred nice used, price $25

K319)  Australia 1915 2/- Light Brown Kangaroo 2nd wmk perf. OS.  Cancelled by cds  of Rialto, Melbourne, centred a little high, and with full perfs, difficult to find as nice as this. ACSC35ba,  cat. $400, price $295

MD36) Australia 1916 2/- Brown Kangaroo, 2nd wmk, lovely used example with Registered 8 DE 15 cds. Good perfs, centered a little right. Cat. $400, price under a half  at $195

MMY28) Australia 1916 2nd wmk 2/- Brown Kangaroo, good – fine used with 2 partial cds cancels, well centered and with good perfs. Cat $350, price $195

NO8) Australia 1915 2/- Brown 2nd wmk Kangaroo. A lovely well centered full perf. example, with slightly heavy partial Sale, Victoria cds. Cat $350, my price under a half…$169

K322) Australia 1915 Light Brown Kangaroo 2nd wmk MINT UNHINGED.  Very attractive well centred full perf example. Gum is a little aged. ACSC 36 cat. $8500.  Price $3375

K172) Australia 1915 5/- Deep  Grey & Yellow Kangaroo 2nd wmk perf OS.  Very fine well centred light cds used.  Very well centred and full perfs, try to find better!  ACSC 43Ab, cat. $700, price $495

ML531) Australia 1915 2d grey Kangaroo, 3rd wmk. Die I punctured 'OS' two faintly toned perfs Mint unhinged. Centred to top right with good perfs. ACSC 7Aba, cat. $225 price $69

DB686) Australia 1915 3d Olive Kangaroo 3rd wmk, Die II. Fine postally used with cds of Moonee Ponds, Vic. July 1918. Cat $200, price $119

MMY45) Australia, absolutely magnificent, best I have ever seen! 1915 3rd wmk 3d Olive Die II Kangaroo, with perfect  centring and perfs. With light cds cancel. Cat $200. Price $149

M11) Australia 1915 2/- Brown 3rd wmk Kangaroo, with “S” Flaw, very scarce stamp, lightish parcel used,  cat $450. Price $335

K422) Australia 1917 2.5d Indigo (Analine) 3rd Wmk. Kangaroo, Inverted wmk. Fine fresh mint lightly hinged, nicely centred with full perfs. Analine is not recorded for this stamp, however its nearest relative in Analine, the 1/- rates a 10 x premium over the normal stamp. This would therefore give this stamp a catalogue value of $3250. Supplied with a 2018 Drury certificate.  Price $2500

K93) Australia 1918 3d Yellow Olive 3rd wmk Kangaroo Die II, Mint Unhinged. Centred left with full perfs, has light overall gum toning. Cat. $1000, bargain at $225

MM45) Australia 1918 1/- 3rd wmk Turquoise Kangaroo, fresh mint unhinged, cat $275. Couple of nibbed perfs at top and a bit of a gum bend, hardly visible form the front make this a great budget buy at $98

D29) Australia 1918 3rd wmk 1/- Emerald Kangaroo, very fine postally full perf example
Part cds, Watermark Inverted. Cat $200. Price $110

K324) Australia 1918 10/- Grey & Intense Deep Analine Pink 3rd wmk. Kangaroo. ACSC 48D. Fine used with 2 partial cds cancels. Well centred example with full perfs. Cat. $600, price $449

K23) Australia 1918 5/- Grey-Black and Chrome Kangaroo 3rd wmk. Perf OS, indicative Well centred cto stamp. Few ragged perfs at top left side. No gum. Attractive looking. ACSC 44wa Cat. $300, price $149

K26) Australia 1916 10/- Grey and Deep Analine Pink Kangaroo 3rd wmk. Ovpt. SPECIMEN type B. Perfect centring and perfs, MINT UNHINGED. Post Office fresh and stunning colour. ACSC 48Bx Cat. $3000 without overprint, indicative Cat. price for this  would be $2400 based on scarcity. Price $1795

K156) Another, as above, mint lightly hinged, centred slightly high, couple of nibbed perfs along top. Cat. $600 Price $450

K326) Australia 1917 £1 Chocolate & Dull Blue 3rd wmk. Kangaroo, fine used. Cancelled by Melbourne Ship Mail Room cds. Attractive example well centred with mostly good perfs, just a couple nibbed at lower left. ACSC 52A. Price $1795

K327) Australia 1917 £1 Chestnut and Blue 3rd wmk. Kangaroo, fine used. Socked on nose with Hillgrove Grove NSW cds of 10 AP 18. Attractive example well centred with full perfs. ACSC 52B. Price $2250

ML419) Australia 1924 Third watermark 2/- maroon well centred FU, cancelled partial cds of Maryborough Vic.  6FE28. Price $30

K323) Australia 1924 £1 Grey 3rd wmk. Kangaroo Mint Unhinged. Attractive  example with full perfs, centred a little to right. Has some very minor gum toning. ACSC 53, Cat. $3750, priced very well at  $1875

K157) Australia 1924 £1 Grey 3rd wmk. Kangaroo Ovpt. Specimen type C. Fresh mint unhinged example with full perfs, centred a little to lower right. Cat. $850, price $650

K158) Australia 1924 £1 Grey 3rd wmk. Kangaroo Ovpt. Specimen type C. Fresh mint lightly hinged example, perfectly centred  with full perfs. Has unrecorded variety, damaged top horizontal to E.   price $495

K321) Australia 1924 £1 Grey 3rd wmk. Kangaroo Ovpt. Specimen type D. Fresh mint unhinged example with full perfs, beautifully centred! Cat. $850, price $650

K424) Australia 1919 £2 Purple Black & Rose 3rd wmk. Kangaroo, ACSC 56C(D)h.  Attractive used example with no faults. Cancelled by Port Pirie S.A. cds of 7OC31. Centred to top with full perfs. Has variety “Broken Coast in Bight” Cat. $5500, price $3600

K489) Australia 1929 6d Pale Chestnut Kangaroo, sml. Multi. wmk. Perf OS Mint Block of 4. Top two stamps are lightly hinged, lower two are fresh unhinged. Centred to lower left and with a few nibbed perfs. Still an attractive block, cat. $370 as singles. ACSC 22Bb. Has unrecorded variety: “Break in lower right frame on stamp 1, Priced very well at $159 

ML537) Australia 1929 9d Violet Kangaroo smw. Fresh mint very lightly hinged, centred a little left. ACSC 28A cat. $175, price under a half $69   

K488) Australia 1929 9d Pale Violet Kangaroo smw. Fresh mint hinged, centred  left and with a few uneven perfs. This is a Die II Substitution from plate 4. ACSC 28B (4)  cat. $300, priced well under a half $139   

K564) Australia 1929 1/- Blue – Green SMW Kangaroo, mint unhinged. Well centred full perf. stamp, cat. $300. ACSC34A  Price $200

GG16K381) Australia 1929 10/- Grey & Pale Pink sml. Multi. wmk. Kangaroo. A Post Office Fresh perfectly centred and with full perfs example, very lightly hinged. A premium stamp. ACSC 49, cat. $1100, price $995
K382)  Australia 1929 £2 Purple Grey & Rose Crimson smw. Kangaroo, Ovpt. “SPECIMEN” . ACSC 57x. Lovely looking fault free stamp perfectly centred and with full perfs. lightly hinged. Cat. $900. A premium example.  Price $795

K385) Australia 1932 6d Chestnut Kangaroo Ovpt. OS. Mint unhinged top marginal block of 4. Fine and Post Office fresh with full perfs,  centred to top. ACSC 23A, cat $500 as singles, blocks are scarce. Price $419   

K383) Australia 1932 9d Violet Kangaroo, C of A wmk. Well centred mint block of 4. Lovely fresh looking block. Top two stamps have the merest touch of a hinge, lower two have been twice hinged. Blocks are scarce, especially so well centred. Price $349

K415) Australia 1932 Grey & Pink C of A wmk Kangaroos. Well centred very fine & fresh mint unhinged hinged imprint pair, perfectly centred with full perfs. Includes the variety va, Open Mouthed Kangaroo. A very RARE Exhibition Piece. The pair is not priced unhinged, but at $3750 for hinged. The Imprint adds a big premium.  There was no such pair or block in the Arthur Gray Collection. Figuring this logically, the Imprint pair for the normal Grey & Pink printing catalogues $3750 for hinged and do sell close to this price, 5 x the mint stamp and the premium for mint unhinged is x 2.5. This gives us a value of $9375. Price for this stunning piece $7500

K423) Australia 1932 10/- Grey & Pink Kangaroo C of A wmk ACSC50A. A fine fresh and well centred full perf. example  lightly hinged. Supplied with a 2018 Drury certificate. Cat. $750, however this is a premium stamp. The catalogue is certainly out of whack  on this item. Price $895

BD11) Australia 1932 10/- Grey & Pale Rose Crimson (Analine)  Kangaroo, C of A wmk. Scarcest shade of this stamp, ACSC 50C. Cancelled by Sydney cds, and with MISPLACED KANGAROO, not listed for this stamp. The Kangaroo is shifted approx. 5m to the right leaving the tail 3mm outside the map. Misplacements such as this are usually cat. Around the $5000 level. Visually very attractive. Price $2950

K332) Australia 1932 10/- Grey & Analine Pink C of A wmk Kangaroo. Lovely shade, ACSC 50D, cat. $750. Centred low, with good perfs,  cancelled by slightly smudgy cds. Hard shade to find. Price.  $395

K245) Australia 10/- Grey & Pink Kangaroo, type C Specimen. Fine and fresh well centred example with good perfs. Only 1200 produced of this rare C type specimen. ACSC 50A Cat. $850. This is an exceptionally fine example, price $795   

KK253) Australia 1931-36 5/- - One Pound C of A Kangaroos, fine cds used set of 3 . Good perfs all round, centring varies. Cat.  $785, price $469

K333) Australia 1935 £1 Grey C of A wmk. Kangaroo VFU. Attractive  example well centred  with full perfs, cancelled by small part WA cds to top right. ACSC 54,  Cat. $450, they do not come much better than this. Price $375

K354) Australia 2007 Kangaroos High Values Proof Card, produced as pre-publicity for the Arthur Gray sale. One of these sold for US$187.50 on eBay a few years ago! Price $29 (10 available)

Australia KGV Heads

For Queensland Provisional Registration Label Covers, see Queensland under Australian States

PM30J) 100 mixed KGV Heads, unpicked for watermarks, postmarks,  varieties or shades. Values to 5d, great value at under $1 per stamp. Not all are perfect but you will find some nice stamps. Price $95

PM30K) As above but 200 stamps, values to 1/4d-, price $195

PM30L) As above but 400 stamps values to 1/4d, price $389

G259) Australia 1913 1d Rose Red Engraved Marginal part imprint block of 6 (3 x 2) Mint Unhinged. Attractive well centred block with full perfs, gum very slightly aged. Block of 8 ACSC 59Bzc cat. $475 for hinged. This block does not have the listed variety, nevertheless scarce. Price $175

G191) Australia 1914 1d Bright Red Die II KGV. Fine used light slogan cancel. Well centred and good perfs. ACSC 71B (G11) Cat. $100, price $72

G35) Australia 1914 1d Carmine Red KGV, ACSC 71A, smooth paper in horizontal Die I, Die II pair, perf OS mint lightly hinged. Centred left. Cat. $1250, price $595

G250) Australia 1915 KGV 1d dull red G16 single wmk ACSC 71E VLHM. Price $49

G271) Australia 1915 KGV 1d deep scarlet rough paper block of 4 punctured 'OS' var inverted wmk, ACSC 72Aa/bb centred to top MUH. Price $425

G197) Australia 1917 KGV 1d carmine-pink LM wmk Cooke printing ACSC 73A centred to left, Good Used. Price $169

G282) Australia 1917 KGV rough ppr 1d carmine G62 block of 4, ACSC 72C, centred to right, HR Mint. Price $149

G251) Australia 1917 KGV rough ppr 1d carmine (pale) G62 ACSC 72C, centred to top, Mint. Price $37.50

G117) Australia 1918 KGV rough paper 1d rosine ACSC 72I (G68) cat $150, centred to right, FU. Price $79

G231) Australia 1918 KGV rough paper 1d rosine punctured 'OS' ACSC 72Ibb (G68), cat $100, centred to left, FU. Price $49

G227) Australia 1918 1d KGV Carmine Red KGV Die 1 &  2 Pair Fresh Mint Unhinged. Stunning looking, full perfs centred to tope left.  ACSC  71Y(1)ia, G31. Supplied with2017 Drury certificate. Cat. $1500 Price $1195

G305) Australia 1924 KGV 3d blue single watermark variety ‘Dry ink’ ACSC 104Bc, fine mint lightly hinged. Price $79

G239) Australia 1915 KGV 4d orange punctured 'OS' var inverted wmk ACSC 110b cat $150, centred to right FU. Price $79

G204) Australia 1916 4d KGV Orange (Aniline). Is a 4d Orange, single watermark with watermark inverted, a fine example. Cancelled to order, no gum. ACSC 110Aa + w. Supplied with 2017 Starling certificate. Price: $149

DB792) Australia 1916 4d KGV Pale Orange Yellow, ACSC 110E, fine mint lightly hinged, full perfs, centred left. Cat. $350. Hard shade to find. Price $195

G108) Australia 1916 KGV 4d pale orange-yellow Single wmk ACSC 110E, cat $350, most attractive shade MLH. Price $179

G230) Australia 1919 KGV 1d carmine-rose LM wmk punctured 'OS' ACSC 74Ab, cat $175, unusually well centred FU

G270) Australia 1919 KGV 1d carmine-rose LM wmk block of 4, some gum suntanning stripes, ACSC 74A MUH. Price $129

GG10) Australia 1918 1d KGV Maroon (cert says Deep Carmine-Red). Perforated OS, a fine example of a rare shade, FU. ACSC 72Rbb (G77). Supplied with 2016 Starling certificate. Cat. $250. Price: $189

GG14) Australia 1d 1918 KGV Rosine. A fine example of a rare shade, FU. ACSC 72I (G68). Supplied with 2017 Starling certificate. Cat. $150. Price: $119

G157) Australia 1918 1d Carmine Rose KGV, substituted cliché Die II. Fine used cds full perf example centred low.  Cancelled by Machine cancel.  ACSC 72Q (2) ja. Supplied with Drury certificate. Price $95

G177) Australia 1919 1.5d Brown Die I KGV, Cracked Electro Bottom right corner Block of 6. ACSC 85U unlocated. evident on 4 stamps in right value tablet, plus large solid brown area to right of crown stamp 6. Some perf separation, and natural inclusion on one stamp. Fresh mint unhinged, (hinged in selvedge) Price $1995

G215) Australia 1920 KGV 2d orange single wmk punctured 'OS' var 'Watermark inverted' centred to top, FU. Price $49

G324) Australia 1920 5d KGV Pale Bright Chestnut 5d Brown, Single watermark, line perforated on rough paper, perforated OS  ACSC 124. Cancelled by Perth oval registered dated 18 MY 23, late use for this. Also shows misplaced watermark with part of sheet edge to the left. $250, price $195

G207) Australia 1920 5d KGV Deep Bright Chestnut. Is a 5d Brown, Single watermark, line perforated on rough paper, perforated OS with the variety 'damaged NW corner [state III]', used has a corner bend. ACSC 124qb. Supplied with 2015 Starling certificate. Cat. $750. Price: $565

G228) Australia 1920 1/4d Turquoise Blue Single watermark, Dry Ink. Mint lightly hinged. Full perfs, centred right. ACSC 128Ac. Supplied with Drury 2017 Cert. Cat. $400, price $295

G219) Australia 1920 1/4d Turquoise Blue Single watermark, perf OS “DRY INK” Mint unhinged, full perfs, centred low, with Watermark misplaced. Cat. $600. Price $449

G337)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ horizontal pair, the right hand unit showing variety ‘Ferns’ ACSC 77(4)Ba/ia, a scarce combination, centred to the right, very lightly hinged Mint. Price $149

G338)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk block of 4, upper left unit showing variety ‘Secret mark’ ACSC 77(4)d, upper right unit has a very slightly rounded corner, a fresh block with the lower units MUH. Price $39 

G339)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk N over M Harrison imprint pair with variety ‘White flaw in right frame opposite emu’s feet’ ACSC 77(3)za(pair) centred to left, fresh Mint, Price $79

G340)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk N over MP Harrison imprint pair with variety ‘RA joined’ ACSC 77(4)z, some vertical perf separation, small green ink mark on the gum of the variety stamp, Mint. Price $49

G341)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk marginal block of 4 with part two line Harrison imprint with plate 4 varieties ‘RA joined’ and ‘Ferns’, ACSC (4)ia/j both of which have been partly corrected by ‘make-ready’ (see note 1 after 77(4) listing in the ACSC), the ‘Ferns’ unit being MLH and the ‘RA joined’ MUH, an attractive and scarce positional piece. Price $199

G334)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d  Green Single wmk Mullett imprint pair, unusually with the imprint angled down slightly to the right,  with variety ‘White flaw in right frame opposite emu’s feet’ ACSC 77(3)zb(pair) MLH Price $99

G67)  Australia 1924 KGV 1d Pale Green Single wmk.  mint block of 4. Lightly hinged on top 2 only. Very fresh showing "Dry Ink" ACSC 77Ac,  and undocumented variety "Emu Laying Egg"  on top left stamp. Spectacular! Cat. $500 as single stamps without the variety. Price $399

G139) Australia 1924 KGV 1d Green No Wmk, Top marginal mint block of 4 lightly hinged. Showing  Spectacular  double  and misperfs in margin! Double perfs. Listed only as used for this, ACSC 79b  Cat. $250 for a single stamp, this stretches across the whole top margin over 2 stamps.  $500 as single stamps used, Price $399

G233) Australia 1924 KGV 1d green no wmk punctured 'OS' ACSC 79ba, quite well centred FU. Price $79

G72) Australia 1924 3d KGV Pale dull violet blue, single wmk  Die 1 ACSC 104B. Mint block of 4, lightly hinged on 3. Light overall gum toning, centred left.  Cat. $195, price $135

G77) Australia KGV 1924 3d blue Single wmk corner block of 4, lower left unit variety 'Retouched SE corner' BW104q, lower units including the variety are MUH. Price: $295

G336) Australia 1927 1d green KGV SM wmk P 14 Mullett imprint strip of 4 with varieties ‘RA of AUSTRALIA retouched’ and ‘Kangaroos tongue out’ ACSC 80(4)ja/u, slight gum bend on far left unit and tiny spot in gutter, centred a little high, all stamps fresh MUH. Price $ 149

G327) Australia 1927 1d green KGV SM wmk P 14 variety ‘Watermark inverted’, ACSC 80Ba, centred a little high, fresh MUH. Price $34.50

G328) Australia 1927 1d Deep green KGV SM wmk P 14 N over N Ash imprint block of 4 with varieties ‘RA of AUSTRALIA joined’ and ‘Ferns’ retouched ACSC 80(4)zb Cat $175 for the ‘green’ shades, this block is definitely a much deeper shade than usual, centred low, HR on upper units, lower units MUH, Price $149

G329) Australia 1927 1d Deep green KGV SM wmk P 14 N over N Ash imprint block of 6 with varieties ‘RA of AUSTRALIA joined’ retouched, ‘Ferns’ and ‘Kangaroos tongue out’ ACSC 80(4)zb + u, faint overall ‘suntanning’, lower units MUH. Price $129

G234) Australia 1926 1d green KGV SM wmk P13½ x 12½ vertical pair variety 'Inverted wmk' ACSC 81a, advertised retail $200, Good used. Price $129

G235) Australia 1926 KGV 1d green die II SM wmk P13½ ACSC 81(1)i commercially FU. Price $49

ML454) Australia 1926 Small multiple wmk P14 1½d red Mullett imprint pair, R/H unit with variety 'ST of Postage joined' ACSC91(4)za (pair) Mint hinged,  price $39

ML455) Australia 1926 1.5d Rose Red KGV SMW Perf 14 ACSC 91, 4 top right singles (One missing R/H selvedge) showing plates dots 1,2,3 7 4. Fresh mint unhinged. ACSC 91. Price $100

ML466) Australia 1926 Small multiple wmk P14 1½d red plate 2 dots block of 4, ACSC  91(2)z, upper units MUH, side selvedge re-attached with hinges, price $60

ML452) Australia 1926 3d Blue KGV Perf 14 smw, type B. Mint unhinged lower marginal with part Mullet imprint. Light gum bend does not detract. ACSC 106B Cat. $125, price $59

ML444) Australia 1927 Small multiple wmk Perf 14 1d green part Mullett imprint block of 4 with varieties 'RA joined' & 'Ferns' ACSC 80A (4) ia & j, the two r/h units with two small faint gum tone spots, otherwise fresh MUH. Catalogued $200+ for hinged, double this for MUH. Well centred with good perfs, price $149

G350) Australia 1926 3d KGV Blue, sml. Multi wmk. Perf 14, Die 1a ACSC 106A horizontal pair with r/h unit showing unlisted variety ‘Large white flaw under chin’ quite a striking flaw, fresh Mint. Price $79

G71) Australia 1926 3d KGV Blue, sml. Multi wmk. Perf 14, Die 1a. ACSC 106A. Top right mint lightly hinged marginal block of 4, horiz. pairs are types B – A , A – A. Centred high with good perfs. Cat. $325, price $225

G264) Australia 1927 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw. SG 93 Perf. 14 Mullett Imprint Pair. Stamps are fresh mint unhinged, with light hinge mark in selvedge only. Very fresh with full perfs. Imprint block of 4 cat. $4000 for hinged, unhinged stamps cat. $1250 each. Price $2350

G119) Australia 1927 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw. SG 93 Perf. 14 cto. Full perf. example without gum, centred left. Cat. $300. Price $145

G237) Australia 1928 KGV 1d green die II SM wmk P13½ x 12½ ACSC 81(1)i, centred to upper left, commercially FU. Price $39

G167) Australia 1929 KGV 3d blue die II SM P13.5 x 12.5 Ash imprint pair Mint. Price: $100

ML461) Australia 1929 Small multiple wmk P13½ x 12½ 4d olive Ash imprint pair ACSC 116(3) z (pair), some areas of flat gum and toning, but appears mint unhinged. Block of 4 hinged cat. $300, price $50

G45) Australia 1930 KGV 2d golden scarlet die III SM P13.5 x 12.5 imprint strip of 4, hinged in gutter only Price: $75

ML432) Australia 1930 KGV Small Multiple watermark P13½  1½d red-brown Ash imprint pair mint hinged, price $30 

G265) Australia 1928 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw. Perf. 13.5 x 12.5 Ash Imprint Pair. Stamps are fresh mint unhinged, with light hinge mark in selvedge only. Selvedge gum is toned, stamps only mildly affected. Facially attractive with full perfs. Imprint block of 4 cat. $3250 for hinged, unhinged stamps cat. $875 each. Priced cheaply at $595.

G221) Australia 1928 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw cto. Nice full perf example without gum, centred right. Cat. $100, price $59

G192) Australia 1932 KGV 1d green Ash imprint block C of A wmk ACSC 82z MLH. Price $39

G146) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Green C of A Wmk, mint unhinged block of 12 (3 x 4) with varieties “Dents in Bottom Frame” stamps 1/22, 28, 24 & 30. (Centre row of this block) ACSC82(1)  da, db, dc & dd. Cat. $50 each as hinged, indicative pricing as unhinged block with these varieties is $600. Price $449

G335) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Pale green C of A Ash imprint block of 8 with varieties ‘RA joined’ and ‘Ferns’ retouched and ‘White spot on L of AUSTRALIA’ ACSC 82A(4)z, the Ferns retouched unit has a slightly rounded corner and there is some faint toning on the RA joined retouched unit, Mint, Price $129

G330) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Pale green C of A Ash imprint block of 8, ACSC 82Az, 2 upper units hinged and a small ink mark on the gum of one lower unit Price $59

G147) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Green C of An  INVERTED WMK, overprinted OS. Good used example centred top left, and with one natural perf.  fault to right.  Cancelled by light wavy line machine canceller. Cat. $2000, very rare, 1st I have owned or seen! Price $975

G332) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Green C of A overprinted ‘OS’ plate 4 Ash imprint block of 4 with varieties ‘RA joined’ and ‘Ferns’ retouched and ‘White spot on L of AUSTRALIA’ ACSC 82(4)(OS)z, Cat $225 for Mint hinged, this is a fresh mint unhinged block, centred to the left. Price $299

G333) Australia 1931 KGV 1d Pale green C of A overprinted ‘OS’ ACSC 82(OS) lower left corner block of 4, centred high, fresh MUH Price $44.50

G238) Australia 1931 KGV 1d green C of A wmk punctured 'OS' wider setting from the 'OS/NSW' perforating head with 'NSW' removed, scarce VFU. Price $49

G252) Australia 1931 KGV 2d Red, overprinted OS. Fine used cds example with unrecorded variety “Overprint misplaced to left” the O being well outside the frame at left. Similar misplacements on the 1d cat.  $250 for mint hinged. This is thus far the only one found. Price $495

G220) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise Blue, defective top frame and cross. Fresh mint unhinged, centred left. ACSC 131Bd. Indicative cat $1200. ($600 for the shade, and double for the variety) Very scarce stamp. Price $899

G208) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise KGV C of A wmk. Mint Unhinged. Post Office Fresh example with full perfs, centred right. ACSC 131A, cat. $375. Price $249

ML541) Australia 1932 1/4d Turquoise KGV C of A wmk. Mint Lightly Hinged. Full perfs, centred left. Has 2 slightly toned perfs at base. ACSC 131A, cat. $150. Priced very well at  $39

G131) Australia 1933 4d olive pair, left unit with var 'Roos tongue out' BW117(4)e variety is MUH, Cat $90 as hinged, centred to left. Price: $100

Australia Pre-Decimal

ML421) Australia 1914 6d engraved kookaburra centred high CTO without gum, price $36

APD64) Australia 1931 – 36 OS Overprints, complete set of all definitives and commemoratives, mostly cto. Includes the scarce Yellow Green of the 1/- Large Lyrebird. 16 stamps, nearly all cto examples. Price $449

APD253) Australia 1928 Kookaburra Minisheets cto with Exhibition Cancels in Red and Green, 29 OC 28. Rare! $475 

BD782) Australia 1928 Kookaburra Minisheet, lower left corner example fresh mint very light hinge with nice variety, showing perfs not completely punched through along top. Price $295

APD249) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d Ovpt. OS, fresh Mint Unhinged, With Certificate which will be dated and signed upon purchase. Cat. $1125, price $925. 

APD239) Australia 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge set of 4, fine postally used. 

APD147) Australia 1932 5/- Harbour Bridge, fine cto used. Price $265

ML436) 1932 1/- Lyrebird overprinted 'OS' horizontal pair good used with Perth GPO cds’s of 4AUG34. Price $60

ML437) Similar to above, slightly heavier cancellations, price $50

BD304) Australia 1934 MacArthur 2d Dark Hills part imprint vertical strip of 4, mint unhinged. Cat $140 as singles. Price $95

BD301) as above, bottom right corner, mint unhinged vertical strip of 3. Cat $105 as singles, price $69.50

APD210) Australia 1934 MacArthur vertical block of six, each cancelled with central strike of Kolan South, Qld. Cds. of 20NOV34. Tiny tear at base of lower left stamp. Price $49

BD306/307) Australia 1934 – 40 Victoria Centenary P. 10.5, Sth. Australia Centenary & 1940 AIF all in mint unhinged complete sets. (9) Retail $190, my price $115 the lot.

APD53) Australia 1934 1/6d Hermes, mint unhinged, part imprint example. Post Office Fresh, and with full perfs. Hard to better. ACSC 161, cat. $125, price $110

APD207) Australia 1935 2d Red Anzac, fresh mint unhinged Gutter Pair, with double offset! Unlisted As such in ACSC. Price $395

APD196) Australia 1937 3d Greyish – Blue WHITE WATTLES mint unhinged block of 4. Shows a very high level of ink stripping, greater than usually seen. The inner frame breaks usually associated with this issue are not present.   Cat. $1600 as single stamps, price $1125 

DB310) Australia 1937 2d Red NSW Sesqui, Man with Tail variety, commercially used. SG 19a cat. £140. Price $129

APD154) AUSTRALIA 1938 Australia KGVI 2d Red stamp “MEDALLION” FLAW” nice commercially used, with normal for comparison. Cat $250, cheap at $75

APD188) Australia 1938 3d Blue Die II Thick paper Ash Imprint Block. Fresh mint unhinged, (light hinge in left selvedge only. Well centred with full perfs. Cat. $375, price $265

APD192) Australia 1938 3d Blue Die II Thin paper Ash Imprint Block. Mint lightly hinged, well centred and full perfs. Has perf pip at base. Cat. $275, price $189

APD229) Australia 1940 AIF set MUH, Price $29

APD240) Australia 1941 2½d surcharge MISPLACED Ash Imprint block with perf. pip from centre of sheet with left gutter selvedge complete. Hinged on top two and lower selvedge.  Misplacement is a good 2.5mm to the left of normal. Supplied with normal for comparison. The 3mm misplacement is catalogued at $275 for a single unhinged stamp. Price $275 

APD37) Australia 1941 – 44 2d Mauve KGVI Coil Join Strip with weak print/ink stripping. Mint unhinged coil strip of 4 showing weak print/ink stripping to 2nd stamp at base. ACSC 109bd (pair) Price $149

APD224) Australia 1942 ½d orange kangaroo, coil join strip of 4. Centre two units are unhinged. Price $49

APD208) Australia 1942 1½d Green Queen Elizabeth Massive Misperf gutter marginal example, fresh mint unhinged. Has wide left margin and then the full gutter selvedge and showing portion of the stamp adjoin gutter at left. Not the same as the similar item listed at $325 as ACSC 226bb. Possibly unique, price $450 

APD259) Australia 1949 Robes Thin Paper set to £1 in fresh mint unhinged Imprint Blocks of 4. The 5/- is white paper Cat. $1325, price $995. 

APD58) Australia 1949 Arms High Values 5/- - Two Pounds, fresh mint unhinged. Post Office Fresh, mint unhinged, Well centred set with full perfs usual retail $250, Price $189

APD221) Australia 1949 Arms High Values 10/- - Two Pounds overprinted Specimen. Fresh mint lightly hinged, with severely under-inked overprint to top of £2. Well centred set with full perfs. Nice variety, price $325

APD255) Australia 1949 Arms 5/- THIN PAPER Mint Unhinged Imprint Block of 4. Minor toning to 2 stamps and lower selvedge, otherwise fine. Supplied with thick paper Imprint Block for comparison. Cat. $2500, price $950 

ML544) Australia 1959 QEII 5d blue coil perf block of 4 CTO without gum, advertised retail $125, price $79

APD245) Australia 1961/64 5/- Cattle, both White and Cream Papers. SG 327/327a. Fresh mint unhinged. Cat. £122 = AUD$215. Local retail $145. Price $110  

APD243) Australia 1963/64 Pre-decimal Navigators set of 8 to £2 inc. white papers. Fresh mint unhinged. Retail $275, price $195

Australia pre-decimal Full Sheets etc.

AFS2) Australia 1937 1d Green QE Die 1 ACSC 181A, Gutter block of 100 with 23mm gutter, fresh mint unhinged. Yields Gutter Imprint block of 4, plus 8 gutter pairs. Min. cat. $360, price $179

AFS2a) As above 2d Red KGVI ACSC 187A. For some reason ACSC does not price Gutter pairs as per the 1d above or the Gutter Imprint! Cat. ought to be exactly as above. Price $179

AFS2b) As above, both blocks $349

AFS7) Australia 1947 1d Slate Purple Princess Elizabeth. ACSC 245A. Complete FLUSH PERF sheet of 160. The flush perf at right comes only from sheets issued in the 1st Month, and is RARE! Yields Gutter Imprint block of 8, plus 5 x flush perf blocks of 4 at right of sheet, plus perf. pip gutter block of 8 at left of sheet. Also flush perf Imprint block at right bottom corner. Cat. $1100 plus, price $825

AFS6) Australia 1953 Produce Food 3d Green. ACSC 287/8/9. Complete fresh mint unhinged sheet of 100. Has varieties 287d) retouch in front of roped leg of 2nd cow, 287f ) White spot after Australia. 289b, perf pip gutter block of 4 and 289y) White flaw in Tablet left of 3d. Sheet yields 6 x blocks of 9 plus 6 x horizontal strips of 3. Cat. price = approx. $340. Price $249

AFS6a) As above 3.5d Red sheet, ACSC 290/1/2. Shows all retouches 290 Types 1 – 12, also 292d, colour spur at top of “B” of Beef. Min. Also Perf pip gutter block at right. Cat. Approx. $730, price $549

AFS6b) As above, both sheets, price $759. Save $39

APD206) Australia 1954 3½d Red Cross. Vertical lower corner strip of 3  with misplaced cross on all units misplaced into blue area. ACSC 312c Cat. $150 per stamp for mint or used. This item is MNG. Price $225

AFS5a) As above, but right sheet, without varieties. Has Autotron block top left. Minimum cat. $179, price $135

AFS5b) As above both sheets L & R. Price $310, save $20

Australian Decimals
AD89) Australia 1970 Floral coils 4c strip of 5 & 5c strip of 4, with the top 3 units of each strip showing ‘Doctor blade’ flaws, MUH Price $49

AD87) Australia 2007 Threatened Wildlife Prestige booklet overprinted for ‘Queensland Stamp show 2007’ in gold, MUH, advertised retail $40, Price $29

AD88) Australia 2009 ‘Birds of a Feather’ Australian Songbirds Prestige booklet overprinted for 300 issues of the Stamp Bulletin MUH, advertised retail $38, Price $27.50

Australian Cinderellas/Revenues

C8) Tasmania WWII Motor Spirit Ration Tickets for 1 Gallon & 2 Gallons. Complete sheet of 10 unused in mint condition. The 1 Gallon Printed in black, the 2 Gallon in Green, both on Salmon paper, rouletted. Each sheet has Commonwealth Authority Imprint at left. Price $96. (6 lots available)

C6) 1919 Ross Smith reproduction blue on cream sheetlet of 4, this style previously unseen by us MUH. Price $100

Exhibition sheets etc.

APD74) WAPEX 1954 centenary exhibition card bearing reproductions of the 1st 3 WA stamps in original colours. Cancelled by Green Exhibition cancel of 6 AU. 1954. Attractive item. Price $19.95 (9 available)

APD75) As above but uncancelled, price $9.50


Australia Decimal

AD16) Australia 1966 Decimal Specimens Pack, 1c - $4. Values to 50c being cto with unhinged gum plus Navigators 75c - $4 Ovpt. “Specimen” mint unhinged. The 75c & $1 being the rarer 15mm overprint. These two cat. Cat. $330 alone. Supplied in APO Folder as issued. Superb quality Price $295

AD13) Australia 1966 Decimal Navigators Ovpt. “Specimen” mint unhinged. The 75c & $1 being the rarer 15mm overprint. Cat. $330. Superb quality perfectly centred and perfect perfs! Price $265

AD3) Australia 1966 4c Red QEII. Mint unhinged top right block of 10 with spectacular pre- printing paper crease to corner block of 4. Price $325

AD2) Australia 1967 5c Blue QEII, plate 3 block of 20 from base of sheet (10 x 2) Hinged only in selvedge. Also with Plate Pip at left. Very fresh and well centred. Cat. $1000 for a block of 4, in 2002 ACSC. Rare as a large block, price $895

AD5) Australia 1970 7c Coil, Sturt’s Desert Pea strip of 4 mint unhinged with Missing Buff colour. SG 468b, bb. Cat.  £900 (£225 each) ACSC  535 ce, cat $300 each in 2002. Rare multiple, ex Simon Dunkerley, supplied with RSPS Victoria Certificate, signed Geoff Kellow. Price $1100

AD1) Australia 1971 7c Purple QEII Spectacular Misperf Block of 40, from sheet D, left of sheet, with selvedges. Nicely written up on album page. Perfs misplaced dramatically to top left  so that it appears imperf. horizontally and almost so  vertically. Each stamp, apart from the bottom 4  showing part of the  stamp below.  Lightly hinged in selvedge only.  Has 5 varieties, annotated on the album page, all of which appear unrecorded. Details on request. misperfs of this magnitude are rare, and usually catalogue in the order of $150 per stamp, as per. The 1956 4d No Wmk Koala. Would easily break down for re-sale into 10 blocks of 4 and could sell for $400 a block, possibly more for those with varieties. Estimated catalogue value $6000, price $1995

AD8) Australia 1973 7c Sydney Harbour Bridge. Lower left block of 25 mint unhinged. Has numerous background flaws with varying degrees of registration shift and areas of missing colour. This results in a colour shift of the light blue to the right and doubling of lettering at base on all stamps. Listed as misplaced light blue as ACSC  653cb. Could be broken down into smaller blocks for re-sale. Supplied with normal for comparison. Cat. $100 per stamp in 2002 = $2500, price $1495

BD338) Australia 1978 15c Christmas block of 16 ( 8 x 2) mint unhinged, with Massive pre-printing paper crease across upper 8 stamps. Spectacular and stunning piece! Price $325

AD4) Australia 1981 24c Thylacine, stunning misperf block of 30 from left hand corner of sheet (3 x 10) Affects lower 2 rows, as illustrated in ACSC decimals vol. 2 page 9/566. ACSC 902bb, type 1. Fresh mint unhinged. Cat. $500 in 2002. Price $475

AD85) Australia 2014 Banjo Paterson, Bush Ballads special Imperf. booklet with 6 different imperf. blocks/minisheets. No. 250 of 250 overprinted in Gold “2014 National Exhibitions”. The Imperfs. were only issued thus, so only 250 of each can exist. Price $200 

Australia Postal History, Inc. 1st Day and Exhibition Covers

For Queensland Provisional Registration Label Covers, see Queensland under Australian States

DB477) Australia 1914 small cover bearing 2.5d Indigo Kangaroo 1st wmk, franked by machine cancel cds of Sydney DE22 1914 to Beverley, Mass. USA. Neat & clean typed address cover. Price $110

DB481) Australia 1915 small Censored cover, bearing 2.5d Indigo 2nd wmk Kangaroo. Franked by Melbourne machine cancel cds of 10.SEP.15. additionally with violet "PASSED" handstamp on front. Neat typewritten address to Taunton, Mass. USA. Cat. $180 on cover. Price $110

APH595) Australia 1915 KGV 1d carmine punctured 'OS' on Customs 'OHMS' postcard. Price $34.50

DB489) Australia 1916 OHMS long printed cover, with 1d KGV & 2d 1st wmk Roo BOTH PERF "T" Very scarce cover cancelled by Hobart machine cds of 21.JAN.16 to Constable Brown at Police Station  Kempton. Opened a little raggedly at right, but does not affect stamps. Price $219

BD381) Australia 1917 Kangaroo UNIQUE FIRST DAY COVER? Censored cover to Sweden bears Horizontal Pair (double rate) of 2.5d Indigo 3rd wmk. Kangaroos, cancelled by Ship Mail Room cds of Melbourne dated 3 JL 17, and confirmed by Gothenburg receiving cds on reverse of 21.9.17. Reverse flap has logo of C. STEAKMEST, 26 Market Street, Melbourne, and with “PASSED” handstamp in violet on face. Kangaroo First Day Covers are very rare and this is dated 2 months earlier than the previously recorded date  in ACSC. Catalogue No. ACSC 9A. There is virtually no possibility that an earlier cover than this exists. All Kangaroo First day Covers are priced in the ACSC catalogue at $15,000 each. Price $9950

APH593) Australia 1920 KGV 2d orange punctured 'OS' on 'Commonwealth of Australia/Customs and Excise, Melbourne' 1921 postcard. Price $49

APH91) Australia 1922 Registered Cover Sydney – Longueville MSE. Bears 4d Blue Cooke Printing & 1d Violet KGV. Cancelled by Sydney cds of  8 JY 22, and with red Sydney registered “Rat’s tail” label No. 7735. Opened roughly at left, and light vertical filing crease does not affect the adhesives. Clean and attractive with typed address. Price $115

NO36) Australia 1923 6d Chestnut 3rd wmk. Kangaroo, on small registered 1925 cover Footscray Vic. to Chicago with Red Reg. label No. 3290. Cancelled by Footscray cds of 6 JA 25 and Melbourne Registered backstamp of the following day plus USA arrival cds’s of 14th, 17th and 18th February 1925. Scarce and attractive cover, the stamp being cat. At $150 for solo use. Priced very reasonably at $119

APH428) Australia 1925 OHMS Postcard with 1d green No wmk KGV perf. OS. Cancelled by Melbourne cds of 21MY 1925 from the Secretary to the Dept. of Public Health to the Shire of Minhamite (  The Shire of Minhamite was a local government area located about 270 kilometres (168 mi) west of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia. The shire covered an area of 1,365.62 square kilometres (527.3 sq mi), and existed from 1871 until 1994.) card is in pristine condition. Stamp catalogues as a single on cover at $400, but this is pretty academic since very few are in existence.  Price $645

APH561) Australia 1929 3d Kookaburra Horizontal Pair on small Airmail cover to Orange, N.J. USA. Cancelled by Brisbane Machine Cancel of 16 APR 1929 and endorsed by red manuscript “via Charleville”  and with Charleville cds of the following day on reverse. This cover was flown on the inaugural Qantas Brisbane – Charleville flight, and then onwards to the USA. These covers are rare without the Vignette, and any non-internal destinations are rare. Multiples of the 3d Kookaburra on cover are equally rare. Cat. in the AAMC as 133aa from $200. Price $179

M3) Australia 1930 Magnificent Airmail Cover  Perth – Yalbalgo Station, Carnarvon, with cds of Perth 4NO30 bearing strip of 3 x 5d KGV Small Multi Wmk, and 2 x halfpenny orange to make 1/4d Airmail rate. Very scarce cover, we sold a similar item recently for $395. This one $349

APH598) Australia 1931 Registered Long Airmail Canberra – San Francisco. Bears 2 x 9d SMW Kangaroos plus 3d Green Airmail one 9d & the 3d cancelled by cds’s of Canberra F.C.T. 25 MR 31 and with Blue Canberra N.S.W. reg’n label No. 940. A further 9d was added later to increase to the Airmail rate on top of the Red Crayon Line and is cancelled by a Sydney registered cds of the following day. Reverse has Sydney Reg’d cds of the following day and San Francisco Violet Reg’d cds of APR 16 1931. A long time for Airmail even in those days, presumably awaiting a flight, or sent Surface. Odd toned perf. and 3d has a blunt lower right corner. The 9d is cat. $350 alone on cover. Neat typewritten cover. Rare! Price  $395.

APH438) Australia 1931 Bushells Fremantle small advertising window envelope. Bears 1d green KGV smw. Perf. 13.5 x 12.5. Cancelled by Perth 3 wavy line slogan of 6 NOV 1931 “ADDRESS MAIL TO/P.O. BOX No./IT EXPEDITES DELIVERY” Price $29 

MJL6) Australia 23 AP 31 Experimental Airmail cover Registered Melbourne to Westmorland UK. Bear full set of Kingsford Smith, plus 3d Airmail and 1/4d Turquoise KGV smw perf 13.5 x 12.5. The 1/4d cat $400 on cover. Neat and clean with nice vignettes  and cachet. Cheap price $179

APH102) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith set on small plain FDC to India, addressed to Rev. H.  Westropp, East India Railways, Jamalpore and re-addressed to Jhapha (Jhapha is a Village in Bochahan Block in Muzaffarpur District of Bihar State, India) Cancelled by Sydney cds of 19MR31 and with arrival cds of Jhapha 7 APR 31. Small tape repair at right and very minor tear at top, not affecting stamps. Rare survivor!  Price $279

MM36) Australia 1931 Airmail Cover, Carnarvon, WA to Yalbalgo Station Carnarvon. These covers are highly sought after. Yalbalgo is one of the largest sheep stations in WA, and the mail must have been delivered by aircraft. This cover bears 6d & 1/- Kangaroos, plus 3d KGV all with small multiple wmk, Perf 13.5 x 12.5. The 1/- is cat.  $250 on cover, and the 6d at $150. Nice clean, fresh item. We sold a similar cover recently for $395, this one is just as nice, price $349

APH227) Australia small registered surface mail cover to Czechoslovakia. Bears 1d Green C of A wmk KGV plus 2d & 3d Vic. Centenary perf 11.5 to make correct registered rate of 6d. Cancelled by Sydney registered cds’s of 24OC34 and with Prague arrival cds’s  of 25.XI.34. Scarce destination and usage. Price $85
APH31) Australia 1934 small airmail envelope bearing 2d Light Hills & 9d MacArthur to Burnley, Lancashire. Cancelled by Melbourne 3 line Slogan of 16 NOV 1934 “VICTORIA AND - CITY OF MELBOURNE  - CENTENARY 1934 – 5” Appears to underpay the airmail 1/6d rate by 7d. No reverse markings. 9d MacArthur alone on cover is cat. $400. Price $279

APH243) Australia 1935 small airmail/seamail advertising cover for Swift & Co. Sydney, to Glasgow. Bears 3d MacArthur plus 1d Green & 2d KGV C of A. Cancelled by Airmail cds’s of Sydney 7FE35. Typed address and also endorsed “ Per Adelaide – Perth Air Mail to connect with/R.M.S. “ORMONDE” At Fremantle”   Reverse has the address of Swift & Company Ltd. In bold black type on reverse.   No arrival markings. Unusual. Price $75 

APH226) Australia 1935 small airmail cover to Czechoslovakia via Athens. Bears 1/6d Hermes No Wmk. & 3d 1935 Jubilee. Cancelled by  Melbourne Ship Mailroom cds of 10SE35  and arrival cds’s of Athens 21 IX 35 and Prague 24.IX.35. Clean and neat with typed address. Scarce destination. Price $120

APH228) Australia 1935 small airmail hand addressed cover to Czechoslovakia via Athens. Bears 1/6d no wmk. Hermes and 3d Blue Vict. Centenary perf. 10.5. Cancelled by cds’s of Air Mail Brisbane 12SE35. Revers has arrival cds’s of Athens 21.IX.35 and Prague 1.X.35. Scarce destination. Price $75 

SE26) Australia 1936 Business sized envelope, trimmed at left, bearing 1/4d & 1d KGV C of A wmk, cancelled by clean cds Ship Mail Room Melbourne, 9 SE 36, typewritten address to radio station in New York. The 1/4d cat. $300 on cover.  Price $98

APH601) Australia 1936 long Airmail Tait Bros. cover to Germany. Bears irregular (1 x 3) block of 4 1/4d KGV Turquoise – Blue C of A wmk, plus 3d Blue KGV. The 1/4d cat. $300 alone on cover. Rare triple rate cover via Italy to Germany, travelled on QANTAS flight IW424 (left Brisbane March 4) was delayed Mar 9-10 with engine trouble at Akyab India. Neat typed addressed cover, very minor aging. Price $1150

APH638) Australia 1939 Real Photograph Sepia Postcard of the Floral Clock at Taronga Zoo. Sydney – E. Malvern Vic. Bears 1½d Red-Brown KGVI cancelled by Sydney Slogan of 30 JUN 1939 “POST EARLY/EACH DAY”. Neat & clean, scarce. Price $39 

MAP40) Australia 1939 Dual Reign small Airmail cover  bearing 1/4d Turquoise KGV  And 3d Blue Die II thick paper KGVI. Scarce combination to New York via England overpaid by 1d, cancelled by neat cds of WATSONS BAY NSW AUST  3AU39 stamps appear hurriedly applied and envelope a bit roughly opened, but a very scarce item indeed. 1/4d cat. on cover at $300 as the cheapest wmk (C of A) Price $249

JL73) Australia 1942 1.5d Green Queen Elizabeth on plain “Accidental” first day cover, Melbourne Machine cancel of 1 Dec 1942 to Burwood E.13. Vic. On small commercial envelope. Cat $800! Price $595

MM35) Australia 1945 (Mar) OHMS Dept. of Air Redirected Cover to RAAF HQ Prahran. From Group 10 Darwin to Officer In Charge Records RAAF Headquarters Prahran Vic then cancelled and inscribed D. Manning with 5½d indigo Duke and Duchess of Gloucester with CDS ""AIR FORCE P.O./8MR45/NO. 20" and 3 x indistinct CDS "AUSTRALIA/??" with reverse inscribed "PEACE 1945" and "2½ SURCHARGE" Nice military/aviation item. Price $79

SE40) Australia, Thursday Is. 1951 Airmail cover to Trinidad from Bowden Pearling Co, Thursday Is., to a Yacht, “Seven Seas II” c/o the US Consul in Port of Spain. Bears 2 x  9d Platypus & a 4d Koala, making 1/10d, possibly 1d overpaid? Cancelled by Thursday Is. Cds 24 AP 51, and with arrival SLOGAN  “Save Precious Water” and cds on reverse, Port of Spain 14 MAY 1951 and company name and address on flap. There is a fascinating book “Life on the Water” depicting the life of a Pearl Fisherman in the Torres Straights who worked for the Bowden Pearling Co.  A scarce and attractive cover, price $159

DB488) Australia Kookaburras on cover. Wide range of destinations, with covers from 1935 - 1958, solo usage and in combinations, some with 2/- Kangaroos. Includes registered items, double and triple rate covers, censored covers, used in Papua New Guinea, overpaid, first flight and much more interesting stuff, including an early coloured Sydney lettercard. Fascinating stuff, and ideal for expansion into a nice display. 19 items. Price $695

APH186) Australia 1952. Pictorial view folder of Tasmania, sent Hobart – Camperdown NSW. Bears 5½d Emu & 3½d Sideface KGVI cancelled by slightly smudged cds of Hobart 9JU52.  Pays the 9d ½oz to 1oz letter rate. Nice combination, price $29 

APH684) Australia 1955 use of 1949 10/- ARMS on airmail commercial registered cover to New York. Sent by Douglas Wilkie of the Sun Newspaper Melbourne to Philip Horton Senior Editor of The Reporter. Douglas Wilkie (1909 – 10 April 2002) was a respected columnist for The Sun News-Pictorial (Australia). The son of travelling Shakespearean actors Allan Wilkie and Frediswyde Hunter-Watts, he began his newspaper career as a copy boy with the Hobart Mercury. This period was followed by Sir Keith Murdoch appointing him as Geelong correspondent for The Herald. Wilkie is best remembered for his political commentary for The Sun News-Pictorial for which he wrote during 1946–1986. Philip C. Horton was a professor of public diplomacy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy before his retirement in 1977. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island and was a graduate of Princeton. He taught English at Harvard and served as curator of poetry at Harvard's Widener Library from 1937 to 1942. During World War II he served in the Office of Strategic Services in Washington, London, Germany and Paris. In 1946 he became the first station chief in Paris of the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1947 he joined Time magazine as an associate editor and two years later left for The Reporter, where he became executive editor, a post he held until the magazine ceased publication in 1969. Cover bears 10/- Arms and 9d Platypus cancelled by cds of Collins St. 1.FE.55 and backstamped Melbourne Registered of the same date and NY Grand Central Stn. Double ring cds in violet of FRB 4 1955. Also bears Collins St. blue reg’n label No. 9288. Rate appears to be 5 x the 2/- Airmail rate, plus 9d for Registration/Insurance. A rare cover of some historical significance. Price $295 

APH599) Australia 1955 long airmail Taxed cover, Sydney – Wanganella. Bears 3d & 3½d QEII cancelled by Sydney 2 line slogan “VISIT YOUR SCHOOLS/EDUCATION WEEK” of 5 AUG 1955,  ALSO WITH VIOLET BOXED 1/5d TAX,  and block of 6 (3 x 2) and a pair of 2d plus 1d Redrawn C of A Dues, cancelled cds’s of Wanganella 10 AU 55.  Attractive cover, part flap removed. Not priced in ACSC  on cover. Worth an absolute fortune if wmk. Inverted! Price $149

APH148) Australia 1956 Olympics on Christmas card size Airmail cover to Jersey. Underpaid by 1/-, and cancelled by cds of Enquiry Counter Launceston, Tas. 28NO56. (They should have known better!) Superb Exhibition item for usage or Olympics theme. Price $265

APH192) Australia 1957 small surface mail cover, Parramatta, NSW to Miami Beach, Florida USA. Bears 7½d Blue KGVI cancelled by slogan of Parramatta “SEND MONEY/BY POSTAL NOTE/OR MONEY ORDER” dated 9 JAN 1957. Neat & clean with typewritten address.  Very late use for this stamp. Price $29

APH164) Australia 1965 small airmail cover to UK. Bears solo use 2/3d ICY cancelled by Salisbury SA cds of 5OC65. Very rare solo usage, cat $75, price $69

AFD700) Australia 1966 4c Red QEII booklet pane “Registered Post is Safest for your Gifts”  complete with top selvedge on Wesley FDC, addressed by small label to cover producer J. M. Gower. Presumably he did not produce booklet panes himself, and this was by arrangement  with Wesley Cover Service. Cancelled by Cocos (Keeling) Is. Cds’s of 14FE66. Rare item, never previously seen by us. Price $295

AFD741) Australia 1966 Decimal Navigators set of 6 on two APO Shield long type covers with Grey Cachet, unaddressed. Cancelled by Vermont Vic. cds’s  Unaddressed is scarce. Price $110

APH600) Australia 1966 small well - travelled  Christmas card with letter in small Airmail envelope to Canada. Bears 20c Golden Whistler cancelled by Sydney 4 line slogan of 18 DEC 1966 CHRISTMAS GREETINGS/FROM THE AUSTRALIAN/POST OFFICE. Has RTS finger is black, plus Sydney DLO Oval in Pink of 8MAR 1967, and again Sydney DLO, RTS finger in pink. Reverse has “Montreal slogan bilingually French& English “SPEED DELIVERY/USE APT. NUMBER” DATE NOT VISIBLE, but still 1966 at that point. Then undeliverable mail cds of Montreal dated JAN 16 (No Year!) and similar of Vancouver dated Feb 1 1967. Nice item! Price $59

MSP8) Australia 1969 Tourism Cover of Caloundra, Queensland, commercially used Moorabbin Victoria 21 NOV 69 to Switzerland franked 15c Timber and the 1969 set of 3 x 5c Flight as singles. All of these stamps are scarce on cover, we recently sold a solo use of the 15c Timber for $119. Price $129

APH168) Australia 1970 Small airmail cover to Switzerland. Bears 50c Navigator  plus 7c Sugar and 3c QEII Coil to make 60c double rate. The first 2 stamps cancelled Perth 5 line slogan of 23FEB 1970 “SENDERS ADDRESS/ON BACK OF ENVELOPE/ENSURES/PROMPT RETURN OF/UNDELIVERABLE ARTICLES” (You don’t say! ) Coil stamp was uncancelled and has been cancelled by GPO Sydney cds, date unclear. All 3 of these stamps are scarce on commercial cover, to find them together is remarkable. Price $129    

APH167) Australia 1970 small airmail cover to Switzerland. Bears 20c Expo & horiz. Pair of 5c Royal Visit to make correct 30c rate, perhaps they ran out of the 30c Royal Visit 3 days after issue!  Cancelled by Royal Visit slogan of Perth 2 APR 1970. 20c Expo is rare on commercial cover. Price $129 

APH694) Australia 1970 APO set of 22 Royal Visit Covers dated 31 March – 30 April. Each bears relevant town hand cancel and 5c Royal visit stamp. Superb unaddressed as issued. Rare as such, individual town covers sell at up to $25 each! Very cheap at $110 the lot. 

APH515) Australia 1970 AMAZING SPECIAL DELIVERY COVER. Commercial Airmail Special Delivery Cover, Pyrmont NSW – Finland. Kauko Australia Advertising cover to Parent Company in Helsinki. Bears 30c Cook, plus 2 x 20c Expo & 10c Anenome Fish for correct Special Delivery rate. Cancelled by cds’s of Pyrmont 20MY70 and with Helsinki receiving cds on reverse of 25-5.70. Also bears red rectangular Special Delivery Labels  both back & front. Rare cover, price $149

APH84) Australia 1970 20c Expo on small cover to Ireland, with 10c Anenome Fish to make correct rate of 30c. Cancelled by 5 line  Adelaide  slogan of 3 JULY 1970 “ SENDERS ADDRESS/ON BACK OF ENVELOPE/ENSURES/PROMPT RETURN OF/UNDELIVERABLE ARTICLES” (You don’t say! ) The 20c is virtually impossible to find on commercial  cover. Price $129

APH610) Australia 1971 small airmail Rotary advertising cover to USA. Bears 24c RSPCA plus 5c Ports and Harbours and 1c QEII to make correct 30c rate, cancelled by Alderley Qld. Cds’s of 24NO71. Rotary Club of Brisbane North advertising cover to Rotary International at Evanston, Illinois. Scarce. Make up rate, the 24c being rare on cover. Price $95

APH642) Australia 1972 small airmail cover to Portugal, to passenger aboard SS Fairstar. Bears 35c solo use of 35c Aboriginal art, grave posts  cancelled by Melbourne slogan cancel of 10 APR 1972  (Slogan unclear)  Original correspondence enclosed, proving commercial usage. Clean and neat. Rare destination, Price $33

APH640) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 35c Beef, cancelled by Blackburn Vic. Slogan of 20 JUN 1972 “PLEASE POST/ Early/BEFORE LUNCH/AND BEFORE/FOUR O’CLOCK” original correspondence enclosed, proving commercial usage. Opened a little roughly  at top with part of flap missing. Rare solo use.  Price $33

APH644) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 35c Beef, cancelled by North Brighton Vic. cds of 25 JY 1972 original correspondence enclosed, proving commercial usage. Opened a little roughly  at top. Rare solo use.  Price $39

APH646) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 30c Fish, underpaying the airmail rate by 5c. Untaxed and Cancelled by Perth machine cancel, date illegible but original correspondence enclosed dated 11 Nov. 72, proving commercial usage. Clean and neatly opened at top. Rare solo use.  Price $89

APH639) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears 30C Fish and 5c Pioneer Life to make 35c airmail rate, Cancelled by Camberwell Vic. Slogan of 16 DEC 1972 1972 “PLEASE POST/ Early/BEFORE LUNCH/AND BEFORE/FOUR O’CLOCK” original correspondence  enclosed, proving commercial usage. Net and clean. Scarce combination,  Price $33

APH643) Australia 1972 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears 20c Fruit plus 15c Pioneer Life to make 35c airmail rate, cancelled by Brighton Vic. Slogan “CHECK ADDRESS/IF INCORRECT/ADVISE WRITER” of 24 NOV 1972. Original correspondence enclosed proving commercial usage. Roughly opened at top and a few tone spots to left, stamps unaffected. Scarce usage of the 20c Fruit. Price $63 

APH423) Australia 1972 Returned to sender Airmail cover Melbourne – Paris. Bears 2 x 15c & 5c Pioneer life to make up correct 35c Airmail rate. Addressed to a hotel, and the guest had clearly already checked out. Scarce frankings, the 5c cat.  $15 and the 15c  $10 each on cover in the now 16 year old ACSC.  Cancelled by Melbourne slogan 19 DEC 1972, plus a cds of the following day on the otherwise unfranked 5c. Bears boxed instructional marking and manuscript “Retour a l’envoyeur” (Return to the sender) Very attractive cover, price $75    

MY38) Australia Northern Territory. Darwin to Finland Registered letter MR 6 73 serviced with $1.21 via an NCR label in red. These are becoming quite popular as they are rare to find. See Rod Perry’s column in May Stamp News. Price $42

APH641) Australia 1973 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 35c Olympics.  Cancelled by South Yarra Vic. Slogan “HAPPINESS IS/SUPPORT FOR/St. VINCENT’S” of 28 JNE  1973. Original correspondence enclosed proving commercial usage. Clean and neatly opened at top. Rare solo use. Price $79

APH645) Australia 1973 small Airmail cover to the UK. Bears solo use of the 35c National Development, cancelled by Melbourne Slogan “CORRECT ADDRESSING/SAVES US/GUESSING” of  21 AUG  1973. Original correspondence enclosed proving commercial usage. Clean and neatly opened at top. Rare solo use. Price $89

APH511) Australia 1974 Commercial Airmail Overseas Express Special Delivery Cover, Sydney – Finland. From Kauko Australia to Parent Company in Kilo. Bears $1 Navigator plus 10c & 60c Pioneer life for correct Express Special Delivery rate. Cancelled by cds’s of GPO Sydney 7JE74 and with Helsinki receiving cds on reverse of 13-6.74 and Kilo of the same day.  Also bears red rectangular Overseas Express Delivery Labels  both back & front. All are scarce stamps on cover. cover, price $119

APH465) Australia 1975? Messenger delivery Advertising Airmail Cover, Qld – Vic. Bears $1 1974 Painting solo use cancelled by heavier cds of Alderley Qld. 13MR7(5?) to Mordialloc Vic. Solo usage of the $1 on domestic mail is scarce. Price $79

APH169) Australia 1976? Small advertising cover for “The Australian Wine Research Institute” Glen Osmond SA to Cowandilla SA. Remarkable franking of 1c, 2c & 5 cx 3c Crabs to make 18c rate. Cancelled by Adelaide machine cancel of 6 APR, year not visible, but assumed 1976. Envelope has been folded centrally  and affects  the 2c and 1 x 3c stamps. Rare survivor. Price $39

CLB231) Australia 1976 small cover to Bendigo Vic. Bears National Stamp Week single 18c stamp, ACSC 754c ex minisheet. Very rare commercial use, cancelled by ineptly worded 5 line slogan of Ashburton Vic. 5 NOV 1976 “PLEASE POST/EARLY/BEFORE LUNCH &/BEFORE FOUR O’CLOCK”  (Must be one of those stamp dealer types they are aiming at, as I often do not lunch before 4pm!) Cat. $20 on cover in 16 year old ACSC Decimals cat. Price $29

CLB8) Australia 1976 small cover to East Oil, Essendon Vic. Bears National Stamp Week single 18c stamp, ACSC 754ca ex minisheet. Very rare commercial use, cancelled by 3 line slogan of Blackburn Vic. 31 OCT 1976 “POSTING QUANTITY/ OF MAIL? USE A /POSTAGE IMPRINT” Cat. $20 on cover in 16 year old ACSC Decimals cat. Price $29 

APH422) Australia 1980 Waltzing Matilda Strip of 5 Commercial  Airmail cover to UK. Cancelled by Janalli NSW cds’s of 2JE80. The strip is not listed by ACSC on cover, but the now 16 year old cover lists domestically used singles at $5 each. This is incredibly scarce. Price $75

APH481) Australia 1983 Small airmail cover to Finland. Bears 1c Living Together, 39c Australian National Gallery and 70c Australia Cricket. Cancelled by CDS of Kingsgrove NSW 17 MR 83. Scarce destination. Price: $29

APH83) Australia 1987 Small Airmail Cover to Belgium. Bears 80c Wildflowers booklet pane, plus 20c Bird,  Little Grebe. Neat and rare commercial usage of this booklet pane. Price $54

APH517) Australia 1988 Airmail cover to Finland. Bears solo use 63c Living Together (Police) cancelled by Brisbane Slogan for Expo 88 of 8 APR 1988. Overpays the 60c Airmail rate by 3c. Rare usage for this stamp. Price $59

APH463) Australia 1991(?) Small Economy Air Cover to Denmark. Bears 43c Siege of Tobruk & Women’s Wartime Service plus 4c Living Together to make the Zone 5  90c Economy Air Rate. Cancelled by cds of Greensborough Vic, date unclear. The Economy Air letter service was hardly used, and covers are scarce. Price $49

APH462) Australia 1991 Economy Air Hallmark Greeting Card Cover to Denmark.  Bears solo use 80c Living Together Cancelled by Bendigo North Circular Handstamp of 25 NOV 1991. The Economy Air service was much underused, and this is underpaying the correct Zone 5 rate by 10c. Very scarce usage for this stamp, price $59

M7) Australia 2000 Olympics Athletics PNC. Very scarce, and cat. $120. Price $95

Inwards Mail

APH67) Netherlands Indies 1934 First  Flight Cover to Royal Netherlands Airlines, Sydney. Bears 15c Blue Wilhelmina & 30c on 40c Red Airmail  tied by Batavia cds of 20.10.34 and  Abel Tasman special Diamond cancel of 22 OCT 1934 tying Blue Triangular Airmail 30c. Sydney Airmail Section arrival machine cancel of 26 OCT 1934 on reverse flap. Also Melbourne 19 Handstamp of 24.OC.34 and Royal Dutch Airways Oval in Blue of the same stamp. Carried as part of the official mail on the MacRobertson Air Race. Listed as AAMC 446. Price $79

Australian States

PM30M) 100 mixed Australian States, unpicked for watermarks, postmarks,  varieties or shades. Values to 6d, great value at under $1 per stamp. Not all are perfect but you will find some nice stamps. Price $95

PM30N) As above but 200 stamps, values to 9d, price $195

PM30P) As above but 400 stamps values to 1/-, price $389

New South Wales

NSW17) New South Wales UPU presentation cto set of 23 values Halfpenny Grey to  One pound Blue Carrington. All with typical NSW oval cancel, mint without gum, as is usually found. Very attractive lot. Price $795

NSW5) New South Wales 1850 3d Yellow Green Sydney Views SG 39. Very fine used example with 3 huge margins, just into at top left. Fresh bright colour, lightish barred cancel. Cat. £325, price $389

DB115) NSW 1855 8d Golden Yellow Imperf, SG 97. Fine used 4 margin brilliant colour example, with neat rays cancel No. 60. Cat. £1400. Price $885

DB116) NSW 1855 8d Dull Yellow Orange Imperf, SG 98. Fine used 4 large margins brilliant colour example, with neat NSW duplex of 1860. Cat. £1300. Price $975

NSW60) NSW 1890 20/- Cobalt, perf. 11. SG 264a. Nice fine used stamp cancelled by cds of Broken Hill AP 25 1902. Cat. £90, price $119

NSW61) NSW 1897 Charity Pair, SG 280/1 Fine used. The 1/- with neat duplex 245 of  Hay - Renamed from Lang's Crossing Place PO 22/2/1861. The 2/6d with light top left corner cds. Cat. £275. Price $249

NSW3) New  South Wales 1885 Queen Victoria 1d Scarlet OS Official SG034 on OHMS Cover. Dept. of lands cover Sydney to Molong cancelled by Sydney NSW Duplex of MR 2 85, plus Yullundry NSW cds (Scarce) of the same date on face. Reverse has Molong NSW cds of MR 3 1885. Stamp cat. £7.50 from  x 20 on cover. Top corners have been slightly trimmed diagonally. Price $149

NSW45) NSW 1888 Centenary  1d mauve perf 11 x  12 overprinted ‘OS’ SG O39b, gutter corner block of 36 with ‘Postage – One Penny’’ marginal inscription, most stamps are MUH. Fresh,  very attractive multiple. Price $480

NSW44) NSW 1888 Centenary 2d Prussian blue perf 12 overprinted ‘OS’ SG O40a, gutter corner block of 18 with Monograms & ‘GPO NSW’ marginal inscriptions, very lightly hinged on four units in the top row, others MUH, some usual minor gum wrinkles, another very attractive multiple. Price $775

South Australia

DB404) South Australia 1859 1d Yellow Green, SG 13 Mis-roulette. Nice used example with 1859 cds cancel. Has been completely mis-rouletted in two directions so that "One Penny" appears at top instead of the base and part of adjoining stamp is shown at left. Not seen by us before. Some years ago I sold an 8d long type similarly mis-perfed at a Prestige auction for $1000 plus buyers’ premium! Price $895

SA23) South Australia 1867 2/- Rose Carmine SG 43 in a superb used block of 4. Each is neatly cancelled by barred numeral 135, rated R. Cat. £128 as single stamps. Superb exhibition piece, price $225  

SA22) South Australia 1868  4d Dull Purple Rouletted SG54, Mint. Facially good looking stamp with original gum (toned) Has a horizontal crease about 7mm from top. Cat. £3000. Rare stamp! Price $1100 

SA9) S.A. 1906-12 6d blue-green 'Long Tom' punctured 'SA' on 1943 piece with KGV SM wmk P13½ x 12½ 1½d red, tied by 1943 'STOCK EXCHANGE ADELAIDE' cds, very late usage for both stamps, scarce and unusual. Price $29

SA24) Wonderful page of SA Officials ex.  Lieut-Colonel F.V. Thompson of Sydney collector fame, pre- WWII. None of this material has been on the market for 40 years.,  with totally spectacular misperfs - including the very finest example I have EVER seen. Superb condition, and a neat central cds of “GAWLER AU 31 - 82”. They have been on this 1 page for a half century at least maybe even longer, and a real shame to split them up. 15 striking misperf stamps at just $A90 a stamp is a STEAL! A Roo or KGV stamp looking like this, would be a FOUR figure piece. Indeed, I have NEVER seen an Australian one however perforated this badly, with portions of all 4 stamps showing. There strip of 3 which is also a cracker. Condition of the error stamps very nice it seemed on a spot check. So a Vintage assembly here, of all sorts of wonderful and totally unique material. 15 spectacular misperfs, plus another 2 loose, which I just found in an old collection.  just under $90 apiece Price $1525


Q3) Queensland 1860 1d Carmine-Rose, Imperf. SG 1. Fine 4 margin example showing part of adjoining stamp at right. Cancelled by Qld. Oval Handstamp. Supplied with Brandon Certificate. As nice as you will see. Cat. £800, price $995

Q13) Queensland 1907 QV large Chalons 10/- brown litho  perf 12 2004 ACSC Q60A, cat $150, with ‘Socked on the nose’ Brisbane? cds, most attractive, FU. Price $99

Q12) Queensland 1905 QV large Chalons £1 deep green litho perf 12½, 13 2004 ACSC Q63, cat $250, with ‘Socked on the nose’ Brisbane? cds, most attractive, FU. Price $179

APH118) Australia 1931 (Oct) Registered Cover Rockmount Helidon (Scarce) Qld to Ipswich. Registered Cover with red crayon cross front and back and Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 47" with "ROCKMOUNT" in pen in blank space and addressed to Messrs Cribb & Foote, Ipswich Queensland (Department Store) with one 1d green and pair 2d red King George V sideface stamps with cancellation "HELIDON/29OC31?/ QUEENSLAND" front and rear and "IPSWICH/6-P29OC31/ QUEENSLAND" (Note: No CDS for "ROCKMOUNT") "HELIDON" SCARCE POST MARK. Price: $89.50

APH125) Australia 1931 (Jul) Registered Cover Dappil Qld (Rated 2R) to Ipswich. Registered Cover with partial red pencil cross front and rear and blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 359" and mauve pencil manuscript "DAPPIL" in blank space provided and addressed to Cribb & Foote Ipswich Qld (Department Store) with three 2d red King George V stamps cancelled very faintly "D???/???/QUEENSLAND" then over-cancelled "IPSWICH/-2JL31/QUEENSLAND" and backstamped "DAPPILL-1JL31/QUEENSLAND", "T.P.O. NO. ? S&W.R/UP2JL 31/QUEENSLAND", "MARYBOROUGH/1JL31/QUEENSLAND" and "IPSWICH/10-A 2JY31/QUEENSLAND". "DAPPIL" rated "2R" Dell & Price 2014. Flap torn open. Price: $89.50

APH126) Australia 1931 (Jul) Registered Cover Dareel Qld (Rated 3R Smithies) to Ipswich. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6./R/NO. 146" and pencil manuscript (faint) DAREEL) addressed to Cribb & Foote (Department Store) Ipswich Qld with one orange ½d, one green 1d and two red 2d King George V stamps cancelled "DAREEL/-8 JL 31/QUEENSLAND" and backstamped "TOOWOOMBA/9-A-9JL31/QUEENSLAND" and "IPSWICH/6-P 9JY31/QUEENSLAND". "DAREEL" rated "3R" by Smithies. Price: $89.50

APH129) Australia 1931 (Feb) Registered Cover Maclagan Qld (Rated SCARCE) to Ipswich. Registered Cover with red crayon cross front and rear and blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 426" and black CDS "MACLAGAN" in blank space addressed to Cribb & Foote Ipswich with one 1d green and two 2d red King George V stamps cancelled "MACLAGAN/26FE31/QUEENSLAND" on front and backstamped "JONDARYN/26FE31/QUEENSLAND", "TOOWOOMBA/5-P27FE31/QUEENSLAND" and "IPSWICH/12-P28FE31/QUEENSLAND". "MACLAGAN" rated "SCARCE". Price: $89.50

APH135) Australia 1931 (Jul) Registered Cover Iveragh Qld (Scarce) to Ipswich Qld. Registered Cover Without Red or Blue Cross with blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 325" and pencil manuscript "IVERAGH" in blank space and one 5d chestnut King George V stamp cancelled "IVERAGH/6JL31/QUEENSLAND" (Rated SCARCE) and addressed to Cribb & Foote (Department Store) Ipswich Qld. with backstamps "T.P.O. NO. 7 S.&W R/UP-7-JY?31/QUEENSLAND" (7b Rated SCARCE), "GLADSTONE/-6JL31/QUEENSLAND", "REGISTERED/7 A 7JY31/BRISBANE" and "IPSWICH/10-A 7 JY31/QUEENSLAND". Stamp torn at top missing SW. Price: $89.50

APH136) Australia 1931 (Feb) Registered Cover Leyburn Qld to Ipswich Qld. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO 438" and pen manuscript "LEYBURN" in blank space and addressed to Cribb & Foote, Universal Providers Ipswich Qld with one 3d blue and one 2d red King George V stamps cancelled "LEYBURN/6FE31/QUEENSLAND" on front and rear and backstamps "CLIFTON/7FE31/QUEENSLAND" and "IPSWICH/6-P 7FE31/QUEENSLAND". Flap torn. Price: $89.50

APH138) Australia 1931 (Oct) Registered Cover Kulpi (Rated "S") Qld to Ipswich Qld. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 52" and pencil manuscript "KULPI" in blank space provided and addressed to Cribb & Foote, Universal Providers, Ipswich with one blue 3d and 0ne red 2d King George V stamps cancelled "KULPI/26OC31/QUEENSLAND front and rear and backstamped "TOOWOOMBA/1-P26OC31/QUEENSLAND" and "IPSWICH/6-P26OC31/QUEENSLAND". "KULPI" rated "SCARCE" Dell & Price 2014. 3d blue stamp part SE corner missing. Price: $89.50

APH143) Australia 1931 (Apr) Registered Cover Gradule Qld (Rated "S") to Ipswich. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 106" and blank space - No "GRADULE" - and addressed to Cribb & Foote Merchants Ipswich with one 2d rose-red Kingsford Smith and one 3d blue King George V stamps cancelled "GRADULE/8 AP 31/QUEENSLAND" and backstamped "REGISTERED BRISBANE/230P-9AP31/QUEENSLAND" and "IPSWICH/6-P 9AP31/QUEENSLAND". SE corner of 3d stamp missing. Price: $89.50

APH119) Australia 1932 (Feb) Registered Cover Lowmead Queensland to Ipswich VARIETY. Registered Cover with red crayon cross front and rear and blue on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 65" and pencil manuscript "LOWMEAD" in blank space and addressed to Cribb & Foote (Department Store) Ipswich Queensland with one 1d green and joined pair 2d red King George V stamps cancelled "LOWMEAD/-1 FE 32/QUEENSLAND" front and rear (multiple) and additional backstamps "IPSWICH/3-P 3FE32/QUEENSLAND" and "REGISTERED BRISBANE/10 A-3FE32/QUEENSLAND". Possible unlisted VARIETY - 1d green KGV Cut In Roo`s Tail" Some marks. Price: $89.50

APH123) Australia 1932 (Feb) Registered Cover Mt Colliery Tannymorel Qld to Ipswich. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and with blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 144" and red pen manuscript "MT COLLIERY" in bland space and addressed to Cribb & Foote Ipswich (Department Store) with two 2d red (right stamp missing NE corner) and one 1d green King George V stamps cancelled "TANNYMOREL/16.FEB 32/QUEENSLAND" on front and rear with backstamp "IPSWICH/6-P17FE32/QUEENSLAND". No "MT. COLLIERY" CDS. Repaired tears some marks. Price: $89.50

APH139) Australia 1932 (Feb) Near Toowoomba Qld to Ipswich. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue and black on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 286" with pencil manuscript "RISAL????" (Indistinct) and addressed to Cribbe & Foot (Department Store) Ipswich Queensland with one 2d red and one 3d blue King George stamps cancelled "TOOWOOMBA/1-P 10FE32/QUEENSLAND" front and rear with backstamp "IPSWICH/8-P10FE32/QUEENSLAND". Minor marks front and rear. Price: $89.50

APH124) Australia 1935 (Aug) Registered Cover Mt. Gravatt Qld to Brisbane. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 190" and pen manuscript "MT GRAVATT" in blank space provided and addressed to The Commissioner Of Taxation, Brisbane" with one 1d green and one 4d lemon King George V stamps cancelled "MOUNT GRAVATT/19AU35/QUEENSLAND" front and rear and backstamp "REGISTERED/1 30P19AU35/BRISBANE" with remnants of black was seal. Price: $89.50

APH142) Australia 1935 (Jun) Registered Cover Grandchester Qld to Brisbane. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 84" with pencil manuscript "GRANDCHESTER/Q" in blank space provided and addressed to The Commissioner of Taxes, Brisbane with one 5d chestnut King George V stamp cancelled "GRANDCHESTER/10JE35/QUEENSLAND" front and rear and backstamped "REGISTERED/830P10JU35/BRISBANE". Price: $89.50

APH121) Australia 1936 (Sep) Registered Cover Mount Ossa (Scarce) to Brisbane. Registered Cover (NO REGISTRATION LABEL) with red crayon/pencil cross front and rear and red manuscript "R.30" with pen manuscript "MOUNT OSSA" addressed to Mr. H. Magee, Commissioner of Taxes, Taxation Department George & Elizabeth Sts., Brisbane with 5d chestnut King George V stamp cancelled "MT. OSSA/30 SE 36/QLD" front and rear and backstamps "MACKAY/30 SEP 36/QUEENSLAND" and "REGISTERED BRISBANE/7 30A - 2 OC 36/QUEENSLAND". "MT OSSA" Postmark rated SCARCE. Opened two sides  minor marks tears. Price: $89.50

APH130) Australia 1936 (Mar) Registered Cover Maroon Qld (Rated "R") to Brisbane. Pre-printed Addressed Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 57" and pen manuscript "MAROON" with pre-printed T. W. Griffiths Lucky Golden Casket Agent Brisbane and one green 1d and two red 2d King George V stamps cancelled "MAROON/5MR36/QUEENSLAND front and rear and backstamped "BOONAH/-5MR36/QUEENSLAND" and "REGISTERED BRISBANE/830P?-5MR36/QUEENSLAND". "MAROON" Rated "R" Dell & Price 2014. Two tears on front left and right of stamps. Price: $89.50

APH131) Australia 1936 (Dec) Registered Cover Kogan Qld to Brisbane. Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 054" and pen manuscript "KOGAN/QLD" in blank space provided and addressed to Lambs (Drapers) Brisbane with one 5d chestnut King George V stamp cancelled "KOGAN/26DE36/QUEENSLAND" front and rear with backstamp "REGISTERED/830P28DE36/BRISBANE". Price: $89.50

APH140) Australia 1936 (Aug) Registered Cover Woodstock (Rated SCARCE) Qld to Brisbane. Registered Cover with red pen cross front and rear along with two colour blue on white incomplete Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 31" without Town Name and addressed to Commissioner of Taxes, Brisbane with one 1d green King George V stamp and pair 2d red Silver Jubilee stamps cancelled "WOODSTOCK/31 AU 1935/QUEENSLAND" ("WOODSTOCK" Rated SCARCE - Dell & Price 2014) and backstamps "REGISTERED/31 AUG 35/TOWNSVILLE" and "REGISTERED/730A-3SE35/BRISBANE". Cover torn and repaired. Price: $89.50

APH133) Australia 1938 (Oct) Registered Cover North Arm (Scarce) Queensland to Brisbane. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and back and with Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 269" and pen manuscript "NORTH ARM" in blank space and addressed to Edwards & Lamb, Drapers Etc (sic), Queen Street Brisbane with 5d brown King George V stamp cancelled "NORTH ARM/16?OC38/QUEENSLAND" and backstamped "REGISTERED/8 30P26OC38/BRISBANE". Slight foxing minor marks. SCARCE POST MARK. Price: $89.50

APH134) Australia 1939 (Mar) Registered Cover Kyoomba (2R) Qld to Brisbane VARIETY. Registered Cover with red pencil cross front and rear and blue on white Provisional Registration Label "R.6/R/NO. 084" and pen manuscript, "KYOOMBA" written above border with cover addressed to Messrs Lambs Pty, Queen St., Brisbane (Drapery Store) with 5d chestnut King George V stamp (Unlisted VARIETY - Broken frame behind roo) cancelled "KYOOMBA/15MR39/QUEENSLAND" front and rear and backstamped "REGISTERED/8 30 A 16 MR 39/BRISBANE". "KYOOMBA" rated 2R. Price: $89.50


T38) Tasmania 1853 1d Blue Courier SG2. 4 margin example early printing with all lines distinct. Cancelled by light barred numeral 68 of Perth, Tasmania. Tiny thin has at some stage been carefully repaired. Cat. £1500, cheap at $695

T51) Tasmania 1853 1d blue Courier thin hard white paper SG4, four margins, upper right corner missing, large part OG with hinge remains, cat £11,000 for sound. Price $999

T46) Tasmania 1853 4d orange second state of plate SG 8, three margins, touching at top, shows part of printers imprint at base FU. Price $395

T52) Tasmania 1853 4d orange second state of plate SG 8, cut to shape on small piece tied by barred numeral '60' of Hobart, used. Price $69

T82) Tasmania 1853 4d pale orange second state of plate SG 9, four margins, cancelled by clear central barred Numeral 59. Lovely stamp, cat £425 = $750. Price under 45% $329

T48) Tasmania 1853 4d pale orange second state of plate SG 9, four margins, three large, close at top, overall soiling and some oxidisation, good used. Price $179

T49) Tasmania 1853 4d pale orange second state of plate SG 9, four margins, close at top, small nick at base FU. Price $179

T47) Tasmania 1853 4d pale orange second state of plate SG 9, four margins, close at top and left, good used. Price $395

T45) Tasmania 1853 4d orange course engraving SG 10, three margins, touching at left, barred numeral '64' of Hobart, unusually vibrant colour FU. Price $395

T50) Tasmania 1853 4d orange second state of plate but showing less wear than usual, SG 8, horizontal pair, four margins, small fault in central margin at top, scarce and attractive multiple with two strikes of an unclear barred numeral cancel which appears to be 56 of Spring Bay (R) , cat £900 as singles, used. Price $795

T19) TASMANIA 1853 QV Courier 4d Plate 1 on Folded Letter RARE! 1853 QV Courier 4d Bright Brownish - Orange, plate 1 Early State (pos 8), on folded letter with contents, tied by barred numeral "59" pmk, with "Launceston 21 NO 1853" cds & crown "15 FE 15" b/s. VF, stamp cut square with near 4 margins (just touched at top) SG 6 cat £1300 & "from x 5" on cover. Very attractive & rare early usage in month of issue. Price $7950

T71) Tasmania 1857 4d Bright Blue Imperf. Chalon, OFFSET SG38. Not believed to be the rare SG38a (printed both sides) but a complete and strong offset of the design. Good 3 margin example cancelled by barred numeral 60 of Launceston. Price $495   

T70) Tasmania 1871 1d Rose SG 144, mint original gum, MISPERF. Fresh mint hinged with 4mm misperf. at top, showing “ONE PENNY” both at top and bottom of stamp, resulting in a much larger stamp than normal. Misperfs. To this extent are rare. Price $149
T33) Tasmania 1963-80 10/- Salmon George & Dragon postal fiscal SG 17, postally used. Cancelled by cds of West ? JY 3 00. Full perfs, centred top right. Cat. £180, price $225

T25) Tasmania 1894 Registered Postal Stationery Envelope to Württemberg Germany. Uprated by 2.5d on 9d Pale Blue Sideface, SG168. Cat. £4.25, for used, and from X 15 on cover. Has Hobart Rectangular registered h/stamp No. 0911 in Violet, and is cancelled by Hobart Duplex of AP 4 94, and with transit cds of Bologna 11 MAG 94 (May) and arrival at ULM Bahnhof (Station) the following day. Scarce and fine attractive cover. Price $235 

MAP39) Tasmania pair of KEVII Newspaper wrappers in denominations Halfpenny Green and penny Salmon unaddressed and each cto Hobart 29 JAN 06 for the UPU distribution. Fine and scarce Commonwealth period items.  Maximum 400 produced. Price  $235

T23) Tasmania 1910 small Union Bank of Australia cover to Boston USA. Bears 2d Dull Bluish Violet, line perf. 12.4 (ACSC 36A), cancelled by cds of Launceston dated 4- NO.10. Also bears 2c Deep Red USA Postage Due cancelled by oval double ring BOSTON USA h/stamp together with straight line “DUE 2 CENTS’, T h/stamp, & manuscript T10c. Reverse flap bears the colourless embossed Britannia with Wheatsheaf & Kangaroo, the logo of the Union Bank. Nice item worthy of further research. Price $49


LM73) Victoria 1857 small cover to London, bearing 6d Dull Orange Woodblock SG 32a. Cancelled by barred numeral 1 of Melbourne and with red paid cds of 9 MY 1857. Reverse bears oval Melbourne Handstamp of MY 14 1857. Sent “per European via Suez” Stamp is fine 4 margin with tiny fault at top left. Reverse has oval imprint on flap “Sladen & Martin, Geelong, Solicitors” Clean and attractive, price $179

BD311) Arms VICTORIA 1879-1900 STAMP DUTY One Pound Orange, pale shade cto with gum, centred left. Price $125

V60) Victoria 1884 – 96 4/- Orange Stamp Duty perf. 12, SG 238a. Complete row of double perfs at base, and wmk. inverted instead of sideways! Fresh mint lightly hinged, minor perf faults at base. Cat.  £170 as normal. Price $295

V81) Victoria 1887 – 1902 Six Large Square Stamp Duties inc. Violet Penalty Paid, Carmine on Yellow  Instrument Duly Stamped, Blue- Grey on Yellow Instrument Not Chargeable, Collector of Imposts Blue on Pink and Carmine on Pink  plus Registrar of Titles Red on Yellow. All neat manuscript cancels and with small pinholes as is usual. Scarce assembly rarely seen as a lot. Elsmore cat. $900, price  $725

V82) Victoria 1887 £5 - £9 Long Type Stamp Duties set of 5 neat manuscript used with small pinholes as usual. Elsmore Cat. $1250, price $875

LM25) Victoria 1892 Taxed 1d Postal Stationery  Envelope error of colour. Erroneously printed in Carmine Pink. Used Melbourne to Geelong with duplex cancel of OC 15 92 and small thimble cds of Geelong on front of NO 18 92. Also rectangle instructional markings "NOT KNOWN BY LETTER CARRIERS" and "UNCLAIMED GEELONG" also with red crayon manuscript "T 2d" Reverse bears arrival cds of Geelong OC15 92 and purple Melbourne dead letter office cds of NO 21 92. Additionally blue crayon manuscript "Not known as addressed" Fascinating item. Price $210

V69) Victoria 1897 Charity pair, SG 353/4, Fresh Light hinge. Price $175

V70) Victoria 1897 Charity pair, SG 353/4, Fresh Mint Unhinged. Hinged mint sells for $175, price $295

V53) Victoria 1897 Charity pair, SG 353/4, fine used. Each cancelled by neat unframed Skipton cds of MR 29 11. Nice late usage. Price $210

V55) Victoria 1897 Charity 1d Blue, SG 353, cto with gum, Melbourne NO 16 97. Fresh well centred with full perfs. Price $47.50

V100) Victoria 1901-12 5/- red & blue, watermark V over Crown perf 12½ and watermark Crown over A perf 11, fine cds used example of each. Price $39

V59) Victoria 1909 Sands & McDougall design 5/- Moss Green stamp duty in fresh mint unhinged block of 4.  Few minor gum wrinkles, but still in exceptional condition.  Rare block, price $329  

MMY15) Victoria 1857 Entire in very fine condition, bearing  4d Imperf  emblems  - SG43 - Early OHMS cover to Paymaster of Police Melbourne from Police Officer Horsham 6/4/57 with partial Horsham cancel on reverse, ands indistinct barred numeral tying the adhesive. Scarce and unusual, price $149

JL41) Victoria 1861 small cover bearing 4d perforated beaded oval SG 95 cancelled by indistinct barred numeral backstamp arrival cds in red Melbourne OC 5 61. To Major General Sir. Thomas Pratt,  Sir Thomas Simson Pratt (1797 – 2 February 1879) was a British Army general. He served in the First Anglo-Chinese War (1839–1841), in India from 1843 to 1855 where he was deputy adjutant-general at Madras, and was Commander of the British Forces in Australia from 1856 to 1861. He was promoted to Lieutenant-General on 31 May 1865, and to full general eight years later. He was Commander of the British Forces in New Zealand from 1860 to 1861, and was on the Executive Council. He commanded during the First Taranaki War, but as he realised the doubtful validity of the Waitara Purchase (the main cause of the war), he disagreed with Governor Gore Browne, and his military action was ridiculed by the local settlers. He was created K.C.B. for his services in New Zealand by the British Government. He returned to Australia as Commander of the British Forces in Victoria, and in 1862 was appointed Colonel of the 37th (North Hampshire) Regiment of Foot, which he held until he retired in 1877. Great piece of military postal history, price $159

Western Australia

WA81) Western Australia 1854 1d Black Swan, SG1. Fine 4 margin example with light bared cancel. Cat. £275. Price $329 

WA74) Western Australia Postal Fiscals 1880 3d & 6d fine postally used. Price $39

WA77) Western Australia 1909. Two coloured picture postcards of the Avon and Swan rivers. Each bears 1d Carmine Swan, SG139b in slightly different shades, both cancelled by Perth machine cancel of JAN 1 1909, to different persons at the same address in Albert Park Vic.  SG states this stamp from x 12 on cover. Price $96 the pair

WA42) Western Australia 1912 usage of 2.5d Blue SG 114 on Advertising envelope for the German Club Fremantle, with German Eagle Coat of Arms on face, to Germany. Cancelled Fremantle machine cancel of 30.DEC.12. rare on cover, this is superb late use. Price $389

WA16) Western Australia 1909 2d Yellow Small Postal stationery envelope cancelled by Busselton cds of 6 – NOV 09 to Dr. Barnado’s Homes, London. London N.E. receiving cds on reverse of DE 6 09. Neat and clean, with central fold. Price $149

Australia Postal Stationery


APS1) 2d KGV violet star embossed cover commercially used to London UK. Rare and  Probably Unique Vic cds. ACSC EP12. The Postal Stationery Catalogue page 196 states 'the whole printing was cancelled-to-order with a Melbourne cds numbered 23 and dated 3 July 1916. The quantity required for UPU distribution was 378.' And it also points out that 'a single printing of 390 envelopes was delivered into stock on 29 June 1916 for purposes of distribution to UPU members.' So that leaves 12 envelopes unaccounted. This has to be one of those 12 covers. So, this is the only known postal use of this envelope. Did an office person just grab one from stock as it covered the postal rate of 1.5d to the UK ( plus late fee cost?) This is not CTO! Cancelled with Spencer St. Melbourne Late Fee cds of July 6 1916, 3 days later than the cto stock. The catalogue value for a CTO used is $300. A Printed to Private Order version of this envelope does exist - see ACSC Postal Stationery Catalogue page 268.  Used price is $500. Supplied with normal for comparison. Price for this rarity $1650                       

APS36) Australia Postal stationery 1913-14 1d brownish-red Kangaroo die I lettercard 'National Park NSW' (unframed) ACSC LC14(92D). Price $49

APS37) Australia Postal stationery 1913 1d red Kangaroo wrapper ACSC W2, cat $150, some folds and general ageing. Price $99

APS39) Australia Postal stationery 1914 1d red Kangaroo die I on buff post card with Hobart cds ACSC P25. Price $37.50

APS34) Australia Postal stationery 1920 1½d red-brown KGV postcard on buff ACSC P52, some creasing at upper right. Price $29

Letter Cards

DB338) 1.5d KGV Brown card uprated with halfpenny green ACSC LC42. With view of Hawkesbury River (ACSC 62) Used Sydney to Toogoolawah Queensland and cancelled by Sydney cds of 21FE21. Selvedge removed for ease of reading. Late use, the rate was raised to 2d on 1 Oct 1920. Cat. $100, price $69

DB337) As above to same addressee but ACSC L44. Used 21 MR 21. Price $69

DB339) As above to same addressee, ACSC L44 with view of the GPO Hobart (ACSC 58A) Used by indistinct cds of Queensland. Price $59


DB332) 1917 1d Red KGV Military Envelope ACSC ME5A. Nice fresh mint envelope unsealed, with just a little aging at left and right edges. Very scarce in this condition. Cat. $300, price $225

Registration Envelopes

DB336) 4d Orange KGV ACSC RE8, uprated to 5.5d to cover with 1.5d Red Brown, being the new rate of 5d from October 1920 plus the Halfpenny war tax. The 5d RE10 envelope was introduced in the same month, and so this is quite late usage. Cancelled by Melbourne registered cds of 18OCT20 and with Bulk Reg'n. Melb. red registration label No. 6142. Addressed to The Police Station, Prahran and believed to have contained 10/- and 20/- money orders, numbers of which are recorded on the face upon receipt on 19.10.20, presumably to pay a fine. Received cds of Windsor on reverse of 19OC20. Scarce and unusual. Price $149

DB334) 5d Chestnut KGV ACSC RE13, with early Registration Label. Nice Used example with Yass, NSW cds of 14MR23 and red NSW reg. label No. 63. Clearly the date slug at Yass was wrong since it also bears a Registered cds of Murrumbateman of 14MY23 both front and reverse and a Registered Sydney cds on front of the next day. Fascinating! Price $149

Australian Territories

BCOF11) 1947 BCOF set on plain FDC to Australian Infantry Sgt. In Japan. The 5/- is Thick Paper. ACSC J7y Cat. $1500, as opposed to the thin paper at $750. Neat typed address cover, just some very minor aging to a few perf. tips of 3 values. Price $695   

ML442) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 1963 definitive set of 6 Mint/MUH (2/3d is MUH) Price $25

NI6) Norfolk Is. 3c QEII Coil, with strong offset on reverse, mint unhinged. Unlisted and rarely seen. Price $49  

ML606) Norfolk Island 1995-2000 4 different Local Post booklets MUH ML606 Price $25

PNG138) Papua New Guinea 1995 21t Thick Overprint on 90t (small t) 1 Kapul reprint in 4 corner blocks of 4 from each corner of the sheet. July 1993 Imprint. Very rare! Price $2650

PNG139) Papua New Guinea 1995 21t Thin Overprint on 90t (small t) 1 Kapul reprint in 4 corner blocks of 4 from each corner of the sheet. July 1993 Imprint. Scarce! Price $450

Great Britain 1d Blacks

PB79) Great Britain 1840 1d Black on neat entire letter dated 21st July 1841. Sent to Whithorn, Scotland (Whithorn is a former royal burgh in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, about ten miles south of Wigtown) Lettered R-A and with 4 margins cancelled by a black Maltese Cross leaving the Queen’s profile clear. This is from plate 5, and shows confirming horiz. Guideline through the letters of value and the A square. Contains correspondence of a political nature. Cat. from £750 on cover.  Price $895

PB28) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 4, SG2. Lovely 4  margin example with neat Red Maltese Cross cancel, lettered K-I. Cat. £375, price $495

PB30) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 5, SG2. Decent 4 margin example with neat centrally struck Red Maltese Cross cancel, lettered C-I. Cat. £375, price $595

PB31) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 5, SG2. Tidy 4 margin example with Red Maltese Cross cancel, lettered D-D. Cat.  £375, price $495

PB32) Great Britain 1840 1d Intense Black plate 5, SG1. 4 good even margined example with Exceptional Nice Red Maltese Cross cancel, lettered I-E. Cat. £525, price $695

PB34) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 6, SG2. Nice 4 margin example with neat lightly struck Red Maltese Cross cancel, lettered C-I. Cat. £375, price $495

PB35) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 7, SG2. Attractive 4 margin example with neat Red Maltese Cross cancel leaving profile clear, lettered F-E. Cat. £400, price $495

PB37) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 3, SG2. Nice looking 4 margin example with neat Bright Red Maltese Cross cancel, from this more difficult plate. Lettered Q-E. Cat. £500, price $625

PB38) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 3, SG2. 4 margin example, a bit close at bottom, with neat centrally struck Red Maltese Cross cancel tied to small piece, lettered O-F. Cat. £500, price $425

PB39) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 1b, SG2. 4 margin example, 3 are very large, with Red Maltese Cross cancel, lettered J-J. Cat. £375, price $425

PB40) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 5, SG2. Lovely 4 even margin example with neat Vermilion Maltese Cross cancel, lettered K-B. Cat. £3000, price $2495

PB41) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 3, SG2. Lovely 4 large margin example from a better plate with neat Red Centrally Struck Maltese Cross cancel, lettered K-I. Cat. £500, price $625

PB42) Great Britain 1840 1d Black plate 6, SG2. 4 margin example with neat centrally struck Back Maltese Cross cancel, lettered L-I. Close at top Cat. £375, price $395

PB49) GB 1840 1d Grey black SG3, unplated example, with 4 good margins, and neat ruby red Maltese cross cancel of Aberdeen, lettered O - C. Lovely example with minor faults at base. Cat. £1200. Price $395

PB53) GB 1840 1d black, unplated example, with 4 margins, (2 are close) Nice red Maltese cross cancel, lettered F - I. Nice looking stamp, min. Cat. £375. Price only 40% of cat. $245

PB56) Great Britain 1840 1d Black exceptionally nice 4 margin example lettered S – A,  from plate 2. Huge margin at top showing part of stamp above. Cancelled by neat Red Maltese Cross. Cat. £375. Price $595

PB57) Great Britain 1840 1d Black nice 4 even margin example lettered C – K,  from plate 4.  Cancelled by neat Red Maltese Cross. Cat. £375. Price $495

PB58) Great Britain 1840 1d Black nice 4 margin example (close a top right) lettered N – J,  from plate 5.  Cancelled by neat Red Maltese Cross. Cat. £375. Price $449

PB59) Great Britain 1840 1d Black nice 4 margin unplated example lettered C – C. Close at base. Cancelled by neat Red Maltese Cross. Cat. £375. Price $395

PB60) Great Britain 1840 1d Black nice 4 generous margined unplated example lettered M – G.   Cancelled by neat central Black Maltese Cross. Cat. £375. Price $595

PB61) Great Britain 1840 1d Black nice 3 margin unplated example lettered K – B. Wide at right, just into at left.  Cancelled by neat central Black Maltese Cross. Cat. £375. Price $295

PB62) GB 1840 Penny Black superb 4 margin unplated example on large envelope piece lettered B - K. Cancelled by neat full Red Maltese Cross. Additionally with “Godalmin” (Old spelling of Godalming) cds of DE 20 1840, and small red cds “F” of the following day. Highly attractive piece. Price $795

Great Britain other items

GB123) Great Britain 1840 2d Deep Full Blue, SG 4. Attractive example with Black Maltese Cross Cancel. No margins and thinned, but still a great spacefiller of this rare shade. Lettered T – F. Cat.  £1100, priced at only 5% of cat. $93.50

JL31) GB 1857 4d Rose Carmine, wmk large garter, no corner letters SG66 on entire with Barred numeral 27, London to Marseilles 24 MAR 1859, with arrival datestamps Calais and Paris both 25 Mars 59 and Marseilles, date unclear. Cat 210 pounds = $420 on cover, price $139

GB140) Great Britain 1858 1d Red Plate 104 in Horizontal Strip of 4 used on Piece lettered EN –NE to HN – NH. Nice multiple with light Duplex cancels. Price $49

JL32) GB 1867 3d Rose, SG 102 wmk spray plate 8 lettered TG on small entire London to Lyon with oval advertising cachet “ Louis Descrand & Co. London”  cancelled by clean strike of duplex 88 of JU 25 72. Arrival stamps of  Paris 26 Juin 72 and Lyon 27 Juin 72.  Cat 110 pounds on cover = $220, price $69

GB163) Great Britain 1870 small folded cover London – Teignmouth, Devon. Bears 2d Blue plate 13, lettered FG – GF. Cancelled by London WC duplex of NO23 70.  Light central fold. Cat. £75 price $45

JL37) GB 1873 3d Rose SG 143  wmk spray plate 15 lettered LB, from London EC, with duplex  FE 10 82, and arrival cds of FE 12 82. No cachet. Price $32

JL35) GB 1873 3d Rose SG 143  wmk spray plate 15 lettered HB on small mourning envelope cancelled by London Duplex No. 1 of 26 SP 74 to Paris, with arrival cds of Calais 27 SEPT 74 and Paris on the same day. Neat and clean, cat 75 pounds on cover = $150, price $49

GB127) GB 1877 10/- Grey Green Telegraph Stamp, ovpt. “SPECIMEN” Fresh full perf. example without gum, centred low. Lettered E H. SG Spec. L235s.  Type 9.   Prepared for UPU presentation sets. Cat. “from . £360” Price $395

GB104) Great Britain 1883 2/6d Lilac on Blued Paper, SG 175, fresh mint cat. £6750. Beautiful well centred full perf. example. Lettered A – K, K – A. Price $2495

GB105) Great Britain 1883 10/- Ultramarine on Blued Paper, lettered H – I, I - HSG 177 average used. Good centring. One nibbed perf at right. Cat. £8250. Cheap at $1775

GB100) Great Britain 1883 5/- Rose on White Paper, SG 180, very fine used with nice London T.P.O. cds of JA 25 89. Cat. £250. Beautiful well centred full perf example lettered E – N, N – E. Price $129

GB99) Great Britain 1883 10/- Pale Ultramarine on White Paper, lettered C – I, I – C. SG 183a average used. Good centring and perfs. Cat. £550. Cheap at $92.50

GB138) Great Britain 1887 Jubilee 9d Purple & Blue SG 209. Post Office fresh mint unhinged, well centred & full perfs. Price $98

BD323) Great Britain 1887 10d Jubilee Dull Purple & Carmine SG 210. Top marginal example, mint unhinged, post office fresh. Well centred and full perfs. Magnificent example. Price $169

GB132) Great Britain 1912 – 1924 KGV Definitive control Nos. Singles and strips of 3, mint and used, both watermarks. Values to 5d on 2 Hagner pages. Attractive lot of 34 items. Price $149 

MF41) GB 1948 Channel Islands Liberation set of 2 on neat printed Dealer first day cover. Very scarce to find in such fine condition.  Price $37.50

NO21) GB 1951 rare cover and letter on Buckingham Palace stationery, bearing 4d 1951 Festival of Britain stamped and cancelled with Balmoral Castle cds of  8 SP 51, surface mail to Germany. Letter reads “Dear Sir, Princess Margaret desires me to thank you for your kind message of congratulations. It gives her Royal Highness great happiness to know that the thoughts and good wishes of so many people are with her  on the occasion of her 21st birthday. Yours truly Olivia Mulholland, Lady in Waiting.” Price $159

GB155) Great Britain 1962 – 65 Commemorative Phosphor sets mint unhinged. Comprises NPY Lifeboat, Red Cross, Cable, FFH, Geographical, Lister, Salvation Army & ITU. SG Cat. £234. Very cheap at under a quarter cat. price. $92.50

GB178) GB 1965 2/6d Parliament fresh mint unhinged with inverted wmk. Cat. £60, price $55 

British Empire and Commonwealth

BC17) British Bechuanaland 1887 6d Reddish Purple SG 7. Overprint on Cape of Good Hope. Mint Hinged, full perfs.  Centred low.  Cat. £200, price $110

BC98) British Guiana 1875 1c Black ovpt. Official. SG 01. MNG centred low. Cat. £75, price $59

DB463) Brunei 1916 3c Scarlet Die II, SG 38. Mint lightly hinged example, centred right. Cat. £130, price $72

ML477) St Helena: small range of sets & mini sheets from 1937 Coronation, later definitive set to 2 pounds etc FU/CTO, see scans. Price: $35

DC67) CANADA 1859 SG36 10c brown fine used bulls-eye cancel. A little off centre. Cat. £80. Price $64

DC66) CANADA 1859 17c Deep Blue SG 42 fine used, barred cancel. Cat. £95, price $69

BC128) Ceylon 1935 definitives, SG 368/78. Fresh mint, very lightly hinged, cat. £60, price $60 

ML592) Another set as above, $60

ML591) Ceylon 1935-36 KGV 50c Wild Elephants fresh MUH, price $25

BC79) Cyprus 1880 Ovpt. on GB Halfpenny  SG1,  plate 15  mint OG. Cat. £120 but much scarcer than the catalogue might suggest. Price $169

BC145) Cyprus 1938 Definitives set, mixed mint & fine used. 45 & 90 pi are mint. Cat. £55 as a used set. Cheap Price, $45 

BC141) Dominica 1938 Definitives to 5/-, SG 99/108. All mint unhinged, except 3 of the lower values are lightly hinged. Cat. £65. Cheap price $49

BC126) Falkland Is. Dependencies 1946 Thin Map set, less 2d. SG Between G9- 16, mint hinged. Cat. £95, price $67.50

BC176) Falkland Is. 1989 DL size cover bearing 10p Steer Riding  addressed to “The Command Secretariat HQ BFFI RAF MPA” Has Pink Boxed Cachet “COMMAND SECRETARY 10DEC 1989 HQ BRITISH FORCES FALKLAND ISLANDS” Scarce military cover. Price $45 

BC100) Gibraltar 1886 SG 1/3 & 5/6, fresh mint lightly hinged. Cat. £550, price $295

BC99) Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1911 Ovpts. on Fiji, SG 1/7, very fine used. Exceptionally nice set, all with neat Protectorate ds cancels. Cat. £325, price $425

BC97) Hong Kong  1862 2c Deep Brown SG1 with blue B62 Barred Numeral Cancel. Fine used. Cat. £35, price $24

ML593) Hong Kong 1903 Edw. VII 30c SG 70 MVLH, cat. £65 price $60

BC93) India 1854 Half Anna Blue Imperfs. Dies 1 & 2, SG Nos. 2 & 6 fine used. The latter with huge margins. Cat. £170. Price $210

BC91) INDIA 1854 2a Green, SG 31, fine used with good clear margins, shows part watermark. Cat. £50, price $62.50

DB92) K.U.T. batch of postal history, various destinations worldwide inc. UK, Australia, USA, Morocco & India, but mostly to Jo'burg. KGV to early QEII to around 1955, inc. Censored, Registered, Taxed items, etc. Fascinating lot, with KGV (9), KGVI (10) & QEII (16) Would make a nice display! 35 covers, Price $695


DB430) Federated Malay States 1904 – 22, 10c Black & Purple, SG 43d. Fine used example, cds cancel of March 1913 , well centred and with full perfs. Major undocumented horizontal plate scratch below Tiger. Price $85

DB327) Straits Settlements 1883 12 Brown - Purple SG 67. Nice mint lightly hinged well centred example, very fresh and with full perfs. Cat. £85. Price $79

DB440) Straits Settlements 1887 32c Orange - Vermilion, SG 70w. Fresh lightly hinged full perf. example with inverted wmk. Cat. £100. Price $98

DB441) Straits Settlements 1902 30c Grey & Carmine SG 134a. Lovely fresh mint lightly hinged example, well centred and full perfs. Cat. £60 Price $59

DB418) Perak 1880 2c Brown SG 5, used example, full perfs, centred left. Tiny thin at base not visible from front. Cat £140. Sensibly priced at 10% cat, $25

DB454) Selangor 1885 2c Pale Rose, SG 34. Fine used example with barred cancel. Good perfs., centred right. Cat. £65. Price $35

DB455) Selangor 1885 2c Rose, SG 38. Clean part OG example with full perfs., centred left. Cat. £95. Price $49

DB456) Selangor 1895 50c Green & Black, SG 60. Fine used example with oval dated cancel MR 1900. Well centred with full perfs. Cat. £130. Price $75

DB453) Trengganu 1917 2c on 3c Carmine - Red, with error, 2c twice. SG 19j. Fresh mint hinged, well centred and full perfs. Cat. £550. Very rare stamp price $495

BC142) Natal 1902 KEVII defins. to 6d SG 127/35 mixed mint & used plus 5/- SG 140 fine used. Cat. £67, cheap price $27.50

MJL17) Nauru. 1960 Registered cover to Melbourne, from Nauru Co-op. Soc. Bearing pair of 1/- purple definitive SG54, and 5d Freighter SG33A, 1st issue. Very scarce combination in commercial usage. $119

NZ12) New Zealand 1937 1d Red Health on commercial cover to Adelaide cancelled by Dunedin Slogan “NEW SCENES NEW CHARM NEW ZEALAND” of 18 NOV 1937. Additionally with Cinderella on front “Blue Baths Rotorua” Very attractive, price $33

ML473) New Zealand 1960 Health Minisheets, (Birds) (2) MUH, price $35

NZ6) New Zealand SG 1349-51 1984 Christmas imperf set fresh Mint unhinged. Believed only 25 sets can exist. Price $975

NZ5) New Zealand 1996 40c Health Teddy Bear withdrawn stamp, in a superb post office fresh top marginal block of 4 sheet stamps, together with the re-issued stamp without Teddy Bear for comparison. Blocks are exceedingly rare.  Price $7395 

DB448) North Borneo/Labuan 1901 18c Olive Brown & Black Postage Due, with vertical overprint reading “OSTAGE DUE F”  Few tone spots, cancelled by barred cancel at left. Bit of an oddity, price $19

BC125) Nyasaland 1945 Definitives, SG 144/57 fine used, cat. £80. Price $59

ML481) Pitcairn Is. Range of 2017/18 issues: Jewels of the Bounty, Marine Reserve mini sheet , Bligh & Constitution all mint unhinged. Price $39

BC104) Rhodesia 1894  £1 Deep Blue, fine used. Nice example with circular cancel. Price $119  

DB86) Rhodesia & Nyasaland. Similarly addressed lot to the above, 14 items, inc. 3 uprated official postal stationery 4d Reg'd envelopes, with a late use of the KGVI. 13 items, price $195

SG8) Singapore 1969 Musical Instruments Official FDC, typed address. Hard to find. Price $60

SG9) Singapore 1969 150th Anniv. Official FDC, typed address. Rare! Price $175

BC171) Singapore 1970 Expo set and mini sheet, fresh MUH, Cat £34, Price $44.50

BC174) Singapore 1962-66 Pictorials set of 16, SG 63-77 Cat £55 Fresh MUH Price $74.50

BC172) Singapore 1968-73 Pictorial set of 17, SG 101-115, Cat £60, fresh MUH, Price $79

BC173) Singapore 1968-69 Postage Due P9 set of 8, SG D1-D8, fresh MUH, Price $27.50

ML492) Solomon Is. 2006 Dinosaurs set of 8 in complete sheets of 20 mint unhinged. Cat. £340, price $179

DB78) South West Africa 1957 Registered covers, to University of Witwatersrand. Bearing a variety of frankings from the 1954 Definitive series, 1d - 6d, inc. a Postal Stationery Reg'd 6d envelope along with an unregistered cover bearing 3d Blue SG 127. 6 items, price $89

DB83) Swaziland 1955 small registered cover, Piggs Peak to Jo’burg. Bears 4 x 2d Brown tied by double ring cds of 24.DEC.55 (Christmas Eve.) Some toning at top of cover and one stamp torn. Nevertheless a scarce piece. Price $49

DB77) Swaziland 1957 long registered cover Emlembe to Jo’burg. Bears 1.5d Blue KGVI and vertical strip of three of the QEII 3d Black and Red. Tied by double ring cds of 4.12.57. Some toning along top of cover not affecting stamps. Rare dual reign cover showing additional franking of 2.5d (for weight?) Price $89

BC143) Transvaal 1871-4 Arms 3d Mauve  SG 24, Genuine used cancelled numeral 11. Also 1d black SG25, 6d Blue SG 27 & 1/- Green SG 28, believed reprints all with circular numeral cancels. 3d cat. at £100. Cheap lot at $79

BC146) Trinidad & Tobago 1938 Definitives complete fine used cds cancels. SG 246/56 cat. £60. Price $49

Rest of the World

ROW87) Armenia 1920 Soviet Socialist Republic unissued stamps imperf range of 14 different to 25,000r Mint. Price $29.99

ROW92) Bosnia & Herzegovina 1879 value at top ½k (mint) 7 other values used to 25k, no 20k, cat £80+. Price $49

ROW93) Canal Zone 1924 overprints range of values ½c to $1 including 50c, 1½c, 10c & 14c are Mint, others fine used, the 30c with straight edge at top, cat £120+ Price $79

ROW94) Chad 1922 overprints, 14 values to 5f including 25c, 2f, odd minor fault, cat £100+ Mint. Price $79

ML522) Croatia 2016-17 selection of issues inc. Trains, Wildlife, Trees, Tourism etc MUH, all complete sets/issues. 13 stamps & 1 minisheet. Price $25

ROW110) France 1853-61 1c Olive green/bluish imperf. Napoleon III, SG 42,cat £120, three large margins, just cut into at top, very fine used. Price $79

ROW115) France 1853-61 5c Green/bluish imperf Napoleon III, 3 margins, just touching at lower left, fine used. Price $89

ROW117) France 1853-61 80c Rose-red/yellowish imperf Napoleon III, 3 good margins, touching at left, fine used. Price $55

ROW116) France 1853-61 80c Deep Rose imperf Napoleon III, 3 good margins, just touching at left, fine used. Price $79

BD363) France 1853 40c Orange Imperf. Napoleon III. Attractive 4 margin mint example without gum. SG 64, Cat.  £3500. Some bright spark has written the SG No. on reverse in Blue Biro….albeit lightly, otherwise price would be a lot more than this. $495

ROW118) France 1870-71 4c Grey Ceres imperf, Cat £400, 3 large margins, close at left, some surface discolouration from the cancellation ink, otherwise fine used. Price $199

ROW112) France 1870-71 20c Pale Blue Ceres type II imperf, 4 slightly uneven margins, close at base at one point, fine used. Price $99

ROW113) France 1870-71 20c Pale Blue Ceres type II imperf, another example with 2 large margins, others close to cut into, fine used. Price $49

ROW111) France 1870-71 20c Pale Blue Ceres type III imperf, a 4 margin example fine used. Price $99

ROW114) France 1870-71 80c Rose-carmine Ceres imperf on tiny fragment, 4 margins, close at base at left, nice used, Cat £375 minimum. Price $349

ROW119) France 1863-76 range of 7 different perforated Ceres Heads issues 1c to 25c blue, mostly fine used. Price $99

ML639) Germany 1872 18k Bistre SG 13 Nice Used, small shield, quite clear embossing, attractive stamp, SG cat 650 pounds. Price: $299

GER13) Germany 1930 IPOSTA minisheet. Stamps are mint unhinged, sheet has been lightly hinged in corners. Has “GJ” expertisation mark bottom left.  Mi. 446/9 Block 1. Cat. 550 Euros. (2013) Price $475

GER15) Germany 1937 Hitler minisheet, rouletted. Post Office Fresh Mint unhinged. Mi. Block 11, cat. 340 Euros (2013) These are very rare indeed in such nice condition. Price $210

GNG18) German New Guinea 1897 Postal Stationery Card 10pfg Red arms type of Germany, used in German New Guinea.  Cancelled by cds of Matupi 9/2 97 to Lothringen, with arrival cds of Sanct – Avold on face of 29.,3.97 Short correspondence on reverse. Nice early use card in fine condition. Price $129

GNG16) German New Guinea 1900 Overprinted Postal Stationery Card 5pfg Red arms type of Germany uprated by 3pfg Brown adhesive, (2pfg underpaid) Cancelled by cds of Deutsche Seepost cds of 16 AU 01 to Charlottenburg , with arrival cds on face of 21.10.01. Correspondence on Reverse  Fine condition. Rare! Price $189

ROW133) Greenland 1938-46 King Christian & Polar bear definitives complete set of 9 to 1kr, MLH, Price $29

ROW121) Greenland 1938 1ore King Christian with pronounced ink stripping in and around the value tablet, most unusual, Mint, Price $24.99

BD380) Iceland 1911 25a Orange SG 101, vfu. cds socked on nose example dated 13.11.12, full perfs, well centred. Cat. £44, price $35

BD371) Iceland 1929 50a Grey & Purple Air, nice mint example with full perfs, centred low. SG 157 cat. £65, price $39

ML580) Iceland Range of 2018 issues including Young Animals, Tourist, Nordia m/s etc. All mint unhinged. Price $29 

Italian States: Tuscany. The following items appear to be genuine using the criteria (from the Serrane Guide) set out in the ‘Stamp Collecting World’ website under ‘Italian States Stamps Tuscany’ Extension requests for these stamps will be accepted.

ROW124) Italian States: Tuscany 1851-59 Arms 1q black/grey imperf SG 2, margins close to touching, three different authentication marks on reverse, small surface rub at lower right fine used, Cat £1800. Price $675

ROW125) Italian States: Tuscany 1851-59 Arms 1cr red/blue imperf, 3 small margins, just cut into at left, small thin at upper left, fine used Cat £325. Price $99

ROW126) Italian States: Tuscany 1851-59 Arms  2cr Blue/blue imperf, 3 small margins, just touching at upper left, small thin at upper left, nice used Cat £325. Price $99

ROW127) Italian States: Tuscany 1851-59 Arms 4cr Green/grey imperf, margins close to touching, Cat £170. Price $109

ROW128) Italian States: Tuscany 1851-59 Arms 6cr Blue imperf, margins close to touching, small surface rub at right, Cat £300. Price $129

ROW130) Italian States: Tuscany 1851-59 Arms 9cr purple/grey imperf, margins close to touching, small surface rub at lower right, Cat £275. Price $119

ROW134) Italian States: Tuscany 1860 Provisional Government imperfs, 5c, 10c (two distinct shades), 20c & 40c, an attractive, sound group of these classics with strong colours, margins are close to touching, generally fine used, total Cat £980. Price $549

ROW139) Italian States: Tuscany 1860 Provisional Government 1c purple imperf, large margin t top, others close to touching, nice used, Cat £1000. Price $599

ROW140) Italian States: Tuscany 1860 Provisional Government 80c dull red imperf, 3 close margins, touching at right, fine used, Cat £1600. Price $849

ROW141) Italian States: Sicily 1859 King Ferdinand II ½gr yellow imperf, 3 narrow margins, touching at left, fine used, Cat £1300, Price $749

ROW129) Italian States: Sicily 1859 King Ferdinand II another ½gr yellow imperf with margins close to touching, very slight soiling, fine used, Cat £1300, Price $499

ROW144) Italian States: Sicily 1859 King Ferdinand II 2gr blue imperf, three distinct shades with margins close to just cut into, fine used, total Cat £540, Price $199

ROW142) Italian States: Sicily 1859  King Ferdinand II 20gr grey imperf, three margins close to touching, just cut into at lower right, fine used, Cat £750, Price $299

ROW143) Italian States: Sicily 1859 King Ferdinand II 50gr brown imperf, an attractive large part original gum example with 4 small margins, Cat £1200, Price $749

ROW136) Italian States: Sicily 1859 King Ferdinand II imperfs 1gr olive, 5gr red & 10gr blue, margins are mainly close to touching, fine used, Cat £1200, Price $699

ROW145)( Italian States: Naples 1858 Heraldic Symbol 20gr red, margins close to touching. The design appears to incorporate the designer’s ‘secret mark’ fine used, Cat £1500, Price $699

ROW135)( Italian States: Naples 1858 Heraldic Symbols 1g, 2g & 10g margins are generally close to touching. The designs appears to incorporate the designer’s ‘secret marks’ fine used, total Cat £400+, Price $199

Coins (All of our Australian Decimal coins are from The Royal Australian Mint, unless otherwise stated)

CB260) Australia Pre-decimal 6d Bulk Silver Coins Xmas Pud. No KGV, 10 pieces for $39.00

CB261) Australia Pre- decimal Shilling Bulk Silver Coins 10 pieces mixed condition, none really bad. No KGV. Price $59

CB259) Australia Pre- decimal Bulk Florin Coins 10 pieces mixed condition, none really bad. No KGV. Price $119

CB465) Australia 1910 Shilling in Good VF Condition nice part lustre coin, price $89

CB472) Australia 1912 Florin nice VF, 6 pearls visible. Part lustred coin, cat. $325, price $227.50

CB467) Australia 1917 Shilling, nice fine condition, cast. $28. Price $19.50

CB256) Australia 1920 1d, plain, no dots. Scarce coin, in VG condition. Minor edge knocks and has been cleaned at some time. Good spacefiller, price $29

CB523) Australia 1923 Halfpenny Almost EF Condition. 8 pearls and centre diamond visible. Die crack running around reverse rim at RALIA of Australia. Price $6250

CB524) Australia 1923 Halfpenny GVF Condition. 6 pearls and centre diamond visible. Spectacular Die crack/Planchette flaw affects R of REX on Obverse. Price $2499

CB526) Australia 1923 Halfpenny VF Condition. 6 pearls and part centre diamond visible. Cat. $3750, price $1995

CB525) Another similar as above price $1995

CB522) Another similar, but VF Condition, price $1795

CB527) Another similar in Good Fine Condition, price $1695

CB122) Australia 1927 Canberra Florin Choice Uncirculated, with hairline die crack running around rim on obverse, 9pm to midnight. Superb looking coin with full lustre. Cat. $400. Price $325

CB633) Australia 1927 Canberra Florin Choice Uncirculated, ex. Mint Roll. Price $295

CB634) As above, nice uncirculated, cat. $225, price $119 

CB125) Australia 1931 Florin, nice lustred almost uncirculated. Cat. $200, price $149

CB452) Australia 1932 Florin VF condition, 6 pearls visible. Traces of lustre. Cat. $1100, price $725 

CB453) Australia 1932 Florin VG condition, 2 pearls visible. Cat. $225, price $199

CB529) Australia 1932 Florin Fine condition, 4 pearls visible. Cat. $375, price $289

CB531) Another similar as above, $289

CB528) Australia 1933/2 Overdate Penny, nice VF condition. 6 pearls and centre diamond visible. Cat. $140, very well priced at $79  

CB454) Australia 1933 Shilling, fine condition. 4 pearls visible, cat. $175, price $119

CB250) Australia 1934 1d “GEM” Superb fault free full original lustre coin. As close to perfection as you will find. Cat. $1450, price $1195

CB37) Australia 1934 Florin in Uncirculated condition. Nicely toned and with original lustre. Lovely coin. Cat. $1250. Price $995

CB41) Australia 1934/5 Victoria Centenary Florin, Proof Like with flat rim all the way around reverse, Brilliant Uncirculated. Cat. $1750, Price $1650

CB127) 1934/5 Victoria Centenary Florin nice quality, UNC. Cat. $800, price $695

CB253) As above, with full original lustre, GOOD UNC. price $725

CB255) As above, another. Price $725

CB42) Australia 1934/5 Victoria Centenary Florin, uncirculated “GEM” as fine as you will ever see, with even natural overall toning. Cat. $3000, price $1995

CB463) Australia 1935 3d EF condition, nice lusted coin. Cat $50, price $35

 CB130) Australia 1936 Florin, UNC. Lovely lustred coin, no faults. Cat. $450, price $325

CB246) Australia 1937 Crown, superb uncirculated lusted coin. Cat. $200, price $149

CB247) As above, almost uncirculated, price $97.50

CB247a) Investment holding of 5 of the above price $459, save $28.50

CB247b) Investment holding of 10 of the above price $869, save $106!

CB248) Australia 1938 Halfpenny. Lovely lustred uncirculated example. Cat. $120, price $89

CB132) Australia 1938 Florin, UNC. Great looking Lovely lustred coin, Cat. $160, price $119

CB490) Another as above $119

CB251) Australia 1939 Florin, superb lustred uncirculated coin, cat $2000, price $1385

CB491) Australia 1940 Florin Uncirculated , hard date. Cat. $150, price $110

CB492) As above, Choice Uncirculated, cat. $225, price $149

CB493) Australia 1941 Florin Uncirculated,  Cat. $140, price $98

CB495) Another as above, price $98

CB494) As above AUNC. Cat. $70, price $49 

CB138) Australia 1942 Florin, UNC. Great looking Lovely lustred coin, Cat. $125, price $100

CB497) Australia 1942S San Francisco Mint Florin. Choice lustred uncirculated coin cat $300, price $185

CB140) Australia 1943S Florin UNC. Cat. $150, price $110

CB141) Another as above, price $110

CB142) Australia 1944M Florin, beautiful lustred Choice UNC. Ex. Mint roll. Cat. $225, price $157.50

CB143) As above, another price $157.50

CB145) Australia 1944M Florin, nice lustred UNC state. Cat. $110, price $79

CB500) Australia 1944S Florin. Choice uncirculated. Superb original lustred coin, cat. $225, price $157.50

CB470) Australia 1946 Melbourne Shilling Uncirculated. Nice lustred coin, cat. $70, price $49  

CB146) Australia 1947 Florin, uncirculated. Nicely toned. Cat. $75, price $49

CB147) Australia 1947 Florin nice uncirculated with lustre. Planchette flaw on obverse at 5 o’clock. Cat. $90 price $65

CB148) Australia 1948M Penny,  Almost uncirculated cat $25,price $20

CB150)  Australia 1949 Penny, nice uncirculated with lustre.  Cat. $55 price $39

CB151)  Australia 1951L Penny, choice uncirculated with full lustre.  Cat. $100 price $75

CB451) Australia 1951 Federation Florin, uncirculated on Sterling Silver Mount and chain. Lovely piece of coin Jewellery. Price $49.50

CB152) Australia 1954 Royal Visit Florin GEM uncirculated with full lustre. Beautiful coin. Cat. $275, price $195

CB154) Australia 1959 Florin uncirculated with full lustre.  Cat. $55, price $396

CB156) Australia 1960 Florin choice uncirculated with full lustre and bloom. Gorgeous! Cat. $110, price $79

CB159) Australia 1963 Florin CHOICE Uncirculated with full lustre and bloom. Cat. $110, price $85

CB160) As above, uncirculated, cat. $35, price $25

CB462) Australia 1966  50c Rounds, wholesale stock: 1000 for $1049, 50 for $549, 25 for $289, 10 for $119. Sold as they come, many will be better grade. 

CB265) Australia Royal Australian Mint Proof sets, in original foam packaging, as issued. 1982 $32.50, 1983 $32.50 

CB656) Australia 1987 RAM State Series NSW .999 Silver proof $10 coin. In original packaging with certificate. Price: $32

CB655) Australia 1989 RAM State Series QLD .999 Silver proof $10 coin. In original packaging with certificate. Price: $34.50

CB412) Australia 1991 Perth Mint Kookaburra $5 silver proof, in case of issue with Certificate. Price $79.50 

CB379) Australia 1993 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $50, price $38.50 

CB380) Australia 1994 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $50, price $38.50

CB658) Australia 1994 Australia's Olympic Heritage Series RAM 2 x  $10 silver coin set, with certificate. $80. Price: $44

CB433) Australia 1995 $1 Waltzing Matilda, Canberra mintmark, brand new in original packaging. Cat. $35, cheap at $11.95 (2 available)

CB397) 1995 UNCIRCULATED $1 KANGAROO 1oZ SILVER COIN, coin fair Specimen limited edition of 2500 in case of issue. McDonald Cat. (2014) $95, price $62.50

CB654) Australia 1995 Waltzing Matilda $1 set C B M and S mintmarks. In presentation cards as issued. Price $79

CB398) 1996 UNCIRCULATED $1 KANGAROO 1OZ SILVER COIN, coin fair Specimen limited edition of 2500 in case of issue, with certificate. Not priced in either Renniks or McDonald catalogue. Price $67.50

CB382) Australia 1996 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $50, price $39.50

CB401) Australia 1996 Perth Mint KOOKABURRA FRANCE PRIVY MARK 1 ounce Silver Proof Coin in case of issue with certificate. Cat. $60, Scarcer than the catalogue suggests, price $52.

CB659) Australia 1997 RAM Sir Charles Kingsford Smith the World's Greatest Pioneering Aviator 1897 - 1935. 1997 $1 coin A,B,C,M and S Mint Marks Unc. Flat in original packaging. Price: $97.50

CB384) Australia 1998 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $60, price $44.50 (2 available)

CB386) Australia 2000 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $70, price $42.95

CB430) Australia 2001 Navy, Army & Airforce 3 x $1 coin set, in folder of issue. Cat. $110, price $59.75

CB388) Australia 2002 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $70, price $42.95

CB389) Australia 2003 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $70, price $47.50

CB390) Australia 2004 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $70, price $67.50

CB392) Australia 2006 1oz Silver $1 Kangaroo, as issued in original packaging and capsule. Cat. $70, (catalogue is way out of whack with current market value) price $98.50 

CB448) Australia  2008 25th Anniversary Australia II Victory 50 Cent Coin America's Cup, uncirculated in card of issue. Cat. $25 (I would buy then all day at this stupid price! Much lower mintage that the Moon Landing 50c of the same year which is priced at $45 ) Price $52.50

CB437) Australia 2010 20c Australia Remembers - Lost Soldiers of Fromelles, uncirculated in card of issue. Cat. $15, price $11.50 (2 available) 

CB396) Perth Mint 2013 Australia Koala 1/10th oz 99.9% Pure Silver 10c Ten Cent Coin, supplied in original packaging and in capsule. Price $18.95

CB395) Australia 2013 $1 Silver Kookaburra “High Relief” coin. Supplied in capsule as issued. Cat. $110, price $92.50

CB586) GB 1840 Her Majesty Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg & Gotha Marriage White Metal Medallion. Length: 45mm Weight: 36g. Price: $69

CB587) GB 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Copper medallion. Length: 55mm Weight: 74.5g. Price: $69

CB588) GB 1902 Edward VII Crowned 9 August, Coronation Brass Medallion. Length: 54mm Weight: 77.5g. Price: $98

CB39) Great Britain 1902 One Shilling, King Edward VII, nice uncirculated $110

CB589) GB 1911 George V Crowned June 22, Coronation Brass Medallion. Length: 50mm Weight: 79.5g. Price: $98

CB590) GB 1927 Our Empire Prince 24 May, Chrome Plated Medallion. Length: 36mm Weight: 21g. Price: $39

CB582) GB 1992 £10 Banknote & Proof Coin Boxed set with Certificate of Authenticity. 1992 Deluxe 10p Ten Pence Silver Proof 2 Coin set, and Special Edition £10 Ten Pound Banknote Set, Boxed. In 1992, the Royal Mint, in conjunction with the Bank Of England, released a very special Limited Issue £10 Ten Pound Banknote, and a 10p Ten Pence Silver Proof 2 Coin Set to commemorate the introduction of the new, smaller 10p Coin into circulation, and the newly designed £10 Ten Pound Banknote. This note is one of the first printed, as outlined on the Bank Of England Certificate, and has the distinctive "AO1" serial prefix number to prove just that. This version of the "Tenner" is really scarce and the next year 1993 have an additional denomination symbol £10 on each side of the note, so this design only lasted a year or so. This new note depicted of course Charles Dickens and interestingly a CRICKET MATCH - making this a great buy for cricket fans of which there are endless millions out there! From the "Pickwick Papers" famous novel of 1836 we have depicted here the first cricket match between All Muggleton and Dingley Dell that Mr. Pickwick attended with his colleagues. Hard satin lined, velour inset Deep Blue Archive box with brass hinges, and fastener. SCARCE … due to high initial cost in 1992 money, 25 years back. Only 1000 ever made and it is believed they did not sell out so even less than that are in existence. UK retail is £200 = close to $400, our price just $210

CB657) Singapore 1974 50% Silver $10. Price: $41.50


SB36) US 1974 Universaro Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $38.50

SB19) 1999 Coloured US Walking Liberty Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $31

SB20) 1999 Coloured US Walking Liberty Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $31

SB21) 2000 Coloured American Eagle Walking Liberty Fine Silver Dollar 1 Troy Ounce coin. Price: $33

SB25) 2001 Coloured U.S. American Silver Eagle Dollar - God Bless America. Price: $31.50

SB26) 2001 Coloured U.S. American Silver Eagle Dollar - Santa Claus - Peace on Earth. Price: $61.50

SB28) US 2008 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $47

SB29) US 2009 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $41

SB30) US 2010 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $44.50

SB31) US 2011 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $31.50

SB32) US 2012 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $31.50

SB34) US 2015 Walking Liberty Silver Dollar One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Coin. Price: $32.50



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