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Early August 2021


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BC992) Malaysian States – Malaysian Postal Union range of 1936-63 Postage Due issues: 1c & 3c (2 ea), 2c, 4c Green, 5c, 10c & 20c (2, one perf 12½), also Straits Settlements 2c & 10c, mainly fine used, Price $39
BC993) Malaysian States – Malaysian Postal Union Postage Dues 1938 50c Black SG D6, LH Mint, Price $35
BC994) Malaysian States – Malaysian Postal Union Postage Dues 1951-63 perf 14 1c Violet, 8c Yellow-orange SG D14 & D19, perf 12½ 2c Deep slate-blue SG D15a, each in block of 4, lower units MUH, Price $35
DB430) Federated Malay States 1904 – 22, 10c Black & Purple, SG 43d. Fine used example, cds cancel of March 1913 , well centred and with full perfs. Major undocumented horizontal plate scratch below Tiger. Price $85
DB440) Straits Settlements 1887 32c Orange - Vermilion, SG 70w. Fresh lightly hinged full perf. example with inverted wmk. Cat. £100. Price $98
DB441) Straits Settlements 1902 30c Grey & Carmine SG 134a. Lovely fresh mint lightly hinged example, well centred and full perfs. Cat. £60 Price $59
BC190) Straits Settlements 1902-03 Edw. VII wmk Crown CA 1c to 30c SG 110-117, the 4c and 5c with some paper adhesions, some hinge remains, fresh Mint, cat £88, Price $79
DB418) Perak 1880 2c Brown SG 5, used example, full perfs, centred left. Tiny thin at base not visible from front. Cat £140. Sensibly priced at 10% cat, $25
DB454) Selangor 1885 2c Pale Rose, SG 34. Fine used example with barred cancel. Good perfs., centred right. Cat. £65. Price $35
DB456) Selangor 1895 50c Green & Black, SG 60. Fine used example with oval dated cancel MR 1900. Well centred with full perfs. Cat. £130. Price $75
BC209) Natal 1861-2 QV no wmk rough perf 14 to 16 3d blue SG 12, FU Cat £40. Price $45
BC609a) Natal 1873 6d mauve SG62 used, perf faults, catalogue £48, price $42
BC247) Nevis 1862 4d Rose on greyish paper SG2 MH. CV £160, price $175
DB759) New Hebrides 1925 1/- and 2/- English with favour cancels, toned gum, price $29
DB769) New Hebrides 1925 French SGF44, SGF46-52 and English SG46 favour cancels, a couple of minor faults, toned gum, price $129
DB771) New Hebrides 1938 French 2f Blue/pale green SGF62 VFU price $65
DB773) New Hebrides 1938 French Postage Dues SGFD65, SGFD67-9 MUH, gum toning, CV £157 as MH, price $115
DB772) New Hebrides 1953 2f Reddish-Purple SGF90 FU price $45
MNZ93) New Zealand 1988 Large Format Birds MUH set of 10 to $10, price $32.50
MNZ94) New Zealand 2003 Lord of the Rings III Stamp Pack MUH, price $33
BC104) Rhodesia 1894  £1 Deep Blue, fine used. Nice example with circular cancel. Price $119
DB86) Rhodesia & Nyasaland. Similarly addressed lot to the above, 14 items, inc. 3 uprated official postal stationery 4d Reg'd envelopes, with a late use of the KGVI. 13 items, price $195
BC261) Samoa 1877 3d Deep Scarlet 1st State SG2 MH, CV£450, price $485
BC262) Samoa 1877 6d Pale Lilac 1st State SG3a MNG, CV£500, price $375
BC263) Samoa 1878 1/- Dull Yellow 2nd State SG7 MH, CV£325 price $425
BC264) Samoa 1878 1/- Dull Yellow 2nd State SG7 MNG, CV£325 price $235
BC234) Samoa 1879 6d Bright Violet 3rd State SG12 used, thin, CV£140, price $85
BC265) Samoa 1878 2/- Red-brown 2nd State SG8 pen-cancelled. CV£600, price $650
BC266) Samoa 1879 1d Ultramarine 3rd State SG10 MH, a couple of minor tone spots on gum, CV£300 price $350
BC267) Samoa 1879 6d Lilac 3rd State SG12 MH one trivial spot on gum, CV£550 price $545
BC216) Samoa 1880 9d Orange-Brown 4th State MH price $95
SG8) Singapore 1969 Musical Instruments Official FDC, typed address. Hard to find. Price $60
SG9) Singapore 1969 150th Anniv. Official FDC, typed address. Rare! Price $175
ML492) Solomon Is. 2006 Dinosaurs set of 8 in complete sheets of 20 mint unhinged. Cat. £340, price $179
DB78) South West Africa 1957 Registered covers, to University of Witwatersrand. Bearing a variety of frankings from the 1954 Definitive series, 1d - 6d, inc. a Postal Stationery Reg'd 6d envelope along with an unregistered cover bearing 3d Blue SG 127. 6 items, price $89
BC75) Suez Canal Company 1868 20c Blue block of 5 MH Genuine, all units damaged, but a scarce block, CV £375, price $195
DB77) Swaziland 1957 long registered cover Emlembe to Jo’burg. Bears 1.5d Blue KGVI and vertical strip of three of the QEII 3d Black and Red. Tied by double ring cds of 4.12.57. Some toning along top of cover not affecting stamps. Rare dual reign cover showing additional franking of 2.5d (for weight?) Price $89
BC146) Trinidad & Tobago 1938 Definitives complete fine used cds cancels. SG 246/56 cat. £60. Price $49
BC221) Turks & Caicos Islands 1867 QV no wmk 1d Dull rose SG 1, fresh Mint with full OG, Price $79
BC219) Turks & Caicos Islands 1867 QV 1/- Dull blue SG 3, nibbled perf at top, fine used, Price $59
BC273) Zanzibar 1908 1r Yellow Green MH some gum toning, price $45

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Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

Early August 2021 Discount Sale

Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101 - $250 deduct 10%, $251 - $500 deduct 15%, $501 - $1000 deduct 20%

Orders over $1000 deduct 25%

Orders over $2500 deduct 30%

All discounts can be applied to items from previous lists in order to achieve a higher discount level.
No discounts apply to layby items.

Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.

Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions

Postage and insurance extra, Free Within Australia above $500. We accept all cards and PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9am – 4.30 Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours.

All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee, EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures, these may not be returned for any reason unless grossly mis-described.

EXCEPTIONS: There are no discounts on brand new catalogues or accessories.

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