Mid - Late September 2020


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G663) Australia KGV heads selection with Northern Territory postmarks, all clear strikes: Single watermark 1½d Red with ‘DARWIN/8SE26/N.T.’ 4½d Violet ‘(FIT)ZROY CROSSING/18JL27/NTH AUST’ & C of A 1/4d x 2, ‘NEWCASTLE WATERS/26MR35/NTH AUST’ & ‘DARWIN N.(T)/29JY36/AU(STRA)LI(A)’ a very attractive group of mainly high values with scarcer postmarks, Price $69

G441) Australia 1914 KGV 1d Carmine-red single wmk smooth paper die II, couple of nibbled perfs at top, centred to upper left, hinge remains Mint, Cat $750, Price $449

G322) Australia 1918 KGV 5d Bright chestnut single wmk, rough paper single line perf, punctured ‘OS’ BW 134, usual below average centring, indistinct cds, Cat $250, Price $169

G658) Australia 1923 KGV Single wmk 1½d Green BW 88, a most unusual ‘Jumbo’ stamp with large margins at top & base, definitely a skipped row of perfs at the top and possibly also at base, light machine cancel, striking! Price $149

G590) Australia 1924 KGV 2d Red-brown single wmk BW 97, left marginal (almost separated) block of 8, centred to the left, r/h column of 4 with light gum ‘suntanning’ MUH, Cat $600, Price $349

G659) Australia 1924 KGV Single wmk Mullett plates 3d Blue type A & B pair BW 105c, some very faint toning, MUH, Cat $325, Price $249

G587) Australia 1926 KGV 3d Violet-blue single wmk Harrison imprint pair from plate 1 BW 104z (pair), usual mixed centring, hinge remains Mint, Price $199

G589) Australia 1926 KGV 3d Blue single wmk Mullett imprint block of 4 with variety ‘White flaw over IA of AUSTRALIA’ BW 105z, mixed centring one unit with some hinge remains, Cat $575, Price $449

G660) Australia 1926 KGV Small multiple wmk perf 14 3d Blue type A & B lower right corner pair, the type A unit with variety ‘White flaw in front of emu’s foot’ BW 106c/106(3)j. Mint no gum, pair Cat $375, variety $120 as Mint, Price $199

G661) Australia 1933 KGV C of A wmk 3d Blue overprinted ‘OS’ BW 109(OS) gutter margin top corner block of 13, some perf separation, all stamps fresh MUH, Cat $390, Price $299

G586) Australia 1924 KGV 4d Olive single wmk Harrison imprint pair BW 114(3)z (pair), faint gum ‘suntanning’ very lightly hinged Mint, Price $179

G585) Australia 1924 KGV 4½d Violet single wmk Harrison imprint pair with variety ‘Deformed left bottom frame etc – second state with break in left frame’ BW 118zb, some perf re-enforcement, centred low, Mint, Price $299

G584) Australia 1924 KGV 4½d Violet single wmk Mullett imprint pair with variety ‘Deformed left bottom frame etc – second state with break in left frame’ BW 118zd, centred low, MNG, Price $179

G446) Australia 1924 KGV 1d Green no wmk punctured ‘OS’ BW 79ba, centred a little to the right but still well above average centring for this issue, very faint gum bend at upper left, fresh MUH, a superior example of this scarce stamp, Price $169

G445) Australia 1924 KGV 1½d Red no wmk punctured ‘OS’ BW 90ba, centred to the right, usual uneven perfs, rich colour, MLH, Cat $225, Price $159

G439) Australia 1926 KGV 1d Green SM wmk perf 14 variety ‘Dry ink’ BW 80c, centred to lower left, Sydney cds, Cat $125, Price $79

G447) Australia 1924 KGV 4½d Violet SM wmk perf 14 BW 119, centred a little high, expert mark on reverse, fresh MUH, Price $79

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