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Mid - Late October 2019


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MAP16) 1913 Halfpenny Green Kangaroo in mint block of 6, (3 x 2) with 4 stamps unhinged. Some gum bends but a scarce and attractive block, looks very nice from the front. Price $119

D46) Australia 1913 Kangaroos 1st wmk, Halfpenny to Fourpence, (no 3d) all mint perf small OS, SG Cat. is 1050 pounds. These are all rust affected but look mainly ok from the front.   Priced very cheaply at under 15% of catalogue, $259

Oct22) Australia 1913 Kangaroo 3d Olive Die 1 1st wmk, perf Small OS, mint lightly hinged,  cat $400, my price $225

K916) Australia 1913 Kangaroos ½d to 1/- good to fine used set of 10 stamps inc. 3d Die II. Melbourne retail for fine used $419, good value at under a half, price $199

NO41) Australia 1913 1st wmk 2/- Brown Kangaroo, mint lightly hinged, and well centred with full perfs, very scarce thus. Cat $650, price $525

MMY42) Australia 1913 1st wmk 2/- Brown Kangaroo, decent used example with cds cancel, Cat $250, under half at $119

K960) Australia 1913 5/- Grey & Yellow 1st wmk. Kangaroo cto with gum. Centred a little low and with a couple of shortish perfs. at base. Attractive stamp. Price $249

K1013) Australia 1913 1/- Green 1st wmk. Kangaroo, inverted wmk. Commercially very fine used with near complete strike of Abbotsford Vic. Cds and with clear date 14 JA 14. Great colour and full perfs, centred left. As good as we have ever seen! ACSC 30Aa, cat. $500, price $425
AP69) Australia 1914 Twopence Halfpenny 1st wmk Kangaroo, superb used, full perfs, colour and well centred with clear Rialto Vic cds of AP 17 14. Price $26

K907) Australia 1915 6d Ultramarine 2nd wmk Kangaroo. Very fine used by clean strike frameless Dandenong Vic. cds of DE 3 15. Premium stamp, price $37.50

SE11) Australia 1915 3rd wmk 2/- Brown Kangaroo, perf OS, lovely postally used example, Inverted Wmk, with Melbourne cds. Again the nicest I have ever seen. Cat $1500, price $1125

NO34) Australia 1915 2/- Brown 2nd wmk Kangaroo, horizontal pair perf OS-ACSC-36ba-SG-O36-fine used  and very well centered. Each with registered cds of 12 Jan 22 (Late usage) Very, very scarce in multiples. Cat $700 as singles. Price $649

D24) Australia 1915 5/- Grey Black and Chrome yellow Kangaroo, 3rd wmk, with socked on nose George St. West, NSW cds, 2 DE 18. Cat $225, my price $149

NO40) Australia 1915 5/- Grey & Yellow, 2nd wmk Kangaroo, perf OS, good/fine used with circular cancel and well centred. Really hard to find in nice condition. Cat $700, this one just $449

MN21) Australia 1915 One Pound Grey Kangaroo, 3rd wmk, ovpt. Specimen type C, mint hinged. Cat $375, two nibbed perfs at right. Price $195

K816) Australia 1916 2/- Brown 3rd wmk punctured ‘OS’ variety ‘Vertical hairline in Bight’ ACSC 37ba/(U)f, light crisp cds cancel and unusually well centred, Cat $600, Price $449

JL66) Australia 1916 5/- 2nd wmk Grey & Yellow Kangaroo, inverted wmk, with repaired Telegraph Puncture, also pre-printing horizontal paper crease. Cat at $750 for Inv. Wmk, cheap at $279

MM47) Australia 1918 3rd wmk 3d Yellow Olive Kangaroo, Die II, mint unhinged, cat $800. Light overall gum toning. Nice budget price stamp at $259

NO12) Australia 1918 5/- Roo ACSC 43Ab, SG037 2nd Wmk DEEP GREY & YELLOW *PUNCTURED OS* WELL CENTRED VFU with indistinct cds cancel. CURRENT 2013 BW ROO CV $700. THIS STAMP COMES WITH CERTIFICATE. NICE AND FRESH. Price $469

K835) Australia 1918 VARIETY on 5/- Grey & Pale Yellow 3rd wmk Kangaroo, fresh mint lightly hinged. Well centred with good perfs. Has variety ("White flaw across top of tail”ACSC 44(D)d Cat. $950, price $725

AU16) Australia 1920 3rd Wmk 1/- Blue-Green, SIDEWAYS WATERMARK, lovely block of 4, top row very lightly hinged, lower two are unhinged. Centered a little high, as is usual for this stamp. Cat. $200 each for hinged, and unpriced for unhinged, but other items in this periods are normally near 3 times the price, so around $1600. Never seen a block so nice before! Price $975

J32) Australia 1924 2/- Maroon 3rd wmk Kangaroo, perfect Mint Unhinged, fresh with full perfs. and perfectly centered. Melbourne retail for premium centring $850. My price $649

AU1) Australia 1924 One Pound Grey Kangaroo, 3rd wmk, ovpt. Specimen Type C, mint very lightly hinged. Centered right, fresh white gum, cat. $375, price $279

MD46) Australia 1929, 9d Violet Kangaroo, small multi wmk, Mint Unhinged, perf OS. Minor gum toning, Cat $450, this one $249

MN60) Australia 1929 Small Multiple Watermark Kangaroos, full set of 7 values to Two Pounds, nice fine used with cds cancels. The Two Pound has a few shortish perfs at base, but this does not detract from the fine appearance of this group. The 10/- is really nice. Retail as a group would be around $1750, my price just $1295

MN60a) As above, the 5/- value, light corner cto cancel. Retail up to $225 in this condition. My price  $169

MAP2) Australia 1932 10/- C of A wmk 10/- Grey & Pink, postally used with two partial  STEEL cds CANCELS of 22 DE 36. Well centred and good perfs, cat $300, price $229

MAP5) Australia 1932 10/- C of A wmk 10/- Grey & Pink, postally used with two partial Sydney  1937 cds cancels of 3 NO 36 Lovely well centered  example, cat $300, price $254

MAP6) Australia 1932 10/- C of A wmk 10/- Grey & Pink, postally used with two partial Sydney cds cancels of 1937. Good well centered example with bright colour, cat $300, price $259

MN2) Australia 1932 10/- Grey & Pink C of A wmk Kangaroo, nice corner Airmail cds and good perfs. Very fresh looking. Retail $325, price $249

K868) Australia 1945 2/- Maroon Kangaroo. C of A wmk. Re-drawn die. A top right marginal block of 30 with margins on 3 sides. Fresh mint unhinged and unusually very well centred. Cat. $600 as singles, price $295

K866) Australia 1945 2/- Deep Maroon Kangaroo. C of A wmk. Re-drawn die. A lower right corner marginal strip of 6 with imprint and margins on 3 sides. Fresh mint unhinged with full perfs. Cat. $300 as singles, price $149

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