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Mid - Late December 2018

Great Britain other items

GB123) Great Britain 1840 2d Deep Full Blue, SG 4. Attractive example with Black Maltese Cross Cancel. No margins and thinned, but still a great spacefiller of this rare shade. Lettered T – F. Cat.  £1100, priced at only 5% of cat. $93.50

JL31) GB 1857 4d Rose Carmine, wmk large garter, no corner letters SG66 on entire with Barred numeral 27, London to Marseilles 24 MAR 1859, with arrival datestamps Calais and Paris both 25 Mars 59 and Marseilles, date unclear. Cat 210 pounds = $420 on cover, price $139

GB140) Great Britain 1858 1d Red Plate 104 in Horizontal Strip of 4 used on Piece lettered EN –NE to HN – NH. Nice multiple with light Duplex cancels. Price $49

JL32) GB 1867 3d Rose, SG 102 wmk spray plate 8 lettered TG on small entire London to Lyon with oval advertising cachet “ Louis Descrand & Co. London”  cancelled by clean strike of duplex 88 of JU 25 72. Arrival stamps of  Paris 26 Juin 72 and Lyon 27 Juin 72.  Cat 110 pounds on cover = $220, price $69

GB163) Great Britain 1870 small folded cover London – Teignmouth, Devon. Bears 2d Blue plate 13, lettered FG – GF. Cancelled by London WC duplex of NO23 70.  Light central fold. Cat. £75 price $45

JL37) GB 1873 3d Rose SG 143  wmk spray plate 15 lettered LB, from London EC, with duplex  FE 10 82, and arrival cds of FE 12 82. No cachet. Price $32

JL35) GB 1873 3d Rose SG 143  wmk spray plate 15 lettered HB on small mourning envelope cancelled by London Duplex No. 1 of 26 SP 74 to Paris, with arrival cds of Calais 27 SEPT 74 and Paris on the same day. Neat and clean, cat 75 pounds on cover = $150, price $49

GB127) GB 1877 10/- Grey Green Telegraph Stamp, ovpt. “SPECIMEN” Fresh full perf. example without gum, centred low. Lettered E H. SG Spec. L235s.  Type 9.   Prepared for UPU presentation sets. Cat. “from . £360” Price $395

GB104) Great Britain 1883 2/6d Lilac on Blued Paper, SG 175, fresh mint cat. £6750. Beautiful well centred full perf. example. Lettered A – K, K – A. Price $2495

GB105) Great Britain 1883 10/- Ultramarine on Blued Paper, lettered H – I, I - HSG 177 average used. Good centring. One nibbed perf at right. Cat. £8250. Cheap at $1775

GB100) Great Britain 1883 5/- Rose on White Paper, SG 180, very fine used with nice London T.P.O. cds of JA 25 89. Cat. £250. Beautiful well centred full perf example lettered E – N, N – E. Price $129

GB99) Great Britain 1883 10/- Pale Ultramarine on White Paper, lettered C – I, I – C. SG 183a average used. Good centring and perfs. Cat. £550. Cheap at $92.50

GB138) Great Britain 1887 Jubilee 9d Purple & Blue SG 209. Post Office fresh mint unhinged, well centred & full perfs. Price $98

BD323) Great Britain 1887 10d Jubilee Dull Purple & Carmine SG 210. Top marginal example, mint unhinged, post office fresh. Well centred and full perfs. Magnificent example. Price $169

GB132) Great Britain 1912 – 1924 KGV Definitive control Nos. Singles and strips of 3, mint and used, both watermarks. Values to 5d on 2 Hagner pages. Attractive lot of 34 items. Price $149 

MF41) GB 1948 Channel Islands Liberation set of 2 on neat printed Dealer first day cover. Very scarce to find in such fine condition.  Price $37.50

NO21) GB 1951 rare cover and letter on Buckingham Palace stationery, bearing 4d 1951 Festival of Britain stamped and cancelled with Balmoral Castle cds of  8 SP 51, surface mail to Germany. Letter reads “Dear Sir, Princess Margaret desires me to thank you for your kind message of congratulations. It gives her Royal Highness great happiness to know that the thoughts and good wishes of so many people are with her  on the occasion of her 21st birthday. Yours truly Olivia Mulholland, Lady in Waiting.” Price $159

GB155) Great Britain 1962 – 65 Commemorative Phosphor sets mint unhinged. Comprises NPY Lifeboat, Red Cross, Cable, FFH, Geographical, Lister, Salvation Army & ITU. SG Cat. £234. Very cheap at under a quarter cat. price. $92.50

GB178) GB 1965 2/6d Parliament fresh mint unhinged with inverted wmk. Cat. £60, price $55 


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