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Mid - Late February 2020


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First Flight Covers

PNG367) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds overprinted ‘Airmail’ 3½d Aniline carmine with ‘Post Office/16AP36/WAU’ cds also with Australian 2d Cable with ‘HAY/3AP36/N.S.W.’ cds on Flight cover addressed to Hay which appears to have been carried on the Adelaide to Wau via Hay (NSW) flight by N. Brearley and E.J.Stephens, AAMC P98, with typed ‘PER FAVOUR OF/MAJOR BREARLEY/HAY – WAU’. The Wau arrival stamps on front and back are dated ‘16AP36’ whereas the AAMC indicates the covers carried on this flight were cancelled on arrival in Wau on the 17th of April 36, interesting and unusual cover, Cat $450 for the Adelaide – Wau flight, however this appears to be a Hay – Wau – Hay Boomerang cover which is unlisted in the AAMC, Price $499

PNG368) New Guinea 1931 Huts overprinted ‘Airmail’ 3d Blue SG 141 on 1932 First Flight cover Lae to Salamaua with boxed red stamped/typed cachet AAMC P41, light central vertical filing fold, Cat $225, Price $169

PNG389) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds overprinted ‘Airmail’ 1/- Pale blue-green SG 199 on 1936 Flight cover with typed ‘Per ‘Lockheed’ plane/Wau-Brisbane Flight/23..11..1936’ with Wau 23 November cds and ‘AIR MAIL/9-A26NO36/SYDNEY N.S.W’ AAMC P108a, some minor faults due to careless opening, Cat $425, Price $349

AFC140) Australia 1939 Brisbane to Gladstone Qantas first flight. 2d red and 3d Air both tied crisp ''BRISBANE AIR MAIL - 12 SP 38 – QLD'', and crisp back stamp of Gladstone. AAMC says a ''small mail'' was carried. This collector had a page note that only FIFTY were carried, and that would not surprise me. Never seen one before. AAMC 827 - $100 – 11 years back. SUPERB fresh condition for 81 years old. The NEW AAMC is out end year. Prices LIKELY will be WAY UP on these scarcer pieces. Addressed to very well-known collector Saville Sheard in his very distinctive handwriting. This is so nice we are asking 10% above catalogue for this. $110

AFC65) TEAL 2 May 1940 First regular airmail flight between Australia and New Zealand, from Paterson NSW to Christchurch (AAMC900). Plain cover franked with 5d Ram. CV $100, price $65

AFC114) As above, attractive cover from Norwood, South Australia to Dannevirke. Censored cacheted cover, franked with 1d Queen Die II and 4d Koala. CV $100, price $79

AFC115) First official airmail cover Australia – New Zealand 10 April 1934 from Sydney to Wellington (AAMC369) franked with a pair of 3d Airmail and 1d Green KGV. Has both horizontal and vertical ironed creases, affecting the left 3d. CV $60, price $35

AFC117) As above, similar franking to Timaru, without creases! CV $60, price $49

AFC116) As above, similar franking again to Timaru. CV $60, price $49

AFC118) Southern Cross Trans-Tasman Airmail 29 March 1934 from Newton NZ to Sydney (AAMC367). Franked with 7d brown-orange airmail, the cover has a frontal stain. CV $50, price $35

AFC121) First official airmail cover Australia – New Zealand 10 April 1934 from Sydney to Timaru (AAMC369) franked with a pair of 3d Airmail and 1d Green KGV. CV $60, price $49

AFC123) As above, similar franking to Timaru, somewhat stained. CV $60, price $35

AFC122) First official Trans-Tasman Airmail NZ-Australia 17 February 1934 (AAMC360), franked with 7d Blue overprinted airmail, addressed to Orlo-Smith, Melbourne. CV $75, price $59

AFC130) Trans-Tasman flight 10 April 1934, “boomerang” uprated uncacheted 2d pre-printed KGV cover (AAMC371), franked with 3d Airmail and 4d Olive KGV, with 7d Brown-orange NZ airmail for return flight. Some staining. CV $50, price $39

AFC132) Trans-Tasman flight 10 April 1934 from Sydney to Christchurch (AAMC369), franked with 6d Sepia and 1d KGV. CV $60, price $45

AFC133) Southern Cross Trans-Tasman Airmail 29 March 1934 from Kaitaia NZ to Sydney (AAMC367). Franked with 7d brown-orange airmail. CV $50, price $42

AFC134) As above, “boomerang” cover from Dunedin, franked with 7d Brown-orange (damaged) and a pair of 1d Green KGV for the return journey. CV $50, price $42

AFC57) Qantas first Round the World Service 14 January 1958 (AAMC1386), Sydney to Sydney, franked with 2 x 2/- Qantas. CV $15, price $12

AFC55) TEAL 30th Anniversary of first Trans-Tasman flight “boomerang” WCS cachet cover (AAMC1395a), franked with 2 x 8d Anniversary. CV $20, price $16

AFC19) Trans-Tasman flight 10 April 1934, “boomerang” cover from Sydney (AAMC371), franked with 3d Airmail, 3d KGV and 1d KGV with 7d Brown-orange NZ airmail for return flight. CV $50, price $42

AFC64) Round Australia Commonwealth Jubilee commemoration 7 December 1951 (AAMC1286), with a very attractive hand-drawn cachet of an aircraft over Australia enclosed in a compass in red, blue and yellow. Unusual, priced at $35

AFC111) Trans-Tasman flight 14 April 1934, Timaru to Sandringham, Melbourne (AAMC370), franked with 7d Brown-orange NZ airmail. CV $60, price $49

AFC113) TEAL first flight regular airmail between Australia and New Zealand 30 April 1940 (AAMC899) illustrated cover from Auckland to Sydney, franked with NZ 5d Centennial. CV $100, price $79

AFC125) As above, NZ 1d KGVI pre-printed cover (not illustrated) from Gore to Ascot, Queensland, uprated with 1d and 5d Centennials. CV $100, price $79

AFC127) As above, illustrated cover from Wellington to Cremorne, NSW, franked with a pair of NZ 2½d Centennials. CV $100, price $79

AFC128) As above, cacheted cover from Rozelle, NSW to Hawkes Bay (AAMC900), franked with 2d Red KGVI and 3d Blue KGVI. CV $100, price $79

AFC129) As above, cacheted cover from Wellington to East Malvern, Victoria (AAMC899), franked with ½d, 1d, 1½d and 2d Centennials. CV $100, price $79

AFC81) First Official Airmail Australia – New Guinea and Papua 24 July 1934, intermediate cover from Melbourne to Townsville, no cachet (AAMC395a). Franked with 2d Red and 2 x 3d Blue Victoria Centenary. CV “from” $50, price $42

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