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Early December 2019


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First Flight Covers

AFC26) Australia 1931 small FFC 1st Official Airmail, Sandringham, Vic CDS 16 AP 31 to Glasgow, bears 2d Kingsford Smith, 9d Violet and 1/- Light blue Roos. Violet cachet applied to front. Opened at the top, with hinge mounting marks. AAMC188, price $30

AFC33) Australia small 1931 FFC Launceston – Melbourne.  Bears 3d Airmail Type A & 2d on 1½d red KGV head cancelled cds’s of Launceston of 1MY31. Front & rear also each bear large circular violet Cachet. Reverse has Melbourne 1 MAY 1931 slogan “ADDRESS MAIL TO PRIVATE BOX NUMBER/IT EXPEDITES DELIVERY” Small tear at top and slightly aged. Still an attractive item. AAMC 198a. Price $35

AFC36) Australia 1931 FFC Launceston – Melbourne, bears ½d orange KGV, 1½d Canberra & 3d Airmail type A, three strikes of ‘LAUNCESTON/A1-MY31/TAS’ cds, large violet cachet on front and rear, AAMC 198a, Price $39

AFC93) Australia 1931 long typewritten FFC. Sent from Commonwealth Oil Refineries Melbourne to Anglo-Persian Oil Co. Ltd. London. Bears block of 4 6d Brown Airmail & 2d Red KGV Head. Cancelled by Melbourne Ship Mail Room cds of 18NO31. Has Violet Special Air Mail Flight cachet. Nice clean cover. Used multiples of the 6d Air are scarce. Price $59

AFC39) New Zealand 1933 Faith in Australia cacheted cover for 1st Auckland – Invercargill flight. Bears 3d Brown Airmail & 1d Red KGV Admiral cancelled by cds’s of New Plymouth 8DE33 and with arrival cds on face of Auckland 12DE33 and Invercargill cds of the same date on reverse. Attractive cover. Price $39

AFC52) Netherlands – Australia Macrobertson Air race illustrated cover. Bears 30c Green Triangular plus 70c & 12½c Wilhelmina, cancelled by cds’s of Amsterdam Central Station of 15 X 1934. Sydney Air Mail Section arrival machine cancel of 26 OCT 1934 plus Royal Dutch Airways Black oval arrival in Melbourne cancel of 24-10-34Also red Oval Macrobertson handstamp of 20 October 1934 to left. Listed as AAMC 444, cat. $80. Neat and clean, price $59

AFC69) Australia 1934 Autogyro Card. Sent Portland to ASM Lending Library Melbourne. Bears ½d Orange and 1d Green KGV cancelled by neat Portland cds of 16 NOV 34 and with Airmail Soc. of Australia Blue double ring cds to left. Front bears illustration of the Autogyro and Aboriginal with spear. This card numbered 1832 is perfectly clean and undamaged unlike most of these which are usually creased and dog-eared. Listed as AAMC 461. Price $69

AFC18) Australia 1934 ‘Boomerang’ FFC Australia – NZ – Australia, Bears KGV 4d olive & 3d Airmail type A, NZ 7d Airmail & 1d Admiral, appropriate violet cachets on front and back, some minor perf toning, AAMC 371, Price $39

AFC80) Australia 1934 ‘Boomerang’ illustrated FFC showing CTP Ulm, Australia – New Guinea – Australia then onwards to the UK, Bears 6d Airmail, KGV 2d red, New Guinea 2d undated bird, circular violet cachet, Lae backstamp, attractive cover AAMC 395, Price $49

AFC67) Australia 1938 small plain airmail cover , Blackheath NSW – Papua. Bears 2d Red KGVI die 1 plus 3d Blue die 2 thick paper cancelled by cds’s of Blackheath 27MY38 and with Sydney Air Mail cds on face of 30MY38. Neat handwritten cover, listed as AAMC 809. Price $25


APH454) Australia 1957 Lord Howe Island Advertising cover to Melbourne. Doery & Tilley (famous Melbourne Soft Furnishings firm) small advertising cover, used LHI to Brighton Beach Victoria. Bears 2.5d Henry Lawson plus Halfpenny Orange Kangaroo & 1d Violet QEII to make 4d rate. Cancelled by 3DE57 cds of LHI. Scarce dual reign cover. Price $89

APH459) Australia 1976 Lord Howe Island small surface mail commercial cover to Registrar Generals Dept., Sydney. Bears 18c Wildflower cancelled by LHI cds of 3SE76. Opened 3 sides. Price $33

APH812) Australia 1979 Lord Howe Island commercial DL size cover to Sydney Solicitor. Bears AAT 20c Albatross cancelled by LHI Pictorial cancel of 12 MAR 1979. Price $29

APH810) Australia 1979 Lord Howe Island commercial DL size cover to Sydney Solicitor. Bears 20c Fishing cancelled by LHI Pictorial cancel of 2 NOV 1979. Price $29

APH452) Australia 1980/81 Lord Howe Island. 2 x “Trader Nick” Tourist Covers, 1 used to Melbourne with LHI Pictorial cancel of 14 MAY 1980, the other unaddressed with LHI Post Office Centenary Cover Pictorial Cancel depicting Woodhen, dated 1 JUN 1981. Clean and attractive pair of covers. Price $54

APH809) Australia 1980 Lord Howe Island commercial DL size cover to Sydney Solicitor. Bears 1980 22c Queen’s Birthday cancelled by LHI Pictorial cancel of 4 JUN 1980. Price $29

APH813) Australia 1980 Lord Howe Island commercial DL size cover to Sydney Solicitor. Bears 1980 22c Kingfisher cancelled by LHI Pictorial cancel of 11 JUL 1980. Price $29

APH811) Australia 1980 Lord Howe Island commercial DL size cover to Sydney Solicitor. Bears 1980 22cLife be in it cancelled by LHI Pictorial cancel of 13 AUG 1980. Price $29

APH815) Australia 1980 Lord Howe Island commercial DL size cover to Sydney Solicitor. Bears 1980 22c National Stamp Week ASC 779 cancelled by LHI Pictorial cancel of 13 OCT 1980. Price $29

APH814) Australia 1980 Lord Howe Island commercial DL size cover to Sydney Solicitor. Bears 1980 22c National Stamp Week ASC 780 cancelled by LHI Pictorial cancel of 11 JUL 1980. Price $29

APH797) Australia 1983 Lord Howe Island Commemorative Cover, No. 743 of a limited edition of 1000. Depicts map of island and HM Brig Supply in full sail. Bears 27c 1983 Australia Day, HM Brig Supply, cancelled by LHI pictorial cancel of 17 FRB 1983. Clean unaddressed cover. Price $31.50

APH799) Australia 1983 Lord Howe Is. Long OHMS typed address Cover from Admin. Officer top Elec. Commission of NSW. Bears 27c Butterfly cancelled by LHI pictorial cancel of 26 JUL 1983. Opened 3 sides as much official mail is. Price $39

Inwards Mail

APH68) Netherlands Indies 1931 Flight Cover to Consulate General of the Netherlands, Sydney. Bears 15c Blue Wilhelmina tied by Sceraba cds of 11.5.31 and Blue & Brown Flight Stamp SG 130 with Abel Tasman special Diamond cancel of 11 MEI 1931. Sydney Airmail Section arrival machine cancel of 18 MAY 1931 on reverse flap. Listed as AAMC 196. Price $69

APH78) Straits Settlements 1935 25c Jubilee solo use on small airmail cover to Bendigo, Vic. Cancelled by 1935 cds of Singapore. Unusual and scarce solo use of top value. SG 259 Cat. £12 plus from x 4 on cover.  Price $59

LM8) Bahamas - Sydney 1948 Long Registered OHMS envelope, sent by airmail. Bears 2d & 2.5d definitives of KGVI franked by cds of Nassau 19MAR48, and with blue Nassau Reg'd Label No. 0678. with cachet at left "WAR ECONOMY RE-USE OF ENVELOPES - Open by slitting along flap edge" Neat typed address and with arrival cds's  of Miami MAR 23 1948, San Francisco MAR 27 1948, Sydney 28 MY 48 and Edgecliff  29MY48. Not a bad turnaround time for those days and probably started its journey by Flying Boat. Very attractive piece, price $129

GER1) Germany Inflation Period. Small 1923 Advertising cover, Leipzig – Melbourne Law Courts, bearing 20 x 3000 mk. Brown Michel No. 254. Cancelled by Leipzig cds of 27 8 23. Scarce survivor, price $125

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