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Early March 2020


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Europe & Rest of the World

ROW176) Andorra (French) 1962 Signed (Gerhard Zucker) Rocket Mail cover bears 50c Telstar stamp with Andorra FDI cancel of 29 SEPT. 62 plus rocket mail label with ZR 122 rectangular rocket handstamp in Purple. Scarce cover in near original condition. Price $45 

ROW148) Argentina 1964 registered airmail letter to The Duke of Argyle, Inveraray Castle. Bears 18 peso Airmail SG 1088 plus 3 other definitive values to make 35 pesos. Sender was Dr. Carelos M Ure-Arenales, of the Central Criminal Court, Buenos Aires. Cancelled by cds’s of  October 1964. Reverse bears oval handstamp of the criminal court, bearing sender’s name. Neat typewritten cover. Price $29 

ROW181) Belgian Congo 1948 Airmail Cover to Ford Motor Co. Dagenham Works, Essex. UK. Bears 3.5F Lambermont SG 271 plus 2F Leopard SG 262a and 2 x 1Fr25 Abolition of Slavery SG270. All cancelled by cds’s of Costermansville 23-7-48. Opened a little roughly at top, but a very attractive cover. Price $33

ROW207) France 1907 cover to Credit Lyonnaise, Constantinople, Turkey. Bears horiz. Strip 4 x 5c Green SG 295, cat. £36 each as singles used, plus Horiz. Pair & single x 10c Red Sower, the single being unfranked., ground below feet, SG 325. Cancelled by double ring cds’s of Bureaux Ambusant Est 15 FEVR 07. Constantinople Galata Poste Franc’se arrival double ring cds on reverse. Neat cover with central horiz. Fold and a little aging. Price $110

ROW208) France 1920 SPECIAL FLIGHT POSTCARD WITH SCARCE "GUYNEMER" SURCHARGED CINDERELLA TIED BY SPECIAL CANCELLATION. Picture side bears sepia vignettes of 13 early French aviators. Address side bears 5c Green Sower, cancelled by Aeronautic meeting cds of 9 -10 20. Has been folded twice, but still extremely scarce and attractive. Price $179

GNG6) German New Guinea 5pf Yacht type Green P.S. card sent to Baden, & re-addressed. Cancelled by  Simpsonshafen cds of 30 9 01, and with Waldkirsch arrival cds of 19.12.01. Minor water staining to left. Price $175

GNG8) German New Guinea 10pf Red  Yacht type P. S. card used to Paris & re-addressed. Cancelled by Herbertshohe cds of 1906. Rare card and usage, price $249

GNG9) German New Guinea 5pf Yacht type Green P.S. card sent to Ludweiler, Germany. Cancelled by cds of Freidrich-Wilhelm –Stadt 13 12 06 and with arrival cds of Ludweiler 2.2.07. Correspondence has mention of Drummoyne, “Near Sidney Australien” Slightly aged. Price $175 

GNG10) German New Guinea 5pf Yacht type Green P.S. card H & G 8 sent to Nuremburg, Germany. Cancelled by cds of Herbertshohe 5 8 07 and with arrival cds of Nuremburg 21 SEP 07. Neat & Clean,  Price $210

DB717) Germany 1900 5 mark Red & Black, SG 65b. Good used example with 2  cds cancels. Good perfs. and cantering. Cat £600 price $329

GER19) GERMANY 1949 BRITISH & AMERICAN OCCUPATION 1949 Hanover Trade Fair Minisheet Post Office Fresh Mint Unhinged. Cat 110 Euros, price $145

GER21) GERMANY 1949  BRITISH & AMERICAN OCCUPATION 1949 Hanover Trade Fair Minisheet Cto used with unhinged gum Exhibition Cancel 27.4.49. Minor gum creasing at right. Cat 250 Euros, price $295

ROW226GER24) Germany 1949 French Zone (Wurttemberg)Red Cross Imperf. Minisheets. Mi. Block 1 fresh mint without gum as issued. Cat.150 Euros. Price $195

GER30) WEST GERMANY. 1951. 750th Anniv of St Mary's Church Pair. SG 1065/6. 10pfg vfu, 20pfg. MNG, cat. £210 as used. Very cheap price, $59

DB725) West Germany 1951 80pf Post horn Mint Unhinged. Genuine mint unhinged example. One of the 3 key values of this set. SG 1059. No others found on EBay when I was listing this. Cat.  £650, price $275

DB314) Greenland 1945 Definitives, SG 8 – 16, Sc. 10 - 18 MLH. Nice fresh set of 9 Cat. £340, priced right at under 30%, $169

ROW67) Hungary 1938 Eucharistic Congress sheetlet. Used with special cancels, with original gum. Very minor toning. Cat. £85, price $49

DB320) Iceland 1934  Airmails, SG 208/13, Sc. C15 -20. Lovely vfu set, with light cds cancels. Cat. £80, price $69

ROW185) Indo China 1911 cover to Madurai, India, via Colombo. Bears 25c Blue & Black SG 58 cancelled by indistinct Saigon cds. Reverse bears Palavangudi transit cds of 28 FE 11 and Oyakondan cds of the same date. Cover is a bit aged, but quite presentable. Price $29

ROW173) Indo China 1950 Airmail cover to VOLVIC, Puy-de-Dome, France. ( Puy de Dôme is a lava dome and one of the youngest volcanoes in the Chaîne des Puys region of Massif Central in central France. This chain of volcanoes including numerous cinder cones, lava domes, and maars is far from the edge of any tectonic plate. Puy de Dôme was created by a Peléan eruption, some 10,700 years ago) Bears 7 x 2p Red SG 196 & 60c Purple SG 193. All cancelled by over-inked cds of Saigon 9. 6. 1950. Some ink residue to tope left affecting 2 of the 2p stamps. Scarce, but cheap! Price $21  

IT1) Italy 1930 Zeppelin set of 6, fresh mint unhinged. SG 372/77. Cat. £135 for hinged. These are superb fresh well centred and with full perfs. Price $265

ROW77) Japan 1991 PhilaNippon Flowers sheet of 48 plus 3 labels. Fresh mint unhinged. Price $129

ROW225) Martinique 1886 20c red and green overprinted MQE 15c SG7 MH. CV £100, price $129

ROW222) Monaco 1885 25c green SG6 FU, a couple of short perfs. CV £100, price $95

ROW223) Monaco 1885 2c lilac SG2 MH. CV £75, price $95

ROW219) Netherlands 1852 15c orange SG3, VFU with four excellent margins. CV £140, price $189
ROW220) Netherlands 1952 5c blue SG1 x 2 shades, VFU and both with four excellent margins. CV £110, price $149

ROW187) Netherlands Indies 1918 cover sent locally. Bears 10c Red Wilhelmina cancelled by Madan cds of 30.9.18. A little aged, but scarce survivor. Medan is the capital of Indonesia’s North Sumatra province. The huge Maimun Palace and octagonal Great Mosque of Medan dominate the city centre, combining Islamic and European styles. Price $29

ROW227) Norway 1855 4s blue SG1 with four margins, three huge and one close, used with an indistinct three ring numeral cancel (36?). Small thin, CV £200, price $199

ROW228) Norway 1855 4s blue SG1 with four margins, three huge and one close, with pen cancel. CV £200, price $199

ROW210) Persia 1886 2½Kr POSTAL STATIONERY UPU POSTCARD TO TURKEY. Cancelled by Schimrhan cds (date in Arabic) 3 SEPTEMBRE 1886 Constantinople arrival cds in blue on reverse. Diagonal crease, but SCARCE POSTAL HISTORY ITEM, Price $179


ROW205) Persia 1928 1st Flight cover to 1928 PERSA TO BAKU, AZERBAIJAN. Bear 2ch Blue SG 629 plus 5Kr Airmail  SG 666. Cancelled by Tehran double ring cds of 12.2.28 and with arrival double ring cds of Baku of the same date. Flown by Junkers, only 40 carried, and bears rectangular 1st flight cachet in black. Rare cover. Price $510

ROW206) Persia 1929 1sr Flight cover Tehran – Meched. Bears 2ch Blue SG 629 & Horiz Pr. Of 2ch Airmail ovpt. SG 659 cancelled by Tehran double ring cds of 9-V.29. Additional Tehran Airport arrival Double ring cds in Arabic, plus arrival and double ring cds’s departure (collection) at Meched. 2 x 1½ inch square 1st flight cachets on face, one in red at departure and a 2nd in Violet upon arrival. Also airmail etiquette in grey in French and Arabic. Neat printed address cover, small 3mm tear at base does not detract. A rare cover! Price $225

ROW230) Portugal 1853 25r blue SG4 four margins, MNG. An uneven print, but we have no reason to doubt its authenticity. CV £1,400, price $1,299

ROW232) Reunion 1885 25c on 40c orange SG4 fine used with blue cancel. Four excellent margins, very attractive. CV £60, price $79

Row213) Switzerland 1950 United Nations overprint on 3fr, 5fr and 10fr 1938 Parliament issues, SGLU18-20, MH. CV for MUH is £585, price $479

ROW214) Switzerland 1950 International Refugees Organisation overprints on 1949 Landscapes and 1941 Historicals, SGLR1-8 MH. This is a complete set for this organisation. CV £304 for MUH, price $249

ROW215) Switzerland 1950 World Health Organisation overprint on 3fr, 5fr and 10fr 1938 Parliament issues, SGLH23-5, MH (5fr MUH). CV £220 for MUH, price $189

ROW216) Switzerland 1922 League of Nations overprint on 1914 5fr blue mountain view, SGLN30. VFU with a SON cancel for the League of Nations dated 11 XI 35. CV £110, price $149

ROW217) Tibet 1912 full set of six, SG1a-6a used. Very uncommon as a set. CV £465, price $589

ROW233) Togo c1947 Sunken Die Proof for 10c postage due SGD185 in issued colour. Price $100

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