Early October 2020


King George V

G442) Australia 1914 KGV 1d Carmine-red single wmk smooth paper die II, punctured ‘OS’, centred to left, very light cds cancel FU, Price $79

G424) Australia 1920 KGV 1/4d Turquoise ACSC 128, some hinge remains, centred high, Mint, Cat $300, Price $169

G528) Australia  KGV 1921 ½d Emerald gutter corner block of 4 single wmk, lower left unit variety ‘White spot before 2 in right value tablet’ ACSC 63(4)v, lower units, including the variety, are MUH, centred high, variety cat $75 as hinged, Price $129

G526) Australia KGV 1921 4d Violet single wmk variety ‘White scratch behind emu’ ACSC 111(2)v, centred to right, light gum bend, fresh MUH, cat $175 as hinged, Price $149

G426) Australia 1922 KGV 4d Ultramarine single wmk ACSC 112A, centred high, fresh MUH, Cat $175, Price $129

EJ4) Australia 1923 Halfpenny Orange Single wmk marginal block of 8, mint unhinged with Inverted wmk. One stamp with minor toning. Cat $200, price $115

G482) Australia KGV 1923 4d Dull ultramarine single wmk Harrison printing variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 113Baa, centred to right, Fresh MUH, Cat $325, Price $259

G523) Australia KGV 1923 4d Bright ultramarine single wmk Harrison printing variety ‘Watermark inverted’ ACSC 113Aaa, centred to right Mint, Price $179

G432)  Australia 1924 KGV  1½d Scarlet single wmk, vertical pair upper unit variety ‘HALEPENCE’ lower unit ‘Thin RAL’ ACSC 89(22)I & j, centred to right, faint vertical gum bend, MUH, attractive positional piece, Cat $100 as hinged singles, Price $79

MN14) Australia 1924 KGV 4d Olive single wmk in Mint Unhinged, Post Office fresh  horizontal full perf lower marginal pair. As is often seen for this stamp centred to lower left. Cat. $100 each as singles, under a half at $95

G483) Australia KGV 1924 4½d Dull violet single wmk ACSC 118C, centred to right, Fresh MUH, Cat $125, Price $79

G652) Australia 1926 KGV ½d ORANGE SMW PERF 14 PERF. OS NSW. Very fine used, cds cancel. Well centred with full perfs. Rare in this condition. Price $325

G653)  Australia 1926 KGV ½d ORANGE SMW PERF 14 PERF. OS NSW. Recently discovered hoard of 14. Rare stamp! Plus 5 x single wmk. All with circular date stamps. Perfs and centring vary. Nice re-seller/hoarder lot! Price $2395

EJ12) Australia 1926 1.5d Red Small multi wmk perf 14, lower right corner mint unhinged horizontal pair from plate 1A, on translucent paper,  cat $300. Price $225

G480) Australia KGV 1927 1/4d Turquoise-blue SM wmk perf 14 ACSC 129B, a marginal example centred to lower left, Fresh MUH, Cat $1250, Price $899

G484) Australia KGV 1927 4d Greenish olive SM wmk perf 14 ACSC 115, centred to left, Fresh MUH, Cat $350, Price $269

G505) Australia KGV 1930 1½d Red brown SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ Ash imprint block of 4 ACSC 93za, hinge remain mainly in central gutter, Cat $150, Price $119

G533) Australia KGV 1930 2d Golden scarlet die III SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½  Ash imprint block of 4, ACSC 102Az, Mint with some hinge remains, Price $79

G510) Australia 1931 KGV ½d Orange C of A wmk. Ash imprint with variety ‘Lower end of left fraction bar thickened’ BW 69(8)z, hinge remains on upper units Mint, Cat $90, Price $69

G499) Australia KGV 1931-32 C of A wmk set of 8 ½d to 1/4d, most with good centring, all fresh MUH, attractive set, Price $499

G509) Australia KGV 1932 2d Golden scarlet C of A wmk overprinted ‘OS’, Ash imprint block of 4 ACSC 103(OS)z, some gum ‘suntanning’ bands, Mint, Cat $175, Price $99

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