Early October 2020


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NO10) AAT  decimal definitive mint unhinged, SG 8 – 18, advertised retail $65, my price under a third $21

BCOF25) Australia 1946 BCOF 1d QE block of 4 with Trial opt in thin seriffed type in black BW J2PP(2)A, MUH, scarce multiple, Cat $1400, Price $999

BCOF27) Australia 1946 BCOF 3d KGVI with Trial opt in thin seriffed type in red BW J3PP(2)B tied to small piece by ‘ARMY P.O. 241 (Dateline indistinct)’ cds see BW note 4, Cat $750, Price $499

BCOF39) Australia 1946 BCOF ½d Orange kangaroo perf pip gutter corner block of 9, each unit with some degree of offset of the overprint on the gum, varying from partial to almost complete, unlisted in BW, scarce, Price $149

BCOF26) Australia 1946 BCOF 1d QE variety ‘Blue-black overprint’ BW J2c corner Authority imprint block of 4, very slight gum wrinkle on upper left unit, with normal imp. block for comparison MUH, Price $349

BCOF41) Australia 1946 BCOF 6d Kookaburra x 3, each with unlisted broken or faint characters in the overprint, MUH x 1, MLH x 2, Price $39

BCOF33) Australia 1946 BCOF 2/- Kangaroo marginal horizontal pair, l/h unit variety ‘Misplaced stop after B’ BW J6d, centred a little high, Price $179

AT4) Christmas Island, 2004 Year of the Monkey minisheet overprinted Hong Kong Stamp Expo. Cancelled at the exhibition with AP Koala Pictorial Cancellation. Price $57.50

PNG958) Papua 1907-10 (SG.63) Small 'PAPUA' Wmk Sideways P.11 4d black & sepia with unlisted variety "Damaged '4' in left value tablet" [Pos.11], mild even-toned gum, MUH. Price $149

PNG963) Papua 1910-11 Lakatois large Papua perf 12½ 1/- Black & deep orange SG 81, Fine used, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $29

PNG965) Papua 1931 TWO PENCE on 1½d surcharge, selection of 18 used including both Mullett & Ash printings SG 121 & 122, most with identified constant plate varieties, interesting & attractive group, Price $129

PNG966) Papua 1931 Harrison printing surcharge 9d on 2/6d SG 124, three horizontal marginal pairs, each with variety identified in pencil on the margins, fresh Mint, Price $79

PNG967) Papua 1931 Cooke printing surcharge 1/3d on 5/- SG 123, three examples, one with plate variety identified in pencil on the margin, fresh Mint, Price $59

PNG959) Papua 1931 (SG.121) Surcharged 'TWO PENCE' on 1½d Mullett printing complete sheet of 40 with imprint at base, numerous varieties incl. 'POSTACE' flaw [Pos.1] and "Rift in clouds" [Pos.2], one stamp [Pos.20] officially substituted, the replacement stamp with "Break in line beneath 'O' of POSTAGE", usual tropicalised gum, MUH, Cat. £738++. Very scarce as a complete sheet. Price $449

PNG964) Papua 1934 Declaration set SG 146-49 Mint, Price $25

PNG961) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints kangaroos 2nd watermark 6d Ultramarine SG 88, well centred Fine used, Price $35

PNG962) New Guinea 1915-16 NWPI overprints kangaroos 3rd watermark 2d Grey punctured ‘OS’ SG O6, centred to upper right, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $109

PNG373) New Guinea 1925-27 Huts 2d to 9d SG 127 to 131 on 1929 large Registered cover Salamua to the UK, edge faults mainly at top and base, adhesives are unaffected, also with two ‘Globus’ red, white & blue star stickers used as seals on reverse, attractive cover, Price $219

PNG362) New Guinea 1925-27 Huts 6d Yellow-brown SG 130b + 1931 Dated birds 5d SG 155 on 1932 Registered cover to Zurich, some faint perf toning, Price $119

PNG365) New Guinea 1932-34 Undated birds & undated birds overprinted ‘Airmail’ 3½d Aniline –carmine SG 180a & 194a, a pair of each on 1934 Registered cover to NSW, Price $79

NI245) Norfolk Is. 1960 10/- Tropic Bird Specimen Ovpt. Bottom Right. Fresh mint unhinged, centred high. Sydney retail $110, price $65

NI247) Norfolk Is. 10c on 10d Brown SG 65. SURCHARGE MISPLACED to give a O (zero) value! Stunning error. The only variety recorded by Gibbons in this series is the missing black of overprint in a pair with normal (SG 61a) Cat. £3000 for mint unhinged. This is a mint unhinged lower marginal example with minor toning at top. Price $1995

NI242) Norfolk Is. 1968 3c Queen Coil STRONG OFFSET. Mint unhinged strip of 3. Stunning variety, price $149. (2 available)

NI243) Norfolk Is. 1968 5c Queen Coil STRONG OFFSET. Mint unhinged single. Stunning variety, price $49. (3 available)

PNG786) Papua 1938 Anniversary set of 5 to 1/- on registered FDC to South Brisbane, tied by 3 strikes of ‘PORT MORESBY/6SP38/PAPUA’ Port Moresby, Brisbane & South Brisbane backstamps, some minor edge faults, Price $79


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