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Collections and lots

CMY1) Australia 1913 - 1987 well written up used collection in thick to bulging Gibbons Red "Philatelic" springback album. Commences Kangaroos to 5/- (2) KGV to 1/4d, most KGV commems. inc. 1934 Vic. Cent & Macarthur (4), 1935 Anzac & Jubilee, KGVI pretty well complete simplified with Robes to £1, Arms to £2. QEII pre-decimals complete simplified ex. £2 Navigator. Decimals complete simplified ex. minisheets. A good lot mainly fine used, some earlies a bit mixed condition. 1000 plus stamps. Cheap at around 25c a stamp, $249

CMY2) Royal British Commonwealth Society 1977 official QEII Silver Jubilee FDC collection in Padded Silver Album. 52 covers in all, unaddressed and with descriptive text for each country. Issued at $4.95 each = over $250. Very good condition, front cover just showing a little age. Very cheap at under $1.50 per cover, price $77    

CMY3) 1984 Olympics "Fleetwood" FDC collection in as new Red Sumptuous Padded Album. Contains 74 Unaddressed fdc's from USA & Yugoslavia, inc. Minisheets and se-tenant blocks. Very fine, as new condition. Less than $1 per cover, price $69

CMY4) Scouting, in 2 large ring binders, organised alphabetically Australia - Sweden.  Noted Australia 1934 & 1936 Jamboree labels x 6, Czechoslovakia 1969 Scouts Maximum Cards x 2, Romania 1919 War Charity Stamp plus 1931 set of 5 mint, 1937 set of 8 postally used, Russia 1959 mint sheet of 10 fundraising stamps in green for the 10th World Jamboree and 1969 Cinderella sheet for the 60th Anniv. of Scouting, South Africa 1957 set of 3 labels, etc, etc. Counted 90 plus compete sets & minisheets mainly mint besides those mentioned above plus many singles. Condition a little mixed in places but overall a clean and attractive lot. Nothing after about 1990. Price $249  

CMY5) Asia mainly used collection in large old blue stockbook. Noted India KGV 10R - 25R, quite a lot of Indian States, Ceylon with 1d & 2d Imperfs, some Indo China, Netherlands Indies & Indonesia, Malaya Tigers to 50c, etc, etc. Nothing much past the 1960's. Many pickings. About 750 stamps, condition a bit mixed. Good value at $189 

CMY6) Great Britain 1982 - 1986 FDC's in as new $40 Tan leather look double FDC album. All official Royal Mail FDC's with Philatelic Bureau cancels. Appears complete for the period and includes High Values, Machins, Regionals and Commemorative sets. A very clean lot, virtually as issued. 60 covers in all, has to be worth $1.50 each, the very nice album is free! Price $89 

CMY6A) Great Britain 1987 - 1995 FDC's in as new $50 Burgundy leather look double FDC album. All official Royal Mail FDC's with Philatelic Bureau cancels. Appears complete for the period and includes High Values, Machins, Regionals and Commemorative sets. A very clean lot, virtually as issued. 100 covers in all, has to be worth $1.50 each, the very nice album is free! Price $149

CMY7) Australia  Puffing Billy Railway Belgrave Vic. 2004 Cover collection in near new Heavy Duty Black & Gold Binder on  36 Hagners some double sided, new cost of these alone around $120! 74 superbly produced unaddressed covers to celebrate the 150th anniv. or Railways in Australia, in two different designs bearing the 50c Locomotive stamps, some in gutter pairs. These sell at $3.50 to $6 each on eBay. Very low price of under $2 each, the binder and Hagners come free! Price $145

CMY8) Postmarks on piece, carton full in 4 large stockbooks of Victoria 1952 - 1995 organised alphabetically. Must be 5000 or so, some from places I have never heard of! All good strikes and neatly cut around. Have to be worth 10c each, price $495 

CMY9) New Zealand ex. part - time dealers stock on 28 stockcards, Queen Victoria to 1970's mint, mint unhinged and used. Noted 1936 Congress set of 5 x 2 fresh mint unhinged, 1969 Cook set muh, 1970 defins. complete muh, many commem. sets muh x up to 5 of each, etc, etc. Cheap at $139 the lot.

CMY10) United Nations, New York & Geneva 1961 - 76 mint unhinged in as new Gibbons $100 plus "Philatelic" Burgundy Springback Album, complete with as new Gibbons United Nations Catalogue, retail $60.  Comprises single sets & corner blocks of 4, plus a few FDC's & Souvenir Cards.  Appears complete 1967 - 1976. Around 325 sets, 3 minisheets, 5 fdc's & 9 souvenir cards. Very cheap at about $1.30 per set, and the very useful Album & Catalogue are free!  $429

CMY11) Australia 1987 - 95 Official Australia Post Unaddressed FDC's in as new $40 Burgundy Double FDC album. Counted 97 covers inc. many minisheets plus ATM Triangulars, 1990 Anzac Tradition with 8 different Forces Post Office cancels etc, etc, A lovely as new lot! Way, way below face value of the stamps alone. Price $145 the lot.  

CMY12) Australia Replica cards 1984 - 2001, as issued by Australia Philatelic Federation at $5 each, with approval of Australia Post. Contains the 1st 44 cards issued, some of which are very scarce now. Housed in as new Seven Seas Padded Brown Replica Card Album (Cost $150 alone)  So an original purchase price 19 to 36 years ago of $370. Less than half price, $179

CMY13)  Australia Replica cards 2002 - 2011, as issued by Australia Philatelic Federation at $5 each, with approval of Australia Post. Contains the 14 cards issued during this period, some of which are very scarce now inc. the 1930 Sturt in Issued Colours! Housed in as new Seven Seas Padded Burgundy Replica Card Album (Cost $75 alone)  So an original purchase price 9 to 18 years ago of $145. Less than half price, $69  

CMY14) Australia Decimals used collection in 3 Lighthouse Stockbooks 1990 to 2009. Appears virtually complete for the period, and all postally used! Most have nice circular cancels, and includes both sheet and peel & stock stamps. A steal at under $10  per year! Face must be close to $1000! Price including the 3 useful stockbooks $199 the lot.

CMY15) Australia 1956 Olympics, complete set of 52 "Royal"  covers with pictorial cancellation for each event. Each bears either a 4d Green Koala, or 4d Olympics stamp, as some handstamps were authorised for use before the stamps were! Also 1 cover with the full set of stamps. Many different events pictured on the different coloured and varied cachets. Rarely seen these days, a few are a bit aged. All neat typewritten address.  A very scarce assembly, price $795

CMY16) China 1992 Year Book de-luxe Burgundy leather edition. Does not have the limited edition minisheet, otherwise would be $200 +. Price $79 

CMY17) China 1995 Year Book, new as issued with slipcase. Price $155

CMY18) Australia mainly fine used cds examples, duplicated array 1913 to 2000 in old brown stockbook. Noted 1934 9d MacArthur x 2, 1940 AIF 6d x 5, many booklet stamps & minisheets, $20 Gardens x 8, ATM triangle stamps x several sets etc, etc. About 1000 stamps in all. Very cheap at $199

CMY19) Australia 1947 - 52 range of KGVI era. Illustrated FDC's plus 3 x 1950 National Philatelic Exhibition covers, 1 with large exhibition label in red-brown attached. Priced up to sell at over $350 based on Rod Perry's website price list. includes 3 registered items, two of which are from  the exhibition. Issues included at Scouts, Stamp Centenary, UPU, Federation 50th anniv. etc. 14 covers. Price under a half, $149

CMY20) World carton lot of 6 large stockbooks with mainly earlier World  collections, (no Australia) most postally used and virtually all different. Some useful China noted. Roughly 2500 to 3000 stamps, some decent pickings throughout. Got to be worth $349    

CMY21) Germany, all periods in lovely 32 page stockbook with full colour pictures of German States stamps on cover. Noted Germanias to 4 Marks fresh mint unhinged, inflation period to 1 Billion Marks (I kid you not!) Also fresh mint unhinged. Plenty of Hitler Heads, then WWII Allied occupation issues, then West Berlin & West Germany mainly fine used to 1986. A very good lot of 650 - 750 all different and in nice condition. Price $149  

CMY22) Australia 1935 Jubilee Plate Blocks Collection, mainly hinged on top 2 or on selvedge only. Comprises 2d Plate 1 bottom right, Plate 2 top right,  Plate 3 all 4 positions, Plate 4 missing only top right, Plate 5 all positions, Plate 6, all positions. 3d Blue all positions except bottom right. Scarce assembly, should be reasonably easy to complete. 3d Lower Left has the variety "Apostrophe between George & V" ACSC 167h. Price $249 the lot.

CMY23) Australia 1931 Kingsford Smith 2d Red Plate Blocks Collection. Comprises all 8 plate blocks, fresh mint unhinged. (Odd very minor fault mentioned for accuracy only) Cat. $320, price $215

CMY24) Australia 1936 Tasmanian Cable 2d Plate Blocks Collection. Missing only Plate 1 bottom right. Plate 4 lower left has variety fa "Weak entry to top right corner retouched" ACSC 169zp. All are mint unhinged, or very lightly hinged in selvedge only. Cat. $595, price $395

CMY25) Australia 1935 2d Red Anzac Plate Blocks Collection. Comprises Plate 1 all but lower left, Plate 2 lower left, Plate 3 all 4 blocks, plus Gutter Imprint block of 8. Mainly unhinged, some hinged in selvedge only. Cat. $360 plus. Price $239

CMY26) Australian Territories and Pacifics, 1920's - 1986 approx. mint & used in large SAFE black ring binder on stock pages. Priced by part-time dealer for re-sale. Inc. Norfolk Is., Christmas Is., Cocos (Keeling) Is., Nauru, Pitcairn Is., Fiji & Samoa etc. Many mint unhinged sets and minisheets plus many long definitive sets values to $5. Expect duplication. Priced cheaply to sell at $525 plus, and some are not priced. Price $210

CMY27) Scouting 1938 - 1968 approx. mostly complete Mint Unhinged sets  in near new Maroon Springback Album. Noted several imperf. sets and minisheets from places like Togo, Burundi & Bhutan. Other countries represented include Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Great Britain, Belgium, Taiwan etc. 55 complete issues, Cat. £325 plus. Album alone to buy today would be around $100. Price for the lot just $5 per issue  $275

CMY28) United Nations Geneva 1949 - 1985 virtually complete mint unhinged, including the Switzerland 1949 1st set of overprints. Housed in a $295 Lindner T Burgundy Hingeless Album, virtually as new with pages to 1990. Stamps Cat. at approx. £195. Dirt cheap at under 50% cat. for the stamps and the very nice album is free!  Price $189

CMY29) Butterflies, ex deceased estate. Fine lot of approx 850 different on 52 Hagner pages in as new heavy duty Maroon Ring Binder, cost of these alone to buy today close to $120, plus unopened packets of 200 & 300 different, a number of Tea trade cards and a few FDC's. Not only that but a brand new Michel Butterflies Catalogue, still in shrink-wrap which alone retails at $150. Many of the stamps are in long Definitive sets, mint unhinged. Good countries like Falkland Is. to £3, Cocos (Keeling) Is. to $3, Papua New Guinea to $2, Norfolk Is. to $2, Malaysia 12 sets of 7 each from a different State. China 1963 set of 18 cto, etc, etc. This really is a great lot with 1350 stamps, mostly all different. Really has to be worth many $100s, just the items mentioned worth around $450 plus another 1250 stamps mostly different. Price $795 the lot

CMY30) Penrhyn Is. 1974 - 1982 Mint Unhinged Collection in $75 near new Lighthouse Leather Bound, Brown Leather grain 32 black page stockbook. Counted 15 sets plus 34 minisheets on a good range of themes inc. Royalty, Fish, Birds, Paintings, Easter, Christmas, IYC, World Cup Soccer, Olympics, Sailing Ships. A few odd faults but largely fine.  Selling at the new price for the stockbook alone, $75

MF2) Worldwide picture postcards, some used, unused, earlies moderns and in betweens. Mostly street scenes & architecture. 100 different for $89 

FE34) Great Britain Commemoratives 1953 – 65 appears complete mint lightly hinged. (3d Nature week is fine used) Retail approx $70, price $49

CMD1) NZ huge accumulation early – modern in 2 stockbooks, Seven Seas Album, Tasman Album and Hagner Binder. Mint & used inc. many minisheets. Noted 1960 Pictorials used to £1, horizontal pair, $2 Multicoloured Geyser etc. Bits and pieces of Australia & other World stamps not counted. 1000’s! Will well repay sorting. Weighs around 6.5kg $495 the lot. 


CMO1) Europe 2, mainly Bulgaria early to modern, plus some Cyprus plus a few other bits & pieces. Stated to be 533 stamps, under 10c each, price $49

CMO3) Europe 4, France to Greenland. Strength in France & Greece, stated to be 1558 stamps, price under 15c per stamp, $229

CMO4) Europe 5, Iceland to Monaco. Really nice lot early to modern with strength in Luxembourg & Malta. Stated to be 1723 stamps. Under 15c per stamp, price $249

CMO6) Europe 7, Portugal & Romania. Very nice clean lot of 1119 stamps early to modern. The more modern Romania is cto. Under 14c per stamp, price $149

CMO8) Europe 9, San Marino to Sweden. Strength in Spain & Sweden, early to modern, mainly used. Stated to be 1152 stamps. Under 15c per stamp, price $165

CMO9) Europe 10, Switzerland to Yugoslavia. Nice lot of early to modern, strength in Switzerland. Stated to be 983 stamps. Under 15c each, price $139

CMO10) Asia 1, Aden to Ceylon. Stated to be 753 stamps. Decent Aden, Burma & Ceylon, some Arab States. Less than 15c per stamp, $110

CMO12) Asia 3, India & Indonesia. Early India Queen Victoria with some States to about 2010, then Indonesia to 2006. 1783 stamps for around 14c a stamp, $249

CMO15) Asia 6, Philippines. Lovely early to modern postally used collection to 1997. Stated to be 1410 stamps. Under 15c each, price $195

CMO16) Asia 7, Portuguese India to Tannu Tuva. Queen Victoria to modern. Strength in Straits Settlements, Singapore, Ceylon/Sri Lanka, Sth. Korea & Syria. Stated to be 1245 stamps. Very good value at 20c per stamp. $249

CMO17) Asia 8, Thailand to Yemen. Strength in Thailand, Turkey & Vietnam. A very good lot of 1437 stamps. Under 20c each, price $275

CMO18) Africa 1, Algeria to French West Africa. Early to modern, strength in Egypt/UAR. Stated 1224 stamps. Well priced at under 20c each, $239

CMO19) Africa 2, Gabon to Mozambique. Nice ranges of most countries with nice Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar & Mauritius. Early to modern, mot postally used. Stated 1381 stamps. Good value at under 20c per stamp. $259

CM020) Africa 3, Namibia to Tanganyika. Stated to be 1378 stamps. Good range of French and British former colonies, early to modern. Strength in Southern Africa. Also some nice Sudan. Priced under 15c per stamp, $189 the lot

CMO21) Africa 4, Tanzania to Zimbabwe. Early to modern, mostly postally used. Nice Tanzania, Transvaal & UAR. Stated 1129 stamps for under 15c a stamp. $159

CMO23) Ireland, mostly modern postally used, many complete commem. Sets. Stated to be 1936 stamps. Under 20c a stamp, price $359

CMO24) Germany, all areas & periods inc. States & Occupation issues. Most postally used, some better singles and sets. Stated to be 2450 stamps. Under 15c a stamp, price $349

CMO26) Italy, early to modern mostly postally used. Stated to be 2027 stamps. Very nice lot. Under 15c a stamp, $289

CMO28) Oceania 2, Fiji to Ross Dependency. A very good lot of mostly postally used early to modern. Very good Fiji, New Hebrides & Norfolk Is. Stated 1246 stamps. Well worth 25c per stamp, priced under that, price $295

CMO29) Oceania 3, Samoa to Wallis & Futuna Is. Noted GRI Ovpts. Om German Samoa. SG 101/103 used cat. £80. Lovely clean lot of mainly modern large. Strength in Samoa, Solomon Is. & Tonga. Stated to be 806 stamps, under 20c per stamp, price $159

CMO30) Papua & New Guinea. Commences Lakatois & Birds of Paradise, German New Guinea Yacht types 5pfg – 80pfg, less 10pfg, all nice cds used, cat. £160, PNG £1 Fisherman & 1/7d Cattle used, Birds to 10/- mint, then mostly complete mint lightly hinged to 2017, inc. many minisheets. Stated to be 2089 stamps. Has to be worth 50c per stamp. Huge retail & face value. Priced well below that at $940

CMO31) Vatican, in 2 volumes. Volume 1 starts with some nicer earlies and is quite complete to about 2010. Volume 2 is a white Ace Album 1929 – 1980 and sparsely filled. Stated to be 1428 stamps, under 15c each. $195

CMO36) North & Central America with West Indies, plus United Nations. Very wide ranging from Queen Victoria onwards. Most postally used. Stated to be 1502 stamps. Very good value at around 15c per stamp. Price $225

CMO37) South America, most postally used early to modern. With good Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru etc. Stated 1789 stamps. Good value at around 15c each $265

CMO39) World Collection in Old Universal Album, fastbound, Burgundy colour with gold blocking. 7th edition, published by Wm. Ackland Melbourne. Virtually nothing removed. 340 pages, including 10 full page maps! Very good condition and nothing after 1937 it seems, most postally used, some mint. Condition a bit mixed, but a lot of good pickings. Noted Australia Kangaroos to 2/- Brown, KGV 4d Lemon, good Europe, South America, Japan, New Hebrides & USA. Am guessing roughly 2500 stamps. At 15c per stamp this is a steal. Price $375

CMO41) World Collection letters F - Z in old Red Gibbons Strand Hardback Album, 364 pages. Dated inside 1938, and appears noting after about 1960. A lot of pickings mint & used. Must be about 2500 - 3000 here with good Germany, GB, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain, USA & much more. A good lot at 15c per stamp. Price $375

CMO43) Switzerland 1968 – 72, nice run of official unaddressed full set FDC’s inc. Pro Patria, Pro Juventute, Birds, Flora, Fauna, Europa, Planes, Pope Paul VI Visit etc. Plus a 1980 5fr overprinted green definitive booklet, cat. $45 in 2009. 30 covers in all plus 1 booklet, clean fresh lot for $110. Less than $3.50 per item!

CMA2) Three large stockbooks of World, early to modern, all different, mostly postally used. Neatly organised by country. Many pickings here. Roughly 3500 – 4000 stamps here. Price $179

CAU6) Fiji Collection from 1953-2000 on Seven Seas hingeless pages, MUH, in 2 Green padded slipcases & binder. Albums alone new cost approx. $650! Missing only 8 stamps form the 1986-90 Definitive reprints. Sydney retail $2375 plus $650 for the albums = $3025 Price well under 45% $1275

CAU10) Cocos Keeling Islands. 1963-2001 complete MUH on Seven Seas hingeless pages, in Blue padded slipcase & binder.  completion. Album alone new cost $185. Includes the $5 overprinted Airmail & full set of 1990-1 Postage paid provisional overprints. Sydney retail $1295 plus, so a retail value here of $1480, priced well at 65%, $975

CAU11) Samoa: 1962-Feb 2000 complete MUH on Seven Seas hingeless, in 2 Blue padded slipcases & binders. Albums alone new cost $550! Sydney retail for stamps = $1635 plus so a total retail here of $2185, priced very cheaply at around 50%, $1125

CAU12) Pitcairn Islands 1940-2000 Complete MUH on Seven Seas hingeless pages, in Brown padded slipcase & binder. Album alone new cost $560! Sydney retail of stamps = $2070 so a total value here of $2630. Includes 1940 Definitives, 1948 Silver Wedding & 1949 UPU. Priced very well at under 60%, price $1575

CAU13) Christmas Island 1958-2001 complete MUH, in Seven Seas hingeless pages and Brown padded binder & slipcase. Album alone new cost $320. Sydney retail of stamps = $1240 plus so a total retail here of $1560. Well priced at under 65%, $995

CMJ11) Omnibus issues, 1972 Silver Wedding & 1973 Royal Wedding mint unhinged plus some Halley’s Comet 1986 all mint unhinged sets/minisheets in an as new Lighthouse Blue 32 page stockbook $35 retail. Plus some used GB Machins values to £5. 1972 SW & RW appears Crown Agents complete with some extras. 100 plus complete sets/minisheets. Selling at cost price (Was a trade in from a customer) $250

CMJ16) Worldwide mostly postally used and mainly pre-QEII in heavy duty 2½ inch thick post style album. About 175 pages plus 50 spare pages for continuation. Noted AUSTRALIA  with Kangaroos to 5/- (3rd wmk) 1934 Victoria & 1936 SA sets, 1937 Robes set to £1, many mint and imprint blocks to 2/6d in KGVI period. 1953 Produce food lower left marginal mint blocks of 6. Nice Belgium with Railway stamps on 3 pages, good Egypt on 5 pages, GB with 5/- KEVII,  2/6d & 5/- Seahorses, decent Greece on 3 pages, Hong Kong 1946 Victory pair  & 80c UPU fine used, Italy, 5 pages, Straits Setts. KGVI to $5 fine used, Monaco 1956 Royal Wedding compete mint light hinge to 500 francs, Very good NZ on  15 pages inc. 1907 Christchurch 1d, Health Keyhole & Lifebuoy issues etc. Overall 1400 to 1500 stamps, way better than average lot. Price $539

SE10) Sweden, collection of 1500 different, most if not all nice postally used. Price on my packets list for 500 is $70, and 1500 would normally be around $275. Just two to offer here at half price: $137.50 each

AU40) Australia Kangaroos. 170+ mixed kangaroos.  Mostly 3rd & C of A  watermarks, some others mixed in. Mixed Condition, some with faults, most not. Values to 5/-, incredible value at under $2 per stamp! Price $329

AP17) Nice little starter collection of 50 different Australian States. On our list at $56, special price $49

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