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British Commonwealth

BC844) Antigua 1862 QV 6d Blue-Green SG1, MNG with expertiser’s marks on reverse. Very attractive. CV £800, price $650

BC923) Antigua 1903-07 wmk Crown CC ½d (crease) Mint, 1d (1 Mint, 1 MNG), 2d Mint, 3d MNG, 2/- (2 with distinctly different vignette shades) – 1 part gum, 1 MNG, also 2½d Fine used, odd fault, Cat £257, Price $179

BC846) Ascension 1922 KGV 1/- Black on Green of St Helena overprinted, SG9 MH with excellent gum. CV £28, price $39

BC924) Bahamas 1920 Peace set with extra 2d shade, Mint,  1931-46 2/- MNG, 3/- Brownish-black & green, also 1942 Columbus range to 5/- including 2/- & 3/-, low values FU, others Mint, odd fault, min cat £90+, Price $79

BC928) Bermuda 1936-47 Pictorials set to 1/6d SG 98-106 ex 3d, Mint with hinge remains, Price $29

BC925) British Guiana 1931 Centenary set to $1 SG 283-287, low values MNG, $1 MUH but with gum tone spots, Price $49

BC926) British Guiana 1938-52 KGVI set of 11 to $3 ex $2, mostly Mint or MNG with odd tone spot, 48c, 60c  & $1 used, 36c, 96c & $3 are fine Mint, Price $49

BC866) British Occupation of Italian Colonies 1943 KGVI EAF set SGS1-9 MH. CV £55, price $74

BC281) British Solomon Islands 1939-51 KGVI Pictorials 2/- & 2/6d SG 69 & 70, Mint, Price $29

BC927) British Solomon Islands 1939-51 KGVI set to 10/- ex 2½d & 3d, SG 60-72, Mint, the 2/6d with tropicalized gum, Cat £85, Price $89

BC861) Canada 1942-3 KGVI Special Delivery Stamps perf OHMS SGS14-16 MUH. CV £63, price $85

D6) Cape of Good Hope 1853 4d deep blue Triangular, SG2, nice  example lightly cancelled, no faults with 2.5 good margins. Cat 275 pounds, price under a half $219

D8) Cape of Good Hope 1863 1d red brown Triangular, SG18b, medium cancel, no faults, lovely rich colour, 3 big margins. Cat 350 pounds, price $345

D9) Cape of Good Hope 1863 1/- Bright Emerald Green Triangular, SG21. 3 good margins, medium cancel, cat. 700 pounds. Lovely stamp, missing from most collections. Price $749

BC918) Cook Islands 1932 2d Black & brown perf 14 SG 101a block of 4, lower units MUH, Price $49

BC917) Cyprus 1924-28 KGV 2pi & 4pi, 1925 Crown Colony ½pi, ¾pi, 1½pi (couple of short perfs & 2½pi, Cat £47, Price $49

BC610) Dominica 1921 KGV 1½d Orange SG64 VFU. CV £22, price $29

MN5) Falkland Is. Dependencies 1956 2.5d & 3d Definitives SG G42/43 on neat small commercial seamail cover to Germany, cancelled by a single clean Port Lockroy, Grahamland cds dated 1 DE 59. Port Lockroy is a natural harbour on the north-western shore of Wiencke Island in Palmer Archipelago in front of Antarctic Peninsula. It was discovered in 1904 and named after Edouard Lockroy, a French politician and Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, who assisted Jean-Baptiste Charcot in obtaining government support for his French Antarctic Expedition. The harbour was used for whaling between 1911 and 1931. During World War II, the British military Operation Tabarin established the Port Lockroy base (Station A) on tiny Goudier Island in the bay, which continued to operate as a British research station until 1962. This is the first commercial mail I have ever handled or seen from Grahamland  and must be very rare. Price $149

BC851) Fiji 1903 KEVII 1d Dull purple & Black on Red SG105 MH. CV £20, price $27

BC850) Fiji 1903 KEVII 2½d Dull purple & Blue on Blue SG107 MH. CV £14, price $22

BC293) Fiji 1938-55 1½d Canoe die II perf 14, SG 252b De La Rue imprint block of 4, hinged on upper units & margin only, fresh, Cat £128 as singles, Price $169

BC294) Fiji 1938-55 2½d Map perf 13½ part imprint/plate # corner block of 6, lower centre unit with variety ‘Extra Island’ SG 256ba, fresh MUH, Cat £155+ as singles, Price $229

BC289) Fiji 1938-55 5d Blue & scarlet cane SG 258, fresh Mint with light hinge remains, Cat £42, Price $35

BC292) Fiji 1938-55 6d Map both die I & II, SG 260 & 261, fresh Mint with some hinge remainders, Cat £70, Price $59

BC858) Gibraltar 1887 QV ½d Dull Green overprint on Bermuda SG1 MH and Used. CV £45

BC863) Gilbert & Ellice Islands 1911 KGV Pandanus Pine Set SG8-11 MH. CV £18, price $25

BC849) Gilbert & Ellice Islands 1916 KGV 2d Greyish Slate SG14, MLH. CV £15, price $22

BC607) Hong Kong 1866 QV 18c Lilac SG13 Used. Has a blunt lower right corner. CV £300, price $189

JL29) Hong Kong KEVII Ovpt. Specimen group, 1c, 2c, 4c & 8c 1903, plus 4c & 10c 1907., all mint lightly hinged, cat 150 pounds each, $1800. My price just under 25% of cat. $449

BC615) Hong Kong 1947 small airmail cover to Broken Hill Pty Co. Ltd. Melbourne. Bears solo use of $1 KGVI Orange & Green cancelled with HK double ring cds of 31 JA 47. Stamp has early stage of the short leg to “R” supplied with regular used stamp for comparison. The listed variety is Cat. £95 used off cover. Price $36

BC859) India 1855 QV 4a Black and 8a Carmine on blue glazed paper SG35/36 used CV £43, price $59

BC576) India 1865 QV ½a Pale blue SG 55, Mint with some paper adhesions, Price $29

BC630) India 1876 QV 12a Venetian Red SG82 used. A few short perfs and a tiny tear at bas. CV £42, price $25

BC578) India 1912-23 KGV 5r Ultramarine & violet overprinted ‘SERVICE’ SG O93, some hinge remains Mint, Price $55

BC59) India, Bahawalpur Stamp Set Presentation Booklet. Green and Gold ties. Price: $132.50

BC61) India, Bahawalpur Stamp Set Presentation Booklet. Red and Gold ties. Price: $132.50

DB318) Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika 1938-54 KGVI range of lower values to 1/- , some faults, plus 10/- perf 13.25 (tiny gum thin) SG 149b & £1 perf 14 SG 150a, Cat for the 10/- & £1 only is £97, Price $79

BC922) Malaysia – Perak 1887-89 1c on 2c Bright rose (SG T37) SG 40a, 1892-95 1c & 2c Orange, all used, 5c Blue & 1895 3c on 5c Mint with some toning, Cat £69, Price $69

BC921) Malaysia – Selangor 1891-95 1c (2), 2c Rose (3), 2c Orange & 5c Blue, 1895-99 Tiger head 3c to 10c & 50c Dull purple & greenish black, mainly Fine used, Cat £78, Price $89

BC916) Malaysia – Japanese Occupation 1942 General issues, overprints on Pahang 5c Brown with brown overprint SG J178b, Fine used, Cat £120, Price $149

BC843) Malta 1863 QV ½d Pale Buff SG3a, MNG with perf issues at top and left side. MNG, good spacefiller. CV £850, price $175

BC553) Natal 1902-03 Edw VII 2/6d Purple SG 138, slight corner bend, Mint, Cat £50, Price $49

BC848) Natal 1902 KEVII £1.10/- Green & Violet SG143, with a tiny surface rub near the T of SMITH of postmark. A lovely stamp. CV £130, price $169

BC853) New Hebrides 1908 KEVII 1/- Green & Carmine overprint on Fiji SG9. A MH corner marginal inter-panneau stamp, unfortunately with toned gum. It may benefit from a bath to become fresh MNG? CV £140, price $129

BC920) New Zealand 1864-71 perf Chalons, wmk large star 2d Pale blue, 4d Yellow, 6d Red-brown & 1/- Green, odd short perf but generally fine, min cat £290, Price $199

BC919) New Zealand 1931 1d + 1d Smiling Boy, some areas of gum toning, Mint, Price $79

PN71) Pitcairn Is. 1940 Definitives set of 10, fresh mint unhinged, SG 1/8 inc. the “a” numbers 4d & 8d issued 1951. Cat £75 = about $140, price $110

PN72) Pitcairn Is. 1940 Definitives original set of 8, fresh mint unhinged marginal examples, SG 1/8 cat £38.50 = about $70, price $38.50

PN77) Pitcairn Is. 1949 Silver Wedding pair, SG 11/12 Fresh Mint Unhinged. The £1 is a top marginal example. Gibbons cat. of £41.50 is way out of whack with local advertised price of $110. Price $82.50

PN74) Pitcairn Is. 1949 UPU set, fresh mint unhinged SG 13/16. Gibbons is entirely out of whack here at £14.50 with local advertised price of $75. Price $56.50

PN73) Pitcairn Is. 1953 QEII Definitives fresh mint unhinged set of 12 SG 18/28, inc. the shade variety of the ½d but without the 4d variety SG 23a. Cat. £47 = approx. $87, price $56.50

MAU46) Pitcairn Is. 1949 UPU, the set of plate/imprint blocks in strips of 10 from the bottom of sheets, hinged/unhinged, includes both plates of the 3d and 4 plates of the 6d, one of these only being in a block of 6. Possibly Unique. Cat $675 as single stamps. Price $395

PN78) Pitcairn Is. 1963 2/6d Freedom From Hunger. SG 32. Local advertised price is $33, forget Gibbons stupid £2.75. Price $25

AU4) Pitcairn Is. Commercial Mails. We have acquired a nice lot of genuine Pitcairn Is. Commercial covers (NOT Tourist Mail) Mostly small envelopes, some registered, and some wrappers, plus parcel pieces with values to $10! A total of  35 items, which would make a nice single frame exhibition. Island families represented among the senders are Christian, Brown, Warren, Warren – Peu, Young and McCoy. Price required is $2400, plus I will throw in for free 8 Tourist Covers, including a solo use of the 2/6d KGVI to NZ. Average retail for a very ordinary Pitcairn commercial cover is $75, this lot works out at around $68 per item and includes some very interesting and scarce usages, and the period covered is from the 1940’s to 2008. As I said an immediate display for you. Contact me for further details. Price $2400

BC249) Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1954-56 QEII set to £1 + the ½d & 1d coils SG1-15, fresh Mint, the three high values with only the barest hinge traces, Cat £120, Price $109

BC65) Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1959-62 pictorial set to £1 + the ½d & 1d coils, SG 18-31, fresh Mint, Cat £117, Price $99

BC539) South Africa 1925 Airmail set of 4 fresh MUH, the 6d and 9d have some very faint gum toning, Price $49

BC568) South Africa 1927-30 5/- Wagon SG 38 single inscribed ‘SUIDAFRIKA’ centred to the right, fresh MLH, Cat £300 as pair, Price $39

MF43) South West Africa, 1937 Coronation set of 16 in Bi-lingual pairs, on illustrated registered FDC Windhoek – Johannesburg.  AS FRESH AS THE DAY IT WAS PRODUCED! Magnificent addition to any Royalty Collection.  A less attractive similar cover with damaged corner appears on eBay at $51, my price $49. (5 available)

MJL14) St. Helena 1991 Royal Birthdays Booklet, containing Gutter Block of 4 of the stamps commemorating the 65th Birthday of HM The Queen and the 70th  Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh. Cover is cancelled by OC  7  91 cds of St. Helena, presumably to prove sale over the counter and prevent pilfering, much as Australia Post cancel stationery items today. Stamps are mint. Neat Royalty item which I have not seen before. Cheap price $10, I have a few so $19 for 2, $39 for 5, might suit re-seller

BC864) South Africa 1954 QEII Animal Definitives SG151-164 MUH. Six stamps are marginal examples, and the 4d has the minor variety “broken A in Afrika”. CV £32, price $44

BC852) Straits Settlements 1938 KGVI $2 Green & Scarlet SG291 FU. CV £17, price $23

BC520) Tonga 1886-88 George I 2d Violet perf 12½ SG 2, Mint Cat £50, Price $69

BC521) Tonga 1886-88 George I 6d Blue perf 12 x 11½, SG3a, MNG, Price $39

BC518) Tonga 1891 George I overprinted with stars 2d violet SG 8, centred to upper left, MNG, Cat £80 as Mint, Price $49

BC523) Tonga 1891 George I 4d and 8d surcharges SG 5-6, MNG, Cat £48 as Mint, Price $35

BC522) Tonga 1892 George I 8d Yellow-orange SG 9, MNG and Fine used examples in slightly different shades, Price $49

BC534) Tonga 1892 George I & Arms set 1d to 1/- SG 10-14, MNG, Cat £225 as Mint, Price $159

BC525) Tonga 1893 7½d on 8d Carmine surcharge in carmine, two distinct shades Mint, Cat £70, Price $89

BC533) Tonga 1894 Surcharge set of 4, the ½d on 4d and 2½d on 1/- are Mint with hinge remains, the latter thinned, others MNG, Price $49

BC529) Tonga 1895 ½d on 2d surcharge SG 30 Fine used, Cat £50, Price $59

BC530) Tonga 1895 7½d on 2½d Vermillion, SG 31, MNG, Mint Cat £60, Price $39

BC532) Tonga 1895 George II set of 4 1d to 7½d SG 32-35, the 2½d and 7½d are Mint, others MNG, Price $129

BC527) Tonga 1895 George II 5d perf 12 SG 34, centred to right, Fine used Cat £70, Price $89

BC842) Zululand 1888 QV 2d Grey-Green & Carmine SG3 VFU. Cat £50, price $60

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