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Mid - Late December 2018



Important: Collections and lots are returnable for credit only if significantly mis-described. No cash refunds on these.

CMD1) NZ14) New Zealand Extensive study in a small red ‘Viking’ springback binder of the 1971 4c on 2½c Butterfly surcharge, more than 500 with the majority being in Plate no./imprint or Sheet value blocks of 10 with a comprehensive range of plate numbers, overprint types, retouches and flaws, all fresh MUH, also a few other values in blocks etc to 30c. A great opportunity to secure a specialised collection of this fascinating issue that is ‘well on the way’ and with a 2007 Campbell Patterson catalogue value of well over $500, Price $300

CMD2) Better than average mostly postally used world Collection in old Grenfell green peg fitting album. Good pickings in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, France, Liberia, Netherlands, Spain etc. Not much after about 1945.  200 pages, and around 2500- 3000 stamps. Good value at around 10c per stamp, price $275

CMD3) Nice old Worldwide Collection in 2 black springback albums. Mostly postally used earlies. Not much after about 1956. Some very good pickings throughout in these virtually unpicked albums. About 4000 stamps, has to be worth 6c a stamp, price $239   

CMD4) World Mish-Mash in large green stockbook. Early to modern, mint & used, randomly stuffed into bulging book. Must be around 1500 stamps, mostly all different. Some good pickings throughout.  Cheap at under 5c a stamp, price $69

CMD5) Great Britain haphazardly disorganised in large blue stockbook. KEVII to quite modern. Noted 10/- 1934 Seahorse and KGVI to £1, few mint unhinged but most used. Plenty of decent pickings and quite a few private perfins in KGV. looks like 1250 – 1500 stamps. Under 5c a stamp, price $59

CMD6) Papua New Guinea 100 plus Official FDCs 1964 – 1994. Typed address to 1975, then unaddressed. Appears pretty well complete for the period. Housed in near new $40 Cream Padded FDC album. Very cheap at under $1 per cover, price $98

CMD7) Australia duplicated array plus some World in as new Hagner red padded binder. Housed in 44 as new 6 – 8 strip Hagners. New price of album and Hagners alone over $100. Cheap at  just $79

CMD8) Duplicated ranges of West Germany plus some GB, Canada, USA & Australia early – modern used, in near new $75 Prinz Deluxe brown leather look black page stockbook with brass corners. A couple of pages have come loose from the linen hinging. Lots of pickings here, about 2500 stamps for under the price of the album alone. $69

CMD9) Netherlands mostly mint unhinged plus other bits and pieces of World in 3 x 16 page stockbooks, 1960’s – 2002. Counted 78 sets, 52 minisheets plus some odds. Also some Antilles & Indonesia. Some duplication. Nice clean lot, price $135 

CMD10) Year of the Scout 1982. Official collection of 105 First Day cards, each with a different coloured cachet depicting Scout Activities around the World and relevant stamp attached with First Day Cancel. Housed in Brown Leatherette case.   Minor aging to the case and a small number of cards. Less than 50c each, $49 the lot.

CMD11) World Cup Soccer 1982 Official First Day Cover collection housed in 2 blue Rexine boxes of issue with Gold Logo & Text. 70 covers, each with colour cachet of the country’s flag together with descriptive text on insert card. Each bears relevant stamp with First Day Cancel. Virtually as issued. Price under $1 each, $69 the lot.

CMD12) Australia Expo ’88 collection of cards and covers each with a cancel from different Pavilions. Appears complete with 63 cards and 40 covers. All superb as issued in Official Binder. With 30 as new 2 strip stock pages. Pages and binder alone worth around $100 new. Very cheap at just $85 the lot.

CMD13) Worldwide Collection/Accumulation carton lot early – modern most postally used in 8 near new European Quality stockbooks. Must be 7500 – 8000 stamps in better than average condition, pickings throughout. Some duplication mainly in USA, GB & Germany.   Weighs nearly 9.5kg. Good value at around 5c per stamp, the stockbooks alone are worth half of this price. $425 the lot. 

CMD14) Papua New Guinea modernish mint unhinged lot 1988 – 1996 in new Black Padded Australia Post in horizontal pairs on 20 new 6 strip pages. These alone worth $60 to buy today. Counted 60 compete sets, inc. long birds definitive sets and with values to 10K, plus 11 minisheets. Must be worth $3 per set/minisheet and the Binder with Hagners comes free. Superb lot.  Price $210

CMD15) Australia 1927-1953 Stamp Collection nearly complete for $A225. An “instant” collection for someone, and in far SUPERIOR shape than usually found. Only a few stamps missing, which you can add at your leisure. Absolutely nothing removed by us, sold  EXACTLY as received. Nice used, indeed may are corner CTO from the PO Specimen packs retail and Cat of these is MANY times normal used.  Melbourne retail $300 for average grade, and these are WAY superior. The 1938 “Robes” Defins are nicer than you will see elsewhere and many others are top grade. Noted 1/- Anzac, MacArthur complete to 9d, Robes to £1 complete, AIF set complete to 6d Brown, Arms set Complete to £2 and many, many others. Priced 25% below our competitors. $225 the lot. (5/- Harbour Bridge cto can be added for $195 extra….$100 below normal retail!)

CMD16) 1949 UPU Omnibus collection most MUH SG value £339 = $A600. Clean looking lot in large blue stockbook- near all appear Mint Unhinged plus a few fine used sets and  some 1947 Royal Visits. 75 complete sets plus a couple of nice used Selangor and Singapore on Parcel Pieces, block of 4 etc. Would be easy to complete.  Very good value at under a third catalogue. Price $195 

CMD17) Carton lot of World Collections in 10 x 16 page near new good quality stockbooks. 5 with black pages. Good pickings throughout mint & used. Noted decent lots of Egypt, France, GB (with duplication), Greece, Netherlands (has a fair amount of duplication) New Zealand (also with duplication) and Spain. Must be 7000 plus stamps here, weighs close to 7kg. Stockbooks cost new $200 plus. Under 5c a stamp. Price $315.

CMD18) 3 very old peg fitting albums, with World array, mostly postally used. Noted decent NZ with 1/- Orange KGV x 2 blocks of 4, each with nice central cds, 1/- Orange Victory parcel used, £5 Blue Queen Victoria long Stamp Duty cds used Auckland plus lots of officials inc. KGV mint. Rest is very mixed but did note Australia Kangaroos to 2/- & KGV Heads to 1/4d, a fair few Australian States. GB KGVI to 10/-, etc. Nothing after 1950 it seems. Around 500 – 600 stamps, must be some decent pickings here. $119 the lot. 

CMD19) Two near new superb quality Dutch made leather look stockbooks, one in brown the other dark green. Each has 32 black pages with clear interleaving and with brass corner protectors. These house collections of mainly USA and Great Britain plus South Africa, Hungary Poland mostly postally used with smatterings of other countries. Some duplication here and there. Nothing after about  1980. About 1250 stamps. Definitely t a few nice pickings here. Price Albums alone cost $45 each new. Price $110 

CMD20) USA used collection appears complete 1930 – 2005. 75 years of stamps here, plus extras. Supplied in glassine packets per decade, or 5 years for later issues. Great lot! Nearly 2000 different here. About 7½c each. Price $149.

CMD21) Falkland Is. & Dependencies. About 90 complete fine used (cto) sets 1935 – 1990’s on a stack of near new Hagner pages. Commences 1935 Jubilee, then 1949 UPU plus most sets complete with several long definitive sets. Huge retail/catalogue value. Priced to clear at under $4 a set. $359 the lot.

CMD22) China and Taiwan stamp collection, 1898 to 1972 on 26 album pages and 2 Hagners - SG value £312 Nice old collection back to the 19th Century. Inc a nice mint CHINA o/p on Hong Kong etc - worth $A60 alone. Handy old hoard on vintage pages. Price $495

MN52) New Zealand Specialised collection of 1935 Pictorials Official Overprints on leaves mint and used. Includes Eleven Plate Blocks to 2/-  plus other blocks of 4,  all identified with Campbell Paterson numbers. Total catalogue is around NZ$7000, with more than half of the value in plate blocks. A lovely lot! 147 stamps. Price $1950 
NO1) Papua New Guinea Mint Unhinged Collection in Blue padded Seven Seas Hingeless Illustrated album. 1986-2001 Virtually complete - no 1994 Provisional Overprints or Queen Mother 100th birthday.  Very minor toning  on a few  earlier pages but stamps are all fine.  Retail of stamps $780 plus and album is worth $265 new. A total of $1045, my price is under a half at $519

NO38) FANTASTIC COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION OF WELL OVER 3,000 AUSTRALIA USED. THIS LOT HAS KANGAROOS SIMPLIFIED SET TO 10/-, PLUS A COMPLETE SET OF 1932 HARBOUR BRIDGES TO 5/-  there are at least 1500 different, so only light duplication. Price for the lot $749. (Under 25c per stamp!)

NO55) NEWFOUNDLAND.  Magnificent collection on Scott illustrated album pages covering the period 1857-1943. One of the finest and freshest lots I have had the pleasure to offer. More than £4,200 SG Cat. Value  (Aus. $6,720) includes a stunning SG 11, 3 margins example 3d Green mint lightly hinged £110, SG 13 £140, SG 15 mint £350, SG 25 mint £170, SG 40-43 Roulette mixed mint  1c others fine used £115, 1897 SG 66-69 Discovery and QV Diamond Jubilee, a stunning mint set £325, SG 83-90 mint £150, 1911 SG 117-27 mint £250, no rust or toning, more than 155 different stamps, various listed shades etc. A bargain as most of the early material normally sells well at half catalogue due to its rarity, as a collection this is available for just under 40% of cat. $2685

NO59) Massive Worldwide Postcards Collection 19th Century to  quite recent, apparently all different  (approx.. 1200 items), many postally Used to Australia inc. Cook Islands, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Vatican & Vietnam. Wide range of views & scenes inc. many Tourist Attractions.  Also group of 100 GB/Ireland 1950s cards, mixed Unused /Used. Good overall condition. (1200+) Suit collector, hoarder, re-seller or Ebayer!  Just see what this stuff sells for online! Under $1 each! Price $1175

CNO1) Monaco 1978-84 collection of 300+ stamps & 21 miniature sheets on Hagner sheets, fairly complete for the period with most Europa mini sheets including 1978 & 1979, catalogue value is £740+, lovely fresh MUH lot with much thematic appeal! Price $675

CNO6) Gambia. Fresh Mint Unhinged collection 1979 - 1989 in an as new luxury $40 Green Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Appears pretty well complete for the period with 295 stamps & 38 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $245

CNO8) Dark Blue, Gold Embossed Stanley Gibbons 19th Century “Improved “ album. Virtually un-added to since about 1910, with masses of 19th century Worldwide. A few pages have been raided, but 1000s of mainly postally used with good pickings in Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Egypt, USA etc.  Good value at $695 

CNO9) Brazil 1977 – 1984 mint unhinged, plus a few earlier used in an as new luxury $40 Blue Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Appears pretty well complete for the period with 270 stamps & 13 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $98

CNO10) Romania 1977 – 1982 mint unhinged collection, in as new luxury $40 Black Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Good degree of completion with 213 stamps & 27 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $98

CNO13) Worldwide early to modern neatly organised by country by country in 4 large stockbooks, mint & used. Approx. 5000 all different. Great value at under 6c per stamp. $295  

CNO14) Great Britain. Two Red Ka-Be Hingeless albums, 1 peg fitting, one springback 1953 – 1998 almost as new, except previous owner has stupidly used black Texta to write “GREAT BRITAIN” neatly on the spines. (Easily fixed with a label over the top if desired) Contains a near complete collection, mixed mint and used to end of 1974, less the phosphors.  Then a modest range of later used. Great for expansion. The albums new would be over $500! Priced way under the album cost alone, so the stamps are pretty much free. Price $425

CNO16) Venda. 1979 – 1986 mint unhinged collection, in as new luxury $40 Black Padded Ka-Be 32 black page stockbook. Good degree of completion with 207 stamps & 6 minisheets. Very high retail/catalogue value and heaps of thematic interest here. Price $79 

CMN4) Christmas Island First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1970 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CMN6) Nauru First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1970 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CMN8) Papua New Guinea First Day Covers all official unaddressed covering the period approx. 1967 – 2000. 50 different for $89

CNO17) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1989 – 2011, commencing Sydney/Emden Gutter strip and minisheet. Great value and huge retail value. Price $125

CNO18) Cocos (Keeling) Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1981 – 1988, Inc. Coconut Minisheet. Great value and huge retail value. Price $99

CNO20) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1996 – 2010, Inc. Chinese new year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $125

CNO21) Christmas Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1983 – 2006, Inc. Chinese new year issues & minisheets. Great value and huge retail value. Price $119

CNO22) Norfolk Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1982 – 1994, Inc. Battle of Midway. Huge retail value. Price $99

CNO23) Norfolk Is. 50 different official unaddressed FDC’s 1967 – 1994, huge retail value. Price $89

CNO24) Ghana 1957 – 1988 in as new $40 Black Ka-Be luxury 32 black page stockbook. Mostly mint unhinged, with a few used and hinged in a few earlier items. 1977 onwards is unhinged and appears complete to 1988. 315 stamps & 38 minisheets. High retail/catalogue value and many good thematic sets here. Priced cheaply at $136.50

CNO26) Uganda appears complete 1978 – 1985 mint unhinged collection plus a few earlier used not counted. Housed in as new $40 Black Ka-Be luxury 32 black page stockbook. 236 stamps & 30 minisheets. High retail/catalogue value and many good thematic sets here. Priced cheaply at $110

CNO29) St. Lucia appears complete 1976 – 1989  mint unhinged collection plus a few used. Housed in as new $40 Green Ka-Be luxury 32 black page stockbook. 372 stamps & 27 minisheets. High retail/catalogue value and many good thematic sets here. Priced cheaply at $139

CNO30) Philippines appears complete 1987 – 1989  mint unhinged collection. Housed in as new $40 Blue Ka-Be luxury 32 black page stockbook. 128 stamps & 1 minisheets. High retail/catalogue value and many good thematic sets here. Priced cheaply at $55

CNO33) Canada Jan. 2009 – Mar. 2014 Mint unhinged, complete except for a very few booklet stamps. Housed in 94 brand new Lighthouse Illustrated pages retail $500 plus! (Binders and slipcases (2 required) could be supplied at additional cost)  Also some extra stamps in 5 Hagner pages. Stamps retail approx $1500, so a total $2000 value here for just $1150. 

CNO37) Papua New Guinea, fresh mint unhinged collection 1978 – 1984 in large green stockbook. Approx 60 complete sets, inc. Butterflies, Shells, Panorama, Headdresses and Corals long definitive sets. Great value at under $2.50 per set. Price $145

CNO40) Transport through the ages, worldwide collection in 3 volumes. Volume 1 is Shipping, then Balloons and Aircraft, volume 3 contains land vehicles including Coach & Horses, Bicycles, Motor Cycles, Cars, Trains, Trucks, Buses & Trams. A mixture of mint, postally used and cto, all different. Just under 1400 stamps total. Very good value at $135   

CNO41) France. 1946 – 1960 Complete fresh mint unhinged. On as new Safe Dual pages. (Excludes the 1960 “back of book item” Council of Europe set). Cat. £3000 plus. Pages cost $250. Priced very cheaply at under 40% cat. $2195

MF18) Australia Collection in Green Binder on Seven Seas Pages, contain lovely used collection, with many cto from Official folder. Noted, simplified Kangaroos to 5/-,  3d & 6d Kookaburras cto, KGV 4.5d Die II cto, Kingsford Smith pair ovpt. OS and nearly  all KGV Commem period cto (No 5/- Bridge) Robes sets both thick and thin paper, Navigators set of 8 inc. white papers, then virtually complete to end 1975, all cto or very fine used. A great lot. Price $1425

Mystery Packages: Not to be confused with Mystery Parcels, these are better value lots with stamps on stockcards, including sets, minisheets etc, mint & used, complete sets in Glassine envelopes, covers, post office packs, year packs, booklets, album pages of stamps, club sheets etc, any or all of the above may be included. All at about a half of our original price to clear

MP1) Australia only small lot $49, medium lot $95, large lot $189, extra-large lot $359

MP3) Australia Kangaroos only, values ½d to 2/- used on stockcards. Prices as above. 

MP4) Australia KGV Heads used, values ½d to 1/4d used. Prices as above.

MP5) Australia Pre-Decimal only, prices as above.

MP6) British Commonwealth/Empire, no Australia, prices as above.

MP7) Western Europe, prices as above.

MP9) Worldwide, prices as above.   

CMS4) British Commonwealth 1983 Commonwealth Day set of FDC’s in as new large blue padded album. 53 covers each with the full set of stamps, country coats of arms and coloured drawings of each parliament Building. Very clean impressive lot that cost the original purchaser about $500. Price just $69

CMS5) North Korea in as new Blue Padded Seven Seas Binder, cost today $25. Contains 33 complete thematic sets cto used issued 1964 – 1976 on album pages. Some slight aging to the 1st page, otherwise a nice clean lot. Priced very cheaply at under $1.50 per set, the binder is free! $49  

CMS6) Two Brown Padded Seven Seas binder containing 100 complete cto thematic sets issued 1961 – 1979 from various countries inc. Many of these sets have 8 or 9 values and there is a long birds set of 24 from Burundi. Priced very reasonably at well under $2 a set, the binders are free. A few stamps have come loose from the pages and so we have included at no charge a packet of 500 Stanley Gibbons Hinges, Price $149

CMS7) 1978/79 United Nations 25th Anniv. FDC collection in light blue padded album with Silver UN Logo. 62 covers from a range of countries. Nice clean lot, as new. Album cost $40, and covers $6.95 each, so a new cost of around $470. Selling at under $1 per cover, the album is free. Price $59  

CMS13) South Africa earlies to 1994, mainly mint unhinged in large green stockbook. Odd stamp with some toning, but 99.5% are fresh mint unhinged. About 75 mint unhinged sets inc. Framas and several long definitive sets, plus 22 minisheets and 4 booklets. A lovely lot. Priced very reasonably at $195

CMS15) Hungary, mint unhinged collection 1977 – 1982 in large green stockbook. 40 complete sets and 34 minisheet, mostly good thematics. Very cheap at under $1.50 per set/minisheet. Price $110        

CMS16) Great Britain 1981 – 1984 Benham Silk covers in huge Dark Blue Ring Binder, alone worth $75 new. 160 different covers plus some extras. These sell at $4 - $5 each on Ebay. A huge Ebay value here of $700 plus the album…nice lot, possibly suitable for re-sellers.  My price under a half, $349

CMS18) Thailand, lovely early to modern collection in large green stockbook.  Most are postally used, with the minisheets being mint unhinged. Roughly 800 pretty well all different with many complete sets and minisheets. Hard to find nice Thai. collections like this, price $295. 

CMS19) Fiji 1970 – 1999 mint unhinged collection in as new Lighthouse brown padded hingeless album. 130 complete sets/minisheets with a retail value of $895, plus a few extras, plus the album which cost approx $300. $1195 value here for way under half price….$549 the lot.

CA1) Great Britain 1841 – 1964. Blue Posthorn stockbook, dealer type with divided leaves. Part-time dealer’s stock commencing 1841 1d Red Brown. Earlies are sparse, but a few better surface printed noted. Queen Victoria 10/- Ultramarine spacefiller grade. KEVII to 1/- with some mint   and KGV similar with Seahorses to 5/-. 1935 Jubilees x 4 sets mint. KGV 1937 dark colour definitives mixed mint unhinged/mint x 3 compete sets  and 1939 – 48 square high values with some mint and inc. 10/- Dark Blue x 3. KGVI 1948 Silver Wedding £1 x 2 Mint Unhinged and Festival £1 x 7 used. QEII Wildings 1st issue Tudor Crown complete mint/mint unhinged to 1/6d x 2 plus extras and 1st De la Rue Castles to 10/- Mint lightly hinge.  1957 1st graphites x 6 sets MUH, 1958 Graphites mint set plus extras and phosphor graphites to 4d also mint. Most QEII Commems are present both mint and used  with duplication. Too many others to mention. All are identified by SG No. in central stockbook margin. Great value at $449

CA2) Gibraltar mint unhinged (some of the earlier are light hinged) priced up stock 1965 – 2001 on Hagner sheets in black binder.  Has been priced to sell by recently deceased part-time dealer at $1100 plus. A little duplication, no more than 2 of anything. Very clean. Suit collector/dealer/re-seller. Bargain at under a third of the priced up value, $359

CA5a) British Commonwealth Dealer Stock in 3 x 64 page good brand stockbooks. 2 x Lighthouse, 1 x Ka-Be. Wide range with little duplication. At an educated guess must price up to between $5500 - $6000 possibly more. A good clean lot all ready for re-sale, with little duplication. Mostly mint unhinged QEII, but with some used and earlier. Date range approx 1936 – 2006.  1000 eBay lots right here! Very good value at under a third of the marked prices $1895

CA10) Australia 1914 – 1965 Complete Mint Unhinged Pre-Decimal Collection (No KGV Heads of Kangaroos) excepting the 5/- Harbour Bridge which is lightly hinged. (Unhinged could be supplied at an additional cost) Housed in as new Seven Seas Deep Red Padded Hingeless Album, with pages also for the KGV and Kangaroos, value $165. Retail value of the stamps is $4835, plus the value of the album, a total of $5000. Includes 3d Kookaburra Minisheet, all high value definitives Robes thick and thin paper, 5/- Cattle White Paper, Navigators set of 8, etc, etc. Excellent value at $2995 the lot. 

CA11) Singapore. Excellent collection mint and used KGVI – 2009 with a very high degree of completeness. KGVI has SG 1-15 and 16 -30 mint and used, 1948 Wedding pair mint, 1949 UPU mint & used etc., from QEII appears mint unhinged plus used of each in most cases. A great lot housed in around 75 as new Hagners and Black Padded Binder with Slipcase. Retail of these alone is $175! Just the better items have been catalogued, and these come to £1520, plus there are heaps not added into the total. Retail would be very high, in the order of $1650 - $1750. These lots rarely come along…great value at $995 the lot. 

CA12) Norway 1855 – 1995 Used Collection in Davo Illustrated Album. Good range of Officials, Dues etc. SG Cat. in 2014 was  £3500 plus. Includes a passable SG1 and is near complete 1938 – 1993. Norway collections are rarely available here in Australia. Album cost would be around $300 new. Very well priced at below 25% cat. Price $1549 

CMJ10) China, Peoples Republic. 500 different, inc. many complete mint unhinged sets. Very reasonably priced at $245

CMJ11) USA 1851 – 2000. Massive Semi-Specialised Collection in 3 as new Lion Brand 64 black page stockbooks, alone worth $60 each new. All annotated and organised by Scott Number. Noted 1892 Columbus to 50c, Trans – Mississippi to 50c. Mostly complete after that except for the High value Zeppelins. Mainly Used to 1920 then mint/mint unhinged with some extras in used. Also a 4th Volume of mainly used commemoratives. Massive lot, hard to count, but I would think easily 3000 stamps. Very high retail/face value. Price $1895

CMJ16) France 1849 – 1989 Collection in 2 x Davo Hingeless Albums in very good condition. Albums alone cost $600 new. Used from 1849 – 1935, then mostly mint unhinged from 1950. Best stamp is SG 4, 15c Ceres, near 4 margins cat. £1,200. Very clean lot. Collection is around 95% complete and Gibbons Cat. Around £7800. This is a steal for someone at 25%. $3450 

CMJ17) Great Britain 1841 – 2000 collection in 2 as new Lion Brand 64 Black page stockbooks, cost $60 each. Commences 1841 1d Imperfs. (25 plus inc. 2 nice Ivory heads) Then a quantity of 1854 1d Stars, all with different check letters in order (about 50) Queen Victoria Surface printed to 5/- nice fine used, plus some extras on leaves and stockcards. KGV with Seahorses to 10/- (11 total) KGVI £1 1948 Silver Wedding mint lightly hinged. A run of QEII pre-decimal commemorative sets mint unhinged, less phosphor banded issues, appears complete to 1970. Pre-decimal Machin heads in mint unhinged blocks of 4, decimal Machins inc. the scarce halfpenny Side Band Phosphor from the £1 Wedgwood Booklet appear complete to 1982. Decimal Commemoratives complete 1971 – 2000 either mint unhinged or used. A very good lot! Price $749

CMJ18) Australia Collection of 1500 different used, plus 125 different pre-decimal used, plus pair of quality tweezers and perf. gauge, and a brand new 64 black page padded Ka-Be stockbook. All for $189!

CMJ19) 1940 – 1995 Jersey, Guernsey & Isle of Man collections plus some Ireland in 2 as new Lion Brand 64 black page stockbooks, cost $60 each.  Collections are a mix of mint unhinged and used, but with many complete sets, and it is on the basis of these alone that we have priced this lot. Values to £5 noted. The used oddments are free bonuses. This is a very good buy at $295 

CMJ22) Luscious leftovers! Stuff we do not know what to do with. May contain any or all of the following: Small collections not large enough to offer individually, packets and loose both on and off paper, complete sets and minisheets mint unhinged, covers both philatelic and commercial, some from our own incoming mail, Post Office Packs, stockbooks of stamps early to modern. Ask for Australia only or all World. 5kg for $139, 10kg for $259, 20kg for $495

CMY6) Churchill 1966 Omnibus, complete mint unhinged Crown Agents sets x 22  inc. many scarcer and better countries like Falklands, Hong Kong, Pitcairn, plus UK, USA Canada, NZ etc. then around 10 Kennedy sets MUH or CTO, plus 4 pages of UNO mint & used. All housed in old black stockbook. Very high retail. Price $229 

CMY10) Norfolk Island, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY13) Worldwide carton with stuff from several sources, mostly estate lots. Stamps in packets, envelopes, loose on and off paper. About 50% of this is Australia. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! Many hours, days, weeks, months even of sorting here, depending how bored you are!  I reckon about 40,000 stamps in this lot. Clearly there is duplication and the price reflects that, but it is truly unsorted. Weight including the carton is close to 9kg. Less than 1.5c a stamp! Price $599 

CMY15) Papua New Guinea, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY16) Nauru, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY18) Australia First day Covers, Maximum Cards and PSE’s mint & used. Huge lot of about 500 items housed in 5 as new PW Brand double padded cover albums retail $49 each. Amazing lot of all different it seems with FDC’s to $20 Painting. Also some signed items. Price for the lot less than $1 per cover and the albums come free! $425

CMY18a) New Zealand 1981 – 1998 in 2 x 22 padded ring albums, a stack of Album Pages, and in a blue ring binder plus Lighthouse 48 page green stockbook. Mostly a mint unhinged and used set of each. Many Hundreds of sets! Huge retail/Catalogue value. Price $779.

CMY19) Samoa, breaking dealers mint unhinged stock into bite sized portions! The larger lots include many better and mini sheets 25 complete sets 1960’s on for $49, 50 different $119

CMY21) Wholesale parcels of Australia pre-decimals, made up to order at approx. half current retail. 1913 – 1965. These lots will contain some duplication. State whether you require mint unhinged, mint hinged or used or a mixture of all three. Lots from $50 to $5000

MM1) Worldwide carton lot, with Albums, Covers, Post Office Packs etc. Literally could be anything here, weighs 16kg. Contains 100s of Worldwide covers, commercial & first day, old fast bound Illustrated albums, Seven Seas Albums etc. etc plus some loose stamps. A REAL SORTERS PARADISE! Price $749

CMM2) Worldwide collection accumulation, mint & used in 425 plus near new Hagner Pages contained in 5 Lever Arch Files. Cost of Hagners alone $1.75 each = over $740. Noted very good Great Britain with nice lot of Line Engraved, inc. 1841 Imperf 1d Red Brown x 26, 2d Blue x 2, later perforated 1d & 2d with another 11 x 2d Blue.  KGV Seahorses to 5/- etc. Also a nice Jersey Mint & used collection. Also good ranges of Ireland, Malta, Hong Kong mint & used with KGV to $1, KGVI to $10, QEII to $20, Malaya & Malaysia, Brunei, Labuan, North Borneo & Singapore. Next comes Spain & Colonies, then very good New Zealand, Canada & Sth. Africa.  Final book is B.W.I. with nice Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Br. Guiana, Br. Honduras, Virgin Is., Cayman Is. & Dominica. Reckoning about 10,000 stamps here with many full sets, and way better than the average World Collection. Weighs over 14kg. Remember the Hagners alone cost near $750. $1749 the lot.    

CMM3) Another Worldwide carton lot, this one weighing in at 11.5kg. Albums, stockbooks etc. Some well filled, others sparse. Noted some very good areas inc. Australian States, Australia pre-Decimal First Day covers, Czechoslovakia in 2 large stockbooks, France & Netherlands in binders on album leaves, plus some nice Fiji. Would have to be 3000 – 4000 stamps here. Price $495  

CMM4) France 1949 – 1959 near complete Mint Unhinged on as new Safe “Dual” hingeless pages.  All appear “Post Office Fresh” Has all of the expensive Airs to 1000 francs, etc. Current Gibbons catalogue £3035. Missing only 6 cheap stamps to complete. This is a quality lot! Price $2725 

CMM5) Germany massive lot on 32 as new Hagners and on album page, in large 3 ring binder. Early to modern with all areas/periods to quite modern. Noted States, Germanias, Inflation period, 3rd Reich, Occupation issues, Frama types, etc. Must be 1500 – 2000 stamps easily, with much better here. Price $375

CMM13) Persia Collection on stockcards and leaves, mint and used 1879 – 1920. Many good sets and singles noted inc 1881 25c SG 61a mint cat £200, plus 1912 Officials set fine used cat. £145. The better items alone cat. total £885 plus reminders on album leaves not counted. Lovely lot, 150 to 200 stamps. Price $475 

CF10) Australia or Worldwide, your choice. Mishmash of stamps, covers, post office packs, recent incoming mail from overseas etc, booklets, complete mint unhinged sets, minisheets etc. You name it, it may well be here! 1kg lot for $95, 2kg for $179, 5kg for $425, 10kg for $795. Massive 20kg lot for $1495



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