End of Financial Year Sale
Part 2 - June 2021



CMJ1) Australia Official Unaddressed FDC’s by weight! Period covered 1974 – 2000. We have about 20kg of these, unsorted for postmarks. May be a few AAT, Framas, Counter printed stamps etc, but all different, may also include some minisheets 500 grams or about 85 covers for $75. Two lots for $139, 5 lots for $329.
CMJ2) Worldwide minisheets, mainly British Commonwealth 48 different mint unhinged for $29, this may well be under face value. Wide variety of themes. Countries may include Australia, Solomon Is., Falkland Is., New Zealand, Norfolk Is., Christmas Is., Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Jersey, Indonesia, Philippines etc. $29 the lot, 2 lots for $55, 5 lots for $129
CMJ3) Australia Pre-Decimal Postally used blocks of 4, values to 2/- or 2/3d. 50 different. Blocks are becoming popular, and may be listed in the ACSC in coming editions. Price under $3 each, $149. Two lots for $289, Half lot of 25 for $79
CMJ4) Australia 1984 Ausipex Minisheets, hoard of 50 all with various FDI cancels, cat. £4.50 each, face value $2.10 each = $105. Less than half face, $49
CMJ5) Australia 1985 Navigators Minisheets, hoard of 30 all with various FDI cancels, cat. £4.50 each, face value $1.89 each = $56.70. Less than half face, $27.50
CMJ6) Australia pre-decimal dealers stock on Hagners 1932 – 1965 mostly mint unhinged. Priced to sell at £425 = approx.. $765 (roughly half catalogue) noted many complete sets to 2/3d or 3/-. 500 plus stamps. Good lot at $379
CMJ7) Tonga, commercial airmail covers and postcards mainly to Australia  1930’ – 87. Nice lot of mainly self adhesives. 22 items, condition a bit mixed, but scarce! Checked eBay and most priced at $15 - $50 each.  Includes 3 x Tin Can Mail covers. Nice little lot, cheap at $329
CMJ8) Sudan, useful range of covers 1950’s – 1980’s Commercial & FDC. 11 items, inc. 4 registered., used stamps cat. £75 plus. Condition on 3 a bit below par with tone spots. Some addressed locally to Khartoum  also Australia, UK & Switzerland. eBay price seems to be $30 to $60 each. Some unable to be found on eBay. Good value at $225.
CMJ9) Hong Kong, commercial covers & FDC’s, most to Australia,  plus New Year money bags for Year of the Dog  and Rooster depicting postage stamps. (4 of each new) 30 items in total. Condition a little mixed.  Price $110
CMJ10) Carton of Worldwide mint & used inc. many complete sets from Queen Victoria to recent. All on 2, 3 or 5 strip stock cards in Apple computer box. I reckon there must be close to 400 stock cards here, weight about 2.5kg. Re-sellers or hoarders delight! Guessing 4000 - 5000 stamps here, has to be worth 10c a stamp, price $449.
CMJ11) Worldwide mini-sheets, appears to be 134 different mostly 1980’s - 2000’s. Most are mint unhinged with some postally used and a few cto. Great range of countries inc. Germany, West Berlin, Japan, Br. Solomon Is, France, Christmas Is., St. Vincent, Tuvalu, Nauru , Niue,  Gambia, Netherlands, Israel etc. A highly thematic of course, and at less than $1 each. $129 the lot.
CMJ12) France, modern postally used to 2013, with many scarce sets of 10 or 12 on around 250 stockcards. Many of these sets catalogue around £12 to £14 per set in Gibbons, and sell readily at $8 t0 $10 each. Some of these cards carry 2 or 3 sets. Conservatively retail would be $2750 - $3250. Great for re-sellers. Very good value at $595
CMJ13) Papua New Guinea 1963 - 1987 MUH Collection in quality Black  Springback Binder, near new on Ka-Be hingeless leaves. Appears complete for the period, and noted 1963 10/- Rabaul  & £1 QEII, also Birds set to 10/-.  Odd toning here and there, but very cheap at $249 the lot (less than $10 per year!)
CMJ14) Useful World on thick stack of Hagners and Album Pages, mint & used, early to modern. Many pickings and complete sets here, plus a pile of minisheets, booklets etc. Weighs 2.25kg.  Got to be worth $179.
CMJ15) Worldwide mint & used (cto) in complete sets, large & small blocks and complete sheets. Mostly highly thematic. Selling by weight. 1kg (About 5000 stamps) great value at about 5c per stamp, for just $249
CMM2) Iceland. Collection of 400 different mint unhinged with brand new $20 10 page A4 size stockbook. Price $149
CMM4) Omnibus Issues, 1935 – 1953. From 1935 Jubilee to 1953 Coronation complete fresh once lightly hinged on quality leaves, ex. the rare 1935 Egypt Seal. With 1937 Coronation, 1946 Victory, 1948 Silver Wedding and 1949 UPU. Also included are some varieties on the Silver Jubilee issues, some listed, some not. Total cat. is around £5250 = $9450 at current exchange rates.  Price $5250.
CMM11) Tasmania. Bulging Blue padded ring binder containing vast collection of cds cancels on Pictorials, values to 4d. Approx 2100 stamps, 21 covers/postcards. Organised on leaves A – Z and covering 295 different offices. Many different canceller types covered inc. 86 x R rating & 6 RR. Maybe others, not checked. Mostly 1900 – 1912. Amazing lot! Priced under $4 per stamp. Great for specialist or re-seller. Price $7,850
CMM12) Tasmania Perf T, collection on leaves, sidefaces, tablets and pictorials organised by Town cds cancels. Very neatly written up with dated cancels. Values to 9d. 450 stamps with many different punctures. A lovely clean lot, price $1,695
CMM13) Tasmania Pictorials perf. T in black padded Australia Post Ring Binder, sorted by printings. Includes some mint & blocks. Also 2 x 2½d om OHMS piece. Even singles are rare! Also a few Australia both pre and decimal at back. About 700 stamps, values to 5d. Very clean lot. Price $2,650
CMM14) Tasmania, Hobart. Collection of Official T punctures on leaves, organised by type, number of holes etc. and date. Very clean lot nearly 2300 stamps! Price $8,650
CMM18) Great Britain KGV era commercial covers 1916 – 1933, bearing nice range of frankings, inc. Downey Heads. Some military, and with original correspondence. Destinations include “School of Musketry, Liverpool”, Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Emmanuel College Cambridge, etc. Values to 2½d.  Fascinating lot, condition a bit mixed. 29 covers, price around $6 each, $179
CMM20) Shipping, a magnificent carton lot of 137 Covers and cards, mostly Europe. Predominantly Germany but also with Belgium, France,  GB, Guernsey,  Isle of Man, Malta, Netherlands,  Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UN & USA. Wide range of frankings, mostly commemorative and pictorial postmarks and cachets, plus a few other markings like Paquebot & Express mail. In addition there are several sheets of trial cachets. All in all this could easily become the start of a display. Priced under $1.50 per item, $195
GB772) Great Britain 1959 ITU Presentation Album for the Geneva conference. Red & Gold Embossed Hardbound Album presented to the delegates. Contains current GB issues mint fresh lightly hinged inc. Wildings inc. 2nd Graphites & 2nd De la Rue Castles to £1, plus Regionals complete for the period. Interestingly the Graphites are mounted on the face to show the black lines. A little aging to the pages but stamps are largely fresh, and as issued. A very rare book. Price $225
GB771)  Great Britain 1965 ITU Presentation Album for the Montreux conference. Red & Gold Embossed Hardbound Album presented to the delegates. Contains current GB issues mint fresh lightly hinged inc. Wildings & Castles to £1, Regionals and Commemorative sets issued complete 1960 GLO  -   1965 Arts festival. A little aging to the tops of a few pages but largely fresh, and as issued. Tiny amount of spine damage at base. A very rare book. Price $450


End of Financial Year Sale Part Two


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