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Jan 2024

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Collections, Lots, Packets & Mixtures

CMJ1) Australia KGV 1d Reds, in small Ilford glass plate box. Ex. deceased estate all clean off paper, did not see any damaged. Good range of shades inc. some nice pinks, dated examples, OS & other perfins. Etc. Better than the average lot, and may be unchecked for varieties etc. Must be 600 – 700 here. $319

CMJ2) Bulk lot of pre-decimal Australia in cartons, ex deceased estate. Commences Kangaroos with values to 5/-, KGV to 1/4d etc., mainly used in albums, stockbooks, loose, a few covers etc. Wide ranging with values to 10/- or One Pound. 5kg lot for $445, 10kg for $845, 20kg for $1595

CMJ3) World in 5 large stockbooks, in better condition than usually seen. Early to modern mainly postally used, with some decent ranges of Greece, Germany, GB, Israel & much more. Plenty of space to add more into these books. About 1500 – 2000 appear all different. Good value at about 7.5c per stamp, the books are free! $149

CMJ4) World in 5 Large Stockbooks, appear mostly all different mainly used. Early to modern with some nice thematics. Noted decent ranges of Canada, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and much more. Mostly well filled, guesstimate 3000 – 3500 here, about 9c a stamp. $295

CMJ5) Australia Near New Burgundy Seven Seas Album with slipcase. Contains decimal collection 1968 – 1988 very near complete, mixture of mint & used to 1976, then unhinged with values to $10. New album cost around $200 and stamps retail $700 plus, so $900. High face value too. Replacement value here for under 50%, $439

CMJ6) GREAT BRITAIN: 1840 - 1984 NICE USED COLLECTION IN TWO AS NEW RED GIBBONS "WINDSOR" ALBUMS; with Queen Victoria to 5/-, KEVII to 2/6d, KGV Seahorses to 10/-, all KGVI High Values, QEII pre-decimals about 50% complete, decimals not far off completion. Great Basis for expansion. Albums alone cost around $360, very good value at $429

CMJ7) Worldwide mainly commercial airmail covers 1980’s – 2000 literally crammed into Ilford Photographic Paper box. A few are FDC’s & Commemorative covers to same recipient in Melbourne. Main interest in Asia/Pacific region with Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand. Also some GB, Canada, NZ & USA. Wide variety of usages and Airmail rates plus some Express mail. Many of these would warrant a $5 to $10 each price tag if sold separately. Roughly 200 – 250 covers, weighing well over 1kg. Great buying at around $1 per cover, $195

CMJ8) Australia commercial covers 1980’s – 2000’s in Ilford Photographic Paper box. Most to Melbourne addresses. Wide variety of usages and lots of Registered, Certified or Priority mail here. Many of these would warrant a $5 to $10 each price tag if sold separately. Roughly 150 - 200 covers, weighing over 750g.  Great buying at around 60c per cover, $95

CMJ9) New Zealand, 1970S - 1995 MUH ACCUMULATION IN SETS MINISHEETS, P.O. PACKS, YEARSETS, ETC; VALUES TO $20 AND INCLUDES A AMLL AMOUNT OF ROSS DEPENDENCY. Appears mostly all different. (1000’s). Face is NZ$1150++ (got there and stopped counting!) retail would be at least double. Price $1075 (Much less after our generous discount!)

CMJ10) PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Modern DECIMAL PERIOD COLLECTION/ACCUMULATION, with 1 up to 3 or so of each set to mid 1990’s IN New Blue Padded Binder, ALBUM, PLUS A COLLECTION OF POST OFFICE PACKS IN ACCOMPANYING BOX. (100’s of complete sets & values to 10K) MUH. Huge retail! $429

CMJ11) New Zealand 1967 – 2011 mainly fine to very fine cds used collection on printed leaves in two large ring binders. Stamps would be 90% complete to 1994, inc. $2 Multicoloured Geyser, high values to $10, healths, minisheets, lighthouse insurance stamps etc. Gaps are in minisheets & booklet panes which are not easy to find used. A great lot, worthy of completion. 100’s of complete sets. Quite heavy, weighs over 6 kg. Priced very cheaply at only $10 per year of stamps, $439!

CMJ12) New Zealand 1967 – 1983 Mint Unhinged collection in near new Ka-Be Red Padded Hingeless Album, alone cost $295. Appears 95% complete, with most gaps being in the early definitives, which have not been counted in the value. Includes healths, minisheets etc.. Would be very easy to complete. Stamps retail about $320, so a replacement value here of over $600. Less than half price, for the cost of the album alone stamps come free! Even less after our generous discounts. $295

CMJ13) New Zealand 1984 – 2001 Mint Unhinged Collection in 2 near new Seven Seas Blue Hingeless Albums with slipcase. Albums alone cost nearly $600! 99% complete, and including minisheets, healths & Ross Dependency etc. Just missing Framas and the odd sheetlet. Very easy to complete this lot. Stamps retail about $1250 also, so about $1850 replacement cost. Selling for well under the stamp price only, the albums come free! Even less when discounted. $935

CMJ14) New Zealand mint unhinged on stack of 23 near new Hagners plus few used, 1973 – 2000 in near new Black Ring Binder. many overprinted minisheets, booklets etc., inc. Best of minisheets for 1998 & 2000. A very good & clean lot with high face and retail. 100’s. Great value at $395

CMJ15) New Zealand 1984 & 85 the 1st two Year books, still in plastic protective sleeves as issued. Retail $70, our price $52.50 stamps come free! Even less after our generous discounts. $295

CMJ16) Great Britain used Accumulation, early line engraved to 1980’s in Abria & Gibbons stockbooks. Duplicated ranges of Victoria Jubilees plus KGV onwards, values to 10/- & one pound plus some officials. Also a few mint sets inc. 1953 Coronation. About 1500 - 1600. Very cheap at around 6c a stamp! $89

CMJ17) Canada used collection 1868 – 1981 in sparsely populated “Parliament” illustrated Burgundy & Gold Blocked album. Very attractive! Also, as new Unitrade Green Padded black page stockbook ($35 cost) and a red KEK stockbook, containing mint unhinged 1970’s/1980’s era blocks of 4 & singles and the odd booklet. Values to $5. 900 - 1000 all up, must be worth 30c a stamp, $339

CMJ18) Unisafe and Abria black page (32p & 16p) Both are in near new condition, so about $75 cost right here. These contain a wide range of early to modern World, mint & used with many nice thematics and Cinderellas. Very colourful lot with many items not previously seen by us. 800-900 plus 22 minisheets. Very good value at $149

CMJ19) Southern & East Africa, with a few Queen Victoria, plenty in the Georges, to recent in two Lighthouse Vario Green Leather look Binders with slipcases, as new with about 100 Vario 6 strip black pages. New cost around $350. Stamps are identified by Gibbons numbers, and include very good ranges of mostly postally used, lightly duplicated in places. Countries included are Kenya, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Gold Coast/Ghana, Tanganyika/Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. At a conservative guess there must be 4500 – 5000 stamps here. Strength in post 1980’s, and many are nice thematics, much of which we have never seen before. If we value those only at the base Gibbons 20p price per stamp, (and most will be a lot more than that!) we have a catalogue price of close to 1000 pounds = near $2000 plus the album value of $350 = $2350. Bargain basement price (even less after discount) $995

CMJ20) World Wildlife Fund. Huge collection in as new 8 black albums with slipcases, plus some overspill! Includes mint unhinged stamps and FDC’s all in complete sets, commencing 1993 right up to 2018. The strength is definitely in the 2005 onwards issues. I guess there would easily be 300 to 400 complete sets here. Most retail at $10 - $15 per set, so let’s say about $4500 - $5000 retail! How about 20% retail, and the very lovely albums are free! (even cheaper after discount) $895

CMO1) Hong Kong 1969 – 2004, lovely clean postally used plus a few mint collection all different in large green stockbook. All annotated in pencil in album margin with year & SG Cat. No. Mainly complete sets with values to $50 and would be 75 – 80% complete for the period. 600 – 700 all up, must be worth 50c a stamp. $325

CMO2) Red ring binder with South Africa mainly postally used collection, some mint, 1910 to early 2000’S to on Hagners and album leaves. Includes many good thematics and many complete sets, values to 10/- and 20 Rand. Mostly all different. Also some Mauritius mint & used definitive full and part sets to 10 Rupees.  1650 – 1750 here and would likely yield at last 1500 different. Well worth 20c a stamp, price $425

CMO3) Great Britain dealer stock of used housed in $75 when new Prinz Red 64 page stockbook., mostly 1971- 2000 but with some 1950’s & 60’s Castle High Values to One Pound. Nearly all are large size, Commemoratives and High values with many, many complete sets. Noted 5 pound values x 24, 10 pound Brittania x 3. Maximum duplication seems to be 3 of anything. Also plenty of Millennium issues and better values to 1.28. Must be 2250 – 2750 here, and should easily find 1000 different. Has to be very cheap at about 15c a stamp, price $375

CMO4) Medium size red stockbook of Austria 1970’s – 2007 with a modest collection of used, all large & commems. 350 – 400 all different. Nice clean lot. Good value at about 20c a stamp, $75

CMO5) Arch Lever binder with early to modern USA mint & used collection/accumulation on stockleaves. Fairly minor duplication, some blocks of 4 , values to $5. 3750 – 4250 here, ought to yield 2000 – 2500 different. Nice clean lot, some faults in earlies. Got to be worth 10c a stamp, $395

CMJL1) Netherlands, FDC collection 1956 – 1976 mostly official un-addressed with many Charity/Semi-Postal sets. 85 mainly all different. Nice lot with many good themes. Very cheap at under $1.50 each, $129

CMJL2) 1979 International Year of the Child collection of 33 different official un-addressed FDC’s, very clean lot with many better countries, inc. China, Jersey, Germany, Monaco, Thailand, Liechtenstein, USA, Japan, Malaysia etc. Cat. price around 250 Euros according to Michel, = around AUD $400 at time of writing this. Ultra cheap at under $1.50 each, $49!

CMJL3) Worldwide mainly Europe commercially used covers, wrappers & cards, 40 + 2 fronts different all pre. 1949. Countries inc. Germany, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, France, USA, Trieste, Brazil etc. Some with Nazi Germany Censor Tape. Lovely lot, under $2 each, price $74.50

CMJL4) Whales, Dolphins and other water loving mammals in Blue near new 32 black page stockbook. New price near $50 alone. About 100 different stamps mostly in sets or minisheets. Mix of mostly MUH & some cto. Some good sets here inc. SWA, Cook Is., St. Helena, Falkland Is., Cayman Is. & Tristan da Cunha. Good buying at $94.50

CMJL5) USA mostly used ‘Back of the book’ Collection/accumulation in 64 black page Kabe stockbook (in excellent condition) starting with Airmail 1923 set of 3, duplicated range of later Airmails to approx 1944 including 1926-27 set of 3, 1927 10c Lindbergh, 1930-32 Wing & Globe 5c, 6c & 8c & 1935-37 Trans Pacific set all Mint, also nice range of 1913 Parcel Post issues (approx. 45 in total) with set of 12 to $1, also several values to 50c with a e range of different Pre-cancel types, odd fault but generally in good condition, Scott Cat US $575+, Price $399

CMJL7) Singapore 1948 – 2005 mostly postally used collection in 2 large stockbook. Commences KGVI defins., values to $5. No Silver Wedding, but then appears reasonably complete  in chronological order. Would have to be 1250 – 1350 stamps here, pretty well all different. Cheapest I could find elsewhere for a packet of 1250 different was $900. Got to be good value at $675.

CMJL9) GB off paper mix, Queen Victoria – recent, mostly QEII commems. off paper. Wide ranging mix with some better values. Not many Machin Heads that we could see. About 10,000 to the KG. 100g for $39.50, 250g for $95, 500g for $179, 1kg for $349.

CMJL10) Western Europe off paper, back in stock again. Always a good seller, we cannot get enough of this! No GB or British Europe, all mainland countries. Great mix of large & small all postally used., around 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. Price per 100g $39.50, 250g $95, 500g $179, 1kg $349.

CMJL11) GB Latest & Recent commems. on single close clipped paper. Very hard mixture to find. Mainly 1st class mail, which now costs £1.10 in the UK, over AUD$2 at time of writing. About 3250 – 3500 per kg for these large & some oversize stamps. We only got 600g of this in the past 12 months! Price per 100g $76.50, 250g $179, 500g $345

CMJL12) British Empire off paper, almost entirely pre. 1952, this now enhanced mixture has virtually no Australia (maybe a few States) or GB, and with many better values spotted. About 12,500 to 15,000 to the kg. A real luxury mix with plenty of pickings. About 500 for $110, 1000 for $210, 2500 for $495, 5000 for $950

CMJL13) Australia HV’s and Internationals mostly on close clipped single paper, a few off paper about a 50/50 mix, very wide ranging from early decimals to quite recent both commems. & defins., contains both medium & large size stamps. Values to $10 or $20. About 4750 to 5250 to the kg. Sourced from UK charity who have been hoarding this stuff for years! Price per 100 grams $135, 250g $319, 500g $599, 1kg $1149.

CMJL13a) As above but domestic issues only, 100g $67.50, 250g $159, 500g $299, 1kg $575

CMJL13b) As above but Internationals only, values to around $3, 100g $269, 250g $635. (Limited quantities of this available)

CMA3) Papua New Guinea off paper mix, early to modern mostly QEII but did spot a few earlier Lakatois, Birds of Paradise etc. A rare mix with better values, a bit over 100g here, around 1500 stamps for $119

CMA4) China, People’s Republic- 2016 - 2018. Lovely collection of 14 mint unhinged sheetlets and minisheets. All good thematics inc. Birds, Chinese New Year, Paintings, Fruit, Lighthouses, Children’s cartoons, Military etc, all on full colour presentation cards. 126 stamps in all. Price under $6 each $82.50 (7 lots available)

CMA5) Australia Mission Mix, from a new source. All well trimmed on single paper, high count with about 5000 per kg. A very wide variety from earliest decimals to very recent $1 or $1.10 values. About 50% commems. By weight, very colourful lot. Price per 500g $46.50, 1kg $89, 2.5kg $210, 5kg $395

CMA7) Auld Freddie’s Treasure! Freddie was a canny Scot. Single man, lived to 93, spent time in the Merchant Navy and put all his spare cash into stamps with no rhyme or reason it seems. Stashed into drawers, boxes, tins, secondhand stockbooks etc. We just unloaded almost a pallet load into our premises and have to sell it! Much is loose World off paper, in packets, boxes, tins etc, plus old shop packets, stockbooks, covers both commercial & philatelic, Post Office Packs, Booklets, could be anything. Better than the average I would have to say and a 20kg parcel would probably have 20,000 plus stamps. So breaking into trial lots of 5kg for $475, 19kg lots for $895, 20kg for $1695.  Choose Worldwide, Australia only or a mixture of both.

CMA9) Denmark commems. On single well trimmed paper. Great mixture, well varied mix to about 2011, maybe a few more recent. All European mixtures have been difficult to get since Covid. High count at around 5000 per kg. 100g for $55, 250g $129, 500g $245, 1kg $465

CMA11) Australia KGV period to 2000 crammed into 64 page Green Ka-Be stockbook. Includes a lot of 1936 Cable & 1937 NSW Sesqui 2d values, worth checking for varieties. Heavily duplicated in places, but with many High Values to $20. Must be 4000 or so. 5c a stamp is very cheap, price $195

CMA12) Greece 1911 – 1937 on album pages, between SG213 – 512. Mostly postally used, some mint condition varies a bit. Rarely seen. About 140 -150 stamps mostly all diff. Cat. approx. 300 pounds. Originally priced at $250, now $179

CMJA5) Three 32 page Lighthouse Stockbooks with huge lot of Papua New Guinea inc. earlier with Birds of Paradise to 2/- mint, 1963 £1 QEII, 2 different 10K values etc, going up to about 2013, maybe a few later. Counted 300 plus sets mainly mint unhinged. There are some condition issues here such as gum toning and there but most are salvageable. Very, very cheap at under $1.50 per set, no huge amounts of duplication. Great value at $439

CMJA7) World letter C in black padded Australia Post Binder on 38 Hagners all as new, cost $80 alone. Wide range of mainly postally used, early to modern. Noted very good ranges of Canada, plus decent Czechoslovakia, Chile, Cyprus etc. 750 - 850 stamps, all different, odd condition issue as is usual in this type of lot, but much better than is usually seen. Price $189

CMJA16) Br. Commonwealth mostly postally used collection Queen Victoria to modern set out in catalogue order in 64 black page Lighthouse leather grain black padded stockbook, near new. Cost $90. Very good ranges of Canada, India, Malaysia, Malta, South Africa etc. 1200 – 1300 stamps, all different. Very clean lot, price $225

CMJA18) Americas, mostly USA in near new black Lighthouse $80 64 black page stockbook, 1800’s to Modern , pretty well all postally used. Well set out chronologically and appears all different. Also includes Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uruguay and smatterings of others. 1350 – 1450 here for $229

CMJA20) Europe letters F – P mostly postally used collection early to modern set out in date order in 64 black Lighthouse black page leather grain padded stockbook, near new. Cost $90. Decent ranges of Finland, Greece, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway etc. Very clean lot of about 950 -1000 all different, price $259

CMO2) Very useful World array in older Brown 32 page stockbook, some mint, mainly postally used early to modern. Strength in GB, Touva (Nice!), South Africa, Australia, Spain and lots more. Nice clean lot, not a lot of duplication. 2250 – 2500 all up. Has to be worth 10c a stamp. $239

CMO12) New Zealand Queen Victoria – 1991 used collection in near new 32 page green Importa stockbook. Very good starter lot with 550 – 600 different stamps. Great starter lot for under 20c a stamp $110.

CMO17) USA mostly used plus a few United Nations mostly used 1870 – 1996. Housed in as new superb heavy duty Importa Black leather look post fitting album with slipcase. With spaces for every stamp issued this collection is just ripe for expansion. Noted amongst many others, 1882 4c Red, 1890 4c Brown, 3c, 6c & 10c, 1894 15c Bllue, 1898 10c Trans Mississippi, 1901 Pan American 10c Ship mint, cat. £160 and much, much more. Also coil stamps, private perfimns inc. $5 Coolidge. 1936 – 1986 would be 80% complete. Very clean lot. Must be near 2000 or more, all different. Great buying at around 20c a stamp with a superb album which would cost $200 plus to replace. Price $425

CMO20) Crown Agents 1997 omnibus minisheets fresh mint unhinged for Hong Kong hand back to China in Blue Padded Hagner binder and on 9 Hagner pages all as new (Worth $40 plus) 26 minisheets in all including 1997 Exhibition issues. Total value around $170, for just $110

CMJL2) Australia KGV Heads 2d Brown Perf 'OS/NSW' group used on Hagners. All appear smw perf. 13½ x 12½ cat. $75 each for normal OS!  Great research material. (190) Price $239

CMJL4) New Zealand Revenues Queen Victoria Long Types, mix of postally used and pen cancels. Group on Hagners mainly 1920s use with 2/- blue x 33, 10/- x22 & £1 x 54. (109) Great for research or good re-seller lot. Price $325

CMJL5) Indo-China 1933-39 small group of covers from Saigon to Devakottai, airmail x3, surface x1, registered x1 & registered airmail x1, 2 covers have anti-TB labels sealing them, condition is mixed. Unusual. (6) Price $195

CMJL6) Great Britain - 1d Penny Reds - 1858 - 1879 - Plate71 to 225 - CV £ 1,972.50 =- Approx $3450. Fine used complete set on album pages, neatly set out. Way better quality than usually encountered. Price $1950

CMA1) South Africa and Homelands, 1988 – 1993 Mint Unhinged collection on Lighthouse Hingeless leaves. Lovely lot with a retail in excess of $830. Leaves are as new and cost approx. $480, so more than $1300 replacement value here. About 250 – 3000 sets, great thematic content. Price $749

CMA2) USA 1976/77 Superb Blue & Silver Leather Bound Padded Album containing Cacheted covers bearing stamps honouring the 1st 39 Presidents of the USA from George Washington to Jimmy Carter, each with illustrated text and facsimile signatures for each President. Plus a 2nd matching album for all of the 1st Ladies. Magnificently presented, and as new. Original cost close to $750. Price just 25% of that $187.50

CMA4) The Official Millennium Postal Cover Collection in Silver & Blue Binder, near new. Contains 24 Worldwide covers from 24 time-zones fully illustrated with Gold cachets and each dated 1st January 2000 with special pictorial cancels. Cost $400 when issued. Seen on eBay at $210, our price $169

CMA5) Carton lot of World, in stockbooks, albums, Hagner pages, plus bag of about 3000 World off aper. Some covers. Nice stack of old dealers approval sheets, Early to modern, mostly used. Little if any Australia. Some in mixed condition but mostly fine. Wonderful sorting lot, better than the average junk lot. Weight near 20kg. Price $749.

CMA6) As above but a smaller lot of about 10kg, price $379

CM13) Monaco 1989 – 1994 Complete fresh mint unhinged on near new Lighthouse Hingeless pages. Retail for the stamps is $880 plus, price for pages is $245, so a replacement cost of $1125. Price $545

CMJ1) Australia Official Unaddressed FDC’s by weight! Period covered 1974 – 2000. We have about 20kg of these, unsorted for postmarks. May be a few AAT, Framas, Counter printed stamps etc, may also include some minisheets 500 grams or about 85 covers for $75. Two lots for $139, 5 lots for $329.
CMJ3) Australia Pre-Decimal Postally used blocks of 4, values to 2/- or 2/3d. 50 different. Blocks are becoming popular, and may be listed in the ACSC in coming editions. Price under $3 each, $149. Two lots for $289, Half lot of 25 for $79

CMJ8) Sudan, useful range of covers 1950’s – 1980’s Commercial & FDC. 11 items, inc. 4 registered., used stamps cat. £75 plus. Condition on 3 a bit below par with tone spots. Some addressed locally to Khartoum also Australia, UK & Switzerland. eBay price seems to be $30 to $60 each. Some unable to be found on eBay. Good value at $225.
CMJ15) Worldwide mint & used (cto) in complete sets, large & small blocks and complete sheets. Mostly highly thematic. Selling by weight. 1kg (About 5000 stamps) great value at about 5c per stamp, for just $249

CMM13) Tasmania Pictorials perf. T in black padded Australia Post Ring Binder, sorted by printings. Includes some mint & blocks. Also 2 x 2½d om OHMS piece. Even singles are rare! Also a few Australia both pre and decimal at back. About 700 stamps, values to 5d. Very clean lot. Price $2,650
CMM18) Great Britain KGV era commercial covers 1916 – 1933, bearing nice range of frankings, inc. Downey Heads. Some military, and with original correspondence. Destinations include “School of Musketry, Liverpool”, Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Emmanuel College Cambridge, etc. Values to 2½d.  Fascinating lot, condition a bit mixed. 29 covers, price around $6 each, $179
CMM20) Shipping, a magnificent carton lot of 137 Covers and cards, mostly Europe. Predominantly Germany but also with Belgium, France, GB, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UN & USA. Wide range of frankings, mostly commemorative and pictorial postmarks and cachets, plus a few other markings like Paquebot & Express mail. In addition, there are several sheets of trial cachets. All in all, this could easily become the start of a display. Priced under $1.50 per item, $195
GB771) Great Britain 1965 ITU Presentation Album for the Montreux conference. Red & Gold Embossed Hardbound Album presented to the delegates. Contains current GB issues mint fresh lightly hinged inc. Wildings & Castles to £1, Regionals and Commemorative sets issued complete 1960 GLO - 1965 Arts festival. A little aging to the tops of a few pages but largely fresh, and as issued. Tiny amount of spine damage at base. A very rare book. Price $450

PM132) British Commonwealth off paper large & small, early to modern, as received from UK Charity, 12,500 – 15,000 per kg .decent variety with some Australia, early to modern and noticed a few Internationals. Price per 100g $39.50, 250g $92.50, 500g $179, 1kg $339, 2.5kg $639

PM133) Western Europe off paper large & small, early to modern, as received from UK Charity, 12,500 – 15,000 per kg .decent variety with some Australia, early to modern and noticed a few Internationals. Price per 100g $37.50, 250g $89.50, 500g $169, 1kg $319, 2.5kg $599

MP1) Australian States Hoard. Just bought literally 1000's of States Stamps. Breaking into lots of 100, no more than 2 or 3 of the same face stamp in each lot, but may well include shade, perf. & wmk. varieties. As a mix looks to be about 80% of the larger states & 20% WA & Tasmania. Values to 1/- or 2/-. Breaking into lots of 100, no more than 2 or 3 of the same face stamp in each lot, but may well include shade, perf. & wmk. varieties. As a mix looks to be about 80% of the larger states & 20% WA & Tasmania. Values to 1/- or 2/-. Postmark potential too. Price $99 per 100, 2 lots for $189, 5 lots for $449
PM119) Improved World off paper mixture, now with added British Asia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, & British Commonwealth.  Price $55 per 100 grams, 250 grams for $129, 500 grams for $249, 1kg for $469
PM127) Superlative World on paper mixture just received, on close clipped well-trimmed single paper, early to modern. No Australia. Very high count, about 5000 to the kg. 250g for $62.50, 500g for $119, e $225 per kg.
PM128) Similar to the above but some on heavier paper and with about 5% Australia. 250g for $52.50, 500g for $99, 1kg for $189
NM2) Australia High Values on paper, inc. many Internationals. Mostly on close clipped single paper, maybe a few off paper. Per 100g $105
NM9) World mainly Large & Commems, some on parcel pieces with higher values. Wide variety. Trim varies. About 3000 to the kg.  $39.50 per 100g, $93.50 per 250g, $179 per 500g, $339 per kg.
NM10) Japan Commems, on well clipped single paper. Mixture of earlier & more recent issues. Around 4000 - 4250 per kg. $58.50 per 100g, $137.50 per 250g, $265 per 500g.
Australian States packets
AS2) 25 different New South Wales $45
AS3) 10 Different Queensland $20
AS4) 25 Different South Australia $72
AS5) 10 Different Tasmania $29
AS6) 50 different Victoria $179
AS7) 10 Different Western Australia $30


Discounts - Excluding New Catalogues & Accessories
Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101 - $250 deduct 10%, $251 - $500 deduct 15%, $501 - $1000 deduct 20%
Orders over $1000 deduct 25%
Orders over $2500 deduct 30%
All discounts can be applied to items from previous lists in order to achieve a higher discount level.
Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual stamps, covers or sets are available on request.
Many smaller items, including a lot that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions
Postage and insurance extra, Free Within Australia above $500. We accept all cards and PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9am – 4.30 Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours.
All of our items carry our guarantee that if significantly mis-described, they may be returned to us within 7 days of your receipt.
EXCEPTIONS: There are no discounts on brand new catalogues or accessories.

Please contact Kevin Morgan on:
Phone:  0425 795 693

Post:  PO BOX 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia, 3158 

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